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VOLUME III      NO. 1                                          September 1987                                        Page One


(Ed. Note: The following article was compiled from The Albuquerque Tribune, May 25, 1987, and The Gailup Independent, June 1 & 2, 1937. Can anyone tell us more about the family and life of Kelsey Presley?)

Truett Eugene Rowe, a 33-year-old El Paso man, was the only FBI agent ever killed in New Mexico and the ninth of 381 agents killed since the bureau began in 1908. George Guy "Bud" Osborne was a 28-year-old truck driver, mechanic, thief, and jail escapee from Oklahoma, who killed him at a remote ranch house near Stinking Spring on June 1, 1937. Kelsey Presley was the chief of police of the town of Gailup, who drove- the wounded and dying FBI agent back to town and then returned to the ranch to capture the killer.

Bud Osborne, who had served two terms for car theft in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary at McAlester, was jailed in Eufaula, Oklahoma, in April 1937 for stealing a Ford truck and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and escaped on April 22 with two other inmates by use of a hacksaw blade. Obtaining a pistol, he picked up his 17-year-old bride, Bessie Louise (Harrison), hitchhiked to Pampa, Texas, stole a 1932 Chevrolet sedan, and drove west on Route 66 to Gailup, New Mexico, where they turned south for 21 miles to the ranch of Bud's adopted brother, John Wesley Osborne, his wife Ethel, and six children.

Truett Rowe was born at Amity, Arkansas, and had been accepted by the bureau as an agent in 1936, an expert marksman who had served in Nashville and San Antonio before coming to El Paso, which had jurisdiction in New Mexico. In late May 1937, Rowe received a tip that Bud Osborne had family near Gailup.

On the morning of June 1st Rowe went to the office of Gailup Police Chief Kelsey Presley. Rowe, who had no car, asked the Chief if he would drive him out to Wes Osborne's place. The Chief didn't know the place and suggested that Rowe try the sheriff, but the sheriff had taken the day off to go fishing. Presley agreed to drive Rowe in his brown Chevy.

At Sam and Simon Danoff's store ten miles south of town, the lawmen stopped for directions. Wes and Ethel Osborne, and 13-year-old J.W. Osborne, Jr., met them in the yard, which was covered by wood chips. Said Chief Presley: "Agent Rowe and I stopped near the Osborne home, and asked if there had been any arrivals there in the past two weeks. We were informed that Osborne's brother was there. When we got to the house, Guy was in the yard. We talked to him. He admitted his identity and agreed to come along with us."

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- From The Albuquerque Tribune, Dec. 12, 1986

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Osborne, who was wearing old overalls, a dirty blue shirt, no socks, and black clodhopper shoes said he would have to go in the house and get cleaned up. Rowe followed him into a back bedroom which had men's shirts for curtains. As he unhitched his belt, a .32 pistol fell out, Rowe scuffled to get it, and Osborno shot him twice through the right hand and stomach.

Presley, who was with the Osbornes in the living room, related: "I heard a shot. Rowe staggered back into the room, holding his stomach. I grabbed rny gun as Guy appeared at the door, his gun pointing at me. Then was when I snapped a si at him — and the hammer just clicked on the 'dud1 (shell)."

"For a minute it looked like I'd come to the end of my trail - but instead of firing, Guy bolted out a side door, towards the corrals. I ran through the front, but couldn't see him, ran around the back, and still couldn't locate him. I started toward the barn, but the women said he'd jumped down the Rio Puerco and run. So I went back to Rowe, who had staggered outside. He asked me to get him a doctor. I loaded him in the car and burned up the road."

Just as the Chief's Chevy reached town, Rowe cried for the door to be opene< so he could get air, but Presley later said that all the windows were open and he was doing 80 mph. At the hospital a nurse rushed to the car, looked at Rowe, pro nounced him dead, and directed he be taken to the mortuary. Presley later tostif. that the agent was still moving his lips and breathing, but by the time he reacho the mortuary, Rowe was dead.

Osborne attempted a ruse by going back to the house, changing clothes, sadd a horse, and driving a herd of cows right through the area. A posse of men had g< to the ranch to search when word had reached town, and Chief Presley, deputy chic Mahoney, and a deputy sheriff had also returned in the Chief's car. The cattle-country trained eyes of Chief Presley spotted the shortened stirrups which the tnai had been unable to change in his hurry. The officers pretended to be indifferent to the rider, who appeared to be just a cowhand bringing in some stock. "Why no regular cowhand would do that. If you've'ridden very far with stirrups too short you know what a tiresome job it is. So, I looked closer, and despite the fact the he had changed his clothes, I recognized Osborne," said the Chief.

Presley and Mahoney slowed their car as the cattle crossed the road. "Go ahead and run over them. They ought to be hit," Osborne yelled and grinned, but Mahoney turned his shot gun on the rider and ordered him to dismount. Osborne made no resistance, the murder weapon still in his waistband.

Bud Osborne was taken to Albuquerque, tried in District Court and given a mandatory life sentence. He served his sentence in the federal prisons at Leaven-worth, Ran., and Seguinsville, Texas, was paroled in the. 1960's, and died in Da11. in 1975. Truett Rowe was buried in Oklahoma City. Lawrence Edison "Bobcat" Wils< the only surviving member of the posse • of 50 years ago and now a 79-year-old ram remembers going out to supper with Kelsy Presley that June night. "Kels said the agent kept asking for air, more air, " Bobcat recalls. "I always remember that wl I drive out in that area. The place is called Pine Haven now."

