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VOLUME VIII      NO. 3                                          March 1993                                        Page forty-five

The Presslys of South Carolina
A Review of Relationships

The relationship between the Pressly families of Williamsburg and Abbeville (96-Dist) Counties in South Carolina has been discussed a number of times in these pages. The subject continues to arise in the correspondence with this editor from new members, who have used the various secondary publications as their sources. These have propagated the notion that three Pressly brothers arrived in South Carolina (Williamsburg Co.) from Ireland in 1734, and later two of them moved on to settle in Ninety-Six District. It seems worthwhile to pull together once more the evidence which has been previously published in this Newsletter which in my opinion refutes this theory, so that researchers on these families may clearly understand why this editor disagrees with the theories that have been earlier published. No one has presented solid historical evidence, to date, to show that the previously published theories are correct or that my position is incorrect. I claim no expertise in this area, since these are not my ancestral families, and since I have done no personal research on them. What information I have acquired has come to my hands as editor, so 1 am open to new evidence, providing it is of a substantial, primary nature. Let's examine what I do know, most of which is itself from secondary sources. In reviewing The History and Genealogy of the Witherspoon Family (1400-1972) by Joseph Bailey Witherspoon (Ft. Worth, 1973) and History of Williamsburg by William Willis Boddie (Columbia, 1923; repr. Spartanburg, 1980) we noted in the Sept. 1988 issue of the Newsletter that the Witherspoon and Presslv families seem to have been closely related both in Ireland and in South Carolina after they came to Williamsburg Co. in the 1730's. The author of the first book stated that John Witherspoon had been bom in Scotland in 16^0 and he and his wife, Janet, had lived in Begardie, near Glasgow, before moveing in 1695 to Knockbracken in Drumbo Parish in County Down, Ireland. Their oldest daughter, Janet Witherspoon, married in Ireland to John Fleming, who named in his will (1750 SC) a daughter, Isabella, who married John Pressley. The oldest son of John & Janet Witherspoon was David Witherspoon, who

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It's time to plan our summer research trips, visits with relatives, reunions, new projects to begin this year in our .Association. We elect new officers in June, and we will be starting some additional research very soon in the National .Archives and in the Family History' Library. We will begin working on a census booklet with all the "Presley" records from the 1790 thru at least part of the 1870 census.

If you have some suggestions of areas in which you would like to see our organization concentrate, or particular projects you think we should undertake, let us know. One suggestion that has been made is for a "research reunion" of members in Salt Lake City in the summer of 1994. Anybody interested?

- Albuquerque Journal 6 Feb. 1993

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The Presslys of South Carolina

is said to have married in 1723 to Ann Pressley, by whom he had seven children, including Sarah (b. 1724) who married firstly to David Pressley and secondly to William Pressley. The latter was mentioned in the will of David Witherspoon (1759).

The Presslys came to South Carolina at about the same time as the Witherspoons, and indeed, may have been on the same ship. The South Carolina records indicate that William Pressley and David Pressley were among those who formed the Williamsburg Presbyterian Congregation in 1736.' William Pressley and John Pressley were listed as petit jurors in Prince Frederick's Parish (Williamsburg Twp.) in 1737 When claims to half-acre town lots in Williamsburg were confirmed in 1789, John Pressley was named as an original grantee in 1737. William and John Pressley were signers of a petition in 1742 protesting alleged illegal grants of land in the township by the governor. William Pressley was listed as a slave owner in 1745. William Pressley was executor of the estate of John Blakely in 1747.

In the June 1989 Newsletter Sylvia Castles of Columbia, SC, listed all Pressley land grants now in the South Carolina Archives which were made during the colonial period. The earliest of these included grants of land in Craven Co., Williamsburg Twp. to:
1) William Presley, 200a, warrant 1736, grant 1740
2) John Presley, 200a warrant 1736, grant 1741
3) John Presley, lOOa, warrant —, grant 1741
4) William Presley, 150a, warrant 1758, grant 1761

The above sources would indicate that John, William, and David Pressley were in Williamsburg Co. by the mid-1730's, but were they brothers, and did John and his brother, David, move from Kingsrree in Williamsburg Co. to Ninety-Six District in the 1750's as has been claimed?

A look at Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina, 1740-1760. compiled by Caroline T. Moore (1964), reveals that the records in Charleston include a nuncupative will (will book 1747-1752) of David Presley, St. James1 Parish, Santee, dtd. 31 Mar. 1749, mentions wife. The will of John Pressty, Williamsburg Twp., was dtd. 17 Oct. 1750, and named his wife Margaret, son William, daughters Susannah and Sarah, and brother William.

The evidence is thus that at least John and William Pressley were brothers, but the wills of John Pressley and a possible third brother. John Pressley, preclude then-having moved to Nine-Six District in the 1750's. Why should such a tradition have been started, passed down through the years, and found its way into so many published sources?

The earliest written record we have so far located of this tradition is in a letter dtd. 30 Jan. 1882, Sumerville, SC, written by Judge Benjamin C. Pressley, published in The Flenniken Family, a pamphlet found in the Presbyterian Flistorical Foundation, Montreal NC, and reprinted in our June 1988 issue.

Pressley, born 1815 in Abbeville Co., was a son of William Pressky and grandson of David Pressly, and was judge of the First Circuit in SC for 15 years (1877-1892). In responding to an inquiry about the family history, Judge Pressley. related the story of the three brothers arriving in Williamsburg Twp., SC in 1733 and of two of the brothers, David and John, removing to Abbeville Co. after a fatal sickness swept the former county in 1749-51. He further related

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that the remnant of the family which remained at Kingstree all died out except "a few who removed to California 13 years ago."

Indeed, the name Presaiy did remain in Williamsburg Co. until after the Civil War, when the remaining Pressly family members led by John Gotea Pressley, a veteran of the war, an attorney, and later Judge of Superior Court in California, migrated by the Panama Canal to the golden state. (Ed. Note: An article on the history of this family in California is planned for a future issue.)

A biographical sketch of John G. Pressley in An Illustrated History of Sonoma County, California (1889) (reprinted June 1988 Newsletter) states that he was the son of John B. Pressley of SC, attended the State Military Academy at Charleston, and "entered as a student of law the office of his kinsman, B.C. Pressley, Esq., then one of the leading members of the bar at Charleston." It seems likely that these two men first met in Charleston, and when they began working together, they would most likely have discussed whether or not they had a common ancestry. Benjamin clearly states in his letter that he is no authority on the family history, and there is no reason to think that John G, would have known much more than hearsay about the early family history.

