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Published by the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association

VOLUME VII      NO. 3                                          March 1992                                        Page forty-three

of Hawkins Co., Tennessee

(Revolutionary War Soldier)

(Ed. Note: Jim Anderson, our Research Director, has located the following records which answer a much repeated question about Presley family history, ie. the identity of Andrew Presley's son(s). Jim says, "I have finished all of the records of Hawkins Co., Tennessee, for which there is an index.... On film #972793 (Minutes of the Chancery Court of Hawkins Co., Tennessee), I found the following entries, which are quite interesting.")

page 228:
C.W. Hall was appointed to be the administrator of the estate of Andrew Presley deceased. The security was Alexander ???try [illegible]. Dated 3 Jan. 1859.

page 243.
C.W. Hall the administrator of Andrew Presley deceased. Be it remembered that in the case upon the testimony made in [.illegible] court, the death of Andrew Presley was proven to have taken place in the county of Hawkins, state of Tennessee on or about the [blank] day of [blank] 18 [blank]. That he died intestate. That he left no widow and that John Presley is one of his heirs at law living in Hawkins County aforesaid and that said Andrew Presley had a son called Robert Presley now emigrated from said county to parts unknown and that these are all the known heirs at law of said Andrew Presley deceased and they are of lawful age. That said Andrew Presley was a pensioner of the United States and entitled to said warrant which has been issued to him and is now before the court and inspected by the court that it is assigned by C.W. Hall administrator of said Andrew Presley deceased who was duly qualified as such at a former time of the court and was [illegible] so [illegible] all lawful acts [illegible] the disposition of said warrant by assignment. It is ordered this then fails [illegible] spread upon the record and a certified

(continued on page forty-five)

Page 44

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Andrew Presley, Deceased (continued):
copy of the same be annexed [illegible] said warrant by the client[???] with his official seal. Dated 7 Mar. 1859.

page 283:
Crawford W. Hall special administrator of the estate of Andrew Presley deceased makes the following report which is confirmed by the court to wit:


The undersigned administrator of the estate of Andrew Presley deceased reports that he has sold the said warrant issued to said Presley and confirmed to his heirs at law [illegible] H. Morrow[??] of Knoxville at the price of one dollar per acre. The warrant was for 160 acres which makes the sum of $120 [sic]. There is no other estate in my hands of intestate. From this sum my fee of twenty five dollars is to be deducted together with the costs of administration and the proceedings of the county court in relation to the heirship of Presleys children. All which is respectfully submitted. Dated 1 Aug. 1859.

(Res.Dir. Note: Is Morrow an heir or person who the purchased warrant? I the cannot tell.)


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Albuquerque Tribune, 10 Jan. 1992

Page 46

1860 Census

(Ed Note: Data from the 1860 census is given as follows: Page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/value of personal property, birthplace.)

581 905/905  James S. Martin     36 M W Farmer3000/76000 SC 
             Pamira "            32 F W                  AL
             William "            8 M W                  AL
             Levena "             3 F W                  AR
             Charles "            1 M W                  AR
             James Sullivan      13 M W                  MS
             Alexander Pressley  25 M W                  SC
             Sallie "            19 F W                  GA

 82 210/211  B.H. Presley        31 M W Farmer           GA
             Eliza A. "          28 F W                  GA
             Thos. J. "           5 M W                  GA
             Mary M. "            3 F W                  GA

545 716/716  Wiley C. Pressley   38 M W Farmer 1000/550  GA
             Lavina J. "         16 F W Cook             TN
             Wiley L. "          10 M W                  GA
             Nancy J. "           8 F W                  AR
             Jas. G. "            6 M W                  AR
             Jno. L. "            3 F W                  AR
             Nancy "             62 F W house    GA

545 717/717  Leonard G. Pressley 40 M W Farmer 1000/100  GA
             Nancy A. "          64 F W                  GA
             Elsey V. "          12 M W                  GA    
545 718/718  Leonar?s Pressley  30 M W Farmer 1000/200   GA
             Faney "            17 F W Cook              TN
             Jack "          11/12 M W                   AR

891 187/187  Peter Presley      55 M W Farmer            NC
             Selina "           21 F W                   GA
             Andrew "           17 M W                   GA

843  41/41   W. B. Presley      38 M W Laborer           GA
             Hannah "           28 F W                   VA
             William "        8/12 M W                   TN
             James Peeples      35 M W Laborer           MO

846  65/65   W.H. Presley       31 M W Carpenter /2100   TN
             Duana "            21 F W                   TN
             William B. "     4/12 M W                   TN

737 902/873  Isaiah Presley     37 M W         500/500   TN
             Mary "             29 F W                   MO
             Margaret "         15 F W                   TN
             William R. "       14 M W                   TN
             Dicey "            11 F W                   TN
             Sarah E. "          9 F W                   TN
             Nancy "             8 F W                   TN
             John "              6 M W                   TN
             Rosanna "           1 F W                   TN

501 610/55   M.R. Pressly       23 M W Farmer            NC
             Mary "             20 F W                   TN
             Mahala "         ?/12 F W                   AR