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Our vice-president, Betty Bostick, has reached her goal of teaching for 40 years, and the second grade teacher has "hung up her chalk." Enthusiasm and motivation have been the terms used to descibe Betty. "A teacher has to care," she says. "It's adding to the student's self-esteem and making them feel they c make it." In addition to her teaching, she has also taught Sunday School at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church for as long as she has been in San Antonio where the Bosticks moved in 1959.

Betty's husband, Ray, retired from Randolph AFB in 1985, and the couple plan to travel and to spend guite a bit of time at their new log house at Groesbeck near Lake Limestone. Her two sisters have homes there, says Betty. "We were initially attracted to square log construction because of the romantic notion of doing it the way our ancestors did."

The Bosticks have been genealogists since they graduated from Southern Methodist University. In addition to gardening, playing bridge, and maintaining a scrapbook for her sorority, Betty belongs to several historical and genealogical societies. She will be corresponding secretary for the Green Mountain Boys Chapter of the DAR and recording secretary for the Jamestown Society and the Daughters of the American Colonists. She will serve as publicity chairman for the Alamo Mission Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic cf Texas, and she is the ongoing historian for the Chi Omegas.

From article by Barbara Wilson in The North San Antonio Times,
28 May 1987.

Tom and Emily Pressly of San Antonio, who wintered in Ireland, have now moved permanently to County Cork, Ireland, and their daughter, Lisa, and husband. Clark Charbonnet, have bought her parents' home in San Antonio. The Presslys have bought a rectory in one of Ireland's villages and are restoring it. Tom is painting and will have a showing in Dublin,in September, and Emily is reported to have taken her family records with her to work on.

Yes, that was their family described in the letter on the front page of the March 1987 Newsletter. Lisa says that Dr. Tom Pressly III" is returning in June to practice medicine in San Antonio, and Tom IV has arrived.

From Betty Bostick, 6914 Scotsdale Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78202
and the San Antonio Express-News, 25 April 1987.

Wayman Presley, founder and chairman of the board of Presley Tours in Makanda, Illinois, was named the National Tour Association's Tour Operator of the Year during the Assocations's recent Convention '86 in Atlanta, Ga. Presley was honored for having made the most significant accomplishments directly affecting his membership segment of the tour and travel industry. He began his career in the travel industry at age 62 after retiring from the U.S. Postal Service. Expanding on his long-time hobby of providing nature tours in the Illinois Ozarks for area children, Presley created Presley Tours - one of the most successful tour operations in the nation - 26 years ago.

From The Troy (Mo.) Free Press, n.d.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pressler will observe their 55th wedding anniversary Oct. 24. They were married in Chicago Oct. 24, 1931. They have lived in San Antonio for 24 years. The couple has three daughters, Margaret P. Lynch of San Antonio; Mabel J. Oppenhagen of Hanover Park, Ill.; and Ruth P. Subramanion of Fair Haven, N.J. They have four grandchildren.

From the San Antonio Express-News, 20 Oct. 1986.

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1850 Census

(Ed. Note: With this issue we begin the 155O census, which is quite extensive and will require many issues of the newsletter to complete. For those oĢ you who are eagerly awaiting the census of a particular locale, I can only suggest patience. We'll get to each state eventually. Data will be presented as follows: page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate, birthplace.)


68   968/968   Wm. Prestly         24 M W              TN
               Margth. "           22 F W              TN
               James "              5 M W              TN
               Nancy "              3 F W              TN

72 1026/1026   Asa Presley         36 M W Blacksmith   NC
               Ann "               23 F W              NC
               Martha "            11 F W              TN
               Nancy "              8 F W              TN
               James "              6 M W              TN
               Dazy "               5 F W              TN 

269  456/456   Mary Presly         19 F W              NC
                living with J.H. & Charity Furry

304  909/909   James Presley       22 M W Laborer      TN
               Priscilla "         19 F W              TN
               Josiah "            16 M W              TN
               Elizabeth  "        12 F W              TN
               Franky J. "         11 F W              TN

411    45/45   Mary Presley         8 F W              TN
                living wth John & Nancy Saint

419  154/154   William Presly      12 M W              TN
                 living wiht John & Nancy McLean

174  525/525   Lidia Prestley      44 F W Tenant       TN
               Elizabeth "         23 F W              TN
               Andy "              19 M W Day Laborer  TN
               John "              17 F W              TN
               Martha "            13 F W              TN
               Meary "              9 F W              TN

179  595/599   Tabitha Prestly     22 F W              TN
                 living with Charles & Margaret Kilgore

201  942/942   Nathaniel Prestly   30 M W Laborer      NC
               Louiza "            25 F W              TN
               William H. "         6 M W              TN
               Ruth A. "            1 F W              TN
               Elizabeth J. "       1 F W              TN

201  929/929   Enoch Prestley      56 M W Renter       NC
               Elizabeth "         43 F W              SC
               Ruth "              18 F W              SC
               Mahala "            16 F W              TN
               Isaac "             13 M W              TN
               Gabriel "           12 M W              TN
               Stephan "           10 M W              TN
               Elijah "             7 M 2              TN
               Jerry "              2 M W              TN
201 943/943  Enoch Prestly       26 M W Laborer        NC
             Margaret "          21 F W                NC
             Rebecca J. "         3 F W                TN
             Martha "             1 F W                TN

203 959/959  Isaac Presly        25 M W Laborer        NC
             Lucinda "           24 F W                TN
             John J. "            1 M W                TN
             Iby "                3 F W                TN

374  40/40   Charles Presley     37 M W Laborer        SC
             Sarah "             39 F W                TN
             William "           15 M W                TN
             Mary "              12 F W                TN
             Nancy "             10 F W                TN
             John "               8 M W                TN
             Elizabeth "          5 F W                TN
             Caroline "           2 F W                TN
             Martha "          2/12 F W                TN