Benjamin probably knew his grandfather's name was David, that he settled in Abbeville Co. in the 1700's, and possibly that he might have had a brother named John Pressley. John G. had probably some knowledge that his family had arrived in SC in the 1730's, possibly that there were three brothers, named Wfflkm, David and John. He may also have known that his great grandfather was William, didn't know that John and David had died or what had become of them or their families. The two men assumed that the John and David Pressley who settled in Abbeville Co. were the same John and David Pressley who had arrived in Williamsburg Co. earlier.

John G.'s likely ignorance about his great grandfather's brothers would have been the result of the simple passage of time. Benjamin's ignorance about his grandfather, David, likely stemmed from the fact that his grandfather died in 1785, thirty years before his grandson was born. Let's examine, now, what we know about the arrival of the Presslevs in Abbeville Co

A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina 1763-1773. comp. by Janie Revill (1939; repr. Baltimore, 1974) (Sept. 1986 issue) shows that David Pressley, Ester Pressley (age 36), Samuel Pressley (age 11), David Pressley (age 6), and Agnes Pressley (age 4) were among the "poor Irish protestants" who arrived on the ship Hillsborough at Charleston and petitioned the colonial governemnt for a grant of land on 27 Feb. 1767. This is recorded in the Council Journal, where at a later date, 6 Jan. 1773, the names of John and Mary Presley were listed as passengers on the brigantine Free Mason from Ireland, who petitioned for land, along with Samuel and Mary Patterson.

The colonial land grant records (June 1989 issue) show that David Presiey was granted 350a in Granville Co. (Ninety-Six Dist.)(warrant 1767; grant 1767) and an additional lOOa later (warrant 1772; grant 1774). John Presley received a grant of 300a in Granville Co. (warrant 1773; grant 1776); Mary was granted lOOa (warrant 1773; grant 1775).

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During the Revolutionary War the Presslys of Ninety-Six Dist. resided in Charleston. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War by Murtie June Clark (Baltimore, 1981) lists as "distressed refugees from Ninety-Six District" in Charleston who received financial assistance in 1782:
John Pressley, dead, left 2 children orphans
David Pressley, with a wife and 5 children.

Another listing indicates that Hester [Esther] was the wife of David, and that Hester received the money for the children of John Presley. David Pressley was listed as parent for Martha, John and W'illiam Pressfy, who attended John Bell's Refugee School during this time.

The will of David Pressly of the Long Cane settlement, Ninety-Six District planter, then residing in Charleston was dtd. 5 Jan. 1785 and proved just ten days later. It is abstracted in Abstracts of the Wills of Charleston District South Carolina, and Other Wills Recorded in the District 1783-1800 compiled by Caroline T. Moore (1974), recorded in Will Book A 1783-1786, and names eldest son Samuel, second son David, sons William & John, eldest daughter Agnes [Pressry] Wyly, daughters, Mary Ann and Esther, son-in-law Henry Wyry, grandaughter Elizabeth Wyly.

The descendants of these families in Ninety-Six Dist. have included many ministers, physicians, and educators, etc. There has been a very strong interest in the family history, with some branches of the family probably recording fairly accurate pedigrees. However, it is my impression that the documentation from primary source records is inadequate in some cases to make the alleged connections or to confirm what is already believed. The documentation of the immigrant generations has been particularly inadequate with resultant dependence on the earlier published "tradition." It is my hope that some of you family researchers will continue the effort to firmly document the history of these South Carolina Pressley families.

Current Family News

Well, the Elvis stamp has finally gone on sale, in case anyone on planet Earth failed to notice. It all happened on Friday. January 8. 1993, when post offices around the country were overwhelmed with lines of fans. Here in Albuquerque 300,000 out of an allocation of 410.000 stamps were sold in the first day, with the post office announcing that a second allocation of 700,000 stamps would be made available within two weeks. The Postal Service only printed 500 million Elvis stamps and expects to make more than S20 million on the stamp and related souvenirs. One 20-year old Peralta, NM, (south of Albq.) man had the stamp tatooed on his chest.
- from Albuquerque Tribune, 8 Jan. 1993, and Albuquerque Journal,
9 Jan. 1993

Rebecca Tollefson reports a new little "Presley" granddaughter, Mary Abigail Blackner, born 3 Oct. 1992 in Tacoma, WA, the 3rd great granddaughter of Lydia Aby Presley (Sept. & Dec. 1992 Newsletters).

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1860 Census

(Ed. Note: Data from the 1860 census is given as follows: page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/Value of personal property, birthplace.)


902         /1960     (?) Bresley          36      R.R. Conductor                   OH

1032   150/141        David K. Presley     38  M  Farmer        1600/747            SC
                      Mary "               31  F                                    IN
                      John Thomas "        13  M                                    IN 
                      Isabel "              7  F                                    IN 
                      Samuel M. "           4  M                                    IN 
                      Rebecca T. "       7/12  F                                    IN 

CLAY COUNTY, Van Buren Twp.
686      125/121      John Anderson        33  M  Farmer          800/160           VA
                      Sarah "              35  F  Housekeeper                       OH
                      Mary F "              8  F                                    OH
                      Sarah A. Pressley    23  F  Domestic                          NC
                      William "             4  M                                    IN

691      161/154      Samuel Graves        34  M  Farmer       500/320              NC
                      Mary M. "            29  F  Housekeeper                       NC
                      Isham "               4  M                                    IN
                      Synthie "             3  F                                    IN
                      Millisa "          5/12  F                                    IN
                      Sarah Ann Pressley   29  F  Domestic                          NC

CLAY COUNTY, Dick Johnson Twp.
716     348/340       Rebecca Bressler     18  F  Domestic                          PA

798     924/917       Henry Bressler       56  M  Farmer          1500/510          PA
                      Elias "              28  M  Farm Laborer                      PA
                      Daniel "             26  M  Farm Laborer                      PA
                      Sarah A. "           20  F  Housekeeper                       PA
                      Emeline "            18  F  Domectic                          PA
                      Mary "               16  F  Domestic                          PA
                      Elizabeth "          11  F                                    PA

154    1133/1133      Daniel Moore         47  M  Farmer           6600/900         IN
                      Eliza J. "           35  F                                    OH
                      Mary E. "            14  F                                    IN
                      Samuel T. "          12  M                                    IN
                      Winfield S. "         9  M                                    IN
                      Joseph C. "           7  M                                    IN
                      George R. "           3  M                                    IN
                      Mary A. Presley      56  F                                    SC
                      Elizabeth Moore      94  F                               Ireland

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209     1553/1553    Jacob Bressler          64  M  Farmer     5000/1660            PA
                     Susanna "               59  F                                  PA
                     Margaret "              26  F                                  PA
                     George "                17  M                                  IN
                     William H. "            15  M                                  IN
                     Louiza "                13  F                                  IN

