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Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Whitley have received a letter dated Dec 22 from their son, Marion Webber Whitley, who is with the American Forces in Belgium, saying that he was well and that he found the Belgian people very friendly and homelike, that the climate is similar to southern Illinois with a snow flurry at the time he wrote.

Paper dated January 8, 1945

Saline County State Bank Report siged by Director Hal B. Webber

Paper dated January 10, 1945

Ad for Holloway's listing Sgt. Warren Webber

Paper dated October 20, 1945

Sgt. Roy W. Webber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Webber, 29 Midkiff Avenue, Harrisburg, has passed through the "Rainbow Project" Air Life disposition center. Camp Blanding Fla. on his way homeward in the Army's redeployment program. In the maximum of 36 hours the men returned via shuttle tram from Miami Air Base to Camp Blanding are advanced pay and new uniforms and speeded on their way to their destination. This destination is usually "temporary home duty" before new assignment.

Paper dated October 30, 1945

Mrs. Euphenia Harris had with her over the holidays five of her children. They were: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Harris and children from Chester and Leonard Harris who has just returned from the war in the Pacific; Mr. and Mrs. Vern Harris, and son, Rock Springs, Wyo. Carl. Harris Detroit and Mrs. Blanche Griffin and children, Galatia. Other guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Hester Smith and Mrs. Ethel Webber and son, Warren of Harrisburg. The latter, also at home from overseas, has re-enlisted and will return to camp in February. Cecil Harris, a grandson has arrived in the United States and will be home soon.

Paper dated January 05, 1946

Bennett Webber and son, Archie, have gone to Norfork, Va., to visit Bill Webber who is in a Navy hospital there.

Paper dated May 04, 1946

Mrs. Pearl Norman, formerly of Galatia, left Saturday to return to Washington, D. C., following two weeks with her daugher, Mrs. Dick Parker in Harrisburg. She visited in St. Louis and in Franklin county and was entertained by various friends in Galatia, Harrisburg and Stonefort during her sojurn here. Her brother, Hal Webber and Mrs. Webber from Stonefort, accompanied her to Vincennes, upon her return home.

Paper dated July 14, 1947

Musgrave Trial For Robbery Goes to Jury

A circuit court jury today considered the evidence presented in the trial of Robert Musgrave of Marion, charged with the armed robbery of Alonzo Turner at Turner's farm home west of Harrisburg on Oct. 1, 1946.

The jury received the case at 10 a.m. today following the trial, which started yesterday morning with States Attorney K. C. Ronalds and Assistant States Attorney Harry M. Argus directing the prosecution and Attys. Scerial Thompson and Glen O. Jones in charge of the defense.

Circuit Judge Loyd M. Bradley who presided, left following the closing arguments this morning and the jury will return a sealed verdict.

Paper dated September 11, 1947

Musgrave Found Not Guilty of Armed Robbery

Robert Musgrave of Marion yesterday was found not guilty of armed robbery by a circuit court jury that deliberated less than two hours.

Musgrave was charged with the armed robbery of Alonzo Turner at his farm home in 1946. The jury received the case about 10 a. m. yesterday and reached its verdict shortly before noon. The sealed verdict was read by Circuit Judge Loyd M. Bradley here this morning.

The law firm, Thompson and Jones, represented Musgrave. States's Attorney K. C. Ronalds and his assistant, Harry M. Argus directed the prosecution.

Paper dated September 12, 1947

Work of Early Saline County Preachers Aided by Brethren

John Webber who lived on a farm some two or three miles southeast from Galatia, was a very strong pillar in the Methodist church. He was an industrious farmer, but of limited means, but all he had, and all he could do, was at the disposal of his church. On his farm, or rather in a grove adjoining his farm, was builded, in early times, the Webber Camp, for camp-meeting purposes. There would be held annually, a camp-meeting, continuing during a week or more and many hundreds from the country, far and near would come and remain during the meeting. It mattered not that Mr. Webbers orchard was denuded of all the fruit, that his corn was eaten up as toasting ears by the couple or fed to their horses. No matter how much loss and spoilation was suffered it went as free as the air that blows.

