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VOLUME VIII      NO. 2                                          December 1992                                        Page twenty-three

Notes From New York State
by Kathryn P. Campbell

For a side trip from the New York State Thruway this past August, I exited for Newburgh, located at the northern edge of Orange County, entering it on a wide main street called Broadway, which slopes downward towards the Hudson River to the east with a lovely view of the hills on the far side.

Spotting a luncheonette and requesting a phonebook there, I listed the Preslers and variants that I found, and I then went to the nearby Post Office to secure directions to Presler Road, which is to the north of Newburgh City leading into Plattekill which is within present-day Ulster County. Marlboro lies east of Plattekill. also within Ulster County. Before 1800 they were one township: New Marlborough.

Finding the road, I ascended steadily and found myself open-mouthed with awe at the rocky terrain and the old overgrown stone walls, stone cellars, stone houses, old wagon trails leading into tall woods, and many realtor signs! Some homeowners were making their clearings modern but leaving the old stone walls untouched, for which I felt grateful. It was hereabouts that early Preslers grew flax, rye, wheat, buckwheat, apples, grapes (this is wine country), sheep, swine, oxen, horses, and children!

The signposts are marked "Presler" at one point and "Pressler" at another, perhaps conciliatorily(?). Coming out at East Road, if I had followed it west briefly, I would have found another section of Pres(s)ler Road veering north into Plattekill and tightly parallelling the boundary line between Plattekill and Newburgh. With no map, however, I turned and retraced the 1V& miles downward. This area is Catskill Mountains receding towards the River.

The townships of Marlboro and Plattekill I would explore another day, hoping to find a local historian; perhaps among the distant kin group, I would find a genealogy "nut". Perhaps I would find the Wygant who advertises apple products on Lattintown Road, possibly still on land that has been owned by family for over 200 years .... get talking ... hopefully! At least I had learned that Newburgh was 98 miles north of my New Jersey home, close enough for a full day trip.

Let me explain the significance of "Wygant". Anthony Pressler, the second son of immigrant Valentine Pressler, had a daughter, Rebecca, and in 1747 Rebecca married, just

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Here is an interesting bit of information. On my most recent visit to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, 1 struck up a brief conversation with the man who was replacing a light bulb in one of the microfilm copy machines. I inquired as to how busy he was kept His reply revealed that the church has six fuE time people (2 employees, 2 missionaries, 1 volunteers) to maintain 1,800 machines (viewers, copiers, etc.) in the Family History Library and the LDS Office Building where additional church and genealogical work is done. This number win be expanded as the church moves into additional quarters in the old renovated Hotel Utah building. Thats a lot of people reading old records!

And it doesnt include those Family History Centers around the country and me world, to say nothing about all those folks working in county courthouses, public libraries, state and national archives, etc. There's a hunger to know about our roots!

I would like to come back in a hundred years and look at the state of genealogical research at mat time. I'm sure that computers win have transformed everything in the field. Instead of peering at microfilm copies of almost illegible indexes, they will by then be all computerized. Simply press a few buttons, download all Presley records in the Family History Library or in the National Archives into your home computer system. Sit back in your arm chair as that "Star Trek" computer voice tells you the family history, instantaneously compiling the particular family branch from which you are descended. Your great grandchildren may even be hearing about how you quaintly puttered around those old dusty courthouses.

- Albuquerque Journal 18 Feb. 1991

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Notes from New York State

north of then New Marlborough Township, across the River at the Olde First Reformed Dutch Church at Poughkeepsie. In the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 73, there is a notation that "church marriage records were not kept until 1746, although the church was organized in 1716 and baptismal records were kept." On page 229 is found: 1747 Nov. 2. Mackiel Wighandt Y.M. b. Newburgh res. Manskil Rebekka Presselaar T.D. b. Old Manskil res. Manskil

In Heidberg's volume, Ulster County in the Revolution, are listed seven Wygant soldiers from New Marlboro. There are also variants of Weygant, Weigand, and a Wynant. Here is found Mackiel Wighandt, presumably, listed as:
Michael Wygant Sgr ......New Marlboro (Syl, Cl) Invasion of Canada. (SH54182566) 4th Ulster LBR (R266)/Janson Smith (F 522), New Marlboro exempts (CP3/411) b. 6/9/1723 d. 9/10/1807 m. Rebecca....pvt. (DAR766,OGU 121).
Heidberg relies on listings of Fernow and of Roberts and on Old Gravestones of Ulster (abbreviated as OGU) by Poucher and Terwilliger, in large part.

Listed with DAR number 766 are:
Matthew Wygant, b. 1747, d. 9/17/1831, m.Sarah Waring
John Wygant, b. 1/9/1750, d.1/27/1830, m. Eliz. Smith
Thomas Wygant, b. 8/16/1754, d. 5/2/1823, m. Eliz. Bond
John Wygant Jr.*, b. 1757, d.p. 5/30A823, m. Mary Burr
Michael Wygant Jr., b. 3/22/1763, d. _, m. Hannah Tooker.
I believe these are sons of Michael and Rebecca.

I sent for the town clerks' old records of New Marlborough through my local library, making the request to the State Library at Albany, and these came on microfiche, dated back to 1772. Grouped among the Preslers at New Marlborough and intermingling in the local groups making road repairs year after year were the above Wygants and others, such as the Mackeys (variants Makey, McKey, etc.).

So let me introduce Catrina! I believe Catrina was Anthony Presler's daughter. She married in the same church as Rebecca did, only two years later. Perhaps a different dominie** was unfamiliar with the spelling of the family surname. Dominies wrote phonetically, and I have found that the "Presley" spellings varied greatly between the 1740's and 1800, many eventually arriving at more familiar variations as public schools were begun by state legislative acts.

From vol. 73 of the NYG& B Record I find:
Bans, May 20,1749, m. Sep. 22, Juryyen MekkiY.M. b. Ondsmans Kilres. Ulster Co. Catrina Peslaar Y.D.
In script, "Ondmans" may have been "Oudsmans", "oud" being Dutch for "old". Oldmans Kill is out near the Port Jefferson area, Mt. Sinai, on Long Island. An inquiry forwarded by the postmaster there to the Miller Place Historical Society, the nearest one, has yielded nothing on my hope that Anthony's wife's

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family may have lived there, and that Rebecca might have been born there. Perhaps a "nearer-to Newburgh" locality by the same name will surface.***

In the old town clerks' records mentioned above, I noted Urian Makey as a Pathmaster and as one of two men giving security for a third to act as constable and collector in 1777. In 1779 Urean Mackey was Constable & Collector. In 1780 he signed his name as Jurian Mackey when he was sworn in as one of three Assessors. His name repeats frequently in these records, and there appear also a Junior, a Thomas, a Matthew, and a John. I would guess that sons were named after the sisters' (ie. Rebecca & Catrina) brothers in both families, after filial duties were done to the paternal grandfather and to the father. Eventually, a young Anthony Wygant appears, and I find his name in the Index of Wills in Kingston.