399   27/27  Allen Presley       43 M W                NC
             Hannah "            43 F W                NC
             Susan "             15 M W                NC
             David "
             Eliza " 
             Samuel "
             Sarah "

209   66/66  R.W. Presley        45 M W Farmer         SC
             Aseneth "           44 F W                SC
             John M. "           21 M W Farmer         SC
             Mary E. "           14 F W                SC
             Thomas H. "         10 M W                SC

209   75/75  Barney H. Presly    42 M W Farmer 400     SC
             Malinda "           38 F W                SC
             Elisha N. "         19 M W                SC
             Turner "            17 M W                SC
             Alexander "         15 M W                SC
             Mary J. "           14 F W                SC
             Sarah E. "          13 F W                SC
             Harris "            12 M W                SC
             Maddison "          11 M W                SC
             Jenkins "            6 M W                SC
             Rosil "              4 M W                TN
             Hosey "              1 M W                TN

Page 6

160  22/22   Larkin Prestley     21 M W Farmer         TN
             Sally "             23 F W                TN
             Lucy Collins        48 F W                NC
             John F. "            1 M W                TN

186 384/384  Lucinda Prestly      2 F W                TN
              living with Asa N. & Sary Durson(?)

247 159/159  Malimiom Prisly     21 M W Farmer         NC
             Nancy "             21 F W                TN
             Mary "               1 F W                TN

251 215/215  Anna H. Presley     20 F W                NC
             Ditamus "           18 M W                TN
             Sally "             17 F W                TN
             Ruth "              16 F W                TN
             Ja?bugh "           12 M W                TN
             Matilda "            1 F W                NC

254 262/262  Levi Pressley       49 M W Farmer         NC
             Curaney "           48 F W                NC
             Juliana "           20 F W                NC
             Eliza "             18 F W                NC
             Crofford "          16 M W                NC
             Sarah "             14 F W                NC
             Miles "             12 M W                NC

106 178/182  Corimea Presly      13 F W                GA
             Jane "              45 F W                GA
               living with Joseph Brooks

298 296/296  William Presley     15 M W Laborer        VA
                living with Henry Aley

413 503/503  Susan Presley       40 F W                TN
             Sarah "              9 F W                TN

  5  80/80   Elizabeth Presley   40 F W Farmer 700     NC
             Rachael "           21 F W                NC
             Samuel W. "         17 M W                NC
             Rebeca E. "         16 F W                NC
             Levi H. "           14 M W                NC
             Nancy N. "          13 F W                NC
             Miriom B. "         11 M W                NC

64 521/521   Jas. Presly         24 M W None           TN
               living with Samuel Rickman

233 199/158 James Presley        29 M W Farmer         NC
            Elizabeth "          28 F W                NC
            Mary "               10 F W                NC
            Harriet "             3 F W                NC

241 371/277 Pheba Presly         23 F w                TN
              living with Mad & Nancy Johnson
  4    40/40   Jackson Presley    17 M W Student      TN
                 living with Geo. H. Gibson 

 13 167/167    Allin Presley      22 M W Farmer       NC
                John "             21 M W Farmer       TN

 15 201/201    William Presley    25 M W Laborer      TN
                 living with Henry Maze

 36 489/489    Polly Presley      22 F W              NC
                 living with Hiram Lea

 64 882/882    John Presley       28 M W Laborer      NC
               Sarah "            24 F W              NC
               Ann "               6 F W              TN
               Mary "              2 F W              TN
               John Alen "      1/12 M W              TN

 68 946/946    Abner Presley      60 M W Miller       NC
               Margara "          24 F W              TN
               David "             5 M W              TN
               James "             3 M W              TN
               Martha "            1 F W              TN
               Margarett Williams 23 F W              TN
               James "             3 F W              TN
               Louisa "            1 F W              TN

113 1574/1574 Richard Presley     55 M W Farmer       SC
              Dicey "             45 F W              SC
              Isaac "             23 M W              SC
              Thomas "            18 M W              TN
              Polly "             14 F W              TN
              Joseph "            12 M W              TN
              Joshua "             8 M W              TN

113 1576/1576 Hugh Presley        24 M W Farmer 150   SC
              Delta "             20 F W              SC

113 1577/1577 John Presley        26 M W Farmer       TN
              Sarah Over "        24 F W              TN
              Evaline "            7 F W              TN
              Mary "               3 F W              TN
              Isaac "              3 M W              TN
              William "         7/12 M W              TN

113 1578/1578 Isaak Presley       40 M W Farmer 300   SC
              Mary "              25 F W              TN
              Martha "             7 F W              TN
              William "            4 M W              TN
              Dica "               3 F W              TN
              Sarah "           4/12 F W              TN
              Ann "                5 F W              TN

121 1697/1697 William R. Presley  29 M W Moulder      NC
              Margaret "          22 F W              TN
              Henry "             10 M W              TN
              Maratha "            7 F W              TN
              Mary "               6 F W              TN
              Monroe "          5/12 M W              TN
              Martha Ditie(?)     20 F W              TN
              William "            8 M W              TN
              Avaline "            2 F W              TN
              William "           19 M W              TN

121 1699/1699 Washington Presley  15 M W Laborer      TN
                living with Harrison & Maranda Lutsell

Page 7

 33 444/445  Geroge Presley    30 M W Farmer        TN
             Rebeca "          25 F W               TN
             Pleasant "         4 F W               TN
             Elizabeth "        3 F W               TN
             Patsy Ann "        2 F W               TN
             Polly "           16 F W               TN

