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In the early 1840's, fired by the spirit of manifest destiny, the country suddenly burned with "Oregon fever." In dozens upon dozens of towns societies were founded to collect information about the Far West and organize groups to make the march to the Pacific. Land hunger (stimulated by the glowing reports of those on the scene) drew the new migrants most powerfully, but the patriotic, evangelical concept of manifest destiny gave the trek across the 2,000 miles of wilderness separating Oregon from the western edge of American settlement in Missouri the character of a crusade. In 1843 nearly a thousand pioneers made the long trip.

The Oregon Trail began at the western border of Missouri, immediately beyond Independence, and followed the Kansas River, its tributary, the Little Blue, and then the perverse, muddy Platte ("a mile wide and six inches deep") past Fort Laramie to the

Rockies. It crossed the Continental Divide by the relatively easy South Pass, veered south briefly to Fort Bridger, on Mexican soil, and then ran north and west through the valley of the Snake River and eventually, by way of the Columbia, to Fort Vancouver, a British post guarding the entrance to the Willamette Valley. Over this tortuous path wound the canvas-covered caravans with their scouts and their accompanying herds. Each group became a self-governing community on the march, with regulations democratically agreed upon "for the purpose of keeping good order and promoting civil and military discipline." For a party of a thousand-odd like the group of 1843, the Indians posed no great threat although constant vigilance was necessary, but the five-month trip was full of labor, discomfort, and uncertainty. And at the end still lay the regular tasks of pioneering.

- John A. Garraty. The American Nation. A History of the United States. New York, 1966. pp. 313-314.

It should surprise no one to discover that the always-restless Presleys would be found along the Oregon Trail. Cheryl Presley Charas, 1411 Grant Ave. So., Apt. B301, Renton, Washington 98055 has shared the information on her family from which the following story is compiled.

David Presley, born 8 July 1802 in Buncombe Co., N.C., went as a child with his parents to Missouri. Family group data for him and for his brothers and sisters was given in the March 1987 Newsletter, pp. 41-43. On 5 July 1827

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Worst Elvis News - From United Press International:
Gautier [Miss.] Mayor William Scheffier, on a Realtor's offer of a free home for Elvis Presley if he would "come forward.": "I doubt seriously that Elvis will show up. As much money as Elvis makes — even when he's dead — I don't know that this will be enough to draw him out."

- - Albuquerque Journal, Jan. 28, 1990.

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46 Best Elvis News - Peter Applebome in The New York Times:
"It could be the interest in Elvis is so strong," said Graceland's executive director, Jack Soden, "that this place could be managed by idiots for 70 years, and the idiots couldn't mess it up... There's no reason to think people won't be coming here in 2050, 2060 or 2089. Look at Stephen Foster. His home is one of the top three or four biggest attractions in Kentucky, and Stephen Foster hasn't had a hit song in a long, long time."

Foster has not been sighted for some time either.

- Parade, Dec. 31, 1989.


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WESTWARD HO (continued): David married in Lincoln Co., Mo., to Mahala Welty, the daughter of Abraham and Mary (Rowland) Welty, born 7 Apr. 1810 in Franklin, Kentucky. The couple made their home in Lincoln Co., Mo., where most of their children were born:
Mary, b. 2 Oct. 1828, d. 21 Sept. 1912, m. 8 Jan. 1846 Sanford Stephens
Barbara, b. 2 Feb. 1830, d. 9 Mar. 1866, m. 13 Feb. 1849 Sidney Smith
Rhoda, b. 25 Jan. 1832, d. 12 Mar. 1866, m. 18 Nov. 1850 John Savage
Anthony W., b. 7 Oct. 1833, d. 25 May 1918, m. 16 Mar. 1860 Rebecca Martin
Franklin, b. 15 May 1835, d. 19 Oct. 1915, m. 4 Feb. 1869 Hannah Wiseman
Elias, b. 5 June 1837, d. 30 Apr. 1883, m. 29 Oct. 1868 Lucy Miranda Cunningham
Almena, b. 21 Nov. 1838, d. 18 Mar. 1860, m. 11 Sept. 1856 George Vanlandingham
Ransom, b. 18 Jan. 1840, d. 12 Oct. 1866, m. 29 Jan. 1865 Caroline Brown
Ellen, b. 15 Dec. 1844, d. 15 Dec. 1916, m. 13 Apr. 1861 Lute Savage
Elizabeth, b. (?), d.. (?), m. 11 Sept. 1864 Harvey Rudolph
Melvina, b. 5 June 1849 in Oregon, d. 3 July 1924, ml. 1 Nov. 1867 F.M. Crocker, m2. 4 Apr. 1876 Charles Knott
Mae P., b. 16 Aug. 1851 in Oregon, d. 5 June 1852.

The rapid growth of the American settlement in the Willamette Valley of Oregon alarmed the officials of the Hudson's Bay Company. By 1845 there were around 5,000 people there, and so in June 1846 the American and British governments ratified a treaty establishing the 49th parallel, the present Canadian boundary, as the dividing line between British and American territories (Garraty, p. 317).

In the Spring of 1848 David Presley decided to take his family to Oregon and joined a wagon train led by Charles (Uncle Charlie) Miller and in company of Adam, William (Bill), and Sanford Stephens, among others. They were on the trail for six months and seventeen days, arriving at their destination in October, first at Barlow's Gate, then on to Salem. Except for the usual hardships along the way, the trip was considered uneventful. Only two small skirmishes with the Pawnee Indians occurred on the trip.

Close watch had to be kept over little Ransom, however. With his light curly hair and blue eyes, he was sorely coveted by the Indian squaws. They often

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tied their ponies to the immigrant wagon wheels when in camp and would point to the ponies and to the boy and say, "Swap." No doubt they would have stolen him if they had had the chance.

After arriving in Marion Co./ Oregon, David Presley secured on 18 Oct. 18494 a donation land claim in Waldo Hills near Salem, just west of the present State Fair Grounds. A blacksmith by trade, he and his sons operated a brick yard for some time. In 1926 it was reported that one of the largest brick and tile factories in the northwest was near this location, and the old Presley house was still standing just off North Capitol St. at Tile Rd. The name of David Presley appears as grantor in the first deed recorded in Marion Co. on page one, volume one,,

David Presley died on 17 July 1876 and is buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Brownsville, Linn Co., Oregon. A small journal and diary which he kept in 1857 is in the rare book room of the Oregon Historical Society in Portland. His wife, Mahala, died on 1 Apr. 1898. The couple had 55 grandchildren.

The adventures and hardships of the Presley family did not end when they arrived in Oregon Territory, however. The youngest child, Mae, born after they arrived in Oregon, died as an infant in 1852. Almena died in 1860 at the age of 21, leaving her husband, George, with two small children, who were adopted by their grandparents, David and Mahala. In 1855-56 Oregon and Washington were involved in Indian Wars, the so-called Yakima Indian Wars. Anthony Presley enlisted at Salem on 15 Oct. 1855 in Company F, 1st Regt. Mounted Volunteers. As a private he was in the "Ground Round" battle at Walla Walla and was discharged on 28 Feb. 1856. He then reenlisted at Silverton, Oregon, on 8 Mar. 1856 in Company J, 2nd Regt. Mounted Washington Terr. Volunteers and was elected 1st Lt. under Capt. Bluford Miller. A story has been told that Gov. Stephens of Washington sent Presley out to arrest some men who had been selling arms and ammunition to hostile Indians. He did so, and the Governor, not wishing them to be tried before Judge Landes, declared marshall law. The Judge defied ; the Governor's proclamation and held court at Stielacoom, whereupon the Governor sent Presley to arrest the Judge. Entering the court with gun and saber, Presley was fined $500 by Judge. The Governor then sent Gen. Coutz, who was commanding the marines on the steamship Carolina, to arrest the Judge, who was taken along with the clerk to Olympia and held for seven days. Cheryl Charas is trying to verify the part that Anthony Presley had in this affair.

After his service in the Indian Wars, Anthony went back to Marion Co., Oreg., where he married, and in later years he lived in Jacksonville and Grants Pass, Oreg,, in Idaho and California, in New Westminister and Chilliwack, British Columbia, and . in Seattle, Washington. Anthony had three children before divorcing his wife, Rebecca, who later died in Tacoma. From 25 Mar. 1903 to 18 Aug. 1911 he was living in the Washington State Soldier's Home in Orting, left to "join the Colony" in Orting, and was again admitted to the Home from 18 Feb. 1915 to 5 Nov. 1916. He died on 25 May 1918 in the Soldier's Home in Los Angeles, Calf.

