What Happen To The Cowsills?
what ever happened to the Cowsills? Whatever happened to the Cowsills? Where are the Cowsills?

  • Bud

    William "Bud" Joseph Cowsill, Sr., father of the clan died of leukemia on September 29, 1992

  • Barbara

    Barbara C. (Russell) Cowsill, mother of our faves died of emphysema in Tempe, Arizona on January 31, 1985

    Bud and Barbara were the parents of seven, the grandparents of eighteen, and - as of 2011 - the great-grandparents of twelve. ... Both were cremated, their ashes mixed and scattered in the Pacific ocean.

  • Billy

    William "Billy" Joseph Cowsill, Jr. died in Calgary, Canada on February 18, 2006 of multiple illnesses. Billy was cremated and his ashes scattered in the ocean off Indian Avenue in Middletown, Rhode Island. Billy was the father of two and grandfather of one (as of 2010).

  • Richard

    Richard "Rich" "Dick" James Cowsill passed away from lung cancer July 8, 2014 in New Mexico where he had been retired. Rich was cremated and his ashes scattered in several places. Richard is a father and grandfather.

  • Bob

    Robert "Bob" Paul Cowsill lives in southern California and plays various solo gigs around the area and also around North America with The Cowsills. Bob also works for a computer company with systems in hospial emergency rooms. Bob is a father and grandfather.

  • Paul

    Paul Mitchell Cowsill is a farmer in Oregon. Paul also still does construction and has worked with movie teams in construction and greens. Paul also travels and performs with The Cowsills. Paul is a father and grandfather.

  • Barry

    Barry Steven Cowsill died in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans approximately September 2, 2005. His body wasn't found until December 2005. Barry was cremated and his ashes were scattered - part in the ocean off Indian Avenue in Middletown and part in Newport Harbour - both in Rhode Island and part in the Mississippi River in New Orleans. Barry was a father, grandfather, step-father, and step-grandfather.

  • John

    John Patrick Cowsill lives in southern California and tours as the drummer with The Beach Boys. John is a father.

  • Susan

    Susan Claire Cowsill lives in New Orleans and is still VERY active in the music scene. Susan has her own band, The Susan Cowsill Band, and also tours with The Cowsills. Susan is the mother of a beautiful daughter and has a step-son.

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