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Published by the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association

VOLUME VIII      NO. 4                                          June 1993                                        Page sixty-seven

Obituaries from
The New York Times
Compiled by Edwin C. Dunn

Nov. 7, 1908, p, 7.
Died Suddenly In A Hotel.
A.L. Bressler,
Former Adjutant General in Ohio,
Victim of Cancer.

Arthur L, Bressler, 45 years old, who was Adjutant General under ex-Gov. James Campbell of Ohio from 1890 to 1892. died last night at 7:15 o'clock in the Hotel St. Lorenz. 127 East Seventy-second Street, of cancer of the stomach. Death came suddenly. Coroner Shrady investigated the case.

Mr. Bressler won some note in a Venezuelan war some years ago, and was formerly connected with the United States army. Recently he had been connected with the Deforest wireless telegraph system.

* * *

Sept. 16, 1925, p. 25.

Presley-On Sept. 15, Earl Warren Presley, M.D. of 3808 Amboy Road, Great Kill, S.I., passed away at The Staten Island Hospital in his 36th year. Survived by wife, Lois Exton Presley. son Exton and mother. Mrs. James S. Hayward. Services at his late residence, Friday. Sept. 18, at 2 o'clock. Interment Moravian Cemetery.

* * *

Feb. 21, 1937, p. 10.
Rev. J. Walter Bressler.
Special to The New York Times.

Cleveland. Feb. 20-- Rev. J. Walter Bressler. pastor of the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Parma, suffered a heart attack and died suddenly today while instructing a confirmation class in the church. He was born in York County, Pa., sixty years ago. He came here two years ago after serving as pastor of churches in Niles and Mount Vernon, Ohio, and in Indiana and Illinois.

* * *

Apr. 14, 1937, p. 25.
Mrs. William Presley.
Special to The New York Times.

Long Branch, N. J., April 13 — Mrs. Hannah M. Presley. widow of William Presley. died at her home here today at the age of 82. Surviving are three sons, former Fire Chiefs William G. and Oliver G. Presley and Charles L. Presley, and two daughters, Mrs. William Finlay and Miss J. Adele Presley. City Magistrate Eldon C. Prelsey is one of five grandchildren.

* * *

Dec. 17, 1942, p. 29.
David M. Bressler, Welfare Leader.

Widely Known in National, State and Municipal Relief-Dies at the Age of 63. Raised $6,000,000 in 1926. Member of the State Planning Board Was a

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Page 68

THE PRESLEY/PRESLAR/PRESSLY NEWSLETTER is a quarterly publication of the Presley/Preslar/Pressly Family Research Association and is distributed to members and to selected genealogical libraries, President is Lillian L. Stumpp, address withheld. Vice-president is Elizabeth B. Bunting, address withheld. Treasurer is E.L. Singleton, address withheld.

Queries and items for publication should be sent to the Editor, Edwin C. Dunn, address withheld. They will be included in the Newsletter at no cost as space permits. Back issues of the Newsletter may be ordered from the Editor at $1.50 each (only three issues were in volume one).

Applications, checks, and renewals for membership should be sent to the Secretary, Carol Hicks, address withheld. Applications should be accompanied by family group sheets for the Presley (etc.) family line. Dues are $12 per year; associate membership (spouses) dues $5 per year, payable on July 1st. New members receive all back issues for the current membership year. Dues received after Fterch 1st will be applied to the following year beginning on July 1st.

Inquiries concerning material in the Association archive should be addressed to the Research Director, James E. Anderson, address withheld. They should be accompanied by two first-class postage stamps.


I have learned that someone entered my name and address on the genealogy echo of _J GEnie with the statement that our Association had a booklet on Elvis Presle/s family history for ,.--^y sale. Many of you will recall that in 1990 I agreed to compile the information we had in our files ' on this branch of the family and to print copies only for the several of those members who requested them m advance. This was intended as a working reference for those researchers who might add to and extend the information we then had. When several requests for copies came to me later, I agreed to provide unbound photocopies at cost to members only. However, it is not feasible to continue to provide these, but as will be seen later in this issue, one of our members may soon have a new publication covering Elvis' lineage.

Jim Anderson, our research director, has provided the editor with a copy of the computer database that he has been compiling since the founding of our Association. This is a Presley (and variants) database, which now contains over 11,000 individual names, and over 4000 marriage records. It is in the form of a GEDCOM file, and can be used with any genealogy software program capable of converting the file from its current GEDCOM format. If enough members are interested, we might consider possibly making it available to members at a small fee to cover cost of materials and shipping. This database will continue to be expanded, of course.

Another bit of computer news from Commsoft Inc. involves a new version of Roots, version IV. The

- Albuquerque Journal no date shown

Page 69

preliminary information that has been made available indicates that there will be many improvements, with elimination of many of the trying aspects of version III. This "Cadillac" of genealogy software will be released this summer, if anyone is contemplating a purchase. A couple of computer questions are included on this month's ballot sheet for members, so that we will have a better idea of what members are doing in this area.

Another two years has elapsed, and if s time to elect officers for the next two years. You will note from the enclosed ballot that a couple of changes are contemplated. We hope you approve, but more importantly, we hope you'll let us know your opinion one way or the other. Please vote on the slate of candidates for office, and return the ballot. Yes. I'm afraid this is a "one party" election. We don't do this by choice; it's just that we have a hard enough time finding just one slate of candidates willing to do the big jobs. Anyone who wants more choice should offer themselves for consideration. We keep looking for you to help.

Finally, don't forget to renew your membership for 1993-1994. Membership fees are due by July 1st even though the first Newsletter of the new year will be the September issue. If you send your check to us by July 1st it will relieve the workload on the officers in compiling a budget for the new year, and in compiling a new mailing list, and in doing all the other necessary summer work (we want to go on vacation, too). Most importantly, an early reply will ensure that your election ballot will arrive on time, and that your name, address, and areas of interest will be included on the membership list to be mailed to members with the September issue.

Please answer the list of questions on the membership application so as to enable the officers better to plan projects and activities that would be beneficial to members.

Obituaries from The NY Times

Lawyer—Aided Jewish Immigrants Here, [photo]

David M. Bressler, who was widely known for his activities in Jewish, State and municipal relief and in charity organizations, died yesterday afternoon at the office of his physician to which he had been taken from his office at 75 Maiden Lane after he had suffered a heart attack. He resided at 103 East Eighty-fourth Street.

Mr. Bressler, son of Julius and Sarah Rothenberg Bressler, was born in Germany on May 1, 1879, and came here in 1884. He rendered service to thousands of immigrants whom he helped to settle throughout the country. Outstanding was his work as director of the Industrial Removal Board during the first decade of the century. He directed immigrants from the Eastern States to communities in the South and Middle West and provided them with the opportunities for their Americanization.

Diverted Immigration Flow
By his plan, as he described it himself, he avoided over-crowding of New York and other large Eastern cities, and organized the Jewish community of America to divert the stream of Jewish immigration. The Removal Office thus was a clearing house for Jewish immigrants and prevented congestion at the port of entry.