Franklin Presley served as a Private in E.J. Harding's Company, 1st Regt. Oregon Mounted Volunteers during the Indian Wars. He enlisted on 24 Jan. 1856 and was discharged on 9 May 1856. He lived in Oregon, Washington, and California, and was a resident also of the Washington Soldier's Home in Orting. He died on 19 Oct. 1915 in Los Angeles. Widowed around 1903 he had three children and married a second time in 1912 (divorced).

Elias Presley also served in the Indian Wars. His widow, Lucy, applied for a pension stating that he had served in Capt. Bluford Miller's Company J, 2nd Regt.

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Washington Terr. Mounted Volunteers. His name appears on the rolls of Company J, along with that of his brother, Anthony. Lucy may not have received the pension, since she married again in 1889 in Harney Co., Oreg., to Simon Hamilton. Elias is said to have died on 30 Apr. 1883, dragged to his death by a horse. He was buried at Prineville, Crook. Co., Oreg., and left four children.

The year 1866 had to have been the worst for the Presley family. Khoda died 12 March 1866, and Ransom died on 12 Oct. 1866 at the age of 26. A major tragedy occurred, however, on 12 Mar. 1866 when Sidney and Barbara (Presley) Smith were brutally murdered in Brownsville, Linn Co., Oreg. According to contemporary newspaper accounts, Sidney's brother, Thomas Smith, who was born in North Carolina and raised in Tennessee and near Troy, Missouri, had led a wild and roving life in California and the West. Returning to Oregon in the Summer of 1864, he was persuaded by his brother, Sidney, to remain with the family there and take an interest in the ranching business. He did so, and after a time was placed in charge of the farm, stock, and family while Sidney went to Idaho to work in the mines„

When Sidney returned in Jan. 1866, rumors were rife in the neighborhood about Thomas' behavior toward Sidney's 15-year old daughter, Rhoda Ann, during his absence. Faced with Sidney's accusations and fortified with whiskey, Thomas finally went to his brother's house (he had been living elsewhere) with a gun and shot and killed Sidney. He also shot Barbara, whom he blamed for having told Sidney of his misdeeds. She ran wounded out into the orchard, but Thomas ran after her, dragged her back into the smoke house, and slashed her with a knife, finally cutting her throat.

The two daughters, Rhoda Ann and Leora, were witnesses to the events (as were the younger children), and they testified in court against their uncle, who was found guilty and was sentenced to be hung. What was purported to be his confession was published in the Oregon Statesman on 4 June 1866 following his execution.

Thus did the Presley family do their part in the taming of the West.

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I want to wish all of you a good year in your research.

Lillian L. Stumpp

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1860 Census

(Ed Note: Data from the 1890 census is given as follows: Page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/value of personal property, birthplace.)


 20 456/456   Jacob Presley    25 M W Laborer        TN
              Sarah A. "       18 F W                NC
              William F. "      1 M W                TN

149 375/375   Asa Presley      40 M W Blacksmith/500 NC
              Barbary "        53 F W                NC
              James "          19 M W                SC
              Dardemonia "     16 F W                SC

149 376/376   William Presley  39 M W Laborer        TN
              Mary "           27 F W                TN
              James "          16 M W                TN
              Nancy "          12 F W                TN
              Clarissa "       10 F W                TN
              Sarah "           4 F W                TN
              Margarett "    2/12 F W                TN
              Hannah Johnson   22 F W                TN

155 1265/1265 William Presley  42 M W Farmer 4000/   TN
              Mary J. "        33 F W           2000 TN
              Thomas "         17 M W                TN 
              Jesse M."        15 M W                TN
              Hanna "          12 F W                TN
              Margaret"        10 F W                TN
              James "           8 M W                TN
              John "            6 M W                TN
              William "         3 M W                TN
              Columbus"      3/12 M W                TN

173 431/431   William Presly   50 M W Tenant  /160   NC
              Nellie "         50 F W                NC
              Franklin "       10 M W                TN
              John "            1 M W                TN
432 680/622   Eason Presley    35 M W Laborer   /50  NC
              Emily "          40 F W                NC
              Mary "        10/12 F W                TN

447 912/825   Sarah Presley    15 F W                TN
               living with William & Nancy Lyle  

365   /1474   Elizabeth Presly 60 F W Farmer 200/145 TN
              James "          30 M W Laborer        TN
              Josiah "         25 M W                TN
              Rebecca "        22 F W                TN
              Frances "        20 F W                TN    
               living with John & Olivia Sutton  
460 1306/1306 Nathan Presley  40 M W Laborer         SC
              Mary "          26 F W                 SC
              Elizabeth "     10 F W                 TN
              Ruth "           8 F W                 TN
              Charles "        6 M W                 TN
              Elbert "         4 M W                 TN
              Sarah "       1/12 F W                 TN
              Martha "         2 F W                 TN

504 177/160   Martha Presley  50 F W                 SC
               living with Greenberry & Nancy Huston

505 214/197  Geo. W. Presley  38 M W Miller 400/150  TN
             Rebecca "        34 F W Housekeeper     TN
             Pleasant "       14 M W                 TN
             Elizabeth "      13 F W                 TN
             Patsy "          10 F W                 TN
             Russel "          9 M W                 TN
             John "            8 M W                 TN
             Mary "            6 F W                 TN
             Lucinda "         4 F W                 TN
             Levi "            2 M W                 TN
             Geroge W. "    4/12 M W                 TN

188   -     R. Presley        24 M W in prison       TN
                                        for incest  
190 1557/1545 Andrew M. Presley  39 M W Stonemason   NC
              Judah "            37 F W              TN
              Robert V. "        15 M W              TN
              Mary E. "          12 F W              TN
              Silva J. "          7 F W              TN
              Pleasant W."        4 M W              TN
              William C."         1 M W              TN

193 1605/1593 Pleasant W. Presley 44 M W Farmer 2000 NC
              Silva "             50 F W       /3000 TN 
              Brice "             17 M W             TN
              Nicy C. "           14 F W             TN
              John J. "           12 M W             TN

Page 50

428 361/361 Robt.L.Presley    36 M W Trader 600/2790 TN
            Mary "            34 F W                 TN
            Sarah L. "        18 F W                 TN
            Henrietta J."     14 F W                 TN
            Martha E. "       12 F W                 TN
            Elga(Eliza/) F."   9 F W                 TN
            Arthur B. "        4 M W                 TN
            Thos J. "          2 M W                 TN

312 597/535 John Presly       24 M W Farmer    /100  TN
            Alex Scrudgington 25 M W Farmer          TN
            Elizabeth "       30 F W                 TN

394 879/853 Andrew Presley    27 M W Farmer 500/500  TN
            Marry "           25 F W Domestic        TN
            Eliza J. "         1 F W                 TN
            John Smith        10 M W                 TN

394 880/854 Lynda Presly      45 F W Domestic        TN
            Martha "          23 F W Domestic        TN

 4 506/496 Sarah Presley      14 F W                 -
            living with R.A.Cobb

12 609/597 S.C. Presly        18 M W                 TN
            living with David & Minerva Kirkpatrick

15 772/760 Hiram Presly       21 M W Farmer Laborer  TN
           Mary "             20 F W          /25    TN
           James M. "          3 M W                 -
           Sarah "             1 F W                 -

15 773/761 Molley Presley     63 F W Widow   /100    NC
           Martin "           50 M W Farm Laborer    NC
           Templeton "        21 M W                 TN
           Ivin "             13 M W                 TN
           Arch "              9 M W                 TN
           Martha Mabb        23 F W None            TN    

24   /621  Nancy Presley      40 F W Domestic /100   TN
           Margaret "         23 F W                 TN
           William "          21 M W Farm Laborer    TN
           Preston "          18 M W Farm Laborer    TN
           Edmond "           16 M W Farm Laborer    TN
           Dalzel "           14 M W                 TN
           Monroe "           10 M W                 TN
           Rosey Goodman       7 F W                 TN

25 656/643 Mary Presley       55 F W Widow    /100   -
           Nancy "            24 F W Domestic        -
           Margaret "         20 F W                 -
           Howard "           16 M W Farm Laborer    - 
           Jane "             14 F W                 -
           William "          11 M W                 -
73  357/337  Jeff Presley     22 M W Day Laborer /100 TN
             Mary N. "        22 F W                  TN
             James R. "        7 M W                  TN
             Eliza J. "        4 F W                  TN 
             William H."       1 M W                  TN
             Sarah A. "     3/12 F W                  TN

