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VOLUME III      NO. 2                                          December 1987                                        Page Sixteen


(Ed. Note: One of our new members, Elizabeth B. Bunting, 516 Sugartown Rd., Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355, has spent many years researching the Bresslers/Presslers in America, especially in Pennsylvania, and in Germany. She has been forwarding to us packets of data which we are placing in our archive and which we will be using in future newsletters, and she invites queries either directly or through the newsletter on the Bressler/Pressler families. Betty's letters are so filled with interesting comments that we thought our readers would appreciate our sharing some of them.)

... [My] family descend[ed] from Hans Georg Simon Bressler (1722-1802), who came with brothers Georg and Nicholas in 1749 on the "Lydia". Another Pressler fajjtily also came to Pa.-ca 1749 .... [The] marriages and baptisms are in the Kirch-eribuch of .the Reformed Church in Nieder Hochstadt, Pfalz, and the old immigrant

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Map of a portion of the Palatinate from Per Grosse Shell Atlas. 1986/87. The village of Hochstadt is northeast of Landau (seen on the map just above the + sign in the lower margin).

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- From The Albuquerque Tribune, Aug. 11, 19

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BRESSLERS/PRESSLERS IN GERMANY AMD AMERICA. SOME COMMENTS (Continued): Bible was with a family member in Bellefonte, Pa. I was able to get photocopies of the family pages which I had translated in Germany. It was this Bible (Nurem-burg, 1716) which uncorked the place and "die alten heimut" in Germany for me.

I feel somewhat certain that [Valentine Pressler, the 1710 New York immigrant] also came from the Hochstadt area .... The Bressler/Pressler family goes back to 1590 on tax and census lists in Hochstadt. Harms Pressler is the earliest listing. Other listings are: George Prassler and George PrSssler der Junge (1619), vaitin Prissier (1628), Lorenz Pressler (1626), Lorenz, Hannss, Hannss Jerg, Valtin, Hannss Stoffel, Philipp Pressler (1668), Georg, Philipp, Conrad Pressler (1763). There are a number of Valentin Presslers in the Hochstadt records. In fact, the immigrant Johannes Bressler's father was Valentin Bressler he died in Germany before 1738.

When in Germany I was with Carla [Mittelstaedt-Kubaseck], [the German genealogist who assisted Hank Jones in the research for his The Palatine Families of New York], one evening in Kaiserslautern. She was still trying to run down Valentin. I was with Gerd Pressler, who is the historian of note on the Hochstadt history (Uber 1200 Jahre Hochstadt), and Carla was talking to him about the 1709-10 V. Pressler. The Reformed records in Nieder Hochstadt start in 1708 and many early Ober Hochstadt records are contained within. There are many gaps and the death records jump from 1712 to 1729. Marriages are only for 1708-1716 and then skip to 1730. The Ober Hochstadt records start in 1727. (In the 20th century Nieder and Ober Hochstadt became just Hochstadt.) So, if the New York V. Pressler was from that area, one would not pick him up in the Kirchenbuchen.

There the name is spelled Pressler/Presler/Preslar/Bressler/Bresler/Breslar just as it is in this country. The fact is that "B" and "P" sound almost the same in German, and the German dialect is spelled phonetically, so one gets many variations. I. have never considered Pressley as being the Pressler line, but it certainly seems possible. The idiom which is called Pensilfanisch Deitsch drops "R's" so they are very, very soft. Stern sounds like stehn; gern sounds like gehn; and Novinger sounds like Natinge (It's hard to write the dialect.). I can see that Pressler could be[come] Pressley ....

...[Djuring [Hank Jone's October 1987 lecture to a meeting of Palatines to America in Harrisburg, Pa.], he referred to the very early dispersal of the 1709'ers to the wilderness areas. In particular he mentioned V. Pressler & family being found on the Elk Ridge in Maryland; 1730 is very early for such migrations. Andrew & family probably came out through the valleys to Lancaster Co. (Rte. 30 today, the first turnpike in the 18th century which went as far as York, Pa., and was early a drover's path - called the Conestoga trail). There are numerous rivers flowing south at that point (Octorora, Brandiwine, etc.) which are the waters that feed the head of the Cheasapeake; and also in Cecil Co., Md., the Susquehana River empties into the Cheasapeake. All of the Lancaster Co. Rte. 30 area and south would have been German-speaking and Andrew Pressler/Bressler would have easily maneuvered through the settlements.

...[T]he German descendants (before 1790 or so) who migrated out of the German settlements lost their cultural connections.- We still rooted in Pennsylvania are very aware of cultural iconography, even crafts, and of course, "der Muttersprache", often called ... Pensilfanisch Deitsch. One can hear it in the marketplace and in the villages. I'm on the staff of Winterthur Museum in Delaware, where there is a great collection of early Pennsylvania German decorative arts and furniture - a lot of

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fraktur and scrafitto as well. I belong to the Pennsylvania German Society and am on the Board of Palatines to America (Pa. chapter). I'm a guide-specialist in Pennsylvania-German Fine Arts. Not the arts of the Mennonites or Amish, the Schwenkfelters, or Moravians, but the non-urban crafts of those Lutheran/Reformed immigrants who made up at least 40% of the Pennsylvania population in 1776. Of course, the tourist industry has ... ballyhooed the Amish/Mennonite communities, but there is so much more.

Left: Old timbered house
in Hochstadt, Pfalz.
(Photo by Elizabeth B. Bunting)

Below: Two wine labels from
Pressler wineries in
Hochstadt, Pfalz, Germany.
Note the coats of arms.

