Info from a book by Millie Showalter Farmer that was published in a Hawkins Heritage August 1994 issue.

John Hawkins sold to Thomas Lundy property known as "The Brick House" in Moratuck, NC on Jan. 17, 1711. The property (15 acres) adjoining the Brick House was sold to John Bailey.

John Hawkins, NC, sokd to his brother Thomas the land on the south side of Chowan Sound in Washington, CO. on May 22,1713. John attached the estate of Isaac Rowdon in Chowan on March, 1695.

John Hawkins was a menber of the House of Burgesses in 1703 in NC. He was in the Upper House in 1708.

John Hawkins was the son of Thomas Hawkins Sr. who left will of April 28, 1791 in North Carolina.

John Hawkins Esquire was present at a Court at ye house of WM. Reed in January 1697/98 in North Carolina.

John Hawkins and his wife Mary sold the plantation inherited from his father to Henderson Walker. It was located in Chowan CO.NC. The date of the sale was Jan. 15, 2-703. John and Mary had a son Thomas b. Aug. 10, 1704. It is thought that this John Hawkins was the son of Thomas and Frances——. He was b. Feb. 13, 1671/2 in North Carolina. His wife was Mary Bateman.

John Hawkins,.(Col.) was b. in 1651 and d. in 1717. He married Frances Gross and had Ernault and John, b. 1681 d. 1745 in Queen Ann CO., Maryland. His son John mar. Elizabeth.-.and they had a son Matthew who married Frances Gould in 1746.

John Hawkins of Hanover CO.VA was named in" the will of CharKes Smith of Louisa CO. ,VA. The Smith children were: Elizat'-sth Brown, Lucy Smith, Susannah Wild, William Smith, Ann Smith, Sarah Smith. Extrs. were John L&wis, .Patrick Henry, John Hawkins and son William Smith. Dated Aug. 30, 1768. Cosby Duke , John Cosby and Thomas i aot were witnesses.

John Hawkins will of Feb. 9,1686 in Lancaster CO.,VA names Samuel Branch, Jno Wells' son, Thomas Chattwin, Nathaniel Brown, Thomas Goosley, Alex Atkins, Thomas Chowning. EXtr. Thorn. Chowning. Witnesses Stephen Tomlin, • Nathaniel Brown, and Thomas Chattwin.

John Hawkins owned land in Caroline CO.,VA in 1686. He sold his property with all its apple, peach and cherry trees to John Askew in 1655 in Isle of Wight CO.,VA.

John Hawkins left a will in Essex CO.VA in 1726. A John Sr. left a will in Lancaster CO in 1686. John Hawkins left a will in Northampton CO. ,VA in 1734 and John left a will in Northumberland CO.VA in 1652. John Hawkins left a will in Westmoreland CO.,VA in 1718.

John Hawkins mar. Polly Fennery in 1801 in Madison CO.,KY Marriage Bonds.
John Hawkins mar. Rheda Brooks in 1798.
John Hawkins mar. Charity Milles in 1799.
John Hawkins mar. Rebecca Skinner in 1820
John Hawkins mar. Phoebe Wagle in 1841

Capt. John Hawkins, 3rd VA Regiment, Continental Line 1277 to 1778, was killed at Charleston. He was a descendant of Ralph Hawkins of Charles CO.,MD. John had a daughter who married John Adams Washington Smith of Fauquier CO.,VA.

John Hawkins son of Willis Alston Hawkins Sr. and Elizabeth Boon was b. in 1820 and died in 185?. He lived in Georgia.

John R. Hawkins of Jessamine CO.,KY purchased from William Hopper of Fleming CO.,KY his plantation on Triplett Creek. John R. was mar. to Sarah Barnett.

John Hawkins Jr. of Lunenberg, CO,VA was listed in Claims of Buchannon Hostie & Company , Holloway Store as owing money from 1775 to 1823. John and his father moved to Kentucky together.

John Hawkins will in Garrard CO.,KY left his estate to son Philip and to four grandsons: Henry Bright, Philip Hawkins, Elijah Hawkins , son of Elijah. Aug. 20,1810.

John Hawkins of Bath CO.,KY mar. Jane Rogen on Nov. 21,1815.

John Hawkins of Scott CO.,KY was in charge of Masonic Lodges meeting in Georgetown on Sept. 8,1800.