Carried Out Dying Wish

Mr. Webber lived to a great age and when at length he came to the bed of death, called his son, Henry, to his bedside and said, "Henry, I am about to die. I have tried to take care of the Methodist church during my life. I want you now to take care of it." If any one will visit the thriving and beautiful village of Galatia, and view the splendid Methodist church there, and learn who caused it to be erected and furnished mans for the purpose, he will know that the dying wish of the father, has been fully carried out, by a loving and dutiful son.

Mr. Webber's descendants are now very numerous and all are men and women of the highest respectability.

Paper dated October 25, 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Royalty, Jr. of Danville, spent the week-end in Harrisburg visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Whitley.

Paper dated December 08, 1947

NOTICE OF PUBLICATION includes the following names Lloyd Reynolds, Trustee de bonis non, of Estate of A. J. Webber, deceased, Plaintiff, vs. Leah M. Webber, Margaret W. Hahne, Arthur Eugene Webber, T. W. Webber, William Jackson Burns, George R. Stone, August L. Fowler and Paul Doran Defendants.

Paper dated March 26, 1948

Mr. and Mrs. Ural Tuttle were in Galatia a short while Tuesdays on route to their home in central Illinois.

Chas. Gunter, father of Mrs. Mary Webber, is visiting at the Webber home. He has spent the winter in Flint, Mich.

Mrs. Pearl Webber has returned to her home in Galatia, after recuperating from an operation at the home of her daughter Mrs. Eugenia Lockwood in Mt. Vernon.

Paper dated April 29, 1948

Farewell Supper For Mr. and Mrs. Warren Webber

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Webber gave a farewell supper in honor of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Webber, Wednesday. They left Thursday morning to return to their home in Riverside, Calif.

Present to say goodbye and to wish them a happy journey and good health, were the following: Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Smothers, Mrs. Elizabeth Potter, Benton, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Doughty, Mrion, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Duncan.

The young couple have been visiting is parents in Harrisburn, his sister and her husband in Marion and other relatives and friends in Benton and Galatia.

Paper dated May 3, 1948

Guy Webber and wife, of Kalamazoo, and Ralph Webber and family, of Peopria, are visiting their mother, Mrs. Janie Webber and other relatives in Galatia.

Paper dated August 03, 1948

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Webber have just returned to their home in Reston, La. after visiting with his uncle, Hall Webber, of Stonefort, and his aunt Mr. C. W. Whitley, of Harrisburg, and other relatives in Saline county for the past week.

Paper dated August 25, 1948

Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Whitley were in Caffee, Mo, Mother's day visiting his cousin, Mrs. M. H. Osburn. They were joined there by Mr. and Mrs. Hal Webber of Stonefort.

Paper dated May 10, 1949

Twin babies, a boy and girl, named David Lee and Deborah Jo, born to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webber, Galatia, Tuesday June 28 at the Harrisburg hospital.

Paper dated June 29, 1949

Archie Webber and family were week-end guests at the Bennett Webber home.

Paper dated September 08, 1949

Thanksgiving guests of Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Whitley included their son-in-law and daughter, Atty. and Mrs. H. H. Acton and sons, Whit, Heath and James Clifford, Danville, their daughter, Mrs. Frederic Royalty, and baby son, Frederic Royalty third, New York City; Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Whitley, Crab Orchard, and son, Jerry Webber Whitley, Battle Creek, Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. Hal Webber, Stonefort, brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Whitley.

Paper dated November 26, 1949

Celebrate Birthday Of Dr. C. W. Whitley

A Father Day dinner held Sunday at the home of Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Whitley was also a birthday suprise for Dr. Whitley, who was pleased to have his children and their families at home and delightfully surprised with a beautiful birthday cake with lighted tapers, and his small grandson James Clifford Acton, singing "Happy Birthday." The cake was baked by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Marion W. Whitley.

Others present for the festive occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H. Acton and Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Royalty of Danville, sons-in-law and daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Whitley, their son, Marion W. Whitley of Crab Orchard. Mrs. Richard Parker, nice of Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Parker and son, Ricky, Harrisburg. Jess Harris, father of Mrs. Marion W. Whitley, and the Whitley grandchildren, Harvey Heath second, John Webber and William Whitley Acton and Frederic Royalty third.

