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In the June 1 987 Newsletter we published an excerpt from a 1983 letter from Herbert L. Breeding, 4215 Charleswood, Memphis, Tenn. 38117 concerning his research on a Russell Co., Virginia, family, and in the Sept, 1988 issue we published a review of Norma Jean Crabtree ' s book, Leaving £ Trail: Crabtree, Bales, Jackson, Presley (1987), which included a genealogy of this Russell Co. family, but did not extend the ancestry. We suggested in that issue that the ancestry might be found in Rockbridge Co., Va.

Now, Mr. Breeding has sent us additional records which support this theory, and the following is taken from the notes which .he generously shared with us.

Rockbridge Co., Va., was formed in 1778 from Augusta and Botetourt Counties. That same year a List of Tithables was taken and included in that List was: William Pressley - 2 tith-ables, and William Pressley Jr. - 1 tithable. In 1779 William Presley Sr. bought 115 acres of land in the forks of the James River near the present-day town of Lexington. He also acquired a few other parcels of land.

William Sr. was married at least twice, the first time to Mary (maiden name unknown) . By this marriage he had at least one son and three daughters. Then, on 13 Sept. 1780 Rockbridge Co. marriage records show that William Presley married Esther Cowan (bond or lie. date only). Esther's first name was also Mary, but her maiden name is unknown. By this marriage William Sr. had a son named James in 1783, and there is no evidence of any other children.

' William wrote his will on 6 Feb. 1793 (probated 1 Apr. 1800), in which he left to wife Mary the house and furniture and cattle and maintenance from Plantation. To William Presley

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Laugh Parade

- Parade Magazine, November 19, 1989.

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he left the Plantation he then lived on of 115 acres for his lifetime, after which it was to go to two grandsons, William and Samuel, sons of his son William. The rest of the estate was to be divided equally between his three daughters, Eleanor, Nancy, and Betsy, and his son, James. Executors named were William McKee and John Wilson.

On 30 Oct. 1786 William Priestly Jrfc married Sarah Beach. On 4 Apr. 1809 William Presley Jr., wife Sarah, and son William Presley III, all of Rockbridge Co., Va., sold to William Skeens of Rockbridge their interest in the Plantation inherited from William Sr. On 17 May 1810 Samuel Presley of Kanawha Co., Va. (now West Virginia) sold his interest in the Plantation of William Sr. in Rockbridge Co. to William Skeens. It would appear from the marriage records in the Sept. 1988 issue that this William Skean was a brother-in-law, who married Elizabeth Priestly, daughter of William, on 7 Sept. 1780 in Rockbridge Co. It is also noted that Eleanor Presley married Jonathan Skean in Rockbridge on 12 June 1780, and Agnes Presly (Nancy?) married John Moore on 19 Nov. 1781. There is also record of a Mary Presley, daughter of William and Mary, marrying John Davis in Rockbridge Co. on 24 Jan. 1788.

In 1801 Easter Presley and son James were in Russell Co., Va., as shown by a Personal Property Tax List. The 1810 Russell Co. Census listed Easter Presly and son James on different days, so they evidently were living in different houses. The 1820 Russell Co. Census did not list Easter, but listed James and his wife with 5 sons and 2 daughters, and a female over 45 living in his house. If the latter female was Easter, she was not on the 1830 census, and probably died between 1820 & 1830. ;

Mary Easter Cowen Presley was evidently married twice, her first husband being Samuel Cowen, by whom she had Andrew, David, Mary, Isabella, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jenny and Rebecca. Easter left Rockbridge Co. soon after her last husband's death, taking her son James to Russell Co. Evidently, she joined one of her children who had settled in Russell Co., or possibly some of her original family.

About 1820 James Presley and his family were living on Indian Creek, and he appears to have lived there all the rest of his life. The U.S. Bureau of Vital Statistics lists his death in Russell Co. on 8/11/1871, age 88, parents William and Easterly. For the family of James Presley and his wife, Bridgett (Biddie) Hatfield, the reader is referred to the Crabtree book.

... every single one of our first colonial ancestors was a foreigner. If we progress far enough, ...pride is bound to suffer one or more jolts when we discover that we had ancestors with whom, belike, we ourselves would not care to associate intimately.

- Donald Lines Jacobus. Genealogy As Pastime and Profession. Baltimore, 1971

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1860 Census

(Ed Note: Data from the 1890 census is given as follows: Page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/value of personal property, birthplace.)

                    SOUTH CAROLINA
37  345/327  Jospeh Pressly    27  M  W  Physician   SC        148  2204/2168  Ebenezer E. Pressly   31 M W Asst.P.Clergyman SC 
             Mrs T. "          26  F  W  9000/30000  SC                        Mary A. "             30 M W 15000/2350000    SC
             Eliza "            5  M  W              SC                        Marietta "            16 F W                  SC
             Fanny "            4  F  W              SC                        Jos. Lindsay          28 M W Overseer         SC
             Henry "            2  F  W              SC                        William L. Pressly    23 M W                  SC
                                                                               Frances J. "          22 F W                  SC
40 385/365  Geo. W. Pressly    60  M  W  Farmer      SC                        A??ath Richay         10 F W                  SC
            Elizh. "           20  M  W  24000/95000 SC                        Mary F. Boyd           2 F W                  SC
            Jno.P. Kennedy     30  M  W  SchoolTeach.SC                        Carrie E. Pressly   5/12 F W                  SC
            L.M. "             25  F  W       /18000 SC
            Jane "              5  F  W              SC        152  2247/2210  James Pressly         32 M W Prof. of Greek   SC
            S.  "               3  M  W              SC                        Mary                  35 F W                  SC
            L.P. "           4/12  M  W              SC                        Ella "                13 F W                  SC
                                                                               David "               10 M W                  SC
97 1438/1412 Andrew T. Pressly  2  M W               SC                        Francis "              8 M W                  SC
               living with Grisilla Gilespie                                   Jno. "                 3 M W                  SC
115 1713/1676 Wm. A. Presley   44  M  W Farmer       SC     ANDERSON COUNTY   
              Arabella "       35  F  W  4000/17465  SC        159   72/72     John S. Presley       65 M W A.R. Preacher    SC  
              Ralph "          21  M  W Overseer     SC                        M.J. "                40 F W   3000/10000     SC
              Mary S. "        17  F  W              SC                        Margaret E. "         13 F W                  SC
              Rebecca "        15  F  W              SC    
              Wm. C. "         13  M  W              SC     CHARLESTON  COUNTY   
              Jas. W. "        10  M  W              SC        252  101/95     Peter Pressler        30 M W Fruit Store  Germany
              Susan C. "        7  F  W              SC                        Sophia "              26 F W     300/     Germany
              Mattie "          3  F  W              SC                        Louisa "               4 F W                  SC
              Eliza J. "        5  F  W              SC    
              Isabella "        1  F  W              SC    
              Elizabeth "      70  F  W              SC    

