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VOLUME V      NO. 4                                          June 1990                                        Page sixty-six


(Ed. Note: The following records are shared by Marsha Hoffman Rising, C.G., C.G.L., address withheld) Foreclosure of Mortgage, Box 68, Package 3459. 1833 Term.
Samuel P. Pressly, [of Newbury District] James Alston, George W. Hodges [of Abbeville District] vs. Maria Presley, John Presley and George Presley, Adm.

The plaintiffs were securities on a $2000 obligation made by John B. Presley to David Presley which was signed 19 Feb. 1829. David Presley then assigned the note to A.B. Arnold. John B. Pressley departed this life on 3 August 1832 intestate and generally believed to be insolvent. A mortgage, however, was assigned to the securities consisting of two lots in the village of Abbeville and a plantation containing 2700 acres on the waters of the Little River, Waters of Savannah and bounded by A. Calhoun, George W. Duffie and others. John B. Pressley also became obligated to David Lessly for the sum of $5000.

A.B. Arnold then asked for judgement against the securities for payment of the note in the sum of $2000. The plaintiffs stated that John B. Pressly left no children or others of lineal descent; only a widow, Maria, and a father, John Pressly, as his only heirs. Plaintiffs asked to sell the mortgages to pay the debts.

John Pressly agreed to the sale as did Maria, reserving for herself the right of dower.

[Compiler's Note: This is likely an unknown son of John and Margaret (Patterson) Pressly of Abbeville. John was born between 1775 & 1780 and died 29 Sept. 1836. Only one child has been known: Samuel Patterson Pressly, b. 25 Sept. 1799, d. 29 Sept. 1836 Athens, Ga., m. 22 Dec. 1825 Jane W. Todd of Laurensville. He studied theology under John T. Pressly of Abbeville in 1826 and was installed at Cannon Creek and King's Creek ARP in Prosperity, Newberry Co., S.C. He left for Athens, Ga., in 1834.

It seems likely that Samuel P. Pressley acted as surety for his brother. John B. Presley is enumerated in Abbeville in 1830, p. 2, with 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30. This appears to be the man whose estate was settled in 1833.]

Partition of Estate, William L. Pressly vs. Marietta Pressly. 1860 Term.
Rev. Dr. Ebenezer E. Presley, late of Abbeville District, South Carolina, departed this life intestate on 26 July 1860. He left considerable real and personal property. The heirs asked for a partition and division of the estate including the several families of negroes.

(continued on page sixty-eight)

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THE PRESLEY/PRESLAR/PRESSLY NEWSLETTER is a quarterly publication of the Presley Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association and is distributed to members and selected genealogical libraries. President & Editor is Edwin C. Dunn, (address withheld).. Vice-President. is Betty Bostick, (address withheld). Treasurer is E.L. Singleton, (address withheld).

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The last few months have been so busy in taking care of all those Spring chores, such as installing a sprinkler irrigation system and relandscaping the back garden, cleaning out the garage, and getting ready for early summer houseguests, that genealogy has had to take a temporary back seat to those more mundane matters. Now that daytime temperatures have reached the 95-100 degree range here in the high desert at the southern tip of the Rockies, and the very welcome guests have departed, I can turn my attention to compiling a somewhat belated June issue, responding to some of the accumulated correspondence, and attending to other projects.

Some very interesting letters have arrived on my desk in the last few months, a sampling of which you will find in this issue under the heading, "We Get Mail!". While recently I have not been able always to respond to your contributions, it doesn't mean that they aren't noted and appreciated. Keep them coming. Our Association remains a group of active and interested members.

The Elvis Presley ancestry booklets have been mailed to those who placed orders. If you didn't receive yours, let me know.

The Executive Committee has agreed that because of increased costs and an increased size of our quarterly Newsletter, and because the Association wants to do more research in the coming year, annual dues beginning with the 1990-1991 membership year, which starts on July 1st, will be increased to $12. This modest increase is felt to be necessary at this time, and we hope will pose no difficulty for anyone.

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- The Albuquerque Tribune, February 9, 1988.

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EQUITY COURT - ABBEVILLE CO., S..C. (continued):
Dr. Presley left a widow by a second marriage, Mary Ann, and children by a former marriage: Marietta, age about 16 years, and William L. Presley, and grandchild Mary Frances, an infant of James C. Boyd by a daughter of the deceased. The widow, Mary Ann, departed this life 20 August 1860 leaving a mother, Elizabeth Taylor, and three sisters, Miss Nancy Taylor, Mrs. Margaret Hadden, wife of the Rev. David F. Hadden, and Mrs. Jane McDill, wife of William-W. McDill.

The families of slaves were assigned value and divided among the heirs. William L. Pressley asked that the families of the slaves be kept together.

Assigned to William L. Pressley, 8 slaves:
           Harry & Rebecca, his wife                 $950.00
           Ice                                        900.00
           Brown                                      750.00
           Caleb                                     1000.00 
           John                                      1050.00
           Henry                                     1100.00
           Jim                                        800.00

Assigned to Mary Frances Boyd:
           Jourdan and wife Mima                    $1100.00 
           Girl Mary                                  250.00
           Ebenezer                                   400.00
           Ivy                                        600.00
           Kate                                       800.00

Assigned to Marietta Poly:
           Jane and child                           $1100.00
           Lucinda (unsound) and child                400.00
           Mary                                       600.00
           Rebecca                                    500.00
           Allis                                      350.00
           Charles                                    250.00
           Daniel                                    1100.00
           Erskine                                    950.00
           Icy                                        200.00

Slaves advanced to Mrs. Boyd durin her lifetime:
           Wade                                     $1100.00
           Eliza                                      900.00
           Zana                                       850.00

(Compiler's Note: Ebenezer Erskine Pressly was the son of William and Elizabeth (Hearst) Pressley of Abbeville, South Carolina. He was born 23 Dec. 1808 (tmbst) and died 26 July 1860, bur. Due West Cemetery, Due West, S.C. He married firstly, 1831 Elizabeth Agnew, dau. of Samuel Agnew. A bill for partition was filed in equity court in Abbeville concerning estate of Samuel Agnew; widow was named as Malinda. Petition stated that Samuel Agnew died 20 July 1814 leaving nine children, one of whom was Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer E. Pressly. Filed 29 May 1845. He married secondly, 28 Nov. 1853 by the Rev. J.J. Bonner, Mary Ann Taylor. She died 20 August 1860, aged 34 years. Their two children both died in infancy.)