Heidberg lists Jurian Mackey Sgr....New Marlboro (Syl, Cl);
4th Ulster LBR (R 265);
1st Lt. New Marlborough 10/17/75,
res'd pre 3/9/79 (F 301).

Heidberg states that in Revolutionary times Ulster County "then" included Kingston down through Newburgh, Willkill, New Windsor, and to the west, the Minisink angle, and that "now" Ulster County goes up through Saugerties and includes Katsbaan and Westcamp and down through Wallkill (not Pine Bush), and through Marlboro, but not Newburgh, Middle Hope, or East Waldenc

He further explains that France adopted the new Gregorian calendar in 1589, protestant Germany and Holland in 1700. but England did not change until 1752. So, birthdates of Revolutionary veterans might be labeled "O.S." or "N.S." for Old Style or New Style, and for the period between Jan. 1st and Mar. 25th (New Year's Day), the double year was used.

Heidberg lists six "Preslers" from Ulster who served in the Revolution, and several more who may possibly have been Preslers. I'll list these in a future article.

* Germanic use of "Jr." was dissimilar to usage now, and could simply mean a younger one of the same name. Sometimes a family would give several sons the same name; daughters likewise.

** "Dominie" means Lord or master, and is a title of respect used where the the meaning was "pastor" or "minister" of the Reformed Dutch Church.

*** News! I have found a 1700's Old Man's KiU near Newburgh!!

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Portion of a map of "Eastern Orange County", New York, published by Adirondack Associates of Clifton Park, NY, & Eastern Orange Co. Chamber of Commerce, Newburgh,NY.

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1860 Census

(Ed. Note: Data from the 1860 census is given as follows: page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/Value of personal property, birthplace.)


505     3064/2761     A Presley        36  M   Farmer          300/700          AL
                      Margaret "       23  F                                    MO
                      Margaret E. "     4  F                                    CA
                      Louisa J. "       2  F                                    CA
                      Geo W. "       1/12  M                                    CA

915    1660/1660      John Brisler     35  M  Farmer        2600/500       Ireland
                      Mary "           35  F                               Ireland
                      John "            2  M                                    CA 

359      689/701      John R. Presly   21  M                                    NH

235    1201/          J. Bresly        34  M                                    AL

781     485/467       James Bressler   37  M  Miner                        Ireland

40      375/328       Jas. F. Presley  25  M  Newsman                           GA

907   3765/3132       John Presley     38  M  Barkeeper                     England

1089  1256/1222       Chas. Prestly    37  M  Mariner                       England
309     245/235       Isaac Preslar    30  M  Peddler           1000/200    Prussia
                      Caraline "       40  F                                Prussia
                      Lena "           11  F                                Prussia

391    29/29          B. Brisler       22  F                                Germany
                        (living with family of A. Bromberger)

806                   Hugh Presley     24  M  Miner                          Ireland

HEREDITY: An omnibus in which all our ancestors ride, and every now and then one of them puts his head out and embarrasses us. — Oliver Wendett Holmes

HEREDITY: The thing a child gets from the other side of the family. -— Marceline Cox

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625     1660/1618     Maberry H. Presley     31  M   Farmer   1600/600          NC
                      Sarah E. "             25  F                              IL
                      Wm. W. "                5  M                              IL
                      Gelecta J. "            2  F                              IL
                      Tillman C. Gregg       16  M                              IL
                      Elizabeth H. Lewis     18  F                              IL
                      Miron M. Isbell        26  M   Teacher          /100      NY

715    2467/2391      William Presley        24  M   Day Laborer      /100      KY
                      Almira "               22  F                              VA
                      Mary L. "               5  F                              IL 
                      John A. "               3  M                              IL
                      George N. "         11/12  M                              IL
                      Calvin                 21  M                              IL

 68      448/448      Robert H. Presley      24  M   Farmer                     TN
                      Katharine "            20  F                              IL
                      John H. "               3  M                              IL
                      Hannah "                1  F                              IL

135      8666/867     John Presley           47  M   Farmer        1500/700     TN 
                      Prudence "             40  F                              NC
                      Lucinda "              21  F                              TN
                      Catharine "            18  F                              TN
                      Polley Ann "           17  F                              IL
                      Rebecca "              16  F                              IL
                      Mahala J. "            11  F                              IL
                      Jasper N. "             9  M                              IL
                      Myram "                 6  F                              IL
                      John W. "               4  M                              IL

648    445/446        Elizabeth A. Pressley  17  F   Domestic                   IL

660    534/535        Robert Pressley        42  M   Farmer        16000/425    OH
                      Elenor "               43  F                              KY
                      Robert "               15  M                              IL
                      Mary "                 12  F                              IL
                      Margt E. "              8  F                              IL
                      John H. "               5  M                              IL
                      William T. "            1  M                              IL

1007   1501/1501      William Presley        30  M  Carpenter              England
                      Susan "                24  F                              KY
                      America "               7  F                              KY
                      William "               6  M                              KY
                      Carolin "               5  F                              IL

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515     1649/1660     George Bressler        36  M   Brewer                 Hessen
                      Caroline "             28  F                              MI
                      Amelia "                4  F                              IL
                      Louisa "                3  F                              IL
                      Benjamin "              1  M                              IL

565     1999/2010     Chas. Bresler          30  M   Merchant            H. Cassel
                      Magdalene "            23  F                           Baden
                      Caroline "              5  F                              IL
                      Mary "                  4  F                              IL
                      Matilda "               2  F                              IL

908        /1906      Chas Presley           38  M   Farmer      400/100        TN
                      Rachel "               38  F                              TN
                      John "                 16  M                              IL 
                      Candace "              14  F                              IL
                      Levi "                 12  M                              IL
                      Nancy "                10  F                              IL
                      Needham "               8  M                              IL
                      Alexr. "                6  M                              IL
                      Mary "                  4  F                              IL
                      Tuagran(?) "            2  M                              IL

