Judge Willis A. Hawkins,
Atlanta Constitution

The announcement of the death of Judge Willis A. Hawkins comes suddenly on his friends in all portions of the State. He was one of the most distinguished sons of Georgia – a successful lawyer and a patriotic citizen. He was an ornament to the Supreme bench, to which he was appointed by Governor Colquitt.

His decisions handed down from the bench are marked by a terseness and a directness characteristic of the man. He cared less for the precedents that for the principles of the law. At the bar he was a general and an eloquent figure – a man who measured the sympathies of his fellow men by his own, and who rarely failed to win a cause.

He was an eloquent speaker and if his mind had been turned more in the direction of politics, he would have ranked among Georgia’s greatest and best known men. His reputation would have been nation.

As it is, he will be remembered, as a great lawyer, a good citizen, a steadfast friend and a most genial and companionable man.

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Death of Colonel Willis A. Hawkins.

Willis Hawkins, as he was familiarly known all over Georgia, died at his home in Americus, on yesterday afternoon.

This result had been expected for days. He joins his old partner, Judge McKay. Willis Hawkins was a remarkable man in many respects. Without being versed in the literature of his profession, he was one of the ablest and most successful lawyers in the State, and had reached the highest honors of his profession. He was always cool, resourceful and abounding in tact. Cureless of s?fine constitution, he was also heedless as to the emolumen’s of the law. In his own life and career he had illustrated the truth of the saying that “lawyers work hard, live well and die poor.” In a personal and not a political sense he was popular, and hosts of friends will hear of his death with sincere regret – Macon Telegraph.

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Judge Willis A. Hawkins, one of the best known lawyers in Georgia, died at his home in Americus on last Sunday afternoon. He was one of the ablest advocated that ever practiced at the bar in part of the State, and had few equals as a criminal lawyer. He had friends all over the State who will be pained at the news of his death. – Albany News.