875        /1774     Geo. W. Presley         30  M Farmer       4000/1200           SC
                     Nancy L. "              30  F                                  IN
                     Irvin S. "               3  M                                  IN
                     Laura Carver            17  F  Domestic                        OH

875       /1775      John B. Presley         25  M  Farmer                          SC
                     Rebecca "               22  F                                  IN
                     Infant "              1/12  F                                  IN

113      732/735     Samuel Kesler           47  M  Farmer      8000/800            VA
                     Elizabeth "             37  F  Housekeeper                     PA
                     Elizabeth Presler       21  F  House Work                      OH
                     Washington "            26  M  Farm Laborer                    OH
                     Amanda Kesler           16  F  House Work                      OH
                     Isabelle D. "           11  F                                  IN
                     Merander S. "            9  F                                  IN
                     Lydia A. "               7  F                                  IN

207    880/871       Henry Presler           38  M  Laborer         /260        Nassan
                     Elizabeth "             37  F                              Nassan
                     Henry " Jr.             11  M                              Nasson
                     Mary "                   9  F                                  IN
                     John "                   6  M                                  KY
                     Thersa "                 3  F                                  IN
                     Joseph "                 1  M                                  IN
                     Henry Stephens          61  M                              Nassan

791     969/769      Robert Presley          22  M                                  KY
                        living with household of Thomas & Sophia Veach

 87     569/858      Samuel Pressler         46  M  Farmer       400/750            OH
                     Eliza "                 43  F                                  PA
                     William "               16  M  Farmer                          IN
                     James K.P. "            14  M                                  IN
                     Martha A. "             10  F                                  IN
                     Lydia E. "               8  F                                  IN
                     David H. "               6  M                                  IN
                     Mary P. "                3  F                                  IN
                     Daniel F. "              1  M                                  IN
                     Mary Gilpin             16  F                                  PA

376    1299/1295     Jacob Presler           46  M  Farmer      2000/472            OH
                     Christina "             37  F                                  PA
                     Lydia S. "              11  F                                  IN
                     Hester A. "              4  F                                  IN
                     Joseph C. "              2  M                                  IN
                     Francis M. "         10/12  M                                  IN

Page 52

686     160/150      Michael M. Pressler      48  M  Merchant       4900/7000        VA
                     Rhoda A. "               42  F                                  KY
                     Lucinda "                23  F                                  IN
                     Jane "                   19  F                                  IN
                     Sidney P. "              17  M                                  IN
                     Emily "                  14  F                                  IN
                     Elkanah P. "             13  F                                  IN
                     Manerva C. "              8  F                                  IN
                     Mary A. "                 6  F                                  IN
                     Samantha J. "             4  F                                  IN
                     Boy "                     1  M                                  IN

140    991/1001      Samuel Presley           43  M  Physician         300/2000      OH   
                     Sarah J. "               43  F                                  OH
                     Nancy "                  16  F                                  IN
                     Elizabeth "              10  F                                  IN
                     Mary "                    8  F                                  IN
                     Martha "                  5  F                                  IN

158    1280/1219     Richard Presley          27  M  Farmer Laborer     200/    Ireland
                     Marianda "               24  F                                  IN
                     Joseph "               7/12  M                                  IN

891    1136/1136     Robert Presley           29  M  Mechanic              /100      NC
                     Clarissa "               29  F                                  NC
                     Mary A. "                 3  F                                  NC
                     Martha Roberson          26  F                                  NC
                     Nelly "                  23  F                                  NC

767    1284/1274     Wm. Presler              29  M  Shoemaker            /200       OH
                     Mary "                   24  F                                  IN
                     Richard "                 2  M                                  IN
                     Stephen "              2/12  M                                  IN

1035    672/672      Phillip Pressler         69  M  Farmer           400/20         PA

211     166/159       Frank Bresler           33  M  Laborer          200/50      Baden
                      Susan "                 23  F                                  IN
                      Mary Ann "               4  F                                  IN
                      Caroline "               2  F                                  IN

Page 53

693     610/605      Nathaniel Presley        40  M  Physician         700/783        SC
                     Nancy A. "               35  F                                   IL
                     Mary E. "                14  F                                   IL
                     Robert T. "              11  M                                   IN

TIPTON COUNTY, Tipton Cicero
   8     64/64       John C. Clauson          29  M  Painter            400/100       OH
                     Ann "                    23  F                                   IN
                     Albert Presley           18  M                                   OH
                     Henry Burton             21  M  Farmer                           IN

327   847/864        Jas A. Pressly           19  M  Farm Laborer                     IN
                         living with family of Andrew Hamilton

508   828/837        Elizabeth Presley        51  F  Straw Hat Maker    700/250  England
                     Harriet N. "             30  F                              England
                     Francis ODell            22  M                              England

VIGO COUNTY, Terre Haute, 3rd Ward
750   651/627        Jos. S. Pressler         38  M  Cooper                /300       PA
                     Mary A. "                36  F                                   PA
                     Sophia "                 13  F                                   PA
                     Alfred A. "               3  M                                   DE
                     Allen Higden             26  M                                   OH

689    48/49         George Bressler          35  M  Cabinet Maker      1000/250      PA
                     Isabel "                 32  F                                   PA
                     Sarah E. "               10  F                                   OH
                     Jeremiah "                7  M                                   OH
                     Mary E. "                 2  F                                   OH
                     David Stough             26  M                                   OH

WHITLEY COUNTY, Jefferson Twp.
795     816/821      John Pressler            29  M  Farmer              900/125      OH
                     Selena "                 32  F                                   OH
                     Wm. A. "                  6  M                                   IN
                     G.T. "                    3  M                                   IN
                     Andrew "                  1  M                                   IN

WHITLEY COUNTY, Thorn Creek Twp.
946    1876/1881     V. Presler               29  M  Farmer            1400/300       OH
                     Diana "                  22  F                                   OH
                     Elmira "                  3  F                                   IN
                     John A. "                 1  M                                   IN

955    1929/1934     Andrew Presley           22  M  Farmer            1000/300       OH
                     Rebecca "                23  F                                   OH
                     David "                   3  M                                   IN
                     Martha "                  1  F                                   IN
                     David "                  65  M                                   PA
                     K(?) "                   69  F                                   PA
                     Mary "                   35  F                                   OH

Page 54

36      258/258      Edward Prestly           37  M  W  Farmer         600/400     England
                     Hannah "                 29  F  W                             England
                     William "                31  M  W  Farmer            /400     England
                     Joseph "                 29  M  W  Farmer         600/400     England
                     Richard Roe              31  M  W  Farmer         500/400     England

105     782/752      Stephen Presley          20  M  W  Farm Hand                       NY
                       living with Warren J. & Mary C. Howell