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1850 Census

                 NORTH CAROLINA

211  289/289   William Preslar    24 M W Farmer      NC
               Lucy "             22 F W             NC
               Stephen "           3 M W             NC

213  807/807   John Preslar       38 M W Farmer 1100 NC
               Martha "           34 F W             NC
               Eliza "            18 F W             NC
               Allen "            17 M W             NC
               Sarah "            14 F W             NC
               Levi "             10 M W             NC
               Manaly "            3 F W             NC
               Not named "      9/12 F W             NC

213 1080/1080  Daniel Preslar     55 M W Farmer 750  NC
               Sarah "            55 F W             NC
               Henry C. "         24 M W             NC

232 1084/1084  John Preslar       24 M W Farmer 400  NC
               Sarah "            23 F W             NC
               Elizabeth "        11 F W             NC
               Margaret "          9 F W             NC
               Mary "              6 F W             NC
               Susan "             4 F W             NC
               Calvin "            2 M W             NC

233 1111/1111  Joshua Preslar     40 M W Farmer      NC
               Margaret "         24 F W             NC
               Thomas P. "        10 M W             NC
               Sarah E. "          8 F W             NC
               James W. "          6 M W             NC
               Hugh D. "           4 M W             NC
               Nancy A. "          1 F W             NC

197   32/32    James Pressley     51 M   Blacksmith  NC
               Mary "             44 F               NC
211 215/215    J.R. Pressley      27 M   Laborer     NC
               Howard "            3 M               TN
               James "         10/12 M               NC
               Elizabeth "        21 F               SC

246 694/694    John Pressley      54 M W Laborer     NC
               Harriett "         51 F W             SC
               Mitchell "         21 M W             NC
               Williamson "       18 M W             NC
               Jason "            15 M W             NC    
256  823/823   Wm. H. Pressley   39 M   Laborer      NC
               Fanny "           37 F                NC
               Margaret E. "     12 F                NC
               John W. "          9 M                NC
               Silvanas D. "      7 M                NC
               Frederick M. "     5 M                NC
               Nancy A. "         1 F                NC

290 1274/1274  John R. Pressley  25 M   Laborer      NC
               Delitha "         25 F                NC
               James M. "         2 M                NC
               Manus L. "         1 M                NC     
               John "          1/12 M                NC

290 1276/1276  Wm. Pressley Jr.  37 M   Laborer      SC
               Didemia "         25 F                SC
               Jas A. "          14 M                SC
               Geo. W. "          9 M                SC
               Wm. R "            7 M                SC
               Lorenzo S. "       5 M                SC
               Danl L. "          3 M                SC

307 1504/1504  Wm. Pressly       72 M   None         NC
               Margaret "        65 F                NC
               Jane "            23 F                NC
               Lucinda "         20 F                NC
               Wm. J. "           3 M                NC

309 1535/1536  A. Pressley       23 M   Laborer      NC
                living with Danl. Blake

 33  501/502   Elijah Presley    43 M W Laborer      NC
               Sarah "           42 F W              NC
               Sarah "           14 F W              NC
               William "          7 M W              NC
               Elizabeth "        5 F W              NC
               James "            5 M W              NC
               Caroline "      3/12 F W              NC
               Uriah "           20 M W              NC

---    3/3     Nathan Hill       36 M W Farmer 1500  NC
               Margreat Bresler  18 F W              NC
               Sarah J. Hill     60 F W              NC

138  66/69     Thomas Presley    42 M W Farmer 100   NC
               Gimima "          41 F W              NC
               Franklin "        15 M W              NC
               Lueser "          14 F W              NC
               Daniel N. "       12 M W              NC
               Lotty J. "         9 F W              NC
               Nelson A. "        8 M W              NC
               Joshuway A. "      6 M W              NC
               Joseph "           4 M W              NC
               Crisenbury "       2 M W              NC
               Malinda Henson    28 F W              NC

Page 21

209 1066/1093  David Presley     42 M W Laborer      -
               Mary "            48 F W              - 
               Catharine "       21 F W              - 
               Sarah "           19 F W              -
               James "           16 M W              - 
               Alexander "        8 M W              -

224  141/141   David Presley     35 M W Farmer       NC
               Jane "            24 F W              NC
               Peter "           14 M W              NC
               Mary "            11 F W              NC
               James "            7 M W              NC
               Charles "          4 M W              NC
               Rachel "           1 F W              NC

357 560/570    Anderew Presley   49 M W Farmer 250   NC
                                     (Cabarras Co.)  
               Nancy "           37 F W              NC
                                     (Wilkes Co.)
               David "           18 M W              NC
                                      (Haywood Co.)
               Catharine "       16 F W              NC
                                      (Macon Co.)
               Nancy Jane "      14 F W              NC
               Montraville "      9 M W              NC    
               Lewis C. "         7 M W              NC
               Fidelio P. "       5 M W              NC
               Mary A. "          2 F W              NC

375 799/814    Maria M. Presly    4 F W   (Macon Co.)NC
               living with John & Prudence Matthews

127  251/255   Daniel Presler    15 M W Laborer      NC
               living with George & Christine Miller 

 10  143/143   Eleazer Presley   49 M W Farmer       NC
               Nelly "           48 F W              SC
               Milton "          20 M W              NC
               Elizabeth "       19 F W              NC
               Matty "           17 F W              NC
               Selathiel "       15 M W              NC
               Josephine "       15 F W              NC
               Phebe "           11 F W              NC
               Andrew "           8 M W              NC
               Thomas "           4 M W              NC