Page 47

868 1214/1214 Wm. R. Pressly     32 M W Farmer     /300  TN
              Mary "             31 F W                  TN
              Angeline "          9 F W                  TN
              Samantha J. "       7 F W                  TN
              Elizabeth "         5 F W                  TX
              James A. "          3 M W                  TX
              John "           8/12 M W                  AR
              Henry H. Hatchell  45 M W                  AL
              Mahala "           29 F W                  AR

872 1227/1227 James W. Pressly   30 M W Farmer     /300  TN
              Olley "            29 F W                  TN

320 2218/2207 Alfred Rockhold    50 M W Schoolteach /300 TN
              Eliza "            35 F W                  AR
              John Prisly         9 M W                  AL
              Joseph "            6 M W                  AR
              Alfred Rockhold     1 M W                  AR

617 1137/1137 James Presley      30 M W                  TN
              Mary "             27 F W                  TN
              Martha "           15 F W                  TN
              Elizabeth "        13 F W                  TN
              Jane "             11 F W                  TN
              William "           5 M W                  TN

282 1183/1205 Robert Jackson     22 M W Laborer          AR
              Margarett "        19 F W                  MO
              William Presley    22 M W                  TN

509 1116/1116 Brown Presley      33 M W Farmer 250/285   NC
              Nancy "            32 F W                  TN
              Mary E. "          12 F W                  TN
              Allen W. "         10 M W                  TN
              Wm. T. "            7 M W                  TN
              Dicey "             6 F W                  TN
              Jas. B. "           4 M W                  TN
              Sarah "             2 F W                  AR   

521 1192/1192 Sarah Oartile?    55 F W Washer woman /50  TN
              Matilda "         11 F W                   TN
              John Presley      23 M W Day Laborer       TN

399 900/880   Thos. Taylor      30 M W Farmer     /200   NC
              Sarah "           30 F W                   AL
              Mary "            10 F W                   AL
              John "             8 M W                   AL
              Susan "            3 F W                   AR
              Margaret "      4/12 F W                   AR
              Mary Prestley     19 F W                   AL

401 908/808   George Derwin?    42 M W Sadler            TN
              Elizabeth "       25 F W                   KY
              Flietwood "        8 M W                   AR
              John "             5 M W                   AR
              James "            3 M W                   AR
              Mary Prestley     20 F W                   AL
              Nancy "           12 F W                   AL

281 367/367   John Prestly      22 M W Farmer            TN
              Mary A. "         18 F W                   TN

344 216/216   Thomas Presly     56 M W Farmer 150/200    NC
              Mary A. "         52 F W Housekeeper       NC
              Elijah "          23 M W Farmer            TN
              Francis M. "      21 M W Farmer            TN
              David A. "        18 M W Farmer            TN

Page 48

451 409/409 Mathew Elkins       25 M W Farmer  300/210   TN
            Manerva "           27 F W                   AR
            Mary "               8 F W                   AR
            Hall "               1 M W                   AR
            John Pressly        23 M W                   TN

423 556/562 R.J Presley         34 M W Farmer 700/525    GA
            N.E. "              33 F W                   TN
            Sarah J. Conners    17 F   Slave?            TX
            Mary E. "           13 F                     AR
            Martha A. "         11 F                     AR
            Rebecca "            9 F                     AR
            Nancy "              7 F                     AR
            Marinda "            4 F                     AR
            Margaret Presley     1 F W                   AR
            Saml "               4 M W                   AR

426 570/576 Jas. Presley        64 M W Farmer  500/300   SC
            Charity "           63 F W                   GA
            Wm. G.              25 M W                   GA
            Francis M. "        20 M W                   AR
            Wm. Hendricks       13 M W                   AR

426 572/578 Lewis Presley       22 M W Farmer     /105   AR
            Emily C. "          16 F W                   NC
            Jno. F. "         4/12 M W                   AR

442 683/692 John Presley        61 M W Farmer     /300   NC
            Marinda R. "        43 F W                   GA
            William "           15 M W Laborer           MS
            Lawrence "          14 M W                   MS
            Joel A. "           12 M W                   MS
            John "              10 M W                   MS
            Sterling "           8 M W                   MS
            Missouri E. "        6 F W                   MS
            Aroma "              3 F W                   MS
            Frances "         5/12 F W                   AR   
683 1440/355 Esaw Prestley      35 M W Farmer       England
             Mary "             27 F W                   AR
             Harriett "       6/12 F W                   AR

566  13/13   A.M. Presly        38 M   Atty at law       SC
             F.M "              27 F        34000/16000  GA
             C.E. "             10 M                     AL
             M. "                6 M                     GA
             Nannie "            4 F                     AL
             A. "                2 M                     GA
             L. "             8/12 M                     LA

899 551/572  Levi Prisly        40 M   Hotel Keeper4500/ SC
             Louisa "           27 F   Matron       1200 AL
             Charles "           1 M                     LA
             Denil? Dunn        18 M                     LA
             Allia "            16 F                     LA