134    1086/1055      Wm. Presler             35  M  W  Farmer         100/500          NY
                      Diadema "               33  F  W                                  NY
                      Frances "               10  F  W                                  NY
                      Delva "                  8  F  W                                  PA
                      Melom "                  7  M  W                                  PA
                      Chas "                   5  M  W                                  PA
                      Ida "                    2  F  W                                  MN

HENNEPIN COUNTY, Minneapolis, 2nd Ward
195    1698/1579      Conrad Brestler         42  M  W  Saloon Keeper              Germany
                      Rosana "                30  F  W                             Germany  
                      Rosana "                 7  F  W                                  PA
                      Geo. W. "                5  M  W                                  PA
                      A(??)y "                 4  M  W                                  PA
                      Josephine "              1  F  W                                  MN

RAMSEY COUNTY, St. Paul, 2nd Ward
145     832/738       Bartette Presley        57  M  W  Grocy. Mercht. 30000/10000 Germany
                      Mary E. "               38  F  W                                  MO
                      Andy G. "               10  M  W                                  NY
                      John Webber             29  M  W  Porter                     Germany
                      L. C. Kinneston         28  M  W  Clerk                           NH                

149    1381/1169      Martin Bresley          25  M  W  Farm Laborer               Ireland


CARSON COUNTY, Virginia City
57        /624        A.C. Presley (-by?)     38  M  W                                  --

WASHINGTON, WYOMING --- No Presley, Presler, Bressler, etc. found in censuses of these states.

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(Ed. Note: The following records continue those previously listed here, which were extracted from the indexes of the National Archives. This work has been done for the Association by a professional genealogist, Lilla M licht, 490 M St. SW, Apt. W604, Washington, DC 20024 (teL 202-554-2429; fax 202-488-7742).

She offers the following by way of explanation concerning these records: "The microfilm numbers are those assigned by the National Archives and enable, one to locate a particular roll of film. To shorten my writing, I wrote: micro (#) roll (#)". In regard to the "Compiled Service Records of American Naval Personnel & Members of the Depts. of the Quartermaster General of Military Stores Who Served in the Revolutionary War, 'None' means that there were no persons named [Presley] et al on the film, including Naval personnel. This was a very limited list and does not infer that there were no persons by name [Presley] et al in the Navy during the Revolutionary War. Naval Records are rather complicated, and scattered throughout the Archives. This was a rather short film, so I believe it is only a small piece of the total of Revolutionary War Naval records."

"The Naval Rendezvous Reports which are included in this report: The information comes from cards on microfilm and was originally copied from a book. The information on these Rendezvous Reports enables one to locate the person in the muster rolls and ship logs. The muster rolls, which were taken about once a month gives the person's rating, date and place of enlistment vessel or place from which received, date received aboard, where bom, age, physical description, and occupation. The log books enable one to learn where the ship traveled during the time the seaman was on board, and any battles, etc. in which the ship participated. Both ship logs and muster rolls are at the National Archives."

(Micro 880, Roll 1-4)

NONE of the variant spellings of Presley beginning vith Pre through Prisly.
NONE of the variant spellings of Presley beginning with Bres through Bseslark.

(Micro M879, Roll 1)


(Micro GR-15)


Page 56

(Micro T1098, Roll 3,24)

Bressler, Jno H.; Rendezvous: Mare Island; Date of Returns Aug 17/72; pg 239? Record of Service: 11/2/72 Benicuia R. June 3/73.

Pressey, Sheridan; Rendezvous: Phila.; Date of Return: Feb'y 5, 1881; Pg 48; Record of Service: 6-25-81 Ports., NH 11-26-81 R. 1-14-82.
Pressey, Enos; Rendezvous: Silliman; Date of Return: Nov 2/80; Pg 292 E.O.V.; Record of Service:Dis. 11/1/81
Pressey, Enos; Rendezvous Silliman; Date of Enl. 11/2/82; Pg EOV-308; Record of Service: Dis. 12/13/82.
Pressey, Philip; Rendezvous: New York? Date of, Return: May 12/63; Pg 229; Record of Service: 5/12/83 Nipsic., Dis., Dec 3/85.
Pressey, Clement; Rendezvous: Mare Island; Date of Retxirn: Sept 21/78; pg 340; Record of Service: Pensa. Pensa 10-26-78; Independ in custody of Civil Authorities. Dis. Feb 21/79. (Note under "Pensa" is #: 78-3; Under "Independ. In" is #: 78-4).
Pressey, G.-L.; Rendezvous: Endeavor? Date of Enl. Aug 3/77; Pg 467 E.O.V.; Record of Service: Dis,, Oct 30/77.

Pressy, Enos; Rendezvoxis: Earnest; Date of Enl. Sept. 23/76; Pg 171 E.O.V.; Record of Service: Dis., Dec 4/76.
Pressy, Enos; Rendezvous: Earnest; Date of Enl. April 4/77; Pg. 416 E.O.V.; Record of Service: Dis., Oct 25/77.
Pressy, Enos; Rendezvous: Sillienan; Date of Enl. Oct 26/77 Pg 584 E.O.V.; Record of Service: Dis., Oct 26/78.
Pressy, Enos; Rendezvous: Silliman; Date of Enl. Nov 2/81; Pg 618 E.O.V.; Record of Service: Dis. 11/1/82.
Pressy, Enos; Rendezvous: Silliman; Date of Enl. Nov 1/78; Pg 250 E.O.V.; Record of Service: Dis. Oct. 31/79.
Pressy, Enos; Rendezvous: Silliman; Date of Enl. Nov 1/79; Pg 588 E.O.V.; Record of Service (blank).

(Micro T1099, Rolls 3,23)

NONE under "B'

Presley, Charles P.; Rendezvous: See Presley, Charles B; Date of Return: Mar 21/63; Pg 141 part 1; Record of Service: (blank).
Presley, Charles B.; Rendezvoxis: New York; Date of Return: Mar 21/63; Pg 141 part 1; Record of Service: Em Duncan Hastings 4-17-63 Hosp. Memp. D. Nov 7.

Page 57

Pressey, Asa; Rendezvcms : Portland; Date of Return: Sept 24/64; Pg 719 Part 4; Record of Service: Pontiac, Florida 7/15/65, Shawmut. (Under "Florida" is #: 66/4).
Pressey, Edward L.; Rendezvous: Boston; Date of Return: Nov 4, 1865; Pg 401 part 2; Record of Service: 12/9/65 Canandaigua, Dis. Feb 19/69.
Pressey, William A; Rendezvous: Portland; Date of Return: Aug 27/64; Pg 614 part 3; Record of Service: Colorado, Ft. Jackson, Eolus, E — -*, Dis. June 11/65, R.S. Phila. (Under " Colorado, Ft" is #: 65-1; ditto under Jackson, Eolus); * name is unreadable, appear to be 4 letter word.