 22  294/294   Alvin Presley     34 M W Farmer 150   NC
               Esther "          34 F W              NC
               Theresie "        14 F W              NC
               Noah "            12 M W              NC
               Rachael "         10 F W              NC
               Joseph "           8 M W              NC
               Hosea "            5 M W              NC
               Caswell "          3 M W              NC

 22  305/305   Elias Preslar     47 M W Farmer   60  NC
               Elizabeth "       48 F W              NC
               Jason H. Schoen   13 M W              NC

 26    -/-     Elias Preslar     22 M W Farmer       NC
               Eledia "          25 F W              GA
               Permelia "         ? F W              NC 
 26  308/308   Sherrod Presley   57 M W Farmer  175  NC
               Sarah "           40 F W              NC
               Darling "         25 M W Farmer       NC
               Elizabeth "       26 F W              NC
               Wiatt "           23 M W Farmer       NC
               Naoma "           21 F W              NC
               Anna "            18 F W              NC
               Alcy "            16 F W              NC
               Amos "            14 M W              NC
               Hosea "           11 M W              NC

 26  309/309   Anna Presley      72 F W              NC
               Lucinda "         35 F W              NC

 26  372/372   John Presley      38 M W Farmer 800   NC
               Laviney "         24 F W              NC
               Clarissa "         5 F W              NC
               Gilbert "          4 M W              NC
               Hosea "            2 M W              NC

 26  374/374   Andy Presley      29 M W Farmer       NC
               Elizabeth "       31 F W              NC
               L. J. "            7 F W              NC
               Sarah A. "         5 F W              NC
               Martha C. "        3 F W              NC
               Arminda "          1 F W              NC

 26  677/377   Evan Preslar      36 M W Farmer       NC
               Rebecca "         35 F W              NC
               Polly "            9 F W              NC
               Tabitha "          7 F W              NC
               Leviney "          5 F W              NC
               Hosea "            3 M W              NC
               Eli "              1 M W              NC
               Calvin "        1/12 M W              NC
 27  389/389   E. Preslar        56 M W Farmer  570  NC
               Anna "            57 F W              NC
               Sarah A. "        14 F W              NC

 27  390/390   Gillom Prelar     21 M W Farmer       NC
               Mary "            19 F W              NC
               Franklin "         1 M W              NC

 60  880/880   Caleb Preslar     42 M W              NC
               Penelope "        23 F W              NC
               Laura J. "        12 F W              NC
               Wm. "             10 M W              NC
               James "            8 M W              NC
               Melissa "          5 F W              NC
               Parker "           2 M W              NC

 77 1122/1122  Peter Presley     40 M W Farmer  220  NC
               Eliza "           32 F W              NC
               John J. "         15 M W              NC
               Renah "           13 M W              NC
               Anna "            11 F W              NC
               Lucinda C. "       1 F W              NC

 77 1123/1123  Melus Presley     30 M W Farmer  102  NC
               Ada "             22 F W              NC
               Elias P. "         4 M W              NC
               Nancy C. "         3 F W              NC
               J. W. "            1 ? W              NC

 77 1127/1127  John Presley Sr.  85 M W Farmer  150  NC
               Nelson Price      22 M W              NC
               Dovy "            24 F W              NC
               Mary "             3 F W              NC
               Edw. A. "       4/12 M W              NC

Page 22

 79 1160/1160  Eli Presley     32 M W Farmer  202   NC
               Mary "          35 F W               NC
               W. E. "          8 M W               NC
               Matilda "        6 F W               NC
               J. E. "          5 M W               NC
               Ellen "          4 F W               NC
               J. M. "          1 F W               NC
               Thomas C. "   4/12 M W               NC

 94 1386/1386  Parker Presley  40 M W Farmer  350   NC
               Keziah "        35 F W               NC
               Esther E. "     12 F W               NC
               Wm. P. "        10 M W               NC
               Mary A. "        8 F W               NC
               Hosea "          7 M W               NC
               Jemima "         6 F W               NC
               Ervin "          5 M W               NC
               Minerva "        3 F W               NC
               Marshall "       2 M W               NC

 97 1420/1420  Hannah Presley  25 F W               NC
               Thomas  R. "    20 M W Laborer       NC
               Elizabeth "     15 F W               NC
               Mary A "        11 F W               NC

340 1321/1321  Nancy Pressly   25 F W  (Wilkes Co.) NC
               Amey "           2 F W               NC
               living with Bridgett Fox
341 1337/1337  Amos Pressly    60 M W Farmer 350    NC
                                        (Burke Co.)
               Margaret "      58 F W               NC
                                        (Iredell Co.)
               William "       26 M W               NC
               Newton "         7 M W               NC
364 1783/1783  James Pressly   22 M                 NC
               Anny "          26 F                 NC
               Henry "          1 M                 NC

364 1785/1785  Isac Pressly    65 M W Farmer  280   NC
               Betsy "         73 F W               NC
               Easau "         25 M W               NC

393  163/171   John Presley    46 M W Farmer        NC
               Elijah "        21 M W Laborer       NC
               James W. "      17 M W Laborer       NC
               Harvey N. "     14 M W               NC
               John C. "        8 M W               NC
               Amos R. "        2 M W               NC
               Mary "          42 F W               NC
               Elizabeth "     19 F W               NC
               Sarah "         11 F w               NC
               Prudence "       6 F w               NC

462 1099/1153  LeRoy Presley   24 M W Laborer       -
               Sarah "         30 F W               NC
               Sarmantha "      3 F W               NC
               Jeptha Stanton  17 M W               NC

