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Published by the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association

VOLUME VI      NO. 4                                          June 1991                                        Page sixty-seven


(Ed. Note: The main purpose of a genealogical or family newsletter is to provide a means for readers to exchange or share information of mutual interest. An essential feature of such a publication must be the Query section, whereby researchers who may be working on the same, or close, family lines may make contact with each other.

The way a query is phrased or worded may make all the difference in whether or not one receives a reply. Unless a surname is relatively unusual, I don't answer queries, as one frequently sees, that just indicate an interest in the "Smith" family, for example. Otherwise well-written queries on a Presley family are sometimes submitted without a single place or date included, leaving the reader wondering in what state and in what century the family resided. Unless a reader is intimately acquainted with the indicated family, he or she may not recognize that information onthe family may very well be somewhere in his files.

A well-written query should be as specific as possible — ask a specific question. It should include as much identifying information, dates, places, given names, etc. as you have. Be concise, but remember that in our Newsletter we try to include longer queries when possible, because we feel that specific data on children, etc. in a query is valuable information we want to share with our readers.

With luck, a well-written query may elicit a significant reply, but if not, don't be discouraged. Someone may see your query in an old issue several years from now and take pen in hand. It has happened to me. Also, don't forget that you can submit another query in a future issue, perhaps with new information, or perhaps worded differently, or perhaps on a closely related line, that will produce a response. Perhaps it will be in the first issue seen by a new reader or member. )

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THE PRESLEY/PRESLAR/PRESSLY NEWSLETTER is a quarterly publication of the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association and is distributed to members and to selected genealogical libraries, President is Lillian L. Stumpp, address withheld. Vice-president is Betty Bostick, address withheld. Treasurer is E.L. Singleton, address withheld.

Queries and items for publication should be sent to the Editor, Edwin C. Dunn, address withheld. They will be included in the Newsletter at no cost as space permits. Back issues of the Newsletter may be ordered from the Editor at $1.50 each (only three issues were in volume one).

Applications, checks, and renewals for membership should be sent to the Secretary, Carol Hicks, address withheld. Applications should be accompanied by family group sheets for the Presley (etc.) family line. Dues are $12 per year; associate membership (spouses) dues $5 per year, payable on July 1st. New members receive all back issues for the current membership year. Dues received after Fterch 1st will be applied to the following year beginning on July 1st.

Inquiries concerning material in the Association archive should be addressed to the Research Director, James E. Anderson, address withheld. They should be accompanied by two first-class postage stamps.


It's that time of'year again (it comes so often 1) when renewal of dues is necessary. It has turned out to have been a good year for our Association. With some late renewals last year and a number of new members this Spring we have maintained the size of our organization. We only lost a very few members as a result of the increase in dues, and the increase covered the raise in postal rates which came this year.

Your editor and your president, Lillian Stumpp, were fortunate enough to have met personally on two occasions this year in Salt Lake City and Albuquerque to discuss genealogy and plans for the future of our Association. It was very encouraging.

Vikki Lyn Cleveland of Salem, IL, a new member, has agreed to be the Association's representative for the Presley family of Northumberland Co, VA. She will be learning along with the rest of us about this family and its descendants, and all queries, letters, and information on the Virginia Presleys will be sent .to her for coordination, organization, and replies.

(continued on page sixty-nine)

- The Albuquerque Tribune, 31 Oct. 1989

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QUERIES (continued):

Ch(CPT) Dan Franklin

I would like to exchange information with anyone who might be researching the following Pressley family:
Levi Pressley, b. abt. 1830 N.C.; m. 26 June 1859 RAnkin Co., MS, Emily Renfrew, b. abt. 1838 MS; d. 1929 Cleveland, Liberty Co., TX. They had:
1) Peter Pressley, b. 1860 MS , 2) Andrew Pressley, b. Aug. 1860; d. 1932 Liberty Co., TX; m. Mary E. _______
3) Mary Jane Pressley, b. 25 Mar. 1864 MS; m. 9 Jan. 1881 Rankin Co., MS, Elbert Hillard Carson
4) Samuel Levi Pressley, b. 12 Apr. 1862 MS; d. 5 Feb. 1946 TX; m. 7 Jan. 1892 Mary Virginia Billingsly.
Levi Pressley is listed in the 1880 census of Madison Co., MS, in which his father's birthplace is given as Ireland. In the household is a cousin, Josie Moore, age 6. Samuel Presley is in the 1900 census of Montgomery Co., TX, and the children of Mary Jane Pressley are listed in his household. Elbert Hillard Carson is in the 1900 census of Polk Co., TX, with another wife. I am a descendant of Mary Jane (Presley) & Elbert Hillard Carson.

Mary Ann Creason Rohde

Seek information on the families and parents of Alonzo Presley, b. ca. 1851 GA; fa. ? Presley may have died prior to 1860; mo. Nancy ? , b. ca. 1824 GA. Also seek info, on Burket Renfro/Renfrow, b. ca. 1814 N.C.; wife Nancy ? , b. ca. 1822 GA; dau. Eliza Renfro/Renfrow, m. Alonzo Presley ca. 1879 GA. Also seek info, on any Creason/Creson/Cresson.

Robert L. Downen

Seeking information about Sarah Pressley, b. ca. 1760 's. Married Levi House at Fort Harrcd, KY (now Harrodsburg) ca. 1783. Relocated to Indiana by 1807. She was the mother of 10 children all b. in KY, and d. aft. 1820 in Jefferson or Ripley Cos., KY. Levi House, b. 1755 PA.

Vikki Lyn Cleveland

Interested in exchanging info, on Presley line in VA in late 1600's. I am 7th great granddau. of Peter Presley, Esq. of Northumberland Co., b. ca. 1630 to William & Jane Newman Presley. He was m. in Northumberland Co. ca. 1661 to Elizabeth Thompson, dau. Richard & Ursula Byshe Thompson. Their children were:
1) Jane, b. ca. 1670; m. 1691 Thomas Hobson
2) Ursula, b. ca. 1673; m. 1st ca. 1694 Daniel Neale; m. 2nd Wharton Ransdell

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Vikki Lyn Cleveland

3) Mildren "Milly", b. 1675; m. ca. 1696 Alexander Cleveland; d. 1770 Orange Co., VA
4) Peter Jr., b. ca. 1679; m. ca. 1700 Winifred Griffin; d. 1750, killed by servants.