Our forefathers sought the wilderness, and overcame it; but the wilderness, in surrendering, entered into them, and became a part of them; and we are the heirs and the victims of that conquest and its consequences. (Lesley Mason)

Donald Lines Jacobus, Genealogy as Pastime and Profession. 2nd ed., Baltimore, 1971. p. 11.

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1860 Census

(Ed Note: Data from the 1890 census is given as follows: Page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/value of personal property, birthplace.)

78  546/554  J.M. Presly       25  M  W  Farmer /2000  GA                  Margaret Presley   15  F                     GA 
             California        22  F  W                GA                  Hiram "             5  M                     GA
             Calvin "           2  M  W                AL                  William Blakedale  23  M Physician           AL
             Drucilla "      9/12  F  W                AL                                                   3600/10000
             Elizabeth "       21  F  W                GA      BUTLER COUNTY
             Eliza "           39  F  W                GA      52 398/398  Mary Preslar       58 F W Farmeress 1120/3500 GA
             William "         14  M  W                GA                  E. B. "            27 M W Farmer 1680/2000    AL
             Y.P. Miller        5  M  W                AL

163 1160/1168  Evean Presly    57  M  W  Planter 6000/ SC      52 399/399  J.A. Preslar       30 M W Farmer 1720/2000    AL
               Isabella "      28  F  W          63000 NC                  M.C. "              6 F W                     AL
               Laura "         15  F  W                AL                  S. "                4 F W                     AL
               Samuel "        13  M  W                AL
               Florida "        6  F  W                AL      58 445/445  H. Preslar         38 M W Farmer 6930/5500    AL 
               Allice "         4  F  W                AL                  L. "               35 F W                     AL
               Sallie "         2  F  W                AL                  A.H. "             16 F W                     AL
                                                                           Mary "             14 F W                     AL
168 1192/1200  W.T. Presly     25  M  W  Ferryman      SC                  O.J. "             12 F W                     AL
               Henyetta "      25  F  W        /1000   AL                  Y.W. "              9 M W                     AL
               Augustus "       7  M  W                AL                  L.E. "              7 F W                     AL
               George "         5  M  W                AL                  P. "                6 F W                     AL
               Columbus "       3  M  W                AL                  F. "                4 F W                     AL
               Antonette "  11/12  F  W                AL                  W.A. "              1 M W                     AL
               Narasus Ward    21  F  W                AL                  Jos. Lewis         28 M W                     AL

BALDWIN COUNTY                                                  173 /1255  A. Presslor        65 M W Farmer 2000/12000   SC
198 173/118    Elizabeth Wallace 25 F W                AL                  J. "               45 F W                     SC
               Josephene "        4 F W                AL                  A. "                7 M W                     AL
               Kenney "           3 M W                AL 
               Laura J. "         1 F W                AL       173 /1256  W.W. Presslor      36 M W Farmer 1200/        AL
               Sarah Presley     61 F W                SC                  C. "               30 F W                     AL
                                                                           E.H. "              7 F W                     AL
BIBB COUNTY                                                         T.M. "              6 M W                     AL
802 1065/1050  J.M. Prestly      35 M W        400/900 GA                  J.A. "              4 F W                     AL
               Matilda "         35 F                  AL                  A.C. "              2 M W                     AL
               Marion "          11 M                  AL                  D.C. "          10/12 M W                     AL
               William "         10 M                  AL
               Elizabeth "        6 F                  AL      BIBB COUNTY 
               John "          1/12 M                  AL      644 413/413 Leander A. Pressly 21 M W Farmer              SC
                                                                           Isabella           19 F W                     GA  
979 305/305    William Presley   43 M W        250/250 SC
               Mahala "          43 F                  SC
               Ann "             18 F                  SC
               Martha "          16 F                  GA

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696   780/780   Robert Presley   24 M W Farmer 350/200  GA  
                Martha "         32 F W                 SC  
                Amanntha "        6 F W                 AL 
                Maria C.          4 F W                 AL 

991   733/733   Calvin Pressley  54 M W Farmer 10000/   SC  
                Jane "           54 F W          40000  SC  
                Evan A. "        23 M W                 AL   
                John L. "        21 M W                 AL   
                Emily "          18 F W                 AL
                William H. "     15 M W                 AL
                Robert "         12 F W                 AL
                Susan A. Burkley 27 F W                 GA
                Celina "          6 F W                 AL
                Eugenia "         4 F W                 TX
                Jane Turner      86 F W                 SC

17    113/113   Martha Presley   30 F W Farmer 150/60   GA
                Amanda R. "       8 F W                 AL
                Joseph W. "       6 M W                 AL
                Celia A.E. "      4 F W                 AL
                John W.           2 M W                 AL

545   609/602   R. Presler       70 M W Planter 2000/   SC
                E. "             51 F W           7000  SC
                M. "             20 F W                 SC
                A. "             21 M W                 SC
                F. "             14 M W                 SC
                E. "             11 F W                 SC
                M. "              9 F W                 SC
                S. "              7 F                   SC

982   200/187   Martha Pressley  47 F W Housekeeper/200 SC
                Elizabeth "      28 F W                 AL
                Wm. "            24 M W Farm Laborer    AL  
                Baron "          21 M W                 AL
                Margaret "       16 F W                 AL
                Julius "         13 M W                 AL

997   305/287   Jno. Pressley    46 M W Farmer 600/430  SC
                Nancy "          30 F W                 AL
                Wm. "            18 M W Farm Laborer    AL
                Susan "          14 F W                 AL
                Nancy "           6 F W                 AL
                Jno. "            1 M W                 AL

1115 1135/1097  Jno. Pressley    40 M W Farmer /500     AL
                Jane "           38 F W                 AL
                Elizabeth "      19 F W                 AL
                Malissa "        13 F W                 AL
                Peirce "         12 M W                 AL
                Spencer "        10 M W                 AL
                Sarah "           7 F W                 AL  
               Terrell Pressley     5 M W                  AL
               Alvin "              4 M W                  AL
               Ransome "            1 M W                  AL

121            Robert Presley      30 M W In prision       SC

269  327/327   Larkin Presley      23 M W Mechanic         GA
               Rachel M. "         24 F W                  GA

347  860/860   Elizabeth Presley   56 F W    650/300       SC
               James "             21 M W                  GA
               Nancy A. "          17 F W                  GA
               Rebecca D.S.(?) "   14 F W                  GA

382  457/457   Sarah Hace          45 F W                  VA
               John Presley        11 M W                  AL

410  487/488   Samuel Presley      25 M W Laborer /140     TN
               Minerva "           25 F W                  TN
               Paulina A. "         4 F W                  AL
               William "            3 M W                  AL
               George W. "          2 M W                  AL
               Sydney A. "          1 M W                  AL
               Sarah "           1/12 F W                  AL