80 454/427  John Presley      65 M W Blacksmith /500  NC
            Rebecca "         55 F W                  SC
            John "            28 M W                  TN
            James P."         25 M W                  TN
            Gilbert "         17 M W                  TN
            Eliza "           17 M W                  TN
            Betsy "           27 F W                  TN
            Priscilla Greene  95 F W                  SC

87 622/577  Pleas.Presley     30 M W Laborer     /50  TN
            Eliza "           25 F W                  TN
            Rebecca "          7 F W                  TN
            Bettie J. "        4 F W                  TN
            Tennessee Webb  5/12 F W                  TN

89 650/605  Greenbery Presley 22 M W                  TN
            Susan "           22 F W                  TN
            Sarah A. "      3/12 F W                  TN

89 651/606  Geo.Presley       37 M W Laborer    /20   TN
            Mary "            20 F W                  TN
            John R. "          1 M W                  TN
            Bettie J. "     5/12 F W                  TN

90 664/616  Andrew Presley    33 M W Laborer    /20   TN 
            Rebecca "         32 F W                  TN
            Wm J."             7 M W                  TN

90 665/617  Morgan Presley    20 M W Laborer    /20   TN
            Ludica "          24 F W                  TN
            Elizabeth Dinsomore  18 F W               TN

96 749/696  Nancy Presley     79 F W                  NC
             living with Mary Yonas  

118 286/270 Wm.R.Presley      29 M W Laborer          TN
            Susan "           21 F W                  TN
            John R "           7 M W                  TN
            Joseph S."         5 M W                  TN
            James M."          3 M W                  TN
            Newton A."      8/12 M W                  TN

156 426/417 Hanna Presley     60 F W                  -
            Louis "           10 M W                  TN

182 578/534 Zebidee Presley   50 M W Farmer   /200    NC
            Margaret "        54 F W                  VA
            John "            25 M W                  VA
            Jas. "            23 M W                  VA
            Betsey "          21 F W                  VA
            Andrew "          19 M W                  VA
            Margaret N."      15 F W                  VA
            Julia A. "        12 F W                  VA
            Thos. "            9 M W                  VA
            Mary A. "          6 F W                  VA

Page 51

229 579/609   Stephen Presley  35 M W Farmer  600/300  NC    
              Nancy "          27 F W                  NC 
              Julius A."        3 M W                  TN
              Silas "       10/12 M W                  TN

267 1042/1093 Hosea Presly     45 M W Bapt.Minister    NC
              Rhoda "          45 F W    2000/600      NC
              Joel "           17 M W                  NC
              Alse "           13 F W                  NC
              A. "             10 M W                  NC
              Gilbert "         7 M W                  NC
              G. W. "           5 M W                  TN
              John "            3 M W                  TN

267 1043/1094 Stephen Presly   78 M W Farmer   800/300 NC
              Anna "           73 F W                  NC
              Mary "           16 F W                  TN
              Thos. "          27 M W                  TN

269 1075/1026 Joshua Presler   50 M W Farmer   /100    NC
              Margt. "         38 F W                  NC
              S.E. "           18 F W                  NC
              J.W. "           16 M W                  NC
              H.D. "           13 M W                  NC
              N.A. "           11 F W                  NC
              S.E. "            9 F W                  NC
              W. M. "           7 M W                  TN
              Joshua Jr"        3 M W                  TN
              F.C.              1 M W                  TN

269 1078/1129 Patrk.Presley    50 M W Farmer 800/350   NC
              Kezia "          45 F W                  NC
              E.E. "           21 F W                  NC
              M.A. "           19 F W                  NC
              Jemima "         17 F W                  NC
              Cary "           16 F W                  NC
              Mary "           14 F W                  NC
              Minerva "        12 F W                  NC
              Irvin "          12 M W                  NC
              Jane "            7 F W                  TN
              Joseph "          5 M W                  TN
              Jugal "           4 M W                  TN

277 1183/1237 Gillam Presler   58 M W Farm Labor /150  NC
              Barbara "        58 F W                  SC
              Louisa "         18 F W                  TN

285 1288/1350 Cobb Presler     52 M W Farmer     /200  NC
              Penelope "       39 F W                  NC
              James "          19 M W Farmer           NC
              Melissa "        16 F W                  NC
              Sarah "          15 F W                  NC
              Parker "         12 M W                  NC
              Frances "         8 F W                  NC
              George "          7 M W                  TN
              John "            5 M W                  TN
              Penelope "        4 F W                  TN
              Mary "         9/12 F W                  TN
              William "        21 M W Farmer           NC
              J. "              4 M W                  TN
              T.W. "            2 M W                  TN
              O.M. "         7/12 M W                  TN
283 1261/1319 W. A. Presler    33 M W Farmer & Cal.     TN
                                         Officer 800/500
              S. W. White      16 F W                   TN
              Wm. Hart         11 M W                   TN

283 1264/1322 Nancy Presler    85 F W                   SC
               living with Reddi Jones (F), age 63

293 1385/1430 Bryant Presler   50 M W Farmer & Teacher  NC
              E.A. "           21 F W           500/100 TN
              D. Campbell      47 F W                   SC
              Tennessee"        7 F W                   TN

194   /430   Caroline Prestley 60 F W          500/1000 TN

260 844/844  Jane Presley      32 F W                   NC
             Lucinda           13 F W                   NC
              living with Acy & Sarah Denson

322 194/194  James Presley     35 M W Day Laborer /50   TN
             Sarah "           20 F W                   TN
             Martha "        5/12 F W                   TN

282 826/770  Susan Presly      51 F W             /250  TN
             Sarah A. "        17 F W                   TN

1   91/      Elizab. Presley   51 F W Domestic 500/300  NC
               living with Samuel M.& ?? Giles

60 920/882   S.W.Pressly       30 M W Mechanic & Miller NC
             Mary "            30 F W       1500/400    TN
             Wm.N. "            7 M W                   TN
             Mariah M."         5 F W                   TN
             Louisa W."         1 F W                   TN

279 256/256  James Presley     40 M W Day Laborer       TN
             Elizabeth"        47 F W                   NC
             Harriet"          13 F W                   TN

321 766/766  D. Presley        87 M W                   SC
             Polly "           26 F W Chair Maker       SC

213 350 356  Margaret Presley  24 F W Laborer           TN
             M.S.M. "           4 F W                   TN
             T.K. "             2 M W                   TN
             W.J. "             1 M W                   TN

Page 52

217   /411    Thomas Presley      30 M W Blacksmith    TN    
              Nancy A. "          25 F W               TN
              Susan A. "           6 F W               TN
              Geo. W. "            4 M W               TN
              Thomas "             3 M W               TN
              Elijah "             1 M W               TN

223 506/517   Allen Pressly       33 M W Farmer300/300 NC
              Mary "              33 F W Wife          TN
              John G. "            7 M W               TN
              W.B. "               6 M W               TN
              Abner "              5 M W               TN
              Rutha "              2 F W               TN

223  /518     James Pressly       15 M W               TN
              W.E. "              13 M W               TN
              G.W. "              11 M W               TN

292  /1522    Geo. Pressly        30 M W Laborer /100  TN
              Debry "             21 F W               TN 
              N.C. "               9 F W               TN
              M.I. "               7 F W               TN
              W.D. "               5 M W               TN
              David Hammontree    60 - W       300/100 TN
              J.B. Pressly         4 M W               TN

294 1532/1552 John Pressley       37 M W Farmer300/300 SC
              Sarah "             36 F W Wife          TN
              Evalin "            16 F W Laborer       TN
              Mary J. "           14 F W               TN
              Isaac "             12 M W               TN
              Wm. "               10 M W               TN
              M.A. "               8 F W               TN
              John "               6 M W               TN
              John "               4 M W               TN
              Sarah "              1 F W               TN

299   /1622   Elizabeth Pressly   42 F W               TN
              Elendor "           14 F W               TN
              Elizabeth "         12 F W               TN
              Joshua "             9 M W               TN
              Nancy "              6 F W               TN
              Duncan "             3 M W               TN
               living with Nancy Harrison age 73

312   /1786   John Presly         46 M W Laborer       NC
              Sarah "             34 F W               NC
              Susan H. "          15 F W               TN
              Mary E. "           14 F W               TN
              John A. "           10 M W               TN
              Jane "               7 F W               TN
              Sarah E. "           1 F W               TN
              Joseph "             4 M W               TN

-   -         H.L. Preseley       46 M     This record in
              C. "                36 F     index but not
              Bettie "            16 F     found in Overton
              W.B. "              15 M     Co. census - 
              Jennie "            14 F     prob. wrong page
              Avay "              12 F     or wrong county
              Georgia"             9 F     given.
370  44/44   John Pressly       44 M W Farm Laborer    TN
             Elizab. "          40 F W                 TN
             Margt. "           19 F W                 TN
             G.W. "             16 M W Farm Laborer    TN
             Marion "           13 M W Farm Laborer    TN
             Mary "              9 F W                 TN
             Jasper McD"         4 M W                 TN
             John "              1 M W                 TN

250  464/    Peter Presley      21 M W                 TN

58 1075/1076 Larkin Pressley    32 M W Farmer   /150   TN
             Sarah "            33 F W                 TN
             John F. "          11 M W                 TN
             Thos. B. "          9 M W                 TN

158 857/796  Rebecca Pressley    8 F W                 TN
             James "             6 M W                 TN
              living with Wm. P. & Mary Anderson 

443 554/554  Martha Presley     36 F W           /50   TN
             Sarah "            13 F W                 TN
             William"           12 M W                 TN
             Thomas"             8 M W                 TN

72 1250/1250 Sarana Presly      11 F W                 TN 
              living with William & Phebe Geuin(?)