615     2078/2068    Slade Smith             47  M   Clergyman       2500/800   NC
                     Susanna "               39  F                              IN
                     Frederick Pressley      17  M   Farmer           2500/     IN
                     Lucrecia "              12  F                              IN
                     John T. "                6  M                              IN
                     Henry C. "               4  M                              IN
                     Margaret E. "            1  F                              IN

1870 Census

(Ed. Note: Beau Hudgins of Asheville, NC, has forwarded the followin data from the 1870 census, which an example of how data can be overlooked by a census searcher. Beau says she knows for a fact that these are "Presleys")

75    David Restley     61  M  NC          William Restley    56  M  NC
      Sarah "           23  F  NC          Diana "            49  F  NC
      Matilda "         11  F  NC          James "            29  M  NC
                                           Elizabeth "        19  F  NC
      James Restley     45  M  NC          Caroline "         17  F  NC
      Jane "            42  F  NC          Pinkney "          13  M  NC
      Larry "           17  M  NC           ? "                ?  ?   ?
      Mary "            12  F  NC          Adaline "           8  F  NC
      Lewis "         6/12  M  NC

115  Riley Presley      55  M  NC     #116 James Repley       77  M  NC
     Silla "            45  F  NC          Mary "             64  F  NC
     Marcus "           21  M  NC
     Esther "            9  F  NC
     Thomas S. "         4  F  NC

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(Ed. Note: The folio wing abstracts of Indian Wars Pension Records are taken from Copies of National Archive files provided by Don D. Terry.)

William L. Presley - He served as a private in Capt. Cunningham's Company, 3rd Regt., NC Militia, during the Cherokee War. Enlisted at Asheville, he mustered in a Franklin, Macon Co., NC, on 29 Apr. 1838, and was discharged at Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC , on 6 July 1838. He received bounty land warrant no. 50,058 for 120 a. issued underact of 1855.

His widow filed a pension application on 4 Nov. 1 892, in which it was revealed that she was then age 63 and resident of Mt. Scene, Towns Co., GA. William was married to Catvaney Presley (maiden name) on 17 Feb. 1848 at Little Mud Creek, Habersham Co., GA, by Simpson Herrin. He died on 31 Aug. 1887 at Mt Scene, GA. Carvaney, who was born 1 June 1829 at Little Mud Creek, died on 14 Mar. 1918.

Adam J. Presley - He was a private in Capt. Cunningham's Company of the 3rd Regt., NC Militia, Cherokee War, and resided at Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, when he enlisted. He mustered in on 29 Apr. 1838 at Franklin, Macon Co., NC, and was discharged on 6 July 1838 at Asheville. He was issued bounty land warrant no. 73,178 for 120 a. issued under act of 1855, and another warrant for 120 a. about 1853. At his enlistment, he was 21 years old, having been born on 14 Aug. 1817 in Pickens Dist, SC; he was 6'2" with blue eyes, "light yellow" hair, "fair and red" complexion, a carpenter and blacksmith.

His widow filed a pension application on 23 Feb. 1894, at which time she was 67 years old and a resident of Mazeppa, Milton Co., GA. Her application revealed that after leaving the service, Adam resided in Buncombe Co., NC, until 1843, when he moved to Lumpkin Co., GA. He later lived in Hall Co., Habersham Co., Union Co., and Rabun Co. in Georgia. On 31 Oct. 1844 he was married by the Rev. Jackson Reeves in Lumpkin Co., GA, to Matilda C. Stephens (Bk. A, p. 148). Adam died on 1 Mar. 1876 at his residence in Oconee Co., SC; Marilda died on 1 June 1901.

The file contains an affidavit by J.V. Presley, relationship, if any, not given.


Craig Smith
address withheld

George Washington H. Presley/Preslar was born 7 Jan. 1836, and served in Company F, 2nd NC Infantry Regt. from 1862 to Jan. 1863 when he was discharged due to tuberculosis. I believe he was born in Anson Co., NC, and married Susan Ann Carpenter, born 15 Nov. 1834, died abt. 1932. Their known children were: 1) Harvey Preslar, 2) James Riley Preslar (born 13 Jan. 1860, died 17 June 1944), 3) William Wesley Preslar (bom 1 Aug. 1866). George W.H. may have been buried in Anson Co., NC, or possibly in Chesterfield Co., SC. He does not appear to have ever owned any property in Anson Co. Any help in identifying the ancestry of this family would be greatly appreciated.

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An Update on the Family of
Matthew & Abiar (Tift) Presler
of Ellisburgh, New York

(continued from Sept. 1992 issue)

The will of Matthew Presler is as follows: In the name of God Amen I Matthew Presler of the town of Ellisburgh do make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following-First I resign my Soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping and believing in a remission of all my sins by the merits and mediations of Jesus Christ and my body I commit to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my executors hereinafter named And my worldly estate I give and devise as follows. I give and bequeath unto my grand son Matthew Presler all my free hold estate situate lying and being in the town of Ellisburgh county of Jefferson and State of New York known and distinguished as part of Lot one hundred and fifty two and one hundred and firry three to have and to hold the same for ever subject to the following conditions. My wife shall have her support from any free hold estate that is my wife Abiar Presler shall have all necessary clothing victuals drink and lodging from my free hold estate during her natural life or as long as she shall remain my widow. And my daughter Betsy Presler shall have all necessary clothing vicutrals drink and lodging from my free hold estate as long as she remains unmarried or until she shall have attained the full age of twenty one years. My grandson Matthew L. Presler shall pay or cause to be paid when he (Matthew L. Presler) arrives at the full age of twenty one years to my oldest son Joseph Presler the sum of two dollars to my son John Presler the sum of two dollars to my son Matthew Presler the sum of two dollars to my son William Presler the sum of two dollars to my son Hiram Presler the sum of two dollars, and when my Grandson Matthew L. Presler shall have arrived at the age of twenty two years of age he shall pay or cause to be paid to Jane Dunlap the wife of John A. Dunlap the sum of two dollars and Amanda Taylor the wife of Jeremiah Taylor the sum of two dollars. And to Sally Coh/in the wife of William CoKin the sum of two dollars and to Lydia Hill the wife of Ludlow Hill the sum of fifteen dollars. And when my Grandson Matthew L. Presler shall have arrived at the age of twnety three years he shall pay or cause to be paid to my daughter Betsy Presler the sum of twenty five dollars and one year from that date he shall pay to Betsy Presler the sum of twenty five dollars making in all to Betsy Presler fifty dollars. My Grandson Matthew L. Presler shall pay or cause to be paid the above named sums of money to the above named persons at the several times above stated but he shall pay no interest I do hereby appoint my wife Abiah Presler Executrix and my friends Martin LilHe and Miller R. Larmouth Executors of this my last will and testament and do give unto them respectively the sum of two dollars each in consideration for the trouble they will have in the execution of this my last will. Also for the better education of my child Betsy Presler and my grandson Matthew L. Presler I do give and