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-     -         James S. Presley  3 M W                 SC  
                living with James Turner 
5     79/68     E.N. Presley     49 M W Farmer 1855/    SC
                Catherine "      46 F W           1419  SC
                James B. "       19 M W                 SC
                Thomas C. "      17 M W                 SC
                Wm. J. "         15 M W                 SC
                Catherine J. "   13 F W                 SC
                Mary L. "        12 F W                 SC
                Elias "           8 M W                 SC

5     80/69     Munroe Presley   31 M W Farmer 2160/    SC
                Mary A. "        29 F W           9190  SC
                Elizabeth "       5 F W                 SC
                Wm. C. "          3 M W                 SC
                George B. "       2 M W                 SC
                Sarah A. "     4/12 F W                 SC

7    118/104    Thomas Presley   70 M W      3584/7075  NC
                Elias Lee        26 M W                 SC
                Nancy Norman     70 F W                 SC
                Jesse M. Lee     12 M W                 SC

7    122/108    J.T. Presley     26 M W Farmer 1370/    SC
                Sarah L. "       22 F W         1117    SC
                W.M. "            2 M W                 SC
                Laura E. "     3/12 F W                 SC

11   186/167    Richard Presley  31 M W Farmer /4000    SC
                Margaret "       25 F W                 SC
                Thomas H. "       5 M W                 SC
                James "           3 M W                 SC
                Eliza E. "     3/12 F W                 SC

16  273/247     Ira Presley      28 M W Farmer 1900/    SC
                Martha "         23 F W          3360   SC

383  217/216    S.H. Pressley    43 M W Physician20000/ SC
                Sarah M. "       26 F W           62604 SC
                C.M. Fort        67 F W                 SC
                Lucy E. McIver   17 F W    4000/29200   SC    
58   877/862   R.J. Presley      12 F M                 SC
               living with J.F. Burns

58   879/864   Ed Presley        52 M W Farmer /12000   TN
               Nancy "           48 F W                 SC
               Emma "            22 F W                 SC
               Thos. "           19 M W                 SC
               Rebecca "         16 F W                 SC
               John "            14 M W                 SC
               Charles "          9 M W                 SC
               Edward "           6 M W                 SC
               Betsy "            3 F W                 SC

112 1702/1689  T. Presley        35 F W Domestic        SC
                living with Nat Ramy

221     /23    Jane Pressley     50 F W  2500/6000 Ireland

226   220/220  Henry Presley     44 M W Farmer 4000/    SC
               Miranda "         45 F W           9000  SC
               Jane "            21 F W                 SC
               Miranda C. "      16 F W                 SC
               Mary A. "         14 F W                 SC

11    157/157  Braswell Presley  26 M W Farmer          SC
               Margaret "        23 F W                 SC
               Nancy E. "         4 F W                 SC
               William A. "   11/12 M W                 SC

13    182/182  Elizabeth Presley 65 F W                 SC
               Evaline "         40 F W                 SC
               Harriett "        20 F W                 SC
               Malachi "         18 M W                 SC
               John "            15 M W                 SC
               Nathaniel "       13 M W                 SC
               Zachariah "        8 M W                 SC

170   978/955  Anna H. Presley   46 F W    /10 Anderson,SC
               Micajah A. "      17 M W        Pickens, SC
               Eliza F. "        14 F W        Pickens, SC
               David Z. "        12 M W        Pickens, SC

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181  115/98   Hilton Pressly     2 M W                  SC
               living with Thomas & Anne Jane Hudson

187   45/35   Aadam Presley     49 M W         /300     SC
              Nancy "           44 F W                  SC
              Mary "            20 F W                  SC
              David "           19 M W                  SC
              Tally "           17 F W                  SC
              Alaxander "       16 M W                  SC
              Benjamin "        14 M W                  SC
              Levi "            12 M W                  SC
              Elendar "         10 F W                  SC
              Pethes? "          8 M W                  SC
              Rosana "           7 F W                  SC
              Franklin "         4 M W                  SC
              Thomas "           1 F W                  SC

303  61/61    J.G. Presley      27 M W Attorney 3700/   SC
              J.B. "            26 F W           11300  SC
              E.B. "             5 F W                  SC
              M.J. "             4 F W                  SC
              J.B. "          7/12 M W                  SC

346  717/687  Robert Dick       44 M W Farmer           SC
              J.B. "            65 F W                  SC
              E.J. Presley      46 F W                  SC

346  718/688  J.B. Pressley     50 M W Farmer 6296/     SC
              Sarah "           48 F W           45005  SC
              H.M. "            14 M W                  SC
              W.B. "            12 M W                  SC
              H.W. "            10 M W                  SC
              G.D. "             8 F W                  SC
              G.P Anderson      22 M W Farmer           GA

346  716/686  J.F. Presley      25 M W Physician 2320/  SC
              E.W. "            19 F W                  SC
              J.C. Conrad       26 M W                  NC    
390  434/434  Nancy M. Presley  50 F W              York, SC
               living with John & Eliza Barron

436 1165/1165 T.L. Pursley      25 M W Overseer/500 York, SC
              Elvira "          23 F W Domectic     York, SC
              S.L. "             4 M W              York, SC
              John C.            2 M W              York, SC

443 1284/1284 J. Shelton Presly 33 M W Farmer1700/6400 Chester, SC
              Nancy C. "        27 F W Domestic        Chester, SC
              Mary "             4 F W                    York, SC
              Jas. A. "          2 M W                    York, SC