 33 445/446  Green Houston     22 M W               TN
             Nancy "           20 F W               TN
             George "           2 M W               TN
             James "         8/12 M W               TN
             Patsy Presely     50 F W               NC

245 736/743  John Presley      26 M W Farmer   250  TN
             Elizabeth "       23 F W               TN
             Margaret "        10 F W               TN
             Geo. W. "          7 M W               TN
             Marion "           6 M W               TN
             Mary "             4 F W               TN

251 815/820  George Pursley    20 M W Farmer        TN
             Deborah "         16 F W               TN
             Marcissa "      6/12 F W               TN

251 816/821  Duning Presley    70 M W Farmer        SC
             Mary "            50 F W               SC
             Nancy "           14 F W               GA

289 274/274  Mary Presley      36 F W               NC
             Jacob "           15 M W               TN
             Nancy J. Dean     16 F W               -

316 623/623  Gilliam Presley   48 M W Farmer        NC
             Barbary "         48 F W               SC
             Ja?ay "           19 M W               TN
             Matilda C. "      14 F W               TN
             Luisa "            7 F W               TN

316 624/624  Wm. R. Presley    22 M W Farmer        TN
             Mary A.           21 F W               TN
322  4/5    Hugh G. Presley     20 M W None         NC
            Martha J. "         19 F W              TN
            John "               1 M W              TN
            Nancy "             58 F W              SC
            James M. "          22 M W              SC
            Anna "              18 F W              NC

232 290/290 Pleasant W. Pressly 33 M W Farmer 650   NC
            Sylva "             39 F W              TN
            Nancy H. "          12 F W              TN
            Frances M. "        10 F W              TN
            Sophia H. "          8 F W              TN
            Brison H. "          6 M W              TN
            Nicey C. "           4 F W              TN
            John J. "            3 M W              TN

232 291/291 Andw. M. Pressly    31 M W Farmer       NC
            Judy "              27 F W              TN
            Robert V. "          6 M W              TN
            Mary C. "            2 F W              TN

233 304/304 Valentine Pressly   65 M W Farmer 100   NC
            Susan "             61 F W              NC
            Mabry H. "          21 M W Farmer       NC
            Martha Raferty      24 F w              TN

236 342/342 Rebecca Presly      75 F W              NC
               living with Joseph & Silvana Mitchell

 17 214/214 Martha Prestly      25 F W              NC
            Sarah "              3 F W              TN
            William "            2 M W              TN
              living with William & Lucinda Smith

173 980/1008 Cornelius Presler  32 M W Carpenter    NC
             Elizabeth "        27 F W              VA
             Amanda J. "         8 F W              TN
             Martin A. "         6 M W              TN
             Enoch Pressnele     6 M W              TN
             Sarah C. "          4 F W              TN
             Charlotte "         1 F W              TN
             Mathes A. "      4/12 M W              TN


From Joanne Walters - June 1987 Newsletter, page 50:
Ned Parker has only one deceased child, that being Christopher. Sabrina is not deceased. Ned Gilford Parker, b. 28 Dec. 1934 Polkton, Anson Co., N.C., m. Annette Jane Malmberg, b. 15 May 1940 St. Peter, Nicollet Co., Minn. Children:
Timothy Ned Parker, b. 9/28/1961 Wichita, Kans.
Christopher Robert Parker, b. 8/1/1965 Wichita, Kans., d. 5/1/1983

Sabrina Marie Parker, b. 3/11/1968 Mt. Pleasant, Utah
Jeffrey Roy Parker, b. 6/14/1969 Leavenworth, Kans.
A letter from Ned (25 May 1987) states that his "oldest son will become an FBI agent on June 5 and will be assigned to the Alexandria, Va., office."
Most, if not all, the descendants of John Salathiel & Flora Lee (Little) Preslar now spell their name "Presler."

From Audrey Kinion - March 1987 Newsletter, page 41:
Peter Isaac Presley's birth should have read 29 Dec. 1825, instead of 1829.

Page 8


Genealogical Data from Colonial New York Newspapers.
Baltimore, 1977 (originally published 1964-1976).

p. 59

Genealogical data from'the New York Mercury, 1758:
Pressler, John - killed by Indians, Nov. 11, 1757, in N.J. (7/10)

Pennsylvania German Marriages - Marriages & Marriage Evidence in Pennsylvania German Churches. Donna R. Irish. 1982.

p. 114.

p. 142

p. 232.

p. 268.

p. 352

Germantown Reformed Church, Germantown, Philadelphia Co.
Joseph Miller & Sarah Pressler 21 July 1818

Salem Reformed Church, Harrisburg, Dauphin Co.
George Pressler, Swat., & Rebecca Carnel, Daup. 9 Jan. 1817
Benjamin Mayer, Harr. & Mary Pressler 2 Mar. 1817

First Reformed Church, Lancaster, Lancaster Co.
Daniel Harr & Rebecca Preschler of Lamp. 9 Jan. 1800

Tabor First Reformed Church, Lebanon, Lebanon Co.
Georg Siegenthaler & Maria Pressler 3 Sept. 1822

First Reformed Church, Philadelphia.
William Pressler & Sophia Salter 12 Sept. 1814

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Paltz, New York.
Dingman Versteeg. Baltimore, 1977 (orig. published 1896).

p. 172.

Baptisms, Aug. 30, 1790. Peter, born Sept. 20, 1786, and Nency, born Oct. 4, 1788, children of Thomas Burian & Maria Preslar

Quaker History &,_ Genealogy of the Marlborough Monthly Meeting, Ulster Co., New York, 1804-1900+.
Comp. by Shirley V. Anson & Laura M. Jenkins. Gateway - Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1980.

p. 82.

p. 118.

p. 133.

p. 143.

p. 170.