Page 33

dispose of the tuition and custody of them and every of them unto my wife Abiar Presler for such time as they or either of them respectively continue unmarried or under the age of twenty one years and my said wife remains my widow but if my wife shall marry or die during the single life and nonage of either of the before mentioned children (so being unmarried and under the age of twenty one years) I then commit the care and tuition of them or either of them to my executors Martin LUlie and Miller R. Larmouth. Also I do hereby authorize empower and direct by executrix and executors to sell and dispose of all my personal property or so much of it as they or a majority of them shall think proper and to collect all debts due me and to pay all debts due or to become due from me whatsoever remains after paying all my debts and funeral charges I give and bequeath unto my wife Abiar Presler. And my will is and I do hereby expressly declare that in case my Grandson Matthew L. Presler shall die before he arrives at the full age of twenty one years and after the marriage or death of my wife then my freehold estate which I have given to my Grandson Matthew L. Presler shall be sold by my executors in any way they shall think proper and they shall pay to Joseph Presler the sum of twenty dollars and to John Presler the sum of thirty dollars to William Presler the sum of five dollars to Hiram Presler the sum of five dollars and the remainder of the money which remains from my freehold estate after deducting all necessary expenses shall be divided by my executors equally between Lydia Hill Jane Dunlap Amanda Taylor Sally Colvin and Betsy Presler. And also that it shall and may be lawful for my executors in the first place out of the said premises and out of the residue of my personal estate to deduct and reimburse themselves respectively all such loss costs charges and expenses as they shall sustain expend or be put unto for or by reason of performance of this my last will and testament or the management or execution thereof respectively or any other thing in any wise relating thereunto. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine.

Matthew Presler.

Signed Sealed published and declared by the said testator as and for his last will & testament in our presence who at his request in his presence & in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. Miller R. Larmouth Boylston Jacob Pourns Ellisburgh AsaCackins Boylston

Three of Matthew's sons, Joseph, William H.. and Hiram, all are said to have gone west with the Mormons, as did his daughter, Lydia. Joseph Smith founded this new religion in 1830 in western New York, and because of persecution, moved his followers, first to Ohio, then to Missouri, then back to Nauvoo in Illinois. William Hawkins Presley was ordained into the Seventy priesthood on 20 Dec. 1836 at Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio.

In 1839 when their father, Matthew, died, a "Citation on proof of will" for the estate of Matthew Presler was issued, and shows where his children were then residing:

The People of the State of New York: To Abiah Presler, Mathew Presler, Amanda Taylor, wife of Jeremiah Taylor, & Sally Corvin wife of William Colvin of Ellisburgh in the county of Jefferson. Joseph Presler and Lydia Hill wife of Ludlow Hifl of the State of Illinois town and

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county unknown, John Presler of the Provence of Upper Canada town and district unknown William Presler and Hiram Presler of the State of Ohio town and county unknown, Jane Dunlap wife of John A. Dunlap of the town of Sandy Creek county of Oswego'and George Andous Esq of Adams as Special Guardian of Betsy Presler minor- Constituting all of the next of kin and heirs at Law of Mathew Presler late of the town of Ellisburgh in the county of Jefferson and State of New York deceased; Send Greeting:— Whereas Miller R. Larmouth one of the Executors name in the last Will and Testament of the said Mathew Presier deceased has lately applied to our Surrogate of our county of Jefferson, to have the said Will proved as a Will of real & personal property, in pursuance of the Statute in such case made and provided. You and each of you are therefore cited and required personally to be and appear before our said Surrogate at his office in the town of Adams in the county of Jefferson, on the 30th day of December next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, then and there to attend the Probate of the said last Will and Testament.

In Testimony Whereof, We have caused the Seal of
Office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto
affixed. Witness Benjamin Wright Surrogate at
Adams the ninth day of November 1839.
Benjamin Wright, Surrogate.

In the 1840 census William H. Presley was listed in Portage Co.. OH; Hiram Presley is not found from the Ohio census index: Jos. Presley was noted in Brown Co.. IL.

Following the murder of Joseph Smith, their new leader, Brigham Young, led the- first colony of the Mormons across the plains and mountains to Utah in 1847. Of the Presley siblings only William Hawkins Presley began this last long journey, and as noted in the June 1992 issue (pp. 79-80), died of cholera while crossing the plains.

Hiram Presley returned at some point to New York, where he died in 1912. Lydia (Presley) Hill remained in the Midwest and died in Wisconsin in 1880. Joseph Presler's whereabouts in subsequent years is presently unknown, but perhaps someone will soon discover his fate.

As noted in part one of this article, Lydia Aby Presley, the daughter of William Hawkins Presley, married Orlando Fish Mead, in 1853. He had gone to Nauvoo in 1841 and enlisted in the Mormon Battalion in 1846 at Council Bluffs. He arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1849 after working for some time on the Mormon Island near Sacramento. He located in Cottonwood and later in Salt Lake City, and then after his marriage, he lived in Spanish Fork for 21 years. Lydia and Orlando had the following children: 1) Anna Eliza Mead, b. 13 Aug. 1855
2) Zina Percinda Mead, b. 19 Oct. 1857
3) Lydia Kiziah Mead, b. 14 June 1861
4) Emily Jane Mead, b. 31 Mar. 1864
5) Mary Louise Mead, b. 17 May 1866
6) Amanda Mead, b. 20 May 1868
7) IdoniaMead, b. 17 Mar. 1870
8) Orlando Teancutn Mead, b. 27 Dec. 1873
9) George Carlos Mead, b. 29 Jan. 1877
10) Eleanor Mead, b. abt. 1879

