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Presley Meanderings

A New Book

Called simply Pressley Presley, a new book by member, Marlene Webb, Box 185, Adrian, TX 79001 covers the descendants of Charles Presley (ca. 1765-Dec. 1821) of Union Co., SC. This 307-page, soft cover book is filled with family photos, photocopies of court records, newspaper clippings, and an index. The D'Aboville system of numbering members of this family makes it easy to trace a particular branch lineage.

Anyone who is descended or interested in this family will want to obtain a copy, and Marlene reports that she has a few copies left for $28.00 postpaid. It may be of interest to other Presley family lines who have roots in 18th century Virginia, since Marlene includes several pages at the beginning of this book which indicate that Charles Presley probably came from the Loudoun Co. area of that state. Loudoun & Fairfax Cos. in northern Virginia are part of an area which greatly needs further research and is an area which may tie together several Presley families.

Some of the early data from this book follows, and may point the way to earlier generations for other family lines as well as this one.

Presleys in Loudon & Fairfax Counties in Virginia

As mentioned above, Charles Presley (ca 1765-Dec. 1821) of Union Co., SC, is thought to have come from the area of Loudoun and Fairfax Cos. in VA. As noted by Marlene in her book, some of the indications for this are:

1) Charles Presley of Union Co., SC, was bom ca. 1765, and a Charles Presley, born 20 Aug. 1764, has been found in Loudoun Co., VA.

2) A son of the Union Co. Charles Presley is listed in the 1880 AL census with the information that his parents were bom in VA.

3) Charles Presley of Union Co. married Elishia Jenkens, whose family in SC came from Loudoun Co., VA.

Some fragmentary data from Virginia includes:

1) Fairfax Co. Deed Book C, 1750-1761, pp. 347-8, a conveyance, for natural love and affection, unto my two sons, William Presley & Charles Stewart Presley, and my daughter, Margaret Presley, one young mare, one old feather bed and blanket and rugg, one iron pot, one washing lub and pail, being remainder of my estate not made over unto Notley f Thomas of province of f Maryland, dated 10 Mar. 1752. signed William x Presley, wit. by Sibbell West, H. West Jr., Mary Peake, rec. 21 July 1752.

2) William Presley is listed in

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Presley Meanderings

the Fairfax Co. Order and Minute Books from 1752 to 1761 as defendant plaintiff, juror, and witness in a number of cases (unclear if this is William I or William II).

3) Charles Pressley and William Pressley used the same tobacco marks at the Colchester store (Fairfax Co.) to mark their tobacco hogsheads during the period 1759-1765 (National Genealogical Society Quarterly).

4) William Presly was among those listed in accounts of John Farguson. 1763. Fairfax Co. Will Book B, pp. 357-9

5) Loudoun Co. Deed Book F, pp. 209-13, 20 Sept. 1767, indenture between William Barr of Prince William Co. and Charles Stewart Presley of Cameron Parish in Loudoun Co., a 99-year lease on 265 acres of land granted to William Barr, to be paid for by Presley with 1000 pounds of tobacco for ihe first year, 13£ 5sh per year thereafter.

6) Charles Stewart Presley appears in court records, 1769-1771 (Loudoun Co. Order Books).

7) Loudoun Co. Lists of Tithables:

1765 - Charles Presley, 2 tithes.
1775 - James Paul, Charles Prestley, N. Moll - 3 tithes.
1779 - James Paul, Charles Presley, James Harris - 3 tithes. (James Paul noted in Fairfax Co. court records, 1749-56)
1780 & 1782 - Charles Presley
1783 - Charles Presley, John Fields James Paul, Ed Paul, Charles Presley
1784 - James Paul, Edward Paul, Charles Steward Presley

8) Loudoun Co. Order Book, 14 Sept. 1778, Ordered thai the Churchwardens of Cameron Parish bind out Charles Presly being 14 years to the 20th day of August last, to Thomas Harbert, according to Law.

The above information is hardly sufficient to compile a family pedigree, but several things are clear. First, it appears that William Presley of Fairfax Co. had two sons in 1752, William and Charles Stewart. Charles Stewart Presley by 1767 is found to be living in Loudoun Co,, where in 1778 another Charles Presley, who had been born on 20 Aug. 1764 was bound to one Thomas Harbert.

Possible Relationships

Now, we come to conjecture at this point, but as long as we all know that we are dealing in theory, perhaps such an excercise can suggest further areas of research for several family lines. Charles Presley (b. 1764) probably was a son of Charles Stewart Presley. but why was he being bound by the church wardens instead of by his father? Was his father dead, and was the church acting in the father's place for an orphan? Can we find guardian records, bonds, accounts, etc. for this Charles? Who was the Charles/Charles Steward Presley listed in the tithable lists after this date? Was it the father, or was it the son, who was old enough to be listed as a tithable? Can we find estate records for Charles Stewart Presley?