Birdsall, Clara M., b. Twn. of Newburgh 23:5:1868, daugh. of John & Sarah H.; birthright member; m. Eugene Presler; res. Leptondale; released by

Fergeson, Ferguson, Furguson, William, b. Cold Spring, PutnamCo., N.Y.
28:8:1867, son of Gabriel & Nancy; received by request 26:10:1887;
m. Sarah J. Presler 13:3:1889; res. Unionville; released by letter

Harris, Charles, b. Platt. 6:4:1832, d. 1926, son of James & Clara;
m. Nancy Presler 2:2:1856; received by reguest 26:10:1887 at Valley
Preparative Meeting; res. Platt.; appt. an Elder 1891 thru 1901

Hunter, Nellie, Received by reguest 22:6:1892 at Valley Preparative Meeting; m. Theo. Presler; res. Valley

Presler, Alice, received by request 30:1:1915; released by letter to M.E.
Church in Highland.
Presler, Clara D., released by letter 29:9:1906 from Valley PM, to Reform
Church at Newburgh
Presler, Frank, received by reguest 22:6:1892 at Valley PM; res. Platt.
Presler, Martha, received by reguest 22:7:1891, with husband M.A.;
released by letter 25:11:1911 to another church.
Presler, Merenes A., received by request 22:7:1891, with wife Martha;
d. 4:1:1918
Presler, Sarah J., received by request 26:10:1887
Preslar, Theodore, received by request 22:6:1892 at Valley PM; res. Platt.
Presler, William S., received by request 24:4:1880

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Confederate Pension Records

(Ed. Note: The Association has begun to acquire Civil War pensions issued to veterans and their widows. Of course, for those who fought for the Confederacy, there are no pension records in the National Archives. These records must be obtained from the various state record depositories. The following records have been located and will be acquired as time and funds allow, but the list may be useful in the meantime to researchers who wish to order records themselves.)

(Department of Cultural Resources, Archives and Records Section, 109 East Jones St., Raleigh, North Carolina 27611.)

Pressly, Daniel N.
Pressly, E.E.
Pressly, Franklin A.
Pressly, F.P.
Pressley, James M.
Perssley John R.
Pressley, L.S.
Pressley, M.C
Presley, Milas R.
Pressley/Presley, Salathiel
Pressley, William W.
Pressley, William
Preslar, Darling
Presley, Andrew C.
Presley, Anthony
Presly, John Riley
Presley, L.C.
Presley, D.S.
Presley, W.E.
Preslar, Gilbert

wife- Mrs. L.H
Mary J.
Jane E.
Martha J.
(Appl. for Home for Disabled)
Mary M.



Haywood Co.
Iredell Co.
Haywood Co.
Jackson Co.
Buncombe Co.
Buncombe Co.
Buncombe Co.
Haywood Co.
Union Co.
Union Co.
Haywood Co.
Buncombe Co.
Alexander Co.
Union Co.
Buncombe Co.
Transylvania Co.
Jackson Co.
Jackson Co.
Mecklenburg Co.
Union Co.

(S.C. Dept. of Archives & History, 1430 Senate St., P.O. Box 11,669; Capitol Station, Columbia, S.C. 29211-1669.)

Pressly, Lizzie F.

Abbeville Co.


(Virginia State Library, 12th & Broad Sts., Richmond, Va. 23219-3491.)

Pressley, Sampson
Presley, Tayse
Presley, Isaac
Presley, Joseph
Presley, J.J

Co. I, 10th Regt. Ky. Cav
Co. I, 10th Regt. Ky. Cav
Co. I, 10th Regt. Ky. Cav
Co. I, 10th Regt. Ky. Cav
Co. E, 21st Regt. Va. Cav

Buchanan Co.
Buchanan Co.
Buchanan Co.
Buchanan Co.
Dickenson Co.

(Tennessee State Library & Archives, 403 Seventh Ave. North, Nashville, Tenn. 37219.)

Presley, Thomas Jefferson
Presley, William
Presley, William
Presley, Temptelan
Presley, Tally B.
Presley, G.W.

60th Inf
31st Inf.
3rd G. Bn.
(wid. Margaret)
(wid. Sallie Elizabeth)
(wid. Deborah)

Hawkins Co.
Blount Co.
Hamilton Co.
Knox Co.
Roane Co.


Page 10

(The Florida State Archives, R.A. Gray Bldg., Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250.)

Preslar, Noah
Presley, Calvin W.

Ga. unit
SC unit

wife - Martha Howard
none listed

St. Johns Co.
Duval Co.


(Division of Archives, Records Management, & History, P.O. Box 94125, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9125.)

Presley, John S.

wife - Sarah C. Davis

(Confederate Pension & Record Dept., State Capitol, Atlanta, Gaorgia.)

Pressly, Harvey S.
Pressly, R.C.
Pressly, R.C.
Pressley, John T.
Pressley Richard Simpson
Pressly, H.S.
Presly, W.V.
Presley, William V.
Presley, William
Presley, Wyatt
Presley, J.T.
Presley, John T.
Presley, Mike
Presley, Michael
Presly, C.C.
Presley, J.T.
Presley, J.T.

Co. D, 27th Ga
Co. F, 56th Ga.
Co. F, 56th Ga.
Co I, 23rd Ga.
Co. A, Robert's S.C.
Co. D, 27th Ga.
Co. A, Fla.
Co. A, 1st Fla. Res.
Co. F, 11th Ga. Cav.
Co. A, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 46th Ga. Inf.
unit not given
Co. C, Phillips Legion
Co. C, Phillips Legion
Co. I, 2nd Ga.
Co. A, 46th Ga.
Co. A, 46th Ga.

tfd. from Gilmer Co.

wife - Eliza Jane
wife - Susan E.

wife - Mrs. M.L
wife - Harriett
wife - Mattie

wife - Mary

tfd. from Harris Co.

