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VOLUME VII      NO. 4                                          June 1992                                        Page sixty-five

Carter, Helms, and Presley: A Foray into the Piedmont "Non-Plantation South"
by John Anderson Brayton

(Ed. Note: The following article originally appeared in Nexus, Vol. VIII, No. 6 (Dec. 1991), pages 204-206, the bimonthly newsletter of the New England Historic & Genealogical Society. It is reprinted here with permission.)

In a previous "Notable Kin" column on the descendants and kinsmen of Pocahontas (NEXUS 3(1986)74-76), Gary Boyd Roberts divided Southern ancestry and colonial southern families into Tidewater planters and migratory pioneers. The latter group, ancestral to Presidents Truman, LB. Johnson and Carter, and to many figures of the "New Soutlv" included Pennsylvania Germans of the Shenandoah Valley and western North Carolina, the Scots and Scots-Irish of the Caroiinas and Tennessee especially, and the often English, sometimes Tidewater-derived lesser planters and small farmers of Southside Virginia, central North Carolina, and "up-country" South Carolina The first two of these latter groups (Germans, Scots and Scots-Irish), together with eighteenth-century Welsh immigrants, form the genealogical basis of early Appalachia. The third group, mostly of the Piedmont — the rolling hills betweeen coastal AJbcmarle and the Smoky Mountains — also moved to Georgia, Alabama, the Mississippi Delta and beyond. Germans, Scots-Irish, and English farmers often intermarried, however, especially near Moravian and Quaker settlements in the central North Carolina Piedmont, and in the Sandhills and Waxhaws area around present-day Charlotte.

Between the Civil War and World War 1, when New England genealogists and town historians were treating much of their own colonial population, scholars in the impoverished South, where records had always been less vdumrunous and more scattered, concentrated on the Tidewater planters of the Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina coast By the mid-19506 or so, when the major Virginia historical journals no longer published genealogical articles, probably the bulk of the plantation ans-tocracy had been covered. The Shenandoah Valley, Piedmont, and "backcountry," however, remained mostly unexplored. But in the last several decades an enormous quantity of source material on the "non-plantation South," plus sctne "rypicaf' geneaiogie, have been published, and many kinships can now be traced among descendants of southern migratory pioneers.

The set of kinships I wish to explore stems from Anson and Union Counties, just south of Charlotte Anson, formed in 1750, covered most of the western part of the state; Union was formed from it in 1842. Most Union County families derive from colonial settlers of Anson County, and like residents of almost all rural areas before the Industrial Revolution, married locally (even the most venturesome chose mates largely from nearby Mecklenburg County).

Former president James Earl Carter, Jr (b. 1924) ts a son of James Earl Carter (1894-1953) and Bessie Lillian

(continued on page sixty-seven)

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Carter, Helms, and Presley ... (continued):
Gordy (1898-1983), grandson of James Jackson Gordy (1853-1948) and Mary Ida Nicholson (1871-1951), great-grandson of James Thomas Gordy (1828-1889) and Harriet Emily Helms (1836-1884), and great-great-grandson of Pamly Uriah Helms (ca. 1791-1848) and Elizabeth Fisher (ca. 1792-post 1860). P.U Helms, bom probably in Mecklenburg Co., N.C, was the son of George Helms, Jr. (ca. 1758-1837/8) and Sarah Pressley (ca. 1756-prob. ante 1837) and the grandson of George Helms (ca. 1720/5-post 1800) and Mary Margaret Falkenborough (b ca. 1735) and of Thomas Pressley (d. 1808) and Sarah ——. (G.B. Roberts, Ancestors of American Presidents, preliminary ed. rev. [19891, pp. 88-90). A work I found at the Union Co. Public Library in Monroe, N.C, Edwin C Dunn, comp., Some Genealogical Notes on the Preslar/ Presley Family ofAnson Co., N.C. (1985, hereafter Presley), indicates that the above Thomas Pressley was born at St. Stephen's Parish, Cecil Co., Maryland 27 August 1730, and died in Mecktenburg Co., N.C. in 1808 (Will Book 2124). Thomas's father, a German immigrant to New York City in 1709, moved to Cecil Co., Md. by the middle 1720s, was in Brunswick and Lunenburg Cos., Virginia, in the 1740s, and settled in Bladen and Anson Cos., N .C. by 1751. New data on Thomas's parents and grandparents, forebears #s 212-13 and #424-25 of former president Carter, can be outlined as follows:
212. Andreas/Andrew Preslar, b. Germany ca. 1701; d. Anson Co., N.C. after 1759 (Presley, pp. 2-4); m. New York City 21 April 1723
213 Anne (Antje) Wells, b. Staten Island, N.Y.
424. Valentine Presler, b. Germany ca. 1669; d. prob. Cecil Co., Md., after 1732, a 1709 Palatine immigrant to N.Y. (ibid.); m. ca. 1695
425. Anna Christian Framse, b. Germany ca. 1674

Using this Preslar/Pressley material, plus Gerald C Helms and Jo Ann Stevenson, Tiltnan, George and Jonathan Helms, Brothers, 1720-1881, History and Genealogy of the Helms Family (1984) (hereafter Helms), I was able to trace myriad connections between the former president and U.S. Senator Jesse Alexander Helms, Jr., a Union County native, both of whose parents, both of whose grandfathers, four of whose great-grandparents, six of whose great-great-grandparents, and eight of whose great-great-great-grandparents bore the surname Helms. The senator's patrilineal great-gTeat-groat-grcat-grandfather, moreover, married a Pressley (this couple are ancestors of the senator in two other ways as well). Since former president Carter is also a kinsman of Senator Samuel (Augustus) Nunn (Jr.) of Georgia (see Dorris and Alexander Nunn, Nunns oftlte South 119741, passim), kinship to Senator Helms may not be surprising. But Mr. Dunn's Preslar/Pressley work also covers the almost certain descent from the Palatine immigrant Andreas/Andrew Preslar and Anne (Antje) Wells to singer and rock idol Elvis Aron Presley (1935-1977). Thus just as this column earlier reported kinships among presidents, tycoons, New England literary giants, and Hollywood figures, it now reports the highly probable cousmhood of Jimmy Carter, Jesse Helms, and Elvis Presley.

