My Presley Brick Wall

April 2015 Update: Using DNA, My "brick wall" is no longer. We are descendants of John Valentine Presley (6/2/1699 in Germany - 1732 - Cecil County, Maryland). There are still many details to fill in (like Eliza _____ Presley Rockhold's maiden name)

In trying to work on my "brick wall Presley's," I decided to see what info I could find on the other Presley families in the area.

My last known census record of my Presleys' is: 1860 Greenbrier Township, Independence Co, Arkansas:

p. 326  2218/2217 Alfred Rockhold                 50 M  Schoolteacher  born in TN
                  Eliza ( ___ Presley) Rockhold   35 F                         AR
                  John Presley                     9 M                         AR
                  Joseph Presley                   6 M                         AR
                  Alfred Rockhold                  1 M                         AR

Alfred Rockhold and Eliza (____) Presley were married on Oct 11, 1857 in Independence Co AR

Other families living in the area at the time were:
1850 census Joseph and Jerusha Presley in Independence Co.
1850 census James and Charity Presley in Van Buren Co.
1850 census Elizabeth Presley in Van Buren Co.
1850 census Amman Presley in Van Buren Co.
1850 census Wiley and Martha Presley in Conway Co.
1850 census Thomas and Mary Presley in Lawrence Co.

1860 census Wiley Pressley in Conway Co.
1860 census Leonard Pressley in Conway Co.
1860 census Leonidus Pressley in Conway Co.
1860 census Peter Presley in Craighead Co.
1860 census W.B. Presley in Crittenden Co.
1860 census M.R. Presley in Fulton Co.
1860 census James Presley in Jackson Co.
1860 census William Presley in Lawrence Co.
1860 census John Prestley in Randolph Co.
1860 census Thomas Presly in Randolph Co.

At least some of these are descendants of Moses Pursley/Presley of Georgia.

From Bobby R. Presley:
It is hard to figure out our orginial name. In SC it was Pursley 1760 to 1804. They moved to GA and it became Presley. We are looking at: Presley, Pressley, Pursley, Pasley, Purcell, Pursell, Pusey, Pursel. We know they were in Virginia in 1755 - still it might be PA., because VA. was in one time. What we are looking for are these names John Pursley Sarah Children John Pursley b.1755 VA. William Pursley Moses Pursley b.1760 Andrew Pursley.

The following information is from posts or emails from Elizabeth P. Pressley, Bobby R. Presley, Twila Presley, and Joseph Horned. I have tried to combine this info, but there is definately room for error!!

Moses Presley was born ca 1760 in Edgefield County SC and died Sep 15, 1843 Henry County, GA
Married 1st: Rebecca
1) Nancy Presley b: 1790 SC d: 1860 SC, Anderson County married Horatio Fields

2) James Presley b:ca 1796 SC Married Mrs. Charity Hunter Sanders who was born in 1797.

3) Thomas H. Presley who was born in 1805 SC. and died ca 1850's SC married Elizabeth Sanders (b: 1805 d: 1880).

Married 2nd Moses Presley married Nancy Leonard on January 4, 1818 in Putnam Co., Georgia.
4) Joseph Presley was born in 1819 and went to Arkansas in 1848 and bought 100a. In 1849 he married Jerusha Lacefield Carroll Linza who was born in 1820. She had been married and widowed twice and had three children, Mary and Alexander Carroll and Calvin Linza from those marriages. During the Civil War, Joseph, a civilian, was shot by northern troops and died of his wounds. Thomas Marshall Presley said, "My grandfather in Georgia sent word for us to come to Georgia to live, but my mother refused." In 1867 Jerusha moved her family to Missouri, and there was no further contact with relatives in Georgia.
     a) Joe
     b) John
     c) Thomas Marshall Presley b. December 10, 1856

5) Leonard (G. or Jackson) Pressley ca. b. 1820

6) Wiley Clark Presley (son of Moses Presley & Nancy Leonard), b. 1822 Putnam Co., Georgia, d. Mar. 1901 Van Buren Co.(?), Arkansas, bur. White Co., Ark., m. firstly, 1848 Fayette Co., Ga., Martha Carson, b. 1830 Ga., d. ca. 1858 Van Buren Co., Ark., bur. White Co., Ark. (Wiley, Martha, and Nancy all came to AR in 1849) Children:
a) Wiley Larkin Presley, b. 1850 Ga.
b) Nancy Jane Presley, b. 1852 Ark., d. 1922, m. 1872 Conway Co., Ark., Gustavus Roberts
c) James Thomas Presley,'b..27 Feb. 1854 Ark., d. July 1918
d) John Lee Presley, b. 9 Aug. 1856 Ark., d. 12 Jan. 1916

