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Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes for my Dad. It is greatly appreciated. He is doing better but has had to go on dialysis. His sense of humor is back and I am so happy about that. Again thank you.

This newsletter will be a combination of the December and March Newsletters. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the contributions made by the members and our Research Chairman Jim Anderson.

President: Sandra Kelly
Vice President: Patsy Cooley
Treasurer: E. L. Singleton
Secretary/Editor: Carol Hicks
Research Chairman: James E. Anderson

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From the Desk of James E. Anderson

To Annie Presley of West Alexandria:
Please supply more names and dates and I will be happy to make further searchs in our archives.


To Deborah Patt of Waxhaw, NC:
The following members of our organization are also working on this line: Luther I. Wilbanks
Minnie P. Carendar


For the rest of the queries, I have not been able to find any information in our archives.

If any of the above want more information, they can write to me direct and I will send the reply to the Editor for inclusion in a future newsletter.
(Editor's Note-More information for Joy L. Burkholder, Patricia J. Achramowicz, and Deborah Patt is included further in this newsletter from Jim Anderson.)


Ancestor to Valentine Breslar: Minett Presler Vanacore

Tidbit from Ed Dunn
From Sept. 7, 1992 letter
"Presley Gin Company" in Clarksdale, MS is a cotton gin company. Mary Martha Merritt wrote a book which included a photo of the Presley Cotton Gin company.


Update on Jehu (Jabe) Presley
from Annie Presley:

Minnie Carendar and I went to Tennessee to do research, we hit pay dirt. Jabe's first wife's name was R.C.V. Carmley-M.7 June 1873. We think R.C.V. stands for Rachel Caroline Virginia. Rachel was a Carter before she married Carmley. She came from Texas.

We also found more children so was possible Jabe had twenty-five children. Fifteen by Rachel and ten by Mary Maybell Dailey. Jabe married-J.B. Presley m. Mary Maybell Dailey 30 May 1900.
(Letter dated Nov. 14, 1995.)


Need information on Joseph and Charlotte (Hollenbeck/ Hallenbeck) Presley in Illinois about 1839.
Kathryn Campbell


Correction: p.4, June 95, Nancy, dau. of John P. Presley and Sarah J.Tyler was bu.1903

To Florence Dunn:
Please contact Minnie Carender for correct date on Richard Presley's birth.

You are probably right that he was born in 1795. And I probably looked at the date of birth wrong. My wrong date would have made him 140 years old at the time of his death. I know some of the Presley's lead a very long life but do think 140 would be pushing it, don't you? I do apologize for the error.

I hope everyone checks their dates on information sent to me to make sure I don't type them in wrong.

Thanks again for finding my error.


Any surviving relatives of these:
Children of W.T. Pressley and Mary Ellen Hardgaven: John C. Pressler m. Nell Glenn-d.1935, Sherman, TX dau:Violet d. 1926, Agnes Pressley Reed, 2 daus., moved to California in 1940, last address-Big Spring, TX 1955; Rufus B. Pressley-last address Houston,TX 1941 -42, m. Billie Mae: one dau. Dora b. 1910. Last address for Billie Mae and dau. 1923-Sherman, TX; Hassie Pressley Greenwood, two daus.-last address 1940-Sherman, TX; Nola Pressley West-1940-Dallas, TX:

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Anna D. West; Nancy (Nan) Pressley Manker (Henry), one dau. Carry, Carry's dau. Dorthey-last address Rockford, Illinois 1957; my Grandfather Thomas Joseph Pressley m. Nancy M. Wavnaire, two daughters-Denison, TX.
Contact: Doris J. Welsh

Bressler Family

Henry Bressler b. 19 Nov l834 PA m. 24 Nov 1867 Red Bluff, CA m. lie. 23 Nov 1867 Red Bluff, CA d. 28 Nov l919 Red Bluff, CA bu. 1919 Occ. Farmer

Wife: Martha Jane Gum b. 27 March 1846 Knox Co.,IL d. 23 Jan 1920 Red Bluff, CA bu. 25 Jan 1920 Red Bluff, CA Occ. Housewife Father: James Samuel Gum Mother: Nancy Gum

Carrie Alice Bressler b. July 1869 Red Bluff, CA m. 30 March 1892 Red Bluff, CA To: Everett C. Nye
Albert Henry Bressler b. 17 Aug 1872 Red Bluff, C A m. 19 Sept. 1898 Red Bluff, C A To: Rose Amelia Taber d. 28 April 1933 Red Bluff, CA bu. Red Bluff, CA

Prepared by: Phoebe Rose Dean-great great granddaughter to Henry and Martha (Gum) Bressler Submitted by: Phoebe R. Lame

The Monroe Tiowr/ial-February 27, 1923:
MIX UP IN MARRIAGE MAKES HUSBAND OWN GRANDFATHER Fertile, IA. Feb 26—A genealogical contortionist is Peter E. Linsky. At the tender age of 22 he is his own grandfather by all the laws of man. It was the recent birth of a son that made a fourth dimension necessary to determine Peter's exact position in his family tree.

