Descendants of
John Monroe Webber

Note: Thanks to my cousin Sue Soderstrum for sharing all her research!

Elizabeth Jane Webber

Elizabeth Jane Webber, information all tallies.  She last appeared with William Andrew Musgrave on the 1850 census with James H. 
being the last child.  The 1860 census shows a new wife (Sarah N.) and no more children after James so I presume that both 
Elizabeth and the child died in 1851 as another child never appears again.  Illinois Marriages, 1851-1900 shows that Andrew 
(he went by A. or Andrew all the time) Musgrave married Sarah N. Bullock on Nov. 13, 1856 in Jefferson County, Illinois.  
County Court Records, Film #1004738-1004739.  I've traced their sons but the daughters are too hard to fool with now.  James 
H. Musgrave was on the 1880 Saline County, Village of El Dorado as a boarder with a William Jones family (I can't find a 
connection there).  It reads:
Musgrave, J. H., age 31, boarder, widowed, occupation dry goods merchant
Musgrave, Robert, age 9
Musgrave, Ella, age 4
Musgrave, Daisey, age 4
There's a S. W. Bradshaw, male, age 52 listed as father-in-law.  Normally this is relationship to head of the household which
in this case is William Jones
I haven't tracked James as to marriage records or the 1900 census or any of the children.
William Musgrave, born 1833 married Josephine Unknown (I can't find a marriage record for them on the net to get her maiden 
name).  The 1870 census reads:
Musgrave, William, age 33, plasterer
Musgrave, Josephine, age 24
Nellie, age 5
I questioned whether this might be his sister Josephine but didn't have a sister Nellie so went on to 1880 census and it 
confirmed that Josephine is wife and Nellie is daughter.

From the July 19, 1918 issue of The Eldorado Journal.
 The bright little daughter of Atty. and Mrs. Will G. Mitchell of West Frankfort died Sunday morning at the home of his 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Mitchell.  Lille Nell E. Musgraves Mitchell was twenty months old, the only child and the jewel 
of the parents and grandparents, and her death is a great blow to them.  The heartbroken family have the sympathy of their 
host of friends in their bereavement.  The little one took seriously ill with stomach and bowel trouble at their home in 
West Frankfort several days ago and the parents removed her here to give every medical aid available but nothing did any good
or relieved her - death followed.  Funeral sesrvices were held at the Mitchell home two o'clock Monday afternoon conducted 
by Rev. G. R. Goodman, pastor of the M.E. church, interment followed at the Masonic cemetery.  A large crowd atended the 
funeral and the local attorneys acted as pall bearers.
The Sunday morning of death would be July 14, 1918.
From the November 28, 1919 Eldorado Journal.
 Thomas Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell, was born June 21, 1894.  Died at the home of his parents November 20, 1919, 
aged 25 years, four months and 29 days.  He is survived by a father and a mother, three sisters and one half brother and one 
half sister.  One sister and one half brother preceeded him in death.  In his early years Thomas was not a Christian but 
during his last illness he professed faith in Christ.  He spoke often of his new found hope and urged and exhorted his loved 
ones to accept Christ and be saved from the consequences and the wages of a life of sin.  In his agony and suffering as the 
end drew near, he often prayed to be permitted to pass into the life beyond.  He requested those who watched with him to 
sing some songs that were dear to him, and up to the last moments he would lift his voice and join in the singing.  Without 
fear or shudder of sorrow he passed gently at the last into death his one regret was that he had not yielded his life to 
Christ in earlier years.  His last message to loved ones and friends alike was a warning to prepare to meet God.  Funeral 
services were held at the First Baptist Church in this city, Friday, November 21, 1919, at 2 p.m. conducted by the pastor, 
Rev. A. E. Prince.  The body was laid to rest in Wolf Creek cemetery.

From the July 17, 1922 issue of the Eldorado Journal
Phil Burnett, member of the prominent family of that name in Eldorado, died at Colorado Springs, Colorado, Saturday night, 
according to news received in Eldorado Sundqy.  Mrs. Burnett had gone west with him and was present when death occurred.  
Their little three year old son is in Ridgway.
Phil Burnett was 32 years old and a brother of Henry, Lawrence and Ralph Burnett.  He also has a sister in California and one
in St. Louis.  The body will be brought back to Eldorado for burial.  It is expected to arrive Wednesday.  He was the first 
Exalted Ruler of the Eldorado Elks Lodge.


 decided to start tracing the millionaire, C. H. Burnett from 1930 backwards.
In 1930 he was listed as C. H. living in Eldorado with his sister, Nellie and her husband John C. Hick.  He was 62 years old 
at the time and the president of the bank.  This is the only time he's listed as anything other than Henry.  John C. Hick was
a physician in gneral practice.
In 1920 he was living in Eldorado with his brother Ralph.  Henry is 50 and manager of the general store.  Ralph is 30 and 
manager of the clothing store.
Living next door is C. P. Burnett, age 27 (makes him born in 1893), his wife Madeline and son Charles P., age 1 and 10/12.  
This has to be the son of Charles P. & Clementine born after the 1880 census.  Bet they had a daughter whom they called Pet 
and married a Shipp!
In 1910 he was living in Eldorado with his brothers Ralph and Phillip.  He is listed as a merchant and Ralph and Phillip as 
clerks in a general store.
In 1900 he's with Tine (Clementine) Nell, Ralph, Phillip.   This millionaire has GOT to be ours after all!  The names and 
ages work out and even the fact that he had a brother named C. P. (born in those lost 20 years) works out.  Now if I can just 
locate a marriage of a female Burnett and a Shipp I'll know the name of the other child.  Too bad Ancestry cuts off at 1900.  
I first started trying to trace him through our Charles P./Clementine so have the names of Charles P's parents and siblings.  
His parents were Hiram and Emily W.  Dad born in Kentucky and mom in Ill.  His older brother, Richard M., married nancy 
Johnson.  One sister, Julia L. married Jesse W. Pinkleton, another, Melinda C. married Wm. H. Spurlock.  He had a brother 
named Henry L. who married Prudence Convin.  Sister, Mary L., married Velentine Duncan (I think as there's usually a lot of 
Mary's)  Eliza G. married John F. Linn (or Lynn).


