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Published by the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association

VOLUME VI      NO. 2                                          December 1990                                        Page twenty-three


Elizabeth B. Bunting, address withheld, has been researching the Bresslers/Presslers of Pennsylvania for many years and over the last few years has been sharing her accumulated records with our Association-four large files of records to date. This material includes way over a hundred family group sheets and covers many branches of the families who moved with the great American migration westward. It also includes material on families who have no obvious relationship that has so far been discovered. •-.^

Of course, it would be impossible to include in our Newsletter all of this material, so we will try from time to time to print excerpts, summaries, and condensations of some of it. It is our hope that by doing so, we will attract the attention of researchers and descendants who may be working on these lines. We invite any such individuals to become members of our Association. We will begin in this issue with an introduction to the first few generations of Betty's own family, which arrived in Pennsylvania from Germany in the 18th century.

In the Dec. 1987 Newsletter Betty introduced us to the the tiny village of Hochstadt in the wine-producing region of the Palatinate in Germany. Still a small village today, back in the 17th and 18th centuries it was considered as perhaps two villages, or at least as having two parts, Nieder and Ober Hochstadt, or Lower & Upper Hochstadt. There is no indication of how long the Bressler or Pressler family has lived in Nieder Hochstadt, but a 1590 tax record confirms their residency as of that date.

About 1694 in Niederhochstadt, Pfalz, one Hans Georg Bressler was born, parents unknown, christened in the Reformed Church there in 1709. Probably around 1720 he married Eva Magdalena ____, and they had six children as follows: 1) George Simon Bressler, chr. 1722, about whom more later.

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THE PRESLEY/PRESLAR/PRESSLY NEWSLETTER is a quarterly publication of the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association and is distributed to members and to selected genealogical libraries, President is Lillian L. Stumpp, address withheld. Vice-president is Betty Bostick, address withheld. Treasurer is E.L. Singleton, address withheld.

Queries and items for publication should be sent to the Editor, Edwin C. Dunn, address withheld. They will be included in the Newsletter at no cost as space permits. Back issues of the Newsletter may be ordered from the Editor at $1.50 each (only three issues were in volume one).

Applications, checks, and renewals for membership should be sent to the Secretary, Carol Hicks, address withheld. Applications should be accompanied by family group sheets for the Presley (etc.) family line. Dues are $12 per year; associate membership (spouses) dues $5 per year, payable on July 1st. New members receive all back issues for the current membership year. Dues received after Fterch 1st will be applied to the following year beginning on July 1st.

Inquiries concerning material in the Association archive should be addressed to the Research Director, James E. Anderson, address withheld. They should be accompanied by two first-class postage stamps.


Are you as annoyed as I am by the "fashion" nowadays of addressing everyone — strangers, elderly, even those that one' has only heard about — by their given names? Call me old-fashioned and snobbish, but I don't like what strikes me as over-familiarity and lack of respect. What is seen as an attempt to be friendly is, in fact, an inappropriate chuminess.

Oh, I don't suggest that we return to the Victorian sometimes-custom of wives addressing their husbands as "Mister", but it would be nice if we could know one another for 5-10 minutes before we get on a first-name basis. The time was, when first names actually meant personal friendship.

You may ask why I use your first name in my correspondence to you, if I feel that way? The answer is that I'm often not sure, without looking it up, if you're married, unmarried, a doctor, or what title to use. With some of you we have had long correspondence, talked on the telephone, etc., and I feel as if you are good friends. So, you see, in trying to answer your correspondence I save time by not worrying about these distinctions—a matter of self-defense in this case.

Laugh Parade

the small society
July 24, 1985

Sept. 1985

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Besides, most of us are family and related, even if distantly. I don't want to be too formal, and I'm not so old-fashioned as to want to address you as "Cousin". I hope you're not too irritated, and since turnabout is fair play, I'll expect you to call me by my first name when you write to me.


Speaking of writing to me, you've not been doing much of that lately. Since I've been preoccupied with other matters and not been answering very well, I can understand the reason for my mail being much less interesting lately. However, the time has come when I want to hear more from you. We want to get to work on promoting the research and work of our Association, and we're in need of more fresh material for our Newsletter. Let me hear from you, and let's not just make a resolution that 1991 will be the year that we try to make many new discoveries about our family lines, let's get busy and make it happen.


May your holiday season be filled with joy and happiness, and may the new year be filled with peace throughout the world.

2) Johann Nickel Bressier, chr. 1724, about whom more later.
3) Johann Georg Bressler, chr. 1728, about whom more later.
4) Maria Elisabetha Bressler, chr. 28 Feb. 1732 Niederhochstadt, Pfalz, m. 2 Apr. 1758 Atalaha Ev. R. Church, Rehresburg, Pa., to Johannes Heberling.
5) Anna Maria Bressler, b. 11 Aug. 1735 Niederhochstadt, Pfalz.
6) Johann Valentin Bressler, chr. 6 Sept. 1737 Niederhochstadt, Pfalz.
Hans Georg Bressler died in Jan. 1744 in Niederhochstadt.

Undoubtedly for reasons similar to those of so many others who left their homes and migrated to the New World, brothers Simon, Nicolaus, and George, along with their sisters Anna Maria and Maria Elisabetha arrived in Pennsylvania on board the "Lydia" out of Rotterdam on 19 Oct. 1749.Caroline and Glenn Schwalm of Valley View, Pa., wrote in 1989 that "J. George Simon Bressler settled in the Tulpehocken Region of Berks Co. near the village of Host in Marion Twp., north of Wolmesdorf, Pa. During the French and Indian War in the 1750's, a massacre by Indians of two white men took place on the Tulpehocken path in Anton (Seybert's) Wilderness (located between the first and second Blue Mountain), south of present Pine Grove, near an improvement by one named Bressler. Apparently, at this time, he was a squatter, as there are no records of a patent land grant to him. However, in 1767 he made application for land Warrants over the Blue Mountains in Pine Grove Twp., Berks Co."

In 1835 these patent lands of Simon Bressler were described as being bordered by the lands of Samuel Wanner, Ludwig Belger, Christian Heimbach, John Heimbach, and Yost Henry Eichart. Today this land is in the village of Rock in Washington Twp. ,

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Schuylkill Co., Pa., and the Little Swatara Creek flows through it. About 1853 Peter Schneck took possession of the Dressier parcels, and the Heimbach, Wanner, and Schneck names are still to be seen on local mailboxes today. Hetzels Church stands on the mountain just to the north.