As reported in the National Enquirer of 27 Sept. 1977, plus Richard Carlton Fulcher, Tlie Presley Saga (1978), Albert Goldman, Elvis (1981), and Earl Greenwood and Kathleen Tracy, Tlie Boy Wio Would Be King (1991) the immediate Presley descent of the singer is as follows: Elvis Aron Presley (1935-1977) of East Tupelo, Miss, and Memphis, m. 1967 Prisdlla Ann Beau lieu (b. 1945); Vernon Elvis Presley (1916-1979) & Gladys Love Smith (1912-1958), also of East Tupelo and Memphis; Jessie D. McCloweU Presley (1896-1973) of Itawamba Co., Miss, and Louisville, Kentucky, & Minnie Mae Hood (1888-1980); Rosella Presley (1862-1924, unmarried, the mother of ten children, of Itawamba Co.); Dunnan Presley, Jr. (1827-1900) of Madisonville, Tennessee, Itawamba Co. Miss., and Barry Co., Missouri, & Martha Jane Wesson; Dunnan Presley (ca. 1780-1850) of Lancaster Co., S.C., Madisonville (and later Polk Co.), Term., and Georgia, & ——— , a first wife. Before Dunnan, the Enquirer team and Fulcher differ somewhat, the former claiming that his father was revolutionary soldier Andrew Presley (111) (1754-post 1855) of Anson Co., N.C., Lancaster Co., S.C., and Hawkins Co., Term., and the latter suggesting that Dunnan's father was John Presley (1740-post 1833), Andrew's brother. Fui-cher also suggests an intervening Dunnan Presley, b. ca. 1800-10, as the son of Dunnan, b. ca. 1780, and father of Dunnan, Jr., b. 1827. In either case, the father of those brothers is identified by Mr. Dunn as Andreas/ Andrew Preslar, Jr. (1732-ante 1790), son of the above Andreas/ Andrew Preslar and Anne Wells (Presley, pp. 1-6, 43). Assuming only two Dunnans, and accepting Mr. Dunn's placement of brothers Andrew (III) and John, Elvis Presley becomes a sixth cousin once removed of former president Carter and a seventh cousin twice over, and seventh cousin once removed, of Senator Helms.

Of these three figures only Senator Helms is a Piedmont native with fully local ancestry — Carter ancestor P.U. Helms and Dunnan Presley were both in Georgia by the late 1830s. As in most areas where a limited number of famili js have resided for two centuries or more, numerous marriages between cousins are almost inevitable. Probably the best format for outlining Senator Helms' three Presley and numerous Helms descents is the following ancestor table covering numbers 1-31 (through great-great grandparents) with extensions, within numbers 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, and 24 and in the usual style of this column, to ancestors of former president Carter mentioned above.

1. Jesse Alexander Helms, Jr., b. Union Co., N.C., 18 Get 1921 (Helms, 230); m. 31 Oct. 1942 Dorothy Jane Coble
2. Jesse Alexander Helms, Sr., b. Union O>. 19 June 1893; d. there 11 Feb. 1974 (Helms, 195); m. there 24 Dec. 1912
3. Ethel Mac Helms, b. Union Co. 17 Aug. 1896; d. there 24 Nov. 1966 (Helms, 152)

Page 68

4. Joseph Clay ton Helms, b. Union Co. May 1861; d. there Oct. 1918 (Helms, 142)
5. Sarah Ellen Moser, b. Union Co. 17 Feb. 1869; d. there 26 July 1949 (Union Co. Deaths, 35: 153)
6. Samuel Wilson Helms, b. Union Co 20 Doc. 1874; d. there 13 Sept. 1954 (Helms. 61); m. there 15 Nov. 1893 (Union Co. Marriage Bock 5:56)
7. Mary Louretta Haigler, b. Union Co. 13 June 1878; d. there 19 May 1908 (Helms, 61)
8. Milliard J. Helms, b. Ansmi Co., N.C. 1816; d. Union Co. \877 (Helms, 54)
9. Isobel Helms, b. Anson Co. 10 May 1821; d. Union Co. 1873(/Wms,54)
10. Alexander Moser, b. Union Co. 1847; d. there 21 Aug. 1921 (Union Co. Deaths, 6:294)
11. Martha Helms, b. Union Co. 17 Feb. 1851; d. there 27 Oct. 1932 (Helms, 60; Union Co. Deaths, 17:150)
12. Archibald Helms, b. Anson Co. 1 May 1827; d. Union Co. 20 Aug. 1905 (JiVi'ms, 21); m. (2)
13. Martha Hinson, b. Anson Co. 8 Aug. 1833; d. Union Co. 18 Dec. 1905 (Helms, 21) (William Ashley Hinson, Hinson and Related Families (1986), hereafter Ilinsmi, 156)
14. George W. Haigler, b. Union CD. ca. 1856; m. there 9 Nov. 1873
15. Mary Jane Williams, b. Union Co. ca. 1849
16. Jesse Helms, b. Ans<»t Co. 1794; d. there after 1833 Qiebns, 19) (John4 Helms, Jr. & Lavinia3 Helms; John3 Whtehead Helms & Susannah Pressley, Jonathan Helms |bro. ofTilman & George ; their par. are as yet unknown) & Elizabeth Smith; Tilman Helms |bro. of Jonathan & George | & Rachel Craig, Thomas Pressley &• Sarah ——)
17. Elizabeth ———
18. Tilman Helms, b. Anson Co. 1792; d. Union Co. 29 July 1876 (HeUnf, 15) (Isaac3 Helms & Nancy Laney; George Helms & Mary Margaret Falkenborough)
19. Sarah L Helms, b. Anstm Co. 1802; d. Union Co. 3 Dec. 1878 (Helms, 15,19) (John4 Helms & Lavinia3 Helms, as above, #16)
20. Simon Moser, b. Anson Co. ca. 1826; m. Union Co. ca. 1845 (Union Co. 1850 Census, 62)
21. Sabra Helms, b. Anson Co. ca. 1829, prob. not 1823 (Helms, 54) (prob. Jesse Helms & Elizabeth ——; John4 Helms & Lavinia Helms, as above, #16)
22. William Helms, b. Anson Co. 15 Feb. 1818; d. Union Co. 16 Feb. 1900 (Helms, 21) (William Helms & Sarah Hargett, #s 24, 25, below); m. ca. 1840
23. Becky Hinson, b. Ansmt Co. 24 Apr. 1816; d. Union Co. 22 Nov. 1895, sister of Isaiah Hinson, #26 below (Hinson, 156)
24. William Helms, b. Anson Co. 1782 (William3 Helms & Rebecca Broom; Tilman Helms i Rachel Craig, as above, #16) (Helms, 9); m. (1)
25. Sarah Hargett
26. Isaiah Hinson, b. 26 Aug. 1813; d. May 1872; m. 1832 (brother of Becky Hinson, #23 above) (Hinson. 156.)
27. Polly Medlin
28. John Haigler, b. Anson Co. ca. 1792 (Union Co. 1860 < ensus, family #417)
29. Elizabeth ——, b. ca. 1822
30. John D. Williams, b. ca. 1828 (Union Co. 1850 Census, family #1168)
31. Nancy J.——, b. ca. 1833