As we were working our way through these, I think I forgot to follow through on the Musgraves.  You know John Monroe's child 
#1, Elizabeth Jane married William Andrew Musgrave.  Sometimes it has a s on the end and sometimes it's Musgrove but he's 
real consistant to use A., Andrew, or Andy rather than William.  Even his Illinois Public Land Purchase records are under the 
name of Andrew Musgrave (except for 1).  
He was born Feb 5, 1818 in Raleigh, North Carolina and died April 27, 1871 in Raleigh, Saline Co., Illinois.  Elizabeth Jane 
was born Apr 16, 1817 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA and died 1851 in Raleigh, Saline Co. Illinois.  I don't have a 
record of their marriage but their first child was born in 1833 in Saline County.  Since Elizabeth's parents arrived in 
Saline County in 1830, I presume they were married there. 
After Elizabeth's death in 1851, Andrew married Sarah N. Bullock on November 13, 1856 and they had no children.  She was not 
on the 1880 census.
William Andrew and Elizabeth had the following children:
        William M., born 1833, married on Oct 25, 1864 to Josephine M. Gaston.    William died between the 1880 and 1900 
census and Josephine between 1900 and 1910.  He listed himself as a plasterer in 1870 but went back to farmer for the duration 
of his life.  They had just one child, Nellie, born 1865 in Harrisburg, Ill.  She married Thomas G. Mitchell on Mar 2, 1886.  
Thomas must have had an unfortunate death because Nellie married William A. Taylor on June 6, 1889.  I've not traced this 
family further.
        Emily Musgrave, born 1840, wed John J. Wright on Sep 22, 1863.  They lived in the Raleigh area where John was a 
tobaccionist.  Their children were Wallace A. Wright, born Aug 23, 1865 and died Sep 28, 1865; John M. Wright, born Mar 13, 1877 
and died Mar 29, 1878; Earnest B. Wright, born 1867; Elizabeth Wright, born May 1870; and William Wright, born Jan, 1880.  
I've not traced this family further.
        Clementine Musgrave, born Oct 7, 1843, married Charles P. burnett on June 15, 1862, and died July 3, 1902.  Charles 
born Dec 18, 1840 and died Nov 16, 1891.  Children are:  Edwin W., born Mar 24, 1863, married Nannie E. Cummins on May 20, 1888 
and died Oct 16, 1892; Henry C., born July 1863; Sarah E., born 1865; Charles H., born 1868; Lawrence E., born June 1870; 
Roy Guy, born Mar 20, 1875 and died June 22, 1876; Ralph, born 1875; Clair, born Sep 1876; Nell, born Mar 1879; Lena Grace, 
born Nov 14, 1879 and died Aug 28, 1882; Myrtle, born Jan 885; and Philip, born June 1890.     Edwin and Nannie had Grace, 
born Mar 1889; Guy, born Nov 1890; and Edwin, Jr. born Nov. 1892.  This is all I've done on this family.
        Caroline, born 1845 married John A. Choisser on Dec 27, 1865.  John died between 1870-1880.  Caroline continued with 
the children using the name Cary on census.  Their children are:  Emma, born 1867; Elmer, born Sep 1869; Fred, born 1872; 
and Daniel, born 1875.
        Josephine Musgrave, born 1848 married Thomas W. Lusk on Oct 4, 1874.  Thomas had been previous married to M. E. 
Gilfrey on Nov 24, 1870 but she must have passed away by the time he wed Josephine.  He and M. E. had a son, Septus G. (or 
Ceptus G.)  He and Josephine had Bertha, born 1876 and William J., born 1884.  Thomas gave his occupation as produce dealer 
in 1880 and had passed away by 1900.  I didn't get the occupations of the children living with her then but William says he's 
a dry goods clerk in 1910 when he's still with his mother who is 61 years old.  This 1910 census also shows a family that I 
think is Bertha's but I can't make out the last name.  It's Harris, Barris, Davis - William S. is the husband, age 40 and 
Bertie B., age 31 is the wife.  However, they often had hired hands and their wives so I'm not sure.
        James H. Musgrave, born 1849; married Sarah A. Silliman on Feb 24, 1870 in White County, Illinois but all the census 
after that are Saline County.  James was on the 1880 census but not the 1900 census.  Sarah died between the birth of their 
last child in 1876 and the 1880 census.  Their children are:  Robert, born 1871; Ella, born 1873; and Daisey, born 186.  
Daisey married J. C. Scudmore on Oct 23, 1895.
        Ande E. Musgrave (I'm sure they meant Andy for Andrew but it's always spelled Ande) was born Oct 1851.  He married 
Mary J. Joyce on Dec 21, 1887 and they had Clyde, born Oct 15, 1888; Madeline, born Aug 1891, Beulah, born May 1895, and Paul 
Andrew,  born July 31,1901.  Clyde registered for WW1 on June 5, 1917 in St. Louis, Missour.  He was working as a musician in 
a theater and had a wife and mother.  By 1920 he and his wife, Marie F. had moved to Los Angeles, CA where he was still a 
musician in a theater and they were both "roomers".  By 1930 he must have given up making a living as a musician because he 
is a salesman - radio (whether this means he sold things over the radio or actually sold the radio)  Marie was born in 1899 
in Missouri.        Paul Andrew married Mary Carey or Carrey about 1926 in California.  Paul is listed as trunkmaker for a 
trunk manufacturer.  They have a son, Warren Paul, born Feb 25, 1928.  He (the son) died Oct 23, 1997 in Riverside, CA.  
Paul Andrew died Aug 15, 1981 in Los Angeles.
I missed Beulah M. daughter of Ande & Mary J. Joyce.  She married Harry G. Ridgway about 1919 and they moved to California 
with her brothers.  They had a son Robert, born 1923 in California.  Mary "Mollie" Musgrave had moved with them and was 
living with Beulah and Harry.  In 1920 Mary is listed as the head of the family, with the Ridgways and Kenneth KARNES, 
age 8, who she says is a grandchild.  This can only be Beulah's from a marriage to a Karnes (Remember all those Karnes graves?)  
I'll have to try to figure out who she married somewhere around 1910.  Anyway, Harry Ridgway is an auditor for the railroad.  
They're all still together in 1930 where Harry is a serviceman with the telephone company.  I didn't find Harry death record 
but Beulah died Jan 17, 1960 in Los Angeles.

John Webber

See research of Herschel W. Dunham

Joseph M. Webber

Joseph and Telitha

Henry J. Webber

This is "Sr" Henry.  You got his birth date and death date from his tombstone and/or the Webber Cemetery records.  
They are the same as I have.  You got Mary Jane's from the same source.
Their marriage date is September 23, 1841 in Gallatin County, Illinois (Saline was formed in 1847).
Record can be found at Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, microfilm 0969484.  I got the information from - Illinois Marriages, 1851-1900
As for children:  1850 census shows:  William, age 6    Andrew J., age 4     Hannah E., age 2                
                                                        Joseph R., age 1 month
                        His brother, Nelson and his wife, Elizabeth, are also living with them.
                        1860 census shows:  William, age 16    Andew J., age 14    Joseph R., age 9
                                                        Henry J., age 8    Charles C., age 6    Mahala J., age 2
                        1870 census shows:   Andrew J., age 26    Henry, age 19    Charles C., age 17
                                                        Mahala, age 12    Ellen E., age 6        Thomas E., age 4
                        1880 census shows:  Henry J., age 30    Thomas E., age 14
                        Also living with them are daughter, Mahala, age 21 with her husband, D. A. Butler (marriage 
December 28, 1875, names him as Allen D. Butler and he follows through of later census as Allen) and their children Ella B., 
age 3    William N., age 1
We lose 10 years before the 1900 census.  By this time Mary Jane has died, Henry has married Emily J. Corwin on May 28, 1885 
in Saline County (Illinois Marriages, 1851-1900 on or County Court Records, Film #0965056-0965061) and Henry 
has died also.
 The 1900 census shows his second wife, Emily, was born March 1833 in Indiana.  She has a divorced daughter living with her. 
Florence Griffith, age 45, born Dec. 1854.  Emily says she had 4 children, 2 of whom are alive in 1900 (Florence would be one).  

Thomas, Henry's son, age 34 born April 1866 lives with them and is a banker.
Emily is not in the 1910 census.

You sent tombstone pictures of Henry J. and Mary J.  Also Mahala J. 1858-1912 without the name "Webber" on it but it's 
his daughter "Butler".  The ELLA 1876-1941 is the daughter of Allen D. Butler and Mahala who never married and lived most of 
her life in Galatia so it should be Ella Butler.
I'm filling in the remainder of their children from tombstone pictures and information you sent.  (1) James B. Webber, born 
Nov 5, 1856 and death Sept 7 1857 (2) Edmon Robinson Webber, born Feb 9, 1866 and died July 10, 1868 (3) Willie A. Weber, 
born Aug 15, 1868 and died Oct 6, 1869.  Willie is a female per your notations.  These 3 all were born and died between 
census years.
This is a total of 13 kids accounted for and Herschel said there were 15 so, according to him, we're missing 1 male and 
1 female.

William Webber

I looked and looked for his first child, William, born 1844.  Couldn't find him on any census records after he 
was still with his parents on the 1860 report.  If you checked the military records available on Ancestry you 
probably located him, too, but I found:  William Weber, residence Galatia, Illinois, enlistment date Sep 28, 1862 
for the Union.  (Here I get confused by the dates but this is what it says)  Promoted to Full Captain on 
February 27, 1862; Promoted to Full 1st Lieutenant on June 26, 1862; Commission in on September 28 1862; Enlisted 
as a 2nd Lieutenant on September 28, 1862.  Drowned on March 31, 1865 at Steamer "General Lyon".  

Hannah, Henry Jr, James B, Ellen, Edmon, Willie and Thomas E Webber

Hannah E. Webber, born 1848 and died before 1860, never married.
Henry J. Webber, Jr. born about 1850.  He was living with them in 1880 at age 30 and working as a clerk in a drugstore.  
His mother passed away April 20, 1884, and his father married Emily Jan Niblock Corwin in 1885.  There wa no 1890 census 
and by 1900 Emily was gone also.  There was no "Henry" with a birth date of 1849-1851 anywhere in the United States.  
I presume he had passed away.  
He was never married to my knowledge.
James B. Webber, born Nov 5, 1856 and died Sep 7, 1857 as child.
Ellen E. Webber, born about 1864, could find no information regarding marriage or death.  She was on the 1870 census but not 
the 1880.
Edmon Robinson Webber, born Feb 9, 1866 and died July 10, 1868 as a child.
Willie A. Webber, born Aug 25, 1868 and died October 6, 1869 as a child.
Still missing one male and one female child to make the total of 15 mentioned by Hershel Dunham.  They probably occurred 
during the period between the 1880 and 1900 census.
Thomas E. Webber, born April 6, 1866 and died October 29, 1915, appears on census reports through 1900 living with his 
parents.  In 1910 he's listed separately as head of household with no wife or children and is still in Galatia, Saline 
County, Illinois.  He is not on the 1920 census.

Andrew Jackson "Jack" Webber

Andrew Jackson "Jack" Webber, son of Henry "Dick".
You have lots of information on him already.  I got a marriage date of March 20, 1876 to Annie Julia Webber from the Illinois
Marriages, 1851-1900 found on  Her name is listed as Julia A. Webber rather than the Annie that she is always 
referred to.  Marriage occurred in Saline County, Ill.  County Court Records, Film #0965056-0965061.
Also, their daughter's name is spelled either May or Mae but her tombstone is spelled Mae.  I haven't researched her further 
but know her middle name was Olive and I don't think she ever married.  She was born 1892 and died 1962.
There was apparently another girl child born October 15, 1887 and died Aug 12, 1888.  She would have never shown on a census 
record.  I took this information from the pictures you sent of headstones and you made a notation that she was the child of 
Andrew Jackson and Annie Julia.  I don't know where you got this information and can't verify it.  If she is not their 
daughter, she could possibly be the lost female daughter of Henry "Dick".
Andrew is listed as dry good manager on 1880 census.
Their son, William J. was born 1880 and died 1881.

