Miscellaneous Tharp Marriages in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana

My Hawkins married into the Tharp family, hence the connection here.


Mrs. Anna Tharp
Arkansas E. A. Tharp
Eliza A. Tharp
Elizabeth Tharp
Malindy Tharp
Manira Tharp
Margaretta Tharp
Mary Tharp
Thos C. A. Tharp


James Backus
C.C. Benham
Alexander M. Haden
C. C. Henderson
John Williams
Frank Walker
A. A. Enos
Owen C. Powell
Adelaide A. S. Haden


Nov 1, 1853
July 26, 1860
Oct 29, 1850
Dec 11, 1852
March 29, 1873
March 25, 1876
July 14, 1854
Nov 13, 1848
Feb 28, 1849