Wiley Clark Presley, m. secondly, Luvenia Roberts
e) Elizabeth Presley, b. 20 Aug. 1860 Ark., d. 1932
f) Calip Leonard Presley, b. 20 Mar. 1862 Ark., d. 20 Dec. 1938
g) Sarah E. Presley, b. 4 May 1864 Ark.
h) Martha Almeda Presley, b.12 May 1866 Ark., d. 16 Feb. 1929
i) Zora (Belzora) Presley, b. 1868 Ark.
j) William Franklin Presley, b. 6 Sept. 1870 Ark., d. 6 July 1946
k) Mollie Della Presley, b. 6 Feb. 1872 Ark., d. 21 July 1963
l) Emma Presley, b. 19 May 1874 Ark., d. 9 Feb. 1945 in Bragg City, Missouri. Emma married _____ Bryant.
m) Wyatt Presley, b. 11 May 1876(?) ark., d. 17 Mar. 1957
n) Laura L. Presley, b. 21 Jan. 1878 Ark., d. 23 Nov. 1957
o) Samuel Jefferson Presley, b. 14 Feb. 1880 Ark., d. 30 Sept. 1930
p) George Washington Presley, b. 20 Dec. 1881 Ark., d. 14 Feb. 1969
q) Cynthia Presley, b. 20 Dec. 1883 Ark.
r) Ida Pearl Presley, b. 22 Dec. 1885 Ark., d. 26 Aug. 1970 (twin)
s) Ada Presley, b. 22 Dec. 1885 Ark., d. 1886 (twin)
t) Porter Augustus Presley, b. 10 Feb. 1888 Ark., d. 19 Apr. 1965
u) Nellie May Presley, b. 8 Apr. 1890 Ark., d. 3 Oct. 1930

7) Almarinda Presley b. 1823

8) Almedia Presley b. January 25, 1824

9) Lee Onidus or Leonidus Presley b. 1830. Enlisted in Company B 36th Arkansas Infantry Regiment CSA 17 Jun 1862 at Springfield, AR. Killed 4 Jul 1863 at Helena, AR

Married 3rd Moses Presley married Mrs Pheby Elizabeth Cawthon and had no children

Which Moses is this?
Moses Pressley - Moses lived into the 1870's and among his estate papers in Putnam Co. was one which asked the court to "set aside the 815 acre homestead for the widow."

This is a related will:


Proved July 1790, Edgefield County, South Carolina
John Clackler Senior
Last Will & Testament

South Carolina
Edgefield County

In the Name of God Amen I John Clackler of the state & County Aforesaid tho Weak in Body yet in perfect Senses do make this my Last Will and testament as follows Imprimis I bequeath to my loving Wife Sarah Clackler all my Lands Negroes Cattle Horses Household furniture and all other my Estate both real and personal after my Just & Lawful Debts are paid during her life or Widowhood & after her death or Widowhood all my Estate both real and Personal as aforesaid I Give & bequeath to my Loving Children John Pursley William Pursley Moses Pursley Andrew Pursley John Clackler Jacob Clackler Amy Heverly Elizabeth Devore & Nancy Alinbaker to be Equally Divided among them and their heirs forever. Also I give & Bequeath to my son Jacob Clackler fifty acres of Land more or Less joining John Purslyís Land. I Appoint John Pursley Junior Executor to this my Last Will and Testament In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal this fifteenth Day of March 1790 Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of

John (his X mark) Clackler Senír (seal)

Daníl Ritchy David Sigler

Proved in open court by the Oath of Daniel Ritchey & David Sigler
July Term 1790 & Ordered to be Recorded.

Moses' parents were Hans Jurie "John" Preslar Presley b: ca 1713 NY, New York City d: ca 1777 NC, Anson County M: Sarah ? d: after 1790 M: 1754 VA. They had 13 children. Hans Jurie "John" Preslar Presley'd father was Johan "John" Valentine Preslar Presley f: ca 1669 Rhineland, Germany d: after 1742 Anson County, NC M: Anna Christina Franz b: ca 1674 Germany. This family moved from Germany to New Glasgow, Scotland, to County Daws, Ireland, on to England. The word is that he arrived at America about 1745 New York, NY. He is said that he followed 3 of his cousins to America. Their names were John, William and David Pressly who came over in 1734.

Census Records

    1830 Census:

                                          Male                                       Female
                       0-  5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80-    0-  5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80-
Page   Name            5   10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90     5   10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90
206   Moses Presley    1   2              1                          1      2       1                         Fayette Co.
201   Moses Presley    1   1   1                       1             1    1              1                    Henry Co.
191   Moses Prisley                1           1                     1    1      1   1                        Putnam Co.

    1840 Census:

                                          Male                                       Female
                       0-  5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80-    0-  5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80-
Page   Name            5   10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90     5   10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90
193   Moses Prisley                                1                             1   1       1                  Putnam Co.    

