Dated March 6, 1808

Wife: Sarah
Sons: Richard Presley, Thomas Presley
Daughters: Susana Helms, Sarah Helms, Elisabeth Helms, Anna Helms, Rebecah Pool, Jean Presley,
Mary Thomas, Nancy Pool

In the name of God amen
I Thomas Presley of the State of North Carolina and
County of Anson being weak in body but of perfect mind
and memory blessed be god forever the same callin to mind
that it is appointed of god for all men once to dye do make
and ordain this my last will & testament in manner following
First of all I recommend my soul to god who gave it and
my body to be decently buried in a Christianlike manner
by my excutors and as for my worldly Estate wherewith it
hath pleased god to bless me with I give and bequeath in
Manner following
Item I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Presley
125 acres of Land including my plantation and all the
improvement where I now live with all and every of its
appertamances for her own proper use during her life or
widowhood. Item I give and bequeath to my beloved wife
Sarah Presley all my stock of horses cattle & hogs that
I now am present with to use & dispose of in any manner
She may think proper for her own support during her life
or widowhood likewise I give and bequeath to my beloved
wife Sarah Presley two feather beds & firniture and all and
every of my plantation tools of Every kind with all my
household furniture of every kind to will and dispose of
as she may think best during her life or widowhood
and at the death or marage of my beloved wife Sarah
Presley I give and bequeath the said tract of land of
125 acres to my four youngest Daughters Rebecah Pool
Jean Presley Mary Thomas Nancy Pool to be equally
divided between them also at the death or marage of
said wife I give and bequeath to my six oldest children
Susana Helms Sarah Helms Richard Presley Elisabeth Helms
Anna Helms Thomas Presley one half of the property
that may remain till that time of every kind
one bed and furniture plantation tools and household
Furniture to be equally between them all and one bed and
furniture now callled my wifes bed
I give to her to dispose of as she may think proper and
the other half of my household furniture and tools of
all kinds I give to her to dispose of to her heirsas she
may see cause Item I apoint my true & trusty friend
William Crittendon & my son Richard Presley Executors and
my beloved wife Sarah Presley Executorix to this
my Last will & testament Difanuling all others
do make publish and ordain this my last and only
will and testament in witness whereof I the Thomas
Presley have here unto set my hand and affixed my
Seal this 6 day of March in the year of our lord
one thousand Eighty hundred and Eight
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the preasence of us
Ententined before assign
Robertson Pistole           Thomas       Presley
Elizabeth Pistole                         Mark

(Note: I found this in my files. It's stamped North Carolina State Library but I'm not sure what book it came from, but I think it must be a family book about the Hargett's.)


Presley is a German name, spelled Preslar, Presslar and Pressler in the lists of Palatines and other Germans who arrived in Philadelphia in the middle of the eighteenth century. Shortly thereafter people of the name were to be found in the Province of North Carolina where intermarriages "between them and some of our Hargett forefathers took place.

The first of the name about whom we have certain knowledge was Thomas Presley who was born about 1739, probably in Germany. A farmer who lived in Anson County, North Carolina, he died sometime after March 6, 1808, the date upon which he signed his will, a document on record in Anson County. His wife Sarah, whose surname is not known to us, survived him. In his will he bequeathed to her his 125-acre farm and all his other possessions, with the proviso that upon her death the property should be divided among their four youngest daughters, namely, Rebecca Poole, Jean Presley, Mary Thomas and Nancy Poole, other provision having already been made for two older daughters, Elizabeth Helms and Anna Helms. Provision was also made in the will for two sons: Richard Presley, evidently the oldest of the children, and Thomas Presley. Sarah Presley, the widow, and Richard Presley, the son, were named executrix and executor, respectively, of the will."

Richard Presley, son of Thomas and Sarah Presley, was born on March 15, 1?60. His wife Mary was born on May 22 of the same year, the daughter of Tillman Helms (born sometime around 1720 or 1725) and his wife Rachel Craig. Tillman Helms had come to Anson County (that is to say, to that part of Anson which later became Mecklenburg County and still later Union County) sometime between 1747 and 1749, whit his brother George Helms. Tillman Helsm owned large tract of lat in Anson County and was one of the founders of High Hills Baptist Church near the present-day town of Monroe in Union County. (This information about Thomas Presley and his family came from Jessie Ramsey (Mrs. William) Stell of Russellville , Alabama, who is directly descended from him.)

Among the children of Richard Presley (born 1760) and his wife Mary (Helms) (born also in 1760) was Sarah Presley (born March 16, 1789) who became the wife of William Hargett (1789-1857). The first-born of their children Presley Hargett (1808-1863), the diarist, became the father of Shepheard Thomas Hargett (1833-1869), the grandfather of the present writer. (Presley Hargett common place book.)