(Ed. Note: The following variants have been found in the 1790 census.)

New York
Priestly, Thomas     1 - 2 - - 
Orange Co., Warwich Town
Preslow, Henry       3 1 2 - - 
Ulster Co., Kingston Town
Preslow, Matthew Jr  1 - 3 - - 
Ulster Co., New Marborough Tn.
Preslow, Matthew     3 - 4 - - 
Ulster Co., New Marborough Tn.
Preslow, Joseph      3 3 2 - - 
Ulster Co., Newburgh Town
Preslow, William     2 1 1 - - 
Ulster Co., Newburgh Town
Presher, Abraham     1 2 4 - - 
Westchester Co., Cortlandt Town
Presher, William     4 - 2 - - 
Westchester Co., Cortlandt Town


(Ed. Note: The following variants have been found in the 1800 census.)

New York
228 Henry Preslow Ulster 228 Henry Preslow Jr. Ulster

Page 53


In representing to the readers of Clay County's history the man whose name heads this sketch, we feel incompetent to do him justice. M.H. Presley was born in North Carolina in October, 1828, but grew to manhood in Smith County, Tenn., where his parents removed when he was but a child. His father, whose name was Valentine Presley, was born in 1790 in North Carolina, but descends from German parentage on the father's side, and Scotch-Irish on the side of his mother, whose name was Susan Morton, who was born in 1791 in Virginia. We are informed that the name Presley was originally Bressly, and the change was made as a matter of choice by Valentine, the father of M.H.

Valentine Presley and Susan Morton were married about 1808. The result of this union was a large family of children, seven of whom were reared to man and womanhood. The oldest, Sanders M. Presley, became an influential minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and died in Tennessee at the age of thirty-three; Thursey J., is the wife of Andrew Winchester, of Tennessee; Huldah, deceased, wife of Joel Winchester; P.W. and Andrew M., now of De Kalb County, Term.; Susan D., deceased, wife of William Coggin, and M.H. Presley, the subject of this sketch.

The parents of this family, with M.H,, came to Clay Co., 111., in 1852, and settled on a farm in the northwest part of the county, where the father died the same year, and where the mother also died in 1858. December 15, 1853, M.H. Presley was married to Miss Sarah E., daughter of Alfred J. and Sarah J. Moore. She was born in Clay County, 111., July 21, 1835. Their family comprises five children — William, who was drowned in July, 1866, was born July 5, 1855? Selecta J., was born July 25, 1859; Frankie M., was born January 25, 1862, and is the wife of T.A. Wilson of Flora; Alfred M. Presley, the youngest, was born January 18, 1867.

In politics, Mr. Presley is a Republican, and while he is not a politician, he wields an influence of no mean order in local politics, and positively refuses to accept office. He is an honored member of the Masonic fraternity and A.O.U.W. :• As a business man, he displays unusual wisdom, and by a life of energetic, honor->••'.' •-• able dealing, has become one of the ablest men of Clay County. He is a director and stockholder in the First National Bank of Flora

- History of Wayne and Clay Counties, Illinois, Chicago, 1884.

(Ed. Note: The above biographical sketch was contributed by Una Bowman, 338 W. Holmes St., Box 42, Oneida, Illinois 61467. She reports that, "1 thinK the first name of M.H, Presley (the son of Valentine) was Mayberry. Deeds in Clay County, Illinois refer to a Mayberry Presley."

"Valentine Presley and family were living in Smith County, TN in 1850 when the census was taken. Shortly after the census they moved to Clay Co., Illinois, where Valentine died in 1852. At the Old Baptist Cemetery - Oskaloosa Twp. Section 16 4N R5E (1% miles south lola, \ mile E to lane, S-% mile) [are the] graves of Valentine Pressley, 28 July 1852, age 63 yrs, 23(?) months and 19 days; Susan Pressley,. died 9 November 1858, age 67 yrs., 9 months and 26 days; Susan D. Presle wife of William Coggin, 15 May 1824, died 27 June 1878. At the Elmwood Cemetery are found: M.H. Pressley, 24 October 1828, died 2 June 1904; and Sarah Elizabeth, wife of M.H., 21 July 1835 - 12 May 1922."

Note was taken of Sanders M. Presley in a biographical sketch of his son, M.B. Presley, on pages 16-17 of the Sept. 1989 issue of the Newsletter.

The following excerpts were taken from Jolce Love's book, Love's. Valley, Nashville, Term.(date not given):
p. 48. James Hosea Winchester was the son of Andrew Winchester and Theresa Presley. Theresa Presley was the daughter of Valentine Presley, who was the son of Peter Presley.
p. 106. Dec. 14, 1833. Valentine Pressley assigne of A.G. Braswell 150 acres East side of Caney Fork bordering Peter Huffe. The witnesses were Washington Pressley and Hezekiah Love.

Page 54

p. 379. Among the early settlers were: P.W. Pressley.
p. 380. The Laurel Hill people are either Baptists or Methodist in religious faith. Among early ministers were Milton Pressley,.
p. 400. Jennie Pressley's father was John Johnson Pressley, the son of Pleasant Washington Pressley (?). The wife of John Johnson Pressley was Mary Lucy Braswell, the daughter of Egbert Braswell, the son of Reuben Braswell (?), the son of Valentine Braswell (?)..
Mrs. Bowman goes on to state, "in P.W. Pressley cemetery — Pleasant Washington Pressley, born December 9, 1816, died March 15, 1904." Milton A. Presley, age 50, b. N.C., was a stonemason and head-of-family in DeKalb Co., Tenn, in 1870. Also living in Laurel Hill, DeKalb Co., Tenn, in 1870 was Theresa (Thursey) (Presley) Winchester, age 54, b. N.C., with John P., age 19, Hosea James, Paulina, Rufus,, Nancy, William V., Joseph, Lear, Louisa C. Joel and Huldy (Presley) Winchester and family were in Wilson Co., Tenn, in 1850, but by 1860 were in Clay Co., Ill. One of their children was named Pleasant W. Winchester.)


Confederate Military Service Records
(Continued from page 41, Dec. 1989 issue)

Presley, Harvey
Presley, H.D.
Presley, Hiram
Presley, Hosea
Presley, Hosea
Presley, Hosea
Presley, Hosea P. (OFU Hosea)
Presley, H.S.
Presley, Hughey D.
Presley, I.
Presley, Isaac
Presley, J.
Presley, J. (OFU Pressley, John)
Presley, J.A.
Presley, J.A.
Presley, J.A.
Presley, J.A.
Presley, Jacinth
Presley, James
Presley, James
Presley, James
Presley, James
Presley, James
Presley, James
Presley, James A.
Presley, James A.
Presley, James A.

Presley, James B.
Presley, James C.