Andrew Jackson "Jack" Webber, born Sept 1845 (per 1900 census where they had to supply the month and year of birth).  Married 
Julia A. Webber on March 20, 1876, in Saline County.  Illilnois Marriages, 1851-1900 on   Can be found in County
Court Records, Film #0965056-0965061.
Julia is listed on all census' as Ann, Anna, or Annie and Andrew as A. J., Jack, or Andrew J.  The 1900 census gives Annie as
being born in June 1848 in Missouri, father Penn. and mother, Ill.
1880 census  shows:    A. J. - dry goods manager, Annie, wife with children:
                      John H. (Henry in 1900), age 2    William J., age 3 months (census taken on June 28, 1880 so he'd be 
                              born about April 1880).
Also with them is Margaret E. Webber, age 26, born in Missouri, listed as sister-in-law and a school teacher.
Darn missing 1890 census!!
1900 census shows:    Jack as a banker; Anna; Henry, born December 1877 and is a gas fitter; and May, born September 1885.
1910 census shows:  Just Andrew J. and Ann and he says he has his own income so I presume he has retired at age 55.  They say
they have been married for 34 years and she says she has born 3 children, 2 of whom are still alive.
Now this last statement begs to question "Gussie" whom you identify as their daughter.  This would mean that Anna bore 4 
children as we already have 3 on census reports and know that William J. died sometime between the 1880 and 1900 census.  
Gussie could have been theirs as she was born 1887 and died 1888 (in between census') but why did Anna give the wrong number 
of children on the 1910 census?  I'm keeping her as a mystery for now.
I also have a mystery with May/Mae as both she and John Henry are out of the household by 1910 so I've searched all over the 
internet for a marriage or a census with her as a single.  I searched Saline County, State of Illinois, and all of U.S.A. 
using her birthyear with 2 years range and birth place of Illinois.  I looked for marriages, too, but Herschel never 
mentioned a marriage for her and the closest I found was on a 1910 census for Lee County, Illinois.  The census taken who 
transcribed it didn't know if it was Weaver or Webber but it shows the male as Christian C., age 30, (born abt. 1880) with 
wife, Mae, age 26 (born abt.1884 and the 1900 census gives Mae's date as Sept 1885).  Mae is born in Ill, father in Ill, and 
she says mother in Ill. but our Mae's was Missouri).  I kept all the information on this family and continue to try to 
connect them but haven't had any luck so far.  Do you have any information if Mae ever married or if she lived on her own 
after her parents' deaths?    She had to survive her mother (1918) if the estate was divided between John Henry and her.  
I'll keep my eyes open for her living with another family member, perhaps.

John Henry Webber, son of Andrew and Annie:
Vital information taken from both 1900 census when he was living with his parents and his World War I registration form that
he completed on September 12, 1917.
Full name is John Henry Webber, born December 28, 1877 in Galatia, Saline, Illlinois.  Person to notify is Mrs. Leah Webber 
and his occupation is Trustee of the estate of A. J. Webber.  He's described as being 5'7", medium build, grey eyes and dark 
brown hair.
Leah's maiden name is found on the 1920 census where her parents are living with John and her.  They are William F. Hubbard 
and Margaret J., both say they were born in Illinois, with both of his parents in Illinois but her father in VA and her 
mother in W. VA.  Leah herself is born in Ill. 
I'm not through with this family as I haven't done the 1930 census but so far have:
1910 census:    John H. (found under Heffer), age 32    Lulah M (wrong spelling of first name), age 29;    
                        Theodore H., age 7    Margaret Y, age 5    Arthur E., age 1 and 2/12
1920 census:    John H. listed as President of Bank of Galatia, Leah M.; Theodore W.; Margaret Y;  
Arthur E and the Hubbard in-laws  Their address is given as Main Cross Street.

Joseph Riley Webber

Next in line is Joseph Riley Webber, born July 18, 1850 and died June 22, 1930.  
In about 1867 he married Josephine Rachel (surname unknown).  I couldn't find them 
in the Illinois Marriage Records and her parents apparently never moved in with them.  
On some of the census' she's listed as Josephine R. but most of the time as Rachel.
Joseph Riley was born July 18, 1850 in Galatia, marriage about 1867 and died 
June 22, 1930.  She was born Jan 23, 1849 and died June 7, 1932.  His occupation in 
1870 was farmer, 1880 and 1900 was miller; then back to general farmer through 1920.  
In 1930 he says "none" and they have a servant living with them as he's 79 and she's 80.
First child was Etta E. M. or W. depending on what the census taker put down 
but her marriage record says E.  She was born May, 1869 per the 1900 census.  
She married Henry W. Pemberton on April 16, 1885 in Saline County and was living 
with her parents along with their children.  I presume her husband was furthering 
his education because they were reunited again on the 1910 census.
In 1910 they were living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri where Henry is listed as  
real estate dealter and they state they have been married for 25 years and she 
has had 6 children, all 6 of whom are still living.
The children are:    Grace O.        Jan. 1886    
                            Ina M.            Aug. 1887
                            Ora M.            Mar. 1889 (Ora is a female)
                            Lillian E.          Sep 1891
                            Norman Webber    Aug. 1893
                            Helen E.            Jan 1895    
All were born in Illinois (Saline County, I presume, as both the Pembertons 
& Webbers were long time residents)
The 1910 census shows Grace, Ina and Ora are all public school teachers.
The 1920 census shows that Henry is not employed at age 59.  Grace is a dean 
at Christian College; Ida is a high school teacher; and Helen is a grade school teacher.
Ora and Lillian are not listed and Norman is unemployed.
The 1930 census shows Henry is no longer with them and Etta says she is a widow.  
Helen is living with her.

In 1930, living in the same household as Etta and Helen but with a separate 
family number are:
 George B. Munroe (later find B. stands for Bakewell) and Lillian Ethel.  
They were married October 11, 1916 in West Plains, Howell, Missouri 
(Missouri Marriage Records).  He was born Sep 1, 1892 in DeSota, 
Jefferson County, Missouri to Otis W. Munro and Mary A.  
They were living in Central Twp, St. Louis County, Missouri in 1920 where he is 
the manager of a farm.  They have George B., Jr., age 1 year 10 months.
The address in 1930 is Kirkland City, Bonhomme Twp., St Louis County, Missouri 
where he is an automobile mechanic in his own garage and Lillian is a public school 
teacher.  They have two more children:  Mary J., age 10 and Joseph R., age 5.
I couldn't find George's death on any of the lists but found Lillian Munroe died 
May, 1986 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri

Munroe children:  George B. Munroe, Jr. married Emily Sue Fletcher on Jan 19, 1946 
in Arcadia, Iron, Missouri.  She is 27 years old and he is technically 27 but his 
World War II Army Enlistment Records say he was born in 1918.  His enlistment date 
of Sep 7, 1940 at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.  Air Corps Branch, Aviation Cadet 
code, enlisted for the Philippine Dept..  Has 4 years of college and is a news 
photographer in civilian life.  He was not married at the time of enlistment.  
Was 74" tall and weighted 153 lbs.
I found nothing more on Mary J. and all I found on Joseph Riley Munroe was that 
he died November 23, 1991 in Orange County, California.  Also gave his birth date as 
October 31, 1924.
End of this family.