819  457/457   Lydia Presley       60 F W Farmer 760/800   SC
               Elizabeth "         45 F W                  SC
               Ellen "              6 F W                  SC

775  351/209   Margaret Brisley    46 F W        100/100   TN 
               Mary Fletcher       22 F W                  AL
               Liza C. Brisley     18 F W                  AL
               Susan A.  "         12 F W                  AL

796   55/55    John Presley        26 M W Day Laborer /50  SC
               Lucinda "           34 F W                  SC
               Darcus "            13 F W                  SC
               Sarah J. "          11 F W                  SC
               John D. "            6 M W                  SC
               Sevilla "            4 F W                  SC
               Miles E. "           1 M W                  SC
               James McAdams       37 M W             Ireland
               John Leonard        23 M W                  NY

570  668/609   Sarah Hall          65 F W Retired /125     GA
               Jane R. Presley     35 F W                  GA
               Sarah "              9 F W                  GA
               Minet "              5 F W                  GA

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273  1232/1196   John Prestley     86 M W Planter      SC   
                 Margaret "        62 F W   1000/8000  NC   
                 Newton L. "       18 M W              SC   
                 Henry S. Toler    24 M W              GA   

330    157/151   Mary Pressly      50 F W Farmer /25   TN
                 Mary "            25 F W              TN
                 Nancy "           22 F W              TN
                 John "            17 M W              TN
                 Elizabeth "       14 F W              TN
                 Malinda "         12 F W              TN
                 Martha "          10 F W              TN

852    881/778   Yancy O. Presley  31 M W Millwright   SC
                 Margaret J. "     29 F      800/300   SC
                 Mary J. "          7 F                SC
                 Susan P. Works    18 F                AL

852    882/779   Abner P. Presley  21 M W Millwright   SC
                 Sarah J. "        19 F W     /150     MS

957    782/758   Elbert Pressly    34 M W         /50  SC
                 Mary S. "         23 F                GA
                 Mary S. "          3 F                AL
                 Rhoda Burtran     53 F                GA
                 Sarah "           14 F                AL

84     697/704   William R. Presley 37 M W   2000/750  GA
                 James "            14 M               AL
                 Margaret "         12 F               AL
                 Mary "             10 F               AL
                 Sarah "             7 F               AL
                 William "           5 M               AL

188    180/180  William Presley     56 M W     250/610 SC
                Telitha "           49 F               SC
                Laura "             23 F               SC
                Levi "              20 M               SC
                Susan "             17 F               SC
                Arraminta "         13 F               SC

724    708/     R. Presley          53 M W Overseer    SC
                P. "                52 F               NC
                P.E. "              18 F               GA
                J. "                16 M               GA
                S. "                14 F               GA
                E. "                12 F               GA
                S. "                 9 F               GA
                T. "                 7 F               GA

814     23/24   Jas. Presley        28 M W             GA
                Eliza "             26 F               SC
                Malinda "            8 F               AL
                Martha "             6 F               AL

140  1089/992   Elizabeth N. Ridgway 54 F W    /100    GA
                Celia Hayward        20 F              GA
                Nancy Ridgway        17 F              GA
                Thadeus "            14 M              GA
                Mary A. Presley      28 F              GA
                Jackson "             5 M              GA
                Benejah "            11 M              GA

1047  231/258   Joseph Pressly       32 M W Physician  AL
                M.C. "               24 F   6000/60000 AL
                Eliza "               1 F              AL
                C.H. "               68 F              SC

1049  231/261  Samuel Presley        22 M W Medical    AL 
               living with J.C. & Jane R. Young                      

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Confederate Military Service Records
(Continued from page 56, Mar. 1990 issue)

Presley, Thomas
Presley, Thomas (OFU Prestley, Tom)
Presley, Thomas
Presley, Thomas (OFU Pressley, T. )
Presley, Thomas H.
Presley, Thomas M.
Presley, Thomas N.
Presley, Thomas R. (OFU Thomas)
Presley, T.J.
Presley, T.S. (OFU Fielding S.)
Presley, Uriah M.
Presley, W.A. (OFU Preslar, William A.)
Presley, W.A.
Presley, W.A. (OFU Pressley, William A.)
Presley, W.B. (OFU Pressley, W.B.)
Presley, w.c.
Presley, W.D.
Presley, W.E.
Presley, W.E.
Presley, Wiatt (OFU Preslar)
Presley, William
Presley, William
Presley, William
Presley, William (OFU Pressley)
Presley, William
Presley, William
Presley, William
Presley, William
Presley, William
Presley, William


Co. G, 8th Ark. Cav.
Co. C, 6th Miss. Inf.
Co. C, 10th Battn. Heavy Arty.
Co. K, 2nd Cherokee Mtd. Vols.
Co. E, 27th Miss. Inf.
Co. K, 8th Texas Cav.
1st Co. I, 2nd Co., 7th S.C. Inf.
Co. C, 10th Battn. N.C. HeavyArty.
Co. F, Cherokee Legion Ga. (StateGrds.)
Co. D, 47th Ala. Inf.
Co. J, 46th N.C. Inf.
Co. C, 3rd Battn. Fla. Cav.
Co. E, 1st Miss. Cav. Res.
Co. B, 1 3th N.C. Inf.
Co. F,K,0, 1st S.C. Inf.
Co. F, 6th La. Cav.
Capt. Hudson's Co., Ga. Light Arty.
Co. H, 21st Tenn.Cav.
Co. H, 21st & 22nd Tenn. Cav.
Co. A, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 48th Ala. Inf.
Capt. Van Den Corput's Ga. Light Arty.
Co. A, 3rd Battn. Ga. Inf.
Co. C, Inf. Regt. Thomas' Legion, N.C.
Co. B, 15th Battn. S C. Heavy Arty.
Co. D, 21st S.C. Inf.
Co. F, 12th Battn. Tenn. Cav.
Co. B, 39th Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
Co. E, Texas Vols.
2 Co G, 15th Tex.Vols.