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Current Family News

Mr. Charles Guy Presley, 82, of Atlanta, died August 16, 1992. He is survived I by his wife, Mrs. Edith Goddard Presley, of Atlanta [member of our Association], daughters Mrs. Egypt Puckett, East Point, Mrs. Lorraine Chesnut of Boca Raton, FL [member of our Association], Mrs. Rea Pressley, Venice, FL, son Mr. Charles G. Presley, Minister, Deland, FL, sisters Miss Pearl Presley, East Point, Mrs. Ruby) JHendricks, Canton, Mrs. Sarah BonDurant, Elizabeth City, NC, Miss Grace Presley, Canton; grandchildren, Mr. Michael Puckett, Riverdale, Miss Pamela Puckett, Eastj Point, Mr. Malcolm Puckett, Minister, Elizabeth City, NC, Mrs. Edith Inzania, Hopewell, VA, Mrs. Renee Lease, Elizabeth City, NC, Mr. Charles Presley, Deland, FL, Mr. Da vid Presley, Minister, Fruitland, MD, Stephen Presley, Orange City, FL, Dr. Barry McCarty, Minister, Cincinnatti, OH, Mr. Tony Pressley, Sarasota, FL, Mr. Freddie Pressley, Venice, FL, 20 great grandchildren. He was a member of] Southwest Christian Church and a retired construction engineer with McDougal-Warren Construction Co. Funeral services [were] held on Aug. 19, 1992 at Southwest j 1 Christian Church [with] a brief service at Pleasant Hill Christian Church, Jaspar, GA, I with interment at Pleasant Hill Christian Church Cemetery.
— The Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution, Aug. 17, 1992

The Presley/Preslar/Pressly Press

Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York. Excerpted from The Documentary History of the State of New York [1849-1851]. Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan. Baltimore, 1979, 1989.
p. 225. "A List of the freeholders within the county of Ulster. 1728." "The freeholders of the high lands." [incl.] George Wayagont* (*Qu. Weygand?)
p. 286. "Ulster Co. Militia, 1738." * A List of the foot company of Militia of the prescnk of the Highland Under the Command of Capt. Thos. Ellison. Lister Co." [incl.] Anthony Preslaer, Tobias Waygate. George Waygent. Alexander McKey

Denizations, Naturalizations, and Oaths of Allegiance in Colonial New York. Kenneth Scott & Kenn Stryker-Rodda. Baltimore. 1975.
p. 10-11. Denizations. (Ed. Note: Denization is the act of making one a denizen, or one admitted to residence in a foreign country, an alien admitted by favor to all or a part of the rights of citizenship; hence persons were said to be granted letters of derivation.) [incl.] Weigand, Anne Catherine (wife of Michael) - den. London 25 Aug. 1708 VVeigand, Anne Maria (dau. of Michael) - den. London 25 Aug. 1708

Page 36

Weigand, George (son of Michael) - den. London 25 Aug. 1708
Weigand, Michael - den. London 25 Aug. 1708
Weigand, Tobias (son of Michael) - den. London 25 Aug. 1708 [refs.: Shaw n:67: Deeds 10:241]
p. 88. "Oaths of Allegiance, Sept. 1, 1687, Ulster Co." [incl] Arrie France
p. 93. "Oaths of , Allegiance, Sept. 26, 1687, Orange Co." [incl.] Thys Fransz
p. 97. "Oaths of Allegiance, July 9, 1776, Staten Island (before Richard Conner)" [incl.] John Mackey

Guide to the Cataloged Collections in the Manuscript Department of the William R. Perkins Library, Duke University. Ed. by Richard C. Davis & Linda Angle Miller. Santa Barbara, CA, 1980.
4310. Ebenezer Erskine Pressry Papers. 1859-1919. 22 items and 5 vols. Lancaster Co.. S.C.: andlredetlCo./N.C.
Ebenezer Erskine Pressry, minister in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and later in the Presbyterian Church in the United States, served churches in SC and NC. His diary, 1868-1918, contains entries about the weather, crops, household occurrences, community and church happenings, and occasionally his reaction to state, national, and world affairs. There is a diary which also contains a sketch of Pressh/'s life; lists of sermon topics and texts, 1871-1898; records of baptisms, marriages, and funerals performed by Pressry. 1870-1886: elders and deacons he ordained, 1874-1892; accessions and dismissals in the churches which he held, 1870-1896: monies received. 1874-1883: and other financial accounts. Other items in the collection include a college theme on Samuel Adams. 1859; Pressry's license to preach, 1870; a petition relating to South Carolina's fence law of 1877: a call from the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church at Gill's Creek, Lancaster Co., S.C., inviting Pressry to be their pastor; and several business letters.

4311. John Ebenezer Pressry Papers, 1846-1892. 41 items. Coddle Creek (Cabarrus Co.), NC. Papers of John Ebenezer Pressry. Presbyterian minister, contain copybooks of sermons, copies of small missionary pamphlet entitled Increase of Ministers, a scrapbook of printed sermons, and a few poems written by Pressry.

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections.
89-1783. Pressly, George W., 1803-1890. Papers, 1832-1846. 2v.
In Univ. of SC. South Caroliniana Library (Columbia).
Physician, of SC. Consultation, prescription & account book; & notebook listing , causes, symptoms. & treatments of various diseases, recorded by Pressry in Cedar Spring Community of Abbeville Dist, SC.

Think of your ancestors and your posterity, and you will never marry.
—Ethel Mumford

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Pressley Presbyterian Preachers

(continued from June 1992 issue, page 81)

Pressly, Rev. James Patterson, D.D.-Dr. James P. Pressly belongs to a most distinguished family. Three of his brothers achieved distinction, two as physicians and one as an eminent theologian. His father was David Pressly, and his mother Jane Patterson, of Cedar Springs Church. They belonged to that good stock of Scotch-Irish people who helped to make up the Associate Reformed churches in Abbeville Co., S.C., some hundred and twenty-five years ago.

As a boy Dr. Pressly attended Union Academy, a school taught in the neighborhood by his brother, Dr. Jno. T. Pressly. Afterwards, with his cousin, Dr. E.E. Pressly, he went to Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, then under the presidency of Dr. Bishop. He was but sixteen when he entered college in 1824, and only eighteen when he graduated. After returning home he began the study of theology under Dr. Jno. T. Pressly, his brother, the pastor of Cedar Springs. He was licensed on February 21st, 1829, at Due West and was ordained to the full work of the ministry at Generostee March 27, 1830.