Audrey Presley, age 55, of Fair Oaks Ranch, died Sept. 25, 1989. She was a member of Leon Springs Presbyterian Church, a graduate of the George Mason University School of Nursing and a member of Sigma Theta Tau and the Society of Air Force Retired Nurses. Survivors: husband, Maj. Gen. Bobby W. Presley; sons, Robert W. Presley, Adelaide, Australia, Rand W. Presley, Waco, TX; daughter, Robin W. Presley, Fair Oaks Ranch; mother Margaret Smith, borther Arthur W. Smith, both of Pittsburg, PA; 3 grandchildren. Interment with Military honors in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.
Express-News, San Antonio, TX
Sept. 28, 1989

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Confederate Military Service Records
(Continued from page 73, June 1990 issue)

Pressler, Charles
Pressler, D.
Pressler, Darlin
Pressler, E.
Pressler, Ernest
Pressler, G.W. (OFU Presley, GWH)
Pressler, G.W.H. (OFU Presley)
Pressler, Jacob (OFU John)
Pressler, J.M.(OFU Presler, James M.)
Pressler, John
Pressler, N.(OFU Presler, Noah)
Pressler, Paul
Pressler, W.R.(OFU Preslar, W.R.)
Pressley, A.D.
Pressley, A.J.(OFU Presley, J.A.)
Pressley, A.J.
Pressley, A.J.(OFU Presley, A.J.
Pressley, Andrew J.
Pressley, Andy
Pressley, Andy P.(OFU Andrew J.)
Pressley, B.C.
Pressley, B.C.
Pressley, B.M. (OFU Presley, Berry M.)
Pressley, C.(OFU Preasley, Calvin)
Pressley, C.A.(OFU Presley)
Pressley, C.J.(OFU Presley)
Pressley, C.L.(OFU L.C. Pressley)
Pressley, D.(OFU Presley, David A.
Pressley, D.A.(OFU David)
Pressley, D.A.
Pressley, D.A. (OFU Presley)
Pressley, Daniel N.
Pressley, David
Pressley, D.S.
Pressley, E.E.
Pressley, E.H.
Pressley, Elisha A. (OFU Presley)
Pressley, E.S.(OFU E.H.)
Pressley, F.(OFU Pressley, Talson)
Pressley, F.M.


Co. C, 4th Tex. Inf.
Co. B, 26th La. Inf.
Co. B, 26th N.C. Inf.
Co. D, Dege's Battn. Tex. L. Arty.
6th Tex. Field Battery
Co. H, 57th N.C. Inf.
Co. F, 2nd N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 20th La. Inf.
Co. E, Waul's Tex. Legion
Co. D, 20th La. Inf.
Co. A, F, 20th Battn. Ga. Cav.
14th Tex. Field Battery
Co. C, 3rd Battn. Tex. Vols.
Co. F, 25th Ala. Inf.
Co. C, 8th Ark. Cav.
Co. D, 35th Miss. Inf.
Co. D, 62nd Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
Co. C, Inf. Regt., Thomas Legion,N.C.
Co. H, 23rd Ark. Inf.
CO. C, Inf.Rgt., Thomas Legion, N.C.
Co. G, 6th S.C. Cav.
Co. B, 12th S.C. Inf.
Co. B, 10th Battn. S.C. Cav.
Co. I, 6th Miss. Cav.
Co. B, 18th S.C. Inf.
Co. A, 12th MO. Inf.
Co. G, 62nd N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 5th S.C. Inf.
Co. A, 7th Ark. Inf.
Co. H, 38th Ark. Inf.
Teter's Co., S.C. Lt. Arty
Co. F, 25th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 7th Ark. Inf.
Co. G, 62nd N.C. Inf.
Co. I, 14th S.C. Inf.
Co. A, 2nd Ark. Inf.
Co. A, 1st Battn. Tenn. Inf.
Co. I, 2nd Ark. Inf.
Co. D, 13th Ala Inf.
Co. A, 7th Ark. Inf.

Page 8

Pressley, Franklin A.
Pressley, G.W.
Pressley, H.M.
Pressley, J.
Pressley, J.(OFU Presley, William E.)
Pressley, J.
Pressley, J.A. (OFU Presley)
Pressley, Jarinth(OFU Presley)
Pressley, James (OFU Presley)
Pressley, James A. (OFU Presley)
Pressley, James B.(OFU Presson)
Pressley James C.(OFU Presley)
Pressley, James F.
Pressley, James M. (OFU Presley)
Pressley, James M.
Pressley, James P. (OFU Presley)
Pressley, James P.
Pressley, J.B.
Pressley, J.E. (OFU Presley , John E.)
Pressley, Jefferson
Pressley, J.F.
S.C.Inf.Pressley, J.L.
Pressley, J.M.
Pressley, J.M.
Pressley, J.M.
Pressley, J.N.
Pressley, John
Pressley, John
Pressley, John B.
Pressley, John G.
Pressley, John G.
Pressley, John M.
Pressley, John S.
Pressley, Joseph
Pressley, Joseph H.
Pressley, Joshua A.
Pressley, J.S.
Pressley, J.T.(OFU Presley)
Pressley, J.T.

Surgeon/Ass't Surg

Co. I, 62nd N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 3rd Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
Co. C, 25th S.C. Inf.
Co. G, 2nd Miss. State Cav.
Co. I, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. K, 2nd Cherokee Mtd. Vols.
Co. C, 8th Ark. Cav.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. E, F, 3rd Ala. Inf.
Co. B, 8th Ark. Inf.
Co. D, 10th Battn. Va. Heavy Arty.
Co. H, 7th Ga. Inf.
Co. F, S, 10th S.C.Inf.
Co. B, 40th Miss. Inf.
Co. A, 6th Mo. Cav.
Co. H, 6th Ga. Cav.
Co. E, 5th Tex. Cav.
Co. H, 4th Ga. Reserves
Co. F, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. B, 60th Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
Co. F, S, 19th
Co. F, S, 1st Battn., S.C. Inf.
Co. -, Barbiere's Battn. Ala. Cav.
Co. G, 46th Ga. Inf.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. G, 46th Ga. Inf.
Co. C, Phillips Legion, Ga.
Co. C, Walker's Battn., Thomas Legion N.C.
Co. B, 6th S.C. Cav.
1st Co. E, 1st S.C. Inf.
Co. F, S, 25th S.C.Inf. Co. H, 1st Ga. Inf.
Co. B, 4th S.C. Cav.
Co. K, 11th Mo. Inf.
Co. A, 4th Ala. Vol.Mil.
Co. F, 25th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 10th Battn. S.C. Cav.
Co. I, 23rd Ga. Inf.
Co. A, 46th Ga. Inf.