             Adolph Prestly     30 M   Rope Maker        LA

298 333/333  John Pressley      32 M   Farming 15000/    TN
             Civility "         30 F              2200   AL
             John W.            13 M                     LA
             Isabella "         11 F                     LA
             Martha J. "         9 F                     LA
             Adalaid "           7 F                     LA
             Samuel "            4 M                     LA
             Sarah "             1 F                     LA
             John Jackson       30 M Farmer              AL

Page 49

300 343/343  L.W. Presly        57 F         1500/650   NC
             C.A. "             23 M  Farmer 850/200    LA

306 397/397  E.F. Presley       38 M  Farmer 820/1000   AL
             Amanda E. "        26 F                    LA
             Hosea W. "          9 M                    LA
             Mary J. "           7 F                    LA
             Josephine A. "      5 F                    LA
             Amanda L. "         3 F                    LA
             Julia A. "          1 F                    LA

918 535/498  R. A Presley       48 M  Farmer 500/400    SC
             Nancy C. "         42 F                    SC
             Robert C. "        22 M                    AL
             Civility C. "      20 F                    AL
             Sarah A. E. "      17 F                    AL
             Sarena E. "        15 F                    AL
             John A. "          14 M                    AL
             Stephen T. "       13 M                    AL
             Josephine M. "     11 F                    AL
             Susan E. "         10 F                    AL
             George C. "         6 M                    AL
             Hannah V. "         5 F                    AL
             Nancy J. "       2/12 F                    LA



OHIO (Continued)
Presler, Jacob, Co C, 195, OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Presler, Joseph, Co E, 18 OH Inf.,(New organization), Pvt-Pvt.; O.F.U. Pressler, Joesph.
Presler, Robert D, Co K, 82 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Robert D. Pressler.
Presler, Samuel, Co P., 21 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Presler, Simon, Co F., 21 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, Alfred L, Co D, 166 OH Inf. (National Guard), Pvt-Pvt .
Presley, B., Co B, 120 OH Inf., Corpl-Corpl.; O.F.U. Pressler, Benjamin.
Presley, Charles, Co E, 133 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, Charles S, Co C, 67 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, David, Co B, 15 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Priestly, David.
Presley, William, Co C, 4 OH Cav., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. William Priestley.
Presley, William, Co I, 16 OH Inf., (3 Months 1861), Pvt-Pvt
Pressler, Aaron, Co C D, 184 OH Inf., Pvt.-Pvt.

Page 50

OHIO (Continued)
Pressler, Aaron, Co -, 187 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt; See Also Filed with 184 OH Inf.
Pressler, Archibald B., Co D, 142 OH Inf./ Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Tressler, Archibald B.
Pressler, Benjamin, Co D, 114 OH Inf., Corp-Corp.; See Also 120 OH Inf.; Ref. card.
Pressler, Benjamin, Co B/ 120 OH Inf., Corp-Corp.
Pressler, George, Co K, 93 OH Inf., Pvt-Corpl.
Pressler, George, Co B, 122 OH Inf./ Pvt-Pvt.; O.F.D. George Presler.
Pressler, Henry, Co C, 146 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Pressler, Joesph, Co B, 2 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt; See also 18 OH Vols.
Pressler, Joseph, Co E, 18 OH Inf. (New Organization), Pvt-Pvt. See also 2 OH Inf.
Pressler, Joseph/ Co H, 47 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Pressler, Louis (Lewis), Co A, 106 OH Inf./ Pvt-Pvt.
Pressler, Robert D, Co K, 82 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Pressler, William, Co K, 93 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Pressley, Charles S., Co C, 67 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Charles S Presley.
Pressley, James, Co G, 23 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Prestler, George, Co B, 122 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. George Presler.
Prestler, Henry, Co E, 146 OH Inf./ Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Henry Pressler.
Prestley, William, Co C/ 4 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Prestly, William, Co c, 4 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. William Prestley.
Priestley, David, Co B, 15 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. David Priestly.
Priestley, William, Co F & S, 92 OH Inf., Reg't Q. M.-l Lt & R Q M. Priestly, David, Co b, 15 OH Inf., Pvt-Pvt. Priestly, William, Co F & S, 92 OH Inf., R.Q.M - 1 Lt & R. Q M; O.F.U. Priestley, William.
Bresler, Daniel, Co I, 151 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bresler, Henry, Co. E., 45 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Bressler, Henry
Bresler, John, Co. K, 3 PA Res. Inf.(32 PA vols.), Pvt-Pvt;
See also 54 PA Inf. Bresler, Lindley H. , Co A, 25 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Brestler, Lindley H.
Bresler, Mahlon H., Co. A 9 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt? O.F.U. Pressler, Mahlon H.
Bresler, Riley, Co. M G/ 16 PA Cav,, Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Bessler, Riley
Bresler, Samuel, Co. K, 3 PA H. Art'y, Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Bressler, Samuel.
Bresler, William, Co. F, 49 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U.
Bressler, William Bresser, George, Co -, 202 PA Inf., Pvt- ___.