                                          Male                                       Female
                       0-  5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80-    0-  5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80-
Page   Name            5   10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90     5   10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90
235   Moses Prissey                    2                             3           1   1                        St. Louis
                                                                                                              Saint Ferdinand

                                          Male                                       Female
                       0-  5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80-    0-  5- 10- 15- 20- 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80-
Page   Name            5   10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90     5   10 15  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90
235   James Prissey    3       1   2   1       1                     2    3  1           1                     Van Buren        

1850 Census
Georgia WALTON COUNTY 13 172/172 Moses Presley 61 M W Farmer 1300 SC Malinda " 40 F W GA Martha F. Green 25 F W GA Margarth T. Strat ?? 11 F W GA James M. " 7 M W GA Benajah H. Presly 21 M W GA Arkansas CONWAY COUNTY 247 268/267 Wiley Presley 27 M W Farmer GA Martha " 20 F W GA Nancy " 5 F W GA Elizabeth " 2 F W GA Larkin " 1 M W GA Nancy " 30 F W GA Jackson " 30 M W GA 309 191/191 James Presley 54 M W SC Charity " 53 F W GA Thos J. " 24 M W GA Robert F. " 23 M W GA Malinda G. " 18 F W GA Mary E. " 16 F W GA Wm. G. " 15 M W GA Lewis T. " 12 M W AR Francis M. " 11 M W AR 356 -/- Jospeh Presley 31 M W Farmer 300 GA Jaruria (?) " 31 F W TN Mary Carrill 12 F W AR Alexander " 10 M W AR Caroline Linsey 5 F W AR 327 434/434 Amman H. Presley 22 M F GA living with Abraham & Mary Holsonback
1860 Census
Georgia WALTON COUNTY 898 53/53 Moses Presley 73 M Farmer 4200/13000 SC Malinda " 50 F GA James M " 17 M GA M. McGaughey 24 M Physician GA Salina " 20 F GA Arkansas CONWAY COUNTY 545 716/716 Wiley C. Pressley 38 M W Farmer 1000/550 GA Lavina J. " 16 F W Cook TN Wiley L. " 10 M W GA Nancy J. " 8 F W AR Jas. G. " 6 M W AR Jno. L. " 3 F W AR Nancy " 62 F W house GA 545 717/717 Leonard G. Pressley 40 M W Farmer 1000/100 GA Nancy A. " 64 F W GA Elsey V. " 12 M W GA 545 718/718 Leonar?s Pressley 30 M W Farmer 1000/200 GA Faney " 17 F W Cook TN Jack " 11/12 M W AR CRITTENDEN COUNTY 843 41/41 W. B. Presley 38 M W Laborer GA Hannah " 28 F W VA William " 8/12 M W TN James Peeples 35 M W Laborer MO VAN BUREN COUNTY 423 556/562 R.J Presley 34 M W Farmer 700/525 GA N.E. " 33 F W TN Sarah J. Conners 17 F Slave? TX Mary E. " 13 F AR Martha A. " 11 F AR Rebecca " 9 F AR Nancy " 7 F AR Marinda " 4 F AR Margaret Presley 1 F W AR Saml " 4 M W AR 1860 Greenbrier Twsp., Independence Co. AR Born In 2087/2076 Presley, Joseph 40 GA Jerusha 40 TN Mary C. 21 AR Alexander 19 AR Galisco(??) 14 AR Wm 8 AR John 2 AR Thomas 6/12 AR Next door-> McMillins, Harrison 40(??) NC Elizabeth 46 TN Gloer, James A 18 Laborer MS McMillins, Lucy 18 AL Gloer, Robert 16 Laborer MS McMullins, Octavia 3 AR Next door-> Presley, James A 28 TN Blasico(?) 28 AL William AR McClendin, Nancy 16 MS Note: Harrison McMillen was born in 1819 in NC and married in 1843 to Elizabeth Hankin b. 1813
1870 Census
Missouri Breton Washington Co. Born In 63 Presley, Jerusha 50 TN John 12 AR Marshal 10 AR Joseph 7 AR 64 Glore, William W. 38 KY Charlotte C 36 TN Sarah 10 MO William W. 8 MO Robert C(?) 6 MO Charlotte C(?) 4 MO Julie 2 MO James 1/12 MO 65 Glore, Tranquil 47 AL (more family with this) Arkansas Benton, Osage Co. 219/216 Presley, Joseph 30 TN Louisa 29 NC Joseph 8 MO Mary 4 MO Charles 2 MO Babe 2/12 MO Presley, John 15 TN Tennessee Dist 5, White County 47/47 Presley, John 47 NC Sarah 42 NC Ann 24 TN Mary 22 TN John 19 TN Jane 18 TN Sarah 15 TN Joseph 13 TN ??? 6 TN ??? 4 TN Alabama Coffee Town, Jackson County Boyd Jesse 40 Sarah 80 others here Smeler, Elizabeth 36 Geroge Presley, John 19 TN
1880 Census
Arkansas Scott Co. Census (thanks to Delaine Edwards) ED 171, Hickman Township #75/77 John Presley Hd 32 Md GA NC SC Farming Eliza Wf 28 Md AL VA VA James R. S 8 AR GA AL John W. S 6 AR GA AL Mary P. D 4 AR GA AL Jane A. D 1 AR GA AL Piercy M 68 Wid SC -- -- "Superanuated" William Thorington Hireling 12 AL -- -- Missouri St. Francis County Father Mother Born In Born In Born In Presley, John 36 Boarder/Laberer AR TN AR Joseph 18 AR TN AR Presley, J.R. entered service in 1861 as part of Co. A. Stanwattie Rgt, Volunteers CSA, Resident of Evinsville, AR. Discharged by Stanwattie at close of war in 1865 Red UDC Cross of Honor, Van Buren, April 27, 1901 Ref: Mary Lee Cahper #87, UDC S M Collection