Paper dated June 22, 1950

MISS NANCY BURNETT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burnett, Eldorado. Sponsored by Craggs-DeVillez Furniture of Eldorado

Twenty-six beautiful girls and approximately 50 beautiful new automobiles will parade before the grandstand Monday night durint the Beauty contest and Automobile show sponsored by the Harrisburg Junior Chamber of Commerce at the Saline County fair.

The girls will parade twice, first in formals, then in bathing suits, and the automobiles will be shown to the spectators during the intermission between the two showings.

The finest new models of auto dealers from throughout the county will be presented and their features will be explained briefly as each auto pauses in front of the grandstand.

Paper dated July 13, 1950

Gene Webber Heads Maryland Casualty Payroll Department

Maryland Casualty company of Baltimore has announced the appointment of Gene A. Webber as manager of the payroll and auditing department effective Jan 8, 1951.

Mr. Webber is the son of Mrs. J. Henry Webber and the late Mr. Webber, formerly of Galatia, and is a 1926 graduate of the Harrisburg Township high school. He began his career with Maryland in 1936 asd payroll auditor in the office at Houston, Tex., and in 1949 was appointed field supervisor in the home office at Baltimore.

The above information was received from Mrs. Pearl W. Norman of Washington D.C., who adds taht she enjoyed a visit during the Christmas holidays with the Webber family, while Mrs. Webber was visiting from California. Mrs. Gene Webber is a former Texas girl and they have two daughters, Leah and Paula Gene, 11 and 4 years of age.

Paper dated January 01, 1951

MISS NANCY BURNETT, of Eldorado, who was crowned Queen of the 1951 Music Festival, held Friday in Harrisburg. Miss Burnett, a senior in Eldorado Township high school, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burnett

Massed Music Festival Concert Held at HTHS Gym; Nancy Burnett Crowned Queen

. . .

Following announcement that Miss Nancy Burnett of Eldorado has been selected by the judges as Queen of the 1951 festival she was crowned by Miss Burch, who _____________ Burnett with a large bouquet of red roses. Teh Queen was also presented a gift by John Schork of the HTHS music department.

Miss Burnett, Eldorado high school senior, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burnett and was ETHS football homecoming queen last season.

. . .

Paper dated May 05, 1951

MISS NANCY BURNETT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burnett, sponsored by Baker Furniture of Eldorado.

Paper dated July 05, 1951

Land Records with several Webber subdivisions.

Paper dated July 12, 1951

GALATIA CAGERS including Bob Webber

Paper dated November 08, 1951

Miss Frances Jane Webber Weds Sgt. Gratton Karnes
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Webber announce the marriage of their daughter Frances Jane, to Sgt. Gratton Karnes, Sunday, March 2, at Piggott, Ark. Mr. Karnes has returned to his post at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Mrs. Karnes will continue working at the Illinois Commercial Telephone company at Eldorado.

Paper dated March 08, 1952

MISS NANCY BURNETT, of Eldorado, who was crowned Queen of the 1951 Music Festival, held Friday in Harrisburg. Miss Burnett, a senior in Eldorado Township high school, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burnett

Massed Music Festival Concert Held at HTHS Gym; Nancy Burnett Crowned Queen

. . .

Following announcement that Miss Nancy Burnett of Eldorado has been selected by the judges as Queen of the 1951 festival she was crowned by Miss Burch, who _____________ Burnett with a large bouquet of red roses. The Queen was also presented a gift by John Schork of the HTHS music department.

Miss Burnett, Eldorado high school senior, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burnett and was ETHS football homecoming queen last season.

. . .

Paper dated May 05, 1951

Persons attending a household shower for Mrs. Frances Karnes Wednesday evening at the home of her mother, Mrs. Mary Webber, were Myrtle Karnes, Margaret Small, Violet Malone, Loma Allen, Betty Sephenson, Liza Droit, Louise Golliher, Edna Cockney, Elva Droit, Mary Ingram, Edith Webber, Josephine Webber and children, Shirley Corn, Ethel Webber and children, Mabel Hayes and daughter, Nova Rittenberry, Edna Jones, Dolly Upchurch, Esther Lockwood, Imogene Tate, Pauline Hall, Ella Carter, Edith Small, Mary Leek, Agnes Campbell, Winnie Butler, Marie Bocxkiewiez, Hazel Edwards, Eva Golliher, Dorothy Griffin, Rachel Jones, Bertie Woolard and Ruth Deal.