The dau. of Peter & Winifred Griffin Presley, who was named Winifred Presley, m. Anthony Thornton, whose mother was an aunt to George Washington. Alexander & Milly Presley Cleveland were my 6th great grandparents.

Donald Sullivan

Looking for ancestral roots of Elizabeth Presley, b. 22 Mar. 1793 in KY and d. 10 Sept. 1838 in Delaware Co., Ohio. She m. Simpson Said in abt, 1810 in KY and then Jonathan Burroughs on 1 June 1822 in Union Co., Ohio. She had three children by Said and three by Burroughs.

Milton M. Pressley

Desire to identify ancestors of William Ardrey Pressley, b. 30 Jan. 1816 Abbeville Co., S.C.; m. 9 Aug. 1838 to Arabella G. Harden, b. 5 Feb. 1823. Children:
1) Alexander R. Pressley, b. 18 May 1839 prob. S.C., d. 10 Feb. 1912, m. 13 May 1863 to Palmira Hutchinson
2) Chalmers J. Pressley, b. 18 Sept. 1840, d. 30 Dec. 1840
3) Mary L. Pressley, b. ca. 1842, m. J.M. Carlisle
4) Rebecca R. Pressley, b. 9 Apr. 1845 prob. S.C., m. 9 Apr. 1861 to E.F. Hutchison
5) William Calvin Pressley, b. 19 Oct. 1847, m. 1st Annie Latemer, m. 2nd aft. 1869 Emma Young
6) James W. Pressley, b. 27 Feb. 1850, m. 9 Dec. 1874 to Margaret White
7) Susan C.W. Pressley, b. 20 Nov. 1850 prob. S.C., m. 9 Dec. 1874 Edward Smith
8) Jane E. Pressley, b. 13 Mar. 1852 prob. S.C., m. 1st 12 Jan. 1876 G.W. Black, m. 2nd J.P. Fowler
9) Martha Pressley, b. 28 Mar. 1857 prob. S.C.
10) Henry Mohr Pressley, b. ca. 1858 prob. S.C.

Donna RIcchiuti

I would like information on the two Priestly families listed on the 1840 Benton Co., MO census. In 1835 Martha Priestly married Clemiel Davis in Warsaw and resided in southwest Missouri. Was she the daughter of Samuel Priestly?

Patricia Justesen

The following family is listed in the 1860 Pickens Co., S.C. census:

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Patricia Justesen

p. 13. 182/182  Elizabeth Presley   65 M W	SC
                Evaline	"	    40 F W	SC
                Harriett "	    20 F W	SC
                Malachi	"	    18 M W	SC
                John "	            15 M W	SC
                Nathaniel "	    13 M W	SC
                Zachariah "	     8 M W	SC

Zachariah is my grandfather, and I am trying to find out more about his parents. Evaline was his mother, and David Pressley was listed as his father on some church records which I found. Elizabeth would be his grandmother. I need help in finding out more about this Pressley family. Can anyone help?

Lana C. HItchcock

Searching for parents of James William Fresley, my great grandfather, b. 1871 in McMinn Co., TN, m. Polly Anna Burton. He Came to OK in 1909. My mother n thinks he had brothers named George and/or Oscar. My grandfather, who was nine when he came to Oklahoma, refused to talk about the family in Tennessee, but his brothers say they were part Cherokee, which my grandfather denied. A distant cousin said that great grandmother Burton was Cherokee.

Lorene Fort

Need information on the children of John C. Presley and Susan Jane Skinner. They are:
1) Eliza J., b. ca. 1878 MO
2) Julia A., b. Dec. 1879 or Jan. 1880 MO
3) James Frank, b. Oct. 1882 MO, m. ca. 1905 to Mary White
4) Charles H. , b. Mar. 1887 MO
5) Elizabeth Mollie, b. June 1890 MO
6) Alice Mary, b. Oct. 1892 MO
7) Onie Lee, b. June 1895 MO, m. __ Scott
8) Josie Alien, b. Jan. 1900 OK, m. __ Terrill

Do the following represent additional children, or nicknames of the above children:
1) Dollie, b. ca. 1870, m. ___ Fillocoff
2) William
3) Max
4) Johnnie
5) Robert
6) Dora
7) Emma
8) Annie twin
9) Minnie twin b. aft. 1910

Robert T. Presley

I am seeking information on my great grandfather, William Davis Pressly, and his family. My father feels sure that W.D.'s father was named Harvey S. Presley. I have located a Harvey S. Presley in the Confederate Army records. This Harvey was born in Franklin Co., Ga. Mar. 11, 1830, but I have not

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Robert T. Presley

been able to find him in any census records to reference him to W.D. Pressly. My records state that W.D. Pressly was born in Jackson Co., Ga., but I have been unable to verify this by census, church, or military records. His family group is as follows:
William Davis Pressly, b. 8/6/1861 Jackson Co., Ga., d. 4/11/1945 Jackson Co., Ga., m. 9/5/1882 Hall Co., Ga. to Rachel A. Barrett, b. 12/24/1867 Abbeville Co., S.C., d. 7/10/1953 Jackson Co., Ga. (m. 2/23/1946 Hampton Bryant). Children:
1) Wiley Pressly, b. Jan. 1888.
2) Charlie Pressly, b. June 1890, d. 1910? (killed by lightning).
3) Norma Pressly, d. as infant.
4) Edward Pressly, b. 9/3/1894 Jackson Co., Ga., d. 11/11/1948 Jackson Co., Ga.
5) Howard "Spencer" Pressly, b. 1/1/1895 Jackson Co., Ga. Was married seven times.
6) Winborn "Wilburn" Presley 3r., b. 12/20/1898 uackson Co., Ga., d. 7/3/1974 Gainesville, Ga., m. 3/10/1918 New Holland, Hall Co., Ga., to Ruth McDonald (my grandparents).
7) William David Pressly, b. 8/4/1903 Jackson Co., Ga.
8) Leon Grady Pressly, b. 9/25/1908 Jackson Co., Ga., d. 8/17/1971 Jackson Co., Ga.

