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This newsletter is a transition letter. Our regular editor is retiring and I am attempting to put a newsletter together for the members. It will be a learning experience for both of us since I have never put a newsletter together. I had hoped there would have been a newsletter before this one so that two would have been put out this year but this was not to be. So please bear with me as I learn.

Carol Hicks

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THE PRESLEY/PRESLAR/PRESSLY NEWSLETTER is a quarterly publication of the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association and is distributed to members and to selected genealogical libraries.

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Andrew Presley Jr. was born 1754 in Rowan Co., N.C. He married Elizabeth ______. Andrew died approximately 1858 in Hawkins Co., Tn. while living in the household of his son John and wife Rebecca (Greene) Presley.

Known children:
Robert Presley b. before 1800
Girl b. before 1800
Girl b. @ 1800
John Presley b.1794-1805, N.C.

John married Rebecca Greene, @ 1820. She was born @ 1806, N.C. John died July 28, 1880 in Rogersville, Hawkins Co., TN.
Priscilla Presley b.1821, Tn
Pleasant Presley b.1823, Tn
George Presley b. 1824 Tn
Ellizabeth Presley b. 1826, Tn
Willliam Presley b. 1832, Tn Jane Presley b. 1834, Tn
John Presley b. 1836, Tn
James Presley b. 1838, Tn
Greenberry Presley b. 1840, TN
Hiram Presley b. 1841, Tn
Morgan Presley b. 1843, Tn
Gilbert Presley b. 1845, Tn

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Pleasant Presley, born @1823 in Tennesse, was baptized April 17, 1847. He married Eliza J._______ @ 1853 in Tennessee. Eliza J. was born March 1830 in Tennessee. Pleasant died sometime betweeen 1881-1900.. Eliza is found in census records until 1910 in Hawkins Co., TN.

Sarah Rebecca Presley b. 1853, TN
Tilda Francis Presley b. 1854, TN
Elizabeth J. Presley b. 1856, TN
Tennessee Webb Presley b. March 1860, Tn
Martha E. Presley b. 1862, TN
Margaret M. Presley b. 1864, TN
Barbara A. Presley b. June 1866, TN
Rachel A. Presley b. Nov. 1870, TN

George Presley, born @ 1824, TN, married Mary______, @ 1859, Tn. She was born about 1840, TN. George died September 8, 1863. He was in the Confederate Army as a Pvt., Co. G, 59th Mounted Infantry.

John R. Presley b. 1859, Tn
Bettie J. Presley b. 1860, TN

William R. Presley, born @ 1832, TN, married first to Harriett Helton, January 16, 1851 and secondly, Susan Smith, July 26, 1857, both in Tennessee. After William's death during the Civil War, October 28, 1864, Morristown, TN, Susan remarried Bill Williams.

William was drafted into the Confederate Army as a Pvt., Co. B, 61st

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Mounted Infantry. He was captured by Union soldiers, imprisoned at Indianapolis, Indiana where he then enlisted in the Union Army, Co. A, 8th Regiment of the Tn Cavalry, mustered in a First Sgt, June 11, 1863.

Children of first ma:
John Presley b. December 22, 1851.TN
Joseph C. Presley b. March 1, 1854, TN
James M. Presley b. March 28, 1856, TN

Children of second ma:
Newton Asberry Presley b. October 1, 1859, Tn
Sarah Jane Presley b. October 19, 1861, TN

Jane Presley, born 1834, TN, married Francis M. White, b. 1836, TN., on February 17, 1859 in Hawkins Co., TN. Francis M. Whilte died August, 1856 of disease contracted during his service in the Civil War. He was a Pvt., Co. A, 1st Regiment, Tn Light Infantry. Jane died October 1896, Hawkins Co., TN.

James Alford White b. December 28, 1859, Hawkins Co., TN
Deliley J. White b. March 1, 1866, Hawkins Co., TN.

John Presley, born May 1, 132, Hawkins Co., TN, married Elizabeth Alien Dinsmore, September 11, 1860, Hawkins Co., TN. Elizabeth was born December 1847 in TN, died @ 1913, Hawkins Co., TN. John remarried Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Rizer about 1914, divorced 1917.

John served in the Civil War in Co. A, 8th Regt. TN Cavalry Vol., enlisting June 11, 1863. He was discharged Sept. 11, 1865. Before his enlistment into the Union Army, John was drafted into Co. B, 61st TN Inf. of the Confederate Army, September 24, 1862, Rogersville, TN.