After licensure Dr. Pressly labored for a time in the vacancies of the Second Presbytery at Due West, Generostee, Bethel in Laurens Co., etc. He then visited various points in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Two of the places visited by him were settlements of Associate Reformed people in Dallas and Wilcox Cos., Ala. Most of these people had emigrated from South Carolina. He went to Alabama just after his marriage and began work in this laborious charge in 1830. He made his home in Wilcox, and regularly every other Saturday he rode to Dallas [forty miles] on horseback, preached on the Sabbath, and returned on Monday. This was Dr. Pressty's first and only pastorate. He remained in this field about ten years. Here he made his reputation as a preacher. All his sermons were carefully written and memorized.

But the great work of Dr. Pressly was done as a teacher in Erskine College. About the year 1840 his relation as pastor with the churches in Alabama was dissolved and while he was looking about for another field of labor he was chosen Professor of Language in Erskine College. He was identified with the college from the day of its organization to the day of his death. The latter part of his life he was Professor of Greek only.

But not only did did Dr. Pressly do a great work as teacher in Erskine College, he was also a most useful servant as professor in the Seminary. During his whole period as Professor in the College, he was Professor of Greek Exegesis in the Seminary, and in interpreting Scripture , he excelled. He was also professor for some time of systematic Theology. He left his mind upon the minds of a large number of ministers of the Associate Reformed Church.

Dr. Pressly was married three times. His first wife was a playmate of his youth, a daughter of Col. John Hearst of Cedar Springs. She died early. His second wife was a member of his church in Wilcox Co., Ala., a daughter of Samuel Young, Esq. She left two children— Mrs. Reid. now deceased, and Sam. P. Pressly. still living. The third wife was a daughter of Francis Young of Generostee, S.C. Three sons, the late Rev. D.B. Pressly, Dr. F.Y. Pressly, Prof. Jno. L. Pressry. and one daughter. Mrs. Calvin Pressby, were the fruit of this marriage. Dr. Pressly entered into rest March 30, 1877.

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Pressly, Rev. William Laurens, D.D.—The beloved president of Erskine Theological Seminary, the distinguished son of a distinguished sire, was born near Due West, S.C., May 3rd, 1837. IBs parents were Rev. E.E. Pressly, D.D., and Elizabeth Agnew. Dr. Pressly, senior, lived on a farm for some time about halfway between Donalds and Due West, while he was pastor of the church at the latter place, and it was here that his son, William Laurens, was bom. Dr. Pressly, senior, was much afflicted in the death of his children, a number of them dying in infancy. Three daughters and one son, the subject of this sketch, lived to maturity, but the daughters have all passed away, and Dr. W.L. is the only representative of the family left.

Dr. Pressly entered Erskine College at an early age, and graduated in the class of 1857. He did not immediately enter the Seminary strange to say. we are told that he merchandized for some time. He was married to Miss Francis Elizabeth Wideman of Long Cane, S.C., Dec. 23rd, 1858. She was the daughter of Adam Wideman. In 1859, the year after his ntarrige, Dr. Pressly entered the Seminary, then presided over by his father. He connected with the Second Presbytery and in April, 1860 was licensed to preach the Gospel at a meeting at Cedar Springs.

He received a call to the united charge of Generostee and Concord in Anderson Co., and was ordained and installed pastor over these churches in 1862. In his field he labored for nine years most acceptably. In 1871 Dr. Pressly was called to Due West as pastor of the church at that place, to succeed Dr. R.C. Grier. He entered upon his work here in January, 1872, and for seventeen years he labored as pastor and preached in this congregation.

It was with great reluctance that the church yielded to the call of Synod, and consented for him to accept the presidency of the Seminary—on the death of Rev. James Boyce. D.D. He was elected to this position in 1889 at a meeting of Synod held at Prosperity, S.C., and now for thirteen years has been doing most excellent service in training young men for the ministry. Dr. Pressly has nine children living.

(Ed. Note: This concludes the series of biographical sketches taken from pages 284-319 of The Centennial History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church published in Charleston, S.C. in 1905. Our thanks to Dr. John W. Pressly of Salem, Oregon, and to Lorlei Metke of Healdsburg, California, for sharing this material with us.)

Page 39

Presleys Of Canada

Compiled by Fred C. Presley


Marriage Bonds of Ontario, 1803-1834. Thomas B. Wilson. Hunterdon House, 1985.

Annable, _, of Cornwall Tp. to Catherine Ault of same place, bondsmen John Presiey and G. Frederick Ault, both of Williamsburgh, on 26 Dec. 1815 at Williamsburgh. Wits. John Crysler and Ann F. Crysler.

Ramond. Oliver, yeoman, and Elizabeth Criderman, spr., both of Williamsburgh, bondsmen

John Presiey and George F. Ault, both of Williamsburgh, on _, _, 1817. Wits. John Crysler, John P. Crysler.

North, Robert, of Cornwall, peddler, and Elenor White of Osnabruck, widow, bondsmen John Presiey, of Williamsburgh, yeoman, and Charles Wood, of Cornwall, yeoman, on 26 Jan. 1819 at Williamsburgh. Wits. John P. Crysler, Andrew Conover.

[Note: Presleys married Ramond (Raymond) and Criderman (Cryderman) daughters and John Crysler was the godfather to two of the Presiey babies born afterward. These families were friends and neighbors in the decade after the Battle of Cryslers' Farm (John Crysler). Some of the local militia had assembled at the John Presiey farm before the fight took place three miles away. Some Presleys may have been in the invading army because within 15 years some New York Presleys had settled on empty land in Canada.]

More Notices from Methodist Papers. Rev. Donald A. McKenzie. Hunterdon House, 1986.

Pressley, James, was converted ca. 20 years ago at a camp meeting in Nissouri, and died, April 22, 1854; age 55 years, 2 months; survived by his wife and children. (Reference is also made to the conversion of three of his children.) - May 10, 1854.

County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Canada, 1858-1869. Generation Press Inc.
[Order of data given is: name, age, residence, origin, parents' names.]

Francis Weaver, 24, Windham, Binbrook, s/o David & Mary, 15 Sept. 1867 to Sarah Pursley, 22, Townsend, Windham, d/b Allon & Elizabeth.

Wm. Hamilton, 19, S. Dumbries, Blenheim, s/o James & M.A. (Vannel?), 25 May 1867 to

Page 40

Sarah Eliz. Harris, 17, S. Dumfries, England, d/o Joseph & Mary (Presley?).

Henry Knisley, 25, Walpole. Canada, s/o David & Elizabeth (Hoover). 6 Jan. 1863 to Elizabeth Apel Shiver, 23. Walpole, US, d'o Daniel & Rosan (Pretsler).