Page 51

51 Bresslar, Samuel, Co. K, 3 PA H. Art'y, Pvt-Pvt; O.F.D. Bressler, Samuel.
Bressler, Aaron, Co. B, 9 PA Cav., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Adam, Co. C., 172 PA Inf. (Drafted Militia), Corp-Sgt.
Bressler, Augustus, Co. K, 173 PA Inf., (Drafted Militia), Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Brennenville, Co. -, 7 PA Cav., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Charles, Co. E, 21 PA Cav., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Charles E., Co. E, 93 PA Inf., Musician-Musician
Bressler, Daniel, Co. I, 151 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Daniel, Co. F, 172 PA Inf., (Drafted Militia), Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Daniel (Daniel F.), Indpt. Batt'y D, PA L Art'y, Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Daniel W., Co. C, 137 PA Inf., Corpl-Pvt.
Bressler, David, Co. A, 148 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Edward, Co. -, 93 PA Inf., Pvt- ___
Bressler, Franklin, Co. A, 50 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Henry, Co. E, 45 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Isaiah, Co C, 172 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, John, Co. K, 3 PA Res. Inf., (32 PA Vols.), Pvt-Pvt.; O.F.U. Bresler, John.
Bressler, John I, Co. E, 11 PA Inf. (3 months 1861), Sgt-Sgt
Bressler, John Jr. or I, Co. E, 93 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt; See also 1 VRC.
Bressler, Josiah, Co. C, 172 PA Inf. (Drafted Militia), Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Bressler, Isaiah
Bressler, Mahlon H., Co. F, 2 PA Res. Inf., (31 PA Vols.), Pvt-Pvt. See also 191 PA Inf.
Bressler, Mahlon H., Co A, 191 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt; See also 2 PA R.
Bressler, Mahlon M., Co D, 3 PA Inf., (3 months 1861), Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Mahlon W., Co. D, 3 PA Inf., (3 Mos. 1861), Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Bressler, Mahlon M.
Bressler, Martin, Co. A, 50 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Oliver, Co. B, 166 PA Inf., (Drafted Militia), Corp.-Corp.
Bressler, Riley, Co. K, 173 PA Inf. (Drafted Militia), Sgt-Sgt
Bressler, Samuel, Co. K, 3 PA H. Art'y, Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, William, Co. F, 49 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, William, Co A, 56 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, William, Co. -, 103 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, William H. or William, Co. F, 173 PA Inf. (Drafted Militia), Pvt-Corp.
Presler, Henry, Co K, 107 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressler, Henry
Presler, John A., Co. C, 45 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressler, John A.
Presler, William M., Co. C, 45 PA Inf., Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. 'n Pressler, William W, or William.
Presley, William, Co B, 13 PA Res. Inf., (42 PA Vols. and 1 PA Rifles), Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley, William
Pressler, Co (?), 99 PA Inf., - - Sgt.

(to be continued)

Page 52


As the president-elect of my local chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society, I am very interested in every family that lived in Kershaw or Lancaster Cos., and since the Pressleys lived here, I am contacting you at this time.
Dallas L. Phelps

I notice that one of my ancestors was missed on the 1840 census and another one on the 1850 census [and 1860 census] when these records were presented in the Newsletter.

1840 Carter Co. , KY
p. 252 John Presley 1 m 40-50, 1 m 15-20, 1 m 10-15, 2 m 5-10, 1 m  <5 
                    1 f 20-30, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 5-10 

(This is the same John Presley who appeared on 1830 census of Lawrence Co., KY, 
and on 1850-1880 censuses of Lewis Co., KY.) 

1850 Buchanan Co., MO, Bloomington Twp. 
p. 104. 136/136 Richard Presley    (*) KY Laborer
                Elizabeth "         28 KY
                John "               4 MO      (b. KY)         
                Robert "             2 MO      (b. KY)

(* Elizabeth's name and age were first entered as head of household, 
then Richard's name and age written over hers, making it impossible to read his age.)

1860 Buchanan Co., MO, Rush Twp
p. 28. #210   Richard Presley       30  KY   Day Laborer
              Elizabeth R. "        34  KY
              John C. "             12  KY
              Melinda "              7  MO
              James B ."             3  MO
              Cinthia Richardson    25  KY
              Mary Jane   "          4  MO

Joan A. Scott


The town clerk you wrote to in desperation, and finally convinced to give you the informtion you need, can't write legibly, and doesn't have a copying machine.

Genealogy Club of APL Newsletter, Feb. 1991

Page 53


Beau Hudgins
address withheld

Early Macon Co., N.C. Marriage Records include: Dunon Pressley (20) to Maria Jones (24), Oct. 28, D.H. Pressley (23) to Amanda Roper (19), Aug. 3, 1884.

Mack M. Pressley (19) to Nancy C. Dills, Aug. 10, 1890. Andrew M. Pressley (19) to Queen V. Parker (18), Aug. 17, 1893. Fidille Pressley (24) to Laura Gregory (20), Sept. 16, 1894. Who does the above Dunon belong to? He was born ca. 1859. I'm still trying to prove that my Andrew Peter Pressley is the son of Dunnen Presley Sr. The other four man are my relatives

(Ed. Note: See Beau's Family Group Data on pp. 62-64, Mar. 1990 issue.)