Georg Simon Bressler was christened 29 June 1722 in the Reformed Church in Niederhochstadt, Pfalz, and died 12 Nov. 1802 At Rock, Pine Grove Twp., Berks Co., Pa. He was buried, as was his wife, Anna Barbara __, who died before he did, at Hetzels Church.

The couple had seven children as follows:
1) George Peter Bressler, b. abt. 1750, m. abt. 1776 Eva Barbara Ulrich, d. aft. 1818 Amanda Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio.
2) George Bressler, chr. Apr. 1751 Zions Blue Mt. Ch., Strauss-town, Berks Co., Pa., m. 1773 Maria Catharina Camber, d. 28 Apr. 1801 Pine Grove Twp., Berks Co, Pa.
3) Johannes Bressler, b. Apr. 1753, m. Anna Maria Ulrich, d. 23 Sept. 1835 Schuylkill Co., Pa.
4) Johannes Nicolaus Bressler, b. 8 June 1758 Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pa., m. Catharina Elisabeth Boyer, d. 29 Apr. 1843 Haines Twp., Centre Co., Pa.
5) Michael Bressler, b. 15 Aug. 1764 Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pa., m. 18 June 1789 Pine Grove Twp. Berks Co, Pa., Barbara Hetzel, d. 2 Feb. 1843 Hegins, Pa.
6) Sarah Bressler, m. 2 Jan. 1791 Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pa., John Adam Gruber, d. 1833. 7) George Philip Bressler, m. 4 Aug. 1792 Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa., Margaretha Wetzel.

Johann Nickel (or Nicholas) Bressler, brother of Simon Bressler, was chr. 17 Nov. 1824 in the Reformed Church in Niederhochstadt, Pfalz. He came with brothers, Simon and George, to Pennsylvania in 1749, but no other information about him or his descendants is in our files.

Johann Georg (or George) Bressler was christened 10 Aug. 1728 in the Reformed Church, Niederhochstadt, Pfalz, and married on 27 Jan. 1754 in Host Church, Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pas, to Anna Eva Bollinger. George received a v?arrant for land in Tulpehocken Twp. in Berks Co. on 27 June 1753.

He and Eva had two children:
1) Anna Margaretha Bressler, b. 30 May 1756.
2) Nicolay Bressler, b. 3 Feb. 1759, m. Elizabeth __, d. 12 Mar. 1826 Halifax Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa.

In future articles we'll discuss more about the descendants of this family, and learn something about other Bresslers who came to America.

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1860 Census

(Ed Note: Data from the 1890 census is given as follows: Page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/value of personal property, birthplace.)

28   177/182  James Presler      32 M Miller        NC
              Laura A. "         29 F               NC
              Drucilla A. "       6 F               NC
              Mary F. "           2 F               NC
              Louisa J         2/12 F               GA
              Josiah Ponds        9 M               NC
              Phronia E. Griffin  7 F               NC
552  89/89    Jas. M. Bridges    48 M Farmer 4500/  GA
              Mary M. "          42 F Home    1100  GA
              Francis M. "       25 M Carpenter     GA
              Wm.H.H. "          19 M Farmer        GA
              S.H. "             17 M Farmer        GA
              Euphemia M. "      15 F Home          GA
              John P. "          13 M               GA
              Matilda F. "       11 F               GA
              ???dlow R. "        9 M               GA
              Martha E. "         3 F               GA
              Clinton C. "        1 M               GA
              Lucy Presley       69 F               VA
706  603/583  C. Presley         21 M Merchant 7500/ SC

739  831/751  E. Presley         47 M Merchant 1000/ SC
              M. "               43 F           2000 SC
              C. "               20 M Clerk    100/  SC
              F. "               16 F                SC
              E. "               14 M                SC
              M. "               12 M                SC
              A. "               10 M                SC
              M. "                7 F                GA
              N. "                5 M                GA
              D. "                3 M                GA

987  253/213  John Presley       39 M Farmer 250/    SC
              Nancy "            30 F                TN
              Mary E. "           8 F                TN
              Sarah J. "          5 F                GA
              Jeannetta "         2 F                GA
              Laura P. "       1/12 F                GA

657   31/31   Noah Presley       22 M Overseer  /500 NC
              Barbara "          24 F Wife           SC
              Easter "            3 F                SC
              Hasletine "         2 M                GA
              Levi "              9 M                NC

20   137/137  Nancy Presly       36 F Domestic       GA
              Alanzo A. "         8 M                GA
              John J. "           6 M                GA
              Leander "           4 M                GA

89   652/652  J. Presley         60 M Farmer         NC
              E. "               70 F Domestic  Ireland 
              E. Williams        39 F                SC
              P. Bonds           17 F                GA
              H. "               14 M                GA
              H. Williams         3 M                GA

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89  653/653  W.D. Presley       28 M Blacksmith 1000/ GA
             M.A. "             22 F                  GA
             M.J. "              6 F                  GA
             W.J. "              4 M                  GA
             M.A. "              3 F                  GA
             J.M. "              1 F                  GA

218  591/    James F. Pressly   30 M Lab.             GA
             Mary "             -  - Domestic         SC
             S.L. "             -  -                  -

218  592/    W. Pressly         26 M Laborer          GA
             Elizabeth "        35 F Domestic         GA
             Lucinda Donahoo    18 F Domestic         GA

566  175/175 John Presley       60 M Mechanic  /150   SC
             Susanah "          52 F Domestic         SC
             Matilda "          20 F Domestic         SC
             William R. "       16 M Farmer           SC
             William R.T. "      2 M                  SC

383  956/928 Wm. J. Presley     24 M Farmer   /200    GA
             Francis H. "       21 F Domestic         VA
             John R. "           3 M                  GA
             Columbus W. "       1 M                  GA
             Mary "             59 F Domestic         GA
             John T. "          13 M                  GA

840  148/148 Jerimiah Pressly   35 M Farmer     /10   GA
             Lizzy "            29 F Housekeeper      GA
             Phebe Ann "         7 F                  GA
             John H. "           2 M                  GA