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(Audrey Kinion, 207 Alden, Troy, MO 63379 shares the following news items from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the first dated 18 Sept. 1989, the second dated 22 May 1990.)

It's been 40 years, but Wayman Presley remembers the sight as if it were yesterday -- 11-year-old Margaret Land limping up to her family's mailbox near Makanda, 111., her ankles and lower legs swollen to the size of gallon buckets.

Presley, a 53-year-old mail carrier at the time, soon learned that the girl had been diagnosed as having elephantiasis, a rare disease that causes the legs to swell. Doctors had told the girl's parents that she would die within a few years.

Presley took pity on the girl and talked her family into letting him take her to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. What followed was four years of unsuccessful surgeries and treatments at the hospital -- all paid by Presley through various fund-raising efforts, including monthly gospel sings at various churches.

Then a young plastic surgeon, Dr. James Chamness, acted on a hunch and performed one more surgery, which was successful. Margaret Land's legs healed normally. She grew up, got married, had two daughters and became a grandmother.

Last week, Barnes Hospital held a small luncheon in honor of the three - Presley, Chamness and Land, now Margaret Cole. The luncheon . . . was the first time that Presley and Chamness had met since Cole left the hospital 35 years ago, Presley said.

"It was the biggest event of my life," said Presley, referring to the successful surgery.

Of course, that same view is held by Cole, who says that she has kept in touch with both men over the years. Chamness, 69, is retired and lives in the St. Louis area. He said Cole's case was the only one he ever handled involving elephantiasis. It was one of the first times that elephantiasis had been treated successfully.


Wayman Presley, founder of a travel company in Southern Illinois and builder of the Bald Knob Cross of Peace at Alto Pass, 111., died Saturday (May 19, 1990) of infirmities at Carbondale Memorial Hospital. He was 93.

Mr. Presley, of Makanda, 111., founded Presley Tours in 1958, a travel company that operates tours throughout the United States. Before founding the travel company, Mr. Presley worked as railway postal clerk and later became postmaster in Makanda. He retired from the Postal Service a year after starting the travel company. He eventually became a millionaire.

Mr. Presley's company was the first to offer charter tours on the Delta Queen riverboat between St. Louis and New Orleans, and it offered the first charter train excursion to a presidential inauguration. His children and grandchildren direct the day-to-day activities of the business.

While working for the Postal Service, Mr. Presley spearheaded the construction of the 111-foot steel and porcelain

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Bald Knob Cross at Alto Pass on land he bought with an $11,000 loan; after buying the land, he persuaded 110 people to donate $100 each to repay his loan.

Mr. Presley, the son of a sharecropper, was born in a log cabin in what is now Giant City State Park near Makanda. He earned a teacher's certificate from Southern Illinois Normal University, now Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. After teaching for a year, he served in World War I as an airplane rigger on loan to the Royal Air Force.

In an interview with the Post-Dispatch in 1986, he said his sharpness of mind was due to his childhood practice of counting the clicks as he dragged a stick quickly down a picket fence.

Several years ago, SIU agreed to study his theory with a hand-held device that Mr. Presley calls a "klickerstick." SIU found that children who practiced the counting got better test scores. Mr. Presley patented the klickerstick and attempted to get it adopted as standard elementary-school equipment.

He was a widely known practical -joker, who once shipped a truckload of corn cobs and catalogs to SIU after students complained that the school was stingy with toilet paper. Another time, Mr. Presley planted wieners in a park and identified them to tour-group members as raccoon droppings before munching on them with an explanation that they were delicacies in the Orient.

Among survivors are his wife, Tressie Rowan Presley of Makanda; two sons, Donald Presley of Carbondale and Robert Presley of Makanda; a daughter, Myrna Lewis of Carbondale; a sister, Dartha Mae Davis of Carbondale; five grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.


Carol Hicks
address withheld

I am seeking leads, information, or other researchers on Harvey Robert Presley, son Jesse James Presley, grandson Roy Monroe Presley (b. Cartiledge or Carthage, TN), great grandson Roy Presley (b. in West Point, Ky. while father in military. Harvey Robert Presley born probably in TN, 1840-1880.

Cindi Ashbeck
address withheld

I'm trying to track down a Ronald Pursley. The information I have is that he was married to Brenda A. Little on June 5, 1953 in San Francisco, CA. They were divorced in 1955. I am an adoptee. Brenda A. Little is my birthmother, She had a male child with Ronald Pursley, and I'm trying to locate that child and Ronald Pursley to find out more about myself. Does anyone have information?

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Wanda Romey James
address withheld

Can anyone help with this ancestor line? The farthest back we have gotten is: William Presley, b. prob. England (where in England, parents, sibs?), d. ca. Dec. 1655 Northumberland Co., Va., m. (Jane?) Newman. She d. bef. 1650 (who were her parents?). Only child known so far: Peter Presley, d. 1693, m. Elizabeth Thompson. Only child known: Mary Presley, b. ca. 1670, m. Chernock Cox.

Mary Ann Creason Rohde
address withheld

Seek information on the families and parents of Alonzo Presley, b. Ga. ca. 1851. Father may have died prior to 1860. Mother, Nancy, b. Ga. ca. 1824. Also seek info. on Burket Renfro/Rentfrow, b. N.C. ca. 1814, wife Nancy, b. Ga. ca. 1822, dau. Eliza m. Ga. ca. 1879 to Alonzo Presley. Desire info, on any Creason/Creson/Cresson.