Was the younger Charles the one who moved to Union Co., SC? He was of the right age, but a search of Union Co. land conveyances to show when he might have arrived in SC should be compared with deeds in Virginia to sec if Charles Presley sold off any land holdings in Loudoun Co. at about the same time.

What became of William Presley, the son of

Page 26

the first William and brother of Charles Stewart Presley? Was he the William Presley who appears listed in the Augusta Co., VA, court martial records many years later in 1777-8 (Dec. 1990 issue, p. 36)? This William Presley is the one who later is found living in Rockbridge Co., VA (Sept. 1990 issue, p. 1), where he is listed in 1778 with two tithables. We know that he had two sons, William Jr., who is listed in 1778 with one tithable, and James, who was born in 1783 by a second marriage, and who was the progenitor of a Russell Co., VA. family (Norma Jean Crabtree,, Leaving a Trail. Crabtree, Bales, Jackson. Presley; Sept. 1988 issue, p. 13).

As suggested elsewhere, the John &. Moses Presley, of SC and GA, brothers who served in the Revolutionary War, and who were progenitors of other Presley families may have been descended from this William, son of William, of Rockbridge and Augusta Cos. in V A. At least, we know from their pension records that they came from families in Virginia.

All of this fragmentary information does suggest that these various families were possibly, even probably, connected. Indeed, it suggests a general area in which research should be concentrated by several Presley family lines. Whether or not these various families are related, we do have the intriguing question about the identity of the first William Presley mentioned above. When and from where did he arrive in Virginia?

Chapman-Jenkins-Presley in Virginia and Ohio?

LeAnn Vivion McGinnis wrote to address the following query: "It is our family tradition that our Jenkins family musi have married a Pressley woman. Pressley has been a given name for generations.

Pressley Jenkins, born ca. 1808, Ohio (possibly Ross Co.)
Pressley Allen Jenkins, born 7 Oct. 1837, Ross Co., OH
Pressley Allen Jenkins, born 15 Oct. 1867, Benton Co., IA
Pressley Allen Jenkins, born 11 Mar. 1905, Indian Territory
Pressley Allen Jenkins, Jr., born 25 Dec. 1922 Oklahoma

We think the Pressley-Jenkins alliance might have taken place in Pennsylvania or Virginia. Any help appreciated."

My initial response to LeAnn was that this was probably another of those Presley given names which arose in the Northern Neck of Virginia due to the political prominence of The Presley family in that area during the 17th and early 18th centuries. However, she forwarded to me copies of pages from a book entitled Northern Neck Families: The Ancestors of Susan Frances Chapman. Alexander. Chapman and Pearson, plus Connecting Lines including the Balls. Macraes and Washingtons, by Brian J.L. Berry.

Information condensed from these pages is as follows: William Chapman (1790-1847)m. 1814 to Sarah Warren and moved from Virginia to Chillicothe, Ohio, in 1826-7, where she died before 1840, and he died in 1847. Their eight children were:

John W. Chapman (b. ca. 1842 in VA), m. Jane Hoddy

Phebe K. Chapman (b. 1816 in VA), m. William H. Jenkins (son of Rev. John W. Jenkins). She and her husband separated and after she died in 1848, he remarried. Three children, including Preslev Alien Jenkins. b. 1837.

Page 27

Mary J. Chapman (b. ca. 1817/18 in VA): m. John McMasters
Warren Chapman (b. ca. 1822 in VA), m. Sarah Ann Wood
Jefferson Chapman (b. ca 1824 in VA), m. Maria Bladen
Eliza A. Chapman (b. ca 1826 in VA), m. James M. Martin
Susan Frances Chapman (b. 1831 in Oil), m. Rufus Wilson Parks
W.H.H. Chapman (b 1836 in OH), m. Rebecca Daizan.

The author points out that in Virginia the family of Nathaniel Chapman had land dealings in Ohio with the Washrngtons. and that Nathaniel's daughter, Louisa, married Col. Samuel Washington, younger brother of George Washington. Nathaniel's son, George Chapman, lived at Summer Hill Plantation, now the site of Washington National Airport (then in Fairfax Co., V A.). In the History of the Chapman and Alexander Families, by Sigismunda Alexander, Richmond, 1946, the author stales that George Chapman had seven sons, George Hunter, Nathaniel, Allan. Frederick Augustus. Sidney Faycttc, William and Abraham. Brian Berry suggests that perhaps the fact that a William Chapman had served in the Virginia Militia (1814-15) during the War of 1812, that his father had conveyed the family estate to his brother Nathaniel after he died in 1814, led young William to seek his fortune in Ohio. His brothers, Sidney and Frederick stayed on plantations in Fauquier Co., VA, which their father had also owned, wliile brother George lived in Alexandria.