896  550/550 Israel Pressley    60 M Tenant    /125   NC
             Sarah "            64 F Housekeeper      GA
             Michael "          22 M Day Laborer      GA
             Elizabeth "        19 F                  GA
             Rachel "           17 F                  GA
             James J. "         12 M                  GA
             George Vaughan     14 M                  GA
             Michael "          12 M                  GA

910  640/640 Patsy Pressly     40 F   Housekeeper   /5  GA
             William "          2 M M                   GA

916  687/687 John Pressly      21 M   Farmer  /75       GA
             Martha D. "       24 F   Housekeeper       GA
             Elizabeth C. "     2 F                     GA
             Michael F. "       1 M                     GA

934  826/826 Tho. T. Grant     48 M   Farmer  800/800   GA
             Anna "            44 F   Housekeeper       NC
             Esther Pressly    33 F   Day Laborer       GA

75   555/490 J. Presley        21 M   Carpenter         GA
             Elizabeth "       26 F                     GA
             Frances "          2 F                     GA
             Wm. "              1 M                     GA

78   577/512 J. Presly         54 M   Carpenter         NC
             F. "              54 F                     NC
             Amanda "          18 F                     NC
             James "         2/12 M                     NC

142 1059/892 H. Presley        28 M   Farmer            GA
             Eliza "           28 F                     GA
             Sandford "        11 M                     GA
             Melvina "          9 F                     GA
             Michael "          5 M                     GA
             Mary "             4 F                     GA
             Sarah "            1 F                     GA

705  318/303 Jackson Ray       56 M  Farmer 15200/3500  GA
             Clarissa "        46 F                     GA
             James S. "        18 M  Farmer             GA
             John "            16 M                     GA
             Anna "            14 F                     GA
             Reubin "          11 M                     GA
             William "          6 M                     GA
             A.C. Toney        22 M                     GA
             Caroline T. "     20 F                     GA
             Charles Pressly   62 M   Teacher C.S.      SC

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417 173/171  Caroline Prestly  16 F                      GA
             Lou "             15 F                      GA
              living with family of Alex & Mary Woodson

894 138/107  Delilah Presley   40 F Domestic             GA
             Sophrin "         14 F                      GA
             Robert M. "       13 M                      GA
             Mortester "       12 M                      GA
             Jackson            9 M                      GA
             Lesan V. "         7 F                      GA
             John C. "          7 M                      GA
             Jashua "           6 M                      GA
             Julias "           3 M                      GA

974 799/679  Ephrem Pressly    58 M Farmer    250/340    GA
             Mary "            37 F                      GA
             Nancy J. "        16 F                      GA
             Jaseph M. "       13 M                      GA
             Taylor "          12 M                      GA
             Cicero "           9 M                      GA
             Amanda "           7 F                      GA
             Decalb "           5 M                      GA
             Jeremiah "         2 M                      GA

415 341/341  J.M. Presley      49 M Farmer   3200/17000  GA
             N.A. "            47 F                      GA
             J.P. "            21 M                      GA
             G.O. "            15 F                      GA
             S.L. "            14 F                      GA
             A.H. "            11 M                      GA
             J. "               9 M                      GA
             E. "               7 F                      GA
             J.M. "             4 M                      GA
             W.M. "             4 M                      GA

211 370/370  John Kenrick      65 M Farmer       /3000   GA
             May "             65 F                      GA
             Lucretia "        25 F                      GA
             Mary P. "         23 F                      GA
             Samuel "          19 M Farm Hand            GA
             Columbus Pressley 14 M                      GA
             William "         11 M                      GA             
304  9/10    William Presley   28 M Farmer  800/2148     GA
             Livy A. "         27 F                      GA
             James T. "        10 M                      GA
             Mary E. "          8 F                      GA

405  5/5     F.M. Prisley      39 M Farmer   /10000      GA
             Mary J. "         30 F                      GA
             James M "         13 M                      GA
             Silas H. "        12 M                      GA
             Joselina "        10 F                      GA
             Thomas Owen       22 M Laborer              GA

169 372/372  William Presley   40 M Farmer      /40      NC
             Calvana "         31 F                      NC
             Francis "         19 M                      GA
             Desa "             6 F                      GA
             Julath "           5 M                      GA
             Lucious "          3 M                      GA
             William "          2 M                      GA
             Thomas Owen       22 M Laborer              GA

658 935/839  V. Prestley       48 M Farmer 600/1290      SC
             A.S. "            48 F                      GA
             J.T. "            21 M Farm hand            SC
             M.A. "            18 F Serving              GA
             S.J. "            15 F Student              GA
             J.M "             10 F                      -
             M.V. "             7 F                      -
             Jesse Miller      18 M Farm hand            GA

898   53/53  Moses Presley     73 M Farmer   4200/13000  SC
             Malinda "         50 F                      GA
             James M "         17 M                      GA
             M. McGaughey      24 M Physician            GA
             Salina "          20 F                      GA

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Confederate Military Service Records
(Continued from page 8, Sept. 1990 issue)

Pressley, J.T.
Pressley, J.T.
Pressley, J.W.
Pressley, J.W. (OFU John W. Presley)
Pressley, L.A.
Pressley, Lawson
Pressley, L.C.
Pressley, Levi
Pressley, M.A. (OFU Pressly)
Pressley, Mike
Pressley, Nelson A.
Pressley, N.J.
Pressley, R.
Pressley, R.A. (OFU R. Alexander Pressly)
Pressley, R.A.
Pressley, R.C.
Pressley, Richard
Pressley, R.M.
Pressley, Robert C.
Pressley, T.
Pressley, Talton
Pressley, Talton T. (OFU Talton)
Pressley, T.B. (OFU Tally B. Presley)
Pressley, T.T.
Pressley, Uriah M.(OFU Presley)
Pressley, W.A.
Pressley, W.B.
Pressley, W.B.
Pressley, W.D.
Pressley, Wesley
Pressley, William
Pressley, William
Pressley, William
Pressley, William (OFU W.B. )
Pressley, William A
Pressley, William E.(OFU Presley)
Pressley, William L.(OFU Presley)
Pressley, William M
Pressley, W. M. (OFU William)
Pressley, W.N. (OFU William M.)
Presslo, J.A.