Next daughter was Jennie W., born Feb 15, 1873 in Galatia.  (Remember I told you 
that those graves in the Webber Cemetery were associated in some way)  I think the 
2 families were close as another daughter married a Pemberton.  
Anyway,  Jennie Webber married Calvin W. Pemberton on Sep 18, 1889 in Saline County.  
He was born in 1871 in Galatia.  The 1900 census shows Jennie and two children living 
with her parents.  I think Calvin was attending college somewhere as the 1910 census shows 
the family reunited and living in Forsythe School District, Rosebud County, Montana.  
The two children were:  Joseph Calvin, born June 11, 1890 in Galatia and Gladys W., 
born Aug 2, 1893.  
The 1910 shows Calvin is a doctor working on his own account, Jennie is unemployed 
and their son, Joseph Calvin, age 21 is a nurse in a hospital.  Gladys W., age 17, 
single and not employed.  They've added another child, Josephine, age 5.
1920 has them living in Hysham, Treasure County, Montana.  Joseph is no longer with 
them and Gladys is listed as "Married" but still has the last name of Pemberton.  I'm not 
sure if she checked the wrong marital description or if they failed to list her married name.
By 1930 Jennie, age 51, widowed, and employed as a nurse at the Oregon State School for 
the Deaf in Fairgrounds Precinct, Marion County, Oregon.  So Calvin died between 1920 
and 1930 but I've searched the Montana Death Index, Social Secuirty Index (which they 
might not have been keeping records of at that time) and I can't find his death.  You might 
see if the Webber Cemetery has a Calvin W. or C.W. on their records.
Jennie is on the Social Security Death Index as being born Feb. 15, 1873 and death 
as Sept 15, 1966 in Glendale, Los Angeles, California.
Joseph Calvin, born June 22, 1890 in Galatia, married in 1907 to Helen F. (surname unknown)  
Divorced by the 1930 census.  He moved a lot.  He registered for World War I while living 
in Provo, Utah on June 5, 1917 but is married.  He is an attendant at the State Mental Hospital.  
In 1920 both he and Helen are employees at the Norwalk State Hospital in Los Angeles County, 
California.  He's an assistant supervisor and she's a telephone operator.  By 1930 they're 
divorced and he is a steward at the Compton Sanitarium for Mental Cases in Caompton, Los Angeles, 
CA.  Helen is a practical nurse in Santa Monica, CA  In 1996 Helen is in Bakersfield, CA and 
Joseph has died August 17, 1960 in Santa Clara, CA.
Now Gladys is another story.  After the 1920 census where she's with her family in Montana, 
I can't find her anywhere!  Of course, if she's married and her married name wasn't given that 
would explain it.  Montana is not great on listing marriages.  I found several Gladys Pemberton's 
but none of them matched all the points.  The two closest were:  (1)  G. Pemberton who got her 
SS # in Illinois.  But her birth date was given as March 23, 1894 and her month and year given 
by her mother in 1900 was August, 1893.  (2) Gladys M. Pemberton (W's and M's can look a lot alike 
on census') died at age 100 in Aug. 1999 in Rosebud County, Montana.  August is the right month a 
birthyear of 1899 is way off.  Yet this is the only Gladys in Montana and there were a bunch of kids.  
That 1910 census was in Rosebud County.  I searched Gladys Pemberton anywhere in the U.S.A. 
and couldn't find any that matched our date of birth, state of birth, or middle initial.  Another 
possibility is that both Gladys and her father died at the same time in an accident, epidemic, etc. 
between 1920 and 1930.
Josephine R. Pemberton also got lost on all the census' and all I could find was the Social 
Security Death Index with her living in Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, born May 4, 1904 
and died August, 1976.
End of this family.  

Their third child was Minnie, born Feb 1875 in Galatia, and married Randall P. Hall 
on Dec 19, 1893 in Saline County.
They had a child, Arthur in June, 1894.  By the 1900 census she and Arthur had moved back into 
the home of her parents and she states that she is divorced.  She and Arthur are still there in 
1910 and I presume she is pursuing an education as by 1920 she has moved to Canton, Fulton County, 
Illinois where she is listed as a public school teacher.  She is living in an apartment/boarding 
house with her partner, Pearl L. Fidler, who is also a teacher.  I can find no record of another 
marriage in the State of Illinois or a record of a Minnie Hall in any of the U.S. with a birth date 
near hers for the year 1930.  I therefore presume that she has passed away.
Her son Arthur was in a House of Correction in Chicago in 1920 and the Montana State Penitentiary 
in Deer Lodge, Montana in 1930.
The fourth child of Joseph Riley and Josephine Rachel was Grace, born July 1879 and died 
between 1880-1900. 

The last child of Joseph Riley and Joseph Rachel was the Dick O. Webber headstone you sent.  
He was born Richard "Dick" Odd Webber on Aug 7, 1881 in Galatia.  I got the full information from 
his World War I registration form that he completed on September 19, 1918.  He uses Dick there and 
all the other census' except for the 1910 one where he lists himself as Richard O.  The WWI record 
gives his birth date as Aug 7, 1881 and says he's a farmer and married.  He's described as 5'8", 
short, medium build, brown eyes and dark brown hair.
In 1910 he's married to Lena P. (can't find marriage record).  She's 21, married for 1 year and no 
children.  She's born Illinois, father Ohio and mother Illinois.  Dick is a merchant in lumber and 
hardware.  He owns their home, free and clear and it's not a farm.
In 1920 they are living on Hickory Street and have a daughter, Eugenia P., age 9.  He's a bookkeeper 
for furniture and farms.  
1930 find Lena has died and he has married Pearl (the tombstone you sent).  He was married for the 
first time (not necessarily to Pearl) at age 28 and she at age 20 (she's 40 on this census so I think 
this could be her second marriage, too.  I can't marriage records for either of these.  Dick is an 
automobile salesman and Eugenia, at age 19, is a public school teacher.
This is as far as I can go on Dick and his family. 

Charles Clyde Webber

Charles Clyde Webber was born Nov., 1853 in Twp. 8, Range 5, Saline, Illinois (later to become Galatia)
He married Margaret "Maggie" Welch about 1873 and they continued to live in Galatia until their deaths.
First child was C. C. Jr. on the 1880 census.  Now wouldn't you think this is Charles Clyde Jr?    I had 
to wait until I found the son's WWI registration to learn in was Cecil Clyde - so I don't know why they 
tacked on the Jr.  I thought maybe Sr. was Cecil also, but he's carried on all of Henry's census records 
as Charles.
1880 census finds Charles C. with three children ( C. C., Arthur and Mable) and he's a clerk in a store.
1900 show Clyde (which is the name CC uses) and a new daughter, Madge.  Arthur and Mable are not there.  
Charles is a dealer in hardware and Clyde is a salesman in hardware.
1910 Charles is gone and Margaret is by herself, widowed.
1920 Margaret is living with their youngest child, Madge, and her family (Ural Tuttle - more to come)

Madge was born in August of 1885 and married Ural Tuttle in about 1909.  I couldn't find a marriage record 
as the records on-line cease at 1900 but found them through locating her mother living with them in 1920.
Ural Tuttle, Madge and Ural W., son were living in Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois in 1910.  He and 
both of his parents were born in Illinois.  Ural W. was 4 months old at the time of the census on May 3 
so he's late January or early February, 1910.  Ural is listed as a druggist.
1920 find them in Galatia and they have added Robert C., age 6 and Gene B., age 11 months.  Census taken 
on Jan 3, 1920.  Margaret Webber, Madge's mother, is also living with them.  Ural has changed his profession 
to stock dealer.
1930 finds them back in Harrisburg with two more children:  Arthur and Ilene Arthur was 8 years old in 1930 
and Ilene was 4.  Age at first marriage for both of them was 23.  Ural is a packer in a packing plant.  
Also, Ural W., son, is now Webber T. so I guess his name was Ural Webber T. Tuttle.

Arthur Webber was born 1876 to Charles Clyde Webber and Margaret "Maggie" Welch. I ran a list of all the 
Webbers registering for World War I and found his name is William Arthur Webber, born Jan 30, 1876, 
says he's a farmer and merchant in Galatia and to notify Essye B. Webber so I guess that also clarifies 
her middle initial and spelling of her first name as it was Essye or Essie.  He's described as medium 
height and build with brown hair and eyes.  Completed the form on Sept 12, 1918.
In approximately 1908 he wed Essie L. or B. (surname unknown).  They had no children and he was a 
hardware merchant.
They were both still living in 1930.  Apparently I haven't check the Social Security Death Index.  Will 
try to get that done.
I find nothing on Mabel W. Webber except her appearance on the 1880 census and your picture of the tombstone.

Cecil Clyde Webber

Cecil Clyde was born June 9, 1874 and married Lucy A. Limerick on Nov 3, 1897 per Illinois Marriage Records.  
Lucy was born March 17, 1872 and died May 17, 1898.  They had no children.  By the way, the note you put 
on the cemetery record page says died 1888 but this has to be 1898 as they were married in 1897.
Sometime between 1900 and 1910, Clyde married Ollie Gore.  Her surname gotten from 1910 census where he 
mother, Ellen Gore, is living with them.  Also a Dinty Barclay who's listed as a niece but doesn't say WHOSE 
niece.  I think she's Ollie's niece but am not positive.
On Sep 12, 1918 Cecil completed the World War I registration form and that's where we found his true name.  
He was born June 9, 1874 and lists his occupation as farmer and merchant.  Lists Ollie G. Webber as his 
nearest relative and they describe him as medium height and build with brown eyes and hair.
The family remains the same in 1920 with Ollie's mother and niece with them.  Clyde is a hardware merchant.
In 1930 it's just Clyde and his mother, Margaret A.  Ollie and her mother must have passed away and the 
niece has moved on.  I didn't research her.  Clyde is still a hardware merchant.
This is as far as I can go on this family.