Co. D, 27th Ga. Inf. 10th
Co. E, 10th Miss. Cav.
Co. B, 61st Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
CO. C, 10th Battn. N.C. Heavy Arty.
Co. F, 35th N.C. Inf.
Co. E, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. E, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. C, 7th Ala. Cav.
Co. E, 10th Miss. Cav.
Co. C, 10th Battn. N.C. Heavy Arty.
Co. I, 10th (Diamonds) Ky. Cav.
Co. E, 16th Ga. Inf.
Co. C, Phillips Legion, Ga.
Co. A, 1st Battn. Ala. Arty.
Co. C, 8th Ark. Cav.
2nd (Consolidated) Ark. Inf.
Co. E, 3rd Mo. Inf.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf
Co, E, 3rd Ala. Inf
Co. A, 22nd Ala. Inf.
Co. A, 32nd Ark. Inf.
Co. G, 4th Battn.Gal. Inf. (State Guards)
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. F, 8th Va. Inf.
New Co. B, 8th Ark. Inf.
Co. E, 3rd (Lillards) Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
2nd Co. H, 1st Confed. Inf.
(1st Confed. Regt. Ga. Vol.)
1st Co. E, 6th S.C. Inf.
Co. H, 7th Ga. Inf.

Page 55

Presley, James F. (OFU James A.)

Presley, James M.
Presley, James M.
Presley, James M.
Presley, James P.
Presley, James R.
Presley, James R.
Presley, James T. (OFU Presley, F.)
Presley, James W.
Presley, Jason (OFU Presley, Jarinth)
Presley (OFU Pressley), Jefferson
Presley, Jefferson
Presley, J.F.
Presley, J.F.
Presley, J.H.(OFU Pressley, Joseph H.
Presley, J.H.
Presley (OFU Preston), J.J.
Presley, J.J.
Presley, J.M.
Presley, J.M.
Presley, J.N.
Presley, John
Presley, John
Presley, John
Presley (OFU Pressley), John
Presley,(OFU Presly), John

Presley, John Jr.

Presley, John Sr.
Presley, John E.
Presley, John L.
Presley, John M.
Presley, John M. (OFU J.M.)
Presley, John M.
Presley, John P.
Presley, John R.
Presley, John S.
Presley, John W. (OFU John M.)
Presley, John W.
Presley, Jordan
Presley, Joseph
Presley (OFU Pressley), Joseph
Presley, Joseph (OFU John M.)
Presley, Josh

Presley, Joshua
Presley, Joshua








2nd Co. H, 1st Confed Inf. (1st
Confed. Regt. Ga. Vol.)
Co. A, 1st Mo. Cav.
Co. B, 40th Miss. Inf.
Co. B, 61st Term. Mtd. Inf.
Co. H, 6th Ga. Cav.
Co. H, 28th Battn. Ga. Siege Arty.
Co. E, 62nd N.C. Inf.
Capt. Van Den Corputs Co., Ga. Lt, Arty.
Co. D, 18th Ala. Inf.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. B, 60th Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
1st Co. E, 21st Va. Cav. (Peters Regt)
CP of Instr Talladege, Ala.
Capt. Van Den Corputs Co., Ga. Lt. Arty.
Co. A, 4th Ala. Vol. Mil.
Co, H, 19th Ga. Inf.
Co. E, 38th Ala. Inf.
Co. E, McAlletts Battn. N.C.
Co. D, 9th Battn. Ga. Cav. (State Guards)
Co. C, 6th Miss. Inf.
Co. G, 46th Ga. Inf.
Co. D, 4th Ala. Reserves
Co. F, 9th Ala. Inf.
Co. A, 22nd Ala. Inf.
Co. C, Walkers Battn., Thomas' Legion, N.C.
Co. B, 61st Tenn. Mtd. Inf. (Pitts
Regt. 81st Tenn. Inf.)
Co. B, 61st Tenn. Mtd. Inf. (Pitts
Regt. 81st Tenn. Inf.)
Co. B, 61st Tenn. Mtd. Inf. (Pitts
Regto 81st Tenn. Inf.)
Co. F, 48th N.C. Inf.
New Co. L, 6th Ala. Inf.
Co. G, 52nd Ga. Inf.
Co. C, 6th Miss. Inf.
Co. B, 43rd N.C. Inf.
Co. B, Harrells Battn. Ark. Cav.
Co. H, 25th N.C. Inf.
Co. H, 1st S.C. Cav.
Co. B, 43rd N.C. Inf.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co, E, 23rd Ga. Inf.
Co. I, 10th (Diamonds) Ky. Cav.
Co. K, 11th Mo. Inf.
Co. B, 43rd N.C. Inf.
Grahams Co., Caldwells Battn. Va.
Cav. (consolidated with
Fergusons Battn. to form
16th Regt. Va. Cav.)
Co. F, 16th Va. Cav.
Morris Co., Fergusons Battn. Va. Cav.

Page 56

Presley, J.R (OFU James R. (OFU Fielding S.)
Presley J.S. (OFU Fielding S.)
Presley, J.T.
Presley, J.T. (OFU Pressley, J.T.)
Presley, J.T. (OFU Pressley, J.T.)
Presley, Julius J.
Presley, J.W. (OFU Pressley, J.W.)
Presley, L. (OFU Salathiel)
Presley, Larkin
Presley, Larkin W.
Presley, Lawrence
Presley, Lawson
Presley, Levi (OFU Pressley, Levi)
Presley, L.H.
Presley, L.H.
Presley, L.H.
Presley, L.M.
Presley, L.O. (OFU Prestley, L.O.)
Presley, L.S.
Presley, Michael
Presley, Mike (OFU Pressley, Mike)
Presley, Miles P.
Presley, Milton
Presley, Mitchell
Presley, Montreville P.
Presley, Morgan
Presley, M.P.
Presley, M.P. (OFU Pressley, Mike)
Presley, Norman
Presley, Page
Presley, Peter
Presley, R.C.
Presley, Robert
Presley, Robert C.
Presley, Robert C.
Presley, Robert Harris
Presley, Robert M. (OFU Pressley, R.M.)
Presley, Robert W.
Presley, Salathiel
Presley, Sampson
Presley, Sanford
Presley, S.J.
Presley, S.J.
Presley, Tally B.
Presley, T.B. (OFU Pressly, T.B.)
Presley, T.B.
Presley, T.C.
Presley, Templeton
3Lt./2 Lt.
_ _
Co. H, 27th Ga. Inf.
Co. D, 47th Ala. Inf.
Co. I, 23rd Ga. Inf.
Co. A, 46th Ga. Inf.
Co. B, 4th S.C. Cav.
Co. E, 38th Ala. Inf.
Co. B, 37th Ark. Inf.
Co. F, 35th N.C. Inf.
Co. C, 34th Ark. Inf.
Co. D, 18th Ala. Inf.
Co. B, 4th Mo. Cav.
Co. G, 18th N.C. Inf. (formerly 8th N.C. Inf. Vols.)
Co. B, 6th Miss. Inf.
Co. I, 18th Ala. Inf.
Co. —, 32nd-58th (Consolidated) Ala. Inf.
Co. D, 58th Ala. Inf.
Capt. W.W. Griffin's Co., Coosa Co . Reserves, Ala .
Co. B, 36th Ark. Inf.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. C, 3rd Ga. Inf.
Co. C, Phillips Legion, Ga.
Co. I, 4th Mo. Cav.
Co. A, 45th N.C. Inf.
Co. H, 25th N.C. Inf.
Co. B, 25th N.C. Inf.
Co. B, 61st Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
Co. G, 8th Ark. Cav.
Co. C, Phillips Legion, Ga.
Co. F, 34th N.C. Inf.
Co. F, 52nd Ga. Inf.
Co. K, 69th N.C. Inf.
Co. E, 1st Miss. Cav. Reserves
Co. F, 2nd Battn. Ala. Light Arty.
Co. D, 12th La. Inf.
Co. G, 28th (Gray's) La. Inf.
Co. A, 34th Miss. Inf.
Co. F, 31st Ala. Inf.
Capt. Nash's Co. (Leake Rangers), Miss.
Co. J, 35th N.C. Inf.
Co. I, 10th (Diamond's) Ky. Cav.
Co. K, 9th Ky. Mtd. Inf.
Co. J, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 1st La. Reserves
Co. D, 5th S.C. Inf.
Co. B, 18th S.C. Inf.
Co. A, Palmetto Sharp Shooters, S.C.
Co. E, 6th S.C. Inf.
Co. B, 61st Tenn. Mtd. Inf. (Pitt's Regt., 81st Tenn. Inf.)

(to be continued)

Page 57


Muster Rolls of the Texas Revolution. Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1986.
p. 177. Muster Roll of Capt. Irvine's Company 1st Infantry Texan Army, Commanded by Lt. Col. A. Turner from the 6th day of Nov. when last mustered to the 31st day of Dec, 1836.
William A. Pressly (Presley), enlisted 9 Oct. '36, duration of war, Pvt., Atchd. by ord. of Col. Turner, enlistment in possession of Capt. Clendennin.