Co. B, 4th S.C. Cav.
Co. A, 10th Battn. S.C. Cav.
Co. B, 37th Ark. Inf.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 23rd Ala. Inf.
Co. H, 55th N.C. Inf.
Co. G, 62nd N.C. Inf.
Co. B, 6th Miss. Inf.
Co. E, 2nd S,C, Rifles
Co. C, Phillips Legion, Ga.
Co. F, 25th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 34th Ala. Inf.
Co. K, 62nd N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 7th S.C. Inf.
Co. B, 5th Va. Cav.
Co. I, 39th Miss. Inf.
Co. D, 21st Tenn.Cav.
Co. F, 31st Ala. Inf.
Co. F, 56th GA. Inf.
Co. K, 2nd Cherokee Mtd. Vols.
Co. D, 13th Ala. Inf.
Co. D, 13th Ala. Inf.
Co. D, 5th S.C. Inf.
Camp Guard, Miss.
Co. I, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. E, 11th Ga. Cav.
Co. K, 1st S.C. Cav.
Co. C, 20th Tex. Inf.
Co. I, 6th Ala. Cav.
Co. H, 1st Ga. Inf.
Co. H, 23rd Ala. Inf.
Co. G, 46th Ga. Inf.
Co. C, Inf. Regt.Thomas Legion N.C.
Co. C, 20th Tex. Inf.
Co. B, 13th N.C. Inf.
Co. I, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 39th N.C. Inf.
Co. C, 9th Battn Ga. Arty.
Co. G, 46th Ga. Inf.
Co. C, 9th Battn Ga. Arty.
Co. -, 1st S.C. Rifles

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Pressly, Alex R.(OFU Alexander R.)
Pressly, Charles W.(OFU Charles Presley)
Pressly, Evan A.(OFU Presley)
Pressly, George W.
Pressly, G.W. (OFU Presley)
Pressly, Hosea (OFU Presley)
Pressly, Ira
Pressly, J.A. (OFU L.A. Pressley)
Pressly, J.N.
Pressly, Joseph L.
Pressly, Joseph L.(OFU above)
Pressly, Joshua (OFU J,.Pressley)
Pressly, M.A.
Pressly, Mike (OFU Pressley)
Pressly, M.R
Pressly, N.L.(OFU N.J. Pressley)
Pressly, R. Alexander
Pressly, R.H.
Pressly, Richard (OFU Pressley)
Pressly, Samuel
Pressly, T.B.
Pressly, Thomas (OFU Presley)
Pressly, T.T. (OFU Pressley)
Pressly, William A.(OFU Pressley)
Pressly, William L.
Pressly, W.M.(OFU William Presley)
Prestler, Miles (OFU Priester)
Prestley, B.D.
Prestley, C.D.(OFU Charles Presley)
Prestley, D.
Prestley, D.
Prestley, H. (OFU Hosea Presley)
Prestley, James
Prestley, Jason(OFU Jarinth Presley)
Prestley, J.M. (OFU J.N. Presly)
Prestley, J.M. (OFU J.M. Presley)
Prestley, J.W. (OFU Pressley)
Prestley, M.
Prestley, M.A.
Prestley, S. (OFU Prusley)
Prestley, Tom
Prestley, William(OFU Pressley)

Ass't Surg./Surg.
Ass't Surg./-

Co. D, 7th S.C. Inf.
Co. I, 5th Ark. Inf
Co. D, 4th Ga. Inf.
Co. G, 59th Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. C, 10th Battn. N.C. Heavy Arty.
Co. F, 23rd S.C. Inf.
Co. A, 23rd Ala. Inf.
Truss Co. E, Barbiere's Battn.
Co. --, 27th S.C. Inf.
General & Staff Officers, CSA
Co. K, 2nd Cherokee Mtd. Vols. CSA
Co. E, 2nd S.C. Rifles
Co. C, Phillips Legion Ga.
Co. D, 6th N.C. Inf.
Co. A, 34th Ala. Inf.
Co. D, 7th S.C. Inf.
Co. C, 23rd Miss.Inf.
Co. D, 21st Tenn.Cav.
Co. D, 3rd Ala. Cav.
Co. B, 18th S.C. Inf.
Co. C, 10th Battn. N.C. Arty.
Camp Guard, Miss.
Co. B, 13th N.C. Inf.
Co. I, 65th Ga. Inf.
Co. A, 48th Ala. Inf.
Co. F, 3rd S.C. Cav.
Co. B, 50th Tenn.Inf.
Co. F, 5th Ark. Inf.
Co. F, 3rd Battn. Miss. Cav.
Co. B, 6th Miss. Cav.
Co. F, 35th N.C. Inf.
Co. F, 54th Ala. Inf.
Co. I, 60th N.C. Inf.
Co. E, 3rd Ga. Cav.
Co. C, 6th Miss.Inf.
Co. B, 37th Ark. Inf.
Co. K, 2nd Ga. Inf.
Co. K, 4th Ala. Cav.
Co. D, 51st Ala.
Co. C, 6th Miss. Inf.
Co. C, Inf. Regt. Thomas Legion, N.C.

Page 32

Prestly, Baldwin
Prestly, J.(OFU John E. Presley)
Prestly, James W. (OFU Presley)
Prestly, L.O.
Prestly, S.
Prestly, William (OFU Presley)
Priestley, James
Priestley, John T.
Priestley, Joseph
Priestley, J.T.
Priestley, Lafayette M.
Priestley, L.M.
Priestley, L.M.
Priestley, M.L.(OFU Lafayette M.)
Priestley, Samuel B.
Priestley, Thomas(OFU John T.)
Priestley, T.J.(OFU John T.)
Priestley, William
Priestley, William A.
Priestley, William P.
Priestley, W.W.
Priestly, E.L.
Priestly, Harry
Priestly, J.T.
Priestly, James
Priestly, James P.
Priestly, J.N.
Priestly, Joseph
Priestly, J.T.
Priestly, William
Prisley, G.W. (OFU Pressley)
Prisley, G.W.H. (OFU Presley)
Prisley, H.P. (OFU Hosea Presley)
Prisley, J. (OFU John Pressley)
Prisley, John (OFU Prasley)