May Olive Webber

O.K., so I lied.  I ate fast and came back down to figure out who all those people were in the lawsuit filed by A. J. 
Webber's estate.
Leah is the wife (widow) of A J.'s son, John Henry Webber.  Margaret W. Hahne, Arthur Eugene, and Theodore H. or W. are the 
children of John Henry and Leah.
William Jackson Burns is the only son of Harry A. Burns and May Olive.  They married about 1906 and ran a dry goods store in
Cave Twp, (Thompsonville Village) Franklin County, Illinois.  William Jackson was born about 1915 .  He was going by Jackson
in the 1930 census and still living with them at age 15.  A WWII Army Enlistment may or may not be his because it gives a 
birth year of 1913 rather than 1915 but born in Illinois, enlisted in Detroit, Michigan in April 1941.  Says he has 1 year 
of college and is a photographer, aerial - or accountant - or auditor.  Single.
Back to the suit - George R. Stone is a lawyer out of Williamson County; August L. Fowler is also an attorney (I forgot which 
county) and Paul Doran (actually VanDoran) is an executive of a banking house based in Chicago.
So it looks like they might be trying to settle the estate finally and want all to appear and present any bills and/or 
testimony.  The other thing is that they might think these people have taken money from the estate and are trying to account 
for it.
Now I am done!!

Mary Webber

The 1860 census shows this family in Williamson County, Twp. 6, Range 1E with the post office for the area as Fredonia.  
Reads as follows:
Hampton, Robert P., age 41, farmer - farm valued at 2000 and person property at 1000, born Ill
                Mary, age 36 , born Tenn.   
                Elizabeth, age 16, born Ill
                Mary Ann, age 12, the rest of kids are born in Ill    
                Jane, age 10
                Fredonia, age 8
                Priscilla, age 5
                James, age 3
                Robert, age 9/12
                Joseph, age 9/12
Jackson, William, age 11 - don't know who he belongs to and they weren't asking relationships this year
Hampton, Napoleon, age 20, laborer (I presume this is Robert's brother, nephew, etc.)
Now - - - next on the list is Mary Webber, born April 26, 1824, who married Robert P. Hampton on Sept 17, 1840 in 
Gallatin County (later to be split and part of it would be Williamson County).  This is the county that their families 
can be found.  And, as an aside - all those Crain (Crane) are there but I didn't take time to sort them out.
Let me tell you - these Hampton's are a mess to sort out and I still don't have all of them.  A lot of kids came to 
live with Robert and Mary that had the same last name but were the exact same age as their own so they had to be 
nieces, nephews, maybe even grandchildren of some of their oldest children.  I doubt they were grandchildren as they 
all had the surname of Hampton and their oldest son died before 1860, then they had five girls before the last bunch 
of 4 boys.
John F. Hampton was born 1841 in Williamson County, Illinois, appears on the 1850 census but is gone on the 1860 
census and I can't find him again so I'm presuming he died.
I haven't tried to find the girls as Williamson County didn't send in their marriage records to the State like 
Saline County did!
Elizabeth Hampton, born 1844
Mary Ann Hampton, born 1848
Jane Hampton, born 1850
Fredonia Hampton, born 1852
Priscilla Amanda Hampton, Born 1855.  She was Priscilla on the 1860 census and Amanda on the 1870 census so I don't 
know which is the first and which is the middle name. 
James F. Hampton, born May 1857; married Elizabeth about 1877 and had the following children:
Laura A. Hampton, born 1878:  Hester Lillie Hampton, born Nov. 1879; Grover Cleveland Hampton  (born Dec 17, 1844 
(more to come on him); and James E. Hampton, born Aug. 1887.  (James E. wasn't on the 1910 census so I presume he died.  
I looked for him as living on the general census with that birth year and didn't find him living alone.)  James F. 
was still alive in 1930 but is not listed on the Social Security Death Index.  This is not unusual as he was a farmer 
all his life and they didn't draw Social Security.
Joseph (Joel) Hampton was born Sep 1859, married Martha C. about 1879 and died between 1920-1930
(Also not on the Social Security Death Index)  I had a heck of a time sorting out Joseph and Joel as he only went by 
Joseph on the 1850 when his parents named him and the 1900.  All the rest are Joel so thank God for Martha and the girls!
Their children were:  Leona Hampton, born January 1880; Donia Hampton, born January 1883; and Barney Hampton, 
born April 9, 1887.  By this time they've added Carterville, Williamson County.  Sort of like Galatia was finally 
given a name in Saline County.  More on Barney to come.
Robert P. Hampton, Jr. was born Nov 1859, married Fredonia about 1888 and they were both still alive on the 1930 census.  
They only had one child, Minnie, and she married George Crowther about 1905 and they had Lucile in 1906 and George Weber 
Crowther in 1917.
William Hampton was born January 1866 married Dora in 1887 and they had the following children:
    Inez, born april 1888; William, Jr., born Dec. 1891 and died before 1910; Timothy, born June 1896, and Anthony, born 
Dec 1891.
Now - set up a second wife for Robert Hampton (the original).  According to Illinois Marriages to 1850, he married 
Melinda McCauley on Aug 19, 1838 in Pope County.  I wish Williamson County would have reported their marriages but I think 
they were like Baxter County (and a lot of others around the country) and never got around to it until 10-20 years later.  
And in the meantime the Courthouse burned in Baxter County.
Anyway, this Napoleon Hampton, born 1840 kept showing up in Robert and Mary's household and finally, she listed him as a 
son but I think he was the son of Robert and Melinda but Mary raised him.
Back to the next generation - - Anthony Hampton, son of William and Dora married Ethel in 1910 and their children were:  
Naoma, born 1913; Wesley, born 1916; and Virgil, born Aug 1918.
Barney, son of Joseph (Joel) and Della, married about 1909 to Della and they had two daughters, Lois, born 1911 and Lora, 
born 1914.  Della died between 1920-1930 as Barney says he's a widow.  He's moved to Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan and is 
an autoworker in an auto factory.  Lois says she's M for married and both girls are rooming with a Marks family but there 
is no Marks son and she's still listed as Hampton.  I can't go any further until the 1940 census comes out.
Grover Cleveland, son of James F. and Elizabeth married Chloe in 1911 and they had two children - Howard, born 1915 and 
Rosalee, born 1917.  Grover died Feb 15, 1971 in Carterville, Williamson Co., Illinois and Chloe died March 1976 in 
Alexandria, Alexandria City, Virginia.  They were both still alive in 1930.
Howard Hampton is too young to track until the 1940 comes out but Social Security Death had 2 of them.  I think the 
correct one is Howard A., born Dec 14, 1914 and died Dec 16, 1991 in Utica, Oneida, NY.  The other is Howard H. born 
Sep 13, 1915 (which doesn't exactly fit the census ages but they vary according to the month born and the month the census 
was taken).  He died June 18, 1992 in Fairview Heights, Saint Clair County, Illinois.  St. Clair is about 2 counties away 
as the crow flies from Williamson.
Timothy Hampton, son of William and Dora married 1916 Sarah and they had Wanda, born June 1917; William, born May 1919; a
nd Dean, born 1924.  Timothey died August 1967 in Browns, Edwards Co., Illinois.
Did I tell you that the original Robert P. Hampton died sometime between 1870 and 1880.  Mary was still alive in 1880 and 
has Robert P. Jr., age 20 with her and Napoleon E. and two more daughters that I forgot to add to my original sheet.  
The are Florence E., age 16 (born 1864) and Flora E., age 14 (born 1866).  This makes Florence E. and William born in the 
same year using just the census but I guess you can have one in January and one in December.  However, they tend to claim 
everyone as son and daughter so it's a mess.  Also living with them is a Henry, age 29, who's listed as a nephew.  I think 
this is a Webber but they've left the Hampton surname column.
Which, by the way, I've got more Henry's than I know what to do with!  I'm just lining them up on the floor until I find 
a family to put them with.

Jane Webber

I've not gotten into Jane Weber and James Low(e) as she would have died shortly after their marriage at age 24.

We had worked our way through to Jane Webber who married James Low.  It is spelled without an "e" in the Illinois 
Marriage license and the next 2 census.  
James Low married Jane Webber on Jan 28, 1847 in Gallatin County, Illinois.  Jane died in January of 1850 so she was not 
on the 1850 census.  James was living with another family and working a farm and had no children attached to him.
In 1860 he was living in Wabash, Clark Co., Illinois with a new wife, Malinda C. (surname unknown but it might be Black 
as there's a female Margaret Black from TN living with them).  Malinda is 10 years younger, at age 26, and they have 4 
children, ranging in age from 6 months to 7 years.

Nelson Webber

I can give you a list of spouse and children.  Spouse is Elizabeth Rhine.  I don't have a marriage date yet but their first 
child, Samuel T. is 10 years old in the 1860 census so allowing for the 9 months, they must have wed about 1848.  Children 
are in the 1860 census:  Samuel T., age 10; Mary E., age 6; Henry M., age 6 months.  Nelson says he's a merchant and they 
live in Twp. 8, Range 7 E
The 1870 census has Nelson saying he's a farmer and they live in Twp 8, Range 6 (that's strange as they don't usually 
renumber ranges).  All the first 3 children are there and they've added Andrew C., age 8;  Sarah N., age 7; Lilla H., age 5; 
Cara W., age 3; and Jennie M., age 1.
1880 has them living in Raleigh, Saline County, so they've incorporated the twp. numbers.  Samuel Thomas, Mary E. and 
Henry M. are gone leaving everyone previously mention through Jennie M. and adding Winnie, age 8; Emma, age 6; Jack, age 4; 
and John, age 4.
Since we miss the 1890 census, we pick up in 1900 where it's just Nelson and Elizabeth.  
By 1910 Nelson is gone and Elizabeth is by herself at age 76.