(Ed. Note: Confederate military service records for Harvey Presley, pvt., Company D., 27th Ga. Inf., are in the National Archives. Harvey S. Pressly, Company D, 27th Ga. Regt., of Hall Co., Ga., also received a pension for his military service from the State of Georgia. Request copy of the latter records from Confederate Pension & Record Dept., State Capitol, Atlanta, Ga. )

We continue to employ the services of Lilla Licht, our researcher in Washington, D.C., at the National Archives. She sends us a report twice a year. As editor of a family newsletter herself, she is acutely aware of our needs, and is even looking forward to possible future projects in the Archives and other D.C. depositories when the present project is completed.

In similar fashion, we have commissioned a professional genealogical researcher in Salt Lake City to search out Presley (and all its variants, of course) records from a wide variety of sources geographically. She will be concentrating on indexes, lists, etc. which will be most likely to provide quick and abundant clues to members for their continued research. We'll be getting biannual reports from her, and hopefully you'll soon be seeing the results of these efforts in the Newsletter.

So, you can see that there is plenty to which to look forward, and good reason to renew your membership. We need everyone's support in order to carry forward with our plans.

Now, DON'T FORGET TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP 1 Mail the enclosed renewal form, and your check, right away before you get started on your vacation and your other summer activities.

As for your editor, I'm looking forward to combining the two things—-some mountain camping, another trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and a late summer trip to the Carolinas to visit with relatives.

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1860 Census

(Ed Note: Data from the 1890 census is given as follows: Page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/value of personal property, birthplace.)

138 187/187  Emily Presley     15 F M                      VA
291 298/294  Jane M. Presley   12 F W                      VA
                 living with Eden & Eliz. Lee

753 756/756  George Presler    36 M W Farmer          Bavaria
             Barbara "         36 F W                 Bavaria
             George "           6 M W                      OH
             Jacob "            4 M W                      OH
             Hanah "            1 F W                      KY
             Caroline Larnet(?) 8 F W                      KY

223 443/443  David W. Presley  22 M W Farmer        /200   TN
             Wiley J. "        22 F W                      TN
             Mary E. "          1 F W                      KY

515  73/73   H.M. Presley      26 M W Farmer   1000/150    TN
             M.J. "            21 F W                      NC
             John "            12 M W                      TN
             Nancy A. "         7 F W                      TN
             Jas. M. "          5 M W                      TN
             A.C. "             3 F W                      TN
             Wm. S. "           2 M W                      TN
             C.H. "          1/12 M W                      KY
             Henry Worley      25 M W Farmer               TN
             Ann "             25 F W                      NC
             M.J. "             8 F W                      TN
             H.Mc. "            5 M W                      TN
             Wm. B. "           3 M W                      TN
             T.L.               2 M W                      TN    
512  56/56    Sarah Presley     21 F W Laborer              VA
              Elijah "           2 M W                      TN
              living with Elijah & S.J. Roach

962 1454/1454 John Presley      67 M W Farmer         /150  SC
              Mary A. "         47 F W                      VA
              Henry "           18 M W Farm Laborer         KY
              Thomas "          15 M W Farm Laborer         KY
              John "            13 M W                      KY
              Clenten? "        10 M W                      KY
              Augustus "         3 M W                      KY
              John W.           13 M W                      KY
              Sarah F. "         3 F W                      KY

308  78/78    Isaac Presley     22 M W Farmer               TN
              sylvania "        17 F W                      TN

307 1008/1102 William Presley   69 M W Farmer         /200  SC
              Mahala "          41 F W                      TN
              David A. "        22 M W Farmer               TN
              John R.H.? "      18 M W Farmer               TN
              George "          17 M W                      TN
              Hugh Cuningham     ? M W                      KY
              Mary "            14 F W                      TN
              Caroline "        11 F W                      TN
              Elizabeth "        8 F W                      TN

620 1103/1097 W.R. Presley      26 M W Farmer           /40 TN
              Sarah "           27 F W                      KY
              William "          ? M W                      KY

623  413/417  Henry Presley     26 M W Farmer      800/700  TN
              Sarah "           29 F W                      SC
              Rachael "          7 F W                      KY
              John W. "          6 M W                      KY
              Sarah E. "         5 F W                      KY
              Charles "          3 M W                      KY
              Martha "           1 F W                      KY

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715 104/93  Thos. McSpadden   33 M   Farmer     2500/        TN
            Elizabeth "       23 F                           MO
            Charlotte C. "     6 F                           MO
            Mary E.J. "        4 F                           MO
            Sarah E. "         2 F                           MO
            Wm. B. "        1/12 M                           MO
            James Presley     23 M   Farm Laborer  /300      TN

853 980/940 James Presley     17 M   Serving                 IL

320 165/150 Lewis Presley     40 M W Farmer/Blacksmith 1600/ MO
            Sarah J. "        30 F W                     500 KY
            Henry "           12 M W                         MO
            Elizabeth A. "     8 F W                         MO
            John L. "          5 M W                         MO
            Sarah J. "         4 F W                         MO
            Leonard "          2 M W                         MO
            Infant "        2/12 M W                         MO

351 384/352 Mrs. Mary Presley 40 F W Farmer    1500/160      KY
            Margarette "      22 F W                         MO
            James "           19 M W Farmer                  MO
            Peter "           13 M W                         MO

352 392/360 Mrs.HannahPresley 50 F W Farmer    1500/330      KY
            Reuben "          28 M W                         MO
            Arena "           15 F W                         MO
            Mary M. "         11 F W                         MO
            Daniel Maden      20 M W Farmer     500/200      MO