Page 73

Presley, William A. (OFU William J.)
Presley, William A.
Presley, William E.
Presley, William H.
Presley, William H.
Presley, William J.
Presley, William L.
Presley, William Leroy(OFU Wm. L.)
Presley, Wm. M. (OFU Preatley, M.)
Presley, Williamson
Presley, W.M. (OFU William
Presley, W.M.(OFU Pressley, William)
Presley, W. M. L. (OFU William L.)
Presley, W.P.
Presley, W.T. (OFU W.P.)
Presley, W.V.
Presley, Y.O.
Presly, David (OFU David A.)
Presly, G.W.
Presly, James (OFU Priestly)
Presly, James P. (OFU Presley)
Presly, J.N. (OFU Presley)
Presly, J.N.
Presly, John
Presly, John
Presly, M.A. (OFU Pressley)
Presly, Tally B. (OFU Presley
Presly, William
Presly, William (OFU Presley)
Presly, William
Presly, William H. (OFU Presley)
Presly, William N.
Presly, William R.
Pressey, Samuel
Pressey, S.H.
Pressey, William
Pressey, W.W.




Co. F, 1st Ga. Cav.
Co. C, 1st Battn. State Troops, Miss. Inf.
Co. I, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 47th Ala. Inf.
Co. K, 1st Tenn. Heavy Arty.
Co. F, 1st Ga. Cav.
Co. D, 39th N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 39th N.C. Inf.
Co. K, 2nd Ga. Inf.
Co. H, 25th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 48th Ala. Inf.
Co. G, 46th Ga. Inf.
Co. D, 39th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 1st Ala. Cav.
Co. A, 1st Ala Cav.
Co. A, 1st (Reserves) Fla. Inf.
Engineers C.S.A.
1st Co. D, 2nd Co.D, 5th S.C. Inf.
Co. I, 11th & 17th Consol'd Ark. Inf.
Co. I, 2nd Texas Inf.
Co. H, 6th Ga. Cav.
Co.Truss E, Barbiere's Battn.,Ala.Cav.
Co. E, 3rd Ga. Cav.
Co. B, 1st Ark. Inf.
Co. B, 61st Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
Co. E, 2nd S.C. Rifles
1 & 2 Co.D,5th S.C. Inf.
Co. C, Hardie's Battn., Cav.Res.,Ala.
Co. A, 48th Ala. Inf.
Co. G, 52nd Ga. Inf.
Co. D, 47th Ala Inf.
Co. E, 3rd Ga. Cav.
Co. B, 61st Tenn. Mtd.
Co. E, 2nd S.C. State Troops
Co. E, 2nd S.C. Inf.
Co. L, 11th S.C. Res.
Co. E, 2nd S.C. State Troops

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"I knew Felix Hargrett whose book on the Hargretts on N.C. included a chapter on the Pressleys. He was one of the finest men I knew. He died a couple of years ago. He was the chief benefactor of Special Collections at the University of Georgia Libraries. I am manuscripts librarian there. Before he died Special Collections was renamed the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Larry Gulley
Sparta, Ga.

Reunions, the magazine, the Spring 1990 prepublications issue, has been received. It's a new quarterly devoted to, you guessed it, reunions of all kinds: school, family, military, adoptee/birthparent, church, social, etc. Writing a genealogy column called "Branch Office" for the magazine will be a member of our Association, Marsha Hoffman Rising. Marsha is a "Certified Genealogist (CG) in Springfield, MO, who is this year's recipient of the National Genealogical Society Award of Merit. She serves on the Board of the Directors (she is now President) of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, is Vice President of Administration Federation of Genealogical Societies and lectures and teaches extensively on genealogical issues. Marsha is the author of six books and numerous articles in addition to other scholarly pursuits. She has edited the Ozan'kin, a genealogical newsletter, since 1987." Articles by Marsha have appeared in the Sept. 1986 and Mar. 1989 issues of our Newsletter, along with an excellent contribution in this issue.

Reunions, the magazine, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wis.

"For years in the late 1940's and 1950's and 1960's, we had a Pressley Reunion in Chester (S.C.) every summer and the cousins from Miss. came ... The last reunion, Col. O.K. Pressley was left president, so he had all the family info. at his home."

"About four years ago, the county sold the land where old Smith Chapel graveyard was located and where our first Preslar ancestors were buried. O.K., or Uria, came down to see my Mother, they talked it over and decided to move the Preslar family members to Capers Chapel Methodist Church cemetery where other Pressley and Hardin family members were buried. They visited among the living cousins and collected enough money to move the markers and a small amount of the dirt from each grave. Those moved were:
Jeannea / wife of Thomas Preslar / 9 April 1769 - 12 June 1844
Thomas Preslar Sr. / 25 Feb. 1799 / 10 April 1849
John Pressley / 25 April 1792 / 12 Feb. 1856
Ellender / wife of John Presley / 11 April 1795 / 5 Aug. 1853
Thomas D. / son of John & Ellender / 22 Dec. 1824 / 7 July 1852

Page 75

Hosea Preslar / departed this life / 8 July 1843 . age 24 yrs 6 mo. 9 da.
Christianberry Preslar / 1 Aug. 1824 / 30 Nov. 1829
John J. / son of William & Mary Pressley / 5 April 1852 / 25 July 1853

There were others of Barnes, Vance, Fullerton, Roberts and Jaggers left. It is now an Industrial Park. We are hoping the stones will not be broken, only time will tell."

Jean Nichols
Richburg, S.C.

"I have found German and Irish connections in Canada; German through USA routes and Irish directly here. [T]here were a lot of New York State Presleys settled in area north of Lake Ontario. None could tell me where they had come from before being in Watertown area of up=state N.Y.

"I do want to cooperate with you and have begun to type the Irish Presley connections in Canada in preparation to later share it with you. The Canadian Archives are here in Ottawa, and the National Library, and the Presley heartland in Canada is the Ottawa valley and eastern Ontario.

"I ... want to maintain a separate identity for Canada Presley Research but with great cooperation with the USA Association. Our French-English roots and separate history require a Canadian perspective. Some Presleys have French as their first language. We fought in the two world wars 10 years, not 6 years. We had to defend our nation (when it was still a colony) from USA attacks on several occasions from 1775 to 1870. We are longstanding friends to our southern neighbors but not part of them. Therefore, I want to present our Presley growth and spread as it relates to the growth and the expansion of this nation."

Fred C. Presley
Ottawa, Ontario

(Ed. Note: We agree with the desirability of keeping a Canadian perspective. But, Fred, there was that little episode in 1776-1783 when Canadian soil was used as a base of military operations against the colonies to the south, and that disagreeable affair of 1812-1815 when your King's troops burned the White House in Washington. However, we forgave and we're your friends now, too. Watch for articles on the Canadian Pressleys by Fred in further Newsletters.)

"I have undertaken the big job of getting the Presley records into a database on my computer. I have just about finished all the records submitted by members as well as records I have found in the genealogy library in Salt Lake City. After I finish this project, I plan to start a different database for each of the census years starting with 1850.