Thus if Sabra Helms (#21 above) is correctly placed, Senator Helms has nine Helms descents and three Presley lines; he is thus almost certainly related to Elvis Presley in three different ways, and to former president Carter at least a dozen times over. Like Nantucket Quakers and Tidewater planters, who also intermarry intricately at home but migrate south and west, so too Piedmont farmers produce surprising, multi-related descendants.


"Opry of the Ozarks." Once upon a time [it] was a sleepy, howdy-and-a-handshake kind of town. Fishin', farmin', gossip at the local cafe---that was Branson [Missouri]. In 1983, Hee Haw's [Roy] Clark was the first to start the stampede into town of big-name performers. Drawn by 24 theaters in which their favorite stars and local acts perform, 4 million visitors a year go to Branson--among the hollows and hills of southwestern Missouri 200 miles south of Kansas City.

Laughter and music ring through Presley's Mountain Music Jubilee, [a] 2,000-seat showplace on Highway 76 (dubbed "76 Country Blvd."). The Presley family (no relation to Elvis) started out 25 years ago in a metal building with 360 folding chairs.

Albuquerque Journal, 5 Apr. 1992

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1860 Census

(Ed Note: Data from the 1860 census is given as follows: Page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/value of personal property, birthplace.)

  5  25/30  James H. Priesley 30 M W Telegrapher 2500/  SC

81 490/536  Thomas H. Presley 28 M W Farmer 10000/6000  SC
            Julia A. "        32 F W                    SC
            David W. "         8 M W                    MS
            Wm.S. "            6 M W                    MS
            Edward Edward     12 M W                    MS
            Nancy C. "        10 F W                    MS
            Catherine "       67 F W                    SC

81 491/537  Lewis Presley     65 M W Farmer 8400/300    SC
            Mary "            50 F W                    SC

226 1504/1504 Ann Presley     70 F W Farmer   400/200   NC

 4  25/25   Madison J. Presley 17 M W Farm Laborer      TN

66 425/425  Charles W. Presley 37 M W Farmer 1600/910   SC
            Sarah C. "         44 F W                   SC
            John H. "          15 M W                   AL
            Louisa S. "        13 F W                   AL
            Martha A. "        12 F W                   MS
            Mary J.             9 F W                   MS
            Elizabeth "         8 F W                   MS
            Jospehine "         6 F W                   MS
            Lydia Ann "         4 F W                   MS
            Charles W.          2 M W                   MS     
    441/    Thomas T. Presley  25 M W                   SC
            Esina E. "         25 F W                   NC
            Matilda "           2 F W                   MS

73  467/467 R.W. Presley       53 M W Farmer 1000/800   SC
            Asenith "          52 F W                   SC
            Mary E. "          20 F W                   SC
            Thomas H. "        17 M W                   SC

135 968/983 L.C.Presley        27 M W Telegraphist      SC

139 999/1014 John Presley      29 M W Carpenter     Canada
             Monroe "          26 M W Carpenter     Canada

223   5/5  John B. Prestley    28 M W Farmer 400/       SC
           Arabella "          22 F W                   MS
           William G. "         5 M W                   MS
           Ezekial B. "         2 M W                   MS

  9  50/47 Wm. Presley         40 M W Postmaster14000/  TN
           Eliza "             38 F W           32000   TN
           Henry "             12 M W                   MS
           Fanny "              3 F W                   MS

10   58/55 Susan Presley       43 F W       9000/20000  TN
           Thomas "            21 M W Bookkeeper        MS
           James "             17 M W                   MS
           Willie "            15 M W                   MS
           Charles "           13 M W                   MS
           Ella "              10 F W                   MS

Page 70

1   1/1       David Pressly   40 M W Minister ARC 2500/ SC
              Sarah "         30 F W              25000 SC
              Ann "           15 F W                    MS
              Calvin "        12 M W                    MS
              Thomas "         7 M W                    MS
              Elizabeth "      5 F W                    MS
              William "        2 M W                    MS
              David "       4/12 M W                    MS

155 1018/1074 L.P. Presley    28 M W Mechanic 100/     GA
              Emily "         22 F W                   MS

45 289/289    A.L. Prisley    32 M W Farmer 800/8000   GA
              Martha H. "     26 F W                   GA
              J.W. Chester    25 M W                   SC
              Sarah Presley    9 F W                   AL
              Temperance "     7 F W                   AL
              Edward "         5 M W                   MS
              Richard "        2 M W                   MS

21 159/147   J.C. Pressly     60 M W Farmer            SC
              living with John James & S.A.F. Gray

129 943/857  Rachael Pressly  60 F   Farmer            SC
             Jane "           40 F                     SC
             Margaret "       21 F                     SC

428 2893/2893 Alfred Maxwell  26 M   Day Laborer  /100 TN
              Nancy "         30 F                     TN
              Eliza "         10 F                     MS
              Lucinda "        7 F                     MS
              James H. "       5 M                     MS
              Sarah S.M.E." 1/12 F                     MS
              Rebecca Presley 25 F                     TN
              Samuel "         5 M    Idiotic          TN
              Mary F. "        1 F                     TN    
 62 520/439  J.M Presley      19 M W Laborer           SC

  5  79/78   T. A Presley     37 M W Farmer 2000/2500  SC
             Cathrine"        23 F W                   SC
21*  79/78   S.J. "            4 F W                   TX
             Paralee "         3 F W                   TX
             Tho.J. "       8/12 M W                   TX
  * The children were found out of order on page 21, but
    from the house numbers it is obvious they are of 
    this family.