Pressler, Joseph; Rendezvous: Cin. Ohio; Date of Return: May 2/63; Pg 221 part 1; Record of Service: 5-8-63 F. Barker.

Pressley, Thos.; Rendezvous: N. Atl. Sqd (Army); Date of Returns Apr. 30/64. Enl . Mar. 30/64; Pg 357 part 1; Record of Service: Mt . Vernon, Tacony, Dis. July 25/65, P.S. Bow. (Under "Vernon" is # 64-2; Under "Tacony" is 1/16/65).

Priestly, Seacoiae; Rendezvous: New York; Date of Return: Apr 9/64; Pg 223 part 1; Record of Service: 4/16/64 E. G. Squad, 11/21/64 Pursuit, Restless, N.A. 12/31/64 Squad, Yactic, Nyack, Dis. Apr 5/65, Aud 99. M.R.65-1. (Under "Restless" 64-3.).
Priestly, Seacome A.; Rendezvous: See Priestly, Secome; Date Of Return: Apr 9/64; Pg 223 part 1; Record of Service: ————————— .

Priestly, Patrick: Rendezvous: Philadelphia; Date of Return: July 30/64; Pg 547 part 3; Record of Service: 8/13/64 A.S. Squad., Stettin, 1/12/67 R.S.S.Y., -4/6/67 Ascutney, N.Yd. Wash., Hon. Dis. July 26/67.

(micro 241, roll 1)


(micro 631, roll 1)


(micro 630, roll 1)


Page 58

Notes From Germany

The scholarly two-volume study of The Palatine Families of New York by Henry Z. Jones Jr. was published in 1985, and a subsequent volume was published in 1991. Neither contained the specific information on the ancestral home of our 1709er ancestor, Valentine Pressler, but the search by Hank Jones goes on. In a preliminary article by Jones in The Palatine Immigrant, vol. V, no. 4 (Spring 1980), he had some interesting comments about his research and the 1709ers which we abstract for you here.

The reasons for the emigration were spelled out by Knittle as follows:
1) Ongoing wars with pillaging, looting, and destruction of crops, as spelled out in many churchbooks.
2) A severe winter of 1708-09, heavy snows, frozen fruit trees and grain, frozen cattle, people, rivers, mills, hunger, also noted in churchbooks.
3) High taxes and exorbitant rents. Letters in European archives from emmigrants in America testify to this.
4) Religious reasons existed, but did not seem to be a primary one.
5) A spirit of adventure, many people having been on the move within Germany before going to America—wanderlust.
6) Pamphlets were distributed by ministers throughout Germany which pictured a magical view of America.

Carla Mittelstaedt-Kubaseck has assisted Jones with this research in Germany. One list of petitions to emigrate in 1709 was found in the Wiesbaden archives with some interesting answers to questions:
"How did you first come upon the idea to leaving Germany?"
Answers: "poverty", "to improve the way of life", "the high price of bread".
"Where will you get the means for your journey?"
Answers: "sell all my possessions", "sell my animals".
One of these petitions revealed that almost the entire population of a town left.

Carla, at least in 1980, went out about three weeks a month, and ran into many trying circumstances. Ministers sometimes did not know where their churchbooks were located, no one having asked for them in the last fifty years. During the wars many churchbooks had been desroyed. Pastors were often suspicious and insisted that someone watch her as she copied. Some asked, "Why study these people? They were only peasants." (Can you imagine such a question in America?) One churchbook survived World War n, only to be destroyed immediately afterward, when for lack of fuel, the pastor used it to cook his meal.

Page 59

Jones' research has brought to light many new facts about these emigrants. Rarely did these immigrants come alone, being almost always with neighbors, friends, or relatives. Groups of people often came together, and often several people from the same village. .As we know, the Presslers came as a family group, but from what village we haven't yet determined. If the records are lost, of course, we may never know.

As reported in his 1991 volume, More Palatine Families...., a family of Presslers was found in Ottweiler and Hirzweiler by a researcher, Dirk Zimmer of KlarenthaJ, Germany. No connection has been made with the American family, but the data has been shared with us by Hank Jones and is presented here.
A. Pressler, Andreas, Baver, Sohn von Balthasar P, aus Baldweynitz / Bayem?
b, ca!636? d. 6.7.1707 Hirzweiler (71y.)(kath.)
m.I 19.4.1664 Ottweiler (ev.)
Kramer, Catharina, Tochter von Johann K. aus Altweiler/Saanverden/Frankreich
b. ca 1640? d. 27.11. i 677 Hirzweiler (ev.)
m.II 11.6.1678 Ottweiler (ev.)
N. Margarethe, witwe von Joh. Mich. N. aus Neunkirchen
b.? d. 7.12.1687 Hirzweilei
m.III 4.6.1688 Ottweiler (kath.)
[Widow Maria Dam]
b. ca. 1637? d, 18.7.1711 Hirzweiler
1. Sebastian chr. 4.4.1665 Hirzweiler (ev.)
2. Maria chr. 5.3.1667 Hirzweiler (ev.)
3. Heilmann (Wilh.) chr. 24.2.1669 Hirzweiler (ev.)[see below]
4. Joh. Caspar chr. 22.12.1670 Hirzweiler (ev.)
5. Joh. Nicholaus chr. 13.5.1673 Hirzweiler (ev.), ± 23.12.1692 Hirzw. (kath.)
6. Joh. Adam chr. 21.6.1675 Hirzweiler (ev.), d. 28.12.1677 Hirzw. (ev.)