Page 76

"Let our members know that I will be happy to check the databases for any names they want to submit. If I find some information for them, I can print off a family group sheet and send it to them."

James E. Anderson
Bountiful, Utah

(Ed. Note: If you have any doubt about whether your Presley family records have been entered into Jim's database, please check with him. I have tried to forward copies of all records that were sent to me and were in my files, but some group sheets, etc. have been overlooked.)

"I was looking at material from a distant relative on my Mother's side. Excerpted from Stone's The Life of Brant was a fantastic story of a prisoner of the Tories escaping back to Schenectady and sending a letter by an officer there, who were heading for Philadelphia. The letter for his father, Sampson Sammns, Marbletown, was left at the house of Levi De Witt, five miles from the Sammons home (Marbletown is adjacent to New Paltz). His information establishes Levi DeWitt as a person, but the reason why Hennik Perslow/Preslow gave this name to a son must be guessed at. Some sort of homage?! While temporarily, some of these folk go as Persal, Parshall, etc., I think DeWitt L. Presler (sp?), Civil War veteran, could turn out to be Levi Dewitt P's son!"

Kathryn P. Campbell
Colonia, N.J.

"[E]nclosed are the completed two generations of the first two sons of the immigrant Georg Simon Bressler (Pressler), namely Peter and George. Since George is my line, I was able to collect a lot more on his descendants, since I have the pleasure of knowing many of the old aunts and uncles. This summer we cousins are all getting together in Newbert, N.Y., for a reunion. It will be loads of fun! [I]n the not-too-distant future, I'll send on a few more generations ... It is easier with the computer."

Elizabeth B. Buntin
Malvern, PA

(Ed. Note: This is the latest of several large bundles of records which Betty has sent to us. We plan to feature excerpts from some of the records in a future issue.)

"I am sorry that I have not been able to answer your letter of 12 July 1986 before now. I have been disabled with cancer for several years ... After many years I have finally moved

Page 77

the Russell County, Virginia, Presleys back into Rockbridge county, Virginia, as you can see by the enclosed data. However, I did not find any clues as to where they originally came from."

"some years ago I checked out the Moses Presley Sr. & Jr. shown in the 1820 Russell Co., Va., census and found ... the correct name was Pursley. I could find no connection to the Presley.

"I am enclosing my application to join your research group ..."

Herbert L. Breeding
Memphis, TN

(Ed. Note: Welcome to our Association, Herbert! Your data will be in a future Newsletter, possibly in Sept. Have you seen Norma Jean Crabtree's book, Leaving a Trail? Also, take note that we've found that, at least in S.C., Pursley and Presley appear to be variations of the same surname. See also the follow letter.)

"We have members who used the Pursley spelling and have published information on several families of this spelling, particularly of the descendants of a James Pursley-Jane (McMahon??) from S.C. These descendants have scattered all over the country, particularly IL and TX. I would be glad to help anyone with this line. "My husband descended from a Thomas Purcell and Christiana Van Woggelum. This Thomas was given a cattle mark in 1697 on Staten Island, N.Y. Several of the early issue in this family had used the Pursley spelling - probably from not know how to spell it. In fact, my husband's revolutionary ancestor signed his will as Pursley."

Alice Crist (Mr. Forrest) Purcell
Dayton, Ohio


Gerard Swarthout, Jr.
address withheld

My wife is descended from Abraham Presler. According to his Rev. War file, he was born in New Paltz, N.Y., ; in August 1762. He later lived at Genoa (?), Ontario County, N.Y., and later in the town(ship) of Prattsburg, Steuben Co., N.Y. He died Oct. 3, 1851 and is buried in the cemetery of the Ingleside Church at Ingleside, Town of Prattsburg, Steuben Co., N.Y.

I have some information on some of his descendants, which I woulc be more than glad to share. Any help appreciated.

Page 78

Mr. D.N. Presley
address withheld

L.Z. (Lebazan) Presley was the grandfather of my late husband. The only history we have of him is that he had settled in Blooming Grove & Corsicana (Navarro Co.), Texas. He made his home with my husband's parents in his declining years and was buried in the city cemetery in Corsicana. He was married to Jennie Marie Mills, of whom we know nothing, except she is buried next to him. This couple had nine children, all now deceased except one daughter, According to her, Jennie Marie was born in La.,' and we understand L.Z. might have been born in Ala. or Ga., but nothing definite. I am seeking any info, on this man. L.Z. (Lebazan) Presley, b. 10 Mar. 1860 Ga., d. 29 Oct. 1929 Kerrville, Kerr Co., Texas, bur. Corsicana, Navarro Co., Texas, m. Jennie Marie Mills, b. 19 Sept. 1868 La., d. 11 May 1909 Corsicana, Navarro Co., Texas, bur. Corsicana, Navarro Co., Texas.

1) Viola Presley, b. 2 Oct. 1888 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas, d. Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas, m. Otto Witte
2) Noel Travis Presley, b. 28 Feb. 1890 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas, d. Sept. 1948 Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas, m2. Aug. 1919 Colorado Springs, Colorado, Hazel J. Sisk Price
3) Ethel Presley, b. Oct. 1893 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas, d. Corsicana, Texas, m. Grover McGee
4)Elizabeth Presley, b. 26 June 1895 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas, m. Tom Gibbs
5) Edwin C. Presley, b. 1898 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas, d. Kerrville, Kerr Co., Texas, m. Bea ____
6) Kelton Eugene Presley, b. 23 Dec. 1900 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas, d. Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas, ml. Mary ______ 7) Robert D. Presley, b. 1903 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas, d. 1973 Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas, ml. Vesta ____, m2-4. ____
8) Lucille Presley, b. 1906 Corsicana, Navarro Co., Texas, d. Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas, m. Victor Riemenshneider
9) Thomas S. Presley, b. 18 Apr. 1909 Corsicana, Navarro Co., Texas, d. Austin, Travis Co., Texas, m. Londa Usner.

Paul Pressler
address withheld

The most I know about the Pressler family is that several generations ago they immigrated from Germany to Galveston Island, Texas. Any information.

Luther I. Wilbanks
address withheld

My great grandmother was Elizabeth Presley and her father was Thomas Presley from northern Ala.:
Tom Presley m. Nancy Matilda Moore, d. 1926. Lived in Gadsen-Alabama City, Ala.
1) Terry (or Perry) Presley
2) Rowland Presley

Page 79

3) Dorie Presley
4) Jennie Presley
5) Bessie Elizabeth Presley, b. 1880 (?), m. George Helton, > b. 29 Oct. __. Children: Estella, Buddy, Virginia, Hayden, Essie Lou

Part of family lived in Tennessee and part in Alabama about 1920, near Guntersville. Any information on this family?