463 1162/1162  Peter Presley   29 M W Farmer        NC
               Russell "    10/12 M W               NC
               Rebecca         28 F W               TN
               Marinda Franklin 5 M W               NC
               Hezekiah "       4 M W               NC  


The death of a charter member of the R.E. Lee Camp, No. 231, U.C.V. at Commerce, Texas, is reported: "Comrade L.W. Presley was born in Pike Co., Ga., Oct. 28, 1826. During the War Between the States he served in Company D, 18th Alabama Regiment. Comrade Presley had a tender feeling for humanity. His quaint sense of humor _and cheerful disposition to look on the bright side of life made him a very pleasant companion and comrade. Soon after the war he came to Texas, where he had been an active and useful citizen, always true to his convictions, energetic and active in all social and religious interests, and he was loved and honored by all who knew him. He maintained youthful vigor and activity of mental, physical, and Christian interest and civil righteousness and was a leader in the Missionary Baptist Church. His death occurred on November 7, 1920, just after turning into his ninety-fifth year, leaving a devoted companion and hosts of relatives and friends to mourn his going."

Confederate Veteran, vol. XXIX, p. 67 (1921)

DOZIER-PRESSLEY. [The "Ordinance of Secession" as adopted in Charleston, S.C., on 20 Dec. I860, which pre cipitated the Civil War, was signed by members of_the Secession Convention chosen from the various parishes of the several districts of the State. Signing from Williamsburg Township were:] Anthony W. Dozier, John G. Pressley, R.C. Logan.

Confederate Veteran, XXVI:8 (1918)

(Ed. Note: See p. 30, this issue, and p. 18, Jan. 1986 issue.)

Page 23


Confederate Pension Records
(Continued from page 10, Sept. 1987 issue)

(Texas State Library, Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives & Library Bldg., Box 12927, Austin, Texas 78711

Preslar, William Joshua (Mrs.)
(Husb.-William Joshua)
Presler, James M.
Presler, M.G. (Mrs.)
(Husb.- J.M.)
Presley, Belle M.
(Husb.- Thomas Marion)
Presley, E.J. (Mrs.)
(Husb.- William Harrison)
Presley, Elizabeth S.
(Husb.-Thomas Turner)
Presley, Emma L.
(Husb.- Silas Henry)
Presley, F.S.
Presley, Harriet F.
(Husb.- William Johnson)
Presley, J.W.
Presley, James Woodson
Presley, L.W. (Mrs.)
(Husb.- Larkin Wiley)
Presley, Larkin Wiley
Presley, Robert Fulton
Presley, Sarah
(Husb.- James Woodson)
Presley, Silas Henry
Presley, William Henry
Pressley, Charles Alexander
Pressley, Charles Alexander (Mrs.)
(Husb.- Charles Alexander)
Pressley, Edward Henry
Pressley, Edward Henry (Mrs.)
(Husb.- Edward Henry)
Pressley, Julius Joseph
Pressley, Mattie
(Husb.-James P.)
Pressley, Ophelia
(Husb.- Julius Joseph)
Pressly, Thompson

Midland Co.

Comanche Co.
Wichita Co.

Tarrant Co.

Foard Co.

Coleman Co.

Navarro Co.

La Salle Co.
Grayson Co.

Van Zandt Co.
Hunt Co.
Hunt Co.

Hunt Co.
Dallas Co.
Red River Co.

Navarro Co.
Matagorda Co.
Knox Co.
Garza Co.

Bexar Co.
Bexar Co.

Burleson Co.
Washington Co.

Burleson Co.

Lavaca Co.

Appl.Rej .














Pension 27813






(Dept. Archives & History, 624 Washington Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 36130)
(Ed. Note: There is no index to Civil War pension records in Alabama as such. These and all other Civil War records in the state archives are included in a microfilmed card catalog, and all Prasley/Preslar entries in this catalog are listed here for convenient reference.)

Presley, A.J.
Presley, E.

Co. I, 18th Regt Ala Vols
Justice of Peace, Baldwin Co.,
exemption from military service

-Muster Roll
-Governor's correspondence, 1863-64

Page 24

Presley, Evan

Presley, Evans

Presley, Fielding S.

Presley, H.S.

Presley, Henry S.

Presley, G.L.

Presley, J.H.

Presley, Jas. J.

Presley, James Madison

Presley, John

Presley, John L.

Presley, John

Presley, John L.

Presley, L.H.

Presley, L.H.

Presley, L.H.

Presley, Newton L.

Presley, R.M.

Presley, Robert H.