Hall Co.
Gwinnett Co.
Gilmer Co.
Gordon Co.
Elbert Co.
Hall Co.
Banks Co.
Banks Co.
Hall Co.
Thomas Co.
Fulton Co.
Bartow Co.
Banks Co.
Floyd Co.
Pike Co.
Troup Co.
Harris Co.

(Arkansas History Commission, One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201.)

Presley, Ben H.
Presley, Chas. D.
Presley, Elzy L.
Presley, J.A.
Presley, J.R.
Presley, John
Presley, Joshua
Presley, Laskin
Presley, Thomas N.
Presley, W.M.
Presley, William
Presler, C.

Co. E, ___ Ark. Cav.
Co. F, 5th Ark. Inf
--- Ark. Inf..
Co. B, 8th Ark. Inf
Co. K, ___ Ga. Arty.
Co. E, 9th Ala. Inf.
Co. A, 2nd Ark. Cav.
--- Ark. Inf.
Co. A, --- Cav.
Co. G, 46th Ga. Inf.
--- 2nd Ark. Cav.
Co. B, 43rd N.C. Inf

wife - Jerusha E.

wife - Mrs. M.E.

wife - Martha A.
wife - Martha
wife - Glovinsy E.
wife - Mrs. A. E.
wife - Martha R.
wife - Susie


Pike Co.
Conway Co.
Van Buren Co.
Independence Co.
Hempstead Co.
Lonoke Co.
Crawford Co.
Benton Co.
Crawford Co.
Sevier Co.
Crawford Co.
Monroe Co.

(Department of Archives & History, 100 .South State St., P.O. Box 571, Jackson, Mississippi 39205-0571.)

Presley, A.J.
Presley, E.H. (Elias Harris)
Presley, Mrs. Josie (George S.)
Presley, Mrs. Mary E. (Wm. A.)
Presley, R.C.

Co. F, 33rd Miss
--- 2nd Ark.
Co. E, 4th Miss.
Co. E, 1st Miss. Res.
--- 39th Miss.

Scott Co.
Leake Co.
Carrollton Co.
Leake Co.
Leake Co.

(to be continued)

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Linda Pressler Warr
address withheld

Daniel Bressler/Pressler was born 1799 in Penn., and m. Susanna Gill, b. 1810. Their children were:
Isaac, b. 1829 Pa., in. Elizabeth ____
Catherine A., b. 1831 Pa., m. Jacob Moyer
Judith, b. 1832 Pa.
Isabella, b. 1836 Pa.
Lydia, b. 1838, d. Oct. 1859
Sophia, b. 1841, m. _____ Derr
William W., b. May 1844, m. _____ Moore
John A., b. Oct. 1847, m. ___ Greer
Samuel H., b. May 1851, d. 3 July 1868
I am looking for the parents of Daniel & Susanna (Gill) Bressler/Pressler and for the offspring of their children.

Jimmy Johnson Furr
address withheld

Can anyone help me in determining the parentage of Milas R. Presley, buried in the Presson Cemetery in northwestern Union Co., N.C., with his son and daughter-in-law, John Wesley & Sarah (Price) Presley? Milas R. Presley, b. 2/2/1820, d. 7/18/1864, m. 4/12/1845 Agnes Helms. Children:
1) Elias P. Presley, b. 1846, m. Lydia ___, b. 8/22/1842, d. 10/21/1910
2) Nancy C. Presley, b. 1848, m. 3/23/1869 John Williams, m2 Henry M. Price
3) John Wesley Presley, b. 10/25/1850, d. 12/1/1823, m. 12/23/1869 Sarah E. Price, b. 9/3/1853, d. 6/9/1928
4) Mary E. Presley, b. 1852
5) Rachel M. Presley, b. 1854, m. Cyrus L. Price
6) Jacob Culpepper Presley (see below)
7) Marion Presley, b. 1858, d. 3/14/1944, m. Ivey J. Griffin
8) Mahala C. (Caroline?), b. 1860

Jacob Culpepper Presley, b. 5/28/1857, d. 10/25/1919, m. 8/20/1875 Isabel Clontz, b. 10/15/1852, d. 3/9/1908. Children:
1) Dexter A. Presley
2) Lemuel Presley
3) Grover Presley
4) Zebulon Presley, b. 2/28/1873(7), d. 6/27/1923

5) John F. Presley, b. 4/1/1876, d. 8/30/1906, m. Leslie Helms 6) William H. Presley, b. 1878, d. 1931
7) Martha Presley, m. Benton
8) Jarvis Allsbrook Presley, b. 11/20/1885, d. 6/23/1936, m. 1/4/1904 Bessie Helm, b. 5/17/1886, d. 4/29/1912. Children: Jarvis Allsbrook Presley, Jr., Auta Presley, and Leonard Benard Presley

John W. Pressly
address withheld

I am a retired Presbyterian minister who has lived on the west coast during my fifty years of ministry, but I was born in Nebraska. My father, Nov. J.W. Pressly, Sr., was born in Rensalaer, Indiana, but lived most of his life in Iowa and Nebraska, liis father, Rev. Robert T. Pressly was born in Battleground, Ind. on 6/21/1848; his father, Nathaniel Weed Pressly, M.D. was from Battleground, Ind., died in 1883. My grandmother, wife of Rev. Robert T. Pressly, was Melissa McGaw. Her ancestors for severu generations were from the Abbeville, S.C. area, jnd the earliest, John McGaw, from Scotland via Irclanc I believe the Presslys were also from Abboville Co., perhaps being among the group who migrated to Ohio during the Civil War period. Can anyone offer any help with this line?

