Webber Campground Cemetery

Directions compliments of AmandaLou:
Depending on which direction you would come from....
Webber Cemetery is just off Rt.34..

Rt. 34 is the main hwy that runs through Galatia.
Rt. 34 is also one of the main hwys that com out of Harrisburg.

Regardless the cemetery will be easy to locate using landmarks.

If you come through Galatia on Rt.34e, once you leave the city limits it will only be about 2.5-3 miles. When you go about 2 miles out you will come to a downhill drop and immediate back uphill rise. This is the "spillway" to Harrisburg Lake. As you come back up the hill you will see the American Coal Co. Mines and the long stretch of mine belt that overpasses the highway. at the top of the hill there will be a white house on your Right. Turn Right on the road in front of the house. Webber Cemetery is about 1/8 mile down on the right. the road you take to the cemetery is actually a mine access road for guards and etc. not to heavily trafficked. if you are still on the hwy and you drive under the min belt that stretches over the Rt.34 you went to far!!

Obviously now if Coming in on Rt.34 from Harrisburg, you will definitely see the mines from far away. Once you leave Harrisburg City limits it is close to 7 or 8 miles before you reach the mines. This time go under the Overpass Mine belt on Rt.34 and as soon as you get cleared from under it hit your blinker to the left. As soon as that fence line ends there is that white house you turn in front of.

Visitor Warning!!!
Regardless of the time of year or time of day, in this particular area, here are a couple of hints to take to heart...

1. Watch the semi's coming in and out on the road directly under the mine belt.. ..They have an issue with paying attention.

2. The deer in this area are the only thing worse than the semi drivers at not paying attention, that's because they think they have the right of way on the roads. regardless if they pay taxes or not.

3. Most of all ~~ regardless the time of year, the season, the weather, time of day, etc.... IF you are going to be in this part of the country, Make sure you stop at Walmart, Dollar Store, etc. before leaving town. and invest in a large purchase of "OFF"/"CUTTER" or something to that effect. The Mosquitoes that are produced from the bodies of slew water at the mines can be compared in size with birds. They are HUGE...If you come in the summer time, we dont have "lightening bugs" we have flashlight bugs" they make awesome night lights..lol but really no joke on the "OFF". In the dead of winter here and i have been bitten by them.

This is only a PARTIAL list of those buried at the Webber Campground Cemetery found from stated references below. I have since obtained a complete listing. Email me if you'd like me to do a look-up.

Ella Abney (Knight), b. June 09, 1887, Saline Co, IL; d. September 01, 1979, Galatia, IL

Beals, Samuel b. Apr. 11, 1805 d. Jul. 19, 1861
Bond, Hubert E. b. Sep. 18, 1910 d. Apr. 19, 2001
Breeding, Baty d. 13 Sept 1859 age 52y
Butler, Israel No Dates Co A 118 Ind Inf

Dempsey, Columbus Edgar b. Jul. 9, 1874 d. Dec. 21, 1949
DeJarnette, Corpl. A. W. No Dates Co E 110 Ill Inf
Dudley, Sergt. Hansford No Dates Co E 56 Ill Inf

Edwards, William H. Ill Pvt Co E 3 Regt Ill Cavalry Civil War 17 Aug 1840 6 Dec 1926
Evans, Gladys L. McFarland b. Apr. 23, 1919 d. Mar. 21, 2001

Ferguson, Corp James F. No Dates Co E 29 Ill Inf
Fletcher, John W. Co B 89 Regt Ill Vol d. 31 Dec A.D. 1862 Age 27y 3m 7d

Garner, Lieut. Wm. No Dates Co C 1 Tenn Mtd. Inf
Gasaway, T. F. 21 Jan 1822 7 Nov 1887 Co E 29 Ill Inf
Gasaway, Martha (Karnes) b. 1826 d. May 17, 1906
Gasaway, Thomas F. b. 1823 d. Nov. 7, 1887
Gasaway, William Franklin b. Sep. 1, 1847 d. Jul. 14, 1915
Gasaway, William F. No Dates Co F 6 Ill Cav
Grattan, Maj. Doddridge No Dates 13 Ill Cav