353 402/370 James Trail       68 M W Farmer    3400/995      -
            Philip Presley    31 M W Farmer     400/322      MO
            George W. "        4 M W                         MO
            Jno. R. "          2 M W                         MO

356 421/386 David K. Presley  25 M W Farmer     400/200      MO
            Emily C. "        20 F W                         MO
            Sarah A. "         2 F W                         MO    
356 422/387   McKinsey Presley 30 M W Farmer        /150     MO
              Margaretta E. "  40 F W                        KY
              Wm. J. "          8 M W                        MO
              Thos. B. "        7 M W                        MO
              George R. "       5 M W                        MO
              Jacob T. "     9/12 M W                        MO

356 425/390   Mary Presley     11 F W                        MO
               living with Hardin & Fernella Holcomb

493 1509/1363 Jacob Presley    13 M W                        MO
               living with David & Virginia Gilliland

562 1928/1784 David Presley    16 M W                        MO
               living with John & Elizabeth Gilmore

555 1821/1719 Charles Presley  24 M W Farmer    200/100      MO

356 423/388   Clarissa Harold  48 F   Farmer   1760/550      KY
              Wm.F. Presley    16 M                          MO
              Sarah C. "       14 F                          MO
              Richard O. "     30 M   Farmer                 MO
              Sarah A. "       18 F                          TN
              Ja. W. "          4 M                          IL
              Louisa J. "    8/12 F                          IL

776 474/474   Enoch Presley    35 M   Shoe Maker             TN
              Margaret "       30 F                          TN
              Rebecca "        14 F                          TN
              Martha "         11 F                          TN
              Rose "            9 F                          TN
              Orlena "          5 F                          TN
              Enoch C. "        2 M                          TN

752 1433/1417 Allen A. Venable 21 M   Farmer          /1800  MO
              Margaret E. "    18 F                          MO
              Milton Presley   19 M   Farm Laborer           MO

218 1115/1507 Julia Presley    60 F   Washerwoman 3000/50 Baden
              Teresa "         28 F   Washerwoman         Baden
              Mary "           26 F   Washerwoman            MO
              Charles Rhem     30 M   Confectioner      Germany
              Catharine "      22 F                     Bavaria
              Augustus "        1 M                          MO

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95  695/661  Robert McLean    37 M   Farmer          /300  KY
             Rebecca "        26 F                         TN
             James E. "        6 M                         KY
             Martha F. "       4 F                         KY
             Thomas J. "       3 M                         KY
             William J. "      1 M                         MO
             Archibald Craig  30 M   Farm Laborer   /100   KY
             Josiah Presley   25 M   Farm Laborer          TN
             Mary A. "        24 F                        UNK

401   3/3    Evans Presley    37 M W Farmer       180/1500 AL
             Mary R. "        38 F W                       AL
             Sarah T. "       16 F W                       AL
             James H. "       14 M W                       AL
             Anthony S. "     13 M W                       AL
             Harry H. "       11 M W                       AL
             Mary R. "         4 F W                       -

120 208 199  Peter A. Presley 50 M W Agent & Farmer 500    OH

668 101/101  P.W. Presley     35 M W Farmer           /100 AL
             Ma??nda "        26 F W                       AL
             Sarah "           9 F W                       AL
             Rosetta "         5 F W                       AL
             John "            1 M W                       FL
             Willm. Bryan     30 M W Laborer               NC

711 143/143  William A. Presley 21 M W Idiot               AL    
731 284/284 Holden Prisley  34 M W         150/25      AL
            Martha Ann "    30 F W                     AL
            Elbert "        13 M W                     AL
            Catharine "     11 F W                     AL
            Amanda "         7 F W                     AL
            Mary "           6 F W                     AL
            James R. "       4 M W                     FL
            John R. "        2 M W                     FL
            Andrew "         9 M W                     AL


"According to the most carefully reasoned estimates, between sixty-nine billion and a hundred and ten billion people have lived since the appearance of human beings. ...[T]he final tally is significantly affected by when one decides to begin the curve. Most historical demographers ... begin their curves a million years ago. Creationists, who start the human race ... six thousand years ago ... come up with a considerably lower figure for the total number of people ever- -fifty-one billion."

"...[!]£ you kept multiplying by two the progenitors of a person born today- -doubling his parents, their parents, etc.--the person would have (based on an average generation length of twenty-five years) something like two hundred and eighty-one trillion forebears alive at the time of Charlemagne. Obviously, there were nowhere near that many people around in 800 A.D., or at any other time."

-THE NEW YORKER, May 13, 1985, "A Reporter at Large. The Mountain of Names" by Alex Shoumatoff.

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Presley, Wyley C.- Co. G., 3 Arkansas Cav.; Pv't-Pv't.
Presbrey, Edward M.- Co. A., 13 CT Inf.; Pv't-Pv't
Presbry, Edward M - same as above.
Presby, Solon M - Co. G., 1 CT Cav.; Pv't-Pv't
Prisley, Philo - Co.—- ; 1 CT Cav; (n.rank shown)
Bressler, Mahlon H -Co. E, 1DC Inf; Pv't-Corp
Presler , Samuel A -Co. K, 2DC Inf; Pv't-Pv't
Priesler. Samuel A -Co. K, 2DC Inf; Pv't -Pv't.
Priestley, William R - Co. A,D,& F, 1DC Inf; 5Sgt-2Lt
Priestley, William R - Co. D , 2DC Inf; 2Lt-2Lt
Bressler, Isaac N - Co D, 88 IL Inf; Pv't-Corp.
Bresler, Matthias - Co H, 7 IL Cav.; Pv't-Corp
Bresler, Washington - Co A, 57 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't O.F.Under Brestler, Washington L
Bressler, Charles - Co H,G, F & S; 43 IL Inf.; Pv't-Lt
Bressler, Mathias - Co. H, 7 IL Cav.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.Under Bresler, Mathias
Breszler, Charles - Co. H G F & S; 43 IL Inf.; Pv't-Lt. O.F.U. Bressler, Charles
Presley, James M- Co G, 56 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Pressley, James M
Presley, Lavi - Co. E, 65 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't
Presley, Mayberry H - Co. D, 143 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't
Presley, Robert - Co. H, 22 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't; See also 42 IL Inf.
Presley, Robert, Co. I, 42 IL Inf; Pv't-Pv't; See also 22 IL Inf.
Presley, Robert or Robert H- Co D, 6 IL Cav.; Pv't-Pv't
Presly, James M - Co. G, 56 IL Inf; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Pressley, James M.
Presly, Robert - Co. D, 6 IL Cav.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Presley, Robert or Robert H.
Pressler, Peter - Co. H, 103 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't; See also 40 IL Inf.
Pressley, Harvey M - Co. K, 142 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't
Pressley, Henry K - Co. F, 17 IL Inf; Corp-Pv't
Pressley, James M -Co G, 56 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't
Pressley, Reuben L - Co. H, 22 IL Inf.; Pv't -Pv't
Pressley, Robert - Co H, 22 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Presley, Robert