Page 12

Minnie P. Carender
address withheld

I would like help on extending the following Presley line:
Richard Presley, b. ca. 1795, m. Dicey, b. ca. 1805, both of S.C. and in Monroe Co., Tenn. in 1840. Children:
1) Isaac, m. 28 July 1851 Martha J. Smith
2) Thomas, m. Nancy Moore
3) Polly
4) Joseph
5) Joshua, m. Rachel ____
6) Hugh, m. 1848 Delia Giles
7) John Elisha (see below)
8) Isaah, m. 1 Nov. 1841 Polly Hooper

John Elisha Presley, b. ca. 1823 S.C., m1. 19 Apr. 1841 Eliz. Hooper, m2. 1. May 1843 Sarah Yarberry, b. ca. 1824 S.C. Children (all born Monroe Co., Tenn.):
1) Evaline (Valley), b. ca. 1844
2) Mary Jane, b. ca. 1846, m. Guilford Giles
3) Isaac, b. ca. 1847, m. Anna Cunningham
4) William, b. ca. 1849, m. Mary -
5) M.A. (female), b. ca. 1852, m. Bill Underwood (?)
6) John (Joshua), b. ca. 1854, m. Rachel ____
7) John P. (see below)
8) Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth, b. 22 Apr. 1859, d. 10 Dec. 1909 Knoxville, Term., m. John Shaw
9) Thomas, b. ca. 1861 John Elisha Presley, m3. Aguilla Yarberry (sister of Sarah)(bef. 1870), ml. Carolyn ____, b. ca. 1840. Children:
10) Dicey, b. ca. 1877
11) Richard, b. ca. 1878
John P. Presley, b. 17 Dec. 1856 Monroe Co., Tenn., d. 16 Jan. 1930 Lenoir City, Term., m. 9 Feb. 1877 Sarah J. Tyler, b. 26 Sept. 1857 Tellico, Term., d. 13 Nov. 1931 Cambridge City, Ind. Children:
1) Cordelia, b. 25 Mar. 1878, d. 23 Oct. 1904 Lenoir City, Term., m. John McKelney 11 Oct. 1878
2) Margaret, b. 19 Feb. 1880, d. June 1920 Lenoir City, Tenn., m. 25 Nov. 1899 Phillip Henderson
3) Nancy, b. 25 Oct. 1883, d. Aug. 1903 Lenoir City, Tenn., 2. 2 Sept. 1920 Wm. Ault
4) Charles Perry, b. 19 Nov. 1885, d. 5 Apr. 1959 Ft. Waync, Ind., bur. Riverside Cem., Cambridge City, Ind., m. Lorah Mae Myers, b. 15 Oct. 1886 Lenoir City, Tenn., d. 24 Nov. 1976 Cambridge City, Ind. (my grandparents)
5) John Franklin, b. 24 Dec. 1887, d. 13 Feb. 1953 Texas, m. Blanche Cole
6) Reuben, b. 13 May 1890, d. 15 Jan. 1915 Lenoir City, Tenn., m. 9 Apr. 1910 Lenoir City, Amanda Paul
7) Henry, b. 25 May 1891, d. 5 Jan. 1928 Washington,' Tenn., m. Ella Lee Stout Kagley

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Bob & Deb Thompson have announced the birth of their second daughter, Elizabeth, on 20 May 1987. Julie and her sister, Jennifer, are granddaughte. Elsie (Preslar) & Martin Luther Walters, Sr. of Charlotte, N.C.

Joseph Martin Walters & Dawn Marie (Haubold) Walters of Radford, Va., residents of Lexington, N.C., are the parents of a son, Christopher Stephen born Aug. 1, 1987. The new baby is the first grandchild of Martin & Joanne of Lexington, and the first great-grandson of Elsie (Preslar) & Martin Luthe Walters, Sr.

From Joanne Walters, 805 Raeford Ave., Lexington, N.C. and
The Dispatch, Lexington, N.C., Aug. 10, 1987.


From Stephen J. Presley - The Preslar/Presley Family, of Anson Co. , N_.C_., p. 15:
The writer stated that Elias Preslar "was deeded lOOa on Mill Cr. by John Preslar in 1835" (Anson Co. DB Z, p. 179). A careful reading of this deed reveals that John Presley deeded the land on Mill Creek to "Eli Presley his son". Therefore, the Eli in this deed was not the Elias (#53), son of Elias Preslar, but rather another Eli, who lived in present-day Union Co. and was possibly a son of John (#68). Further research on this relationship needs to be done. .

From James E. Andcrson - June 1987 Newsletter, p. 55:

1830 Census


Page Name Male

Mary Pursley 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 York
384 Robert Pursley 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 York
269 Darcus Presly 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 Washington
208 James Pusley 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Pickens

