Will of John Edwards

North Carolina Pitt County

This will is very hard to read. He used an I instead of X for his mark

To all people to whom therby Presents shall come I John Edwards
said Greeting Know ye that the said John Edwards of the county
for and in Consideration of Love good will and affection wh __
and do bear toward my Daughter ____ (Winafred ???) Edwards of the same
have given and granted and by those present do freely
and absolutely give and Grand unto the said Winefred (???) Edwards
and the heirs of her Body for ever all and singular my negro
named Mill excepting the first child and that being to the ___
of five years old shall then belong to my son Andro (Andrew???) Edwards
being in the County beforesaid not bein taken from ____
wife Nell after our deses of which with these presents I have
delivered her the said Winefed Edwards, an inventory __
with one hand and bearing even Date to have and to hold
the said negro Mill and her concept to thousand Winefed Edwards
and her heirs from hence forth as her and their propser Negro __
lutely without any manner of Condition in Witness __
I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day __
ber in the third year of the reign of our Soveretyn Lord Geo.
the Third by the Grace of God of ____ ____ ____ and
King and in the year of our Lord 1763 (???)

Signed Sealed and Delivered
In the presence of                             John (his I mark) Edwards
Martin Nelson                                  November Court 1763
Mary Nelson                                     Ordered to be legities

Name of daughter: After searching the whole will, it looks sort of like first letter matches
the r in reign
Renefreh or Reneset or Genset
First letter not E D G
Could be B