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Thank you Ed Dunn for sharing this issue !!


Published by the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association

VOLUME I      NO. 2                                          August 1985                                         Page ten


A slate of candidates for office for 1985-1987 has been selected and issubmitted to the membership as follows:

President: Edwin C. Dunn, (address withheld) Vice-President: Betty Bostick, (address withheld) Secretary: Anne P. Greer, (address withheld) Treasurer: E.L. (Ed) Singleton, (address withheld) Research Director: James E. Anderson, (address withheld) Editor: Edwin C. Dunn, (address withheld)

We ask for an indication of your acceptance or rejection of these candidates by your marking and returning of the ballot at the bottom of the page no later than September 5, 1985. Additional ballots will be included for associate members.

The election of officers will enable us to begin work on other pending problems of organizing, such as incorporation by the state as a non-profit organization, the appointment of committees, etc. It will also enable us to begin work on the development of a research program, and we'll begin an active program of trying to reach potential new members.

We now have 21 members and 3 associate members. Our numbers are small, but we have some very enthusiastic folks who have already indicated that they are eager to get to work. If you haven't sent in your family group sheets/ pedigree charts, please do so, and don't forget to send in your queries for the next issue of the newsletter.

No date for the next issue of the newsletter has been decided, but we'll try to keep you informed on what is happening.


Note: Ballott omitted as the organization is no longer active