Donald W. South
address withheld

My paternal great grandmother was Catherine Pressler, and her mother was Suzanna Gill. I am interested in finding the following Pressler/Gill info.:

1. Dates of birth of Daniel Pressler and Suzanna Gill, the parents of Catherine Pressler. Also, their date & place of marriage, and their dates of death.

2. Burial place of Daniel Pressler & Suzanna Gill (I think it may be Union Cemetery in Mifflintown, Juanita Co., PA.)

3. Any information on Daniel & Suzanna's ancestry. Family Group Data as follows:
Daniel Pressler, b. 1799, m. Susanna Gill, b. 1810.

Children: Isaac Pressler, b. 1829
Catherine Anne Pressler, b. 31 May 1831 Mifflin Co., PA, d. 14 Apr. 1909 Kingscreek, Cham-paigne Co., OH, m. 1851 Troxeville, PA to Jacob V. Moyer.
Judy Pressler, b. 1832. -
Isabella Pressler, b. 1836.
Lydia Pressler, b. 1838.
Sophia Pressler, b. 1838.
William W. Pressler, b. 5 May 1844.
John Albert Pressler, b. 25 Oct. 1847 Kishacoyvillas, Mifflin Co., PA, d. 10 July 1927 Westmoreland, KS, m. 20 June 1867 to Margaret Guthrie Greer. Civil War veteran.
Samuel Pressler, b. 19 May 1851, d. 3 July 1868 Mifflin Co., PA.

Page 54


The Carolinas Genealogical Society Bulletin, . XXVIII, 2 (Fall 1991 )
p. 26. From Union Co., NC, Will Book D, p. 296. Henry Moser Last Will & Testament "I do hereby Constitute and appoint my beloved son William Moser and my trusty Friend Elias Preslar my lawfull executors ... this 9th day of March A. D. 1863."
p. 40. Red Hill Baptist Church, Anson Co. NC.
Preslar, Anderson Frank 7/22/1883--11/10/1952
Preslar, Dellar Lucy 9/7/1914--12/18/1920
Preslar, Clyde Ross 10/7/1912 5/18/1913
Preslar, Rena Lucy Threadgill 6/26/1877 11/04/1949
Presler, Lilla R. 1893--1940

More Palatine Families. Some Immigrants to the Middle Colonies 1717-1776 and Their European Origins , Plus New Discoveries in German Families Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710. Henry 2. Jones Jr. Universal City, CA, 1991.
pp. 322-23. Valentin Bresseler.
Searches have continued in Germany for this family, fl the request of Dr. Bernd Golzer, Mr. Dirk Zimmer of Klaren-thal , Germany obtained extracts from the Cath. and Ev. registers of 6682 Ottweiler (21 km. n.e. of Saarbrucken) and 6688 Hirzweiler (8 km. n. of Friedrichsthal). The name Andreas Pressler comes down in the American family, and there was indeed an Andreas Pressler of Hirzweiler with 1 Luth. and 10 Cath. persons in his household, according to the 1707 census of Ottweiler County. This Andreas Pressler s/o Balthasar Pressler of Baldweinitz in Bavaria, md. (1st) 19 April 1664 Catharina Kramer (Ottweiler Ev , Chbk . ) , md. (2nd) 11 June 1678 Margarethe, wid/o Joh. Mich. ... of Neur kirchen (Ottweiler Ev . Chbk.), and then md. (3rd) 4 June 1688 to Widow Maria Dam (Ottweiller Cath. Chbk.), Andreas Pressler d. 6 Jan. 1707, aged 71 yrs . , and had 6 ch., but r son Valentin has yet been found for him. Interestingly enough, there were Frantz families in Ottweil er/St . Wendel area where these Presslers resided! Another region to be checked is the area of 6741 Niederhochstadt near Landau, where a noted family of vintners named Pressler still produce excellent wines.

A Researcher's Library of Georgia History, Genealogy, & Records Sources , Vol. 2. Robert Scott Davis Jr. Greenville, SC, 1991.
p. 222. 2500 Georgians in the Sheftall Papers [Ga. Dept. Arch. & Hist, has microfilm index to the Sheftall Papers of the American Jewish Hist. Soc. in Waltham, MS. Georgians in the index were either Continental soldiers or civilians who sold goods to the American cause.] Prestly (x)(Presly), William
p. 230. Settlers from Old Ninety-Six to Georgia & Beyond [type-script by G. L. Summer, 1948]. ... Mrs. Jane Pressly (to Clark County) ...

Page 55

p. 236. Pressley, Mrs. Mary (Tate), to Pickens Co.
p. 273. 600 Georgia Rebels (Biographies)[in the Georgia volume, ie. vol. 6 by Joseph T. Derry, of Confederate Military History]. Capt. Alonzo Judson Pursley of Savannah. 932-33.
p. 372. Georgia Confederate Soldiers Home [register at GA Dept. Arch. & Hist. (Ga. Old Soldiers Home, 1901-1930)] Pressley, R.C., II, 342; III, 113 [vol. S, pg. no.].