John Hawkins of Georgetown, KY helped organize the first Baptist Church in that city. John and Sarah were original members. His mother Mary was the first County Clerk. She died in 1870 at age 92. John was appointed clerk of the court in 1793 and was paid 12 shillings. There were two men in Georgetown who were named John Hawkins at that time. John was appointed first clerk protem in the 14th Precinct of Elkhorn, KY. He was a road overseer and surveyor. From History Of Scott CO.KY.

John Hawkins mar. Cassarina Gallop Elkin on May 3, 1812 in Woodford CO.,KY. John mar. Malinda Armstrong in KY on Jan. 16,1843 in Kentucky.

John R. Hawkins, son of Robert Casiborne Hawkins and Mary Frances Walthall was b. Jan. -, 1858 in Campbell CO.,VA.

John Hawkins (Capt.) b. 1750 d. 1805, mar. Alice Carlen Thomas and lived and died in Virginia.

John K. Hawkins mar. Fannie Brizendine on Oct. 19,1824 in Franklin,CO.,KY.

Joseph Hawkins was killed in the Civil War at the age of 20. His parents were Reuben and Lydia who lived in Xenia, OH.

Joseph Hawkins witnessed a deed of Thomas Chew to Larkin Chew. He lived in St. Mark's Parish in SFbtsylvania, 00.VA

Joseph Hawkins a planter paid to Edward Rouse of St. Margaret's Parish, Carolina CO.,VA , Planter, 4400 pounds of tobacco and 400 Acres in St. Mark's Parish , Spottsylvania CO.VA. May 4,1731. Charles Goodall, John Johnson and John Waller were witnesses.

Joseph Hawkins arid Jane his wife of Berkley Parish sokd to George Blakey 100 acres in that county on May, 1,1771. In 1776, he sold Larkin Chew 120 acres on Plentiful Run in Spotsylvania CO. joining land of James Jones, Robert Bradley and Joseph Hawkins.

Joseph Hawkins, Lieutenant took the oath in Spottsylvania CO. on Sept. 2, 1729. He was in the Colonial Militia. His father was John of Hanover CO./VA and Mary Langford was his mother. Joseph was living in Boone CO. ,KY in 1810 with his wife Ann Parker Robinson whom he mar. on Feb. 27, 1801.

Joseph Hawkins was b. in Powhaton CO.VA and mar. a dau. of Col. George Nicholas of Kentucky. He was a lawyer in Lexington , KY and at an early age was elected to the legislature from Fayette, CO. in 1810. In 1813 he was elected Speaker of the House. In 1819, he moved to New Orleans where he died in Oct. 1823. One of his sons was Norborne B. Hawkins.

Joseph Hawkins mar. Margaret Conner in 1757 in Old Rappahannock or Essex Counties, VA. Margaret's father was Martin Conner. Joseph and Margaret sold on Oct. 18,1798, to Thomas King of Bottetcert, CO., 337 acres in Bottetourt CO. The property had been pattented to Michael Bcwyer aA Ji_i^ 5 , 1774 . It was sold to Hawkins . The location was on a branch of the James River on the west side of Blue Ridge.

Joseph Hawkins released deed of land pattented to Him mistakenly on July 14,1769. This property should have been deeded to Benjamin Hawkins dec'd, who willed it to' his daughters Magdalen and Sarah. The 400 acres in Lunenburg CO.,VA was on the branch of Mehereon and Blue Stone.

Joseph Hawkins was a lawyer and partner with Stephen Austin after he moved to New Orleans from Kentucky. He was the brother of Littleberry Hawkins. His wife and children went back to Kentucky after his death.

Joseph Hawkins served as a soldier in Capt. McNeel 's Company in the 1st. Virginia Regiment until he was duly discharged by Col. Adams Stevens in 1762. His certificate was assigned by Joseph Hawkins before a Justice in Culpeper CO. ,VA to Thomas Stuart. Order Book XVII , pg. 28.

Joseph Hawkins b. in Georgetown on July 20, 1829 died in Mississippi. He was a Confederate soldier.

Katherine Spencer Hawkins mar. John G. Farmer on Sept. 15, 1835 in Franklin CO.,KY. They were married by her brother in law, Rev. W.H. Blanton.

Kathleen Hawkins mar. Thomas Hawkins on Apr. 5, 1831 in Franklin CO.,KY. Keiturah Hawkins mar. William Childres in 1745 in Amelia CO.,VA.