(Ed. Note: The following is a condensation of an article (of the same title) by Sally Eauclair in The Santa Fean, June 1989, pp. 42-44. )

Jack Pressler estimates that 90% of the people who buy his vintage cowboy boots have never been on a horse. Rather than cater to utilitarian needs, he helps them live the Western myth. "The attraction is to take home something from the old West," Jack says.

Jack doesn't collect just any old cowboy boot. In fact, he doesn't like the word "old" at all, which to his mind means "worn out". At most, his "vintage" boots are "comfortably broken in".

Most of Jack's boots date from the 1950's, whan Texas cowboy bootmakers left the plain style utilitarianism of the 1930s and '40s behind and began subscribing to mottoes like "too much is not enough" and "nothing succeeds like excess." As a result, the most collectible boots are highly decorative, featuring fancy stitching, ornate cutouts, dyed leather inlays, colored threads, decorative piping, exotic leathers. The best old boots use soft and supple top -grain leather inside and out, lots of stitching on the uppers for strength, and hand pegged shanks with square wood pegs instead of round nails, which can rust out leather when wet.

Some, but not all, of Jack's customers require that the boots fit. A few "collect them just to collect them," he says. Other buyers are artists and illustrators who buy them for references for paintings. But most customers are "just folks" who ' ve noticed that nothing turns the heads of passersby so much as fancy boots.

Now 45, Jack's career in collectibles dates back to childhood, when he avidly read Bruce Catton's Civil War sagas, spent hours in the library researching antiques, concentrated on Civil War memorabilia and old muzzleloading rifles, traded with neighborhood kids, and went to muzzle loading shoots. Unlike most children, he begged his parents to stop at antique stores as well as Dairy Queens.

At age 17, Jack left Elkhart, Indiana, to join the army. After a stint in Puerto Rico, he earned his B.F.A. at the Art Institute of Chicago, taught art at New Trier High School near Winnetka,

Page 80

Illinois, and then left for the University of California at San Diego, where he received his M. .A. in Art Education in 1972.

Finding it difficult to get into his chosen field of art education at the college level, he began to take his visits to flea markets and garage sales more seriously, buying "small things, old things, anything Western." He learned how to match them up with appropriate antique dealers in San Diego. A civil service job doing graphics^ for the Navy provided good money, but took 40 hours a week and was "not fun." He continued trading on weekends.

Finally, he took over an antique shop in Julian, California, which was a weekend afternoon job. "I had country and western stuff. People just assumed that came from that historic town," he laughs. "But chances were it came from their neighbor's garage or from the flea market that very morning." His shop thrived, and he gave up his safe, secure civil service job, only to find that he was restless during the week and was unhappy in his personal life in Julian.

He decided the place where he belonged was Santa Fe. His first visit had been 15 years ago on a stopover on the way to Colorado and had greatly impressed him. He began making regular stops while driving from San Diego to his family's home in Indiana. On one visit, he decided to trade old guns from San Diego for Indian jewelry in Santa Fe and then take that on to Chicago. The profits paid for the trip, and he then discovered he could buy oak furniture in Indiana and sell it in California for a significant profit.

Jack gave up his antique shop and moved to Santa Fe on Labor Day 1978. He initially took a job as preparator for the Fine Arts Museum of the Museum of New Mexico, but responsibilities were large, and Jack stopped having much fun. He now works half time for the New Mexico State Office of Programs and Education, scheduling exhibitions throughout the state. "It's a fun job and I'm back in education," he says.

The rest of his life is wheeling, dealing, reading, researching, painting, and having fun. He's a painter himself, specializing in j brightly colored acrylics of cowboy boots, saddles, kachinas, and * other items. He exhibits each year at the Artists at Cathedral Park show.

Long known for finding rare guns, cartridge holders, powder horns, belt buckles, and other Western memorabilia, Jack only began | buying and selling boots seriously a year and a half ago. Originally he sold most of the boots to a California dealer selling to movie stars and others, but now in addition to selling wholesale to dealers, he sells through shops on consignment, and sells direct from his house, a 600 square foot 1940s adobe on Santa Fe' s West side, filled with boots, kachinas, crucifixes, and New Mexican tin work.

His rule for business success is "to never get stuck with something I couldn't live with." For personal success it's "my girlfriend tries on all the boots and what fits is hers. That's the law of the West."

Page 81


Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774. Murtie June Clark. Baltimore, 1983.
"Maryland Militia, 1732-1763":
p. 6. Foot Company under the command of Capt. John Veazey (1739) -
Nr . 39. Pvt . Presley, Richard
p. 39. A list of Soldiers under Capt. Haddaway, Talbot Co., Md., 1748 -
Nr . 46. Pvt. Presley, James
"North Carolina Militia":
p. 760. Muster Roll of Col. Robert Murden's Regt., Pasquotank Co., N.C., 1755 -
Capt. Samuel Lowman ' s Company -
Nr. 5. Sgt. Presley, Nath:n

Muster Rolls & Prisoner-of-War Lists in American Archival Collections Pertaining to the German Mercenary Troops Who Served with the British Forces During the American Revolution. Clifford Neal Smith. Westland Publications, McNeal, Ariz., 1976.
p. 72-73. List of prisoners of the Meritorious Grenadier Regiment von Rail, Lt . Col. Koehler's Company. Lancaster, Penn., 6 Jan.? 1777.
(Library of Congress, German).
[includes] Bresler, Ostwald (linen weaver)
p. 153. List of Hessian prisoners of war remaining under the guard of Capt. McCullough. Penn.?, May 25th 1778.
(Library of Congress, English).
Grenadiers ... [includes] Bressler, Oswald (unstated rank)

Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution. Soldiers , Sailors, Marines. 1775-1783. John H. Gwathmey. Baltimore, 1973 (orig. publ. 1938).
Presley, Charles. 2CL E [ie. 2nd Va. Regt., Continental Line. Eckenrode , H.J., "Index of the Revolu-.- tionary Records in the Va. State Archives" . )
Pressley, Robert. 2 Va State Reg., E
Pursley, Edward. Rom. [ie., list of militia paid at Romney, 1775]
Pursley, George, Ensign. See Purcell.
Pursley, Henry. 1 1 & 1 5 CL
Pursley, James. IP, Ohio pet. [ie., 111. Papers; petitioners]
Pursley, Jonathan. Rom.
Pursley, Lawrence. 1 Va. State Reg.
Pursley, Thomas (Purcell). 1 3 CL
Pursley, William. Clark's 111. Reg.
Pursly, Henry. 11 CL, 11 & 15 CL
Pursly, Peter (Purcell), Sgt. 7 CL

Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution. Baltimore, 1972 (orig. publ. 1932).
p. 221. N.C. Revolutionary Army Accounts. Vol. V. Old Series. no. 344. Charles Pressley, Hillsborough Dist.