James William Presley, 37, Brighton, Canada, s/o Ira A. & Catherine, 8 Sept 1866 to Hanna M. Potts. 19. Brighton. Canada, d'o John & Eliza.
John Presley, 24, Rawdon, Adolphustown, s/o John & Sarah A,, 25 Dec. 1862 to Eliza V. Spry, 16. Rawdon. Rawdon, d/o John & Elizabeth.
Munro Presley, 31, Rawdon, Canada, s/o John & Sarah A., 3 Jan. 1865 to Eliza Eastman, 23, Rawdon, England, d/o Alfred F. & Sophia.
Thomas Presley, 22, Hungerford, Canada, s/o Given & Ellen, 4 Mar. 1865 to Annie Hart, 16, Hungerford. Canada, d/o John & Margaret.

David Howell, 27, Newburgh, Fredricksburgh, s.o Joseph & Hannah, 7 Feb. 1862 to Almeda Prestler, 23, Camden, Newburgh, d/o Adam & Eleanor.

Bartholamew Presfy, 26, E. Nissouri, Canada, s/o James & Nancy, 15 Feb. 1862 to Ann Thornton, 23. E. Ntssouri. E. Nissouri. d/o John & Hannah.
William Presty, 40, Ingersoll, C.W., s/o James & Nancy, 3 Mar. 1869 to Margaret Bowers, 27, W. Nissouri, W. Nissouri, d/o Francis & Abigail.

Henry Humphries, 37, Percy, England, s/o John & Mary (Priestly), 14 May 1860 to Sarah Ann Humphries. 35. Asphodel Asphodel, d/o Robert & Catherine (McGuire).

Jane N. Pressly, Toronto, d/o George, 1858 to Geo. Scott, Toronto (Ref. 1:17).
Surrogate Cuurt Index, 1859-1900. Generation Press Inc.

Stephen Presley, Gloucester Township, #1111. 1883 (on reel 264 in Ontario Archives, Toronto).
Thomas Presley. Gloucester Township, #453. 1873 (on reel 259 in Ontario Archives, Toronto).

[Hint: There was an exodus from Ontario, Canada, to the USA midwest in the 1870's, so the 1871 Canada census data might help some researchers in the midwest and on the west coast]

It is indeed desirable to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors.
— Plutarch

Page 41

Family Group Data

(Ed. Note: The following family information has been submitted by Ron Flink, 811 Oakwood Dr., Westmont, IL 60559. His account of the family reunion was given in the Sept. 1992 issue.)

Samuel Miller Presley was born October 30, 1853. in Marshall North Carolina. His parents were Henry Hanford(?) Presley and Rebecca Miller(?). Both Henry H. and Rebecca, like Samuel, were bom in what is now Madison Co., NC. They were married there and had three sons and one daughter. The two older sons were probably killed in the Civil War. At least they went to war and never returned, but they were not listed as killed. One can only assume that they were among the unknown dead. The daughter, name unknown, stayed in North Carolina when her brother, Samuel, moved to Houston, Missouri, at about age 14.

There are two stories as to why Sam moved to Houston. One is that Henry Hanford Presley died and Rebecca went to Houston to marry a man by the name of West. The other story is that Rebecca ran away with West and they moved to Houston, taking Samuel with them. TulvC your choice until we find out which is the true story.

Anyhow, West and Rebecca had five children. One, named Joe, was from West's first manage. The others were probably Ben, Bob, Laura, and Loretta. One married a Cole from Houston and one married a bricker. All but Joe would be long shirt-tail relations.

On May 1, 1879 Samuel M. Presley married Margaret Ellen McKinney (bom 26 Dec. 1854) in Houston, Mo. by Joseph Lane, « Baptist minister. They were my great grandparents. Margaret E. was the grandaughter of James McKinney and the daughter of Calvin (or Colvin). She and Samuel lived in Texas Co., Missouri, near Houston, until they moved to Sac City, Iowa, in 1918. Both are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Sac City, Sam dying at age 80 on 28 Mar. 1934, and Margaret dying at age 90 on 14 Jury 1945.

To this union were born five sons and two daughters, the latter, Tina and Anna, dying in fancy, and one son, George Wesley, born 1 Aug. 1886 and dying on 14 July 1914. He married Lizzy Brandon shortly before he was scalded to death in a smelter accident in Bartlesville. OK. The four sons who survived their parents were:
1) Henry H. (lived in Sac City, IA) (see below)
2) John William (lived in Tulsa, OK), b. 26 Feb. 1891 (or 1889, or 1890), m. Lula Walker. They had no children.
3) David Franklin (lived in St. Louis, MO), b. 24 Feb. 1892, m. Opal Regina Orders, and had: Stella Regina, Mildred Madge, and Ruth Opal.
4) Albert Edwin (lived in Kirkwood, MO), b. 14 June 1896, d. 9 Mar. 1980, m. Mrs. Iris Mae (Orders) Tiffany, and had: Glenna Eunice Tiffany (from her first marriage). Donald Eugene Presley, Margaret May (m. Kenneth R. Carr), Rosa Lee (m. Arvin Lou Peanick).

H. H. (Henry, Hank) Presley was born October 6, 1884, in Texas County, Missouri. He was given the name, Henry Gilford, but during his entire life he was known to all as H.H. Presley, or just Hank. To our knowledge, he never mentioned the name Gilford, and we learned this little tidbit from his mother many years ago. It is also listed on the records in Texas Co., but to us he was Dad.

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Throughout his entire life, Henry was a hard worker, and at various times was a teamster, a maker of drainage tile, a woodsman, a farmer, a deputy sheriff, a blacksmith, a roadworker, a landscape worker, a trucker, a junker, and a bootlegger. One son remembers him mostly as a hard worker with too many kids. He was a big man and a hard man. who loved his family, but believed that sparing the rod spoiled the child. He taught his children the work ethic. His temper, stubbomess and "blue" language are legend with his children, all of whom inherited to some degree all these characteristics.

My maternal grandfather died on 28 May 1965.

(Ed. Note: The following group data is shared by Nelson McKellar, 412 Edgewood Dr, Loveland, CO 80538.)