B. Pressler. Wilhelm (Heilmann). Baver
b./chr. 24.2.1669 Hirzweiler d. 14.9.1741 Hirzweiler (kath.)
m. 13.5.1691 Ottweiler (kath.)
Weiskircher, Catharina, Tochter von Johannes W. und Junckes Anna aus Hutu'gweiler
b. 4.2.1675 Hlingen (kath.) d. 3.11.1741 Hirzweiler (kath.)
1. Joh Nikol. chr. 29.10.1691 Hirzweiler. Pate war Joh. Nikol. Pressler, der ledige Bruder des Vaters
2. Angelica chr. 8.1.1693 Hirzweiler, Pate: Andr. Pressler. m, 14.10. HI 4 Ottweiler mit Joh. Wahlen aus Oberlinxwlt
3. Agnes - chr. 2.1.1695 Hirzweiler, m. 1717 Ottweiler mit Holzer, Nikol., Sohn v. Heinr. H. u. Gebhard, A. Cath., Stennwk.
4. Maria Harg. . chr. 30.11.1696 Hiizweiler, m. 28.1.1716 Ottweiler mit Fuchs, Joh. Jak., S. v. Peter F. u. Baltes, Mars., Huttigwlt.
5. Johannes chr. 3.8.1699 Hirzweiler, d. 16.7.1712 Hirzwlt.
6. Elisabeth . chr. 27.9.1700 Hirzweiler, m.I 28.1.1716 Ottweiler mit Spaniol, Gregor; m.II 30.7,1730 Ottweiler mit Spaniol, J. Peter
7. Maria Elis. Peter chr. 20.7.1702 Hirzweiler, m. 22.7.1721 Ottweiler mit Jager, Wilhelm von der Hirzweiler Muhle
8. Anna Marg. chr. 8.6.1704 Hirzweiler, d. 9.6.1704
9. Anna Marg. 1704 chr. 25.11.1705 Hirzweiler, m. 26.2.1726 Ottweiler mit Breit, Joh. Georg von der Eichelmuhle
10. Joh. Wilh. chr. 7.7.1708 Hirzweiler, m, 27.11.1730 Ottweiler mit Zimmer, A. Cath., T. v. Joh. Z, aus Vehtelfangen
11. Susanna chr. 10.6.1709 Hirzweiler, m. 29.6.1733 Ottweiler mit Lothschutz, Mich., S. v. Caspar L. u. Marg. aus Dunzweiler
12. [bottom of page cut off; unable to read]

Page 60

Some Thoughts About Letter Writing

Letter writing is often called an art, and unfortunately, almost a lost art. Perhaps "good" letter writing is an art, just as good writing of any sort is an art.

Not everyone can be a "good" letter writer, but everyone can learn to communicate and to learn the basic form which a letter should have, and more importantly, everyone can make more effort towards the actual writing of letters. Communication is more important than art, even if one is lacking somewhat in the latter talent.

Those of us who become active in genealogical research will soon learn that to have any success at all, we will have to do some letter writing, and we also soon discover that many of our letters go unanswered. Yet, as genealogists, we need to improve our own correspondence skills.

Who doesn't love to get letters? I do, and the genealogy correspondence 1 recsive is carefully filed chronologically for each correspondent along with copies of my replies. I have all such letters I have received for the past 25 years (yes, they take up space), and I quite often will search a file for information in a letter received long ago, often from a now-deceased correspondent

How frustrating it can be, however, when a letter is undated, or with no return address. I make it a habit to write down the date when I received each letter, and to make sure the envelope is not thrown away before checking for the return address on the letter, but I do forget now and then. I urge eyeryone to get into the habit of including date and address —and their name— on each letter they write.

Can you type? Not everyone can, but if you can, please type your letters. Sometimes our handwriting, which looks okay to ourselves, may not be so legible to someone else, particularly if we are including information on names and addresses unfamiliar to the recipient Be neat, and use complete sentences, with no abbreviations. Your correspondent wants all your information and wants to get it correctly. Just because you know who were the parents and who were the children, doesn't mean someone else can figure it out, if you aren't very clear and very specific.

So, you say that you can't spell, you can't type, and your handwriting is terrible. You'll just telephone. After all, who wouldn't want to receive a telephone call from a friendly person interested in a subject of mutual interest? I enjoy and appreciate all such calls. •,

Page 61

The problem with telephone calls is that they come when the receiver's mind is on something far from the subject about which you are caffing. I answer the phone and desperately try to recall the subject about which the caller is speaking. Even if I have just recently been working on it, I will often draw a blank (some of you may be convinced that your editor is a blithering idiot). You can't answer a simple question, your files are out of reach, or you can't remember at the moment where you filed that information. Then you forget to ask that important question which you had been planning to pose yourself to the caller. If it's a new acquaintance, you discover that youVe hung up without obtaining the caller's address and telephone number. How do you get back in touch?

I always try to make notes during or after a phone call, but sometimes I'm busy at that minute and I forget. A few days later or a week later, you can't for the life of you remember the details of what the caller said.

With a written message you can refer to the contents many times—years later, perhaps. I certainly don't discourage telephone calls (they're too enjoyable), but I am saying that they never take the place of the written word. That goes for genealogical research or for personal communication. I have in my file cabinet three files of personal letters, one file written during the Civil War, another during the First World War, the third written by my Dad during the Second World War. What a personal loss it would have been, and a loss to my family records, if they had been able to use the telphone instead!

These ancestors are gone now, but their written words remain with me and tell me about their lives at that time. We will be "ancestors" some day ourselves—maybe you already are one, but you haven't "gone away" yet! It's not too late for you, and the information you put on paper now may be valued by those who will follow you. even if there is no one who has expressed interest now.

Let's try to improve the quality and frequency of our letter writing in our personal relationships as well as with our genealogical contacts. It does get easier with practice. In spite of what some people have predicted, the written word shows no signs of disappearing, TV aside. It's transmission may just take a different form. Fax machines, computer modems, etc. may enable us to transmit messages more rapidly, but the written word is still with us. and promises to be for some time to come.

Ed -Dunn
PS: Just as I finished typing this, the phone rang. It was a 2nd cousin, with whom I hadn't spoken in over 42 years. He wanted to know about the family history. What a wonderful chat! Ain't genealogy wonderful?!?

Page 62


GEAUGA COUNTY. OHIO. CLERK QF COURTS COMMON PLEAS DOCKET INDEX. 1807-1847. 1848-1890 Ohio Historical Society Microfilm Roll No. GR 5099. Ohio Historical Society, Velma Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

(FOUND in 1848 to 1890 REVERSE INDEX)

page 189 Syria I. Young, plaintiff, vs. James Presley, et al., defendants. Term of judgment or decr«: 14 Fab. 1881. Final Record vol. 45, p. 489. Foreclosure sale approved. Execution Docket vol. P, page 373,

page 190 Thomas H. Sveeney, plaintiff v. John Presley Jr., defendant. Term of judgment or decree: 30 July 1886. torture and amount of judgment or decree: Trans. for lien, $22.66. Execution Docket vol. Q, page 332.

page 190 Thomas H. Sveeney, plaintiff v. John Presley, Jr., et ah, defendants. Term of judgment or decree: 25 October 1886. Journal Yol.W., page 97. Hature of Suit - Relief (Settled). Execution Docket vol. Q, page 378.

page 194 Thomas H, Sveeney vs. M. S. Presley, et al., defedants. Term of judgment or decree: 25 October 1886. Journal vol. W, page 97. Hature of suit — Relief (Settled). Execution Docket vol. Q, page 378.


* means value produced during year ended 1 June 1870.

Charles Presley, page 7, line 26. Owns 24 acre* improved land, cash value $1000. Livestock owned »of 1 June 1870: 2 milch covs, Ssvine. Yalue of livestock: $100= Produced during year ended 1 June 1870: 4 tons hay. Total value* of all farm production: $40.