He died March 26, 1923 at 810 Ferry St., Knoxville, TN. Burial was in the National Cemetery in Knoxville, Tn. In his war records, he is described as fair in complexion, blue eyes, red hair, 5 feet 7 inches tall, and his occupation as farmer.

Jane Presley b. @ 1863, TN
James C. Presley b. December 20, 1866, TN

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Andrew J. Presley b. May 2, 1869, TN Greenberry H. Presley b. August 27, 1870, TN Rachel Ann Presley b. April 3, 1872, TN Jesse Presley b. June 8, 1874, TN Sarah B. Presley b. April 28, 1877, TN

James Madison Presley, born March 1838, Hawkins Co., Tn, married Eliza Jane Biggs, @1860, Hawkins Co., TN. Eliza Jane was born October 10, 1842, Hawkins Co., TN. She died Jamuary 14, 1899, Lexington, McLean Co., Illinois. James died December 26, 1919, Odel, Livingston Co., Illinois. He was a black- smith and a farmer.

Elizabeth Francis Presley b. March 19, 1861, Hawkins Co., TN
Rebecca Ann Presley b. October 18, 1862, Hawkins Co.,TN

Greenberry Presley, was born January 25, 1840 near Kyle Ford, Hawkins Co., TN. He married first Susan Mitchell, February 8, 1858, Hawkins Co., Tn. She died March 15, 1898, Rogersville, Tn. He then married Mary Malissa Arnold, May 3, 1902, Rogersville, Tn. Greenberry died August 24, 1920, Rogers ville, TN.

He served as a Pvt., Co. A, 8th TN Cav during the Civil War. He enlisted June 11, 1862, discharged September 11, 1865. Greenberry is described as 5 feet 4 inches tall, fair complexion, gray eyes, and dark hair, according to his war record.

Sarah Ann Presley b. March 26, 1860, Hawkins Co., TN
Greenberry Houston Presley b. May 19, 1863, Hawkins Co., TN
Nancy Jane Presley b. August 4, 1866, Hawkins Co., TN
Daniel Presley b. May 11, 1868, Hawkins Co., TN
William Presley b. JulyS, 1870, Hawkins Co., TN
Elizabeth Francis Presley b.March 24, 1872, Hawkins Co., TN
George Ervin Presley b. May 21, 1874, Hawkins Co., TN
Mary Catherine Presley b. October 2, 1876, Hawkins Co., TN
James Wesley Presley b. March 30, 1879, Hawkins Co., TN

Hiram Presley, born 1841, Hawkins Co., Tn, married Polly Cook, June 23, 1856, Hawkins Co., TN.Hiram served in the Confederate Army as a Pvt, Co. B,

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61st Mounted Inf., enrolling September 24, 1862, at Rogersville, TN; mustered out November 10, 1862. He died in the Pest Hospital near Vicksburg, MS, April 24, 1863.

James M. Presley b. 1857, TN
Sarah J. Presley b. 1859, TN

Morgan Presley, born 1843, Hawkins Co., TN, married Ludicia Housewright, January 19, 1859, Hawkins Co., TN. Morgan enlisted in Co. A, Regt. :TN Cav, June 11, 1863 at Indianapolis, Indiana as a Pvt. He was captured near Zollicoffee, TN, dying of smallpox in a prison at Danville, VA December 18, 1863.

Ludicia remarried Lewis Williams, January 16, 1866, Hawkins Co., TN. In April, 1867, Williams was appointed guardian of Morgan's daughter Mary A.M. Presley.

Mary A.M. Presley b. February 12, 1863, Hawkins Co.,TN

Gilbert Presley, born 1845, Hawkins Co., TN, married Rhoda Ferrel, November 25, 1860, Hawkins Co., TN. Gilbert, a Pvt in Cko. A, Regt TN Cav, was captured near Zollicoffee, TN by rebels. He died of smallpox in Danville, VA December 18, 1863. Rhoda remarried November 2, 1869, to Tivis Monroe Willis.

Mary Elizabeth Presley b. October 17, 1861, Hawkins Co.,TN
James Gilbert Presley b. May 21, 1864, Hawkins Co., TN

From The Presley Family History by Carol Hicks