Confederate Veterans, XVII (1909).
p. 224. Abraham Bresler, of Tuscumbia, Ala., would like to hear from some of his old comrades in camp. His company was commanded by Capt. Herman Carolton, and became a part of the 9th Ark. Inf., which were statioined 20 mi. above Memphis, Tenn. His messmates were all Jews. He remembers the names of three: John Bloom, Reinart, and Bernhard. He thinks they are all from Pine Bluff. Mr. Bresler gives many interesting experiences of the war.

Records of the Federal Dead Buried from Libby. Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field Before Petersburg & Richmond. Philadelphia, 1866.
Reprinted Bowie, MD, 1990.
p. 17. Danville, [VA]. Morgan Presley, A, 8th Tenn. Cav., Dec. 18, 1863, V.
p. 18. G. Presley, A, 8th Tenn. Cav., Dec. 22, 1863, V.
p. 24. W.S. Presley, B, 3d Tenn. Cav., Mar. 17, 1864, D.C.
p. 40. G. Presley, B, 122d Ohio, Feb. 25, 1865, D.C.
p. 41. W. Presley, K, 18th Ind. , Mar. 13, 1865, D.C.
[cause of death: V=smallpox, D.C.=chronic diarrhea]

Hoover Funeral & Burial Records of Bedford Co., Tenn. Comp. by Helen C. & Timothy R. Marsh. Easley, SC, 1989.
p. 245. (Book 12, 1938-41, p. 275.) Mrs. Frank Moore, house- ; keeper, born Sept. 12, 1860 Marshall Co., Tenn., age 80 yrs. 5 mon. & 5 days, widow, residence Shelbyville, died Feb. 18, 1941 Shelbyville, funeral at home at 2:00 pm, buried Feb. 19, 1941 Willow Mount Cem. Husband Frank Moore, Father S.W. Presley who was born in SC. Mother Emma Dysart who was born in Marshall Co., Tenn. , Dr. Moody of Shelbyville. Clergy Burch Tucker. Ordered by sons. Casket $250, embalming $20 & flowers $20.

The critical link in your family tree is named "Smith".
Genealogy Club of APL Newsletter, Feb. 1991

Page 56


John W. Pressly of Salem, Oregon, writes: "I've wondered often whether there is any genetic connection between the Pressley, Preslar, Pressly in the newsletter title, or for that matter the Pressey, Priestly, Presby, Besler, etc. names. That might make for an interesting study and article."

Thanks for the suggestion, John, and while we answered this question in some of our earliest issues, we have many new members since those comments appeared, and if you are asking the question, then so must many other people.

The short answer to the question of whether there is a blood relationship between certain of these families is "maybe there is, maybe there isn't." The only way to know for sure is to research the family line.

A more c omp 1e t e explanation is that not all of these families are related, and that in general , we may think of these names as being in four categories:
a) those families (or surnames) of English ancestry;
b) those families (or surnames) of German ancestry;
c) those families in categories a) or b) whose names have been mispelled or deliberately changed in the old records;
d) those unrelated families with names similar to those in a) or b) which might be confused with a mispelled name as in c)

Let's first consider the surnames of English origin. Authorities have told us (see Dec. 1986 issue) that the original form of the name was PRIESTLEY, meaning one who dwells near the priest's wood or meadow (priest ley). This name originated in West Yorkshire, but it may have arisen in several other places in England as well, and not all Englishmen with this name are necessarily related.

In time, the name became corrupted and we have the variant spelling, PRESLEY. This name is found in England and Scotland, and may even have had an origin in Scotland, meaning one who came from Preslie or Presslie, the names of places in Aberdeen. One Richard de PRESTELEY appears in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield in 1297, and one John de PRESLE in the Calendar of Letter Books of the City of London in 1311. So you see that at a very early date, almost from the beginning of the adoption of surnames in England, we are well on the way to many spelling variants. i

With the settlement of Protestants in Ulster (Northern Ireland) some of the families from Scotland and England bore these names. We don't have much information on the families in Ireland, but when they emigrated from Ireland to America, they tended to spell the name as PRESSLEY or PRESSLY.

Now, let's consider the German families. BRESSLER and

Page 57

PRESSLER are two variant spellings of the same name. In the village of Hochstadt in Pfalz we find different branches of presumably the same family spelling it both ways. The reason is simple. In German the letter "B" and the letter "P" are pronounced indistinguishably. Bressleror Pressler means "one who comes from Breslau," in Silesia (now Poland). Again, as in England, not all families with this name are necessarily related. We have seen that Jewish families in Germany may bear the names, BRESSLER OR BRESLAU, as well as gentile familes. Other variant spellings of the name include BRESSEL and PRESSEL.

Now, what happened when these various families arrived in America? In the case of the English, Scottish, and Irish families, they may have arrived on these shores at different times already with various forms of the name. They may or may not have been related in the old country, but once here many of them were illiterate, so when an official record, such as a deed was recorded in a local courthouse, the clerk making the record simply spelled the name as he thought it sounded, or the way that suited his fancy. It's easy to see that PRESLEY, PRESLY, PRESSLEY, PRESSLY might become interchangeable. As time passed, various branches of a family might adopt different spellings, and as the education system in America improved, the various forms became fixed in different branches of a family.