Co. A, 53rd N.C. Inf.
Co. F, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. D, 18th Ala. Inf.
Co. B, 36th Ark. Inf.
Co. B, 57th Ala. Inf.
Co. F, 12th Battn. Tenn. Cav.
Co. D, 1st Tex.Reserves
Old Co. I, 10th Miss. Inf., F $ S
Co. K, 35th Tex. Cav.
2nd Co. M, Wood's Regt. Confed.Cav.
Co. A, 11th Tenn.Inf.
Co. G, 10th Tenn.Cav.
Co. D, Napier's Battn. Tenn. Cav.
Co. A, 11th Tenn.Inf.
Co. E, Mann's Regt. Tex. Cav.
Old Co. I, 10th Miss. Inf. F $ S
Old Co. I, 10th Miss. Inf. F $ S
2nd Co. M, Wood's Regt.Confed.Cav.
Co. B, 12th Tenn.Cav.
Co. H, Norris Regt. Tex. Cav.
Forest's Scouts, CSA
Co. D, 2nd Tex. Cav.
Forrest's Scouts,CSA
1st BID
Co. I, 2nd Tex. Inf.
Co. A, Mann's Regt. Tex. Cav.
Co. C, 18th Battn. Ga. Inf.
3rd Co. I, 13th Tex. Vols.
Co. H, 3rd Tenn. Cav.
Co. B, 4th Tex. Cav.
Co. D, 3rd Tenn. Mtd. Inf.
Co. F, 2nd N.C. Inf.
Co. E, 48th N.C. Inf.
Co. C, Phillips Legion, Ga.
Co. E, 9th Ala. Inf.

Page 33

Prisley, John
Prisley, M. (OFU Mike Pressley)
Prisley, Samuel W. (OFU Preslar)
Prisley, William (OFU Priddy)
Prisly, E.W.


Co. E, 9th Ala. Inf.
Co. C, Phillips Legion, Ga.
Co. C, 17th Tenn.Inf.
Co. H, 6th N.C. Inf.
Co. H, 21st Tenn.Inf.


Congressional incumbents spent $90 million this election year on franked mass mailings to constituents, but now, members must operate under tighter rules and report publicly how much mailing they do. The limelight is expected to shrink the use of taxpayer-financed mailings.

The effects of public disclosure can be seen in the case of Sen. Larry Pressler, R-SD. In the first three months of last year, when Senate mass-mailing limits were temporarily lifted, Pressler sent out so much franked mail in his state that his per-constituent total was higher than any other senator's.

His reports showed he mailed almost 3 million pieces, an average of four pieces for every man, woman and child in the state, at a cost of almost 75 cents in postage for every constituent -- about $400,000 in all. The mailings included five statewide newsletters, dozens of "town meeting" notices, and specialized first-class letters to small-business men (22,000), pork farmers (5,972), veterans (10,882) and a handful of other groups.

But after news coverage of Pressler's mailings, based on the two pages of listings that appear every six months in the two-volume, 1,830-page secretary of the Senate report, Pressler all but quit using mass mailings. In 1990, he mailed just one statewide newsletter.

-Albuquerque Journal, Nov. 16, 1990

(Ed. Note: Sen. Pressler did not make any use of the mail service, franked or otherwise, to reply to a letter of inquiry from this editor, dated 6 Sept. 1989, concerning a request for biographical information and genealogical data on himself. Could it be that his staff was too busy churning out mail to his home state?)

"Roughly ninety per cent of all the people who ever existed slipped into complete oblivion, without leaving even their names behind. The loss of their identities, like the extinction of a species, is irreparable."

THE NEW YORKER, May 13, 1985, "A Reporter at Large. The Mountain of Names" by Alex Shournatoff.

Page 34


Fred C. Presley, address withheld, writes concerning Jim Presley, whose photo was in the Sept. 1990 issue. He says, "I don't know what has already been printed in the May 1986 Newsletter ...[but] James Arthur Presley was born Oct. 23, 1961 in Pensacola, Fla., and still makes his home there. After playing baseball from 1979 to 1984 in Bellingham, Wausau, Lynn, Chattanooga, Salt Lake City, Jim Presley was called to join the Seattle Mariners in 1984. From 1984 to 1989 I believe he remained with Seattle before becoming a member of the Atlanta Braves...[where he remains]. On several occasions [his] professional batting average has been in the 273-275 range."

"Of interest to me also is the professional ice hockey player in the Presley family. Wayne Presley is Chicago Blackhawk number 17 [and] has been with Chicago since 1985 after playing hockey in London, Ontario, Canada. Wayne was born in Michigan 'and makes his home in Detroit, I believe."

"There is also a professional basketball player who is a Pressly, or a name close to that. Perhaps you could find more about him from a basketball fan. I hope that others give you more information of a sports nature on Presleys. I remember a Presley was on a Canadian bob-sled medal winning team in the Olympics in the 1950s or 60s."

A check of the latest edition of The Official NBA Basketball Encyclopedia shows that it lists player, Dominic Pressley, born May 30, 1964, height 6'2", weight 175 Ibs., attended Boston College, played 1988-1989 Washington-Chicago. Also listed is black athlete, Harold Pressley, born July 14, 1963 in Uncassville, Conn., height 6'8", weight 210 Ibs., attended Villanova, played 1986-1989 Sacramento.

Mentioned in the Encyclopedia's history of the Harlem Globetrotters is Babe Pressley, who was with the Globetrotters in 1940 when they were a world championship team. In 1952 when the Trotters celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a 50,000 mile world tour, Babe Pressley with five other Trotters, performed their famous warm-up routine to the tune of "Sweet Georgia Brown" fox* Pope Pius XII during an audience at Castel Gandolfo.

The Encyclopedia of Football by Roger Trent, 1974, lists in "The Ail-Time Roster"^ Lee Pressley (Oklahoma), center for the Washington Redskins in 1945.

David Wallechinsky's The Complete Book of the Olympics, 1988 (unindexed) does not show a Presley on the winning Canadian or USA bobsled teams, or at least this editor didn't find it. Can anyone give us additional information about the above sports figures, or about other Presley athletes, professional or amateur? If you're a fan of a particular sport, or if you've a little time on your next visit to the library, check the sports references and send us any information you discover.