Jerry Prealey, page 7, line 27. Ovns 65 acres Improved land, 31 acres unimproved voodland. Cash value: $4000, Yalue of farm implements and machines; $100. Livestock ovned as of 1 June 1870: 3 hones, 5 milch covs, 1 other cattle, 2 svine. Yalue of all livestock: $500, Produced during year ended 1 June 1870: 41 bushels vinter vheat, 100 bushels Indian corn, 228 bushels oats, 30 pounds vool, 100 bushels Irish potatoes, 500 pounds butter, 12 torn hay. Yalue* of home manufactures: $125. Yalue* of animals slaughtered: $55. Total value* of all farm production: $550.

John Presley, page 7, line 28. Ovns 160 acres improved land, 30 acres unimproved voodland. Cat value: $10,500. Yalue of farm implements and machines: $250. Total value of veges pai including board: $50. Livestock ovned as of 1 June 1870: 2 horses, 4 milch covs, 3 otta cattle, 30 sheep, 3 avine. Total value of livestock: $475. Produced during year ended 1 Jui 1870: 14 bushels spring vheat, 200 bushels Indian corn, 200 bushels oats, 150 poun vool, 25 bushels Irish potatoes, $25 in orchard products, 600 pounds butter, 20 tow ha 150 pounds maple sugar. Yalue* of home manufactures: $150. Yalue* of anim slaughtered: $35. Total value* of all farm production: $655.

Submitted by Claire Prechtel-Kluskena,

Page 63

We Get Mail

I've come across some information which might help "tie in" the Lake & Geauga County, Ohio, Presleys/Presiers to those who were from New Paltz, Ulster County, New York, and migrated to Ohio via the Finger Lakes region.

The Revolutionary War Pension Application of William W. EUsworth was abstracted in Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, vol. XXXIL no. 1, a publication of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Jacob Presley, age 80, residing in Mayfieid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, witnessed the EUsworth application on 16 August 1852. Jacob said he lived in the Mayfieid area for 30 years. and that he had attended the wedding of William W. EUsworth and Barbara Hitt in Lister County. Other affiants state that the wedding was 4 August 1799 in New Paltz. Nancy Green, residing in Seneca, Ontario County, NY, in 1852, said that she (and William and Barbara) were from New Paltz, but both families (ie. EUsworth and Green) had moved to Ontario County, New York. My ancestor, John Presley (ca. 1799-1878) was also an affiant stating that he had known William and Barbara since about 1812.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, tax records tend to show that John Presley's father is probably John Presler, who died ca. 1823-24, leaving a widow, Newe (Newey). John Presler (1770's-ca. 1823) is on the 1820 census for Chagrin Township., Cuyahoga County (today's WTUoughby, Lake County). His probable sons John (1799-1878) and Richard appear there in 1830, while probable son Jeremiah (ca. 1805-1883) is in KMand, Geauga County (now Lake Co.) in 1830.

To my surprise, I found that Jacob "Prusler" also appears on the 1830 census of Chagrin, Cuyahoga County, Ohio (today's WiUoughby, Lake County, Ohio). Unfortunately, I cannot find Jacob on the 1840 or 1850 censuses. He is not living in anyone's household in Mayfieid on the 1850 census. William and Barbara EUsworth, both age 90, were living in JH ' Mayfieid in 1850.

Interestingly, Caroline Presley (b. 1832), daughter of Jeremiah Presley, married William Ellsworth (b. 1830), apparently a son of Benjamin EUsworth (b. 1802). In the 1850 census in Mayfieid, Cuyahoga Co., the household of Benjamin and his son William was two houses away from William W. & Barbara Hitt EUsworth, which suggests to me that Benjamin was their son.

Conclusion: It seems possible that John Presler (b. 1770's, d. ca. 1823) was a brother of Jacob Presley/Prusler (ca. 1772-after 1852) of Mayfieid. Does anyone have any information about Jacob or his siblings?

Claire Prechtel-Kluskens


Nancy A. Thorne
address withheld

Looking for information on M. Robert Presley, who was born March 1760 and married to Mary by 1787. Children born between 1787 & 1800 were: Isabel, Sary, Phely, Ely, Eleanor, and Eleazer. My line continues thru Isabel, born 1787 Anson Co., NC, who married Henry Hargett III of Mecklenburg Co., NC, about 1808. She died, after 1870 in Franklin Co., AL.

Also looking for parents of Mary Presley, born abt. 1779 and married to Jesse Walker of Amelia Co., VA. Their son, Howard, was born 22 Nov. 1797 in Butte Co., NC.

Page 64

Scott K. Williams.
address withheld

I have an uncle, William Presley Rains (b. 1840 Decatur Co., TN, d. 1885 TN), whose father was John A. Rains (b. 1787-88 Randolph Co., NC, d. 1848-50 Decatur Co. , TN) and whose mother was either Mary Shumaker (Shoemaker) , Mary Douglas, or Polly Duke (according to three different sources). John A. Rains was the son of Anthony Rains (b. 1757 Caroline Co., VA, d. 1837 Randolph Co., NC) and wife Nancy Graham (b. 1760, d.?). Does anyone know of a Presley/Rains, Presley/Graham, etc. connection to explain the Presley middle name of this ancestor?

Family Group Data

(The following was submitted by William Dean Bullen, 500 Vander Veen Dr., Mason. MI 48854, who writes: "I have inherited Thomas Presley's family Bible and photo albums of his wife's family and George Presiey's family..,. I retired in 1987 from the Michigan Dept. of Transportation where I was a bridge design engineer for 38 years and have engaged in genealogy as a hobby since. It will be good to finally share some of this Presley history with some other Presley descendants.")

Rev. George William Presley, b. ca. 1787 co. Kent, England, d. 30 Dec. 1865 White Oak Twp., Ingham Co., ML bur. N. Stockbridge Cem., Ingham Co., ML mar. firstly, bef. 1811 to Sarah Curtis, b. Margate(?), co. Kent England, d. Canterbury^?), co. Kent, England. He mar. secondly, 2 Jan. 1837 in Ml to Martha J. Lowe, b. 5 Dec. 1805 Ulster Co., NY, d. 6 Nov. 1898 Stockbridge, Ingham Co., ML bur. N. Stockbridge Cem., Ingham Co., MI. He lived in Canterbury and in Margate, co. Kent, England, as well as in Dexter, Washtenaw Co., ML and Dexter, Ingham Co., ML. and was a local Wesleyan preacher. Children by first wife:
1. William Presley Jr., chr. 27 Feb. 1812 St. Peters (formerly King St. Wesleyan), Canterbury, co. Kent, England
2. Thomas Presley (see below)
3. Charles Presley, chr. 20 Feb. 1820 St. Johns (Hawley Square Wesleyan), Margate, Co. Kent. England