In the case of the German families the situation was more complicated. Added to the problenrof illiteracy and there being no fixed spelling of the surname was the added problem of accents. English-speaking clerks would not hear correctly a name pronounced with a thick German accent, and even if they did, they would have no idea how to spell such a German name. Again, they would spell it like they thought it sounded.

Another problem with regard to maintaining a consistency of spelling was a desire on the part of the immigrants themselves to "anglicize" their name. We've seen this process continue amongst new arrivals right up to the present. We have the case of the Valentine PRESSLER family who arrived in New York in 1710. As they migrated south into the Carolinas, we find the name becoming PRESLAR in one branch of the family, PRESLEY in another branch, and by the time an offshoot of the latter branch arrived in Tennessee, the Revolutionary War pension application papers spelled his name as PRIESTLEY. The farther they moved from a German community, the more anglicized the name tended to get.

In Pennsylvania the BRESSLERs who settled among other Germans tended to keep the original German spelling, but as some of them moved west into Ohio, etc., we find them spelling the name as PRESSLEY. A PRESLEY family of English origin and a PRESLEY family of German origin might reside in the same community or area.

Finally, we come to the fourth category of names---those who are unrelated but are similar in spelling. In Anson

Page 58

Co., N.C., where the PRESLAR/PRESLEY family settled around 1750, many of the records also contain the name PRESSON. Was this simply another spelling variation of the same name? Several instances of both spellings found in the same document. Only a careful study of the records and other genealogies revealed that these were completely different, unrelated families.

In other areas, such as New York State, for example, there were families in the same community with similarly sounding and similarly spelled surnames, but we must determine if these were simply spelling variants of one of "our" family names, or if they were completely unrelated families.

In the first issue of our Newsletter (June 1985) I listed 16 spelling variations or misspellings of the surname that I had personally encountered up to that time in the records. With a little effort I'm sure I could create a much longer list now. Some of the interesting variations include: PERALES (when a Preslar/Presley family found themselves in the 1790's in then Spanish-ruled Natchez), PURSLEY (a variant of Presley in South Carolina, not to be confused with the "genuine" PURSLEY family in South Carolina), PRISLEY, PRESHLAY (sounds like the ancestor might have been slightly intoxicated when he pronounced his name for the clerk--or was it the clerk who was tipsy?), PREPLEY (this last variant is never found in the old records, but is found in modern printed transcriptions in which the transcriber did not recognize the "double s" of ol^ handwriting which can resembl a "p").

If you aren't confused this point, it's because you haven't understood what I've written and the complexity of name variants in old records. It's possible, and not unusual, to overlook the very record for which you have been searching for years, because you failed to recognize an unusual spelling variation of the name. That's why we have so many "different" names in our Newsletter ---because we don't know if they are "genetically" related or not.

As for the three variations that were selected in the title of our Association, and our Newsletter, your Editor just picked them more or less arbitrarily---PRESLAR as being his great grandmother's maiden name, PRESLEY as being a common variation of the name in other branches of the family which he encountered, and PRESSLY as being a common form of an "unrelated" family which he found in the general area. They seemed to be a representative sample of the name variants found in America.

If you don't believe, John, that spelling variations, misspellings, etc. easily occurred, compare the quotation I made from your letter in the first paragraph of this article with the spellings of the three surnames in our Newsletter title. You see, it's still happening.

Page 59


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Page 60

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Page 61

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(continued from Sept. 1991 issue, page 15)

PRESSLY, Ebenezer E.--There was born of David A. and Elizabeth (Todd) Pressly, ' about 1837, in Anderson Co., S.C., a son to whom they gave the name above. At 18, Dec. 31, 1855, young Ebenezer entered the Preparatory Department of Erskine College, and was in the large class of 1861, numbering 37, whom patriotism led a few months before graduation to exchange the college gown for the camp gun. In Aug., 1861, he volunteered in the Confederate Army, and June 27, 1862, was sorely wounded at Cold Harbor, in the ankle joint. While he recovered so as to walk with a

Page 62

cane, the musket ball remained for 28 years, producing all this time a running sore.

A happy matrimonial alliance was formed with Miss Lizzie McDill of Donalds, S.C. After a full course of theology at Erskine Divinity Hall the Second Presbytery licensed him April 9th, 1870. He was ordained and installed pastor of Shiloh, Lancaster Co., S.C., June 14, 1871, which charge was demitted April 2, 1883. Early in his ministry he supplied Unity and Gills Creek, being installed pastor over the latter Nov. 24, 1882, and over the former, May 23rd, 1879. Demitting. both Sept. 7th, 1885, a short time was spent in northern Arkansas and Rockbridge Co., Va. He became stated supply of Amity from 1886 to Sept. 29th, 1890, when he joined the Presbyterian Church, where for seven years he ministered. Now retired, his home is Scotts, N.C. A quiet unassuming minister, retired and reticent, laboring under many difficulties he patiently awaits the summons to go hence.