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(Ed. Note: Readers who locate the above articles in the designated periodicals are requested to share copies of same with the Association to be placed in our archive. Since many of these periodicals are not available in most libraries, check in your local library to see if you find any of this material to share with others. If you mail the copies to the editor, members will be notified in the Newsletter of their availability through the Association.)

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Ohio Settlers. Purchasers of Land in East &_ East Central OhTo, 1800-1840Comp. by Ellen Thomas Berry & David A. Berry. Baltimore, 1989.
p. 229.
Presley, Joseph (Z-M) 1836, Mar. 23. Guernsey Co. R 03 T 04 S 21
Presley, William Junr. (Z-M) 1833, Apr. 12. Guernsey Co. R 03 T 03 S 02
Prestley, Joseph (Z-M) 1835, Sept. 12. Guernsey Co. R 03 T 04 S 21
(Z-M = land sold out of Zanesville office and located in U.S. Military District.)

Union County, S.C. Will Abstracts, 1787-1849Brent H. Holcomb. Columbia, S.C., 1987.
p. 79. Will Bk. A, pp. 161-164. Will of Tabitha Townsend of Union Dist..... Wit: Charles Presley, Michael Troutman, Mary Troutman. Dtd. 19 June 1805. Pr. 25 Feb. 1811.
p. 116. Will Bk. B, p. 118. Will of Michael Davelin, farmer now of Union Dist., but formerly of the Kingdom of Ireland in the County of Mead.... Wit: Lewis Presley, Wm Ricker, John Cunningham. Dtd. 24 Sept. 1825. Pr. & Rec. 4 Dec. 1826.
p. 126. Will Bk. B, pp. 173-176. Will of Isaac Pearson of Union Dist..... Wit: Wm. Wright, E.M. Bobo, Lewis Presley. Dtd. 29 Dec. 1827.
p. 123. Will Bk. B, pp. 157-158. Will of James Davis Sr. of Union Dist.... to my son Peter Davis, in addition to the $1973 which I formerly gave him, one shilling; to my daughter Martha E. Pressley, in addition to the $1300 I formerly gave her, one shilling; to my son Thos. E. Davis, in addition to the $2400 I formerly gave him, one shilling; to my son James Davis, in addition to $2392 which I formerly gave him, one shilling; to my granddaughter Sarah Ann Frances McDaniel, in addition to $1735, one shilling; to my daughter Elizabeth Hedspeth, in addition to $1000, one shilling; residue of my estate to be divided among all the aforesaid children, and made equal; Jas Crenshaw, Jas Dugan, exrs. ___ 1826. Jas Davis (X). Wit: Jas Crenshaw, Mick H. Jenkins, Marlin Cockran. Pr. & Rec. 9 Mar. 1830.

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly , Vol. 17, No. 1 (Jan. 1979)
p. 12. "Tndex Augusta County Court Martial Records, 1756-1783, Virginia State Archives", [includes] Presley, William 1777:69 Presley, William 1778:114

The Virginia Genealogist, Vol, 14, No.2 (Apr.-June 1970), p. 50. "Editor's Page".
'"The Bulletin of the Northumberland County Historical Society1 for 1969 contains information of the Presly ...[family]."

Ibid. Vol. 17, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1973), p. 275. "Loudon Co., Va., 1771 Tithable List". Simon Triplett's List, 9 Sept. 1771, Cameron Parish [first number is the number of males over age 16; second number is the number of (wolves') scalps credited during the year] [includes] James Paul, Charles Presley 2-10

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(continued from Sept. 1990 issue, page 19

PRESSLY, THOMAS PEDEN. — Was a son of the Rev. David Pressly, D.D., and Sarah Brown Peden, and was born near Starkville, Miss., January 15, 1853. He attended school in Starkville, Miss., and graduated from Erskine .College, Due West, S.C., in 1872. Two yeas previous to this he joined the Associate Reformed church at Starkville, then under the pastoral care of his father. In January, 1874, he entered the Theological Seminary at Due West, S.C., and was under the care of the Second Presbytery during the course. He was licensed to preach by the Memphis Presbytery, at Salem, Tipton, Tenn., September 4, 1875, and was ordained by that Presbytery at Richland, Shelby Co., Tenn., September 2, 1876. He accepted a call to the pastorate of the Troy, Tenn., church, August 31, 1876, and was installed pastor over this congregation October 14, 1876. Here he continues to labor with great acceptance, an earnest, faithful and consecrated minister of the New Covenant. Two years ago, in 1901, the quarter-centennial of his pastorate was appropriately celebrated by his congregation.

He was married at Troy, Tenn., Dec. 25, 1877, to Miss Dora Augusta Smith. She was a daughter of Major James Graham Smith and Sarah Eliza Alien. Four children were born to them, one of whom, David Peden, is now (1903) completing his theological course in Erskine Seminary. She died April 15, 1890. He was married the second time to Mrs. Elizabeth (Stephens) Bittick, Dec. 22, 1892. She was the daughter of Jerry Stephens and Martha Ann Taylor. Four children have been born to them.

PRESSLY, DAVID PEDEN. — Son of the Rev. Thomas P. Pressly and Dora Augusta Smith, was born January 8, 1881, at Troy, Obion Co., Tenn. He enjoyed good educational advantages, attending Obion College, in Troy, Tenn., and graduating in Erskine College, Due West, S.C., in June, 1901. He joined the Associate Reformed church of Troy, Nov. 22, 1896, and entered the Theological Seminary at Due West, in the fall of 1901? finishing the course there in June of the present year, 1903. He was licensed at a called meeting of the Memphis Presbytery, at Salem, Tenn., June 30, 1903.

PRESSLY, JOHN S. — Was born in Abbeville County, S.C., Nov. 11th 1793. His parents were Samuel and Elizabeth Pressly. He was reared by an uncle, his mother having died when he was young. He went to Ohio when a youth, but on account of the climate he returned. He was noted as a child for his veracity and deep religious character. He joined the church at Generostee. His educational opportunities were limited. He attended the Church Hill Academy in Abbeville Co., for a time. He graduated from the South Carolina College in 1831.