Among the many charity drives which he conducted was the United Jewish campaign of New York that raised more than 56,000,000 in 1926. After a campaign that lasted but a little more than a month, the goal was exceeded by $656,000.

Another drive conducted by Mr. Bressler as national chairman was the Allied Jewish campaign of 1930. The plan, commended by President Hoover, was conceived in Washington, where Mr. Bressler was one of 800 representative Jews from all parts of the United States, who mapped out the details of the campaign.

Active More Than Forty Years
Mr. Bressler's philanthropic and social service career covered more than forty years. During that time he served many agencies. He extended his chief field of Jewish activities, to State-wide efforts when Governor Lehman appointed him a

Page 70

member of the New York State Planning Board in 1934, and when he became a director of Sydenham Hospital.

Previously, Governor Lehman had made him a member of the Appeal Board of Unemployment Insurance, and in 1931 he was named vice chariman of the National Council of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, of which Felix M. Warburg was chairman.

Mr. Bressler attended City College, the Jewish Theological Seminary and the New York Law School. He was admitted to the bar in 1900, and from 1900 to 1917 was general manager of the Industrial Removal Board.

Officer of Welfare Group
While he centered his business interests on insurance, he also served in a voluntary capacity as board member of the American Hebrew Congregations, the American Jewish Committee, the Palestine Economic Corporation, the Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies and the National Refugee Service.

As a member of a survey commission appointed by the Joint Distribution Committee, Mr. Bressler went to Europe in 1922 and 1929 to study the situation of Jews there, and published several reports on his observations. He was chairman of the New York War SufferersCampaign in 1922 and 1926, and served in 1930 as national co-chairman of the Allied Jewish Campaign of the Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Agency for Palestine. He was a Mason and a member of B'nai B'rith and the Metropolitan Club.

Mr. Bressler leaves a widow, the former Irma Loeb; a son, Alan David Bressler, and a sister, Mrs. Anna Millin, all of New York.

A funeral service will be conducted at Temple Emanu-El tomorrow at 11 A.M. by the Rev. Dr. Samuel Goldenson.

* * *

Oct. 3, 1945, p. 19.
Charles P. Pressly.
Rites for Former Diplomat Held in Cedar Springs, S.C.
Special to The New York Times.

Greenwood, S.C., Oct. 2— A funeral service for Charles Payson Pressry, lawyer, who was American vice consul at Paris during the first World War, was conducted today at the Cedar Springs Church in this county. Burial was in the churchyard.

Born eighty-five years ago at Cedar Springs, one of three sons of the late Dr. Joseph L. Pressty and Tallulah Haseltine Frazier Pressly, he attended Erskine College and later established a law practice in Augusta, Ga. He received his first diplomatic appointment from President Grover Cleveland, who sent him to several European posts. His second appointment came from President Wilson.

(to be continued)

Current Family News

Charles Huel Preslar, 89, of 2026 Marsalis, died Sept. 28, 1993 in a local hospital. Burial was in the Dewey Cemetery near Lawn, TX. Born at Lawn, he farmed and ranched in south Taylor County until 1948 when he moved to Odessa to work for Armco Steel. Mr. Preslar moved to Abilene in 1975 after his retirement. He was a member of Crescent Heights Baptist Church. Survivors include his wife, Annie Mae Preslar of Abilene; a son, Charles Ray Preslar of Toscola; four brothers, H. V. Preslar of Fort Worth, Vance Preslar of Liberty, L.W. "Tookey" Preslar and Bill Preslar, both of Crane; a sister, Jewel Willis of Abilene; three grandchildren; seven greatgrandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren.

Abilene Reporter-News, Sept. 30, 1992

Annie Mae Preslar, 87, died on Nov. 29, 1992 in an Abilene Nursing Home, and burial was at Dewey Cemetery near Lawn. Mrs. Preslar was born in Henderson and lived in south Taylor County where she was engaged in farming and

Page 71

ranching until 1947, when she moved to Odessa. She owned a ladies ready-to-wear store there for 20 years, moving to Abilene in 1975. She was the widow of Charles Huel Preslar and was a member of AB WA and Crescent Heights Baptist Church.

Survivors include one son and daughter-in-law, Charles and Barbara Levita Preslar of Tuscola; three grandchildren; seven greatgrandchildren; and four great-great-grandchildren.

Abilene Reporter-News, Nov. 30, 1992

Liddie Bell Preslar, 82, formerly' of Abilene. died June 9. 1991. at her residence in Liberty. Services at Calvary Baptist Church were followed by burial at Norris Cemetery in Moss Bluff. She was a checker at Kroger Food Store for 35 years before retiring. Survivors include her husband, J.V. Preslar of Liberty; a daughter, Jackie (Mrs. Tom) Hubbert of Liberty; a brother, J.C. Rosson of Memphis, Tenn.; three grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Abilene Reporter-News, June 12, 1991

[see family group data of Judy Lawless in this issue]

A Message frm the President

I want to take this time to let everyone know how honored IVe been to be able to serve as your President these last years. It has been a job that I have enjoyed immensely at some times, while at other times it has been very trying. I really don't want to resign my post, but with everything else going on in my life right now, there isn't enough time to do the job as it should be done.

I would also like to encourage each of you to give your support, help, and encouragement to our new officers who will be taking over the duties. I, for one, will continue to give all the support and help I can.

Like all of you, I, too, love genealogy and research. It can give such joy when you find others working on the same line and who can help with research, while at other times you feel sure that the mail man is holding back the letters which contain the vital answers to your questions.

However, we must all keep trying to find those answers to our most difficult problems, even through the writer's cramps and the working of your fingers to the bones on the computer keyboard. So, please don't give up trying to expand our Association and sharing the information we have on our ancestors.

Good luck in all your research.

Lillian L. Stumpp President
10 May 1993.

(Ed. Note: On behalf of all the members of our Association. I would like to thank Lillian for a job well done, and for leading our organization through a period of growth and development.

During her tenure, our membership has slowly grown, our research efforts have been expanded, and our Association has taken on a permanency and continued survival from its earlier shaky beginnings.

Lillian has worked tirelessly to expand the communication and participation by members, and to enlarge our membership.

We look forward to her continued participation in the research and other activities of the Association in the coming years.

Thank you, and Good Luck and Good Health, Lillian!)

Page 72

1860 Census

(Ed. Note: Data from the 1860 census is given as follows: page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/Value of personal property, birthplace.)


