Staffords of Baxter County, Arkansas

The Staffords of Baxter County are related to my Coopers as Steven Reece Stafford (b. abt 1824) married Malissa Ann Cooper (b. October 27, 1829 d. January 16, 1917 )

From Left to Right:
Back row: A. J. Stafford II, Ethel (b.February 28, 1896 d.February 28, 1896 - buried in Pilgrim Rest Cemetery. She married Frank Brandejsky), Lizzie (b.January 31, 1894 d.May 22, 1952 - buried in Whiteville Cemetery. She married John W. Dilbeck), Anna Louise Wise Stafford
Middle row: A. J. Stafford III (b. July 27, 1885 d. August 27, 1976 buried in Pilgrim Rest Cemetery. He married Maude M. McGee), Sidney (b. December 29, 1891 d. August 17, 1958 and is buried in Whiteville Cemetery. He married Sarah Ethel Morris), Jennie (b. September 16, 1890 d. July 26, 1968 buried in Gassville Cemetery. She married Charlie C. Edens), Viola Stafford Marler (b. January 06, 1882 d. May 19, 1969 burried in Pilgrim Rest Cemetery. She married Josiah Earl Jr. Marler ), Beulah Marler (daughter of Viola and Josiah)
Front row: Lucy (b. October 22, 1902 d. June 04, 1974 buried in Pilgrim Rest Cemetery. She married William Theodore Sinor) and Dessie (b. November 26, 1898 d.April 01, 1936 buried in Pilgrim Rest Cemetery ) Stafford