Hartman, C. D. No Dates Co F 6 Ill Cav
Hill, Sloney No Dates Co I 35th Ky Inf

Irvin, Benjamin F. Co E 56 Regt Ill Inf 17 Sept 1822 21 Jan 1889
Irvin, Benjamin Franklin. M - W - Md. Age 66 y 4 m 4 d. Farmer. d. 21 Dec 1889, Hamberg. b. New York. Ill res - 49 y. bd. Webber Camp Ground, 23 Dec 1889.
Irvin, Kenneth 1906 - 1971
Irvin, Leona 1912 -
Irvin, Mortimer D.V., Son of O.F. & S. 20 Nov. 1854 - 8 July 1855
Irvin, J. 7 July 1791 - 13 Oct 1857 Age 66 y 3 m 6 d
Irvin, Oscar F. d. 1 Apr 1860 Age 33 y Masonic Emblem
Son of Oscar also d. 4 Mar 1859 Age 3 m.
Irvin, Auther O., Son of O.F. & S. d. 4 Mar 1859 Age 3 m

Jerdon, D. F. No Dates Co K 9 Ill Inf
Jobe, L. J. No Dates Co F 10th Ind Inf
Jones, John Co E 56 Ill Inf 24 Apr 1844 20 June 1930 Here lies a loyal Union soldier.

Karnes, (dau of J.W. & S.) b. Apr. 22, 1874 d. Nov. 29, 1888
Karnes, (unreadable) b. unknown d. Sep. 27, 1880
Karnes, Cora b. Oct. 10, 1878 d. Jan. 8, 1953
Karnes, Isaac b. 1815 d. Jun. 19, 1880
Karnes, John W. b. Jan. 1, 1840 d. Oct. 29, 1928
Karnes, Mattie O. b. Apr. 10, 1869 d. Mar. 17, 1898
Karnes, Sophia b. Aug. 3, 1849 d. Mar. 21, 1928
Karnes, Thomas F. b. Nov. 28, 1872 d. Oct. 13, 1947
Kendall, Ella Mae McKinney b. Aug. 18, 1913 d. Aug. 27, 2001

Lawyer, William 29th Ill Inf d. 5 Sept 1885
Limerick, Ida Mae b. 1878 d. 19 January 1961

Mahatha, Edith (Edwards) b. Aug. 3, 1838 d. Dec. 7, 1913
Martin, John 30 Oct 1819 22 Aug 1883 Co E 56 Regt Ill Vol

Newcom, Samuel Marion b: Abt. 1840 d: March 22, 1864

Patterson, Jas. M. No Dates Co E 4 Tenn Mtd Inf
Piland, Francis Marion 'Frank' b 1 September 1872 d. . 26 August 1959
Price, Nancy C., Wife of Daniel 20 Mar 1837 - 24 Sept 1858 (Stone broken)
Price, Alice I., Dau of D. and N.C. d. 22Oct 1858 Age 1 m
Price, Gordon Lee 1926 - 1936
Pribble, Corpl. Thos. No Dates Do E 7 Ky Cav

Reynolds, Olive A. * (Karnes) b. Apr. 4, 1867 d. Jul. 24, 1892

Shreves, J. L. No Dates Co F 6th Ill Cav
Smith, Harold J b. Jul. 16, 1922 d. Jul. 3, 1971
Stephenson, Letha Arnold b. Jul. 29, 1892 d. Dec. 21, 1980
Stephenson, Robert d. 18 Dec 1892 Age 58y 2m 10d Co E 56th Ill Inf

Walker, Virgil No Dates Co I 6 U.S.C. Cav
Whiteside, Lewis 18 Nov 1824 15 May 1898 Age 73y 5m 27d Co B 3rd Ark Cav
Wallace, Marie W. Williams b. Dec. 26, 1913 d. Aug. 29, 2005

Civil War Veteran Burials in Saline County, Illinois
Saline County, Illinois Death Records