From Billie Hayes and Mary Turney Miller (and census records):

James Presley b.1796, SC and died after 1866. He married Charity b.1797 GA.
1. unnamed male
2. unnamed male
3. Martha 1822(my gr-gr-grandmother) 1848 Ephraim Hendrixson (changed to Hendrix later).
4. Almeda
5. Thomas J (b. 1826)
6. Robert Frank (b. 1827)
7. Ammon H
8. Eliza born 23 Feb 1830 Georgia, died 17 May 1905 Choctaw Van Buren Co AR married William Cullum born c 1823
9. Catherine
10. Malinda L (b. 1832)
11. Mary E (b. 1834) Mary Martha Presley (or may be Mary E) born aft 1834, married Peter Carroll Turney in Van Buren Co AR.....they ran Turney's ferry between Higden and Heber Springs, AR. This was VBC, but today is Cleburne County
12. Wm.G (b. 1835)
13. Lewis T b. AR (b. 1838)
14. Francis M. b. AR (b. 1839)

From Paul Wesley Hall:
Our line came from Georgia to Van Buren County Arkansas in the 1830's, 40's. His name was James Presley and wife Charity Hunter. They had eleven children, Melissa, Almenda, Martha, Thomas J, Robert Franklin (My great, great grandfather),Almond, Melinda, Thomas J.,Mary Elizabeth, William T.,Lewis Tillman and Francis.

James's father was Moses Presley, His father was John Presley II and his father was John Presley I, bom in 1710 in Glasglow Scotland. John Presley II was born in Scotland and died in South Carolina. John the II and a son named John who married a Martha Nichols, He also had a wife named Elizabeth. He was bom in Virginia, about 1755 and died in Georgia in 1837. This is all I have on this line.

The only Fred Presley I have was my grandmother's brother who was bom in Guy, Arkansas, 1905 and died in 1965. I do know that another line of the Presley's were in Missouri. Happens to be part of Elvis's lineage. I don't have a whole lot on this part of the family however. I feel sure yours are part of the family, they are just on a branch I don't have information on.

Twila Presley in Mississippi has a very complete Presley lineage. Our local library has a volume of it and we got some information out of it. She has family groups for about all in the line.

From Joseph Horned:

State of Georgia
Henry County

In the name of my lord and master I John Presley
enjoying a reasonable portion of health and body and of a sound mind knowing
that as it is appointed to men once to die & after their death the Judgement
I constitute & ordain this to be my last will and testament.
1st I give and bequeath my body to be _____ buried in the dust from where
it came & my soul into the hand of the Lord m hope of a blessed mortality
2nd my willis that all my debts be paid
3rd I give and unto my wife Patsey Presley one brown ___ mans called Kit
saddle & bridle also bed bedstead & furniture also two choice cows and
calves with one trunk of her choice I also will to her five hundred debars
in cash to be raised out of properties which I herein after name to be sold
4th I give and bequeath to my daughter Polly Nickson 1 negro man named
5th I give and bequeath to my son William Presley one negro boy named Jacob
6th I give and bequeath to my daughter Jiney Wright one negro boy named
7th I give and bequeath to my son Moses Presley one negro boy named Joe
8th I will and bequeath to my son Charles Presley one negro gir. named Susan
also one bed bedstead & furniture also two cows & calves and also one
sorrell called Red ____
9th I give and bequeath unto my son Elijah Presley five dollars
10th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Matilda Williams five dollars
My will is that the lot of land whereon I now live in this county and state
containing two hundred two and a half acres the same more or less be sold
also one half lot of land lying in the county of Butts & state aforesaid
containing one hundred one and one quarter acres more or less be sold arid
also my will is that a cetain negro man named Bob my household and kitchen
furniture my plantation tolls & stock of every description & everything else
which I now ___ as my right & property shall be sold which has not herein
above been specially given away out of which my wife is to receive in the
first place after all my just debts are paid the five hundred dollars as
willed & bequeathed to her and the balance my son Charles Presley named in
the sixth item & my daughter Jiney Wright named in the sixthed item
Lastly I constitute Joshua _ Callaway my lawfull executor of this my last
will and testament
In testimony whre of I have here unto set my name and seal this third day of
August in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred & thrity five