93 809/809   Joseph R. Presley 24 M W Laborer      too dim
             Mary "            20 F W                to
             Wm."            8/12 M W               read 

470 207/207 T. Amos Presley    44 M W Farmer 1200/1550 TN
            John N. "          20 M W                  TN
            Wm. F. "           19 M W                  TX
            Edw. L. "          17 M W                  TX
            T.P. "             16 M W                  TX
            S.B.  "            12 M W                  TX
            Anna E. "          11 F W                  TX
            Mary A. "           8 F W                  TX
            Martha E. "         6 F W                  TX
            Harriet C. "        4 F W                  TX
            Francis M. "        2 M W                  TX
            Eliza J. "       2/12 F W                  TX            

Page 71

454 251/252 Wm. Presley       21 M W Laborer   /70    TN
             living with Augustus & Mary Donoho

132 179/182 Isel Presley      12 M W                  NC
              living with H.J. & Caroline Nance

382 184/184 Parker Prelsey    43 M W Farmer    /485   NC
            Elizabeth M. "    40 F W                  NC
            Nancy R. "        17 F W                  NC
            Mary L. "         14 F W                  MS
            William J. "      12 M W                  MS
            Sarah Ann "       10 F W                  TX
            Ophella E. "       7 F W                  TX
            Francis Q. "       5 F W                  TX
            Samuel P. "        3 M W                  TX

121  71/67  Haver Pressley    38 M W Taylor 450/80 Havre
            Caroline "        28 F W             Parkchan
            Mary J. "          5 F W                  TX
            Henry "            4 M w                  TX
            John "             3 M W                  TX
            Frank "         6/12 M W                  TX

41 566/566  Thos. Presley     26 M W Mechanic         GA

100 1440/1440 Thos. Presley   26 M W Carpenter        GA    
236 333/--- G.W. Presler      22 M W Clerk            SC
            Thomas McClanahan 18 M W Day Laborer /500 SC

264 384/384 C.W. Presler      37 M W Surveyor /500 Prussia
            C. "              33 F W               Prussia
            A. "               6 F W                  TX
            R. "               4 M W                  TX
            O. "               2 M W                  TX
            P. "              26 M W Wheelwright/500Prussia
            F. "              23 M W Blacksmith /500Prussia
            E. "              20 M W Saddler    /500Prussia
            J. "              13 M W                Prussia

142  33/33  Eliza Presley     56 F W     10000/10000  SC
            James "           26 M W.  P. Master      SC
144  47/47  Wm. Presley       29 M W Butcher800/3000  SC
            Mary "            24 F W                  GA
            Eliza "            3 F W                  TX
            William "          1 M W                  TX

156 337/337 James Pressler    31 M W Farmer 15000/    LA
            Mary "            21 F W            8000  MS
            James "            5 M W                  TX
            Mary "             3 F W                  TX
            Isaac Roberson    25 M W                  LA

Page 72


Compiled by Fred C. Presley


Since about 1985 the Ontario Genealogy Association has been working on a project of listing names from the 1871 Census. Volunteers have now finished much of the work and have listed the name of the head of each family plus any non-family persons in the home. All Presley/Presler/Pressley names that I could find in the 19 OGS published books in a local library are listed below in a shortened form. More books in the series will be published. I have included mistakes in the place of birth or in the names because that is how they are published. Also, some county boundaries have moved since the 1871 census. Chancy Pressly (Elgin County) is listed near several Pressey/Pressy entries that are all of English birth, too. Was Chancy's family name spelled incorrectly? Note:

*=Presley resident in a non-Presley home Religion abbreviation:
C=Congregational             I=Independent
P=Presbyterian               R=Roman Catholic
M=Methodist   	             E=Episcopal
Origin = place of origin of family of father
District, Subdistrict, Division, Page is the order
that each person's location is given in 1871
census. "-" indicates no Sub-division given.

Preesley  Rosetta*       11       Ont.    P    German     -           Elgin, E, 3,55
Pressly   Chancy*        14       Ont.    M    English    Laborer     Elgin, D, 1,35
Preistley Waddington*    20      England  E    English    Painter     London, B, -, 64
Priestley Thomas J.      32      England  E    English    Baliff      Middlesex, C,1,41
Priestley Waddington*    18      England  E    English    Laborer     London , C, 1,14
Priestly  James          54      England  M    English    Farmer      Middlesex, C,1,57
Priestly  John           49      England  E    English    Laborer     Middlesex, D,1,32
Priestly  John H.        58      England  C    English    Dealer      Middlesex, E,1,9
Priestly  John W.        36      Russia   E    English    Dealer      Middlesex, E,1,11
Pressly   Rachel*        16      Ont.     M    Irish      Servant     Norfolk,C,3,34
Priestley Mary*          59      England  I    English    —           Brant, C, 3,71
Priestly  William*       12      Ont.     R    Irish      Servant     Peel, C, 2, 2
Presley   James          39      Ont.     M    English    Laborer     Northumber.,A,2,37
Presley   Ira            44      USA      M    German     Mason       Lennox/Add.,D,1,21
Presly    William*       70      USA      M    English    Carr. Mkr.  Lennox/Add.,D,3,54
Pressler  Charles        33      Ont.     M    German     Farmer      Lennox/Add.,G,1,51
Pressler  Debra          50      Ont.     M    German     -           Lennox/Add.,G,1,51
Priestly  Robert         48      England  E    English    Pen . Guard Fr ontenac,B,1,2
Presley   George         72      Ont.     P    Irish      Farmer      Prescott,G,—,2
Presley   George Jr.     34      Ont.     P    Irish      Farmer      Prescott,G,-,3
Presley   John           40      Ont.     E    Irish      Farmer      Russell, A,—,96
Presley   Joseph*        22      Ireland  P    Irish      Laborer     Russell, A,—,45
Presley,  Samuel         32      Ont.     P    Irish      Farmer      Prescott,G,—,2
Presley   Wm.            50      Ont.     P    Irish      Farmer      Prescott,G,—30
Presley   Robert         55      Ireland  E    Irish      Farmer      Carleton,D,2,92
Pressley  Wiliam         28      Ireland  E    Irish      Wagonmaker  Carleton,D,2,45
Prestley  Thomas         52      Ireland  R    Irish      Farmer      Russell, E,1,52   