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Eighteen months ago Linsky married a widow with a grown stepdaughter. Linsky's father, a widower, married that stepdaughter. So the younger Mrs. Linsky became the mother-in-law of her father-in-law and the younger Linsky himself found that his stepdaughter was now his stepmother, while his own father was his stepson.

But Hold! The elder Linsky's wife gave birth to a son. This son, of course, was the younger Linsky's half brother; but he was also the grandson of the younger Mrs. Linsky.

Now enters Peter's own son, practically scrambling the family tree. It makes the wife of the senior Linsky the grandmother of Peter's boy as well as his stepsister. It make the senior Linsky some sort of a brother-in-law to his own grandson. It makes the baby the child of Peter's step-grandmother. Peter logically becomes the brother-in-law of his stepmother, while Peter's wife discovers herself as her own child's aunt. The elder Linsky develops into the uncle of his son's child and this child ending with Peter Linsky playing grandfather to himself.

From The Carolinas Genealogical Society, Monroe, NC, Bulletin, Winter 1995-96, CGS XXXII,3,p.41.


To Joy L. Burkholder:

Valentine Presley b. 1789 North Carolina d. 28 July 1852 Clay, Illinois Parents: Peter Preslar

Wife: Susan Morton b. 13 Jan 1789 d. 9 Nov. 1858 Clay, Illinois

1. Sanders Presley b. @1808 Mecklenburg, NC d. 1840 Tennessee Spouse: Elizabeth Crowell

2. Huldah Presley b. @1815 Mecklenburg, NC Spouse: Joel Winchester m. @1840

3. Theresa J. Presley b. @1816 Mecklenburg, NC d. DeKalb, TN Spouse: Andrew Winchester

4. Pleasant Washington Presley b. 9 Dec. 1816 Mecklenburg, NC. d. 15 May 1904 DeKalb, TN Spouse: Sylva m. @1843

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5. Andrew Milton Presley b. 1819 Mecklenburg, NC Spouse: Judy m. @1843

6. Susan D. Presley b. 15 May 1824 d. 27 June 1878 Spouse: William Coggin m. @1840

7. Mayberry H. Presley b. 24 Oct. 1828 Buncombe, NC d. 2 June 1904 Spouse: Sarah E. Moore m. 15 Dec 1853 Clay, Illinois

(Jim Anderson's notes: I have children of each of these except for Susan. Peter Preslar is the son of Andrew Preslar who is the son ofAndreas Bressler and Anna Wells.}

To Patricia J. Achramowicz:

James Jackson Terrell b. 2 Sept 1834 Alabama d. 27 March 1891 Kemp, Henderson Co., Texas m. 21 Feb 1860 Elba, Coffee Co., Alabama Parents: James Jackson Terrell Elizabeth Northcut

Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Presley b. 1843 Alabama d. 1 Nov 1872 Elba, Coffee Co., Alabama Parents: John E. Presley Mary E.____

1. John Wesley Terrell
2. Nancy Elizabeth Terrell
3. Eliza Ann Terrell
4. William Alin Terrell
5. Sarah Jane Terrell

(Jim Anderson's notes; Husband James ma. 2nd Permelia Ann Mathews. They had 14 children.}

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To Deborah Patt:

Isaac Presley b. 6 Sept 1828 South Carolina m. 18 Aug 1863 d. 14 April 1895 Bird's Eye, Greene Co., MO
Parents: Richard Presley Mary Dicey Mitchell

2nd Wife: Ellen J. Trantham b. 13 Feb 1832 d. 7 June 1883 Greene Co., MO
Parents: Joseph Trantham

1. PoneyL Presley b. 10 April 1864 Greene Co., NO d. 7 Sept 1943 bu. Hickory Grove, Polk Co., MO Spouse: Marth C. Blackburn m. 1 Dec 1886Polk Co., MO
2. Ellen Presley b. @1866 Greene Co., MO Spouse: William J. DeFrease
3. Isaac Presley b.28 April 1868 Brighton, Greene Co., MO d. 21 May 1945 bu. Brighton, Greene Co., MO Spouse: Dorothy Caroline Blackburn m. 13 Nov 1889 Brighton, Greene Co., MO
4. __(son)____ Presley b. 19 Nov 1871 Greene Co., MO d. 19 Nov 1871 Greene Co., MO
5. Burley Bentley Presley b. 1875 Greene Co., MO d. 1960 bu. Brighton, Greene co., Mo Spouse: Mable Blackburn m. 6 May 1916 Greene Co., MO
6. Avery Presley b. 14 June 1879 Greene Co., MO d. 6 April 1964 bu. Hickory Grove, Polk Co., MO Spouse: Pearl Irby

(Jim Anderson's notes: Isaac m 1st-Martha J. Smith - 28 July 1851 in Monroe, TN-(5 Children)
m 3rd-Mary Louisa King
m 4th-Jane Cunningham-19 Feb 1865
Child #6 - Avery m 2nd - Mamie Clutter)