Paper dated April 17, 1952

EGYPTIAN SHIRNE CLUB CHAPTER - Hal Webber is on far right

Paper dated April 21, 1952

44 to Receive Diplomas at Galatia High

list includes John Webber

Paper dated May 27, 1952

Roy Webber, who lives at Virginia an dJackson strees in Harrisburg, was hurt several months ago at Peabody 40 mine, and is back home after having been to the Bay State Rehabilitation clinic at Boston.

He brought back with him an article from the Boston Daily Globe which showed his picture sitting in a wheel chair, his legs in brace.

Quite a bit of the article tells about Mr. Webber, and I'll quote:

"The grizzled, 60-year-old soft coal miner pulled himself up shakily on his braces and held himself there, wobbling a little.

" 'First time I've stood on my feet in eight months,' Roby Webber of Harrisburg, Ill., said. He smiled broadley in the big exercise room of the Bay State Rehabilitation clinic on the Charles.

" 'Words can't describe it,' he added, when asked how he felt. 'I'm 25 feet tall. Sure is heaven, though.'

"Webber is one of 55 miners and members of miners' families who have been brought to Boston in the past year and a half in a special 'package' arrangement with the United Mine Workers of America.

"Boston now is seeing first hand how some of the money is being spent that comes from a 10-cent-a-ton assessment for every ton of coal mined in the country. Men who were helpless . . . are being brought back to usefullness . . ."

Webber was injured last September 6. A shotfirer, he suffered injuries that required hosiptalization for three months before going to Boston Jan 23.

Paper dated August 01, 1953

Revoke Driver's License Of Galatia Motorist

SPRINGFIELD - Secretary of State Charles F.Carpentier today announced revocation of the driver license of Ralph Webber, Galatia, effective as of last Friday. Webber, Carpentier said, lost his license because of his reported conviction August 5 on a chart of driving while intoxicated. Webber's name was included in a list of an addition 69 drivers whose driving liscenses have been revoked because of drunken driving charges.

Paper dated September 03, 1953

Class of 1898 City High School list includes Berry Webber

Paper dated October 07, 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Webber are spending a two weeks' vacation with the former's son Mr. and Mrs. Hal Webber Jr., and daughter in Pontiac Mich., and another son at Lapeer, Mich.

Paper dated October 09, 1953

Mrs. Carrie Jones visited her sister Mrs. Jennie Webber of Galatia last week.

Paper dated October 28, 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webber and family of Moline, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Corn and son of Sullivan and mr. and Mrs. Bill Webber and sons of Harrisburg spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Webber.

Bob Webber is home from Moline to join the Navy.

Mrs. Frances Karnes and daughter, Sherry Kay, have received their call to to to her husband in Germany. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Webber.

Archie Webber and family of East Moline are visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs Bennett Webber, this week.

Paper dated November 03, 1953

Rhine - Not Ryan Family Discussed at Historial Meeting

On the occasion of a recent ___ by the Saline County Historical Society a the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Durham in Galatia, Mr. Durham discussed the background of the Webber and Rhine families of the area, but hte report of the meeting in The Daily Register June 3 stated he discussed the "Ryan" family. There is a prominent Ryan family in Saline County, but Mr. Durham's discussion was concerning the Rhines, of which he is a descendant.

Attention to the error has been called by several perosn, including Mrs. Pearl W. Norman of Washington, D. C. formerly of Galatia.

Mrs. Norman wrote at length concerning the families, her letter including the following information.

"My grandmother, Mahala Rhine-Webber and Ray Durham's grand mother, Minerva Rhine Anderson were twins. Their father, John Rhine was born in Germany on the river Rhine, June 11, 1800 and died September 7, 1873.

"He married Hanna Barger, who was born in Wilson County, Tenn., July 26, 1800, and who died December 18, 1872. They are both buried in Rhine Cemetery, Raleigh.

"They had 15 children, seven boys and eight girls. Three of the girls, Elizabeth, Jane and my ___ mother Mahala, married three of Daddy Webber's boys: Nelson, Dick and Archibald (my grandfather).