Page 65

4. Eliza Presley, chr. 20 Feb. 1820 St. Johns (Hawley Square Wesleyan), Margate, co. Kent, England, d. ML, mar. 1844 to James Alchin Children by second wife:
5. Jane Presley, b. 10 Dec. 1833, d. 10 Sept 1841, bur. N. Stockbridge Cem., Ingham Co., MI
6. Richard W. Presley, b. 27 Feb. 1840, d. 29 Feb. 1862 Muildrough Hill. KY; bur. N. Stockbridge Cem., Ingham Co., ML Served in Co. H, 9th Regt. Mich. Infantry.
7. Mary J. Presley, b. ca. 1842, d. 24 Nov. 1864, bur. N. Stockbridge Cem., Ingham Co., ML mar. Lucius Bowdish.
8. John Presley, b. 21 Jan. 1845, d. 16 Aug. 1864 Petersburg, VA ("killed by lightning"), bur. N. Stockbridge Cem., Ingham Co., ME. Served Co. B, 7th Regt. Mich. Infantry.
9. Joseph Presley, b, ca. 1847. mar. 13 Oct 1867 Leslie, Ingham Co., ML, to Mary Smith.

Thomas Presley, b. 8 Jan. 1815 Canterbury, co. Kent, England, d. 12 Mar. 1888 Dexter, Washtenaw Co., MI, bur. Dexter, Washtenaw Co., ML, mar. 10 Sept. 1846 N. Aurelius, Ingham Co., MI to Martha Smith (dau. David Smith & Mary Shaw), b. 21 Nov. 1823 Bamsley, co. York, England, d. 22 Aug. 1909 N. Aurelius, Ingham Co., ML bur. Dexter, Washtenaw Co.. ML He was a shoemaker, and a Methodist. His newspaper obituary included the following: "Thomas Presley came to America in 1832. The family first settled in Geneva, NY, but soon after they removed to Dexter, Mich." Their children were:
1. George C. Presley, b. 12 June 1847 Dexter, Washtenaw Co., ML d. 22 Jan. 1931 Lansing, Ingham Co., MI, mar. 30 June 1875 to Minnis E. Alien. His newspaper obituary included the following comments: " As a 17-year-old lad, he enlisted in Captain Grant's company D. 20th Michigan Volunteer Infantry for duty in the Civil War and was discharged when his regiment was mustered out on July 21, 1865. A half century ago, Mr. Presley accepted a position in the office of the secretary of state and served as chief of the building and loan division." Their children were:
a, Frank Presley, b. 1876, mar. Letta __. Resided in Lansing & served in Spanish-American War.
b. Helen "Edith" Presley, b. 1881, d. 1907
c. Russell Presley, b. 1888, mar. May __. Served in WWI and in 1931 was with the US Marine frying corps stationed in Los Angeles.
2. Oscar Presley, b. 18 Oct. 1849 Dexter, Washtenaw Co., ML d. 3 Sept. 1869
3. Willam T. Presley, b. 6 Oct. 1851 Dexter, Washtenaw Co., ML d. Detroit, Wayne
Co., MI, mar. 4 Jury 1872 to Nettie Van Riper
4. Frank E. Presley, b. 16 Oct. 1853 Dexter, Washtenaw Co., ML d. 26 Feb. 1902 Dexter, Washtenaw Co., ML mar. 25 Dec. 1883 MI to Anna D. Reed
5. Adah M. Presley, b. 27 Dec. 1858 Dexter, Washtenaw Co., ML d. 10 Nov 1918 N. Aurelius, Ingham Co., MI, bur. N. Aurelius, Ingham Co., ML, mar. 26 Oct. 1880 Dexter, Washtenaw Co., MI to John Elijah Bullen (son of Reuben Rich Bullen & Elizabeth M. Vandenberg), b. 2 Mar. 1851 N. Aurelius, Ingham Co., ML d. 12 Mar. 1915 Lansing, Ingham Co., ML. bur. N. Aurelius, Ingham Co., MI (grandparents of William Dean Bullen). Their children were:
a. Ray L. Bullen, b. 1883, mar. Beulah Dean
b. Maude Bullen, b. 1884
6. Ella S. Presley, b. 19 Dec. 1865 Dexter, Washtenaw Co.. ML d. 26 July 1888 Dexter. Washtenaw Co.. MI.

Page 66

(The following family data was supplied by Marjorie P. Duggan) James Priestly, b. 1760, d. 1821, mar. bef. 1790 to Sarah McBride(dau. Major William McBride & Martha Lapsley Sr.), b. 15 Sept. 1766. Their Children were:
1. John Thomas Priestley (see below)
2. Wiffiam Priestley
3. James Priestley, d. 30 Sept. 1830
4. Philander McBride Priestley, d. abt. 1855
5. Joseph L. Priestley
6. Sarah Ann Priestley

John Thomas Priestley, b. 19 Feb. 1790, mar. bef. 1813 to Hannah Montgomery. Their children:
1. James Priestley, b. 7 Aug. 1813, d. 30 Sept 1855
2. William Priestley, b. 31 Jan. 1816
3. Elinor Jane Priestley, b. 15 Aug. 1821, d. 1866
4. John Thomas Priestley (see below)

John Thomas Priestley, b. 11 Jury 1824 Greenfield, Weakley Co, TN, d. 27 May 1895 Greenfield, Weakley Co., TN, mar. 12 Nov. 1846 TN to Eliza Brooks Williams, b. 8 Apr. 1828, d. 15 Apr. 1895 Greenfield, Weakley Co., TN. Their children:
1. William Priestley, b. 13 Sept. 1847, d. 10 Aug. 1936
2. Frances Eleanor Priestley, b. 1849, d. 1855
3. Jamei? Edgar Priestley, b. 4 Aug. 1853, d 4 Feb. 1923
4. John McNeill Priestley, b. 23 Aug. 1855, d. 1 Apr. 1915
5. Robert Walter Priestley, b. 24 Jan. 1858, d. 19 Mar. 1940
6. Joseph Lane Priestley, b. 25 June I860, d. 28 Nov. 1949
7. Jennie Anna Priestley, b. 7 Jan. 1863, d. 27 Aug. 1929
8. Evaline (Evie) Priestley, b. 23 Apr. 1865
9. Emmett Davis Priestley, b. 8 Aug. 1867
10. Thomas Philander Priestley, b. 31 Aug. 1871, bur. Weakley Co.. TN. mar. 28 Dec. 1897 Gibson Co., TN to Mattie Cora Raines, b, 1 July 1874 Trenton, Gibson Co., TN, d. Memphis, TN, bur. Weakley Co., TN (grandparents of Marjorie P. Duggan).