Deed Records and
Other Miscellaneous Court Records

Editors Note: I made prints of these at the North Carolina Archives a goodly number of years ago. I find I've lost the notes I surely wrote with them at the time, hence making completeness of these impossible. But I thought 'Hey they are of some value' so I'm putting them up. Also, my Nelsons seem tied to Edwards and Blounts, hence they may also be listed.

North Carolina
Pitt County

This Indenture made the eighth
day of July in the XI year of the _____
Sovergn Lord George the Third, and in the year of our Lord
____ and seven hundred and seventy one Bethea Martin ___
____ Province of North Carolina & County of Pitt Planter of ___
____ and Samuel Nelson of same Province and county ___
___ witnesseth that ___ and in consideration of the sum of ____
shillings Province money and the love of Bear to my Brother ____
Nelson by the said Samuel Nelson to the said Martin Nelson ____

Receipt whereof is hereby fully acknowledge the said Martin
Nelson hath given granted Bargined and sold and by these ___
____ give grant bargain and sell unto the said Samuel Nelson
____ and assigns a certain piece or parcel of land lying and ____
____ ____ now Pitt county on the south side of ____ River on _____
____ of the Beaver dam Swamp beginning at the mouth of land ___
____ing up the great Swamp with the winding thereof to the back line ___ said line South 15 West to the corner ___ thence with the _____
____ No East 10 Sandy Branch, thence with the meandours of the
___ station containing by Estimation sixty acres be the the ___
____ being part of a tract of land granted ___my Father Martin
Nelson by pulled Bearing dale April 2th 1745 and by his daughter _ell_
___ Law Riseceving(??) allways unto my Mother Sarah Nelson ____
____ said land and primisses it being the plantation whereon my Father
____ Have and to Hold the aforesaid sixty acres of ____
____ app___elenances and all rights priviliges and _____
___ same in any ___ belonging to him the said Samuel Nelson his heirs
and assigns forever and the said Martin Nelson for himself his heirs
_____ do hereby covenant and ___ to and with the said Samuel Nelson
_____ Samuel Nelson his heirs and assignes shall and may forward ___
___ ___ ___ have & hold occupy possess and enjoy the aforesaid ___
____ and primises without the ____ molestation of any person ___
___ and ____ from all and all manner of Incumbrances whatsoever
_____ Martin Nelson doth oblige himself his heirs excutators and assigns
____ and defend the afroe granted lands and primisses to him
____ Nelson is heirs and assignes forever against the claim of all persons
____ for witness whereof the parties have hereunto set there hands and
___ __ year ___ above written
____ and delivered                   Martin Nelson (seal)
___________                            October Court 1771
                                                ordered to be Registered
_____ Sampson
_____ Buck


North Carolina Pitt County
This Indenture made this 21th day of October in the
fourth year of our Independence in the year of our Lord 1779
Between Martin Nelson of the State aforesaid & County of Pitt
Trademan of the one part and John Nelson of the State &
County aforesaid of the other part Planter Witnesseth.
That for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Shillings
prov money by the said John Nelson to the said Martin Nelson
in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby fully acknowledged
The said Martin Nelson has given granted bargained sold and by
these presents doth give grant bargain & sell unto the
said John Nelson his heirs and assigns a certain piece or
parcil of Land lying and being in Pitt County on the South
side of Fair River on the north side of Beaver dam branch
beginning on the edge of the branch and runs ____ along the
Beaver dam branch to the mouth of said branch then ___
the said branch to the line thence along the line to the said
Branch to the first station. Containing thirty acres more
or less it being part of a tract of land granted unto my
Father Martin Nelson by pattent bearing date April 20th, 1745
and by his demise fell to me as heir of ____. Reference to the
pattent being had will more fully posses.
To have & hold the aforesaid thirty acres of land earth who
appointenance and all rights priviledges and improvements
to the same belonging or in any ___ asspertaining to him the said
John Nelson his Heirs and assigns forever and the said Martin
Nelson Sr. himself his heirs and assignes doth hereby conc_____
and agree to and with the said John Nelson that he the ___
John Nelson his heirs and assignes shall and may forever after
peaceably and quietly have hold occupy possess and enjoy
the afore granted land and premises without the ___ or ____
tation of any person whatsoever and free and clean from
all and all manner of insurances whatsoever And the
said Martin Nelson doth oblidge himself his heirs excutators and
Administrators to warrant and defend the aforesiad granted land
and premises to Him the said John Nelson his heirs and assigns
forever against the claim of all persons whatsoever Intention
whereof the parties have heresent _____ their hand & seal this day
and year first above written
Signed Sealed & Delivered
In presence of                     Martin Nelson
John Simpson                     October Court 1779
Thomas Tildley                   Order for Registration