Page 82

p. 551. State Records of N.C. Army Accounts. Vol. XVII, 1781-85.,
no. 3266. Charles Presley. By whom received: Phillip Fishburn.

Copy of the Original Index Book Showing the Revolutionary Claims Filed in South Carolina Between Aug. 20, 1783 &_ Aug. 31 , 1 786, Kept by James McCall, Auditor General Janie Revill. Baltimore, 1969 (orig. publ. 1941 ).

p. 278.  Entry Book Pages.         Names.	          Nos. Returns. 
             ---               Presly, William              8.  85
             ---               Priestly, John & Mary        8.          

South Carolina Provincial Troops, Named in Papers of the First Council of Safety of the Revolutionary Party in S.C., June-Nov. 1775. Comp. by Alexander S. Salley. Baltimore, 1977.
p. 212-13. Capt. Andrew Gumming's Co. of Volunteer Militia, Saltcatchers & Edisto District; "The Colleton Co. Regt. of Foot" [includes] Peter presler enlisted 9 Oct. 1775

Confederate P.0.W.'s Soldiers & Sailors Who Died in Federal Prisons & Military Hospitals in the North. National Archives, Washington, D.C., 1984.

p. 19.  Died at Alton, 111., while POW.
          Presley, H.D.   Pvt.   Inges' Miss. Cav.       d. 10/23/1863
                          (No locality of grave shown on records, but reported 
                           as having died from smallpox, and the hospital for these 
                           cases was moved to the island in the Mississippi River 
                           opposite Alton during the month of Aug. 1863. Beginning 
                           with Nov. 1863 the records show that burial was made on 
                           this island of those who died from the effects of smallpox.)
          Prestley, Tom   Pvt.   Co. G, 6 Miss.          d. 8/11/1864
                           Confed. Cem.
p. 154. Died Elmira, N.Y. while POW.
           Presley, E.B.  Pvt.   Co. A, 1 Battn.Ala.Art.  d. 2/28/1865
                          Woodlawn Nat. Cem.
           Presley, J.A.  Pvt.   Co. A, 1 Battn.Ala.Art. d. 2/10/1865
                          Woodlawn Nat. Cem.
p. 245. Died Camp Douglas, Chicago, Ill., while POW.
            Presley, J.M.   Pvt.   Co. G, 6 Miss. Inf.   d. 2/19/1865
                            Oak Woods Cem., Confed. Mound
p. 370. Died Point Lookout, Md., while POW.
            Presler, Darlin Pvt.   Co. B, 26 N.C.        d. 9/1/1864
                            Confed. Cem.
            Presley, Horton Pvt.   Co. H, 55 N.C.        d. 6/18/1865
                            Confed. Cem.

Page 83

(Ed. Note: The following is a series of biographical sketches taken from pages 284-319 of The Centennial History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church published in Charleston, S.C. in 1905. These biographies of Pressley Presbyterian ministers were sent by Dr. John W. Pressly, 2870 Bolton Terrace S., Salem, Oregon 97302, a retired Presbyterian pastor himself, who said that he "immodestly" quoted from an address by Dr. Boyce, D.D, page 632 of the book:

"We hardly run a Presbytery, to say nothing of college and seminary, without a Pressly, and when our next centenial comes, no name will be so honored as the name Pressly."

Our thanks also to Lorlei Metke of Healdsburg, Calf., for forwarding this material.)

PRESSLY, REV. CALVIN. Born at Starkville, Miss., March 19, 1847, was the oldest son of Rev. David Pressly, D.D. His mother was a daughter of James Fair, of Abbeville Co., S.C. In; 1860, he professed religion in his father's church. During the civil war he served with distinction in Gen. N.B. Forest's famous cavalry. His educational advantages were good, --in a classical school in Starkville, Miss., and in Erskine college, where he granduated in 1869. In Oct. of the same year he was received as a student of theology, and entered Erskine Theological Seminary. He completed the course in 187[?] and was licensed by the Second Presbytery, at King's Creek, S.C., Aug. 11, 1871.

The following year he preached in western Kentucky and at Shiloh, Miss. The Memphis Presbytery ordained him at Starkville, Miss., Aug. 31, 1872, and a few months later installed him pastor of Shiloh. This relation continued until 1878. On account of feeble health, he was laid aside from regular ministerial work for six years. In Oct., 1884, he was-installed pastor of Generostee, Concord, and Grove, S.C. He demittted this charge in 1894, and began work in Milam Co., Texas, Jan. 2, '95. He was pastor of Marlow, Texas, from the spring of 1897 to Dec. 1, 1902.

He married, July 21, 1869, Miss N. Ellen, only daughter of Rev. J.P. and Mrs. Mary E. Pressly, Due West, S.C. She is a graduate of the Due West Female College in the class of 1863. Eight children were born to them.

PRESSLY, DAVID, D.D. Son of Samuel Pressly, M.D., and Elizabeth Hearst, was born near Cedar Springs church, in Abbeville Co., S.C., January 8, 1820. His educational opportunities were such as the country afforded. He graduated from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1839. His theological studies were prosecuted at Allegheny and Erskine Theological Seminaries. He was licensed to preach by the Second Presbytery in 1841, and ordained by the same Presbytery, at Due West, S.C., Oct. 12, 1842. That year he was called to the Starkville, Miss., church, and was installed pastor April 7, 1843 and continued in this pastorate for over 40 years. Subsequently he preached at Mt . Carmel, Miss., and Beulah, Tenn. and was pastor of Bloomington, Tenn., for a number of years.

Page 84

He married Miss Lettie Ann Fair, daughter of James Fair and Anne Glasgow, who was born Jan. 13, 1825. She bore five children and died Oct. 10, 1849. He was married the second time to Miss Sarah Brown Peden, daughter of Thomas and Isabella Peden, April 27, 1852. She was born August 13, 1827. Seven children were born to them. She died January 17, 1883. He was married the third time May 18, 1886, to Mrs. Janie Mofatt Grier, widow of the late Rev. R.L. Grier. There were no children by this marriage.