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The Presley/Preslar/Pressly Press

Tennessee Tidbits , 1778-1914, Vol. II. Marjorie Hood Fischer & Ruth Blake Burns. Vista, Calf., 1988.
p. 245. PRESLEY, Sanders, died before 3 May 1842 as shown in the suit of Hezekiah Crowell vs Joseph Jarod, Elizabeth Presley, Coosa M. Presley, Millenninum B. Presley, Arena H. Presley, Dyonysius B. Presley, Sarah J. Presley, Ruth E. Presley & John P. Presley. The complainant had purchased land from Sanders Presley on 24 November 1837. Sanders Presley had purchased the land from defendant, Joseph Jarod. Sanders Presley has died and defendants are his heirs except defendant Jarod. Elizabeth Presley is the widow and was appointed guardian of the minor heirs. Hezekiah Crowell is seeking title to the land. ( Jac TN, Ch Ct Min, A/41 )

(Ed. Note: See Newsletter, Sept. 1989, p. 16-17, and Mar, 1990, p. 53-54. )

Early East Tennessee Marriages, Vols. I & II. Byron & Barbara Sistler. Nashville, 1982.
Preasley, Sarah F. to Win. A. Owen 9/5/1866 (9/9/1866), Jefferson Co.
Presby, Elisabt? to David? Wetherford? 6/8/1846, Claiborne Co.
Preslee?, Martha to Alvis Hunnacutt 7/18/1849 (7/19/1849), Claiborne Co.
Presley, Berthena? to Thos . Collins 1/29/1847 (1/31/1847), Claiborne Co.
Presley, Betty Ann Haseltine to Wm. J. Hays 7/21/1870 Monroe Co.
Presley, Charlotte S. to James Hale 12/24/1867 (12/26/1867), Washington Co.
Presley, Eliza Jane to Nicholas Leonard 3/3/1854, Hawkins Co.
Presley, Eliz. to Alexander Scudgington 12/28/1857 (12/31/1857), Greene Co.
Presley, Elizabeth to Wiley Watson 1/16/1839 (1/17/1839) Greene Co.
Presley, Isabella to William Carroll 8/16/1838, Monroe Co.
Presley, Jane to Francis M. White 2/17/1859, Hawkins Co.
Presley, Mahaley to David Warden 6/6/1855 (6/7/1855) Greene Co.
Presley, Margaret Jane to Wm. F. Suratt 10/17/1865 (10/19/1865) Washington Co.
Presley, Martha to William Lester 2/1/1855, Blount Co.
Presley, Martha to John Oody 2/27/1866 (2/ /1866), Washington Co.
Presley, Mary to Ritchard Brown 4/17/1857 (4/167/1857), McMinn Co.
Presley, Mary to Anderson German 10/1/1859 (10/2/1859), Greene Co.
Presley, Mary to Stophel Yonas 3/4/1833, Hawkins Co.
Presley, Mary Ann to William Martin 7/17/1841 (no return), Rhea Co.

Page 13

Presley, Mary Jane to Guilford Giles 2/4/1865 Monroe Co.
Presley, Nancy to George Hill 11/22/1855, Claiborne Co.
Presley, Nancy H. to Louis B. Jones 12/28/1854, Blount Co.
Presley, Phebe to William Lane 10/23/1866, Monroe Co.
Presley, Polly to William B. Knowles 6/22/1837 (6/23/1837),Greene Co.
Presley, Polly to James Leonard 7/29/1848 (7/30/1848), Hawkins Co.
Presley, Polly Ann to James Swinford 6/20/1870, Monroe Co.
Presley, Rachel to Thomas Morgan 3/25/1837 (3/28/1837), Greene Co.
Presley, S.A. to Wm. Coffman 2/15/1848 Monroe Co.
Presley, Sarah Emeline to James Everhart 9/11/1853 (9/7/1853), Hawkins Co.
Presley, Talitha to John M. Smith 2/11/1852, Greene Co.
Presley, Temprance to Josiah Chadwich? 1/13/1847 (1/14/1847), Claiborne Co.
Presley, Viney to James Kirkpatrick 5/13/1848 (5/14/1848), Hawkins Co.
Presly, Amanda Jane to James Barnes 3/10/1861 (3/17/1861), Washington Co.
Presly, Lidda to Alexander Harrell 5/20/1846 (5/21/1846), Claiborne Co.
Presly, Lucinda to Mitchel Johnson 4/22/1844 (4/24/1844) McMinn Co.
Presly, Nancy (Mrs.) to Madison Johnson 8/13/1841, McMinn Co.
Presly, Polly to William Romines 10/12/1839 (10/13/1839), Claiborne Co.
Presly, Susan A. to James Berry 2/23/1869, Monroe Co.
Pressely, Harriate to Timothy Morgan 9/11/1868 (9/13/1868), McMinn Co.
Pressley, Deademona to F.H. Logan 7/4/1860, Blount Co.
Pressley, Elizabeth to Abraham Balis 11/28/1849 (11/29/1849), Claiborne Co.
Pressley, Julitha to Wm. Akiridge 1/20/1848, Monroe Co.
Pressly, Fanny to Hiram Lea 4/30/1848, Monroe Co.
Pressly, Mary to S.A. Kittrell 12/19/1850, Monroe Co.
Pressly, Nancy to Thomas Hurly 11/13/1870, Monroe Co.
Pressly, Rachel to Isaac Brown 2/25/1847, Monroe Co.
Prestley, Rebecca to Binson? Sweet 11/27/1848, Claiborne Co.

Presley, Andrew to Mary Reynolds 1/26/1856 (1/27/1856), Greene Co.
Presley, Andrew to Polly Lawson 10/25/1831, Hawkins Co.
Presley, Charles to Sarah Miller 5/19/1834, Greene Co.
Presley, David M. to Hila Smith 8/16/1855, Hawkins Co.
Presley, G.W. to Simantha Owen 1/21/1869, McMinn Co.
Presley, Gilbert to Rhoda Anderson 11/23/1860 (11/25/1860), Hawkins Co.
Presley, Greenberry to Susan Mitchell 2/8/1858 (2/9/1858), Hawkins Co.
Presley, Hiram to Polly Cook 6/23/1856, Hawkins Co.
Presley, Isaac to Jane Cunningham 2/19/1865, Monroe Co.
Presley, Isaiah? to Polly Hooper 11/1/1841 Monroe Co.