David Pressley, born 12 Jan. 1764 Glasgow, Scotland, died 11 May 1834 Anderson Dist. South Carolina, married 16 Nov. 1784 Abbeville Dist, SC, to Ann Edmiston (dau. of Alexander Edmiston), bom June 1761 Abbeville Dist, SC. They had the following children:
1) David Pressley Jr., b. 29 Jan. 1786 Abbeville Dist, d. 21 Mar. 1786 Abbeville Dist
2) James Pressley, b. 7 Aug. 1787 Abbeville Dist.
3) Mary Ann Pressley, b. 26 June 1789 Abbeville Dist.
4) David Pressley Jr.. b. 26 Mar. 1791 Abbeville Dist.
5) Alexander Edmiston Pressley (see below)
6) Ester Brown Pressley, b 1 May 1795 Abbsville Dist. 7) Jean Pressley, b. 8 Dec. 1796 Abbeville Dist, d. 8 Oct. 1797 Abbeville Dist.
8) Jean Miller Pressley, b. 15 Mar. 1798 Abbeville Dist.
9) Elizabeth Pressley, b. 3 Apr. 1800 Abbeville Dist.
10) Agnes Pressley, b. 17 Mar. 1802 Abbeville Dist.
11) Rachel Miller Pressley, b. 10 Dec. 1803 Abbeville Dist.

Alexander Edmiston Pressley, bom 27 Jan. 1793 Abbeville Dist, SC, died 17 Oct. 1863 Lowndes Co., Mississippi, bur. Beersheba Cem, Lowndes Co, MS, married Talitha Cothran Thompson (dau. of Moses Thompson & Sarah Cothran), died ca. 1879 Lowndes Co, MS. Their children were:
1) Thompson Pressley
2) Abner Perrin Pressley (see below)
3) Sarah Ann Pressley, b. 3 Feb. 1822 SC, d. 19 Oct. 1918, ml. Frederic Weidmann. m2. Jehu Roden
4) David Pressley (This is a "vague" person, but David had him in his will.)

Abner Perrin Pressley, bom 7 May 1833 AbbeviUe Dist, SC, died 11 Aug. 1912 Lowndes Co, Mississippi, buried Woodlawn Cem, Lowndes Co, MS, married Pickens Co, Alabama, to Sarah Jane Gates (dau. of John P. Gates & Louisa M. Haney), bom 26 Feb. 1841 Alabama, died 5 Dec. 1920 Lowndes Co, MS, buried Woodlawn Cem, Lowndes Co, MS. Their s children were: l)Alice Pressley, b. ca. 1860 Pickens Co, AL, m. Harvey Roberts

Page 43

2) Albert Perrin Pressley, b.1862 Pickens Co., AL, or Lowndes Co., MS, d. 1931 Pickens Co., AL, or Lowndes Co., MS, bur. Woodlawn Cem., Lowndes Co., MS. Never married. In Spanish-American War.
3) Buena Vista Pressley, b. 19 Oct. 1864 Lowndes Co., MS, d. 27 July 1919 Lowndes Co., MS, bur. Woodlawn Cem. Never married.
4) TaJlulah Issaquena Pressiey, b. 24 Sept. 1866 Lowndes Co., MS, d. 29 Mar. 1903 Lowndes Co., MS, bur. Woodlawn Cem., m. Charles Abert Vaughn.
5) Beatrice Pinkston Pressley, b.29 Nov. 1869 Lowndes Co.. MS, d. 18 Sept. 1953 Lowndes Co., MS, bur. Woodlawn Cem., m. James Elgin Vaughn.
6) William Lawrence Pressley, b. 1 Jan. 1871 Lowndes Co., MS, d. 4 Sept. 1932, bur. Woodlawn Cem., m. Ruth Loftis. He served in Co. K, 2nd AL Inf. in the Spanish-American War.
7) Annie Louise Pressley, b. 9 Oct. 1873 Lowndes Co., MS, d. 22 Sept. 1949, bur. Woodlawn Cem. Never married.
8) John Samuel Pressley, b. 22 Jan. 1876 Lowndes Co., MS, d. 30 Sept. 1915 Lowndes Co., MS, bur. WoodJawn Cem., m. Mary Smith.
9) James Harvey Pressley, b. ca. 1879 Lowndes Co., MS, m. Pauline Gousmer.

(Ed. Note: This ancestral information was supplied by Linda Patton Nance, 1922 Brookhaven Road, Wilmington, North Carolina 28403.)

David Pressly II (1760s) married Ann Edmiston (1784), and had son,
John Pressly, married Eliza Violet Brown, who had son,
Richard McMillan Pressly, b. 1800, d. 18 Nov. 1871, married Mary Barron, b. 13 Aug. 1809, d. 22 Dec. 1841. His son,
Rev. William Barron Pressly, b. 2 Mar. 1828, d. 25 Nov. 1883, married 26 May 1858 to Lorenna Evelina Harris, b. 22 Nov. 1840, d. 14 July 1909. His son,
William Francis Pressly. b. 26 Jan. 1864. d. 19 Oct. 1929, married on 26 Dec. 1900 to Susan Lorenna Morrison. b. 5 June 1866, d. 25 June 1948. They became the grandparents of Linda (Patton) Nance.

(Ed. Note: The Pressly Family by William L. Pressiy, nd, np (Family History Library no. 929.273/Al/no. 2814; microfilm no.1,035,515 item 10) lists John Pressly, the husband of ___ Brown and father of Richard M., as a brother (not a son) of David Pressly, who married Ann Edmiston. David and John were two of the sons of David Pressfy, the immigrant, and his wife Esther. David I wrote his will and died in Charleston, SC, in 1 785. See back issues of the Newsletter, including Sept. 1986 and Mar. 1988.)

Many a Family Tree needs trimming.

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A final word from the Editor's Desk

Yes, the dust and cobwebs have taken over my desk this Fall. Files are stored in the garage, and letters have gone unanswered, as the house is being redecorated. It appears the rather slow process will not be completely finished until Spring. However, during the winter months I will try very hard to answer the stack of mail, transcribe a big pile of notes from previous visits to the library and get things m better order.

I apologize if I have overlooked anyone who has been looking for a prompt reply to a query or for an entry in the Newsletter. Things should be more organized in the New Year.

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Several people have suggested that we publish all Presley/Preslar/Pressly census data in a single booklet for the convenience of family researchers. I think this would be a good idea, providing one of you will volunteer to serve as editor of such a project. There remain some of the available Presley records which have not yet been extracted from the census records, and after the records have been published in the Newsletter, we often receive from members certain records that have been overlooked or omitted in the census indexes, or "mispelled" in the census itself. We would want to include all of these record? in any comprehensive booklet of census records. "".~~""" "

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