Samuel T. (which is all I found in census and I'm thinking it's an "S" instead of "T" but will look closer) was born 
June 5, 1832 in Saline County.  Per Illinois Marriages he married Mahala J. Pearce on April 6, 1854 in Saline County.  
The two children on the cemetery list can't be theirs as they have dates of 1877 and Samuel died August 15, 1858.  
However, Mahala Webber and son Thomas, born about 1859 were back living with her parents on the 1860 census.  I presume he 
died while she was pregnant.  
Samuel Thomas "Tom" that we had as being a bachelor,etc. from what we were told was the son of Nelson Webber and 
Elizabeth Rhine, born Oct 1851 in Saline County.  He's on their 1860 census with a township of Eldorado and again in 1870 
with a post office of Raleigh.  Per Illinois Marriages he we Jane M. Mitchell on Aug 4, 1870 in Saline County.  I can't 
find them in 1880 (yet) and of course 1890 is lost forever but the 1900 has them in E. Eldorado, Saline Co. with another 
child Nella, born Sept, 1879.  I think the cemetery records are correct in that the two children are Sam's but they belong 
to this one.  The 1900 census asks the women how many children they have had and how many are still living and she indicates 
she has had 3.
I think I gave you some on Samuel Thomas yesterday but think I picked up a couple of children.  I found him in 1880 under 
the name of Thomas instead of Samuel and he has children:  Charley, age 7 who I'm naming Charles in my records; Willie, 
who turns out to be William E., age 6; and Nellie born September 1879.    They are living in Eldorado, Saline County.  He 
says he's an agent for the Railroad.
Skipping to 1900 there's only Nellie left with he and his wife.  In 1900 he says he's an electrician. 
Samuel is gone by 1910 and William has come home to live with her.  He is single and never married as far as I can tell.  
He says he's a druggist.  Same in 1920.
William had moved to Calumet, Houghton Co., Michigan in the 1900 census and was working in a drug store.

Son Charles ends up being Charles E., born July 1872 and married in 1893 Etta N. (no surname).  They had daughter, Samma L. 
or F. depending on the census taker and his handwriting.  They were living in Mill Shoals, White County, Illinois in 1900.  
Etta was born Dec. 1876 and Samma was born Aug 1895.
In 1910 they're back in Eldorado, Saline County where he's a drug store merchant.
In 1920 it's just Charels E. and Etta and he's still a druggist.  Same information for 1930.

I was sorting through papers that I'd copied and have laying on couch, floor, etc. and found the World Ward I registration 
for Ray Mitchell Webber, son of Henry M. Florence M.  He names his mother "Mary Florence Webber" as the contact person so 
now we have to add that to her record. (and his).  Official date of birth for him is Jan 30, 1885 in Raleigh and he was an 
agent for Illinois Railroad.  He's described as medium height, slender build, light hair and blue eyes.  Registered on 
Sept 12, 1918.

Burnetts - Well, I finally got this bunch figured out!  There was a Hiram, Sr. which is the one in your book.  He had many, 
many children, two of whom married into the Webber/Musgrave family.  (We might find even more)
The Charles P. Burnett on your list from the book is one of his sons and Charles P. married Clementine Musgrave, daughter 
of William Andrew and Eliz. Jane Webber.  The book gives you their dob and death.
The 1870 census taken was very good.  Charles was a merchant in the Raleigh area.  I couldn't find them in 1880 but found 
again in 1900 and that census taker should be shot!  Handwriting and math were terrible!  Anyway, here they are:  Edwin W., 
born March 24, 1863 - Henry C., born July 1863  (only 4 months later); - Sarah E., born 1865 - Charles H, born 1868 - 
Lawrence E., born June 1870 - Ralph, born June 1875 - Clair, born Sep 1876 - Nell, born March 1879 - Myrtle, born Jan 1885 - 
Philip, born June 1890.  I've added Lena Grace from the cemetery book and Roy Guy, also from the book as they don't fit into 
Edwin's family.
Edwin W. Burnett married Nannie E. Cummins on May 20, 1888 in Saline County.  By 1900 he had passed away but not before siring 
three children:  Gracie, March 1889 - Guy, Nov 1890 - and Edwin, Nov 1892.  I looked at Gracie for Lena Grace but the 
birth/death dates are wrong.  Same with Guy and Roy Guy so I put them in with the rest of the bunch!

Back to other children of Nelson Webber:
Charles E. married Etta N. (surname unknown) in about 1893 in either Saline or White County.  They had only one child that I 
can establish - Samma L. or F. depending on the census taker.  Nickname Sammie.  She was born about 1896 in Illinois.  
Charles and Etta were living in Mill Shoals, White County in 1900 and he was a druggist.  In 1910 they were in Eldorado, 
Saline County and he was a drugstore merchant.  Samma was still with them, age 14.  In 1920 Samma was gone and the marriage 
records end at 1900 so I can't trace her.    Charles and Etta were still living in Eldorado in the 1930 census.
William Elmer never married as far as I can tell.  He was in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan in the 1900 census working in a drug
store.  By 1910 he had returned to Saline County to live and care for his mother.  He registered for WWI on Sept 12, 1918 in
Saline County, giving his address as Eldorado and his occupation as druggist.  He was described as medium height and build 
wit brown eyes and grayish brown hair.  The last census I have is 1920 with Jane being age 68 and William being 45.
I didn't find a marriage record for Nella "Nellie" prior to 1900 and didn't notice anyone by that first name as a wife of a 
nearby couple.  Of course, I wasn't going to look at every single household.  Maybe I'll stumble across her some day.

Mary E. Webber, born Dec 1855 married Hiram A. Burnett on Nov 15, 1874.  Their children were Stella, born 1876, Roy W., born 
1878 and Ralph H., born Feb 1889.  Stella and Roy born in Saline County; Ralph born in Kansas.  Hiram was a dry goods merchant 
in Raleigh in the 1880 census but they had moved to Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas by 1900 where he was a farmer.  Stella
and Roy were not with them.  In 1910 they were in Dodge, Ford County, Kansas where Hiram is a banker and Ralph is a superintendent 
for the Railroad.  1920 finds Hiram and Mary in Colorado Springs, ElPaso County, Colorado where they're retired.  By 1930 
Hiram has passed away and Mary has moved back to Dodge, Kansas where she lives by herself at age 74.

Henry M. Webber was born Dec 1859 in Saline Co., and married Mary Florence Mitchell.  He is the last line on the 1880 Raleigh 
census and says he's married but the next page is missing. She always went by Florence M. until her son registered for WW1 
and listed his mother as Mary Florence.
Their children were Guy H. W., born May 1881; Ray Mitchell, born Jan 30, 1885; Rex, born Feb 15, 1890; and Clard (?), born 
Dec 1898 who died between 1900 and 1910.
Henry says he's a druggist on the 1880 census.  By 1900 they're in E. Eldorado with the 3 children and he says he's a Post 
Master.  Guy is a Railroad clerk and they have a niece, Sadia Clark, school teacher, age 21, born Dec. 1878 living with them.  
I'm thinking this is the daughter of the mysterious Laura A., wife on W. E. Clark in the cemetery records but have'nt followed 
up on it.  I have a note that Nelson had 17 children of which 6 (3 sets) were twins.  I can only account for 13 on census so 
Laura might be #14 since her children would be Henry's nieces and nephews.
The cemetery records say Guy died in 1908.  
Ray is the one registering for WW1 on Sept 12, 1918 in Raleigh. He says he's an agent for the railroad.  He's described as 
medium height, slender build with light colored hair and blue eyes. After his father's death he and his mother went to live 
with her brother, Edward Mitchell in Raleigh and then her brother, Edgar C. Mitchell in the 1930 census.  He continues to be 
listed as a railroad agent. The cemetery records that say he died in 1946.

Andrew C. Webber, born Nov 1861, married Emma F. Thornberry on Oct 3, 1880 in Saline County.  Her birthdate is either Nov or 
Mar 1864.  I think it's Nov but it's hard to read.  They were living in E. Eldorado in 1900 with Bery (Barry?), son, born 
July 1882, Blondell, daughter, born Aug 1884 or 1885; and Elizabeth "Bessie" born Feb. 1894.  Andrew is listed as a miller.
By 1910 Andrew is gone and Emma and Bessie were in St. Louis, Missouri where both were listed as unemployed and boarding with 
a Bennett family.  Must be some connection to Thornberry with neither contributing to the family income.
Bery was 17 in 1900 so is not on the 1910 census and I can't find him on any census by himself.
Blondell is such an unusual name that it caught my eye when a "Blondell Limerick" showed up in the marriage licenses.  I 
think one of the Limerick family just liked the name, too, because it can't be our Blondell as she joined Emma and Elizabeth 
in St. Louis on the 1920 census and still had the name Webber.  They were living separate from any other family yet none of 
them were employed.  Both girls say they're single so if Blondell had been married she would have said divorced or widow. 
The 1930 census hows them in Centralia, Marion County, Illinois with Elizabeth gone - just Emma nd Blondel.  Note she's using 
just one "l".