Presley, Samuel

4th Sgt., G.B. Hall's Militia,
Baldwin Co., age 47
Robinson springs Vol. Co., Home
Guard, age 50
Pvt., Co. D, 47th Ala Inf Regt,
enl. Apr. 26, 1862, Loachapoka
Co. C, 7th Regt Cav Vol,
applicant: Louiza Presley (widow)
Pvt., Co. C, 7th Ala Cav Regt,
adm. Mar. 30, 1865, scabies
Pvt., Co. B, later Co. C, 6th
Ala Inf, Loachapoka Rifles
Co. D, 18th Regt Ala Vols, enl.
July 30, 1861, Coosa Co.
Pvt., Co. F, 5th Regt.Ala Inf,
Choctaw Co., wounded at Benton-
ville, N.C. & New Hope, Ga.
Co. A, Lewis Battn Ala Cav, also
as Pvt., Capt. T.K. Truss' Co.,
Barbierres Battn Ala Cav, enl.
Sept. 4, 1863, Elyton, Ala.,
paroled at Talladega, Ala.,
May 30, 1865
Pvt., Co. E, 9th Ala Inf, single,
age 18, born Ala., res. Decatur,
disch. Sept. 10, 1861
Pvt., Co. L, was Co. B, 6th Ala
Inf Regt, May 7, 1861 Loachapoka
Pvt., Co. B, later L, 6th Ala Inf
Regt, Loachapoka rifles 1861
Pvt., Co. L, was B, 6th Ala Inf
Regt, Montgomery, Ala.,
May 15, 1861
Pvt., Co. I, 18th Regt Ala Vols,
last paid Aug. 31, 1862
4th Sgt., Co. D, 9th Ala Battn
Inf, enl. Newburn, Green Co.,
Nov. 1861
Pvt., Co. D, 58th Regt, also in
Blount's Battn of Term., enl.
1861, disch. May 10, 1865, enl.
1861 at Cropwell, Ala.
Pvt., Mitchell's Co., 34th Ala
Inf Res, father: John Presley,
Montgomery, Ala.; claim filed
Nov. 11, 1862 & Oct. 8, 1863
Pvt., Co. H, 31st Ala Inf,
age 21
Pvt., Capt. King's Batty Ga
Arty Vol, wounded 1864 Kenesaw
Mountain, applicant: widow,
Mrs. Sarah M. Presley
Pvt., Co. D, 3rd Ala Cav Regt,
enl. 23 Apr. 1861 Wilcox Co.,
captured Shelbyville, Tenn.,
June 27, 1863

-orig. roll, dtd.
Stockton, Sept. 10, 1864
-orig. list not dtd.

-payroll in camp near
Loachapoka, May 23, 1862
-pension application,
Butler Co., Aug. 14, 1901
-Hospital register

-orig. newspaper clipping

-muster roll

-pension application

-Ala. Pen. Commission
rolls of 1864

-Historical record roll,
dtd. Dec. 31, 1864

-Pay roll dtd. Aug. 30,
-compiled roll Apr. 28,
-payroll, Fairfax Sta.,
Va., July 11, 1861

-muster roll

-muster roll Feb. 1863

-pension no. 16260,
Marshall Co.

-List, Condition of Claims,
2nd Aud. C.S. Treas.

-muster-in roll, no date

-pension application,
June 2, 1896, Cullman Co.,

-orig. roll dtd. Lawton-
ville, S.C., Dec. 31,

Page 25

Presley, W.T.

Presley, W.T.

Presley, William

Presley, William A.

Presley, Mrs. R.C.

Presley, William Y.

Presly, E.B.

Presly, J.A.

Presly, William

Preslar, Nancy

Enl. Autauga Co., six

Cpl., Co. A, 48th Ala Inf Regt,
Apr. 21, 1862, Mareraton, Ala.,
born in Ga., age 40, married,
farmer, Blountsville, Ala.
Pvt., Co. D, 47th Ala Inf. Regt,
enl. Apr. 26, 1862 Loachapoka,
widow of William R., Pvt.,
Hardae's Battn.
Pvt., Co. H, 23rd Ala Inf Regt,
father: John Presler(?), Cone-
cuh Co., claim filed Mar. 28,
Pvt., Co.. A, 1st Ala Arty,
captured Ft. Morgan, Aug. 23,
1864, died Feb. 28, 1865 of
Pvt., Co. A, 1st Ala Arty,
captured Ft. Morgan Aug. 23,
1864, died Feb. 10, 1865 of
Chr. Diarrhea
Pvt., Capt. Larkin Breed's
Co. F, Randolph Co. Militia
Mtd Inf, born Ga., age 50
widow of F. Preslar, Pvt.,
Co., C, 37th Regt, enl. Mar.
13, 1862 at Quitman, Miss.

-Indigent family record
-List from Autauga Co.
transmitted to State
Comptroller by G.W. Benson
Judge of Probate, Kingston,
Aug. 18, 1862
-Historical record roll
covering data to Jan. 1,

-payroll in camp near
Loachapoka, Ala., May 23,
-Pension Appl. no. 35403,
Jefferson Co.
-List, Condition of Claims,
2nd Aud. C.S. Treas.

-roll of POW's at Ft.
Columbus N.Y.H.,
transferred to Elmira,
N.Y., Dec. 4, 1864
-roll of POW's at Ft.
Columbus N.Y.H.,
transferred to Elmira,
N.Y., Dec. 4, 1864
-Muster roll dtd. Nov. 17,

-Pension Appl. no. 26706,
Choctaw Co.


Marlene Webb
address withheld

I found Isabella Presley, b. abt. 1840, in the 1870 Alabama census while looking for another surname. Since she did not have a husband, and at that time I did not know of any of my Presleys being in Ala., I did not copy her children's names. I did notice that she had a son named Charles. To make matters worse, I had picked up the wrong microfilm, and when I noticed it, I just put it back without remembering which one it was. I have looked through several counties since with no luck. Isabella was not in the 1880 soundex of Ala.

I found out later that Isabella was the widow of Leander Presley, b. 1838 Union Co., S.C., a brother of my grandfather. I have been told she was born a Roberts, possibly in Ga. Leander and Isabella were in Calhoun Co., Ala., in 1860. He served in the Civil War from St. Clair Co.

Also, does anyone have any information about William and Telitha (Holcomb) Presley of St. Glair Co., Ala. (I860)? Some of their children were: Laura Elicia, b. 1835, m. Francis Marion Stine; Levi, b. 1840; Sarah F., b. 1842, m. Francis M. Stine after Laura died; Susan, b. 1843; Arraminta, b. 1847; all born in S.C.

