Descendants of
John Monroe Webber
Elizabeth Sauerman Webber

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These photos are courtesy of Eddie Webber.

l to r standing: Lonnie - Albert - Elija (Lige) - Arch
l to r sitting: John Jackson - Rebecca - Lee

l to r standing: Edward - Ella - Kate
l to r sitting: Richard - Elija - Carence - Mary Daniels Webber

l to r: Arch Webber - unknown - Elija - Edward - George Boland - Mark Webber Note: George Boland was killed working on the railroad.

These photos are from the research of Herschel E. Dunham

John Webber 1819 - 1889

John Webber 1819 - 1889

William Elijah Webber 1845 - 1899
(l to r) Front -Cleveland, William Elijah, Maria Susan, Blanche McRae Webber
Back - John, Mary Ellen, William Franklin, Minnie, Henry

(l to r) Front - Cameron Webber, Mahalia Butler Webber, Tom Webber
Back - Andrew Jackson "Jack" Webber, Joe R. Webber, Henry Webber

Lucinda Frances Webber (seated) Jack Webber and his wife Alma

Family of Andrew Jackson "Jack" Webber about 1910 (l to r) Front - Jack, Theordore Ward "Bud", Annie Julia Webber
Back - May Olive, John Henry, Lelah May Hubbard Webber

Mattie Webb Dunham and James Lewis Dunham

John Edward Webber (1869 - 1953)

Grandchildren of John "Rolla" Webber - (l to r) Andrew Jackson "Jack", Ned, Frank, John, Ida, and James Henry

Lexus Paris Atchison and Mary Jane Webber
Thanks to Nina Murphy for sharing this picture!