(Ed. Note; The following was contributed by Margaret Hoben, address withheld.)
Republic of Texas Pension Application Abstracts. John C. Barron et al. Austin Gen. Soc., Austin, Texas, 1987.
p. 269. William A. Pressley, Mecklenburg Co., N.C., 27 May 1874, approved Feb. 1875. Age 61. In Sep 1836 he was enlisted by Capt. Clendenin and served in Capt. Mings company. In Nov. 1836 he was in Capt. Irvin's company D of the 1st : Regt. of regulars under Col. A. Turner and Col. Teal.
D.F. Waddell and Harriet A. Waddell, Travis Co, affirmed service. P/a from applicant and wife, L.E. Pressley, to E.E. Summers granted half of anything received in applying for the pension, John H. Gallant and Calvin Grier were witnesses. affirmed service. P/a A copy of the applicant's discharge was in folder dated 19 Apr. 1837 signed by D.S. Nelson, Capt. and describing him as 23 years old, born in South Carolina, light complexion, dark eyes and hair, and a clerk by profession. In a letter in the folder from S.D. Carothers of Georgetown to E.E. Summers, atty., dated 9 Feb. 1875, the applicant was identified as the family doctor of the affiant while in the Steel Creek area of Mecklenburg Co., N.C., from 1845 to 1851. He also mentioned Dr. A.I. Baron (or Barron) of Yorkville, S.C., and said that Barron had married the sister of the applicant. Dr. Pressley had told him many times of Texas and his exploits in the Texas army.

(Ed. Note: The following marriage and death notices were contributed by Sylvia M. Castles, address withheld)
Marriage and Death Notices from Upper South Carolina Newspapers, 1843-1865- Brent Holcomb.
p. 20. "Laurensville Weekly Herald", Jan. 13, 1854. Married on the 12th inst., by Rev. D. Wills, Col. W.C. Harris to Miss Corrinna M. Pressley, all of this village. p. 37. "Laurensville Weekly Herald", Dec. 8, 1858. Died in this town, on yesterday morning Mrs. Antoinette E. Black, wife of Dr. W.E. Black, of this place, and daughter of the late Rev. Samuel P. and Mrs. Jane Pressley.

York, South Carolina, Newspapers; Marriage and Death Notices, 1823-1865. Brent Holcomb.
p. 44. "Yorkville Enquirer", Apr. 2, 1857. Married on Tuesday the 31st ult., by the Rev. S.C. Millen, Mr. Stephen M. Johnston, to Miss Margaret, daughter of Mr. Richard M. Pressly, all of this district.
p. 50. "Yorkville Enquirer", Oct. 29, 1857. On the 28th instant, by Rev. R.F. Taylor, Col. Alexander Ramsay, of Kent County, Tennessee, and Miss Nannie R., youngest daughter of Richard M. Pressley, Esq. of York District.

Page 58

Marriage and Death Notices from the Yorkville Enquirer, 1855-1889, Yorkville Miscellany 1851-1854, Remedy, 1853, Yorkville Compiler, 1840-1841, Encyclopedia, 1825-1826 Yorkville Pioneer, 1823-1824. Joseph E. Hart Jr. 1971. Vol. 2 (L-Z).
p. 71. Margaret, daughter of Richard M. Pressley, married March 31, 1857, Stephen M. Johnston .
Nannie E., youngest daughter of Richard M. Pressley, married October 28, 1857, Col. Alexander Ramsey, Tenn.
Mrs. Catharine, relict of Richard M. Pressley, died April 2, 1878, aged 73 years, Minnie L. Pressley, married at B.C. Pressley's, December 12, 1882, Rev. James C. Boyd of Newberry.
Nancy Pressley died near Tirzah June 11, 1889, aged 79 years.

Marriage and Death Notices in the Rock Hill Herald, 1880-1918. Joseph E . Hart Jr. 1981.
p. 167. Rev. William Barren Pressley died Statesville, N.C. November 26, 1883.
Miss Rosa J. Pressley married December 23, 1886, W.D. McKinley of Marion, S.C.
Miss Nancy Pressley died June 11, 1889, 81 years.
Dr. W.A. Pressley married in N.C. February 12, 1896, Miss Addie Jenkins.
Dr. William Edward Black married first a daughter of Rev. Samuel Pressley, died December 28, 1896.
Rev. Leon Taylor Pressley of Chester married February 20, 1901, Miss Emma Jeanette, daughter of J.N. McDill of Hickory Grove.
Mrs. Lavinia E., sister of Joseph W. Steele, widow of the late Dr. William A. Pressley of Steele Creek, died January 21, 1902.
Mrs. W.P. Pressley, sister of J.W. Summerlin, died July 13, 1906.
J. Meek, son of the late Warren Pressley of Bethany, died June 3, 1910.
Miss Madge, daughter of the late Dr. William Adams and Lavinia (Steele) Pressley, died August 14, 1911, about 52 years.

Marriage and Death Notices from Pendleton (S.C.) Messenger, 1807-1851. Brent Holcomb.
pp. 86-87. Jan. 26, 1849.
Departed this life on the 5th inst., at this place, Mrs. Catharine Adaline Presley, wife of A.M. Presley, and daughter of Horatio and Margaret Reese ... 21 years old on New Year's Day ... left an infant son, 26 days old.

Marriage and Death Notices from Camden, S.C. , Newspapers , 1816-1845. Brent Holcomb.
p. 121. "Camden Journal", Dec. 7, 1852. On the 9th ult., by Rev. Mr. Furman, Dr. S.H. Presley, to Miss Sarah Margaret Mclver, all of Society Hill, Darlington District.

Marriage and Death Notices from Columbia, South Carolina, Newspapers , 1792-1839. Brent Holcomb.
p. 88. "The Southern Times and State Gazette", Oct. 14, 1836.
Died in Athens, on the morning of the 29th ult., Rev. Samuel P. Pressley, Prof, of Moral Philosophy and Belles Letters in the University of Georgia, after a severe illness of three weeks.

Marriage , Death, and Estate Notices from Georgetown, S.C. , Newspapers , 1791-1861. Brent Holcomb.
p. 81. "Winyaw Intelligencer", Aug. 1, 1827.
Married in Williamsburgh District on Thursday the 28th June last, by the Rev. E.I. Mills, William James Pressley, Esq. to Miss Elizabeth Gamble.

Marriage and Death Notices from the Charleston Times, 1800-1821. Brent Holcomb.
p. 98. Dec. 14, 1804.
Married, last evening, by the Rev. M'Culloch, Mr. William Presly to Miss Eliza Aleanor Adams, daughter of Mr. David Adams, Factor.

Page 59

Marriage and Death Notices from the Charleston Observer, 1827-1845. Brent Holcomb.
p. 6. July 7, 1827.
On the 28th ult., by the Rev. E.J. Mills, Mr. William Pressley to Miss Elizabeth Gamble, both of Williamsburg District.
p. 160. July 25, 1840.
Married on Thursday evening the 16th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Brantly, Benjamin C. Pressley, Esq. to Louisa M., second daughter of the late Henry Wheeler, Esq. of this city.


Patsy Baggett
address withheld

Need information regarding where John Madison Presley, son of Roswell Presley, died and where he is buried. I believe he was in Texas at time of death, which I think was 22 Oct. 1899. Also, if anyone has a photo of John Madison Presley, I would really like a copy. Need any information available on his wife, Sarah (Cain) presley, d. 1 Jan. 1891. Would like to know when Asenath (Harden) Presley, wife of Roswell Presley, died and where.

Roy C. Pressler
address withheld

The court probate records of Valentine Bressler in Fairfield Co., Ohio, show:
"Balance in hands of the Administrator 92.15

The widow entitled to  - $46.07 
Nine heirs each $5.18     46.07 [sic]

Settled September Term 1835."
I would like to know who these ten people were.

Beau Hudgins
address withheld

I would like to find a descendant of Dunnen Presley (b. 1780 Lancaster Co., S.C.; d. McMinn Co., Tenn.) who is actively researching that line. Dunnen was the son of John Presley (b. 1748 Rowan Co., N.C.O, Revolutionary war soldier. I need to find the issue of Dunnen and John.

Edith G. Presley has called our attention to two publications for which mailings are being sent to Presley addressees. The first is The Presley Family Album from Elizabeth Ross of Scranton, PA which sells for $29.85. This appears to be a register of names and addresses of Presley families in the U.S.

The second book is The World Book of Presleys from Carol A. Presley and published by Halbert's of Bath, OH with a price of $34.95 (prepublication $24.50). This book is said to contain Presley immigration information as well as an international directory of Presley households (4670 names in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, & Great Britain).