370    335/335        John Bressler        50  M  Farmer        2000/500            OH
                      Elizabeth "          48  F                                    PA
                      Caroline "           18  F                                    OH
                      Eleanor "            16  F                                    OH
                      Martha "             13  F                                    OH
                      Adaline "            11  F                                    OH
                      Sarah "               8  F                                    OH
                      Cornelius "           6  M                                    OH
                      Harvey "              3  M                                    OH

408     314/314       J. Bressler          56  M  Farmer        4000/458            PA
                      Elizabeth "          45  F                                    OH
                      H. "                 18  M  Laborer                           OH
                      W. "                 17  M                                    OH
                      Catharine "          15  F                                    OH
                      L. (or S.) "         12  M                                    OH
                      D. "                 11  M                                    OH
                      Huldah "              8  F                                    OH
                      John "                2  M                                    OH

408    315/315        G. W. Bresler        32  M  Farmer             /150           -
                      Mary "               24  F                                    -
                      Chas "                4  M                                    -
                      A. "                  1  M                                    -

283   1410/1410       Benjamin Pressler    34  M  Master Carpenter  100/100         OH
                      Rebecca "            31  F                                    PA
                      Benton "              6  M                                    OH

456    990/950        Lewis Pressler       19  M  Carpenter        Wurtenberg, Germany

BUTLER COUNTY, St. Claire, 1st Ward & W. Hamilton
328     50/50         Matthew Bresler      19  M  Jour. Carpenter                   OH

 41    584/615        Michael Presler      47  M  Tailor             800/           PA
                      Prudence "           38  F                                    IN

410    448/396        O.H. Pressler        30  m  Woolen Manufr.     500/200   Germany
                      Margaret I "         25  F                                    OH
                      Arthur E. "           3  M                                    OH
                      Vinton "              1  M                                    OH

410    424/402        Elenor C. Pressler   54  F  Widow              1000/100   Saxony
                      Pauline "            22  F  Teacher                           OH
                      Cordelia "           14  F                                    OH

Page 73

 66     947/983      George Bressler       50  M  Day Laborer          100/100      PA
                     Emily "               39  F                                    PA
                     Sarah "               19  F  Serving                           OH
                     John "                15  M  Farm Job                          OH
                     Mary "                 5  F                                    OH

 76  1109/1139       Eli Bressler          40  M  Farmer             1800/390       PA
                     Julia "               36  F                                    OH
                     James "               13  M                                    OH
                     Moses "               11  M                                    OH
                     Susannah "             8  F                                    OH
                     Frank "                7  M                                    OH
                     Julia "                6  F                                    OH
                     Hannah "           11/12  F                                    OH

 77  1120/1150       Franklin Bressler      8  M                                    OH
                         living with Dunlap family

194   298/293        Jacob Bresler         52  M  Blacksmith          300/100       PA
                     Mary "                49  F                                    PA
                     Geo "                 20  M  Farm Laborer                      -
                     Annetta "             12  F                                    -
                     Jimie "               10  M                                    -
                     Jacob "                8  M                                    -
                     Nancy "                6  F                                    -
                     Mary "                 5  F                                    -

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Cleveland, 5th Ward
323   1124/1190      Albert Bresler        45  M  Grocer                 /250  Prussia
                     Johana "              45  F                               Prussia
                     Dina "                17  F                               Prussia
                     Johny "               15  M                               Prussia
                     Charles "             10  M                               Prussia
                     Otto Smith            27  M  Locksmith                         VA
                     Charles Bresler       38  M  Pedlar                       Prussia

992   1539/1581      Charles Presley       35  M  Day Laborer       900/120         NY
                     Mary "                31  F                                    NY
                     Emma "                 4  F                                    OH

998                  George Presley        40  M  Shipbuilder      1000/800     Canada
                     Susannah "            30  F                                    NY
                     Maria "               12  F                                    OH
                     George "               9  M                                    OH
                     Charles "              7  M                                    OH
                     Eddie "                8  M                                    OH
                     Elmira "              68  F                                    VT

Page 74

738    296/287       Hiram Presley            27  M  Garner               /100       NY
                     Mary A. "                29  F                                  NY
                     Cains H. "                3  M                                  OH
                     Carrie "                  1  F                                  OH

381    165/165       Simon Presler            23  M                                  OH
                      living with Dumini family

 64    899/8674      Daniel Presler           22  M  Farm Hand            /200       OH
                     Elizabeth "              19  F                                  OH
                     Mary E. "              4/12  F                                  OH

 67    939/9064      Jacob Presler            27  M  Farmer               /60        OH
                     Mary A. "                18  F                                  -

 75   1054/1029      John Presler             83  M  Farmer        9450/840          PA
                     Hester "                 87  F                                  PA
                     Anna "                   29  F  Domestic                        OH
                     Abraham "                28  M  Farm Hand            /80        OH
                     Hetta "                  22  F  Domestic                        OH
                     Lafayette "              17  M  Farm Hand                       OH
                     William "                16  M  Farm Hand                       OH
                     Susan "                  14  F                                  OH

 90   1229/1195      David Presler            45  M  Farm Hand            /40     Baden
                     Caroline "               42  F                               Baden
                     Ellen "                  15  F                               Baden
                     William "                13  M                               Baden
                     Augustus "               10  M                                  OH
                     Frank "                   7  M                                  OH
                     Margaret "                5  F                                  OH
                     John "                    1  M                                  OH

279     360/358      Wm. Presler              14  M                                  OH
                        living with Wolf family

GALLIA COUNTY, Gallipolis Twp.
161    1144/1021     James Priestly           30  M  Clothier        7000/2550  England
                     Mary "                   24  F                                  -

        139/139      John Priestly            56  M  Farmer     1500/     York, England
                     Hannah "                 56  F                       York, England
                     Richard "                17  M                                  OH
                     Clay "                   15  M                                  OH

GEAUGA COUNTY, Chester Twp., Mulberry Corners
        293/278      L. Prestley              32  M             2000/130             OH
                     L. "                     21  F                              Canada
                     M.F. "                    9  M                                  OH
                     A. "                      5  F                                  OH
                     H. "                      2  M                                  OH

 36     277/265      H. S. Presley            30  M             1640/300             OH
                     E. E. "                  25  F                                  OH
                     M. J. "                   4  F                                  OH

Page 75

 95                Adam Bresler               39  M                                  PA
                   Catherine "                35  F                                  OH
                   George "                    7  M                                  OH
                   John "                      4  M                                  OH
                   Infant "                    1  M                                  OH

137     568/801    Geo Bresler                34  M  Blacksmith                 Germany
                   Rosa "                     30  F                             Germany 

HAMILTON COUNTY, Cincinati, 3rd Ward
196     425/823    Sarah Bresler              38  F  Saleswoman                      PA

243      87/121    Harriet Presley            21  F  Servant                    Ireland

 61     844/819    Wm. Pesley                 23  M  Clerk                           OH

227     444/423    George Presley             45  M  Farmer         1800/600         PA
                   Catharine "                35  F                                  NY
                   Samuel "                   24  M  Farmer                          OH
                   Susan "                    22  F  Servant                         OH
                   Phoebe "                   18  F                                  OH
                   Simon "                    17  M  Farmer                          OH
                   Jacob "                    15  M  Farmer                          OH
                   Washington "               --  M                                  OH
                   Mary Ann "                  9  F                                  OH
                   Henry "                     5  M                                  OH

 30    417/423     William Presly             50  M  Laborer                    Ireland
                   Eliza "                    34  F                             Ireland
                   Sophia "                   21  F  Student                    Ireland
                   Alice "                    18  F  Student                    -
                   William "                  16  M  None                       -