"Daddy Webber came to this country from Germany with his brother William. The family was ver well to do and gave them quite a sum of money and sent them to America to keep them from serving in the Prussian army. William stopped in Pennsylvania but Daddy Webber settled in Illinois, and the Webber Camp Ground is part of his farm which he gave gratis for the burial ground."

Mrs. Norman gave other information along the line discussed by Mr. Durham at the Historical society meeting.

Paper dated June 12, 1954

Out-of-Town Persons Attend Funeral Sunday For Dr. C. W. Whitley

Out-of-town relatives here Sunday for the funeral of Dr. C. W. Whitley included the following: Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Acton, Danville, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Webber Whitley, Marion, RFD 2, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Royalty, Dayton, Ohio, William Whit Acton and Harvey Heath Acton, Danville, and Jerry Webber Whitley, Battle Creek, Mich., who are children and grandchildren.

Mrs. Hannah Mulholland, a sister of Dr. Whitley, who lives in California, was unable to attend.

A cousin, Mrs. Horace Brown, Eldorado and Mrs. Whitley's sister, Mrs. Pearl Norman, Washington, D. C., and her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Webber, Stonefort, were here.

Mrs. Marshall Ozment, Johnston City, Mrs. Frona Zugg, Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ragsdate, Carmi, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ragsdate, Carbondate, Mrs. James Davis and Miss Rita Davis, Evansville, all cousins, attended.

Numerous friends came from all of the nearby counties, including a great number of professional friends of the late Dr. Whitley and associates of Mrs. Whitley in the Illinois Public Aid Commission.

Paper dated August 31, 1954

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Webber and family of Riverside, Calif., have been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Webber, 32 Virginia street, and his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Doughty of Marion, and other relatives and friends of Galatia and Benton.

Paper dated October 13, 1954

Thanksgiving day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Webber were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Corn of Sullivan, Bobby Webber who is stationed in Washington, D.C., with the navy, and Mr. and Mrs. Billy Webber of Harrisburg.

Mrs. Mary Webber has returned to Galesburg where she is employed in the Research hospital.

Paper dated December 1, 1954

PUBLICATION NOTICE regarding law suit over oil rights

Including names William Jackson Burns, Evelyn Rose Burns, Leah M. Webber, Margaret W. Hahne, J. H. Hahne, Arthur Eugene Webber, Mary Willie Webber, T. W. Webber, Laura Jane WEbber, Dwight Organ, Edward T. Robinson, Richar McDonald, Ollie Stotum, Alice Peoplow, George W. Stone . . .

Paper dated February 07, 1956

Marriage notice - Billy Wallheimer, 25, and Ruth Ann Webber, 18, both of Eldorado

Paper dated August 28, 1957

Suspend Proceedings in Court To Determine Oil, Mineral Rights

Article mentions same names as above.

Paper dated September 11, 1957

The West Frankfort Daily American

Judge and Mrs. W G Mitchell and daughters, Margaret and Mary Jane, returned last night from Eddyville, having been called there because of the death of Mrs. Mitchell's mother, Mrs. J Hamilton, who died at her home there Sunday. The Mitchell's were accompanied by Mrs. Mitchell's father who will make an indefinite visit here.

Paper dated May 14, 1935

TheDaily Free Press - Carbondale, Illinois

Arrested for Murder
[Du Quoin Call.]

John Weber, nineteen years old, was arrested Saturday afternoon at the plant of Pestal Cooperage company, Dorcas and Bismark streets, St. Louis, where he was employed as fireman, suspected of implication in the murder of Ewald Eichhorn, who was found dead in his home, four miles east of this city, Tuesday, December 10.

The clue that led to the arrest of Weber was a notebook found in the Eichhorn woodshed, on the fly leaf of which was written, “John Weber, 2225 South Ninth street, St. Louis.”

Weber denies being implicated in the killing. He was brought to Pinckneyville Saturday night and landed in the county jail to await further developments and trial.

When arrested Weber was wearing a plush cap which is thought to have been the property of Eichhorn. Those who are acquainted with Weber, and frequently saw him last summer, say he always wore a stiff hat. The steel wire that supports the brim of a stiff hat was found in Eichhorn’s stove, where such a hat, supposed to have been Weber’s, had been burned.

A second man is suspected and the officers have set about for his apprehension also.

Dated January 8, 1902