Neither of these books appears to be a family history, and we caution that they may be of very limited usefulness in research. Some people may find them of limited and passing curiosity, however. We have not seen them, but if anyone has ordered either of these books and would care to donate a copy to the Association, to loan a copy for review, or to write a review themselves, we will be pleased to give further information in a future Newsletter.

Page 60


Part II
Letters from Mississippi

(Ed. Note: The following two telegrams and two letters are reprinted from The Bulletin (March 1989 issue) of the Chester District Genealogical Society with the permission of its Editor and member of our Association, Jean Nichols, Box 336, Richburg, S.C. 29729. The first letter was written by Asenath (Harden) Presley to Mary Caroline (Pratt) Harden (1826-1908) the wife of her half-brother, William Harden (1823-1867).

Asenath (Harden) Presley (b. 1807) was the daughter of Henry (b. 1772) and Elizabeth (Davis) Harden, and the wife of Roswell W. Presley (1805-1880). The letter was written shortly after the death of John Pratt Harden, the son of Caroline and William Harden, in Tate Co., Miss. The original letter was found in the Bible of William Harden, as were the two telegrams, both sent on Oct. 21, 1872 from Cold Water, Miss, to Mrs. M.C. Harden, care of William Harden, Chester, S.C.)

"Pratt is dangerously ill. Will let you hear again."
signed: A.W. Darby
$1.80 collect

"Pratt died eleven AM. Will be buried tomorrow unless otherwise ordered."
signed: George Harden

Stray Horn Tate County
October 28, 1872

Dear sister and family
I seat myself this evening to write you a few lines in answer to yours of the 25th of August which we ware truly glad to receive and to hear from you we received yours on the 5th of Sept at that time I was sick confined to my bed and took the neuralgia it settled in my right eye and for two months I could not see out of it but it has got so I can see again but its not strong yet though these few lines leave us all well hoping when these few lines come to hand they may find you all well I have nothing interresting to write crops hear are sorry owing to the wet spring and the latter part of the summer so dry we had no rain July or August not enough to lay the dust and that cut the crops short in this country sister you wanted to no about my children we simpothise with you though my trouble has not lost so many as you have we lost Mary Ellen she died with the measles she left two little children her husban fell in the Franlin fight and then she came back home with us she was one good child to her parents we have her children they are company and help too me we are not living where we ware when Brooks was hear we have moved ten miles west of cold water Madison left the swamp and we live close to gether bought land to gether Tom sold out and bought again seven miles east of cold water Elizabeth is in leake county yet she has eight children two groon I was to see Adaline a few weak ago she is still keepping boarding house but she speaks of renting her house next year though she ___sed hardly knew what she would do yet Caroline Jonny and Mary Ellen is both in same church yard buried not far apart whare the grave yard is well cared for and kept in good order they Methodist has a fine church there we live about seven miles from Ebounesor is the name of the church the connection in this country are all well when we heard last Mag's health has been tolerable good this summer she better than it has been Caroline I would be glad to see you all again but if we never meet in this world let us try to live so when we are done with this world we may meet where parting will be no more I must close for the present hoping to hear from you soon

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as this comes to hand give my love to every member of your family and except a large potion for yourself

R W and Asenath Presley

Be serten and write as soon as this comes to hand I would written sooner my eye • had been well write soon as this comes to hand and give me all the news for we are always anxious to hear from you

Asenath Presley

(Ed. Note: Persons mentioned in the above letter include Mary Ellen (ie. Mary Ellen (Presley) Alien, daughter of Roswell & Asenath Presley); Brooks (ie. Seabrooks Harden, son of William & Mary Caroline Harden); Madison (ie. John Madison Presley, son of Roswell & Asenath Presley); Tom (ie. Thomas Henry Presley, son of Roswell & Asenath Presley); Elizabeth (ie. Elizabeth Jane (Presley) Crabb, daughter of Roswell & Asenath Presley); Jonny (ie. John Pratt Harden); Adaline (unknown); and Mag (ie. Margaret Presley, wife of Richard H. Presley, son of John & Eleanor Presley. The next letter was written from T.H. (ie. Thomas Henry) Presley, son of Roswell W. & Asenath Presley, to S. Brooks (ie. Seabrooks) Harden.

Cold Water Tate County
May 1877

Dear friend
I once more seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am. all right. We are all well at the present time. I have no news to right that will interest you a great deal. Our crop is very backward. We have got our corn plowed out one time and we ____ our cotton plowed except three ___. It is small and a very bad stand. We have had a great deal of rain this month. We had a big rain this morning. We can't plow for one or two days. S. B. you ought to be out here to go to Sunday school with me. Their is a large Sunday school at Cold Water and at bethel. I was at them both yesterday. Their was some prety girls their. You may bet on that we are getting up the sons and daughters of Temperance. I joined last night. They are getting one at Cold Water. Their are 17 members 12 joined last night. They are three in this country. One has 127 members one has 72 one that I belong to has only 17 members 12 of them joined last night. They have not got their officers elected yet. 1 want you to get one of the books arid send to me and tell me what it is worth. As I have nothing else to right I will close for the presento Right soon and give me all the news. I remain as ever yore true friend

T. H. Presley

I want you to right as soon as you get this. I have not received a letter from you since August. Direct yore letter to Tate County Cold Water Miss. The county has been divided and we live in Tate County.

(Ed. Note: A third letter shared by Barbara Williams and forwarded by E.L. Singleton was also found in the Harden Bible. A.W. Darby is believed by Barbara Williams to have been writing to Mary Caroline (Pratt) Harden. He is thought to have .been a son of her sister, Sarah Pratt, who married William J. Darby. The R.H. Presley mentioned in the letter is thought to be Richard H. Presley. "Uncle Ross" is believed to be Roswell W. Presley, who would have been the husband of the half-sister of the husband of A.W. Darby's Aunt Caroline. That's "a far-fetched 'connection for him to be called 'Uncle Ross1 by A.W. Darby, but not impossible under Old South 'family connection1 principles. If his first cousins called Ross Pressley 'Uncle Ross!, he could have grown up doing so also. There could be another 'connection'. Two of Azenath & William's brothers married Hall girls who were tied in with the Darbys.")

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Coldwater Miss.
June 16th 1872

Dear Aunt.
I reed your very welcome letter yesterday. Was glad indeed to hear from you. I have no news to write you all are getting along first rate. Jack is well of Mumps. Looking better than usual. The other connections are all well. Crops are fine at least present a fine appearance. We have had a good deal of rain recently and some cool weather, it is right cool this morning but will be warm enough by evening. I saw R.H. Presley yesterday, all were well. I also saw Uncle Ross - looking very well. Our town is still improving - and have the finest country I ever lived in. I am better pleased every year. I helped make one gun smith a member of the I.O.O.F. the 8th of this month. He is well thought of and is doing a good business- but is very much dissatisfied on account of — Is well pleased with the country where he lives. Write Soon, and give us all the news.

Yours As Ever
A. W. Darby

(Ed. Note: Many thanks to E.L. Singleton and other members who collected information and helped to explain some of the family relationships.)


(Ed. Note: Beau Hudgins, address withheld, shared the following family group data in 1986 when she was resident in South Carolina.)

Andrew Peter Presley, b. 1804 Cabarrus Co., N.C., d. 1888 Jackson Co., N.C., bur. Cullowhee Bapt. Church, m. firstly, Nellie Powe, m. secondly, Nancy Tilley, b. 1810 Wilkes Co., N.C., d. 1884 Jackson Co., N.C., bur. Cullowhee Bapt. Church. Children:
1) David Swain Presley, b. 2 Mar:. 1834 Haywood Co., N.C., d. 13 Sept. 1918 Jackson Co., N.C., bur. Cullowhee Bapt. Church, m. Lavina.
2) Catherine Presley, b. 1836 Macon Co., N.C.
3) Nancy Jane Presley, b. 1838 Macon Co., N.C., d. 1919
4) Montraville Presley, b. 1841 Macon Co., N.C., d. 1862, bur. Speedwell Bapt. Church, Cullowhee
5) Lewis Clingman Presley (see below)
6) Fidelia Presley, b. 1844 Macon Co., N.C., d. 1912 Jackson Co., N.C., bur. Speedwell Bapt. Church, m. Sara A. ___.
7) Mary Ann Presley, b. 12 Dec. 1848 Macon Co., N.C., d. 10 June 1920 Jackson Co., N.C., bur. Cullowhee Bapt. Church.