North Carolina
Pitt County

Know all now by those present
that I Martin Nelson Sr. planter
of the state and county aforesiad for the consideration of Fifty
Pounds Currancy I now have in hand paid by my son Martin Nelson
_________ of the state and county aforesaid I have bargined
and sold ___ the said Martin Nelson Jr. his heirs and assignes
forever. I ordain piece or parcel of land lying and ___ in the
state and county aforesaid on the south sid of Far River on the
North side of the Beaver dam branch beginning at the north of
the Reedy (or Rudy??) Branch of formerly _____ the Pooly Branch ___ So 50 W
40 Poles thence So 63 __ 94 Poles then so 25W 200 poles
to the Inn of the swamp there do now the swamp to the Creek line
thence to the first staion containing one hundred and fifty acres
more or less it being part of a tract of land granted to first
Taylor Herrand(??) by patent being date February 15th 1737
Reference being had Thomas with fully appraises To have and to hold
the afore grounds land and _____ together with all mines
minerals and water coweses and all other apprortances there unto
belonging ________________________ unto the said Martin Nelson Jr.
his heirs and assigns for ever and the said Martin Nelson Sr.
____ ____ himself his heirs excutors ans assignes to warrant
and ___ the said lands and unto the said Martin Nelson Jr.
his heirs and assigns for ever against the lawfull ___
of any person or persons whatsoever to witness whereof
____ ____ set my hand and ___ my seal this 27 day
January 1789 signed sealed and
declared in the presence of us
Thos. C__elis                     Martin Nelson
L. H. Simpson                   January Court 1789


State of North Carolina
Pitt County

To the sheriff of said county greeting you are hereby
commanded to summon Benjamin Paxton Esq. James
Nelson Samuel Nelson John Nelson and Giles Nelson commissions together with
Sherrod Hines survyor to met on a day by you nad be afterwards on the last
belonging to the Estate of David Nelson dec. then and there to make Division
of the same amongst the legal representatives of the said David according
the petition and act of assembly in the case made and provided and
when having so done you are to return their proceddings under their hand
and seals to the next court to be held for Pitt County at the Court House in
Greeville on the first Monday in February next herein fact not as
have you then and there this wit witness Geroge Evans Clerk of said Court
at off the first Monday in November 1802          George Evans Clk

In obediance to an order of Pitt Court to the undersign commissioners Do
clerk to approrpiate used divide the land of David Nelson dec amongst
the legal representatives of said dec. Lot 1 beginning at a path
where it crosses the ____ path brnace then running alon a path South
fifteen degrees west twenty six poles then south thirth eight west eleven
pole to a stake then south 56 degrees east one hundred and twenty six
pole to the ruse of the crooked run then ___ ___ of said branch to Benjam-
in Paxtons line then along the same north fifty six west one hundred
& four pole to a pine. Nelson & Paxton corner then their line 2.D.
west 27 pole to the race path branch then at the said branch to the beginning
containing twelve & half acres. Lot No.1 we land off and approprated
to Sarah Nelson Sister of said deceased. Land valued at 201 pounds
L12.10 Lott No.2. we have laid off and approprated to Lydia
Dixson wife of Ap. Dixson Sister of said Dec her share as follows
with beginning at small red oak bush corner of lot No.1 running
south 38 degrees west 16 pole to a stake by a pond. There south 56 degrees East
126 pole to a water oak on Brooked run the down the river of the crooked
run to Lydia Dixsons line then along that line north 51 degrees W.
126 pole to the beginning containing twelve acres valued at 201 pounds
acres Lot No.3 we have laid off his share as follows, John
Nelson beginning at a stake the second corner of Lot No.2 beering South
(Ed. Note: Appears I am missing a page ??)
No.1 Sarah Nelson to pay Marden Moore - 101 No. 3 John Nelson
Marden Moore 101 No. 5 Ichabud Nelso to pay Marden Moore
No. 6 Elizabeth Nelso to pay Marden Moore 101 No. 2 Lydia
pay Marden Moore 101 No.4 Nancy Nelson to pay Marden Moore 101 __
share equal - Lot 8 we hav laid off and
unto Martin Nelson his share as follows beginning at a assigned
corner and running South 22 E. 98 pole to a pine Nelson & Paxton
these running north 6 degrees E. 116 pole to the Mineral Spring ___
run this up the run of the rooked run and winding thereof __ the ___
containing 16 acres of land and that to be equal to ___
as it is like to be a dispute about the ___ of the same given
our hand and seals this 6th day of May 1803.
May term 1802 the commissioners appointed
to divide the land belonging to the estate of
David Nelson have made this their report
let it be registered Richard Evans for George Evans Clk