Sarah N. "Nellie" Webber, born 1863 per 1870 census and appears on the 1880 census as Nellie at age 17.  Of course she's gone
 by 1900 and I don't find a marriage record.  Might look harder for this as I "think" I checked both Weber and Webber but 
might not have checked "any spelling".  Does your cemetery record show anything near this?

Lilla Bell "Lilly" Webber, born 1865, married James W. Blackman on October 23, 1881 in Saline County.  They must have left 
the country as I looked all over the U.S. in 1900 for James W., James, William, Lilla, Bell, Lilly, and any variation of 
last name spelling and can't find them.  I found a William A. Blackman living in Stonefort, Saline County in 1910 with a 
daughte Lillie/Lilla so got all excited thinking that William was James' middle name and Lilla had died.  But dates, etc. 
just didn't work out.

Winnie A. Webber, born Apr 1872 married George Washington Limerick on April 22, 1891 in Saline County.  This is recorded 
under "Minnie" instead of "Winnie" and under Wash Limmerick which is the only time he ever went by Wash!  Also correct 
spelling of last name is Limerick.
George W. Limerick was born March 1866 in Illinois (Parents Tennessee).  He and Winnie were in Galatia in 1900 where he was 
a dry goods dealer.  
Their children, all born in Saline Co., are:  Homer W., born Feb 18, 1892  - Guilford Lloyd, born June 22, 1893 - Margorie E., 
born Sep 1895 - Geneva H., born March 1900.
1910 finds them all still together in Galatia with George a department store merchant.
1920 finds George passed away and Winnie living in St. Louis, MO by herself where she's a saleswoman in a department store.  
Homer has married Kate and lives in Harrisburg, Saline Co., where he's a shipping clerk for a coal company.  Guilford is 
still in Galatia where he's a miner in a coal mine and he's married to Broniece (?) Bonnie in later census with daughter 
Betty Jane.  Bonnie is from Texas.  They might have wed in Colorado as Builford registered for WW1  while living in Denver 
and a shoe salesman.
1930 - I don't find Winnie. You might look for a headstone of Winnie. Guilford, Bonnie and Betty Jane are in Denning, 
Franklin Co., Ill where he's the manager of a loan and finance company.  The only other record I have is his SS death record 
(and Texas Death Index) showing he died March 29, 1980 in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas.  His last benefit was paid to
Houston, Harris Co., TX.
1930 - Homer's wife, Kate has died (she was born in Illinois) and was 2 years younger than Homer.  They had no children as 
he married Mary in 1923 and she's from Missouri and the same age.  They were living in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota 
in 1930 with children Joseph, age 6 and George, age 2 yr, 8 mo.  Census was taken on april 15, 1930 so George born around 
Sept. 1927.  Homer is a superintendent of oil stations (plural)

Well, it's no wonder I was having so much trouble finding her!  The marriage record says she married A. G. McDonnell.  NO, 
she married Albert G. McConnell on Dec 10, 1893 in Saline County.  He never used his initals again.  In 1900 they were living 
next to William J. Webber and Rhoda in Raleigh where Albert was a day laborer.  He was born Jan. 1875 in Illinois (both 
parents from Kentucky).  Got Emma's middle initial "E" and born Jan, 1874.
Their children are:  Lawrence M or W depending on the census taker and reader.  He was born Sep. 1894 and was last seen in 
the 1910 census.  I looked all over the U.S. for him under every possible combination, including just Soundex of last name 
and birthdate with 2 years.  Can't find him.  Hazel also disappeared between 1910 and 1920 but she could have married and I 
can't get marriage records after 1900.  Emma also died sometime between the birth of the last child, Albert G., Jr. in 1902 
and the 1910 census.  The 1910 census shows Albert is a miller in a grist mill.
1920 finds both Albert's (father and son) in Alton, Madison County, Illinois where Sr. is a house carpenter and Jr. isn't 
working.  They have a housekeeper living with them along with a Phil Charles Neal who they say is a step-son.  I can't figure 
that out as he's 19 years old and was living in Raleigh when he signed up for WW1 in Sept 1918.  On that form he gives his 
nearest relative as J. C. Matthew in Shawneetown, Ill.  I've checked McConnell, Matthew, Neal and Webber and can find no 
interaction of the families.  Don't know who he is and he doesn't show up again.
Albert G. Jr. doesn't show up again either through 1930 checking every possible way.  Senior has remarried a Lydia E. 
sometime between 1920 and 1930 and they're still in Alton, Madison Co.  Albert is a contractor carpenter.
I'm wondering if Albert Jr. wasn't disabled in some way and that's why he never worked, needed a housekeeper, and apparently 
died early.
Oh the joy of mis-spelled names!  I love being a detective, though.

Just solved the cemetery book mystery of W. E. Clark and Laura A..  It's not Webber related at all.  William E. Clark wed 
Laura A. Mitchell on May 20, 1874 in Saline County.
Remember, I said Emma McConnell and Albert G. were living next to W. J. Webber and Rhoda.  They're also on my mystery list 
from cemetery book.  First you have W. J. and being born after his death date.  I'll go back and check them out again.  I'd 
be willing to bet that "Jack" Webber, born about 1876 to Nelson is really William Jack(son) but will follow through on it.

I'm quite sure this is Nelson's "Jack".  From the 1880 where he first shows up, they say he's 4 so I put 1876 but with a 
birthday in June, he's not quite 5 yet so the 1900 census birth date for William J. makes it him.  His WW1 registration 
says June 29, 1875.
He married Rhoda Quick on Dec 6, 1896 in Saline County.  1900 has them in Raleigh with Rhoda's middle initial of M., birthdate 
of May, 1870.  Two daughters - Eva J., born Sept 1897 and Chloe E. born Nov 1899.  William is a miller.  They're still there 
in 1910 and he's a general farmer.
He registered for WW1 on September 7, 1918 at the Wayne County Local Board in Fairfield, Ill.  They were also living in 
Fairfield at the time.  He gives his occupation as traveling salesman for Owl Drug Co. out of Decatur, Alabama.  He's listed 
as medium height, stout build, black hair and brown eyes.
By 1920 William's dead and Rhoda has moved to McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois with the two girls.  None of them are 
employed and the girls are single at ages 22 and 20.

Elijah M "Lige" Webber

John T. is son of Elijah and Elizabeth Hale, born Aug 1864.  He married Jennie (surname unknown at this time)born in 1877. 
Their first child was born in 1900 so I presume they married about 1898.  I'm quite sure this is the correct John but Elijah's 
family was notorious for bad math and ages.  
Their children were:  Guy (yes, another Guy), born 1900 - Bennett, born Nov 29, 1901 - Ralph, born 1905 - Bessie E., born 
1907 - Joseph, born 1909 - Charles, born 1914 - John C., born 1918 
Bennett married Mary E. (surname unknown) about 1922 and their children are:  Archie L., born June 5, 1924; Billy G., born 
Sep 13, 1926; and Shirley I, born Aug 12, 1929.
Archie died Feb 12, 1993 in Cordova, Rock Island County, Illinois according the the SS Death Index.
Shirley apparently never married as she died under the name of Webber, born Aug 23, 1929 in Ill.  Date of death was November 
1980 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.
Bill G. married Ethel L. Reese and died on Oct 18, 1995 according to your Webber Cemetery records.
I've not following through on any of these on census.  All would have been married too late for the Ancestry listing to get 
maiden names or if married, divorced, etc.

Guy Webber, born Jan 30, 1900, married Leona (surname unknown) about 1920 in Illinois and he died in Oct 1971 in Carrier 
Mills, Saline Co., Illinois.  I have them through the 1930 census and he's always a coal miner.  I got his date of birth, 
etc from his WW1 registration.
Their children were:  Floyd Webber, born 1921 - Dorothy J., born 1924 - and Guy Webber, Jr. - born 1927. 
Guy's date of death was from Social Security

Still can't  get original copies of census or WW1 registrations but picked up SS Death for Ralph Webber, born May 17, 1905 
and died July, 1985 in Eldorado, Saline, Illinois
I decided to file the marriage record of John (Rolla) and Eliza Jane Powell and found that Hershel Dunham had said (or maybe 
his obit) that it was Sep 17, 1840.  According to the record it was January 17, 1840 in Gallatin County.