LAKE COUNTY, Willoughb
291    926/884     Jeremiah Presley           52  M  Farmer         2400/800         NY
                   Diantha (?) "              49  F                                  NY
                   (poor copy                 16  M                                  OH
                   can't                      14  F                                  OH
                   read)                       7  F                                  OH
                   Leander                    33  M  Farm Laborer                    OH
                   Eliza                      30  F                                  OH

-91    930/887     John Presley               57  M  Farmer         4500/1500        NY
                   Jane (?)                   40  F                                  NY
                   (cant't                    25  M  Farmer                          OH
                    read)                     21  F                                  -
                   Franklin                 7/12  M                                  -
                   Maria                      12  F                                  -

Page 76

139       20/23   Andrew Bresley             58  M  Farmer               /360     Baden
                  Frances "                  57  F  Housekeeper                   Baden
                  Chas "                     33  M  Farmer                        Baden
                  Albert "                   24  M  Farmer                        Baden
                  Andrew "                   17  M  Farmer                        Baden
                  Joseph Grizer (?)          50  M  Farmer                        Baden 
141       58/60   Andrew  Bresley            16  M  Farmer                        Baden

 57               Sophia Presly               (can't read record)

284     436/436   Albert Pressler           19  M  Barber                           LA

158     208/208   Daniel Presly             29  M  Laborer               /100       MD(?)   
                  Susan "                   28  F                                   NY
                  Helen "                   18  F  Domestic                         OH
                  Alfred "                  15  M                                   OH
                  Oliver "                  12  F                                   OH
                  Daniel "                   8  M                                   OH
                  Louisa "                   6  F                                   OH
                  Mary "                     2  F                                   OH

340    112/112    Hannah Prissle            57  F  Housework          3000/75       VA
                  William "                 36  M  Farmer                 /300      OH
                  Catharine "               22  F  Housework                        OH
                  Delila "                  21  F  Housework                        OH
                  Mariah "                  18  F  Housework                        OH
                  Christopher Pressle       28  M                                   OH       

132    657/649    Martin Presler            60  M  Cabinet Maker      400/100   Germany
                  Lucarina (?)" wife        52  F                               Germany
                  Jacob "                   24  M  Farmer                       Germany
                  John "                    21  M  Machinist                    Germany
                  Lewis "                   18  M  Carpenter                    Germany
                  Maria "                   17  F  House Help                   Germany
                  Christina "               15  F  House Help                   Germany
                  Bagena "                  12  F                                    OH
                  Caroline "                 9  F                                    OH

133    677/669    Mary Presler              16  F  House Help                        OH
                     living with David Hoff family

154    985/974    Charles Presler           14  M                                    OH
                     living wtih Henry Eagle family

170  1217/1207    Rachel Presler            12  F                                    OH
                     living with John Slenker family

Page 77

  73   1033/1040   Levi Pressler            12  F                                    OH
                     living with David Wagoner family 

  73   1035/1042   Elizabeth Pressler       48  F  Domestic        500/50            OH
                   Aaron "                  16  M  Laborer                           OH
                   Isaac "                  13  M                                    OH
                   Phebe "                  12  F                                    OH
                   Cornelius "               8  M                                    OH
                   Henry H. "                5  M                                    OH
                   Sarah "                  10  F                                    OH

  73   1040/1047   Michael Pressler         25  M  Laborer            /30            OH
                   Catharine "              20  F                                    OH

  23   310/310     Wm. Pressler             17  M  Farm Laborer                      OH
                     on Henry P. Ekkern farm

MORROW COUNTY, N. Bloomfield
255    497/489     Jacob Presler            45  M  Laborer            /75            PA
                   Elizabeth "              45  F                                    PA
                   Caterin "                21  F                                    OH
                   Lizzie "                  8  F                                    OH
                   Emma "                    1  F                                    OH
267    64/64       Wm. Priestley            33  M  Attorney         1500/500         OH
                   Ellen "                  22  F  Domestic                          OH
                   Jim Lane "                2  M                                    OH
                   Ann "                    27  F  Domestic                          OH

127   657/668      Benjamin Bressler        45  M  Farmer               /150         OH
                   Elizabeth "              27  F                                    OH
                   Amelia J. "               9  F                                    OH
                   Malissa "                 8  F                                    OH
                   Isabel "                  5  F                                    OH
                   George "                  2  M                                    OH

PIKE COUNTY, Waverly PeePee Twp.
373   796/767      George Bressler          41  M  Cooper                       Bavaria
                   Catharine "              37  F                               Bavaria
                   George P. "              15  M  Cooper                            OH
                   Susannah "               10  F                                    OH
                   Catharine "               4  F                                    OH
                   Christina "               2  F                                    OH
                   Gengo "                2/12  M                                    OH
                   Elizabeth "            2/12  F                                    OH

Page 78

141    753/743    Benjamin Pressle          28  M  Day Laborer             /50       OH
                  Margaret "                27  F                                    OH
                  Oliver "                   5  M                                    OH

ROSS COUNTY, Chillicothe, 2nd Ward
 42    353/662    William Presley           35  M  Clergyman                         PA
                  Jannie "                  20  F                                    OH
                  Lucy "                     1  F                                    OH

349      /408     H.C. Pressler             20  M  Stud. at College             Ireland

 50   711/684     William Presler           42  M  Farmer       3000/800             PA
                  Elmina "                  45  F                                    PA
                  Isaac Krabill             23  M  Farmer                            OH
                  Lionna (?) "              22  F                                    OH
                  George "                  20  M  Laborer                           OH
                  Jemmina Presler           16  F                                    OH
                  Ira "                     13  M                                    OH
                  William "                  9  M                                    OH
                  Hyram "                    6  M                                    OH
                  Napoleon "                 3  M                                    OH
                  Newton "                2/12  M                                    OH

SUMMITT COUNTY, Springfield Twp.
201   1094/1081   Barbara Pressler          55  F  Domestic    4200/408              PA
                  Elizabeth "               22  F  Domestic                          OH
                  Catharine "               18  F  Domestic                          OH
                  William "                 16  M  Farmer Laborer                    OH
                  Levi "                    14  M                                    OH

201   1101/1088   Daniel Pressler           28  M  Farm Laborer      900/296         OH
                  Leah "                    27  F                                    OH
                  Hannah "                   2  F                                    OH

352     9/9       Andrew Bresler            33  M                       /280         OH
                  Elizabeth "               34  F                                    PA
                  Mary C. "                  8  F                                    OH
                  Susan J. "                 5  F                                    OH
                  Hester A. "                3  F                                    OH
                  John W. "               1/12  M                                    OH

310   226/226     Michael Pressley          29  M  Wagon Maker                       PA
                  Mary "                    27  F                                    OH
                  Arthur "                   6  M                                    OH
                  Frank "                10/12  M                                    OH

 49   679/697     Adam Bresler              36  M  Laborer              /75     Germany
                  Caroline "                30  F                               Germany
                  Alvina (?) "               6
                  Mary "                     2           (difficult to read this record)
                  Henry "                 2/12  M

Page 79


(Micro 871, Roll 11)

Bresler, Andrew J.; Co A, 157 IN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Bresler, Arthur L.; Co E, 22 NY Inf.; Wagoner-Corp.
Bresler, Earl; Co H, 9 IL Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.