Sherell Hines Sureveyor
Giles Nelson
Samuel Nelson
John Nelson


Martin Nelson to Alfred Nelson Decd
This Indenture made this twenty 20 day of January in the year of our
Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and twenty three between Alfred
Nelson of the State of North Carolina and County of Pitt of the one part
for and in consideration of the Sum of Fifteen dollars to m__
and paid before the ensealing and delivery of the Same do for g____
____ witness and convey unto the said Alfred Nelson my interest
in the lands and all my claims to said land that former ______
____ ______ Martin Nelson and I this said Martin Nelson do for my
_______ my heirs executors and administrators and ________ agree
________ _________ claims of any ______ _______ ina a ____
_erson ________ the said land by their presence as under
___ Martin Nelson to him the said Alfred his heirs same
administratrors and assings in witness thereof I the said
have there unto set my hand and fixed my seal at in
county aforesaid this day and year above written
Wit. James Edwards                      Martin Nelson
Hosea Talloway


Elizabeth Nelson Decd
_____ North Carolina of the _____ ______ _____ _____ ____ ___ of the county aforesaid
_____ ______ _____ __________ William Estes Sr. William
G(?)alloway _____ ______ _____ Huntson Frank Edison Joshua Franklin, ___ Jesse Jones Armand
_____ Freeman McDaniell John Galloway Benjamin Shivers William Corwell Free_____
_______ with Elizabeth Nelson widow of Martin Nelson Dec or the heirs ____
_____ of said Martin Nelson by ____ of _____ and ___ ____ ___
___ duly forementioned ___ in ____ person or a certin plantation where of the
said Martin Nelson Sr. died signed and _____ mentioned in the said Writ
___ ___ ___ Creek in the county aforesiad ___ and hundred and forty nine
______ _____ __________ ______ _____ _______ _____ aforesaid being duly sworn as required to attest and
____off to the said Elizabeth Nelson one third portion of the plantation aforesaid _______ _______
to her that said Elizabeth Nelson the parisson porth that aforesaid plantation in
______ _____ __________ _______ _____ _____ __________ ______ and bounds for ___ Benjamins and
the Taylors aforesaid Leumel Crawford _____ Boon in or near Franklin Moyer _______ _______
_______ _______ _______ his line through his plantation north ten degrees _______ _______ _____
_____ eighty three acres ___ ___ ___ more or less said enclusive of the ______
house or mansion of said Martin Nelson and in which he most ______
with mind before his ______________
____ ______ ______ foresaid person John Lee Elizabeth
page 40
Nelson in person of the ________ in witness whereof
have her ____ set this ___________
___ aforesaid this day and _____ aforesaid

William Estes (seal)
William Galloway (seal)
Nasely (his mark) Mills (seal)
_____ H. Buck (seal)
Edwen Goshum (seal)
Franklin Moye (seal)
Council Woosten(seal)
Benjamin Shiver (seal)
Jesse Jones (seal)
Gabriel Taft (seal)
John (his mark) Galloway
William Cowell


1762 Pitt tax
Household of: Martin Nelson, Senr.; with: John Nelson; Peter Nelson, John Mayo | 4 males 16+


October 13 1783 A Grant to Benjamin Smith - 200 A. CB: John Buck, Levi Noble. Men.: Henry Moore, Benjamin Paxton, Martin Nelson, Edward Salter, Simon Taylor - Pitt Bk.G-414
December 3, 1784 Benjamin Smith to John Buck - 200 A; 12. Adj.: Henry Moore, Martin Nelson. Wit.: Rolan Dixson, Benjamin Paxton - Pitt Bk.I-430


 Book  Page    Date      Notes:
  C     53   3/20/1764   John Edwards to son Daniel Edwards a Negro for love & affection
                  1764   John Edwards to John Nelson 320A L20 Former owner Issac Buck

  B    477        1763   John Edwards to Wenfret Edwards, daughter, a Negro

  D    143  10/16/1770   John Nelson to John Simpson 320A L20 Former owner Issac Bun (Pat 1769)
                         Benj. King, John Evill, John Edwards

  E    282        1774   John Simpson to John Nelson 320A L20 Former owners Issac Buck (1773)
                         John Evitt, John Avery, John Edwards

  B    434   4/15/1763   Simon Taylor to Martin Nelson Jr. 61A L30 
                         Former owner William Taylor (Pat 1737)

  C     22    3/1/1764   James Everitt to Martin Nelson Jr. 220A L4 Adj. Peterson Nelson 
                         Former owner Seth Pinkinton (Pat 1744) Witness John Nelson