Page 14

Presley, James K. to Nancy L. Hampton 7/18/1867 Monroe Co.
Presley, James M. to Minerva Ferrell 12/29/1860 (1/2/1861) Hawkins Co.
Presley, John to Aquilla Jones 8/27/1868, Monroe Co.
Presley, John to Elizabeth Dinsmore 9/11/1860 (9/12/1860), Hawkins Co.
Presley, John to Elizabeth Hooper 4/19/1841, Monroe Co.
Presley, John to Lottie Wolaver 11/11/1861 (11/10?/1861), Greene Co.
Presley, John to Sarah Yarberry 4/1/1843, Monroe Co.
Presley, Josiah to Sarah Clapp 11/15/1865 (11/17/1865), Claiborne Co.
Presley, Morgan to Ludica Housewright 1/19/1859 (1/20/1859), Hawkins Co.
Presley, Nathan to Nancy Haney 10/16/1854 (10/17/1854), Greene Co.
Presley, Templeton to Peggy Manis 12/16/1861, Hawkins Co.
Presley, William to Mahala Barger 3/17/1821, Greene Co.
Presley, William to Margarett Johnston 10/25/1842, Blount Co.
Presley, Wm. to M.E.(2nd marriage) Shelley 9/11/1856, Blount Co.
Presley, Elias to Jane A. Calon 9/19/1849 (9/20/1845), Claiborne Co.
Presly, C. to E. Gibs 5/28/1840, Washington Co.
Presly, Isaac to Ann Holcomb 9/18/1869, Monroe Co.
Presly, William R. to Mary Ann Hughes 10/9/1849, Rhea Co.
Pressly, Abner to Marge Williams 2/18/1844, Monroe Co.
Pressly, Hugh to Delila Jiles 9/28/1848, Monroe Co.
Pressly, Isaac to Martha J. Smith 7/28/1851, Monroe Co.
Pressly, Jacob to Sarah Ann Duncan 1/15/1858, Monroe Co.
Prestly, Henry B. to Martha J. Clemens 2/26/1868 (3/1/1868), Carter Co.
Prestly, James W. to Oily Zimerle 1/22/1852, Rhea Co.
Purseley, Margaret to William Matlock 12/10/1844 (12/12/1844), Roane Co.
Purselley, Phamy to William A. Carter 4/27/1847 (4/3(sic)/1847), Roane Co.
Pursley, Cassandra to Andrew Randles 12/15/1825, Knox Co.
Pursley, Lucinda to Win. Bell 5/26/1841, Knox Co.
Pursley, Margaret to Joseph Mynatt 12/21/1826, Knox Co.
Pursley, Mary to William P. Henderson 8/9/1856 (8/19/1856), Roane Co.
Pursley, Nancy to John Shell 12/4/1815, Knox Co.
Pursley, Sarah to Richard Mynatt 1/8/1829, Knox Co. Pursley, Sarah J, to Isaac W. Alexander 7/5/1849, Knox Co.
Pursley (of Wm.), Isabella to Isaac Jr. Chrisman 10/27/1825, Knox Co.
Purselley, Flemming to Mary Edwards 3/31/1849 (4/5/1849), Roane Co.
Purselley, William to Mary Jane Matlock 4/19/1842 (no return), Roane Co.
Purselly Jr., James to Caroline Osbourn 6/22/1841 (6/24/1841), Roane Co.

Page 15

Pursley, Addison to Lucinda Lusbey 12/17/1833, Knox Co.
Pursley, Alexander L. to Jane Lusby 11/15/1833, Knox Co.
Pursley, Fleming to Margaret Robertson 7/7/1825, Knox Co.
Pursley, George to Catharine Brown 1/14/1863, Washington Co.
Pursley, T.L. to Rosanna 8. Roberts 8/3/1861 (8/4/1861), Hawkins Co.
Pursley, William to Patsy Galyon 1/25/1823 (1/26/1823), Roane Co.

The Goodspeed Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Northwestern Arkansas. Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, & Sebastian Counties. Chicago, 1889 (Reprinted Easley, S.C., 1978).
Tom Preasley was born in Tennessee in 1830, and at the age of one year was brought to Benton County, Ark. , by his parents, Andrew and Sarah Preasley, who were also natives of that State. The father was a farmer, and died in 1832, leaving his wife with a family of small children to support. Tom Preasley was educated in Benton County, and was reared by his mother until he was twelve years of age, when she too died, and he was left to fight the battle of life as best he could. He commenced working on a farm, and has always followed the life of a farmer. He resided on the old homestead in Arkansas until after the war, and then purchased his present place, a farm consisting of 138 acres, well cultivated and with all necessary improvements. In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate army, in Thompson's company, and served under him and Capt. Campbell until the close of the war. He was in a number of battles and skirmishes, and while on a scouting expedition received a severe wound in the breast. After the close of the war he returned to his home in Benton County, and in 1865 was married to Miss Henrietta Whitehead, by whom he became the father of eight children: James, John, Hunter, Joe, Alex., Austria, Bell and Claud. Mr. Preasley is a Democrat.

Marriages & Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers, Vol. 3: 1813-1850. Comp. by Betty Couch Wiltshire. Bowie, Md., 1989.
p. 243. The Woodville Republican, July 6, 1839. Died at the residence of her son, Mr. Joshua Presler, of this county [Wilkinson Co.], on the 9th ult., Mrs. Jael Presler, relict of Mr. Peter Presler, dec'd, in the 106th year of her age. She emigrated to this country with her husband in the year 1789.
p. 260. The Woodville Republican, Jan. 22, 1848. Married on the 13th, by Sam. Bell, Esq., Walter Morrison to Miss Lovica M. Presler.
(Ed. Note: See Newsletter, May 1986, pp. 33-36.)

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(continued from June 1990 issue, page 84)

PRESSLY, BONNER GRIER.—Rev. B.C. Pressly is the son of Rev. N.E. Pressly, D.D., and Rachel Elliott, and was born in Tampico, Mex. March 5th, 1880. When but a boy, he was sent to the United States to be 'educated and was prepared for college at Mt. Zion Institute, at Winnsboro, S.C., and graduated at Erskine College, June, 1900. After spending two years in teaching at Leslie, S.C., he entered the Seminary at Due West, in Sept., 1902, where he is now prosecuting his studies. He was received as a student of theology by the First Presbytery, at Charlotte, N.C., in 1903.

PRESSLY, NEIL ERSKINE, D.D.--Pioneers are brave spirits. Carey and Morrison led the van guard in missions as Livingston in exploration. What these and others were to mission work in sister churches, the subject of this sketch was to A.R. Presbyterianism.

Foreign missions have never been lost sight of though sometimes crowded out. The aid given Reformed Presbyterians in India , the Liberal mission and Miss Mary Galloway's brilliant devoted Egyptian co-operation with United Presbyterians, these were picket firing, skirmishes in this holy war. God in his providence was raising up one to lead and bear the brunt and marshal the forces in a larger campaign and more extended warfare. A man child gladdened Rev. J.E. Pressly D.D,, and Martha Sara (Sherard) Pressly, Sept. 11, 1850 at Moffatsville, : Anderson Co., S.C. His father about that time being called to Coddle Creek, N.C., his early days were spent there. After his eleventh year on account of the Civil War, his educational advantages were meagre and he labored on his father's farm.