His first theological course was taken at Oxford, Ohio. The

Page 38

next under Dr. John T. Pressly at Allegheny, Pa. He was licensed by the Second Presbytery Oct. 8th, 1840 at Bethel, Lincoln Co., Tenn., and was ordained by the same Presbytery at a meeting of Synod at Coddle Creek, N.C., Oct. 14, 1841. He accepted a call from Ebenezer and Bethel in Jefferson Co., Ga., in 1842, and in April, 1843, was installed over them by the Georgia Presbytery. On account of ill health he demitted this charge in 1847. He then located near Generostee, Anderson Co., S.C., teaching and preaching as opportunity afforded. He died June 1st, 1863. He taught school for a time and served two terms in the S.C. Legislature before he began preaching. It was largely through his influence that Dr. Cooper was removed from the University of South Carolina. He was the founder of the Academy at Due West which afterwards developed into Erskine College. He married Martha Jane Strong, September 29th, 1842. Her parents were Rev. Charles Strong and Nancy Harris Strong of Steel Creek, N.C. Mrs. Pressly was born in Newberry Co., S.C., Jan. 18th, 1870. They had no children. She is still living near Due West, South Carolina.

PRESSLY, EBENEZER ERSKINE, D.D.--In the lower part of Abbeville district, on December 23rd, 1808, Dr. Ebenezer Pressly was born. He was the youngest son of William and Elizabeth Hearst Pressly, both of whom were remarkable alike for their intelligence and piety. His father was one of the leading members of Cedar Springs congregation; an elder for many years, a man of strong mind, well cultivated, with a heart devoted to the cause of Christ.

The mother of Dr. Pressly was a fit helpmeet for the father. Kind, affectionate and devotedly pious, she exerted a hallowed influence upon all about her. But a mysterious Providence called the father home, while the future Doctor was yet in his infancy. The same hand, however, that had removed the father raised up an uncle to take his place. Mr. William Hearst, discover signs of promise in the boy took him under his care and provided for his education. He attended the common schools and was afterwards placed in Union Academy, Abbeville Co., S.C., over which Dr. Jno. T. Pressly was placed as Superintendent. This was a school of high grade for that day and had as teachers such scholars as Samuel P. Pressly and John S. Pressly. Among Dr. Pressly's classmates were men who became prominent in their respective callings.

At the age of sixteen, Dr. Pressly, in company with his cousin, Dr. James P. Pressly, went to Lexington, Ky., expecting there to enter Transylvania University, but finding Dr. Bishop leaving to take charge of Miami University, they went with him and entered the junior clas. After a course of two years he graduated in 1826. He spent one session in post graduate study and in the spring of 1827 returned and connected with the Second Presbytery at Bethel, Jefferson Co., Ga. He studied theology under Dr. Jno. T. Pressly.

He was licensed to preach at Due West on Ithe 21st of February, 1829, not being yet 21 years old. He spent sometime in preaching in the districts of Abbeville, Anderson and Laurens,

Page 39

and in a missionary tour through Georgia, Florida and Alabama. In his journeys he endured many hardships, the country was, much of it, a wilderness, the settlements new and the hunting ground of the savage. Alone he traversed these three new States hunting the dispersed of the Associate Reformed Church. Such heroism puts the 20th century preacher to shame. In the spring of 1830 he received a call from the congregations of Generostee and Due West, and was installed over these churches at Due West, on the 7th of August. For seven years he served as pastor for both congregations, though distant from each other twenty-five miles. At the expiration of seven years, the congregations having increased, Generostee was demitted, but he continued at Due West as pastor for thirty years. In 1872 he was chosen professor of theology, and was the principal teacher for fifteen years. The Associate Reformed Church felt keenly the scarcity of ministers in the Second Presbytery. Rev. Joseph Lowry and Dr. Pressly were often the only members present. The idea of a denominational high school in which young men could be trained for college and the ministry was broached, and Dr. Pressly was largely instrumental in its establishment. Dr. Pressly took charge of it in 1839. During the next year two other professors were associated with him and thus Erskine College had her beginning. With some propriety then, Dr. Pressly can be called the father of Erskine College, and if he had done nothing more for his Church and the State, this alone would have entitled him to the grateful recognition of posterity. But his work now was too heavy for one man. He was President of the College, Professor in the Seminary, and pastor of the church.

His health was breaking, he felt compelled to offer his resignation of his presidency and also his professorship. In September, 1846, the Synod reluctantly accepted his resignation, but requested him to continue with the College until his successor could take his place. His connection with the institution was not dissolved until 1848, when Dr. R. C. Grier took charge.

Two years rest served to restore his health to a good degree, and in 1849 he accepted the presidency of the "Anderson Female Collegiate Institute." He accepted only on condition that his duties as teacher andj president should not interfere with his pastoral relationship. He retained his connection with the Anderson College until 1852.

In 1831 Dr. Pressly was married to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Malinda Agnew of Due West, S.C. Fourteen children were born to them, all of these died in infancy except three daughters and one son, Dr. W.L. Pressly, President of Erskine Seminary. On June 20th, 1853, his wife died. He afterwards married Miss Mary A. Taylor of Laurens Co., S.C., in 1854. Two children were born from this marriage, both dying in infancy.

On August 21, 1860, Dr. Pressly met his death from an accident, being thrown from his buggy while on his way to fill an appointment at Little Mountain. As a preacher and educator, Dr. Pressly deserves a distinguished place in the A.R. Church. "During his presidency of Erskine he proved his ability not only to teach but to govern as well."

(to be continued)

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Dixie Descendants Carry On Tradition In Faraway Brazil

By Stan Lehman
AMERICANA, Brazil — The aroma of Southern fried chicken and the strains of "Dixie" fill the air. A Confederate flag flutters in a warm breeze.
Young women in colorful hoop skirts square-dance with partners dressed in the gray uniforms of the Confederacy.
Welcome to Americana, where descendants of Rebels who fled the United States after the Civil War hold an annual picnic to keep some of their traditions alive — even though most of them don't speak English.
Memories of the Rebel past remain strong in this fertile sugar-cane region 85 miles northwest of Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city.
In a graveyard at nearby Santa Barbara D'Oeste, about 400 Confederate settlers and some of their offspring are buried in the shade of pine, eucalyptus and palm trees.
Among them is the great-uncle of Rosalynn Carter, wife of former President Carter. His epitaph reads:
"To the Memory of W.S. Wise. Born in Edgefield, South Carolina, Oct 13, 1833. Died in Santa Barbara, Brazil, April 14, 1877."
An inscription on another tombstone captures the defiance of those who came to Brazil:
"Roberto Stell Steagaii — Once a Rebel, Twice a Rebel and Forever a Rebel. Born Sept 1899. Died Jan. 1985."
SteagalTs paternal grandfather, Henry Farrar Steagall, was a Texan who served in Gen. Robert E. Lee's, army and arrived in Brazil in 1866.'