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American State Papers-Public Lands, p. 895, Public land claims in the Mississippi Territory, Register B—Abstract of Certificate entered with land Register of Land Office W. Pearl River, during the month of April 1807, on which patents may issue without payment of any purchase money.

col-1 When entered 13 April 1807
2 No. #254
3 Date April 9
4 Recorded-vol-page 4-283
5 To whom granted Simon Presler
6 Name of grantee or claimant Simon Presler
7 #ac 640 AC
8 Location River Homochitto
9 r Occupancy
10 Date of order of survey or settlement 30 March 1798

Vol 2, p. 814 Land claims—Louisiana
no: 1.B380
2. B381

Date: I.May 14
2. May 14

Name of person under whom land was claimed:
1.Simon Presler
2. Joshua Presler

Nature of claim: 1. and 2. Settlement and occupancy
Situation of land, county, waterway: 1. and 2. Concordia, Mississippi

Page 8

No. of Ac and Hundredths 1. 640 Ac 2. 640

Arpexts and Hundredth in Grant 1.756 25 2.756 25

Also mentioned in Vol I and II:

George Pursely: W. Pearl river 1802 & 3 "run off by Indians"

Daniel Pursley's m. widow Carrol and lived "forawhile" on the Carrol Claim

Submitted by LaGroon Redmond


South Carolina 1800 Census - Abbeville Dist.

Name Male
Under 10
over 45
Under 10
Over 45
John Presley 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 slaves
David Presley 3 1 0 1 0 3 1 0 2 0 .
David Presley 3 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 3 slaves
William Presley 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 .
Samuel Presley 1 1 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 0 .
Thomas Presley 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .

I have been researching, again, on my John Davis, Union Co., SC who married Lucy Presley, of Due West, SC. The following info has been found. Thought someone might find it of interest and maybe add to it. LaGroon Redmond

Davis Family-Union Co., SC

Nathaniel Davis, April Court 1797, Pinekney Dist. Union Co., SC Will Book A p.72-wf: Elizabeth daus, Margaret Davis, Sarah Davis, Elizabeth Davis

Page 9

Davis Family cont'd:
, sons, Joseph, Nathaniel, Ephraim, James

wf Elizabeth: Elizabeth Whitten- married 2nd -Ellison Mitchell
Margaret m.____Lavette
Sarah m.____Hunter
Ephraim m. Mary________ d. Abbeville Co., SC - Nov 12, 1857-67 years old
Elizabeth m.______Whitlock
James m. Charlotte Crenshaw, dau. of Robert Crenshaw and Elizabeth Beufort

James Davis Sr. and Charlotte Crenshaw Davis - Union Co., SC Will Book 157-158 sign-1826 Prov. 9 March 1830 Sons: Peter, Thomas E., James 2/daus: Martha E. Pressley, Elizabeth Hedspeth

Note: Peter Davis b. 1789 m. Lucy______
James d. 1842
Thomas E. 1791-1835
Martha E. Davis m. Thomas Lewis Presley b. 1795 d. 1835
1. James H. Presley
2. Thomas H. Presley
3. Daughter.
4. Daughter

Peter Davis m. Lucy ____
Known Ch: I.John Davis b. 1818 d 1864
m. 1st - Lucy Presley - she died when Sally Davis, their daughter was 3 weeks old - @1845 Union Co., SC
m. 2nd-Elizabeth Jane Hadspeth

Children of 1st ma:
Sallie Davis b. @1845 Union Co., SC d. 7 Oct. 1913 bu. O'Dells Chapel Church in Laurens Co., SC Spouse: James Hollo way O'Dell of Laurens Co. - NewberryCo., SC

Page 10

2. Charlotte Davis b. @1813 Never married Charlotte Davis was in James H. and Sallie O'Dell's Household in 1880 census.


I am researching the Pressley/Presleys who were in early Buncombe Co., NC from 1800- 1840. My Andrew Peter Pressley was b. ca. 1805 Cabarrus Co., NC. Andrew is believed to be the son of Dunnen Pressley b. 1780 in SC. |

Has anyone ever seen Dunnen go by any other name? Would like to hear from others who descend from Dunnen b. 1780 SC. I know he had one son also named Dunnen. j

Write: Beau Hudgins



The following is list of Presley, etc. names who have monies owed them by the Texas State Treasury Unclaimed Property Division.

ABILENE - Presley, Karol
ARLINGTON - Presley, Melanie
AUSTIN - Presley, Violet
FT WORTH - Presley, Tom K.
HOUSTON - Presley, Donald B.
- Presley, Pamela
- Pressler, Townes
- Pressley, Charles F.

JACINTO CITY - Presly, Sue N
LUFKIN - Presley Jr., Bobby M/M
MESQUITE - Presser, Justin
CITY UNKNOWN - Presley, Jill
- Presley, John/Marie
- Presslar, Charlie K.
- Pressley, Jerry
- Pressley, John

If you find your name call (512) 463-3120, Texas State Treasurer.

Submitted by Margaret Hoben. (Margaret has more information saved if anyone interested.)

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