In 1867 he engaged as a clerk with his uncle, Mr. Pink Helper, Davidson, N.C., afterwards he formed a partnership with Mr. Jas. Allison. This gentleman generously offered to treat him as a son in Davidson College when his wish was made known to prepare for the ministry. This wcis highly appreciated but declined. Prof. Augustus Leayer, who said to the writer that of all his pupils this one gave him the most pleasure, prepared him for Erskine College at Coddle Creek Academy, 1872-1873. Entering this latter year he graduated from both the college and Seminary in June, 1878^ taking the six years course in five years. His licensure was granted by the Second Presbytery April 13th, 1878. Rev. J.N. Young, L.L.D,,, officiating, who had performed the same service for the licentiate's father 31 years before* On Dec. 14, 1878, the same Presbytery ordained him at Due West, S.C, Jan. 27, 1875, an affecting farewell meeting was held on the departure of Miss Mary Galloway for Egypt as a foreign missionary. A college student, N.E. Pressly, then and there formed the high and noble purpose of devoting his life to missions. The Synod August 19, 1878, established an Independent Mission in Mexico. This measure was led by the late Dr. J.I. Bonner. The subject of this sketch was selected, and youthful and inexperienced as he was, was entrusted with this mighty and responsible mission. After some visiting among

Page 17

the churches he arrived via Vera Cruz in Mexico City, Jan. 14, 1879. About a year was spent here learning the language and studying the field. By an arrangement with othe denominations and the consent of his own Board he located in Tampico Dec. 6, 1879.

Mr. Pressly wedded Mrs. Rachel Elliott Rosboro, daughter of Mr. Henry Lawrence and Mrs. Millagan (McMaster) Elliott of Winnsboro, S.C., Nov. 5, 1878. Three sons are the fruit of this marriage, Bonner Grier, John Ebenezer and Henry Elliott.

In some aspects Bro. Pres'sly is one of the most remarkable young men of our Church. His faith and courage is seen when alone he set foot on a foreign soil and undertook to found a mission backed by a denomination not large in numbers nor rich in resources nor trained in experience. Yet he followed his convictions, the indications of providence, plead for his Savior and awakened the sympathy and sustenance of his Synod. His devotion to Ithe Mexican Mission is exemplary, animating and sublime.

His Alma Mater honored him in 1901 with the title of D.D. His Master has blessed his work not only in administrative ability in selecting other countries but in his own special sphere. Here are 2 schools, 6 teachers and 100 pupils, collections in 1902 were 491.12, additions 20, 5 assistant native missionaries and church and school property worth $15,600. In that too short list of brave pioneer Foreign Missionaries "who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weaknes were made strong, waxed valiant in fight turned to flight the armies of the aliens," the name of Neill Erskine Pressly will have an honored place.

PRESSLY, MRS. RACHEL ELLIOTT.—Is a descendant of the sturdy Scotch-Irish of Fairfield Co., S.C., and a daughter of the late H.L. Milligan McMaster—families eminent in Fairfield and the A.R. church. She was born Dec. 16th, 1848. She was the second lady missionary of the A.R. church. She received her early education in the Female Seminary at Winnsboro, and later under the tuition of Rev. Dr. Lord, of New Orleans. She was always an apt, diligent pupil. In early youth she made a profession of faith, in Winnsboro, under the ministry of Dr. C.B. Betts,

At the age of 20 she was married to Mr. B.C. Roseboro, who died within five years.

In 1877 she entered the Due West Female College to study music. Here she made the acquaintance of Rev. Neill E. Presly, a divinity student, to whom she was married in Winnsboro, S.C., Nov. 5th, 1878.

Mr. Pressly, before completing his theological studies had resolved, if the way was open, to go as the second missionary of his church to Egypt, and with him his bride-elect was to share the work of his life. At the meeting of the Synod that year, it was determined to open an Independent Foreign Mission in Mexico and Mr. Pressly and his wife were commissioned to Mexico as the first missionaries of their Church to that field.

Page 18

The first year of their missionary life was spent at Mexico City, and in the latter part of 1879 they located at Tampico on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, where they have lived for about twenty-three years. Mrs. Pressly has been a faithful wife, a true helpmeet, a safe counselor to her husband in his labors and difficulties, and has always taken an active part with him in his work. She is not only a devoted and fond mother to her children, but was the educator of her three boys until they were sent to enter the high school of her native town. Knowing the evil of a bad education, she resolved to train up her children in the fear of God, a difficult task in the moral surroundigs of her adopted country. If exemplary deportment through half a century of life, an unremitting zeal in contributing to the happiness of others, and a full conviction of the truths of religion and morality form the basis of a good woman, these elements are manifest in her character. May she be spared many years to her Church, to her friends and to her loved ones. She is the mother of five children: Mary Elliott, Jennie Bell, Bonner Grier, John Ebenezer and Henry Elliott. The eldest has passed over the river.

PRESSLY, JOHN EBENEZER.—Saw the light Nov. 3rd, 1826, 39 days after his father's death. His mother, who was Martha Devlin, of Cedar Springs, S.C., married a second time. He was left then in care of his uncle, Dr. E.E. Pressly, President of Clark and Erskine Seminary. A high school in connection with the Divinity School had been opened Feb. 1, 1836. The leading spirit and principal Professor was John S. Pressly. Into this primary institution he was placed, and graduated in her third class, 1844. After a full course in the Divinity Department there, the Second Presbytery granted him license, Sept. 18th, 1847.

After missionary work in the West he spent four months in the winter '49 and '50 at Coddle Creek and New Perth, Iredell Co., N.C., and was ordained and installed pastor Feb. 12, 1851. Then began a long and faithful pastorate over two congregations 18 miles apart, two sermons each Sabbath in summer, baptizing children, solemnizing marriages, catechizing, preaching in neighboring congregations over an area of some twenty-five by fifteen miles. He was moderator of Synod in 1868 and Erskine College conferred the title of D.D. in 1878, and the responsibility of the clerkship of the First Presbytery was put upon him from April 7, 1873, to April 4th, 1883.

In 1869 the Synod appointed a committee to revise the Psalms. In this work as main factor he became intensely interested, wrote much and aroused the Church in getting the mind of the Spirit in this Book of Praises.

