Newton Webber
Nancy Arminda (Cooper) Webber

Newton Webber was born on October 28, I860, in Baxter County, Arkansas. The Webber home was in the country northwest of present day Mountain Home. On Sunday, August 31, 1890, he married Nancy Armindie "Minnie" Cooper most likely at the family home. Minnie was born March 8, 1872, also in Baxter County, Arkansas. Newton and Minnie spent their entire lives in this'area to the northwest of Mountain Home.

Newton is described as a very short man who had two fingers that were grown together. He was a farmer by occupation. Minnie was average in size and could be found almost anywhere wearing an apron.

Newton and Minnie built a house down the road from his parents. The house was described as a L-shaped log house with a porch on the back. The front room had a fireplace (of which Rosine Webber remembers you would either "bake your shins and freeze your back" or vice versa) and two beds. The big kitchen was in the back. There was also a big unfinished attic. The area surrounding the house was wooded and there was a pond. They grew cotton and corn which was sent to a mill to be ground. They had hogs, cattle and horses. There were kids who worked in the house and those who worked in the fields. Lillie Webber Presley worked the fields and never did like housework much.

To this union eight children were born: 1) Laura Cordelia born July 12, 1891, died September 6, 1970 2) lona Pearl born September 13, 1894, died December 20, 1975 3) Lillie Gertrude born August 17, 1897, died December 28, 1974 4) Audra Althea born October 16, 1901, died December 18, 1975 5) Virgil Milton born September 7, 1905, died September 25, 1970 6) Homer Nelson born April 6, 1907, died August 29, 1973 7) Zalla Rosine born February 23, 1914 and 8)Zela Maxine born February 23, 1314.

Newton and Minnie took their kids in the wagon to church each week. First they attended the Methodist Church and then the Freewill Baptist. To walk or ride the horse drawn wagon to town on Saturday was also the big treat.

Newton died January IS, 1928, at his home after an extended illness. Minnie was left to raise the children. She died some seven years later on February 22, 1935 at Gassville, Arkansas. Both are buried side by side in the Conley Cemetery northwest of Mountain Home, Arkansas. (Conley Cemetery - 4.9 miles west of the Y of highways 5 and 62 on Highway 5. Turn right onto Conley Road - Baxter County Road #3. Got 0.2 miles north. Cemetery is on the right. Webber family buried towards the back on the left.)

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