"Wherever our ancestors settled, they were warmly welcomed, except at the local cemetery," said Judith MacKnight Jones, 75, the community's unofficial historian. She is one of the few who speaks English, complete with a drawl
"They were not allowed to bury their dead in the Roman Catholic cemeteries because they were all Protestants, so they built this one, which also serves as a monmument to our heritage," Jones said, pointing to a concrete obelisk with four Confederate flags engraved on it
Sitting at a picnic table watching the square dance was Sydney Mills, a large man in a cowboy hat, boots and leather vest, who carried a riding crop. Mills, 73, is nicknamed "The Texan."
"I've been dressing like this for more than 36 years as a way to pay homage to my Confederate ancestors," Mills said in Portuguese. His grandfather, William Thatcher Mills, came from Dallas in 1866 to plant cotton in Santa Barbara D'Oeste.
Like Mills, most of the descendants know little of their family histories.
About 3,500 Southerners arrived between 1866 and 1890 to settle this southeastern region, where the climate and soil are similar to the southeastern United States. They introduced cotton, the metal plow and the sewing machine.
Many settlers could not adapt Nearly 3,000 returned to the United States by the turn of the century, Jones said.

Most of the immigrants eventually moved to Americana, which grew up around the region's first railroad station, built in 1875. The city now is known for textile mills.
Today, Jones said, ho more than 300 of the people living in or near this city of 160,000 can trace their ancestry directly to Confederate immigrants.
The total number of descendants in Brazil is difficult to gauge, Some probably are ttnaware of their Confederate ancestry, others went elsewhere and there is no record of their numbers.
In 1967, Jones chronicled the Confederate immigration in the book "Soldier Rest, A North American Epic Under Brazilian Skies." She wrote it in Portuguese, but hopes for an English translation.
Most of the Civil War exiles were plantation owners, she said, but the group included teachers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and adventurers.
"They came from all over the South: Alabama, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and Mississippi," she said. "They all felt conditions under Reconstruction would be unbearable, so they decided to leave the old South and head for Brazil"
The first immigrants arrived in 1866, drawn by reports from American Protestant missionaries and the Brazilian government that their knowledge of cotton farming was needed.
Another attraction was the abundant slave labor available ii. Brazil, Jones said. Slavery was not abolished in Brazil until 1888.
Besides the yearly picnic, about 60 descendants meet every three months to keep in touch and exchange information on ancestors.

- Alburquerque Journal, January 3, 1991

(Ed. Mote: I don't know that any Presleys went to Brazil, but perhaps there were some Presley relatives who did. In any case, I thought that this article was so interesting -- an unknown bit of history, at least to me -- that I wanted to share it.)

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abstracted by Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, CGL, FUGA

Certified that Mrs. Mary Brewer, the sister of Silas and James Ray and formerly of Abbeville District, South Carolina was regularly admitted into the Lunatic Asylum of South Carolina on 28 May 1850 and continues to. remain. She was examined and continued to be detained as "being of unsound mind." 4 June 1859 [Exhibit Aj.

Levi Pressly, a citizen of Louisiana, parish of DeSota petitioned the court in Abbeville stating that his mother, Mary Brewer, in 1850 was sent to the lunatic asylum of South Carolina and has been an inmate since that time. Until very recently, the petitioner believed his mother was dead and became aware of her existence under the following circumstances:

One James Ray, brother of your petitioner's unfortunate mother about 1843 died in the state of Texas without dependents or any nearer kin than brothers and sisters whose names follow: Silas Ray, Jane Ray, Nancy McClelland, Sarah Weems and the said Mary Brewer. The estate consisted almost entirely of wild lands scattered throughout the state and some cattle --some sixty or seventy head. Sarah Weems administered the estate and since her death, the estate is in the hands of her son, William Z. Weems, who claims the whole of it.

In the spring of 1858, the petitioner representing his suffered mother's one-fifth and in behalf of the other heirs instituted suit in Brazoria County, Texas against the said William Z. Weems. To his surprise, the objection was made that his mother was alive and was a necessary party to the proceedings.

The petitioner has traveled to visit his afflicted mother and wants to obtain proper authority to represent her rights in the estate which amount to about $500.00. 9 June 1859. The petition was granted by Win. H. Parker, 12 June 1859.

abstracted by Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, CGL, FUGA

Calvin and Jane Pressly, his wife vs. John McComb, Executor of the last will and testament of Andrew Taylor. Suit to recover $302.48.

Petition quoted part of the will which stated: "and all the memainder of my property not above willed I allow that as soon as convenient after my deceased to be sold at public sale and ^ of the money paid to my grand daughter Jane Anderson as soon as becomes of age and out of the remaining half, I allow to be paid to my grand daughter Susan Sims $28.00 and to my grand daughter Polly

Page 42

Anderson $10.00...
John McComb responded that Andrew Taylor departed this life sometime in 1818 and that he and his father Andrew McComb qualified as Executors. He agreed that a certain amount was to be paid to Jane Anderson, but he did not know that she had become of age, neither did he have any knowledge of her marriage to Calvin Pressly and that Calvin was not a resident of this state. He admitted that in 1826, Calvin Pressly did apply to him to account for the settlement, but he was not of age. He also stated that Andrev; Taylor's widow x\/as still living and needy as well as several other grand children. 28 February 1829.

A further petition stated that Jane became of age in July 1824 and Jane and Calvin were married in October 1825. The claim was allowed by the court.

With any luck this should be the last issue to be so tardy in reaching you. I've already started working on the March issue, so if you have any queries or other material you want to be included, send it along right away. Thank you all for your patience and for your expressions of sympathy over the last few months.