Mr. Pressly received the honorary degree of D.D. from Erskine College. He was the author and publisher of a number of pamphlets. He was a good preacher and a very pious man. He regularly in addition to family worship, upon retiring, committed himself as a little child to God--in fact repeated the child's prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep," etc., and soon as the morning awakened him the incense of a grateful heart rose from his lips to the "Keeper of Israel." He was rarely if ever sick, and his life overflowed with kindness and good cheer. He was wont to say "Never better," or "Better than ever," and his beaming face reflected the happiness of a heart in touch with God. On the 29th day of July, 1891, his spirit returned to God and his body the following day was laid to rest in Salem Graveyard.

PRESSLY, John Newton. Was born Oct. 20th, 1813, in Hopewell, Preble Co., 0. Was educated at Miami University. He studied Theology at Allegheny, Pa., 1835, and continued his studies in Erskine Theological Seminary, Due West, S.C., the following year, and was licensed by the Second Presbytery, at Bethel, S.C. in Nov. 1836 at the same time with Joseph McCreary.

He was assigned work in the first A.R._ Presbytery until the spring of 1837, thence went to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. He continued in Tennessee arid Kentucky until the spring of 1838, when two months were spent in the First Presbytery, from which point he went to Indiana and joined the A.R. Presbytery there by certificate from the Second Presbytery of the Carolinas. He was ordained and installed as pastor of Bethesda, Shiloh and Richland in Rush Co., Ind. , by the Indiana Presbytery June 27th, 1838. From this period his work was not in connection with our Synod. He continued in active service at various points until his death, August 22nd, 1866.

In January, 1844, with his wife and two children he made a visit to relatives in Burke County, Ga., the Lowry family, and returned North in the spring.

As a boy he was said to be very quick to learn--being able > to read at an unusually tender age. He was able as a preacher, but his strong anti-slavery opinions made him unacceptable to the Southern people.

(to be continued)

Page 85


The Pressley Family, 1800-1989 by Louise Walden. This 232-page book (83x11, softbound, index, illustrations) by one of our Association members is available from the Carolinas Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 397, Monroe, N.C. 28110 for $12.00 plus $2.00 postage & handling. It is an extensive compilation of the descendants of Thomas R. & Agnes (Helms) Pressley of Union Co., N.C. Thomas R. Pressley was born ca. 1825, died' 1916, buried Shiloh Church Cemetery in Monroe, N.C. He married Agnes Helms, daughter of William M. Helms & Rebeca Broom, in 1851. Their children included:
1) William (b. 1852), m. Isabella _____
2) Marion Thomas (b. 1857), ml. Lucy Jane Griffin, m2. Mary McManus
3) Milas (b. 1859), m. Nancy Jane French
4) Alsie (b. 1861), m. William McLean
5) Lucinda (b. 1868), m. John A. Helms
6) Rachel (b. 1869), nm
7) Mary Jane (b. 1875), m. Robert W. Byrum.
This is an outstanding contribution to the history of this branch of the Union Co., N.C., Presleys.

Now that the snow has gone and gardens are planted, I want to wish everyone a very good summer. There will, of course, be the backyard cook-outs, the camp-outs, and all the family vacations, not to mention all the family reunions. I know I'll be one of you, doing all of these things and enjoying myself.

My husband and I are the e-nes in charge of our "Stumpp" Family Reunion this year, and they are always a big thing to get organized, as he is from a family of 14 children. All of Star Valley, Wyoming, and half of Ogden, Utah, seem to be our relatives, but we do have fun and seem to find time to visit and exchange new genealogical material. Unlike my Presley line, there are a lot of people doing research on my husband's lines. So, I hope everyone will have a great summer.
Lillian L. Stumpp

Late, late LATE Word from the Editor's Desk.
A much delayed June Newsletter has been even further delayed by illness in the Editor's family. As some of you know - and some of you don't - I am the only family and sole caregiver for my elderly Mother who is a victim of Alzheimer's. In addition, in the past month she has suffered two heart attacks, from which she is recovering at home. Needless to say, my days are busy, but I do regret that you have had to wait so long for this issue, and I'm sorry that some of you have had to make inquiry about it possibly being lost in the mail (which does happen).

Page 86

This is being typed on a new word processor, which should aid me in getting out future issues of the Newsletter, once I learn how to use it efficiently. This is one welcome and much needed addition to the Editor's desk.

This late issue allows me, however, to announce that the Association has a new Secretary: Carol Hicks. We welcome her as a member of our Executive Committee, and we hope that all of you will get to "know" her in the coming months.

This late issue also allows me to thank Anne Greer, our former Secretary, for all the work she's done in helping to get our Association started and growing. Anne will continue to be a member of our organization, but wants to have more time to travel and to visit with family. Thanks Anne!

Finally, I would like to ask if anyone would be willing to index the first five volumes of our Newsletter. While I have included in the last issue of each volume a brief subject index, the Newsletter needs a more complete name index to be truly useful as a long-term reference tool. It's a big job, but most worthwhile things do entail a lot of work. Is there a volunteer who will undertake this project?

SUBJECT INDEX - VOL. V (1989-90)

Are They Related?(Ephraim & Richard Presley)......64
Book Review: Walden:The Pressley Family........... 85
Census -
1790 & 1800: N.Y........................... 52
1850:Ill. ................................. 9
Ohio......... ............................25-28
Confederate Military Service Records .............. 39-41,54-56, 72-73
\Crossing the Atlantic to Germany.................. 11-13
Current Family News ............................... 10,19,65
Equity Court records, Abbeville Co., S.C.......... 66,68
Family Group Data -
Andrew Peter Presley........... 62-63
Carl Wilhelm Pressler.......... 17-19
Thomas Presley................. 63-64
Thomas Henry Presley........... 42
From the Editor's Desk............................ 2-4,23-24,45-46,59,65, 67,85-86
From S.C. to Miss ................................ 1,5-8,28-32, 60-62

Page 87

Getting Started on Family History................ 42-43
Message from Our President........................ 21, 22, 48, 85
Military Records..................................39-41,54-56,72-73
Peter Puzzle (Peter Preslar)......................35
Preslar, Peter.................................... 35
Presley, David, & Family (Oregon).................44,46-48
Presley, M.H. ..'.. . ............................... 53-54
Presley Presbyterian Preachers .................... 83-84
Presley/Preslar/Pressly Press.....................20-21 ,32-33,57-59, 81-82
Pressler, Jack....................................79-80
Pressler Family in Germany & Texas ................ 17-19
Replies to Queries ................................ 34
Union Co., N.C., Kin.............................. 36-38
We Get Mail!......................................74-77
Westward Ho ! ...................................... 44 , 46-48
What's in a Name, Continued!......................14