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ILLINOIS (Continued)
Pressley, William - Co. L, 13 IL Cav.; Pv't -Pv't
Pressly, Henry K - Co F, 17 IL Inf.; Corp-Pv't; O.F.U. Pressley, Henry K
Pressly, James M - Co. G, 56 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Pressley, James M
Pressly, Reuben L - Co H, 22 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Pressley, Reuben L.
Pressly, Robert - Co H, 22 IL Inf.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Presley, Robert
Priestley, George- Co F, 47 IL Inf; Corp-Pv't; O.F.U. Priestly, George
Priestly, George - Co. F, 47 IL Inf.; Corp-Pv't; See also Invalid Corps
Prisler, Peter - Batt'y A, 2 IL Light Art'y; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Preisler, Peter
Breslar, Franklin - Co A, 1 IN Cav.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Bressler, Franklin
Bresler, Daniel H - Co G F, 10 IN Inf.; Pv't- Pv't
Bresler, Daniel G - Co A D, 156 IN Inf.; Pv't-Pv't
Bresler, Franklin - Co. A, 1 IN Cav.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Bressler, Franklin
Bresler, George - Co. K, 88 IN Inf.; Corp-Corp; O.F.U. Bressler, George
Bresler, Henry - Co I, 144 IN Inf.; Pv't- Pv't; O.F.U. Bressler, Henry
Bresler, Nathan - Co. G, 57 IN Inf.; Pv't-Pv't; O.F.U. Bressler, Nathan
Bresler, William H - Co. G, 68 IN Inf.; Pv't- Pv't
Presler, Albert - Co F, 11 IN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt
Presler, Daniel - Co K, 88 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; See Also V.R.C.
Presler, Henry C - Co E, 17 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressler, Henry C. Presler, Jacob - Co H, 88 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressler, Jacob
Presler, James K.P. - Co B, 153 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressler, James K.P.
Presler, John - Co —, 37 IN Inf; - - -; See Also 87 IN Inf.
Presler, John - Cc K, 42 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressler, John
Presler, John - Co K - 87 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Presler, William V - Co I, 130 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Presley, Albert - Co G F, 11 IN Inf; Sergt-Sergt
Presley, Bryant R - Co D, Permanent Party (Garrison Guard) IN; Pvt-Pvt
Presley, Bryant R - CO——, 22 IN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt
Presley, Charles - Co D, 142 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Presley, Isaac N - Co H , 18 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Presley, Joseph - Co F, 53 IN Inf; Pvt - Pvt
Presley, Robert - Co C, 25 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressley, Robert
Presley, William - Co L G, 6 IN Cav; Pvt-Pvt.
Presly, Charles - Co D, 142 IN Inf; Pct-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley Charles

Page 78

INDIANA (Continued)
Presly, James A - Co A, 79 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressley, James or James A
Presly, Joseph - Co F, 53 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley, Joseph
Pressey, Charles 0 - Co I, 9 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressey, John - Co E, 51 IN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt
Pressey, Peter - Co D, 51 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressler, Albert - Co F, 11 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presler, Albert
Pressler, Daniel - Co K, 88 IN Inf; Pvt-Corp; O.F.U. Presler, Daniel
Pressler, Henry C - Co. E, 17 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressler, Jacob - Co H, 88 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressler, James K.P. - Co B, 153 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressler, John - Co K, 42 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; See also 87 IN Inf.
Pressler, Co K, 87 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O^F.U. Presler, John
Pressler, Joseph A - Co C, 11 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressler, Joesph S
Pressler, Joseph S - Co C, 11 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt;
Pressler, Joseph D - Co E, 183 IN Inf; Pct-Pvt
Pressley, Isaac N, Co H, 18 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley, Isaac N.
Pressley, James or James A - Co A, 79 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressley, John T - Co F, 40 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressley, Robert - Co C, 25 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressly, James - Co ——; 49 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt
Pressly, James A - Co A, 79 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressley, James or James A
Pressly, John F - Co F, 40 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressley, John F.
Pressly, William - Co L, G; 6 IN Cav.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley, William
Priessler, Joseph S - Co C, 11 IN Inf; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressler, Joseph S

(Ed. Note: Copies of these service records may be obtained from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. OFU = original filed under.)

"Contrary to widely held belief... inbreeding has had nothing , to do with the 'royal hemophilia' that has so far afflicted nine male descendants of Queen Victoria, including the Czarevitch Alexis Romanoff and an uncle of the present King of Spain, the Prince of Asturias, who hemorrhaged to death after a car accident in 1938. The disorder sprang from a genetic mutation that is believed to have occurred in the X chromosome of Queen Victoria's father, Edward, the Duke of Kent; it was inherited by one of her four sons and by two of .her four daughters. The execution of Czar Nicholas and his family and the untimely death of two afflicted Prussian princes have terminated Victoria's Hesse line, but the mutant gene may still be carried by some of her English and Spanish female descendants."

THE NEW YORKER, May 13, 1985, "A Reporter at Large. The Mountain of Names " by Alex Shoumatoff.