About Novs 10th, 1885, Dr. Pressly received a hurt which caused great suffering and lamed him for life. He demitted his charge April 13th, 1886. Though confined to his room his pen was busy and many messages went out from his sick chamber. Loving to preach as he did and regaining in a measure his strength, he was heard often when propped up in a pulpit. After lingering for ten years among a people he had served as pastor

Page 19

thirty-five years, he died May 16th, 1897.

Next to a man's conversion, that which shapes his life most is his marriage. April 4, 1849, a helpmeet indeed was given him in Miss Martha S. Sherard, a daughter of William and Phoebe Sherard of Anderson Co., S.C. She was a woman of great prudence, good judgement and self-possession, "of unusual good common sense, of nerve and of greatness," the stay, support and balance wheel of her distinguished husband with his nervous temperament and delicate constitution. She was a model, systematic housekeeper, but best of all devotedly pious.

As a preacher he made the most careful and painstaking preparation, his thoughts were systematically and logically arranged. Believing that the priest's lips should keep knowledge, he never went into the pulpit unprepared. When he arose to speak there was a uniqueness, originality, striking and vivid utterance, sometimes a vein of humor, all consecrated, that commanded and held the attention of the most listless hearer. He preached Christ both to the head and heart. As a pulpit orator he ranked among the very best in the Synod.

Dr. Pressly was a singular genius. In the same sentence he would make you cry and cheer. When not depressed with disease, an entertaining, suggestive, and brilliant conversationalist. He wielded the pen of a ready writer.

Ever loyal to his denominational vows, an able defender of her distinctive principles, he was ever watchful of changes lest they be hurtful innovations. His last great speech was delivered before the First Presbytery at Central Steele Creek, Oct. 6th, 1891, against the introduction of the organ.

His congregation have chiseled in tablet: "He was a man of wife influence and culture, a profound scholar, an eloquent preacher and a devoted soldier of the cross." But better than tables of stone he is indelibly engraved in the fleshly tables of the heart in the thousands of his spiritual children.

(to be continued)

Jim Presley with Taylor Lee Tollefson, 1985. Jim is a former 3rd base-man with the Seattle Mariners, now with the Atlanta Braves. See the May 1986 Newsletter, p. 38. Does anyone know his ancestry? Photo submitted by Rebecca Tollefson, address withheld.

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Late Word from the Editor's Desk
Many thanks to all of you members who have been so patient with me because of this second late issue of the Newsletter. An extremely difficult Summer for me personally finally ended on September 6th with the death of my Mother. The settling of her estate, the unwinding after years of caring for her, and the preparation for a much needed vacation to begin next week brings to an end a period in my life. My return from this trip will still be marked by grief, but it will also mark a new phase in my life and a look to the future. I hope your Newsletter can be in the mail on time in the future, and that more of my attention can be devoted to genealogical matters and to the Association.

I have received a number of additional requests for the Elvis Presley ancestry booklet. As made clear in the March 1990 issue of the Newsletter, a limited number were printed, based on the number of advanced orders received. No copies are presently available, but if an additional printing is made in the future, notice will be given in the Newsletter.

Our President has published a new book, Marriages of Buncombe Co., N.C., 1851 thru 1899, by Lillian Ledbetter Stumpp. It is 200 plus pages with a full Brides Index, and includes the Marriage Bonds issued during this time. Cost is $22.00 postpaid, and a check or money order should be sent to Lillian address withheld.

Lillian Stumpp (our President), below center, received a visit on 30 May 1990 from Ray and Betty Bostick (our Vice-President) of San Antonio, Texas. The Bosticks were vacationing in the area of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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(Ed. Note: The following information is taken from an article entitled "Out on a Limb" by Jo Claire English and found at the Texas State Library in Austin by Kathryn P. Campbell of Colonia, N.J., who shared it with us.)

"When thoroughly understood, naming systems can frequently provide the means by which different groups of names may be fitted into the proper family, correct parents ascribed, and so forth. Two systems of naming children were popular in the early days of our country.. .the German system and the Dutch system. Many other nationalities in this country adopted these systems, so the use of. the particular naming system is not a reliable guide as to the nationality of a family.

DUTCH NAMES: With the Dutch system, the first son was named for his paternal grandfather, and the second son was named for his maternal grandfather. The first daughter in a family was named for her maternal grandmother and the second daughter was named for her paternal grandmother. At times it is possible to determine probable names for all four grandparents through this old Dutch system of naming children.

GERMAN NAMES: The German system, popular among the Palatines and Pennsylvania Dutch, was quite different. When this system was used, a child was always given a first and a middle name...with the first name usually that of the father (in case a son was born) and the middle name usually that of the baptismal sponsor. In the event the baby was a girl, she was given the name of her mother plus the name of her godmother. The sponsors, or godparents, were usually a man and wife and could be either friends or relatives.

With the use of the German system, things can get complicated for the researcher. If, for instance, the father's name was John, several or maybe all of the sons might be given this name, plus the name of the baptismal sponsor, thus John Jacob, John Joseph, John Andrew, [and daughters with] Anna Maria, Anna Eva, Anna Catherine. It was generally the custom, to avoid confusion, to call these children by their middle name. Then usually, as the children grew up, the first name was dropped for most purposes. Confusion was often compounded, however, when..another son might have been named just plain John, possibly because the father and the baptismal sponsor had the same name.

Surname endings can often become confusing due to variations. The German people had a ...system which was used also in America from the 1700's to the early 1800's [in which] they followed the practice of adding the suffix "in" to the surnames of females, hence Anna Schultzin, daughter of Jacob Schultz.

The various spellings of German names are due in part to interchangeable letters. "P" and "B", "G" and "K", "K" and "C", "A" and "0" are all interchangeable. Sometimes a name will not only start with a different letter but will look like

Page 22

an entirely different name (example: Graber and Kroper).

SWISS NAMES: Among the Swiss settlers it was common to prefix "Hans" (John) befoere given names for boys. The prefix "Anna" was used in the case of girls. In this case, there was no set pattern for a middle name. Many variations of names and spelling variations were used.

SCOTTISH NAMES: A system among the Scots (very similar to the Dutch) was to name children along this pattern: Sons: Eldest son was named for the father's father, second son was named after the mother's father, third son was named after the father. Daughters: Eldest daughter was named for the mother's mother, second daughter was named for the father's mother, third daughter was named for the mother. Subsequent children were frequently named for aunts or uncles,