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Cheryl Presley Charas
address withheld

Looking for descendants of David & Mahala (Welty) Presley and their children:
Mary Presley Stephens, 1828-1912
Barbara- Presley Smith, 1830-1866
Rhoda Presley Savage, 1832-1866
Anthony Presley, 1833-19??
Franklin Presley, 1835-19??
Elias Presley, 1837-1883
Almena Presley Vanlandingham, 1838-1860
Ransom Presley, 1841-1870(?)
Ellen Presley Savage, 1844-1916
Elizabeth Presley Rudolph
Melvina Presley Knott, 1849-1924


To John Presley

Here are the census records on your line which seem to confirm that your family came from South Carolina. 1850 Rush Co., Indiana, census:

1850 Rush Co., Indiana, census:
p. 379  80/80   Nathaniel Pressley    30   M   W     Farmer    b. SC
                Nancy "               25   F   W                  IL
                Mary E. "              4   F   W                  IN
                Robert "               2   M   W                  IN

1860 Tippicanoe Co., Indiana, census:
p. 693  610/605     Nathaniel Presley   40   M   physician   760   783   b.SC
                    Nancy A.  "         35   F                             IL
                    Mary E. "           14   F                             IN
                    Robert T.           11   M                             IN

1880 Tippicanoe Co., Indiana, census:
p. 164   32/47       N.W. Presley     W   M   60   physician            SC   SC  Ohio
	             Nancy A. "       W   F   54   Wife keeps house     IL   SC  SC
                     M.E. Stephenson  W   F   34   daughter - divorced  IL   SC  VA
                     Charles "        W   M   10   son                  IL   SC  VA 
                     Anna M "         W   F    7   daughter             IL   SC  VA
                     Eva G.   "       W   F    5   daughter             IL   SC  VA
                     May Joyce        W   F   58   servant-keeps house  OH   NJ  NJ

To Stephen J. Presley

The change of name in the Anson Co. deed of John Presley to Eli Presley goes along with the marriage of Eli in the Union Co., N.C., records on 21 Aug. 1875. It states that Eli Presley, age 58, son of John and Mary Presley, married Catharine Helms, age 40, the daughter of Jonathan and Lucy Norcott. The witnesses were L.R. Norkitt and T.C. Presley.

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To Jimmy Johnson Furr

In Union Co., N.C., Deed Book 11, p. 120, dtd. 19 Sept. 1878, the division of the land of John Presley, for which Milas was the administrator, went as follows:
Lot #1 to J.W. Presley
Lot #2 to C.N. Simpson
Lot #3 to E.A. Price
Lot #4 to the heirs of Milas R. Presley, who were H.M. Price & wife Nancy C., C.L. Price & wife Rachel M., Mary E. Presley, J.W. Presley, J.C. Presley, and Caroline Presley
I also have some other land records involving Milas and some suits against him in the court records.


Marriages of Rowan Co., N.C_., 1753-1868. Comp. by Brent Holcomb. Baltimore, 1984

p. 132

Finney, John & Rachel Ashley, 6 Oct. 1772; Andrew Presler, bndsman; Max. Chambers, wit.

"Salisbury District Superior Court Minutes, 1756-1770" by Jo White Linn, in Rowan County Register, Vol. 1 (1986).

p. 46.
p. 132.

p. 133.

p. 134.

22 May 1758.
28 Nov. 1758.

Grand jury ...[list includes] Andrew Presler
Jury for cases 4,9,10,11 ... [list'includes] Andrew
Jury: ...[list includes] Andrew Prestler
Thos. Prestwood vs Isaac Fortinbury & Caleb Howell.
Evidence: ...[includes] Andrew Preslar
The King vs William Woodley. Jury: ...[list includes]
Andrew Prestler. Evidence: ...[includes] John Presley
The King vs George Richmond. Andrew Pesler .... added
to jury. . Not guilty of the Felony whereof he stands
The King vs John Anderson. Jury: ...[list includes]
Andrew Presler. Not Guilty of murder but of manslaughter.

Kershaw Co., S_.C_., Minutes of the County Court, 1791-1799. Brent H. Holcomb. 1986.

p. 35.

p. 52.

p. 66.

p. 85.

p. 135.

p. 139.

p. 140.

p. 142.

29 July 1793.

3 Mar. 1794.

Feb. term 1795

8 Feb. 1796.

7 Feb. 1799.

7 Aug. 1799.

8 Aug. 1799.

10 Aug. 1799.

Petit jury drawn from box No. 3 to No. 4.
[list includes] Andrew Prestley, Anthony Prestley
Joseph Wade vs Samuel Tynes. L.P. L9:2. The defendant
in this case wish'd it to be tryed by a jury the following
jurors were impanel'd & Sworn to wit. ...
[list includes] Anthony Prestles.
Petit jury drawn from Box No. 1 to No. 2.
[list includes] Charles Prestley
Petit jury drawn from Box No. 3 to No. 4.
[list includes] John Prestly
Petit jury for the same court from No. 2 to No. 4.
[list includes] Anthony Prestley
The petit jury impaneled & Sworn,
[list includes] Anthony Presley
Mathew Coleman vs Bryant Spadley. Petit jury ... [list
includes] Anthony Presley
Admor & Admx N. Robinson vs reubin Harrison. S.P. petit
jury ... [list includes] Anthony Presley

Page 28

New Jersey Tax Lists, 1772-1822. Ed. by Ronald Vern Jackson.

Vol 3, p. 2602.