Page 79


Regarding your Vol. VI, No. 2 (Dec. 1990), page 35, "Carole Presley letter"--Virginia Applachian Notes [Va], vol. 13, no. 1 (Feb. 1989, I am that Carole Presley and have been researching my own family for about 15 years. They were from S.W. Virginia, and while doing this research, I have noted many Presley items, some of which I have put into a notebook. We have not done much research on my husband's family, the Presleys, but we intend to start, and we will try to get some news to you about what little we do know about the family. They were from Madison County, Tenn.

Carole Akers Presley

(Ed. Note: Other items in the list on page 35 of the Dec. 1990 issue that we have received, include: "Pusley Genealogy, OK"; "Preslar Family of Anson Co., N.C."; "Alonzo Judson Pursley obit., d, 1914, SC"'; "Joseph Priestley (Rev.) biography, Eng., Pa."; "J.T. Presley Bible, 1836-1909"; "Levi Presley Bible, 1835-1906, KY"; "Presley family notes, 1870s, Tate Co., MS".)

The article on Dixie descendants in Brazil was very interesting to me as I am related to some of the group in the migration. My mother is related to the Wise family and my Dad to the McFadden, my husband to the Fergusons. Betty [Antunes de Oliveira] is one of our members, and we are proud of her work there in compiling the book on the cemetery, pictures and all.

Jean Nichols

(Ed. Note: Jean is editor of the Chester District Genealogical Society Bulletin, and the book to which she refers is entitled North American Immigration to Brazil. Tombstone Records of the "Campo" Cemetery, published in 1978. Jean reported in The Bulletin about the recent visit of Mrs. Betty Antunes de Oliveira to Chester Co., S.C., to trace her ancestors, the Thomases and Fergusons.) Concerning the calling of people by their first names, I'm for it. Having gone to Swarthmore, a Quaker school, where only the familiar of address was used, and appreciating therefore being part of the "brotherhood", I feel very good when someone calls me Betty, and I feel very much put aside with Mrs. Bunting. I also remember the very early taufscheine (birth certificates) of the pastors to the colonies. They did a bit of moonlighting by drawing up taufscheine for those that could afford them. The use of first names was all important, because that name given in baptism was often the individual's only identity before

Page 80

God. These taufscheine were so revered that often they went into the coffin with the deceased - kind of a passport indentification before God. These first names are inscribed 4 j in fraktur and about four times as big as the place and date ^, J-r so inscribed. My first name is my identity. I don't mean to i "beat your ear" - just to tell you to please keep calling me ; Betty. It makes me feel g-o-o-o-o-o-dl

Elizabeth B.Bunting

(Ed. Note: OK, BETTY! I'll remember that Mrs. Bunting is your mother-in-law!)


My father, Coleman C. Thompson, passed away 10 Dec. 1990. He was born 1 July 1913 at White Flat, OK. He married Naomi A. Presley on 25 Oct. 1935. She is the daughter of Clifton R. & Myrtle Foley Presley. He was buried across the road from where he was born.

My grandmother, Myrtle Foley Presley, passed away 26 Jan. 1991. She was born 30 Jan. 1895 at Lampassass, TX. She married Clifton R. Presley on 6 Aug. 1911. He was the great grandson of Roswell W. Presley of Tate Co., MS, and Chester Co., SC.

-Patsy Baggett,

Q. Is it true Elvis Presley"s mother was Italian and his father was Irish? If not, what nationality was Elvis?--Susan Grace, Quakertown, Pa.

A. Elvis Presley's mother, the former Gladys Smith, told an interviewer she was of English extraction, and her husband, Vernon Presley, said, "The same is true of me." But the most likely truth is that they had no idea from where they came--except that it. was close to Tupelo, Miss. In 1956, Eivis1 father confessed, "I never heard tell of any of my kinfolk coming over from anywhere. I guess it must have been a long way back." Incidentally, the official word out of Graceland, the Presley estate in Memphis, is that Elvis was of Irish descent. The singer himself used to say, "I'm American," and let it go at that.

-Parade Magazine, Apr. 21, 1991

It has taken a while, but Elvis Presley finally has blasted his way through the Bamboo Curtain and into China's record shops. On sale in Beijing after 34 years: "Jailhouse Rock," "All Shook Up" and "Heartbreak Hotel."

-Parade Magazine, May 26, 1991

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Page 82


American Genealogical-Biographical Index, Middletown, Conn. Vols. 18, 140, 141. [Note: Ms.=Mass. in the following]
Ann Mary, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.2, v.8:311
Nickalas, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser. 5, v.7:66
Fetter, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.7:66
Robert, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.7:86
Simon, 175?--Pa--Heads Fams. Pa:38
Albrecht, 175?—Pa--Heads Fams. Pa:38
Nicholas, 175?—Pa--Pa Archives, Ser.5, v.7:80
A. Curton—York Co. Pa., 1886:8:11
C.H.—York Co. Pa., 1886:B:10
C.W.—York Co. Pa., 1886:205
Charles—York Co. Pa., 1886:312; York Co. Pa., 1886:B:11
Charles H.--York Co. Pa., 1886:201
Charles W.—York Co. Pa., 1886:311
Clair Kenneth, 1918—Va--Crandall Fam:661
Clara V.—York Co*, Pa., 1886:B:11
Elizabeth (Darneck)—York Co. Pa., 1886:8:10
Elizabeth—Nye Gen:530
Ella M. (Tanner)—York Co. Pa., 1886:8:11
Emma E.--York Co. Pa., 1886:8:11
George—York Co. Pa., 1886:B:10
George, 175?--Pa--Heads Fams. Pa.:38, 135
George (Bowman)--York Co. Pa., 1886:B:11
Izora, 1895--In--Crandall Fam:536
John, 175?—Pa—Heads Fams. Pa.:39
John T.--York Co. Pa., 1886:8:11
Margaret Claire (Williams), 1920—Va—Crandall Fam:661
Nicholas, 175?--Pa--Heads Fams. Pa:38, 135; Pa. Archives, Ser. 5, v.5:150, 241
Nicholass, 175?--Pa—Pa. Archives, Ser. 5, v.7:92
Oliver—York Co. Pa., 1886:193
Peter, 175?—Pa—Pa. Archives, Ser. 5, v.5:182, 228; v. 7:92
Phil(?), 175?—Pa—Heads Fams. Pa.:38
Sarah A, (Tanner)--York Co. Pa., 1836:8:11
Wilber C.—York Co. Pa., 1886:8:11
Abraham, 175?--NY--Heads Fains. N.Y.:179
John, 175?--NY--Heads Fams. N.Y.:179
Jonathan, 175?—NY—Heads Fams. N.Y.:179
Solomon, 175?—NY—Heads Fams. N.Y.:179
PRESLER -- Henry, 175?--Pa—Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v. 5:437
James Milton, 1829—La—Transcript:7 Mar 1910, 1124
Jonathan, 1752?—NY, Rev War—Pensioners, 1841:91
Mary, 186?--Garrett, of Va:19
Mary Eliza, 1857—Tx—Transcript:7 Mar 1910, 1124; 23 Mar 1910, 1124