John Presley

sign sealed delivered
in presence of
John Adams

Wm Meloy
James L. Head

Henry County

Know all men by these presents that we the undersigned
Polly Nickson Moses Presley Randie Wright in right of his wife Jiney,
William Presley Elijah Presley, Charles Presley, & Sheperd K. Williams (in
right of his wife) Matilda who are the legal heris of John Presley late of
this county dec do jointly and severally bind ourselves our heirs & asigns
in the final sum of Ten Thousand dollars which payment shall be welt & truly
made to the honorable court of ordinary of the county & state aforesaid as
witnesses of hand and seals hearater set and affixed
The contitution of the above bond or obligation is such that if the above
named John Presleys estate shall be found in debt we agree to pay aH
lawfull demands against the same & we farther agree to give Patsey Presley
the widow of said dec ail that was left to her by her husband Joh Presteydec
we further agree that we will lay aside the will made by the said John
Presley dec & divide the balance of the estate both personal and real
equally among ourselves by taking into view ail the gifts that may have been
____ made by the said John Presley heretofore amongst us a correct
account of which to be given in by each one of us and whent the above
constitutions are fully complyed with then, the above land or obligation to
be null and void otherwise to remain in full force & virtue in law. August
10th day 1837
sign sealed and delivered in presense of William Presley seal
John H. Callaway
Elijah Presley seal
IM Callaway
K. Williams seal
CL Bridges
Margt Nickson
Moses Presley seal
Charles Prelsey seal
Randal Wright seal

John, Moses, William and Andrew Pursley, their mother Sarah are listed in the will of John Clackler, 15 March 1790.

John Clackler Sr. Last Will & Testament
South Carolina
Edgefield County
In the name of God Amen I John Clackler of the State
and County Aforesaid thus weak in body yet perfect senses do make this my
Last Will and Testament as follows,_________ I bequeath to my loving wife
Sarah all my land, negroes, catt.e horses household furniture and
all my Estate both real and personal after my just and lawful debts are paid
during her life or widowhood and after her death or widowhood all my Estate
both real and personal as Aforesaid f gm and bequeath to my loving children
John Pursley, William Pursley, Moses Pursley, Andrew Pursley, John Clackler,
Jacob Clackler, Amy Havler, Elizabeth DeVone, Nancy Alinbaker to
be equally divided among them and their heirs for ever Also I give and
bequeath to my son Jacob Clackler fifty acres of land more or less joining
John Pursleys land I appoint John Pursley Junior Executor to this my last
Will and Testament In Witness Where of I have hereunto Sealed and Delivered
in the presence of
Dan Ritchey
David Sigler
R. Tutt CEC
John X Clackler Senr

Proved in open court by the oaths of Daniel Ritchey and David Sigler July
Term 1790 & Ordered to be recorded Book A page 24 Edgefield County, South

It appears that the father of John Pursley would be John Pursley Sr. as
John is listed as Junior in this will. As they are the step children of John
Clackler Sr,, Sarah of course Is their mother. Has anyone found a marriage
for John and Sarah Pusley/Pursley more than likely ca. 1740 or a little
later in Virgina. John Preskey stated in his Rev. War pension application
at he was born in Virginia but raised in South Carofina. Also I lose
William and Andrew Pursley shortly after this will.

From: Pressleep

Lease and Release, Edgefield County, State of South Carolina
This indenture made Twenty Second day of January one thousand Seven hundred
and Ninetyfore and in Eighteenth year of our American Independence Between
John PUSLEY and Moses PUSLEY, Excr of John CLACKLER Deceased of the Sd
State>and County of the one part and Flood MITCHELL of the Said State and County
of the other part . Witnesseth that the Said John PUSLEY and Moses PUSLEY for
and in consideration of the sum teen(?) Shillings Sterling of the Curran
money of the State aforerards to him in hand pd. by the said Flood MITCHELL
at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt
is hereby acknowledged they the said John PUSLEY and Moses PUSLEY hath
Bargained, Sold and by these presents doth Bargain and sell unto the said
Flood MITCHELL all that Plantation or tract of land Containing one hundred
acres Situate lying and being on the waters of Stephen's Creek bounding NE
on a tract of land belonging to said Christian BUCKHALTER, SE on MARTIN'S
SW and W on lands name not known, the other side vacant land Together with
all and Singular the Houses bifding, Priveleges rights profits and
appurtinances Whatsoever therre unto belonging or in any wise appurtatnfng
and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders rents assets and
profits thereof TO HAVE and to HOLD the said Plantation or tract of land
Containing one hundred acres and Every the appurtinances and premises
thereunto belonging to the Said Flood MITCHELL his heirs Exectutors
Administrators and assigns torn the day next before the day of the date of
these presents for and during and until the full and term of one year from
thence next ensuing and fully to be Compleated and Endingtng yielding and
paying the Said John PURSEL and Moses PURSLEY the rent of one peppercorn on
the last day of the Sd Term if the same be lawlully Demanded to the Intent
and purpose that by virtue of these presents and by force of the Statue for
transfering of use into possession that he the Said Flood MITCHELL may be in
actual possession of all and singular the premises above mentioned with
Every of the appurtenances thereunto and thereby the better enabled to have Take
and Receive the reversion and inheritance which is intended to be to him
and his heirs, grated Released by the said John PURSLEY and Moses PURSLEY by
another indenture Intended to be maid and Datted the day next after the
Dart hereof In WITNESS whereof we have hereunto set our hands and Seals the day
and year first above Written SIGNED SEALED & DELIVERED in the presents of us

