by Reba Boyer


August 16, 1838 - William Carroll to Isabella Presley, by John L. McKenzie, acting J.P.

April 19, 1841 - John Presley to Elizabeth Hooper

September 14, 1841 - Absalom L. Armstrong to Martha Cook, by N.J. Spillman, J.P.

November 1, 1841 - Isaah Presley to Polly Hooper

April 14, 1842 - James G. Armstrong to Jane Cobb

May 1, 1843 - John Presley to Sarah Yarberry

February 18, 1843 Abner Pressly to Marge Williams, by William Williams, J.P.

February 25, 1847 - Isaac Brown to Rachel Pressly, by John R. Cole, J.P.

January 20, 1848 - Wm. Akiridge to Julitha Pressley, by John Carson, J.P.

February 15, William Coffman to S.A. Presley, by Wm. Blankinship, J.P.

April 30, 1848 - Hiram Lea to Fanny Pressly, by Wm. Blankenship, J.P.

September 28, 1848 - Hugh Pressly to Delila Jiles

December 19, 1850 - S. A. Kittrell to Mary Pressly

July 28, 1851 - Isaac Pressley to Martha J. Smith

January 15, 1858 - Jacob Pressly to Sarah Ann Duncan, by David Rogers, J.P.

February 4, 1865 - Guilferd Giles to Mary Jane Presley, by Charles T.P.Davis, J.P.

February 19, 1865 - Isaac Presley to Jane Cunningham, by James Johnson, M.G.

October 23, 1866 - William Lane to Pheby Presley, by James Knox, J.P.

July 18, 1867 - James K. Presley to Nancy L. Hampton, by James Knox, J.P.

June 27, 1868 - John Presley to Aquilla Jones, by J.M. Kirkland, J.P.

February 23, 1869 - James Berry to Susan A. Presly, by James Knox, J.P.

September 2, 1869 Sime Warmic to Manervy J. Upton, by Jacob Armstrong, M.G.

September 18, 1869 - Isaac Presly to Ann Holcomb, by J.H. Kelso, J.P.

October 17, 1869 - Wilson Jones to Lucretia Upton, by Jacob Armstrong, M.G.

June 20, 1870 - James Swinford to Polly Ann Presley

July 21, 1870 - Wm. J. Hays to Betty Ann Haseltine Persley, by R.P. Dunkin, J.P.

November 13, 1870 - Thomas Hurly to Nancy Pressly, by R. P. Dunkin, J.P.

Book A-I and L

August 6, 1834 - Drury P. Armstrong and wife Amelia H. of Knox Co. to James Isbill of Lowndes Co., Ala.; an undivided twelfth part of two tracts granted to Robert Houston in 1825.

August 6, 1834 - Drury P. Armstrong and wife Amelia H. of Knox Co. to James McMillon of same; an undivided twelfth part of land in Monroe Co. granted 1825 to Robert Houston.

December 22, 1843 - Drury P. Armstrong of Knox Co., General Assignee in Backruptcy, to Thomas Edington; land of Patrick S. Peck, Bankrupt.

May 29, 1843 - Drury P. Armstrong of Knox Co., General Assignee in Bankruptcy for Monroe Co., to Alexander Dodson; land of Wilson E. Carson, Bankrupt.

October 7, 1844 - Drury P. Armstrong, Assignee in Bankruptcy, to Bacom; land of Solomon Wilkins, Bankrupt, of Monroe Co.

December 23, 1851 - Susan Pressly of Hopkins Co., Ky wife of Levi Presly and heir of Jesse Carter, dec'd, late of McMinn Co., to Lewis M. Carter.

June 18, 1869 - Chancery Court: J.H. Williams and George Stephens VS Frances Jane Presley and the heirs of John Cunningham.

Guardian Settlements

October 2, 1866 - M.F. Johnson, Adm. of William R. Pressly dec'd; sett. from 23 July 1863; paid to Mrs. Presnell for her yearly support; money found in Presnell's possessions; James Presnell receipt; paid Margaret Presnell, ward of dec'd.

Items in Minutes of Christianburg Baptist Church

March 1863 - Winney Renfroe, Deceased A.J.Presley, Deceased at Vicksburg

August 1866 - Allen Presly released from liability for bound children, James and Martha Presly

October 1868 - Aquilla Presly app. Gdn. to Jane, Christian, Roland, Marchall, and Thomas Mills, minor orphans of Richard Mills.

Circuit Court

November 1834 - Richard M. Burk and John Gethern, Execs. of Allen Armstrong.

1834 - Hugh Montgomery of McMinn Co.; Robert Armstrong of Knox Co.

1856 - John Kirklan VS Widow and heirs of Thomas Giles,dec'd; alias process awarded as to William Giles of Bledsoe Co.; it appearing that Hugh Presley and wife Delilah are nonresidents.

January 1866 - John H. Johnson VS Samuel Henderson and F.M. Johnson; a paper purporting to be the last will of Joseph Henderson, dec'd, sent by County Court for reprobate upon an issue of devisarit vel non; paper with words as follows: Monroe Co., Tenn ... land to Sarah Caroline Pressley; money on hand to Matilda Henderson; $5 each to Nancy A. Landrum and John Henderson; balance to be divided with rest of heirs including Sarah Caroline Pressley as one of heirs, namely Samuel Henderson, Alexander Henderson, Esther Johnson, Rosannah Sands, and Sarah Caroline Pressly; the portion willed to Esther Johnson to be divided equally between her daughters Margaret Ann and Scythia Johnson; signed 19 Aug 1865; witnesses: R.W. Hudson, Eli C. Johnson, W. F. Hudson; the defendants, Samuel Henderson and F.M.Johnson, two of the heirs of said Joseph Henderson, say writing is not last Will; Jury finds for defendants.