Presley, Peter Gloucester Co. 001 Galloway Twp 1789
Preslor, Fredrick Gloucester Co. 018 Deptford Twp 1783

Lancaster Co., Perm., Deed Abstracts &_ Revolutionary War Oaths of Allegiance..Comp. by R. Thomas Mayhill. Knightstown, Ind., 1973.

p. 153.

p. 174.

To the Recorder of deeds for the county of Lancaster. A true list of
the names and surnames of the Persons who since the 23 day of June 1777
until the 1 day of June instant inclusive have sworn or affirmed
Allegiance and Fidelity to the United American States before me viz:
[list of names includes] William Pressly
Witness my hand and seal this 2 day of June 1778.
Stewart Herbert (Seal)
Lancaster Co. SS: The following persons have taken and subscribed the
Oath and Affirmation of Allegiance and Fidelity as directed by an Act
of General Assembly of Pennsylvania passed the 4th day of March A.D.
1786. Nov. 8, 1786 [list of names includes] Peter Bressler

Pennsylvania Vital Records. From the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine and The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. . Baltimore, 1983.

Vol. 2 p.77.

p. 587.

p. 604.

Vol. 3, p. 255.

"Pennsylvania Marriage Licenses, 1769-1776", from PMHB, vol. XLI
(1917), 224-246, 334-358, 489-501.
1773, Apr. 16. John Presly - Rosanna Henderson
"Genealogical Gleanings from the Lancaster Journal, Lancaster Co.,
Penn." by Rita Schive Mowrer, from PGM, vol. XXX (1977, 1978),
75-124, 182-197; vol. XXI (1979), 27-46, 163-173.
5 Sept. 1806. Died at his place near Strasburg, in the 68th year
of his age, Mr. George Bressler
31 July 1812. Married on Tuesday evening last [28 July] by the
Rev. Mr. Clarkson, Mr. George Bressler of Centre
County to Miss Eliza Dorneck, eldest daughter of
Mrs. Dorneck of this borough.
"Dauphin Cemetery, Dauphin, Dauphin Co." by William Bell Clark,
from PGM, vol. IX (1925), 176-182.
In / Memory of / Martha Bressler / wife of / Henry Bressler / was
Born June 7th 1821 / & Died March 18th 1846 / Aged 24 years 9
mo / and 10 days
In / Memory of / John P. / son of Henry & / Martha Bressler/
Born July 5th 1843 / Died August 9th 1845 / aged 2 Yrs

An Index to the Will Books and Intestate Records of Lancaster Co., Penn., 1729-1850. Eleanore Jane Fulton & Barbara Kendig Mylin. Baltimore, 1973 (orig. publ. 1936).

Bressler, George 1806 Bk. I vol. 1 p. 59
Bressler, Peter 1843 Bk. T vol. 1 p. 301

Omitted Chapters from Hotten's Original Lists of Persons of Quality ...& Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700. Census Returns, Parish Registers and Militia Rolls from the Barbados Census of 1679/80 . Ed. by James C. Brandow. Baltimore, 1982.

p. 13.

p. 25.

p. 104.

St. Philip's Parish - Inhabitants in 1680.
[list-of names includes:] William Presly Senr. - 3 acres
William Presly Junr. - 2 acres
St. Philip's Parish - Persons buried in parish.
[includes.-] Anthony Pressley, son of William Presseley Senior, was buryed
the llth day of Sept. 1679
List of soldiers under command of Capt. Vincent Dent, under Coll Christopher
Lyne, 6 Jan. 1679. [list include:] William Pressley Senr
William Pressley Junr

Page 29


(Ed. Note: The following comments concerning Kelsey Presley, who was featured in the page-one article of the Sept. 1987 issue, were provided by Deana Kirk Whitmer, 21730 County Rd. C, Cortez, Colorado 81321.)

Kelsy Presley was my maternal grandfather. He was the son of Dr. Thomas Edward Presley and Elizabeth P. Peters. [See family group data which follows.] He was Chief of Police of Gallup, N.M. for many years and also Sheriff of McKinley County. He also had a ranch ten miles northeast of Crownpoint, N.M., where he was partners with his son-in-law, Marvin Jacobs. The family lived in the Crownpoint/Gallup area until about 1959 when most of the family moved to Alaska.

Kelsey died in Gallup on 11 Aug. 1956 where he is buried. Sadie, his wife, moved to Alaska a number of years after her children, where she passed away in 1977. She is also buried in Gallup. One daughter, Violet Lorene Lewis, lives here in Cortez, Colorado; one daughter, Eloise Woodsen, lives in Billings, Montana; my mother, Ruth, died in 1985 and also lived here in Cortez; sons Donald and Thomas Edward were both guite young when they died and are buried in Crownpoint. The rest of the family live in Alaska still.

Granddaddy Presley kept a home in Gallup at 609 East Logan where he and his family resided for a number of years. Before that they lived elsewhere in ,; Gallup off and on so the children could attend school, that is, the younger ones. The older girls attended school near Crownpoint at Seven Lakes. The family lived in Gallup during winter months for school and while Kelsey was working, spending weekends and summer months on the ranch. Granddaddy loved to hunt and fish and did so whenever possible.


(Ed. Note: The following family information was submitted by Deana Kirk Whitmer and by E.L. Singleton.)