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(Ed. Note: The following land conveyance from the Kershaw Co., S.C., Deec page 61-63, is further evidence that Andrew Presley, Jr. (#15) of North C was residing in Kershaw Co. at the time when his supposed sons, Andrew (I and Charles enlisted to fight in the Revolutionary War. In a later (1779 Co. deed (Deed Book B, page 66-69) in which Andrew was the grantor, he wa to be "of Macklenburgh County No Ca".) South Carolina This Indenture made this 19th day of July in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Six Between James Betty of Craven County of Province aforesaid Taylor of the one part and Andrew Prestly Junr. of the County & Province aforesaid Black Smith of the other part Witnesseth that the said James Bettie & Lucy his wife for and in consideration of the Sum of Ten shillings Current Money of the Colony aforesaid, Has bargained and sold and by these Presents Do bargain and sell unto the Said Andrew Prestly Junr. his Executors administrators & assigns a Certain Plantation or Tract of Land Containing one hundred & Fifty acres in Craven County on the north side of Wateree River being one moiety or half of a Tract of Land Containing three hundred acres land laid out to Edward Howard, bounding Southwest on said Wateree River, North west on James GambolIs Land & vacant Land North east on vacant Land and South East on James Michies Land (at the time of the Original Grant) that hath such Shape form & marks as appear by a Platt thereof, Now in the hands of Andrew Prestly Junr. with the Grant thereof duly Recorded in the Secretarys Office in book N.N. folo. 84 and the said Edward Howard having Departed this Life in testate the aforesaid Tract of Land Deceased and Came by Right of Coheirship & Legal Discent unto Sarah Rebeccah & Elizabeth (his Daughters) and the sd Tract or Parcel of Land Containing Three Hundred acres was Sold & Conveyed by Alexander Robinson William Robinson & William Chaves unto James Beaty as appears by Conveyances thereof made, bearing date the Twenty fifth and Twenty sixth days of November in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and sixty nine and the said James Beaty hath bargained & sold and by these Preslents do bargain and Sell unto the'aforesaid andrew Prestly Junr. all the aforesaid Tract or Parcel of Land Containing one hundred & fifty acres Together with all and singular the Rights, Members & appurtenances whatsoever to the said one hundred and fifty acres of Land belonging or in any wise appurtaining and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder & Remainders thereof To have and To hold the said Plantation or Tract of Land and Premises herebv bargained & sold or meant and intended to be bargained and Sold unto the said andrew Prestly Junr. his Executors administrators and assigns from the day next before the day of the date of these Presents for and During the Term of one whole year yielding and paying therefor unto the said James Beaty his Executors or administrators the Rent of one Pepper Corn, on the last day of the said Term of the same shall be lawfully Demanded to the intent and Purpose that the said Andrew Prestly Junr. by Virtue hereof and by force of the Statute for Transferring uses into Possession may be in the actual Possessession of the Premises herein before mentioned, and intended to be hereby bargained & sold and be hereby Enabled to accept and take a Grant and Release of the Reversion and Inheritance of the same to him and his heirs forever in Witness whereof the said James Beaty and Lucy his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written ——
Sealed and delivered in Presence of

Andrew Presly
his mark

John Presley
his mark

James Bettie

Lucy Bettie
her mark

Received in office the 2d July 1791

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(Ed. Note: It is always gratifying to be able to bring together two previously unacquainted members with a common ancestry. It is evidence that our Association is serving one of the-purposes for which it was begun, and that the support and hard work of our members is being rewarded. Witness the family group data submitted by the following two members.)

Submitted by Lillian L. Stumpp, address withheld:

John Robert Presley, b. 26 Mar. 1815 (or 1813) N.C., d. 11 Nov. 1900 Buncombe Co., N.C., bur. Calvary Bapt. Church Cem., Fletcher, N.C., m. 1846 Jane Elizabeth Roach, b. 20 Dec. 1820, d. 26 Apr. 1923 Arden, Buncombe Co., N.C., bur. Calvary Bapt. Church Cem., Fletcher, N.C. Children:
1) Howard Presley, b. 1847 (1850 census), m. firstly, Lizzie Jones (two children), m. secondly ?
2) James Presley, b. 1849 (1850 census), m. Emma Williams (ten children)
3) Mary Ann Presley, b. 18 Aug. 1852 Buncombe Co., N.C., d. 17 Jan. 1929, ; bur. Calvary Bapt. Church Cem., m. 23 Nov. 1869 Buncombe Co., N.C., William M. Jones (Lillian's line)
4) Fidillia Presley
5) Josiah D. Presley, m. Julie Lee (12 children)
6) Marcus Presley
7) Laura Presley, b. 1861 (1880 census), m. Richard Lambert (six children)
8) Samuel Presley, b. 1865 (1880 census), m. Mattie Canidy (no children)
9) Robert L. Presley, b. May 1864 (1880 census) , m. Julia Howell (no children) 10) Lenie Presley, m. Laura Roberts

Submitted by Ray Grim, Jr., address withheld:
Howard (Hardy) Presley, b. June 1848 (son of John R. Presley & Elizabeth Jane Tate(?), m. firstly ? Children:
1) Pink Presley, b. N.C., lived Skyland, N.C.
2) Joanna Presley, b. N.C., m. a Bass, lived Huntsville, N.C. Howard Presley, m. secondly, 30 June 1873, Grayson, Carter Co., Ky., Carletta
(Lettie) Messer, b. 3 Apr. 1856 (daughter of Samuel Messer & Elizabeth Smith), d. 28 Apr. 1916, bur. School Land Cem., Scioto Co., Ohio. Children:
3) Mary Presley, b. Ohio, m. Charles Locker
4) Laura Fannie Presley, b. 23 Mar. 1885 Lawrence Co., Ohio, d. 6 Oct. 1969, bur. Batterson Cem., Scioto Co., Ohio, m. 12 July 1905 Harry Schomberg (Ray's grandparents)
5) Hattie Presley, b. 1892 Ohio, d. 1986, bur. Frankfort, Ross Co., Ohio
6) Charles Presley, b. Ohio
7) John Presley, b. Ohio
8) Eliza Presley, b. Ohio, m. a Bailey


1860 Census records for Ala., Ark., Calf., 111., Ind., Ga., most of La. Confederate Civil War pension records for N.C.