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Darlington, S.C. --Robert Pressley... won the Mark III Vans 200 Busche Grand National stock car race at Darlington International Raceway. . . . Pressley, who earned a career-high $21,075, won by two car lengths, averaging 130.892 mph after leading a total of 15 laps in the race. Pressley is the sixth different winner in six Grand National races this season.
-The Courier-Tribune, Asheboro, NC , 29 Mar. 1992

"When we corresponded regarding Presleys in sports over a year ago, I mentioned a Presley who was in international bob sledding. "The Canadian Bob-sled team [had a] victory in the World Bob-sledding Championship at St. Moritz, January 31, 1965 [and included] Peter Kirby, Victor Emery, Gerald Presley, Michael Young.'" -Fred C. Presley, address withheld

That ancient photograph of four relatives, one of whom is your progenitor, carries the names of the other three.
Genealogy Club of APL Newsletter, Feb. 1991

Page 75


Mary Martha Merritt
address withheld

Seeking info, on parents of Thomas Presley, born 1804 NC, died 1889 Randolph Co., Arkansas. Seek last name of his wife, Mary Ann, born 1806 NC, died Randolph Co., Ark. Son, Rev. David Alexander Presley my grandfather. Will share research.

(Ed. Note: The 1850 & 1860 census listings of the Thomas Presley family in Lawrence and Randolph Counties, Arkansas, respectively, indicate that they moved from NC to Tenn. between 1827 and 1831, and that they moved from Tenn. to Ark. between 1843 and 1850. In 1840 this family would appear to be listed in the Bledsoe Co., Tenn., and would appear to have had two older sons not listed in 1850 and possibly had died or left home. William, Patsy, and another Thomas Presley were other heads of household in Bledsoe Co. in 1840.

It is significant that Charles Presley, Revolutionary War veteran, died in Bledsoe Co. in 1835. His pension application (see p. 28, Dec. 1986 issue) lists his children. Could the above Thomas have been a grandson of his oldest son, John?)

Florence G. Gordon
address withheld

George Gordon married Ursula Presley. He was from the Sheepbridge Gordons of Co. Down, Ireland. He left a will probated 28 Feb. 1786 in Westmoreland Co., Va. His children were George, John, Hannah and Sally Betty. His wife survived him. Who were his parents? Did she remarry? Where did her sons go?

Who were the parents of Presley Gordon (b. 1814 Pa, according to 1850 census)? He married Susan Cathel in Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1835, and was my husband's ancestor. I thought that Presley was a rather unusual first name but have found that there was a Presley Gordon born in 1816 in Ky., and in the family of a John Gordon near Pittsburgh there were several grandsons with that given name—but their last names were not Gordon.

Carolyn Daugherty
address withheld

I am seeking information on the Bressler family. I would like to know the names of the parents of Henry A. Bressler, born March 14, 1818 in Lancaster Co., Pa. His first wife was Martha Matchett, who bore him two children, William Henry Bressler and Elizabeth Ellen Bressler. He then married Mary Ann Siemiller, who was my great grandmother, and they eventually settled in Worth Co., Mo., and had a large family.

Page 76

Marguerite Mason
address withheld

Seeking ancestors of Almond (Ammon) Presley, born ca. 1825 Ga. (may have been Jackson Co.)/ died Phelps Co., Mo. after 1870. Almond married Minerva Matteson mid-1850s, where? May have been in Ark. or southeastern Mo.

James Presley born ca. 1796 SC, wife Charity (---?), born ca. 1797 Ga., married in Ga. probably before 1820. James and Charity were in VanBuren Co., Ark., 1850, having come from Jackson Co., Ga., in the 1830s.

Ammon Presley was living in another household. Is this Ammon and my great grandfather Almond the same person? Are James and Charity Presley the parents of Almond/Ammon Presley?

Mary Ann Creason Rohde
address withheld

I am seeking info, on Alonzo A. Presley, born 12 Oct. 1851 Ga., died 23 Feb. 1921 Fort Worth, Tx., married abt. 1875/76 Ga. to Eliza E.(census records)/Nellie L. (headstone)/Nancy L. (obituary & daughter) Rentfrow. Their children were: Walter Tildon, May (m. Thomas McElwany), Eddie Thomas, Aquilla Ellsworth, Erma Lena (m. Harry George Dolan).

Alonzo's death certificate lists his father as John Presley of Georgia and his mother as Mary Renfro of Georgia. On the 1860 Fayette Co., Ga., census no father was listed, so he must have died betw. 1856-60; the mother was listed as Nancy Presley. A Nancy Rentfro married a Richard E. Presley on 23 Dec. 1850 in Fayette Co., Ga. Since Alonzo was born in Oct. 1851, the Dec. 1851 date seems appropriate for his parents' marriage. Can anyone please help me?

Betsy A. Canedy
address withheld

My line is through my [maternal] grandmother, Lottie Celestine Presley. Lottie's mother and father were George Washington Presley & Eva Geraldine Shears. George Washington Presley's father was Hiram Sherman Presley; Hiram's father & mother were Matthew Presley & Abiar Tifft; Matthew's father was Joseph Presley. The earliest dates I have are for Matthew, born 1775, married Abiar Tifft in 1796, and died in Ellisburg, N.Y., April 26, 1839.

I need additional info, on Matthew and family and on Joseph. According to what has been given to me, there were 4 children of Matthew & Abiar who went West with the Mormons. My line, Hiram, returned and settled in Ellisburg, N.Y. One died on the way.

(Ed. Note: See pp. 29-30, Dec. 1986 issue; p. 41, Mar. 1987 issue; p. 79, this issue.)

Frogs have it easy—they eat what bugs them.

Page 77


(Ed Note: Mary Martha Presley Merritt has called our attention to the following biographical sketch from A History of New Mexico by Charles F. Coan, Chicago & New York, 1925, Vol. Ill, pages 392-3. Those of you descended from this Presley line will immediately note that it contains some significant errors. See pp. 29-30, Dec. 1987 issue for the lineage of this individual.)

Thomas E. Presley, M.D., of Roswell, specialist in eye, ear, nose and throat, has been a resident of New Mexico for over twenty years.

He was born at Coldwater, Tate County, Mississippi, January 7, 1870. His grandfather, Rossell Presley was one of a South Carolina family distinguished in many ways, one of his brothers having been a governor of the state and other members of the family having been prominent in educational work and the ministry. Rossell Presley's children were: James M. ; Thomas and Rebecca. The daughter married Payne Crabb. James M. and Thomas were Confederate soldiers, and after the war moved to Mississippi.