Bressler, Matthew; Co I, 1 Missouri Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, Roscoe L. , Co., L, 8 OH Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Bressler, G.L.; Co H, 6 OH Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Bessler, George L.

(Roll 90)

Presler, J.A.; Co. L, 1 FL Inf.; Pvt-2 M Sargeant; O.F.U. Presler, John L.
Presler, John L.; Co. L, 1 FL Inf.; Pvt-2 M Sergeant
Presler, John M.; Co L, 1 FL Inf; Pvt- 2 M Sergeant; O.F.U. Presler, John L.

Presley, Abner P; Co. D, 2 MISS Inf.; Corp-Corp; O.F.U. Pressley, Abner B.
Presley, Andrew J ;.Co Y, 3 TN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, David A. Co G, 5 IL Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, Frank H. Co. E, 31 MICH Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, George W ; Co L, 1 MISS Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, Geoge W. Co A, 3 TN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, Harry H. Co C, 33 MICH Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressley Harry H.
Presley, James C.; Co Y, 3 TN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, John D.; Co. D, 3 TX Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, John W.; Co G, 3 IL Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, J. Riley; Co Y & B, 3 TN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, Judson G; Co A, 2 TX Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, Louis C; Co G, 2 AR Inf.; Corp-Corp.
Presley, Robert L; Co C, 1 TX Cav.; Pvt-Lance Corp.
Presley, Wiley; Co C, 3 KY Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, Will W.; Co B, 3 TX Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, William; Co A, 3 TN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley, George W.
Presley, William; Co Y, 3 TN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.

Pressey, Max F; Co A, 3 NE Inf.; Pvt—————;

Pressler, Edward S; Co M, 3 IL Inf.; Artificer-Pvt.
Pressler, Harris H.; Co A, 5 PA Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Pressler, John A; Co L, 1 FL Inf.; Pvt-2 M Serg.; O.F.U. Presler, John L.
Pressler, Ransom; Co E, 157 IN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt
Pressler, S.J.; Co —, 8 CA Inf.; ___-____; See Misc. Personal Papers.
Pressler, William; Co C, 1 CT Inf.; Pvt-___; See Misc. Personal Papers.
Pressler, William F; Co A, 1 PA Inf.; Pvt-Pvt;

Page 80

Pressley, Albert B; Co K, 2 MISS Inf.; Corp-Corp.
Pressley/ Edward; Co A, 1 IL Cav.; Pvt-Pvt.
Pressley, Frank H.; Co E, 31 MICH Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley, Frank H.
Pressley, George W; Co I, 6 Missouri Inf.; Pvt-Pvt. O.F.U.
Presley. George W Pressley, Harry H., Co C, 33 MICH Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Pressley, Judson G.; Co A, 2 TX Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley, Judson G.
Pressley, Martin E.; Co I, 3 TN Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Pressley, William L; Co M S, K, 2 AL Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.

Pressly, Calvin; Co. I, 1 TX Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Pressly, John; Co E, 1 VT Inf.; Musician-Musician
Pressly, Louis C.; Co T(?), 2 AR Inf.; Corp-Corp; O.F.U. Presley, Louis C.
Pressly, William L; Co M & K, 2 AL Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Pressley, William L.

Prestley, John L; Co D S, C (?), 14 PA Inf.; 2 LT- 1 LT

Priestley, William; Co D, 1 WISC Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Priestley, William A; Co D, 1 WISC Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Priestley, William.

(Micro 872, Roll 3)

Bresler, Earl; Co E, 30 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; See also 9 IL Vol. Co.
Bresler, Earl E; Co E, 30 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Bresler, Earl.

(Roll 18)

Presby, William; Co W, 46 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presby, William L; Co W, 46 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presby, William

Presley, Edward; Co C, 39 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; See also 8 U.S. Eng.; 1 IL Cav
Presley, George; Co ——; 38 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; See also 3 TN Vol. Inf.
Presley, Lucius M.; Unassigned U.S. Vols.; Pvt-Pvt.
Presley, William; Co I, 38 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; See also 3 TN Vol. Inf.
Presley, William L; Co I, 38 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt; O.F.U. Presley, William.

Pressley, Algernon S.; Co G, 32 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.

Priestley, Edward; Co B, 23 U.S. Vol. Inf.; Pvt-Pvt.

Page 81


Jane A. Bolin
address withheld

Looking for information on Nancy Pressley Bolin. Nancy Pressley was bom ca. 1808 in North Carolina, probably Anson County. She married William Bolin (Bowling, Boling) b. 1799/1801 in NC, marriage date and place unknown. They may have lived in Tennessee, but after 1830 they were living in Clay Co., Indiana. They had six known children:
Celia, b. ca. 1829 TN or IN
Decatur, b. ca. 1831 IN
Elijah, b. Feb. 15, 1834 IN (my ancestor)
John, b. ca. 1836 IN
Malind,b. ca. 1840 IN
William, died after 1860
Nancy Pressley Bolin died in Dec. 1880 in Clay Co., Indiana. Will share information.

Patricia J. Achramowicz
address withheld

Who were the parents and siblings of John E. Presley, potter, noted in the 1850 census of Winston County, Mississippi? Born in South Carolina, wife Mary (also of SC). Children:
Sarah Elizabeth C., b. 1843 possibly Coffee Co., AL, d. 1 Nov. 1872 Elba, Coffee Co., AL, m. 21 Feb. 1860 Coffee Co., AL to James Jackson Terrell Jr. (son of James Jackson Terrell Sr. & Elizabeth Northcut, b. 2 Sept. 1834 AL, d. 27 Mar. 1891 near Kemp, Henderson Co., TX
Andrew, b. 1846 AL
George W.. b. 1848 MS. m. Laura F. ___
Mary, b. 1855 MS
Alice, b. 1856 MS
Columbus C., b. 1862 MS
Eugenia, b. 1863 MS
Henry J., b. 1866 MS
Charles, b. 1868 MS

Trail leads from SC to Alabama to Mississippi.

Carol Ann L'Heureux
address withheld

Looking for any information on Morgan Redman, b. abt. 1793 and his wife Susanna Presley, b. abt. 1798 in NC probably. Lived in Buncombe Co., NC, and had: William N.
Lucinda D.
Peter A.
Malinda E.
John W.
James P.
Newton W.
David F.

Who were Susanna's parents; what was her birthplace, marriage date & place, etc.? Any information on Susanna or Morgan greatly appreciated.

Page 82

Our Secretary Writes

(Ed. Note: Many of you may not be aware that our secretary, Carol Hicks, is such an avid researcher. Besides her secretarial duties for the Association and a job which takes a good part of her time, Carol manages to make a number of trips each year to do Presley research in county- courthouses, archives, libraries, etc. In June 1992 she visited Monroe Co., Term., and wrote us as follows.)