Roswell W. Presley, b. 16 Dec. 1805 South Carolina (son of Jennea & Thomas Presley Jr.), d. 27 Oct. 1880 near Senatobia, Tate Co., Miss., m. Asenath Harden, b. 5 Oct. 1807 South Carolina (dau. Elizabeth Davis & Henry Harden). Children: John Madison Presley, b. 22 June 1829 (see below)
Elizabeth Jane Presley, b. 8 Nov. 1833 Chester Co., S.C., m. Benjamin Payne Crabb, b. 26 Feb. 1830 Sardis, Henderson Co., Tenn, (son of Nancy Middleton & James Crabb), lived in Leake Co., Miss, and Fannin Co., Texas (10 children)
Mary Ellen Presley, b. 4 Sept. 1837 Chester Co., S.C., d. 22 Nov. 1870 DeSoto Co., Miss., m. I.C. Alien, d. 30 Nov. 1864 at the battle of Franklin, Term, (civil war) (two children)
Thomas Henry Presley, b. July 1841 Chester Co., S.C., m. 28 July 1869 DeSoto Co., Miss, to Elizabeth H. Darby, b. ca 1843 (four children)

John Madison Presley, b. 22 June 1829 Chester Co., S.C., d. 22 Oct. 1899, m. 1856 Sarah Jane Cain, b. 1836 Miss., d. 1 Jan. 1891.
William R. Presley, b. Feb. 1856 Strayhorn, DeSoto/Tate Co., Miss., d. 23 Feb. 1936, m. 9 May 1876 DeSoto Co., Miss, to Mary M. Scott, b. Feb. 1856 Miss., lived in Hamilton & Haskell Cos., Texas (six children)

Page 30

John C. Presley, b. Sept. 1861 Senatobia, DeSoto Co., Miss., d. 15 Nov. 1951 Mangum, Okla., m. Fannie D., b. June 1861 Miss., lived in Parker Co., Texas, & Green Co., Okla. (ten children)
Emma Jane Presley, b. 22 Dec. 1864 Senatobia, DeSoto/Tate Co., Miss., d. 2 Jan. 1953 Roswell, Chaves Co. N.M., m. 10 Sept. 1882 Miss, to James Samuel Singleton, b. 24 Dec. 1850 Senatobia, DeSoto/Tate Co., Miss, (son of Frances Ann Taylor & Charles D. Singleton), d. 5 Dec. 1936 Roswell, Chaves Co., N.M. (four children)(grandparents of E.L. Singleton)
Thomas Edward Presley, b. 7 Jan. 1870 (see below)

Thomas Edward Presley, b. 7 Jan. 1870 Coldwater, Tate Co., Miss., d. 6 Jan. 1944 Roswell, Chaves Co., N.M., m. 8 June 1891 Boston, Bowie Co., Texas to Elizabeth Prunilla Peters, b. 29 July 1870 Boston, Bowie Co., Texas (dau. of Emily Alford Welborn & Edwin D. Peters), d. 31 Jan. 1935 Roswell, Chaves Co., N.M. Elizabeth P. was widow of John Dillard; Thomas Edward married secondly Mary Cawthon.
Children: Infant (male) Presley, b. 1892 Hamilton Co., Texas, d. 1892
Kelsey Presley, b. 4 May 1893 Hamilton, Hamilton Co., Texas, d. 11 Aug. 1956 Gallup, McKinley Co., N.M., m. 16 Sept. 1912 Roswell, Chaves Co., N.M. to Sadie Drucella Pitt, b. 31 May 1892 Odessa, Ector Co., Texas (dau. of Jenny C. Sublett & Sidney David Pitt), d. 12 July 1977 Homer, Alaska (Nine children: Elizabeth Marguerite, Ruth Pauline, Violet Lorene, Donald Kelsey, Thomas Edward, Edna Marie, Eloise, Virginia Louise, Gary Kelton)
Chauncy Palmer "Cute" Presley, b. 1895 Hamilton, Hamilton Co., Texas, d. 12 Feb. 1986, m. firstly Riva Foster, b. 1888 Ohio, d. Nov. 1945, m. secondly Coena Foster, b. 17 Feb. 1905 Moorhead, Kansas (dau. Sarah Ryan & William Foster) (No children) Eunice Presley, b. 12 Oct. 1899/1902 Shive, Hamilton Co., Texas, d. 16 Mar. 1982 Roswell, Chaves Co., N.M., m. 1918 Louis Falconi,b. 25 Mar. 1895 Genzano, Italy (One child)
John Thomas Presley, b. 24 Jan. 1906 Roswell, Chaves Co., N.M., d. 26 Jan. 1906


Edward C. Dozier was born in South Carolina August 17, 1843, and died in California October 9, 1919, at the age of seventy-six years.

He was one of nine brothers, sons of Anthony W. Dozier, six of whom served in the Confederate army, and all returned home at the close of the war. Edward and his older brother, Anthony, were cadets at the Military Academy in 1862, where they organized a cadet company of cavalry, with Anthony as first lieutenant and Edward as first sergeant, offered their services to the Confederate government, and were assigned to duty on Long Island in Charleston Harbor. After one engagement with the Union forces, in which the cadet company was distinguished for courage and intrepidity, the company was transferred to Va. and attached to Gen. Wade Hampton's brigade. By the close of the war Sergeant Dozier was in command of the remnant of this body of young patriots, all the superior officers having been killed, captured, or disabled, and the rank and file sadly reduced.

Returning home, young Dozier took charge of his father's plantation of several & thousand acres and hundreds of ex-slaves, all of which he managed most successfully. In 1869 the family removed to California, and Edward became the manager of a large ranch near Rio Vista, which he later purchased and operated to the time of his death. In 1871 he was married to Miss Jeannette D. Pressley, a sister of Col. John G. Press- ley, of the 25th S.C. Regt., and Col. James F. Pressley, of the 10th S.C. Regt. She survives him. with five sons and four daughters. Confederate. Veteran. XXVII:469 (1919)