James Madison Presley, father of Dr. Presley, was born in Columbia district, South Carolina, and died at Hamilton, Texas, in 1892 aged seventy-two. He married Sarah Cane, who died in Boston, Texas, in 1891. Their children were: William of Texaco-Farwell, Texas; John of Mangum, Oklahoma; Emma wife of James Singleton of Roswell; and Doctor Presley.

Thomas E. Presley spent the first sixteen years of his life on the farm at Coldwater, Mississippi, and after completing his hight school education he went with his parents to Texas. At the age of seventeen began the study of medicine with Doctor Camp at Boston. He graduated in 1895 from the Memphis Hospital Medical College, following which he practiced for a time at Boston, Texas, and seven years at Hamilton, Texas, and two years at Enid, Oklahoma. In 1904 he removed to Roswell, and has been active in his professional work in that city except for the period he was in service during the World war. In 1902 he graduated from the Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat College, and since then has confined his attention largely to special practice. Since coming to New Mexico, he has been a member of the State Board of Optometry, first appointed by Governor McDonald and reappointed by each succeeding governor. He is a member of the County and State Medical societies, being former vice-president of the State Society; is as member of the American Medical Association and is a director of the Kiwanis Club.

During the World war, he was a volunteer for duty in the medical corps and for two months was stationed at Camp Cody, and then transferred to Whipple Barracks at Prescott, Arizona, where he had charge of the eye, ear, nose and throat department of the hospital. Since the war he has been attending specialist of the

Page 78

Veteran's Bureau at Roswell. He is a democrat in politics.

Dr. Presley married at De Kalb, Texas, June 21, 1891, a daughter of Edward Peters, who was born at De Kalb, Texas, in 1870, her father being a merchant and rancher. The children of Dr. and Mrs. Presley are: Kelsey, a graduate of the Roswell High School and a rancher in McKinley County, Texas, who by his marriage to Sidney Pitt, has four children, named: Marguerite, Ruth, Lorene and Thomas E.; Cute P., a rancher in Lee County, New Mexico, who married Reva Foster; and Eunice wife of Lewis Falconi of Roswell, and mother of a son, Louie Jean Falconi.


Since 1985 when they were licensed as a foster care home with Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina, Joe Pressley and his wife Julie have offered a temporary safe haven for 15 girls on their way from or to Baptist Maternity Home in Asheville. Joe is a mailman and pastor of Laurel Springs church, Fairview, Buncombe Association, which has about 20 members. Julie, originally from San Francisco, is an elementary school teacher. Foster girls share space with the Pressley's own three children, Jessica, Jason, and Jeffrey.

"It's easy to stand in the pulpit and condemn abortion," says Joe, but he and his wife decided to become part of the solution. Young mothers come to the Pressleys if they have no place to go following delivery of their baby.
-Biblical Recorder (Raleigh, NC), 28 Mar. 1992

Lewis A. Pressley, 73, of Cedar Creek Community, died May 2 in an Asheville [NC] hospital. Funeral services were held in Hamburg Baptist Church, burial in Hamburg Cemetery [above Sylva]. A native of Haywood Co., he had lived most of his life in Jackson Co. A WWII veteran, he was a son of Sherley C. & Celia Inman Pressley. He is survived by his wife Edna B. Pressley; sons Scotty A. & Robert L. Pressley, both of Glenville; daughter Shirley P. Eldridge of Brevard; brothers Ray G. Pressley of Canton, James C. Pressley of Canton, Sherlay C. Pressley Jr. of Oak Ridge, Oreg.; sister Thelma P. McCall of Marysville, Calf.; 5 grandchildren.
-The Svlva (NC) Herald & Ruralite, 7 May 1992

Zora Bennett Jenkins grew up in Til ley Creek Community of Jackson Co. [NC] in the early 1900s when times were hard, and recently celebrated her 89th .birthday. The eldest daughter of Hayes & Ella Pressley Bennett, she grew up on a tract of land that was part of the original 100 acres deeded to her forebears in 1835 for $5.

Like other mountaineers, Zora had to learn early in life to cook, make molasses, grow & preserve vegetables and meats, and make warm bed covers from the remnants of worn out clothing. She not only nurtured her own, but other children on the mountain, baking

Page 79

her sweet bread to lighten their spirits as they walked past her house on their way to and from school.

In the 1950s Zora and her husband Lem, a carpenter, moved their children, Lois & Lester, to Union, SC . Widowed a few years ago, she now lives alone in the house her husband built, does what she can for her grandchildren and great grandchildren who live nearby, writes and visits Lois who lives in Lexington, NC, and practices the mountain craft, quilting, that she learned from her mother long ago.

Zora asks that Jackson Co. friends write to her at 706 Church St., Union, SC 29379.
-The Sylva Herald & Ruralite, 7 May 1992

(Ed. Note: The above three articles were shared with us by Alene Pressley Cashatt, address withheld, who states that Zora's mother was her aunt.)


The Hardman Pioneers, 0. LaVell Sadler. Provo, Utah, 1989." (Ed. Note: Condensed from pp. 33-36.)

Just exactly what the circumstances were surrounding our great Grandmother Margaret Holden Hardman during her four and a half year stay in Missouri will probably never be known. It is presumed that when the mobs forced her to flee her home in Nauvoo in the fall of 1846, she went down into Missouri to join her brother-in-law, John Hardman, the brother of her martyred husband, but beyond that, their history remains utterly silent.

The church authorities at that time advised those who had been so unfortunate as losing their partner to marry another mate suffering under the same circumstance. Grandmother Hardman, being the obedient person that she was, had responded to this counsel and had married a man by the name of William Prestley, but we are not certain just when or where this marriage took place. This couple had a new little daughter, Jane Amanda Prestley, born to them somewhere in the Council Bluffs area on February 17, 1851.

The next we hear anything about this family is in the Spring of 1852, where we now find them making preparations to cross the plains to be once again with the main body of the Saints in the Great Salt Lake Valley. The family now consists of William Prestley with his two children, a son and a daughter from his previous marriage, and our Great Grandmother Margaret Holder. Hardman with her three children, Alice Eliza, 16 yrs . , Lehi Nephi. 11 yrs., Richard, 6 yrs., and their new baby, Jane Amanda Prestley

By the summer of 1852, the Church had acquired a great deal of experience transporting many thousands of people across the plains from Winter Quarters to the Great Salt Lake Valley. They had established and refined their programs using their own people

Page 80

carry out this horrendous task, and they were keeping extensive records of all those who traveled in their companies. Unfortunately, we can find no record of our Hardman or Prestley relatives in these Church accountings, and it is supposed that they elected to come to the valley with a private or independent wagon train company.