I spent part of one day and all day Tuesday at Madisonville, Monroe Co., TN, trying to find information on John Presley and children. I found a lot of information, but not on John Presley, Revolutionary soldier. I ; copied marriages on Presleys to 1902.

The Madisonville Library has a fantastic genealogist who is there on Tues., Wed., and Fri., and who helps tirelessly everyone who is researching. The library is open 1-5 p.m.

The courthouse is open 8:30-4:30 and there is a Monroe Co. Historical Society room located in the Old Courthouse basement, where Lynn McConkey does research. Actually, what Lynn is doing is going through all the old county records and copying genealogical data and putting it into a computer. She has all the old Chancery records, but to research them she needs an exact date (unul everything is on the computer). Her address is Old Courthouse, Madisonville, TN 37354.

The new and old courthouses are all within three blocks of the library on the same street, so if s very, very handy for the researcher. Believe me, I enjoyed my day and a half there! I went to the McMinn Co. courthouse, but didn't have much time there. Ill save it for another trip.

Tomorrow I'm going to Ft. Wayne, Ind., so I'll concentrate mostly on the Monroe Co., TN, Presleys and see if we can't come up with John's children. This is my goal, along with copying and sending [to our archive] records on Andrew Presley [Hawkins Co., TN] and the family of his son. John. "

(Ed. Note: Just this past April 1993 Carol made one of her periodic trips to Mississippi and reported her visit to us.)

On April 4th Nancy Thorn, a friend, and I took my father-in-law to Becker, Miss., to visit with his brothers. While there, Nancy and I spent one full day researching the Presley family and the related families of Mansell, Hood, Tackerts, Smith and Wesson in Itawamba Co., Mississippi.

We found marriage records for Robert and Doll (Mansell) Smith and Miledge Obediah Smith and Ann Mansell in Lee Co. at Tupelo. These are the parents and grandparents of Gladys Presley.

While at Tupelo, Nancy and I visited Elvis' birthplace, the nearby chapel, and the gift shop. The gift shop now houses a small museum on Elvis, which should not be missed whenever anyone goes there.

Incidentally, anyone doing research in Itawamba Co., Miss., will really enjoy the visit, since Judy McNeece, the county recorder, believes that these are your records and you should be able to look to your heart's content. She's a really beautiful person and so very helpful.

The next day, Tuesday, April 6th, Nancy and I went to Graceland in Memphis for the day. We took the entire tour through Graceland, the car museum, the Lisa Marie and a small aircraft, the post office (they have their own), and the theater in order to "walk a mile" in Elvis' shoes. It was an excellent portrayal of Elvis' early years. At the car museum there is a facsimile of a drive-in theater where you can watch clips of Elvis from some of his movies. The theater has speakers beside car seats, and the car seats are all taken from 1957 Chevys—a very good year for Chevrolet.

Page 83

While we were on the tour at Graceland, Delta Mae Biggs, Elvis' aunt and Yemen's sister, who still lives at Graceland, came out onto the side porch with her nurse and sat and watched the people pass by.

On our trip through the gift shops we met another member of the Presley clan. Elvis' uncle, Vester Presley, was sitting at a desk autographing his book, A Presley Speaks. I think I made four trips back to talk to him.

He and I talked about his Uncle Joseph Presley's family since I have been in contact with some of those family members. He asked where they were living and then told me about his staying with Joseph in Red Bay, Alabama. He also told me about Joseph visiting him and checking the refrigerator and all the cupboards looking for food. He left not a door unopened.

Besides Vester Presley and Delta Mae Biggs, Nashville Presley Dowling, another aunt of Elvis, is living in West Memphis, Arkansas, and is preaching at a church there. I would not have missed this visit for anything, both because of the visit with Vester, and because I learned there are three living members of Vemon Presley's family.

We left to return home on April 7th with a quick stop for breakfast at Pontotoc and the Pontotoc Co., Miss., courthouse, where I purchased a copy of Vernon and Gladys (Smith) Presley's marriage record for ten cents. It was a terrific end to my three day research trip.

My goal is to publish a Presley family history this year with updates to Fulcher's The Presley Saga on Elvis1 direct line, to add to Ed Dunn's information, and to research the above mentioned related families (which will be included in the book)

Also, I am in the process of having a chart made up of Elvis' direct line as far as I have actually documented. As of now, I am awaiting my first posters which are due to amve on the 14th of xMay. I can hardly wait!

Union County, North Carolina, Kin

Part 6 - Helms Connections

A new member of our Association. William E. Helms, Jr., 181 Continental Dr., Spartanburg, SC 29302, is researching the Presley/Preslar lines in Union Co. because of the connections which his Helms ancestors had (his own line is through a daughter of Thomas Preslar (1730-1808). In addition, his interest in Preslars also extends from research on the Presley family of a sister-in-law who is a descendant of the Anthony Preslar family which moved from Anson Co., NC, to SC, and on to AL early in the 19th century.

Bill reports that he is the co-author of the second edition of Gerald Helms' book on the Helms family (1984), which we have noted as a reference in these pages. The second edition of Helms Descendants, 1720-1991, was published, expanded, and updated in 1991. It is available for $35 from Gerald C. Helms. 6901 Matthews-Waddington Rd., Matthews, NC 28105.

All the data from the 1991 book is in a computer database maintained by Bill, and since many people have purchased the book and have since sent to him missing data and corrections, this database is constantly being updated. He is making this updated information available to us, but remember that anyone writing to him for a request for information should include a stamped, self-addressed, legal-size envelope, and don't forget to share with him any information you may have.

No doubt that a comparison of our Helms and Presley'Preslar records will produce new information, new conclusions, corrections and even disagreements. "I already note some differences" in our records, he

Page 84

reports, "in particular the parentage of some of the Presley children who very early married into the Helms lines in Anson/Union County, NC."

"In one Newsletter" (Mar. 1988, pp. 34-35)"there is some data on Levi Preslar and family. 'Levi Preslar, son of Elias Preslar, b. ca. 1775, will dtd. 13 Feb. 1845, Mecklenburg Co., NC, married Anna Helms, b. 1774 (dau. of John Whitehead Helms & Lavinia Helmsj."'

"Levi and Anna are in the Union Co. census with the right ages and the children (still at home) agree with the list in the data. Anna, however, was b. 1774.(census record) and cannot be the daughter of John & Lavinia Helms. John & Lavinia were b. 1770 and were four years old in 1774. Their oldest child was born in 1791."

"John had a sister named Susannah, b. ca. 1770, but she married Col. David Ritch (no children in our files). John Blackhead Heirns- Susannah Presley had a daughter named Anne, but she was b. ca. 1785. This is not her. If Anna is indeed a Helms, then she must be an unknown (to us) daughter of Tilman, George, or Jonathan."