Butler WILLIAMS John PUSLEY (seal)
John MITCHELL Moses PUSLEY (seal)

State of South Carolina
This Indenture made This the twenty third day of January in the year of our
lord god one thousand seven Hundred and Ninety fore and in the Eighteenth
year of our American Independence BETWEEN John PUSLEY Moses PUSLEY Exorof
John CLACKLER Decs of the one part and Flood MFTCHELL of the other part,
both of the State and County aforesaid and now this indenture Witnesseth that
for and inconsideration of the sum of twenty pounds Sterling money of the State
afsd. to said John PUSLEY Moses PUSLEY by the said Flood MITCHELL at and
before the sealing and delivery of these Presents the receipt whereof is
hereby Acknowledged Hath Granted Bargained Aleen'd Released and Confirmed
unto the Said Flood MITCHELL and his...

(Unfortunately, the last page of this document did not copy. Very sorry...
It is Page 100 of Deed Book 15, Edgefield Co., SC)

From Ed Dunn: If your Dunnan III indicated on his marriage license in 1879 that his father
Dunnan was dead, then he was mistaken, or we are mistaken about the identity
of the various Dunnan Presleys. Dunnan II was in Independence Co., AR in 1880
(a "single" man), married his fourth wife, Harriet Henrietta Toy in Benton Co.,
AR in 1882 and moved to Barry Co., MO where he died in 1900 at age 72.

In his pension application which he made in 1888, he stated that he lived in
Monroe Co., TN from 1848 to 1873, in Lawrence Co., AR from 1873 to 1881,
and in Barry Co., MO from 1881.

It is possible that Dunnan III had lost track of his father's whereabouts and
thought he was dead.

If Dunnan II was bom ca 1826, then your Andrew Peter was over 20 years older
than Dunnan II. Of course, Dunnan I is thought to have had more than one wife
and one family.

I have the first wife of Dunnan I as named Catherine, whom he married about 1808
in SC (I believe the name Catherine is based on LDS records). He was in the 1820
census of Buncombe Co. and his first wife had died by 1830. He was in Monroe Co.,
TN in 1840, and in 1850 in Polk Co., TN. He was in McMinn Co., TN in 1860 (age 87),
and died before 1870.

Based on census records, I feel he had two sons and two daughters by his first
wife: one son born 1804-10, one son bom 1810-20. By his second wife he probably
had three sons: one born 1820-25, two born 1825-30. In addition to Dunnan II,
it has been suggested that George Presley (b. 1830) was another son; he was
living next door to Dunnan/Duning in 1850 Polk Co. A few houses away from
Duning and George was John Presley (b. 1825) who could have been another son.

I am convinced that it is futile to attempt to trace a single direct line of Presley
ancestry in western NC-eastem TN. individuals have been trying to trace their personal
ancestry in this area for years. The only way these various family lines will
be unraveled is for us to make a group effort to investigate all the Presleys in
this area. Much will depend on circumstantial evidence and a process of elimination.

Therefore, I hope that everyone will continue to collect and to share information,
whether it seems relevant to your own personal family line or not. It is also
imperative to realize that people were moving back and forth across the mountains
between NC and TN. Failure to recognize this will result in not finding certain
individuals. I believe this is often what happened when a person is not found
where they would have been expected in a particular census.

Reference my e-mail message to the Presley-Pressley list dtd. 19 Mar. 1999,
Subject: Presiey Deeds in Buncombe Co., NC, Prior to 1900, Part 1.

David Presiey was in the land conveyances of Buncombe Co. from 1800 to 1818.
He was enumerated in the 1800 & 1810 censuses of Buncombe Co., and a younger
David Presiey was listed in the 1820 census. Additional information in my
files indicates that David Presiey migrated to Lincoln Co., Missouri between
1810 & 1820, where he was enumerated in the censuses of 1820, 1830, and 1840.
Several of his sons were listed as heads of households in Lincoln Co., MO
in 1830-1850 and their ages match perfectly with those in the household
of David in earlier censuses in NC.

David also had a son named David, who was head-of-household in Lincoln Co.,
in 1830 & 1840. His age matches that of the younger David Presley
head-of-household in Buncombe Co. in 1820. I believe David (Jr.)
moved to MO after s father had gone. In any case, it appears that David of
Buncombe Co. was likely related to other Presleys in Buncombe Co.,
but none of the others are descended from him.

Finally, yet another David Presiey was mentioned in a deed in Buncombe Co. 1835,
along with James & William Presiey, involving land where Anthony ssley then lived.
This is probably the David who was listed in the 1840 nsus of Buncombe, I think
that this David, James, and William may have been sons of Anthony, who was born
between 1765 & 1770, and who might B been a sibling or cousin of the elder David
(above) who was born in 1774. Both had land on Shoal's Creek in Buncombe Co.

