Henry Gloer - Georgia to Arkansas

One of my genealogy brick walls is my Henry I. Gloer. Below is my current theory.

There is no proof for this.
If you can help prove or disprove this please email me.

Asa and Martha or Arminda (Anderson) Glore

I believe Asa Glore to be the father of my Henry I. Gloer. See text in blue below for my reasons, however, there is currently no proof.

Gloer’s Of Georgia

The Gloer (Glore)’s came to Georgia when George William Glore moved his family south from Virginia.
George W. and Elizabeth Mauck Glore sold their 73 acre farm in Virginia, June 21, 1790 and were living on a 50 acre farm located on Long Creek, in Wilkes County, Georgia, when on January 8, 1808, he made a deed of gift of this farm, his livestock, household and kitchen furniture to his children Abner, Anna, Abi, Able, Abram, Asa, and Ala Glore.
Since this was the only Gloer family in Georgia at the time (and our Henry I says he was born in Georgia on the 1870 and 1900 census), one can assume he was a descendant of one of George William Glore sons.
Abner – Abner’s family is well documented on the web. He married Caroline David and had children, Abi, Melissa, Jacob W. D., Susan, Palina, Isaac D. (married Perlina Vaughn and lived in GA – was in Civil War in Georgia. He died in Goshen, Elbert County, Georgia), Joseph A. and John S. He then married Nancy Swinney and had Emma. Anna – married Drury Gee and lived in Georgia
Abi – married Moses Forrester and lived in Georgia
Able – married Zada Mercer and lived in Fayette County, Georgia. 1840 Census shows Abel Glower 1 _ _ _ 1 (males: 1<5; 1 in 20-30 range; 1 in 40-50 range) females: 1 3 _ 1 1 (females: 1 <5; 3 ages 5-10; 1 age 15-20; and one 20-30) Our Henry would be 11, so he doesn’t fit in this family. 1850 has Zada born in NC, William 19, Elizabeth 18, Martha 14, Teletha Ann 11, Zada 7 and Mary 3. More evidence that Able and Zada were not the parents of my Henry: Memoiors Of Georgia – article on William Thornton Glower have him being born June 20, 1831 and talks of his father (Able) dying when William was 17 and William having to “take over the family”. This would indicate that he was the oldest and speaks of him supporting his mother and sisters – no mention of any brothers.
Abram - family is well document on the web. He married Tabitha Drake and had children: Mary Ann, George William, Hannah, Elliot W., Charlotte Jane, James Robert, Frances Ann, Martha Elizabeth, Amanda, and John Thornton.
Ala – was a female but no other info that I have
Asa - Every other child in this family is eliminated as the father of Henry I, except Asa, although no total proof as of May 2012.

DeKalb County, Georgia 1830: Asa Glore 1_ _ _ 1 2 _ _ _ 1 so, one son under 5 and two daughters under five and Asa and wife between 20-30 Slaves None The one son could be our Henry as he would have been between birth and 1 (born 1829 or 1830).

Very little is currently (May 2012) known of Asa. Researchers believe Martha or Arminda Anderson, daughter of Cornelius and Mary (Scott) Anderson, was married to Asa Glore. Same researchers document that in 1850 two Glore children were living with a brother (Richard Anderson) and sister (Lucinda Anderson Bentley) of Martha or Amanda)\ in Benton County, Alabama. This leading to the conclusion that probably Asa and his wife had died and the kids were living with relatives. Our Henry would have now been 21 and probably out on his own. I have not, however, been able to find him in the 1850 census.

June 15, 1850 – Alabama> Benton> District 28
Isam Bentley 35 GA
L K 25 GA
M A 2/12 ALA
Eliz Glore 18 GA

R Anderson 40 SC
S ?? GA
L. Z. 4 ALA
C. 2 ALA
W. A. G 20 GA

Calhoun County, Alabama 1860 Federal Census
T 15 of R 12, PO Kemps Creek, p 30, Dwelling 204, Family 204
Isaac Wallace 29 M Farmer $200/$240 Ga
Margia E. 25 F Ga
Wm T. 8 M Ala
Mary L. 5 F Ala
Asa M. 4 M Ala
Isaac W. 1 M Ala
Arminder 2/12 F Ala
Mary A. Glore31 F Ga

So this would have Asa with at least four children. Mary born about 1829 , Henry I. born in 1829, W. A. born in about 1830, and Eliza born in about 1832.

DeKalb County, Georgia 1830: Asa Glore 1_ _ _ 1 2 _ _ _ 1 one son under 5 and two daughters under five and Asa and wife between 20-30 Slaves None

This Anderson/Glore relationship became apparent on the 1821 Georgia Land Lottery when a Timothy Anderson and Asa Glore were living in the same district of Madison Co., Georgia. This relationship continued in 1830 where we found Asa Glore (p31)Abram Glore (p33), Nelson and Phillip Anderson (p32), in DeKalb Co., Georgia. Also on the same page (p32) was Moses Forrester, the man that wed Abbey (Abi) Glore.

Other Asa Glore info:
Madison County, GA Probate Records 1812-ca1870 by Amy Warren Sanders (Heri tage Papers, Athens, GA), p 36
Asa Glore, O-46
O - Minutes of the Inferior Court, Plat Book A, 1812-1901

Madison County, Georgia Plat Book A 1812-1901, p 46 shows a survey for Asa Glore of 200 acres of land on waters of Broad River. His land was surrounded by vacant land. No date was given for the survey but the previous survey was for a warrant dated 6 February 1826, surveyed 9 February 18 26 and advertised 11 February 1826.

1821 Land Lottery GA - Dearing - Greenwood
Name County Mil. Dist Lot Sect. Drew Land
Glore, Asa Madison Stricklands 225 15 Henry

Asa Glore, along with his brother Abram, are listed as early settlers of DeKalb County, Georgia in the book Atlanta and Environs: A Chronicle of Its People and Events: Vol. 1: 1820s-1870s.

University of Georgia Digital Archives
Madison County, GA Probate Records 1812
The Georgia Land Lottery papers, 1805-1914:genealogical data from the loose papers filed in the Georgia Surveyor General Office, concertning the lots won in the State land lotteries and the people who won them