First of all, keep in mind that Hershel said Elijah was a career military man and did not live in the Saline County area or 
participate in the Webber businesses.
He thinks that Elizabeth Hale is the daughter of Walker & Sarah Hale; Elizabeth with them on the 1860 Saline census.  
HOWEVER, Elijah and Elizabeth were married (or at least had their first child in 1857) and he, Elizabeth and their two children 
were on the 1860 census.  She can't be listed with her parents AND Elijah on the same census.
So I went looking for another Elizabeth Hale. The 1850 census in Washington Co., Illinois (not too far from Saline County) 
has Elizabeth Hale, age 16, with parents William and Elsy.  This would make her 23 in 1857 when the first child was born and 
26 on the 1870 census with Elijah (they list as 27 and ages can vary depending on the month in which the census was taken and
the date of birth for the person listed).  The 1900 census gives her birth as Feb 1840 and that is reasonable with all the 
other information.
SO - - I'm maintaining that Elizabeth Hale, born Feb 1840 in Illinois to William Hale, born 1810 in KY, and Elsy Hale, born 
1811 in IL is the Elizabeth that married Elijah M. Webber.  
Hershel said he wandered around and was not involved in the Webber family businesses.  However he and Elizabeth and their 
family are enumerated on all the census 1860 through 1900 in Galatia, Saline County so they must have lived on a farm there.  
He lists himself as a grocer in 1860, farmer in 1870 and 1880, and U. S. Pensioner in 1900.  He died sometime between the 
census being taken on June 1, 1900 and Elizabeth applying for her widow's pension in Aug of 1904.  She was still drawing it 
when the census was taken on april 21, 1910.
This family was very confusing about the names and ages of their children (and themselves).  They have a child, Richard, born
Nov. 1874 per their 1900 census, yet he's not on the 1880 census.  He's listed as an invalid so perhaps he lived in an 
institution of sorts as a child and came to live with Elijah and Elizabeth later.  Or perhaps Richard is the actual name of 
"Dick W." who they say was born in 1871.  (Richard is 1874).
They don't show up in Illoinois marriages on Ancestry but I found several of the counties aren't on there.

It's a Directory put out called Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory published from 1848-1920 but I don't know the year of this publication.  
It must have been a later one as it only lists:
Webber, George A. (Aldora Ryan) children William:  Galatia R1  Tate  Sec36  O70a (1886) Independent Tel. Cornerville.
 Weber, William A. (Mollie Chaney) children Roy, Lena, Nell, Charley, Ada, Ida, Flo, George:  Galatia  R2  Galatia  Sec 2  T323a (1860)

Archibald F. Webber

From the December 13, 1922 issue of The Eldorado Journal.
Mrs. Pearl Norman has returned from Dennison, Ky., where she attended the funeral of her uncle, John F. Webber.  He 
formerly lived in Galatia and is well known in Saline county.

Odds and Ends

I'm still trying to track down the John Webber (don't know whose child he is) who married Mrs. Martha Dooley on 
March 18, 1896 in Saline County.
Decided to check for a Dooley marriage to a Martha and then check the census to see which seemed more plausable.  I found 
2 Dooley's who married Martha's.  First was Finis who married Martha Corneal.  Checked the census and found him as a widow 
in 1910 in Brushy, Saline County so I elimated Martha Corneal Dooley.
Then I checked Hardin Dooley who married Martha East on Nov 5, 1863 in Saline County.  They were on the 1880 census with 6 
children living in Harrisburg, Saline Co. but disappeared for the 1900 census.  I found the youngest (to my knowledge) boy, 
Reuben, born abt 1876, married and living in Madrid, MO.  He would have been 24 and had a younger sister, Ellen, age 1 in 
1880 so she was probably married by 1880 but I found no marriage record for Ellen Dooley.  This is probably the Mrs. Martha 
Dooley, especially if she and Hardin had no more children.  I had hoped to find the youngest children listed on some Webber 
census but haven't found them.
Also, still don't know who this John Webber belong to.  He married Martha in March 1896 so would have been probably 25 years 
old, making him born around 1870 and I don't find one.
The other unidentified John Webber who married Rachael Whitmore on Jan 18, 1889 in Saline County.  I was sure he was the 
one who kept showing up with Rachel as his wife until "Rachel" ended up being "Josephine Rachel".
I also considered the fact that one of these John Webbers' might be John (Rolla) but I found his marriage record to Eliza 
Jane Powell in 1840 and they moved right away to Missouri and she lived for many years.
Guess I'll keep working on this.  Just wanted you to know you can scratch Martha Corneal as a possibility.


I finally solved the mystery of Clard Webber.  I was missing the 1910 census that I needed and had it all the time on the 
couch!  Henry M. Webber and Mary Florence Mitchell were his parents and his name is Floyd.  He was born Dec 1898 in E. 
Eldorado, Saline County.  He's on the 1910 but gone by 1920.  In 1910 Mary is by herself with Ray who's a baker (that's what 
it looked like but could be banker).  He didn't list an occupation in 1920 but said railroad agent in 1930. The reason I 
didn't catch this is because she's the one who always went by Florence (except on this census when she used Mary!)  If it 
wasn't for sons Ray and Floyd and the correct age for everyone I'd have never caught them.
I think I told you that Henry M. listed himself as druggist on 1880; Post Master in 1900 and died 1903.
Son Guy was a railroad clerk in 1900 and then he's one of the "Guy's" I'm having problems with.  There's an interloper 
from the North, I think, who's a horse farmer but I've got to get more info before I decide for sure.


Three Samuel Thomas's:

We have Samuel Thomas, born June 5, 1832, son of John Monroe and Elizabeth.  (I still think his middle initial is S.) He 
married Mahala J. Pearce on april 6, 1854 and they had John H. on Feb 6, 1855 who only lived 9 days.  Samuel T. died on 
August 15, 1858 while Mahala was pregnant.  She had the baby in 1859 (I have to find him on a 1900 census to get the month) 
and named him Samuel Thomas after his dead father. Mahala and Thomas were living with her parents in the 1860 census.  I 
can't get the 1870 right now but also found him on the 1880 with his grandparents and divorced.
Then we have Samuel Thomas born Oct 1851 to Nelson Webber and Elizabeth Rhine.  He married Jane M. Mitchell and I think I've 
sent you the info on his family.  This Sam T. said he was a railroad agent in 1880 and by 1900 he was an electrician.

Letter written by Tom Cantrel Webber

Thanks to Marilyn A. for sharing this letter!!!

This is a transcription of a letter my mother-in-law (Irene B.) received from Tom Cantrel Webber, Sept. 22, 1985. I left in the grammatical errors hope you can red it ok.

I: Tom Cantrel Webber

Born in Salem Arkansas on Dec.6, 1907 Son of Henry T. Webber and Ada Webber. Grand Son of Senior John Webber. My Grandpa. As I remember Grandpa is when I live on Dads old Homestead between 1910 and 1919. Homestead Located north of Mountain Home Arkansas. Grandpa lived three or so miles from our Home with Grandma. i was allowed to go stay a day and nite with my grandparents. I remember they had a large Log-House with a long porch in front and a huge Fireplace built of Sandstone my Grandpa built all of the House and all the Barn and fences with some help of neighbors. In one end of the large room was a huge bed. I think it was called a Cannon Ball bed. Grandpa and Grandma had a Pet ground-hog and it was perched on top of one of the Posts of the bed. I was told to not bother Ground hog as he may bite me. And I stayed clear of it. Grandpa took me with him to the spring house when ever he had to go from drinking water or milk or butter or eggs. The Spring House was built over the spring with huge sand stone and had a heavy door with large pad lock. There were rock ledges at different elevations so the water wouldent run over the food. Ice Cold Water came out of this spring.

Grandpa would set and talk to me about the Civil War. He was a Soldier in the war. I dont know which side he was on but know he was gone from home from the begening to the end. And suffered hardships. He was a Horse Soldier he said when his co. all had smallpox he was covered allover with sores and when he would dismount he would reach down and pull his trousers from his legs he would pull skin and all, but they had to get right back on their horses and ride on. He also said that they almost starved to Death because of no food or way to get food to them. He said that they would cut bark from trees and eat the under part of It, and they would chew on leather shoe laces. and they got so hungary for salt that if they ran on to an old smoke house they would take the dirt from the floor and run water over it to wash out the Salt where meat had been salted and droped on dirt floor. when the war was over He got a good Government Pension. I have been told that the Civil war Soldiers drew the largest Pension of any war to date. I know Grandpa and Grandma had a good living. they had a nice buggy and a good buggy Horse, they had cows and Hogs, chickens, good Garden. Grandpa told me He was rideing home one nite on one of his good saddle Horses and while goeing under some large trees a panther jumped at his horse and left claw marks on the horses rump. He had to put the horse in barn and close the doors to keep the panther from killing the horse. he said a warm horse was what a panther would fight for. this is about all I care to write about. I was told by a man from Champain, Ill. who knew Granpa's brother and there was a lot of Webbers there, some with same names like Henry.Lee.John. I would like to know more abut Grandpa he was a fine man and I loved him. wish I could of spent more time with him.

Signed by,

Tom C. Webber