"There is also under the family of Levi and Anna Preslar, a 'daughter1, b. ca. 1798 Mecklenburg Co., who married Helms Broom, and had.
a) Tabitha Broom, prob. m. George W. Moser
b) Wilson M. Broom, b. ca. 1839, m. Elizabeth Starns
c) John W. Broom
d) Levi E. Broom
The only identifiable one of these is Wilson M. Broom. He is in the 1850 (age 10) household of Alien (age 55) and Delilah (age 53)
"Some possibilities: 1) He is not the child of Alien and Delilah, but they would have been ages 45 and 43 when he was born, so it is possible. Other children may have been gone from home in 1850.
2) Alien is the 'Helms Broom' in the above, in which case Delilah (the ages match) is the daughter of Levi and Anna Preslar and not Delilah Helms as we have it. I doubt this."

"Best evidence is that Helms Broom and 'Daughter Preslaf were deceased or gone by 1850; they are not in the Union Co. census. Wilson M. was in the household of Alien and Delilah Broom, and John W. (age 19) is in the household of Andrew and Susannah Broom (not a child in that family). Further, there is a Levi Broom (age 22), who is mamed in 1850 and already has three children. Maybe that can account for the above record, but it doesn't tell us who Helms Broom and wife were."

"Is there a Helms Broom listed in the 1820/1830/1840 census?"

Pressly Bible Records

(Ed. Note: Ranita Pressly Gaskins, PO Box 1363, Kinston, NC 28503 has shared the following records with us from the tamily Bible of Ebenezer Erskine Pressly, now in possession of Thomas Sloan Pressly of Kinston, NC. See a biographical sketch of E.E. Pressly on p. 61, March 1992 issue. This Bible was published by the American Bible Society, New York, 1866.)

"Presented to Rev. E.E. Pressly by the Lingal Bible Society in token of their high regard & esteem. July 27th 1872.
W.W. Walkup, Pres."
E.E. Pressly was bom May 25th 1837
E.H. McDill was born Feb. 28th 1843
Ann Bandora Pressly was bom Sept. 5th 1866(Wednesday 10 pm)
Cleora Delia Prassly was born Feb. 29th 1868, Saturday, 3 pm

Page 85

Clark Chalrners Pressly was bom Feb. 6th 1869 (Saturday, 3 or 4 a.m.)
Sarah Isabella Pressly was bom June 21st (Wednesday 2 a.m.) 1871
Mary Elvira Pressly was bom June 29 (Tuesday, 1 a.m.) 1875
John Sloan Pressly was born July 2 (Monday 11 p.m.) 1877
Boice DeWitt Pressly was bom Nov. 5th (Wednesday 11:45 p.m.) 1879
Daisy Viola Pressly was born Apr. 3th (Monday, 7 a.m.) 1882
Leila Ada Pressly was bom Jan. 24th 1886 (Sab. 5 a.m.)
D.A. Pressly was born Nov. 5-1868[?]
Elizabeth i Todd) Pressly was born May 14, 1815
R.C. Pressly was born Aug. 25,1839
J.C. Pressly was born Dec. 2nd 1841. died Sept. 12 - 1909
Jane E. Pressly was born Nov. 10th 1844
M. Elvira Pressly was born Sept. 14th 1846
A. Tom Pressly was born Sept. 23th 1857
Brennie Ross was born March 9th 1889
Cleora " " " " 24th 1890
Clyde Pressly " " " Dec. 23 1891
Boyce Ross born Dec. 4-1896
Lois Pressly C.C.Ps daughter born Sept. 3-1897
HarryBereman " " son " June 21-1899
Ruth Opaline " daughter" Aug. 13-1901

E.E. Pressly and E.H. McDill were married, Oct. 19th 1865 by Rev. J.I. Bonner.
J.E.P. Ross & Dora Pressly were married at Scotts & Roads, N.C. by the bride's father, Dec. 20--1887
Henry L. Stevenson & Mamie E. Pressly were married at Scotts, N.C. by the brides father. Dec. 25-1895
Clark: C. Pressly & Miss Musa Mitchel were married in Ark. Oct. 18-1896, by Rev. J.B. Manly
B.E. Phifer & Daisy V. Pressly were mamed Oct. 21- 1907 by Rev. C.M. Richards D.D.
Boyce D. Pressly & Nellie Brown were married in Texas J. Sloan Pressly & Tillie Willard were mamed near Washington, N.C. Apr. 15 -1909 by Rev. D.W. Davis
Dr. Arch. S. Chapman of Escatawpa, Miss. & Brennie Ross of Mammoth Spr. Ark. (E.E.P's granddaughterj were mamed at Mam. Sp. May 11-1910

David A, Pressly died Sept. 4th 1867
Elizabeth (Todd) Pressly died June 26th 1854
Jane E. Pressly died June 4th 1847
Sarah Isabella Pressly died on Wednesday July 2nd (8'A a.m.) 1884 typ. fever
Died, at Lancaster C.H. S.C., June 8, at 5.p.m. monday 1885, of typhoid fever, Cleora D. Pressly, ill 2wks.
Mrs. Brennie (Ross) Chapman died at Mammoth Spring Ark., June 15-1917
E.E. Pressly died July 4,1918, age 81
Mrs. E.E. Pressly died Jan. 25, 1933, age 89
Clark C. Pressly died May 11,1937
Daisy Pressly Phifer died Tue. June 27th 1939-2 a.m.
Dora Pressly Ross died Wed. March 6th 1940-12:30 a.m.
Mamie Pressly Stevenson died Sun. Sept. 17th 1944 5:30 a.m.
MusaMitchel Pressly Sevens died April 4,1952 St. Louis, Mo.
Eugene Phifer passed away Feb. 1st 1955 Tuesday
Sloan Pressly died April 9,1956 at Goldsboro buried at Kinston AprillO, 1956
Boyce DeWitt Pressly died Sept. 23, 1962 Age 82 Buried at Oakwood Cemetery Statesville N.C. Sept. 24, '62
Clyde Pressly Ross died June 27-1893
Cleora " " Oct. 22 1894
Boyce " " Dec. 16-1903

Page 86

Ruth O. Pressly daugh. C.C.P. died Jan. 1 -1903
Jas. Todd (E.E.P's uncle) was born Feb. 1,1819 & was killed by lightning, May 27--1842

Loose pages in Bible:
E.E. Pressly was born May 25, 1837
E.N.McDill " Feb28, 1843
Ann Bandora Pressly - Sept 5, 1866
Cleora Delia Pressiy Feb 29, 1868
Clark Chalmers " Feb 6 1869
Sarah Isabebella Pressly June 21st 1871
Mary Elvira Pressly June 29 1875
John Sloan Pressly July 2, Monday 11pm 1877
Boyce DeWirt Pressly Nov 5. 1879
Daisy Viola Pressly - April 3rd 1882
E.E. Pressly and Eliz. Hannah McDill were mamed Oct 19th 1865 by Rev. J.I. Banner
J.E.P. Ross & Dora Pressly were mamed Scott & Roak, N.C. by the bride's father Dec 20, 1887
Henry C. Stevenson & Mamie E. Pressly were married at Scotts Dec 25, 1895
Clark C, Pressly & Miss Musa Mitchel were mamed in Ark. Oct 18,1896
B.E. Phifer & Daisy V. Pressly were married Oct 21,1907
Boyce D. Pressly & Nellie Brown were married Texas
J. Sloan Pressly & Tellie Willard were married in Washington, N.C. April 15,1909 by Rev. D.W. Davis

Loose page in Bible:
"Robt. Todd & Olive McAJlister sailed to America on the same vessel, from county Antrim, Ireland about the year 1800. landed at Charleston, S.C. in thirteen weeks. Landed at an island for a time because the vessel sprung a leak. They patched it with sole leather they had on board.
Some time later the said Robt. Todd and Olive McAllister were married and settled at Anderson, S.C. Elizabeth one of their daugnters was mamed to David A. Pressly and settled one mile from Todd's home. E.E. Pressly the oldest child was married Oct. 19th 1865 to Elizabeth McDill."