Page 83

Mary Gentry (Kavanaugh), 183?--Transcript:7 Mar 1910, 1124
Nicholas, 175?--Pa--Heads Fams. Pa.:87
PRESLEY Abraham, 1757--NH—Heads Fams. N.H.:55
Albert—Cleveland Fam:1677
Andrew, 175?--Tn, Rev. War — Pensioners, 1841:152
Andrew C.--Cleveland Fam:1676
Betty, 1777--NC—N.C.-S.C.MaR:R:223, 239
Charles, 174?--Va--Rev. War Reeds, Va:637
Charles, 1757--NC—Rev. War Reeds, NC:221, 551
Charles W.--Cleveland Fam:1676
Elias, 1757--NC—Heads Fams. N.C.:35
Elinor--Tenney Fam:308
Elizabeth Mary--Cleveland Fam:1676
Emma Eliza--Cleveland Fam:1959
Frederick Eugene--Cleveland Fam:1959
Hannah, 168?--Va--Southern Colonial Fams:395
James, 175?—Ms--Rev. War Reeds. Ms.:12:756
John—Cleveland Fam:1676
John, 174?--NC--Heads Fams. N.C.:37
John, 1767--NC—Heads Fams. N.C. :37
Kenneth--Chute Fam:cclii
Louisa—Cleveland Fam: 1 676-7
Louisa F., 1836--Ga--Harris Co., Ga. Hist:366
Maria—Cleveland Fam:1676
Mary Elizabeth--Cleveland Fam:1677
Matthew--Dewey, Geo:523
Milly—Cleveland Fam:2055-6
Peter, 168?—Va, Capt.--Southern Colonial Fams:395
Richard, 175?—NC—Heads Fams. N.C.:37
Robert Lee, 1944—Ga, d. inf.—Harris Co., Ga. Hist:398
Solomon--Cleveland Fam:1959
Thomas, 174?—NC—Heads Fams. N.C.:37
Thomas, 176?--NC--Heads Fams. N.C.:37
Ursula, 169?—Va—Southern Colonial Fams:90
William, 166?—Va, Col.—Southern Colonial Fams:395
William, 175?—Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.7:655
William, 181?—II—Public Men, 1882:312
Willie S.—Cleveland Fam:1677
Adolph, 187?—NH—Jewett Gen:8317
Adolph, 187?—NH—Wellman Fam:445
Anna Barbara (Raps)--Woodstock Ct. Gen. 4:133
Bessie Gertrude (Skinner), 1872—Jewett Gen.:8317; Wellman Fam.:445
Catherine—Norwich Ct. ViR:967
Christian—Norwich Ct. ViR:987
Dan Corbin—Woodstock Ct. Gen. 4:133
Frank--Woodstock Ct. Gen. 4:133
George, 175?--Pa—Heads Fams. Pa:206
H.C.—Wodstock Ct. Gen. 4:143
Henry, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser. 5, v.5:421
Henry Casper—Woodstock Ct. Gen. 4:133
John Philip—Woodstock Ct. Gen. 4:133

Page 84

Paul Dean—Woodstock Ct. Gen. 4:133
Peter, 175?—Pa—Heads Fams. Pa:138
Ruth E.—Woodstock Ct. Gen. 4:133
Sarah Eunice (Corbin)--Woodstock Ct. Gen. 4:133
____ —va—Transcript:2 Jun 1915, 1628
Andrew A., 1858--In, d. inf.--Johnston Dir:51
David, 175?—SC—Heads Fams. S.C.:60
George, 1829--In--Johnston Dir:51
Iris, 1929--SC--Martin, of S.C.:33
Irvine S., 1856--In—Johnston Dir:51
J.T., 182?--Ga--Harris Co., Ga. Hist.:306
Jane, 175?--SC--Heads Fams., S.C.:60
Jimmy, 194?--SC—Martin, of S.C.:36
Larry, 194?--SC—Martin, of S.C.:36
Margaret (Burts), 1 915--Martin, of S.C.:36
Martha Ora (Johnson), 1 866--Leeper-Drake: 48
Mitchell, 192? — SC—Martin, of S.C.:36
Nancy Logan (Rankin), 1829--Johnston Dir:38, 51
Orie Idalette, 1868 — In—Johnston Dir:51
Robert, 174?—Va--Rev. War Reeds. Va.:637
Samuel, 175?—SC—Heads Fams. S.C.:60
Sarah (Martin), 192?--Martin, of S.C.:36
Talmadge, 1913--SC—Martin, of S.C.:35
William, 175?—SC—Heads Fams. S.C.:60
——— —minister—York Co. Pa., 1886:751
———,181?--SC--N.C.-S.C. MaR:291
———,1837—SC--N.C.-S.C. MaR:223
Bonner Grier, 1880—Mex, SC—McMaster Fam:131
Bonner Grier, 1918—SC, d.y.—McMaster Fam:131
Elizabeth, 1827--SC--N.C.-S.C. MaR:3, 223
Elizabeth, 1916—SC—McMaster Fam:131
Henry Elliott, 1885—Mex,SC,missionary—McMaster Fam:131
Isabella—N.C. Reg. 2:512
Jennie Roseborough, 1910—SC—McMaster Fam:131
John E., 1921—SC—McMaster Fam:131
John Ebenezer, 1883--Mex,SC,physician--McMaster Fam:131
Josephine, 1910—Mex,SC—McMaster Fam:131
Katherine, 1924—Max,SC--McMaster Fam:131
Margaret, 1919—Mex,SC—McMaster Fam:131
Mary (Bradley), 188?—McMaster Fam:131
Mary McMaster, 1916—SC—McMaster Fam:131
Mary (Miller), 188?—McMaster Fam:131
Neil E., 1850—SC,missionary,Mex—McMaster Fam:131
Neil E., 1912—SC—McMaster Fam:131
Rachel E. (Elliott), 184?--McMaster Fam:129
Rachel Elliott, 1849—SC—McMaster Fam:131
Rachel Elliott, 1908—Mex,SC—McMaster Fam:131
Rachel Elliott, 1922—SC,Mex—McMaster Fam:131
Rachel Elliott (Roseborough), 1849—McMaster Fam:131
—--- --(variant spellings)--Rev. War Reeds. Ms. 12:786
Amy, 175?—NC—Heads Fams. N.C.:130