From Becky Presley:

This is from a set of land records of James A. Presley of Independence Country, AR dated 12/16/1895.
In other parts of this documentation it states that James A. has "been residing thereon
since the 2nd day of July 1858; that he has a dwelling house and about ten acres _______"

This is from a set of homestead papers dated 5/23/1877 and states that James A. Presley
of Independence County, AR, had lived on this land since 5/8/1872. (<-- perhaps
that date should read 5/8/1862 - see below.) It also
states he has a wife and eight children and has lived here for 15 years.
It states there is a house, crib and stable, and smoke house.

Page 122:
State of Arkansas
County of Van Buren

Know all here by these present that
Robert F. Presley as ___ ____ and
James Presley as his security on hold(??) and formally bound
(most of the rest too dim to read)

Page 141:
State of Arkansas
County of Van Buren

Know all here by these present that we Robert
F. Presley and Wm. G. Presley are ____ and ____ (heled and firssaly)
bounded to the State of Arkansas as in the past .....

Page 142:
State of Arkansas
County of Van Buren
In the Probate Court of Van
Buren County in _______ Nov 27th, 1861
the state of Arkansas

To all to whom these ______ shall come Greeting
Know ye that ____ Manervia E. Presley of the County
of Van Buren died interstate ____ is said that on or about
the 4th day of Oct. A.D. 1861 ........... appoint
Robert F. Presley of the County of Van Buren administrator of all ....

Marriage records from the LDS site:  (ones in blue are ones I'd like to see more info on)
John T. Priestly married ELIZA B. WILLIAMS  12 NOV 1846 in Rutherford, Tennessee

JOHN THOMAS PRIESTLY married ELIZABETH BROOKS WILLIAMS 7 Nov 1846 Rutherford, Tennessee  
Elizabeth was the daughter of  John McNeill Williams and Lucy Ann Courts

             From Goodspeed's History of Tennessee (written in 1887 and 
                implies John T. still alive. My John was dead by 1853-1857)
             John T. Priestley was born in Springfield, Robertson Co., Tenn., 
             in 1824, and is one of four children, two of whom are living, 
             born to the marriage of Dr. John Priestley and Hannah Montgomery, 
             the same being consummated May 24, 1812. Dr. Priestley wag of English 
             lineage, born in Davidson County, Tenn., in 1790. He studied 
             medicine under Dr. Butler, and finished his medical education at 
             Philadelphia. He practiced his profession in Sumner and Robertson 
             Counties, and died in the latter county, in 1824. His widow married 
             Beverly Nelson about 1829, and died in Haywood County, Tenn., in 1872. 
             John T. (our subject) acquired a good business education, and 
             November 12, 1846, married Eliza B., daughter of John M. and Ann Williams, 
             of Rutherford County, and by her became the father of ten children: 
             William, James B., John M., Robert Walter, Joseph L., Anna, 
             Eveline (Mrs. Wm. C. Deuberry), Emmett D. and Thomas P. are living. 
             In 1848 Mr. Priestley came to Weakley County, and purchased 170 acres, 
             on which he located, and has since continued to reside. His farm now 
             consists of 850 acres, the most of which is productive and valuable 
             land. Being a Democrat, Mr. Priestley's first presidential vote was 
             cast for Lewis Cass. He was a Mason for a number of years. Mrs. Priestley 
             was born in Rutherford County, in 1828, and is a member of the Christian Church.

JOHN T. PRIESTLEY OR PRIESTLY  married Ann (born 1832) in 1851 in Tennessee

John Presley married Elizabeth Hooper  19 APR 1841 in Monroe, Tennessee

             From Hoopers in Tennessee in 1850 Monroe County
             A different John Presley married Elizabeth Hooper on 19 April 1841 in 
             Monroe County. That Presley couple lived in Polk County, Tennessee 
             in 1850 on land that had been acquired for them by Elizabeth's 
             father John Hooper. [See Boyer, 1980]. The John Presley of 1850 
             Polk County was very similar in age to the John Presley remaining 
             in 1850 Monroe County; therefore, much care should be exerted to 
             keep the identities separate.
             Polk County, Tennessee, 5th Civil District, 6 November 1850, 
             #736/743 shows John Presley 26 b. GA farmer $250 Real estate; 
                            Elizabeth 23 b. TN; 
                            Margaret 10 b. TN; 
                            Geo. W. 9 b. TN; 
                            Marion 6 b. TN; 
                            Mary 4 b. TN.  
             John and Elizabeth Presley remained in Polk County, Tennessee 
             in 1860. Only wife Elizabeth has been found in 1870 (in McMinn 
             County, Tennessee) and none of that family has yet been 
             indentified in 1880 Tennessee. 