PRESSLY, James Hearst.--Rev. James Hearst Pressly is the son of Rev. William L. Pressly, D.D., and Francis Wideman, and was born March 8th, 1866, in the parsonage at Generostee, Anderson Co., S.C., when his father was pastor there. When he was a child, his father was called to the pastorate of the church at Due West, S.C., and his education was obtained in the schools at that place. He graduated from Erskine College, in June, 1885, and spent the next five years in teaching at Marion Junction, Ala. In this work he was eminently successful, but he was called to enter the ministry.

In 18890, he entered Erskine Seminary, graduating in 1892. He was licensed by the Second Presbytery, at Woodruff, S.C., Oct., 1891. He was ordained and installed as pastor of Statesville, N.C., by the First Presbytery, in July, 1892, and still continues pastor of that church. His work in Statesville has been very successful; the church has grown and developed in every way, and his influence is felt fdor good in all the city.

Mr. Pressly was married to Miss Mabel Lowry of Harrells, Ala., June 19th, 1895, and they have five children. Mrs. Pressly is the daughter of the late Rev. James A. Lowry and Katherine Craig of Prosperity, Ala.

PRESSLY, Joseph Lowry.--Is the son of Rev. William Laurens Pressly, President of Erskine Theological Seminary. His mother was Francis Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Wideman, of Long Cane, S.C. He was born Feb'. 5th, 1868, at Moffatsville, S.C. His father removing soon afterwards to Due West, S.C., his early education was secured in the schools there. At thirteen years of age he connected himself with the A.R.P. church in Due West, S.C. He graduated from Erskine College in the class of 1890, and was received as a student of theology by the Second Presbytery, in April, 1892, . and pursued his studies in Erskine Theological Seminary.

Page 63

He was licensed by the Second Presbytery, April 7th, 1894, and was ordained by the same Presbytery, Oct. 26th, 1895. He spent a portion of the following year in the Texas Presbytery, mostly at Milano. From there he went to Generostee, S.C., and afterwards to Ebenezer and Wrens, Ga. Then to Hinkston and Ebenezer, Ky., six months in 1898. The next two years were spent at Salem, Ala., and Hood Spring, Tenn., most of the time at the latter place. He joined the Kentucky Presbytery, by certificate from the Second Presbytery, in Nov., 1.901, having spent the summer at Hinkston and Olivet. The following year, 1902, he continued to serve these churches with zeal and fidelity. At the meeting of Synod, Nov., 1902, he received appointments in the Memphis Presbytery, and was assigned work in the congregation at Bethany, Miss.

His familiarity with the Scriptures and ability to repeat large portions of it, and his knowledge of the Psalms is remarkable. He is an earnest Bible student, and sound evangelical preacher of the Word.

PRESSLY, Leon Taylor.--Rev. Leon Taylor is the son of the late Rev. William B. Pressly and Lorenna Evelina Harris, and was born in Iredell Co., N.C., March 8th, 1870. He was educated under Profs. J.H. Hill and A.D. Kestler, at Statesville, N.C., and at the Huntersville High School, and at Erskine College. After leaving college, he taught for four years, and was received as a student of theology by the First Presbytery at New Hope, S.C., in 1892. His theological course was taken at Erskine Seminary, and he was licensed by the First Presbytery, at Charlotte, N.C.

After supplying churches in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina for some time, he was called to Edgmoor, Chester Co., S.C., and was ordained and installed Nov. 28th, 1899, and still continues pastor there. Mr. Pressly was married at Hickory Grove, York Co., S.C., Feb. 20th, 1901, to Miss Emma Jeannette McDill. Mrs. Pressly is the daughter of J. Nixon McDill and Mary Martha Wylie of Hickory Grove, S.C., and was born, Feb. 6th, 1874, and is the mother of one child.

PRESSLY, Rev. Paul Adam.--Rev. Paul A. Pressly, at this writing a student in Erskine Theological Seminary, is the son of Rev. W.L. and Mrs. Francis Wideman Pressly. He was born September 30th, 1878, at Due West, S.C., while his father was pastor of the church at that place. Attended school at the Due West Female College, and afterward at Erskine, graduating from the latter institution in 1900. He entered Erskine Seminary in fall of 1902, having previously taught school for one year at Clover, S.C., and having read law for some time in the office of Judge J.H. Miller, of Birmingham, Ala.

In April, 1903, he connected with the Second Presbytery at Due West, and during his summer vacation labored in the bounds of the Texas Presbytery. In September of the same year he was married to Miss Lois Moffatt of Troy, Tenn. (to bo continued)

(to be continued)

Page 64

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Many members, and prospective members, write to ask if anyone else in the Association is working in the area in which they are interested. We have not had an organized list of those persons interested in certain areas, and as I have expressed previously, I often don't know what areas interest certain members.

Consequently, if you will complete the forms in the next issue, that information will be included along with a list of all members and their addresses in the September issue. We hope that in the future a membership list will be mailed to members with each September issue.


You learned that great Aunt Matilda's executor just sold her life's collection of family genealogical materials to a flea market dealer "somewhere in New York City."
Genealogy Club of APL Newsletter, Feb. 1991