In their verbal history, they maintain that they came in Captain Burbank's company, but in Church records there is no Captain Burbank listed. He was probably one of the many professional guides that had established his own wagon train business and kept his own records, and as a consequence all we know is that they made their entrance into the valley sometime late in the Fall of 1852.

The wagon train was not far out on the plains from Winter Quarters when a cholera epidemic struck, and William Prestley and his son contracted the disease and soon died leaving Grandmother Hardman a widow with five children, including a babe. Lehi Nephi, now eleven, became the man of the family once again.

Mother and Aunt Al both listened to their father, Lehi Nephi, and recorded how he, as a lad of eleven, drove the ox team across the Great Plains for his mother. It is also recorded that when they were threatened many times by the great buffalo herds that roamed through the wagon trains, he would walk out on the tongue of the wagon between the oxen and remove the bolt through the yoke that secured the oxen to the tongue and stand there tapping the oxen lightly on the head with the bolt and talking quietly to them, comforting and quieting them so they would not wander off with the buffalo, pulling their wagon with'them.

William Prestley, b. 23 Feb.' 1811 N.Y. (son Matthew Presley & Abiar Tift), d. 16 July 1852 Pottawatamie Co., Iowa, ml. Elenor H. Johnson, m2. abt. 1847 Missouri to Margaret (Holden) Hardman (dau. James Holden & Margaret Slater; widow of Richard Hardman), b. 4 Aug. 1809 Wheelton, Lanes., England, d. 7 Apr. 1873 Huntsville, Ogden Valley, Utah, bur. Salt Lake City Cem., Salt Lake City, Utah. Ch.: Jane Amanda Prestley, b. 17 Feb. 1851 Pottawatamie Co., Iowa.

(Ed. Note: See p. 41, Mat. 1987 issue for more information on the William Presley family.)

1860 CENSUS -- Missouri
(Ed. Note: Joan A. Scott of Sacramento, Calf., reports that she has found the following listing in the 1860 census which was overlooked in our earlier publication of census records.)

Lincoln County

              p. 138     James Presley         71  M  Farmer   $6000/3110         VA
                         Mary S "              43  F                              KY
                         John W.               33  M  Minister                    KY

An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult.

Page 81


(continued from March 1992 issue, page 63)

Pressly, Francis Young, D.D.-- Son of Dr. J.P., was born • at Due West, S.C., Jan. 18, 1853, an alumnus of Erskine College, 1871, and was licensed by the Second Presbytery, Sept. 20, 1873, after a full course in Erskine Seminary. That winter was spent in the United Presbyterian Divinity School, Allegheny, Pa., and the next summer, having preached in the Ohio A.R.P. Presbytery, he was ordained by the Second Presbytery, Oct., 1874. He was stated supply of Mt. Zion, Mo., Oct., 1874, to Sept., 1876, and pastor, 1880 to 1886, the intervening four years being spent as missionary in Louisville, Ky.; was pastor of Starkville, Miss., 1886-1890, and while there taught in the A. and M. College; was stated supply of Abbeville, S.C., 1890-1894. The Synod elected him, 1893, Professor of Greek and German in Erskine College, and one year later entered upon his duties. He was moderator of Synod, 1893, and D.D. was conferred by Westminster, Pa., 1896. Synod clothed him as her delegate to the United Presbyterian Assembly, Xenia, Ohio, May, 1880. Since his residence at Erskine College, he has been a professor in her Divinity Hal 1.

When urged by Synod Nov. 13, 1899, to accept the Presidency of Erskine College, he spoke these memorable words after four hours prayerful deliberation: "I have been accustomed all my life to regard the voice of the Church as the voice of God. I wish I could do so now. But I surrender my judgment to that of my brethren and undertake this work until God shall make known His will to you and me." He has filled many positions, both as a citizen of his town and in executive work of his Church, as Board of Trustees of local school districts, Intendant of the town of Due West, in charge of Bethlehem Church, Chairman of the Board of Foreign Missions, President of the Alumni Association of Erskine College, Manager of the College Home. The Institution has prospered under his presidency, the roll steadily increasing, theW.ylie Home for girls built, filled and seeking larger quarters. Coming of a distinguished intellectual family he has sustained his reputation. He wields a polished pen, the mint of his cultivated mind coins English undefiled, his sermons are gems, his bearing dignified, his behavior modest and unassuming, a courteous Christian gentleman. Oct. 10, 1877, the words were spoken which linked his life with Miss Louise M. Reid of Louisiana, Mo.

Copies of old newspapers have holes which occur only on last names.
-Genealogy Club of APL Newsletter, Feb. 1991

Page 82


(Ed. Note: Jim Anderson has begun compiling an inventory of all records in our Association archive. This will enable members to know what is available to them, and will also allow the rest of us to know what may be in our files that we should share with others by providing copies to the archive.)

1790 thru 1840 censuses: All states. 1850 & 1860 censuses: All states.

1870 census: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado

1880 census: (using Soundex index) Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, California, Colorado, Idaho, Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Washington.

1900 census: (using Soundex index) Mississippi; Union Co., NC; Hawkins Co., TN

Census Records and Family Group Sheets for as many of the descendants of the pioneer families of Union County, NC, as could • be found

Computer Data Base: approximately 12,000 names (not all are Presley descendants, some parents and spouses of siblings included)

Letters and queries from our members over the past years since our organization begun.

All four volumes and the supplements to The Presley Saga by Richard C. Fulcher.

Military Records---Revolutionary War
Jonathan Presler of New York
Richard Pressley of New Hampshire (only the cover sheet)
John Priestley of Pennsylvania
Charles Priestley of South Carolina
John Presley of South Carolina
Abraham Preslor or Pressler of New York (only the cover sheet)
David Pressley of South Carolina
Andrew Presley of North Carolina
John Presley of North Carolina

Military Records---War of 1812
Aaron Presley of New York
Philip Priestley of Massachusetts

Page 83

Ralph Priestley of New Jersey
James A. Priestley of New Jersey
Moses Presley of Georgia
Jenkins Presley of South Carolina (note: this is actually a claim for a widow's pension for Rachel Brown Presley, the widow of Jenkins.)