  C    234               William Taylor to daughter Sarah Taylor Negro for love & affection
                         Witness Martin Nelson, Mary Edwards

  D     33               William Taylor to Martin Nelson Jr. 165A L70 
                         Witness: Geroge Baldree, Nathan Nelson

  E     21    7/8/1771   Martin Nelson to Samuel Nelson brother 30A; -sh Former owners:
                         Martin Nelson father of Martin and Samuel Also mentioned
                         Sarah Nelson, mother of Martin & Samuel

  E    39    1/24/1772   Peter Nelson to James Nelson 100Afor 20. 
                         Former owner: Seth Pilkington (1740). Wit.: John Nealson, Giles Nealson

Grant Book
  G    59   10/21/1782   Martin Nelson 115A Chain Bearer: James Nelson, Samuel Nelson
  G  68-74               74 are John Gray Blount (one has chain bearer of Bryan Blount)
                         other Blounts mentioned Reading, Benjamin, Jacob - all 1782

                         John Nelson a chain bearer for Levi Nobles 10/21/1782

                         Daniel Nelson a chain bearer for Samuel Nelson 10/21/1782

  G    70 10/21/1782     John Gray Blount 100A chain bearer John Kennedy, James Bonner

  G    71 10/21/1782     John Gray Blount 169A chain bearer Bryan Blount, Stephen Harding 

  G    72 10/21/1782     John Gray Blount 60A chain bearer John Kennedy, James Bonner 

  H    41                Martin Nelson Tradesman to John Nelson

  M    40                Martin Nelson Sr. to Martin Nelson Jr. shoemaker, son 150A L50

  P         2/18/1809    A Alexander Nelson mentioned

  P   343    5/6/1803    David Nelson Dec        Sister Sarah
                                                 Sister Lydia Dixson (Ap Dixson)
                                                 Sister Nancy Verters (David Vesters)
                                                 Brother Ichabod Nelson
                                                 Sister Marden Moore (Richard Moore)
                                                 Brother Martin Nelson

  P   357                Martin Nelson Jr. to Daniel Venters Adj. to Samuel Nelson
                         Former owner Martin Nelson Sr. & Icabod, son
  Q   417  2/23/1807     Thomas Blount to Shadrack Tutan  Mentioned: Lewis Blount,
                         dec. father of Thomas Blount  Adj. Martin Nelson, William Edwards,
                         Daniel Edwards, Moses Moore Sr., dec Peter Nelson

                         (Note: probably brothers: John, Samuel, Martin, Giles, Naboth, James)

 BB    27  9/13/1818     Martin nelson Sr. to Martin Nelson Jr.

       38   5/2/1819     James Ambrose to Martin Nelson House and lots $245

      284  5/19/1821     Martin Nelson to James Edwards 100A for $300 
                         John Edwards, father of James Edwards

      390                James Edward (no s) & wife Mary G. Edward to Alfred Nelson 150A
                         in Pitt and 180A in Beafort $15 Former owner Martin Nelson, 
                         father of Mary G. Edward

 CC    41  4/11/1820     Martin Nelson dec 
                         Elizabeth     Widow
                         Alford        son
                         Liddy Bond    daughter
                         Casswell      son                  
                         Mehala        daughter  under 21 years 
                         Polly         daughter  under 21 years 
                         Peggy         daughter  under 21 years 
                         James         son       under 21 years 
                         Nashville     son       under 21 years 

       119  1/20/1822    Martin Nelson to Alfred Nelson all claims to land 
                         of his father Martin dec

 DD    245  9/26/1825    Alfred Nelson to Elizabeth
                                          Polly Edwards (James Edwards)
                                          Sydney Bond (Lewis Bond)
                                          Martin dec.

 GG     85               Martin Nelson: heirs: Alfred Nelson (entitled to share of
                         James Edwards wife; Alfred, Martin and James Edwards of 
                         Caswell Co., and Mehala Nelson dec.   James Nelson, 
                         Lewis Bond and wife Sydney his wife, Nashville Nelson, 
                         Margaret Nelson

 GG    440               Martin Nelson dec. lists relatives Alfred Nelson, James F.
                         Edwards and wife Mary G. Edwards, Nashville Nelson,
                         Martin Nelson, Margaret Nelson

 GG    132      1833     Lewis Bond of Edge Co. to James Nelson this is Lewis's
                         interest in the estate of Martin Nelson dec, Elizabeth
                         Nelson widow 


Beaufort County, North Carolina
1755 Tax List

             Note:  While males - and only males - became taxables at age 16
                                              Whites      Blacks      Total
                        Martin Nelson            1                      1
                        Martin Nelson Jr.        1                      1