John Robert Presley (b. 26 MAR 1815 in Buncombe, NC and died 11 NOV 1900) 
married Jan Elizabeth Roach (b. 11 DEC 1820 in Cooke, Tennessee and 
died 26 APR 1923) 1846 in Tennessee

John Presley (died 20 MAR 1923) married Elizabeth Dinsmore on 14 SEP 1860 Hawkins Co, Tennessee

John Presley married Elizabeth Drinnon 12 SEP 1860, Hawkins Co, Tennessee

John Prestly married Marinda Sims on 28 DEC 1846 in Itawamba Co., Mississippi
                 From 1850 Census Itawamba Co, Mississippi
                 323   785/290   Prestly, John         35  M  Laborer     b. NC
                                          Marinda      36  F                 GA
                                          Lawrence G    3  M                 MS
                                          Joel A.       1  M                 MS
                                   Sims,  James        16  M                 AL
                                          Lucinda      12  F                 AL
                                          Mary E       10  F                 AL
                                          William       6  M                 MS

                 From 1860 Census Van Buren County, Arkansas
                                   Presley, John          61(??)     Farmer  NC
                                            Marnida       43                 GA
                                            William       15                 MS
                                            Lawrence      14                 MS
                                            Joel A.       12                 MS
                                            John          10                 MS
                                            Sterling       8                 MS
                                            Missouri       6                 MS
                                            Aroma          3                 MS
                                            Frances     5/12                 AR

John R. Pressley married Jane Elizabeth Roach in 1846 in Buncombe, North Carolina

                  John  Robert Presley, b. 26 Mar. 1815, d. 11 Nov. 1900, bur. 
                  Calvary Bapt.Church Cem., Fletcher, Henderson Co., NC  m. 1846 
                  Jane Elizabeth Roach, b. 20 Dec. 1820, d. 26 Apr. 1923 Arden, 
                  Buncombe Co., NC, bur. Calvary Bapt. Church, Fletcher, NC. 
                  1) Howard Presley b. June 1848 (see below) 
                  2) James Presley, b. 1849 (1850 census), m. Emma Williams (10 children) 
                  3) Mary Ann Presley, b. 18 Aug. 1852 Buncombe Co., d. 17 Jan. 1929, 
                     bur.Calvary Bapt. Church, m. 23 Nov. 1869 Buncombe Co. to William M. Jones 
                  4) Fidillia Presley 
                  5) Josiah D. Presley, m. Julie Lee (12 children) 
                  6) Marcus Presley 
                  7) Laura Presley, b. 1861 (1880 census), m. Richard Lambert (6 children) 
                  8) Samuel Presley, b. 1865 (1880 census), m. Mattie Canidy (no children) 
                  9) Robert L. Presley, b. May 1864 (1880 census), m. Julia Howell (no children) 
                 10) Lenie Presley, m. Laura Roberts

JOHN H. PRIESTLY married Elizabeth Ramy (born 15 NOV 1830 in Boonesboro, Madison Ct. 
KY daughter of Daneil L. Ramey and Jane Harris Gentry ) on 13 MAY 1845 in Pettis, Missouri

                  From Ramey Genforum post:
                  Elizabeth Ramey (daughter of Daniel Ramey and Jane Gentry), born 11 15 1828. 
                  She married John A. Priestly 05 03 1845 in Pettis Co., MO; born 1820 in VA.
                  Daniel Ramey was born 1809 in Clark Co., KY, and died 1864 in Quick City, 
                  MO. He married Jane Harris Gentry 05 01 1827 in Pettis Co., MO, daughter 
                  of Rueban Gentry and Elizabeth White. She was born 02 03 1813, and 
                  died 04 13 1880.
                  From Green Ridge Township
                  Daniel Ramey came in 1842, from Georgetown, Mo. During the war he was
                  killed by guerrillas near Rose Hill, Johnson County. 

          1860 Big Creek Township, Fulton Co., Arkansas
          (If you have info on this family, please contact me.

          John J. Wyatt          49       KY
          Nancy                  36       TN
          William                18       MO
          Brown (??)             16
          Olivia                 14
          Martha Hightower        1        AR
          Margaret Wyatt         12        AR
          Henry                   9        MO
          John                    3        AR
          Sarah                   1
          Mary Mathis             9        TN
          Martha Mathis           7        AR
          Thomas Beavers         78        
          Elizabeth Beavers      27

          1880 Green Brier Township
          1/1     Francis Omer           64            France    France    France
                  Octavie                58            France    France    France
                  J or A Rockhold        15 At home    AR        Tenn      Tenn

From Bobby Presley:

On the Joseph Presley I spoke of in the first mail i sent you.
Joseph Presley b.1819 GA.
Unknown 1st wife d between 1846 and 1849

Mary Carrol b. 1836 AR.
Alexander C.b.1840 AR.
Caroline Cissy b. 1845 AR.
Calvin Presley b. 1846

Joseph Presley b.1819 GA.
Mrs. Jerusha Farefield Carrol Lynzaa 2nd wife
Married 8-5-1849 independence Co.AR.

John W.Presley b. 1851/1858 AR.
William Presley b. 1852 AR.
Thomas Marshall Presley b.1856 AR.

Joseph was killed by the Yankees, while a civilian abt. 1864. It is my understanding his wife Jerusha, moved to Missouri, then Illinois, after Joseph was killed.