Military Records---Mexican War
Widow's Pension Request of Susan Shoults Presley, the widow of Elbert Presley of Georgia. There is a copy of their marriage license.
Dunnen Presley of Missouri
William Calvin Presley of South Carolina
Marks B. Priestley of Pennsylvania
John Brestley of Pennsylvania

Military Records--- Indian Wars
Richard Presley born in Buncombe Co., NC, and died in Batavia, Arkansas (note: much information about family)
Ephraim Presley born in Haywood Co. NC , and died in Pickens Co., Ga . (note: much information about family)

Military Records--- Civil Wars
Gilbert Presler of Union Co., NC (note: son of Hosea Presley & Rhoda Horn)
John Riley Presley of Transylvania, NC (note: son of James & Mary)
Salathiel Presley of Union Co., NC (note: son of Eleazer & Nelly)
Andrew C. Presley of Union Co., NC (note: son of Eleazer & Nelly)
Milas R. Presley of Union Co., NC (note: son of John)
L.S. Presley of Buncombe Co., NC (note: I think this is Lorenzo S., the son of William)
William Presley of Buncombe Co., NC (note: I think this is the son of John & Harriet)
James M. Pressley of Buncombe Co., NC (note: I think this is the son of David & Jane)
Franklin Presley of Haywood Co., NC (note: son of Thomas & Jemima)
D.S. Presley of Jackson Co., NC (note: this is David, the son of Andrew Peter and Nancy Tilley)
P.P. Presley of Jackson Co., NC (note: this is Fidelio, the son of Andrew Peter and Nancy Tilley)
L.C. Presely of Jackson Co., NC (note: this is Lewis Clingman son of Andrew Peter and Nancy Tilley)
E.E. Pressly of Iredell Co., NC ('note: this is Ebenezer E., the son of David & Elizabeth Todd)
Daniel N. Pressly of Haywood Co., NC (note: son of Thomas & Jemima)
Anthony Presley of Buncombe Co., NC
Darling Preslar of Alexander Co., NC (note: son of Sherrod)

(to be continued)

Page 84


With the September issue of the Newsletter we hope to include a list of members' names and addresses, along with the family lines and geographical areas they are researching. This is information we have not previously had, except in individual cases where we have corresponded with some members.

The information should prove to be very valuable to everyone. For the Association it will inform us of the areas in which you are interested. For individual members it will allow you to contact other members who are interested in the same georgraphical areas or family lines. Many correspondents have requested this information, but heretofore, your editor's answer was dependent on his somewhat overtaxed memory.

We are dependent on each of you to help make this project successful. Please complete the membership renewal forms with the requested information and return with a check for your dues to our Secretary. If you have already paid your dues for 1992-1993 (your address label on this Newsletter begins with number 93-), please complete and return the form by itself.

In completing the information on ancestral research requested on the form, you might want to' include an early, or the earliest, "Presley" ancestor on your tree, plus a significant other ancestor who will designate the branch of the tree from which you are descended. Perhaps if your tree is not extensive, you could use the second space for a collateral line in which you're interested. An extra space is provided for geographical areas to take care of those families who moved around.

Finally, I urge you to return your forms as soon as possible. It may seem a long time "from here to September", but our Secretary must collect them and then forward to your Editor who must enter the information into computer, organize and print it, along with editing the September Newsletter. Like the rest of you, we hope to squeeze in a little "Summer Fun" during that time, as well, so your cooperation will be appreciated.

Page 85


Abbeville Co., SC, records. .................. 41 -42
American Genealogical-Biographical Index. .... 82-88
Biography - Wayman Presley ................... 9-10
Bresslers of Pennsylvania. .................. .23, 25-26
Bressler, Von Bressler, Von Bressler
und Aschenburg. ................... .43,46-51
Buncombe Co., NC, marriage records .......... .57-61
Census - 1860: SC. ........................... 4-6
GA. .......................... .27-29
NC. .......................... .52-56
VA, KY. ...................... .73
MO. .......................... .74-75
FL. .......................... .75
Confederate Military Service Records ......... 7-8, 30-33
Current Fami ly News ..........................6,33,61,80
Dixie Descendants in Brazil .................. 43
Financial Report ............................. 11
From the Editor's Desk. ...................... 2, 20, 24-25, 42, 44-45,68,72
Military Records. ........................... .7-8, 30-33, 56, 76
Pension Application, Rev. War, Abraham Pressler ..... 56
Presleys in Rockbridge Co. , Va. .............. 1, 3
Presley Presbyterian Preachers ............... 16-19 , 37-39 , 62-64
Presley/Preslar/Pressly Press. ....... ...... ..12-15, 35-36, 82-88
Pressley Sportsnews. .......................... 34
Queries. ..................................... 10-11 ,65-66,67,69-72
Tennessee Marriages .......................... 12-15
Union Service Records ........................ 76-78
We Get Mail. ................................ .79-80
What's in a Name. Additional Facts ........... 21-22


Are We Kin?. ................................. 56-58
Biography - Charles William Pressler ......... 23,25-30
Thomas E. Presley ................ 77-78
Blount Co., Tenn., records. ..................7-8
Carter, Helms, Presley .......................65, 67-68
Census - 1850:Hawkins Co., TN. ............... 39-40
Cocke Co. , TN. ................. 40
1860:Lincoln Co. , MO. ............... 80
AR. ........................... .46-48
LA. ........................... .48-49
MS. ........................... .69-70
TX. ........................... .70-71
Current Family News ......................... .21-22, 38, 45, 68, 78-79

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Family Group Data: Joel Broom................ 42
Financial Report............................. 21
From the Editor's Desk....................... 2-3,24-25,44-45, 66
From the Family History Library.............. 7-8,59-61
Hardman Pioneers............................. 79-80
Inventory of Presley Archives................ 82-83
Lake Co., OH, marriage records...............35-37
Membership renewal...........................84
Message from the president.................. 31 ,74
Military records ............................. 12-14,32-34,49-51
Presley, Andrew, Hawkins Co., TN, estate records...............43,45
Presleys of Canada........................... 1,3-6,72-73
Presley Presbyterian Preachers ...............14-15,61-63,81
Presley/Preslar/Pressly Press................9-11,54-55,79-80
Pressley Sport snevs ...................... .74
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