Family Group Data

(Ed. Note: The following family information was submitted by Judy K. Lawless, 3536 N. 9th St., Abilene, TX 79603.)

George Washington Preslar [son of Hosea Preslar of Anson Co., NC, & Henderson Co., TN], b. 6 Mar. 1855, d. 22 Mar. 1920, bur. Dewey Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX, m. 29 Jan. 1874 Henderson Co., TN, to Louise Octavo Smith^ b. 3 Dec. 1858, d. 3 Feb. 1938, bur. Dewey Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX. Their children were:
A. Samanthe "Mancie", b. 1 Dec. 1876, d. 1954, bur. Dewey Cem. near Lawn, Taylor Co., TX, m. George H. Dean, b. 9 July 1875, d. 19 Aug. 1906, bur. Dewey Cem., near Lawn, Taylor Co., TX, and had: Elton Algee, b. 22 July 1905, d. 23 Feb. 1983, m. Amy E.
Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie", b. 3 Nov. 1878, d. 24 July 1970. bur. Dewey Cem., near Lawn, Taylor Co., TX, m. William Riley Beecham, b. 14 Aug. 1875, d. 26 Feb. 1916, bur. Dewey Cem., near Lawn, Taylor Co., TX, and had: Reynolds Oasis "Jack", b. 3 Aug. 1901 Content, Runnels Co., TX, d. 18 Nov. 1982, ml. Opal Damron, m2. LeonaPass (no children); William Auburn "Shorty", b. 9 Feb. 1904 Content, Runnels Co., TX, never married; Jeanette, m. Elmer Clinton Lawless

Page 87

James Wilson, b. 26 Mar. 1881, d. 18 Aug. 1941. bur. Dewey Cem., Taylor Co., TX, m. 14 Jury 1901 Williamson Co., TX, to Lou Howland b. 15 Oct. 1881, d. 10 Aug. 1960, bur. Dewey Cem., Tayior Co., TX, and had: Charles Huel, m. 30 May 1924 Ballinger, Runnels Co., TX to Anna Mae Lyles (children were: Charles Ray & Peggy Lavita)("Huel said that when they came to Texas, they settled in Williamson County."); Jewel Maud "Sis", m. Dick Wiilis: Dora Pearl (b. 1906, d. 1950), m. Paul Cook; William "Bill" Carroll; James Vance; Lonnie Windell "Tookie""Scoop"; Hayden Victor; Melvin Curtis
Elbert Martin, b. 24 Feb. 1883, d. 22 Apr. 1887
Houston T., b. 7 Jury 1884, d. 5 June 1964
Thomas Jefferson, b. 10 Aug. 1886, d. 21 June 1974, bur. Tacumpsey Cem., Taylor Co., TX, m. Eula Windham, b. 2 Oct. 1889, d. 14 Sept. 1978, bur. Tacumpsey Cem., Taylor Co., TX, and had; Billie Burke, b. 12 Jury 1916, d. 8 Dec. 1918
Arthur R.. b. 8 Sept. 1891, d. 3 July 1974 (married several times, no information)
Burt, b. 21 Mar. 1899, d. Jan. 1972

Ahnentafel Chart

(Ed. Note: The following chart by Elizabeth A. Clardy, been in your editor's files since 1985. No effort has been made to contact the alleged author, or to verify the accurateness of the chart. It is also not certain if this is the same Anna Wells who married Andreas Preslar in 1723 in New York City. The latter Anna was said in the marriage records to have been born in Staten Island (Richmond Co.). CAUTION: Do not accept this information as valid without further investigation! Can anyone shed any additional light about or discover new information concerning this chart?)

1 Anna Wells, b. 1697 Southold Suffolk Co., NY
2 Joshua Wells, b. 1665 Southold, Suffolk Co., NY. m. 19 Jan 1686, d. 1744
3 Hannah Tuthill, b. 7 Nov. 1667 Oysterponds, Suffolk Co., NY, d. 1752
4 William WeJJs, ch. 10 Feb. 1604 Norwich, Norfolk, England m. ca. 1654, d. 1671
5 Mary Youngs, b. 1609 Reydon, Suffolk. England
6 John Tuthill b. 16 Jury 1653 Southold, Suffolk Co., NY, m. 17 Feb. 1657, d. 12 Oct. 1717
7 Deliverance King, b. 1641, d. 1688-9
8 William Wells, ch. 30 Aug. 1584 Norwich, Norfolk, England
9 Elisabeth ___
10 Christopher Youngs, b. 1545 Southwold Suffolk. England
11 Margaret Elrvin, b. 1581 Southwold Suffolk England
12 Henry Tuthill, b. 1612 Tharston, Norfolk, England
13 Bridget ___
14 William King
15 Dorothy Hayne
16 William Wells, m. 7 Oct. 1577

Page 88

17 Agnes Crosse
20 Christopher Youngs
24 Henry- Tuthill, b. 1580 Tharstoru Norfolk, England
25 Alice Gooch
48 John Tuthill, b. 1548 Sandingham, Norfolk, England

"Legislators covered a lot of territory with one of the measures introduced during the past session when they evidently were bamboozled by a word that wa* too big for them. According to an item in The Taos News, the problem began when lay/makers had a reading of House Memorial 14, dealing with gerontology education, or the study of aging. The News quotes a newsletter from the Association of Retired Persons, which reported that the legislators seemed unfamiliar with the word gerontology, figured it must mean geology, and sent it to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Before it got very far, someone else decided it was a bill about genealogy. There is no committee on ancestry, although the background of some lawmakers has frequently been questioned by the electorate. Says the News: 'The bill must have been in the gerontology category by the time it reached its proper hearing!'"
-from The Taos News, 22 Mar. 1987 (reprinted in 77»t Genealogy Club of Albuquerque Quarterly. May 1993).

"San Francisco, California, has no cemeteries. In 1902 a city law was passed stating that there would be no people buried in the county of San Francisco. All aead had to be removed to other cemeteries outside the county and reburied. Next of kin were notified if they could be found; otherwise the dead were reburied in a mass grave in Colma cemetery in San Mateo County just south of San Francisco County! ! ! "
-from the Mercer County Monitor, Jan.-Mar. 1993 (reprinted in The Genealogy Club of Albuquerque Quarterly, May 1993).