Page 85

Annie, 1872--Tx--Gleason Gen:520
James H.--Chute Fam:69
Jane (Dickey), 185?--Transcript: 14 Mar 1917, 6240
John, 174?--Pa,capt.--Heitman's Officers:453
John, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.2:50; v.5:311
Mary (Goodson), 185?--Gleason Gen:520
Peggy (Foulke), 177?--Pa. Archives, Ser.2, v.8:787
Philip, 175?—Ms,boatswain—Rev. War Reeds. Ms. 12:786
Samuel 3., 185?--Gleason Gen:520
William, 175?--NC—Rev. War Reeds. N.C.:221
William, 177?--Pa—Pa. Archives, Ser.2, v.8:787
———, 175?--Pa,lt.—Pa. Archives, Ser.5:167
Edward, 178?—Md,priv.--Invasion, Md.:409
James, 179?--NJ,War 1812—War Reeds. 1791-1815, N.J.:54
John, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.1:58, 168-9, 576-8; v.2:168-9; v.3:105, 195; v.4:147
Jonathan, 1 75?--Pa--Heads Fams. Pa.:122
Margaret--Cleveland Fam:1649
Mary—Mundy, Nich:49, 50
Mary Ann--Cleveland Fam:1033
Mary H., 182?--NY--Transcript: 5 Jun 1935, 2691
Perrigrine, 175?—Md—Heads Fams. Md.:112
Ralph, 179?--NJ, War 1812--War Reeds. 1791-1815, N.J.:54
Thomas, 175?—NY--Heads Fams. N.Y.:147
George, 175?—Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.7:656
Nicholas, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.7:657
Peter--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.7:656
Stephen, 174?—Ct—Rev. War Rolls, Ct.:12:315
James, 175?—NC—Heads Fams. N.C.:109
William—N.C. Reg. 1:516
Caleb, 173?—Ms—Flanders, Steph:44
Francis, 175?—Ms,priv.—Rev. War Reeds. Ms. 12:854
John, 175?—Dl,Rev. War—Archives Del:1114, 1158
John, 175?—NH—Heads Fams. N.H.:67
John, 175?—NC—Rev. War Reeds. N.C.:550
Lawrence, 174?—Va--Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
Mary, 175?—Ms—Heads Fams. Ms.:77
Moses, 175?—SC—Heads Fams. S.C.:62
Peter, 175?—Dl, Rev. War—Archives Del:139-40, 574, 577, 603, 606, 608, 728, 1159, 1216, 1221, 1225, 1229, 1327
Rhoda--Folsom Fam:861
Sarah (Flanders), 1730—Flanders, Steph:44
Jacob, 174?—Va—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
Henry, 174?--Va—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643

Page 86

Henry, 175?--NC—Heads Fams. N.C.:156
Peter, 1757--D1,mil.—Rev. War Reeds. Md.:148
Thomas, 174?—Va—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
Andrew, 175?--SC--Heads Fams. S.C.:62
Anstis, 175?--Ms-Transcript: 25 Feb 1907, 7708
Anthony, 175?--NC--Heads Fams. N.C.:35
Charles, 1757--NC—Heads Fams. N.C.:45
Daniel, 175?--Pa--Heads Fams. Pa.:45
David, 175?--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.4:753
Edward, 174?—Va—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
Elizabeth (-——)(Walmsley), 166?—Transcript: 4 .Mar 1918, 6847
Ephraem, 175?--SC—Heads Fams. S.C.:57
George, 174?--Va„ens.--Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
George, 175?--Pa—Pa. Archves, Ser.5, v.7:57, 97, 1117
Henry, 174?--Va—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
James--Hotten's Persons:499
James, 174?--Va,Oh—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
James, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.6:349
John, 165?—Transcript: 4 Mar 1918, 6847
John, 175?--Pa--Heads Fams. Pa.:25; Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.7:49
John, 175?—SC--Heads Fams. S.C.:30, 62
Jonathan, 174?--Va--Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
Lawrence, 174?--Va--Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
Lawrence, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.4:417
Thomas, 174?—Va—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
William, 174?—Va,Il—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
William, 175?—SC—Heads Fams. S.C.:62
David, 175?--Pa--Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.4:452
Dines, 175?—Pa—Heads Fams. Pa.:121
Henry, 174?—Va—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
James, 175?--Pa—Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.6:347
John, 175?—NC—Rev. War Reeds. N.C.:288
Peter, 174?--Va,serg.—Rev. War Reeds. Va.:643
Richard, 175?—Pa—Pa. Archives, Ser.5, v.1:306


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Page 87

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Page 88

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