Lewis Clinqman Presley, b. 28 Jan. 1844 Macon Co., N.C., d. 19 Dec. 1917 Jackson Co., N.C., bur. Speedwell Bapt. Church, Cullowhee, m. 20 Apr. 1864 Jackson Co., N.C., Matilda Mathis, b. 10 Apr. 1846 N.C., d. 27 May 1911 Jackson Co., N.C., bur. Speedwell Bapt. Church.
1) Mary A. Presley, b. 1865
2) William Robert Presley, b. 1867 Cullowhee, Jackson Co., N.C., m. Dovie Bell Shelton
3) Fidelia McDowell Presley, m. Mary J. Painter
4) MacMonroe Presley, b. 19 Jan. 1871 Jackson Co., N.C., d. 9 Apr. 1955 Cullowhee, Jackson Co., N.C., bur. Cullowhee Bapt. Church, m. Callie Dills
5) Nancy Bell Presley, b. 1873 Tenn.

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6) Andrew McDuff Presley, b. 1874, m. Agnes Burrell
7) Martha Ida Presley, b. 1875 Cullowhee, N.C.
8) Florence Catherine Presley, b. N.C.
9) Queen Ester Presley, m. Harrison Adams
10) Kelly Elizabeth Presley, m. Raxnsey Dills
11) Margaret Pauline Presley, b. N.C.
12) Jacob Clingman Presley, b. N.C.
13) Sally L. Presley, died at age 6 months
14) Lula Minerva Presley, b. N.C.
15) Rebecca Rosetta Presley
16) Allie Evangeline Presley, b. N.C.

(Ed. Note: See Beau Hudgin's query on page 59 of this issue. In a letter of 24 Feb. 1990 Beau says, "I think Dunnen Presley is the father of my Andrew Peter, b. 1804. They lived close to each other while in Buncombe County, and I think Dunnen and Andrew moved further west, Andrew settling in Jackson (Haywood) Co. and Dunnen onward to Tennessee to be with other sons. Andrew had a grandchild born in Tennessee in the early 1870's by my great, great grandfather, Lewis Clingman Presley. I will visit McMinn and Polk Cos. in Tennessee to find out more about Dunnen."

"We moved to Asheville about a year ago and couldn't be happier about our new surroundings. I'm about 5 miles from the Buncombe Co. Courthouse and do research there at least twice a month. I will be glad to resolve any [Presley] research questions you have in this county if you tell me what the Association is looking for. After living here I understand the geographical locations on some of the old deeds and that really helps. I think that the terrain kept many census takers from finding some of our ancestors. Some of these places are remote in 1990, [even more so] in 1820. The Presleys that really confuse me are the ones that settled next door in Haywood Co. When I get over there to do research, I will probably find the answer to many of my questions."

Beau, your attention is directed to the new monograph on the ancestry of Elvis Presley and to the abstracts of Presley deeds in Buncombe Co., N.C., which are in the Association archive, as possibly containing information relative to your interest.)

(Ed. Note: The following family group data was received (1983) from Cindy Worley, address withheld.)

Thomas Presley, b. 1808 N.C., m. 1 Jan. 1833 Haywood Co., N.C., Jemima Hinson, b. 1809 N.C.
1) Franklin Presley (see below)
2) Malinda Louisa Presley, b. 1835 Haywood Co., N.C.
3) Daniel Newton Presley, b. 1837 Haywood Co., N.C.
4) Charlotte (Lotty) J. Presley, b. 1839 Haywood Co., N.C.
5) Nelson A. Presley, b. 1841 Haywood Co., N.C.
6) Joshua A. Presley, b. 1842 Haywood Co., N.C.
7) Joseph A. Presley, b. 1845 Haywood Co., N.C.
8) Margmin A. Presley, b. 1847 Haywood Co., N.C.
9) Crisenbury Presley, b. 1848 Haywood Co., N.C.
10) Margaret E. Presley, b. 1852 Haywood Co., N.C.

Franklin Presley, b. 27 Oct. 1833 Haywood Co., N.C., d. 13 Sept. 1910 Haywood Co., N.C., bur. Locust Field, Haywood Co., N.C., m. firstly, 18 Apr. 1858 Buncombe Co., N.C., Elizabeth Mease, b. 22 Apr. 1839 Haywood Co., N.C., d. Haywood Co., N.C., bur. Locust Field, Haywood Co., N.C. (dau. Peter Mease & Nancy Medford), m. secondly, Harriet E. Hall, b. 20 Oct. 1843 Haywood Co., N.C., d. 12 June 1917 Haywood Co., N.C., bur. Plains, Haywood Co., N.C. (dau. George Hall & Liza Clark).

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Children: (first wife)
1) Mary Jane Presley, b. 7 Feb. 1859 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Clenon Hinson
2) Louisa (Lula) Presley, b. 28 June 1860 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Haynes Hall
3) Nancy Presley, b. 1861 Haywood Co., N.C.
4) Doctor Nelson Presley, b. 7 Dec. 1862 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Ellie Hipps
5) James Wesley Presley, b. 25 Apr. 1866 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Rose Hinson
6) Joseph Theodore Presley, b. 28 Aug. 1868 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Timmy Hinson
7) Eddie Presley, b. 12 Mar. 1870 Haywood Co., N.C.
8) Bascum F. Presley, b. 23 June 1873 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Kitty Clark

(second wife)
9) Lavada Presley, b. 17 Aug. 1877 Haywood Co., N.C., m. George Burl/Bush
10) Selena Presley, b. 17 Nov. 1878 Haywood Co., N.C., m. 31 Dec. 1899 John Moore
11) Haynes Presley, b. 28 Apr. 1880 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Julia Farmer
12) Gaston N. Presley, b. 28 Mar. 1882 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Laura Cunningham
13) Rhoda Presley, b. 17 Sept. 1883 Haywood Co., N.C., m. Arthur West


When Lorraine Chesnut, address withheld discovered that her ancestor, Ephraim Presley, received a pension for his military service in the Seminole war in Florida, she also obtained from the National Archives the pension of another Presley who fought in that war. Lorraine has compared the records of Ephraim and Richard Presley in the following chart. Could these two men have been brothers, or otherwise related?


Enrolled for
Seminole War:

Pension applied for:
Since leaving service
resided at:

Widow applied:
Ephraim Presley
22 Sept. 1813 Haywood Co., N.C.
11 Dec. 1839 Hall Co., Ga. to
Mary Brown
6 Apr. 1900 Pickens Co., Ga.

5 Oct. 1837, 1st Regt. Ga. Vols.
7 May 1838, Hall Co., Ga.
24 yrs old, 5'6", blue eyes,
dark hair, fair complexion
28 June 1892, Pickens Co., Ga.

Hall Co, 2 yrs
Pickens Co., 47/52 yrs.
31 May 1900, Pickens Co., Ga.
Richard Presley
1818/19 Buncombe Co., N.C.
20 Dec. 1838 Lumpkin Co., Ga. to
Mary M. Grizzel
18 June 1895 Boone Co., Ark.

5 Oct. 1837, 1st Regt. Ga. Vols.
7 May 1838 Hall Co., Ga.
19 yrs old, 6'0", blue eyes,
sandy hair, light complex
13 May 1893, Boone Co., Ark.
Tenn., 5 yrs.
Ga., 30 yrs.
Batavia, Ark., since 1861/71
5 Aug. 1895, Boone Co., Ark.

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Kathryn Presley Campbell of Colonia, New Jersey, reports that her father, William D. Presley celebrates his 90th birthday on March 12th. He has been very interested in Kathryn's pursuit of the family history, and birthday cards would be welcomed (c/o Eleanor Presley Betz, 30 Martha Rd., Roseland, NoJ. 07068). Kathryn is on her way to Austin, Texas, this month to welcome the arrival of her son Bill's third child„ Congratulations to all!!

Any new member who has not received all back issues for this membership year (ie. the Sept. & Dec. 1989 issues) should notify this editor so that I can mail you those issues.

Here's a word of constructive advice to all members regarding your genealogical correspondence. Your letters, couments, and records are important to me and, I'm sure, to your other correspondents. I keep all your letters filed chronologically under your name, along with copies of any replies I make. I have received unsigned letters, letters without return addresses, and undated -letters, so be sure to put your 'name & address and the complete date on each letter. Another thing which will enable your correspondents better to keep your letters in a file is always to write on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. Odd sizes of stationery and fragments of paper are always falling out of a file and actually take up more room in the file cabinet.

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- Fred Alan Wolf. Parallel Universes. N.Y., 1988.