Another book which the author, Berry, quotes is The Jenkins of Northern Neck and Old 96 by Amelia Gilbreath, Nokesville, VA, 1988. The Jenkins family is traced to Nicholas Jenkins JJ (ca. 1624-1673) who came from Purleigh, Co. Essex, England, to Virginia in 1657. His will was proved in 1 673 in Copley Parish, Westmorland Co. His son John m. Martha Gamer and were the parents and grandparents of the Jenkins who appear in Loudon and Fairfax Counties between 1747 and 1782. One son, William, married Mary Ballenger and had a son, William, who married Catherine Tidwell and moved to Union Co., SC. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, b. 1780, who married Charles Pressley (1765-1821) and had a son, Charles Jenkins (b. 1759) who in turn had a son named Presley Jenkins. This Charles Presley, of course, is the subject of Marlcnc Wcbb's book.

"Nathaniel Chapman was a major landowner in Fairfax Co. Among the leaseholders and tenants in the countv were Ezekiel James John and Samuel Jenkins, who were tenants of James, plus Wrilliam Pressley Si. and Jr. (Beth Mitchell Fairfax County, Virginia in 1760. ? Office of Comprehensive Planning, Fairfax Co., Va., 1987)." This editor had some correspondence with Beth Mitchell some years ago concerning another family name in that part of Virginia and will attempt to communicate with her again to determine if she can shed any additional light on the family of Presley in Fairfax ami Louden Counties.

Presleys, Pursleys, and Purcells in Edgefield Co., SC

Joseph D. Horned Jr. has been attempting for several years to learn more about Moses and John Presley, the Revolutionary War soldiers from Edgefield Co., SC, and later in Georgia. He has shared evidence that Presley, Purslev. and Purcell are all

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variant spellings of the same surname in South Carolina. Some of the comments and records he has shared with us follow: 15 Oct. 1989.

I am using the Revolutionary War pension application S7338 of John Presley dated 18 September 1832, an audited account of service for Moses Pursley dated 30 June 1785 thru 9 September 1786, and a deed in which John Pursley sold land to Zachariah Martin on 3 August 1794.

On the third page of Moses Pursley's audited account it states: Please deliver my indent to Hugh Middleton who I have empowered lo receive the same. Signed Moses Presley. Witnessed by LeRoy Hammond.

Both Huke Middleton and LeRoy Hammond are names mentioned in John Presley's pension application: went into the Cherokee expedition under General Williamson, Colonels Pervis and Leroy Hammond and Majors Hammond and ___ Tutt. Also mentioned: John Presley was then a volunteer under Captain John Carter and Major Huke Middleton, to meet the British forces then marching from Savannah to Augusta. Possibly the same Hugh Middleton mentioned in Moses Pursley's audited account?

In Deed Book 12, 1794-1796, Edgefield Co., SC, pp. 431-434, John Pursley to Zacariah Martin. A plat is drawn on page 434. It shows the 1 14 acres of land sold to Zacariah Martin which was adjacent to land of Moses Pursley and Jacob Haverling. In the pension application of John Presley: John Presley was then drafted to go to Florida but hired Jacob Havaland to go in his place. William Pursley signed as a witness on the deed of Pursley to Martin. John and Moses Presley had a brother named William.

A Query About a Georgia/Alabama Family

Gail Rasmussen, a new member, has shared die following information about her ancestors and would like to know who can tell her more about this particular Presley family line. Gail is a librarian at the Albuquerque Public Library, and reports that her grandmother was: Lydia Mae Presley, b. 8 Dec. 1904 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co., AL, d. 27 Jan. 1983 Prattville, AutaugaCo., AL, m. 2 Dec. 1918 LaGrange, Troup Co.. GA to William Hamilton Alien. Lydia Mac was a daughter of: James Henry Presley. b. 28 Sept. 1872 Tallapoosa Co., AL, d. 12 Oct. 1925 LeGrange, Troup Co., GA, m. 26 Dec. 1895 Tallapoosa Co.. AL. to Levie Ann Davis. James Henry was a son of: BenaiahH. Presley, b. 1851 GA, d. 11 Jan. 1923 HarpersviUe, Shelby Co., AL, m. 28 Mar. 1871 Tallapoosa Co., AL, to Betty Ann Moran, b. 8 Aug. 1849 Tallapoosa Co., AL, d. 6 Oct. 1939 Vincent, Shelby Co., AL.

In addition to James Henry, they also had:
John II. Presley, b. June 1871 Tallapoosa Co., AL, m. Mattie Dee Cannon
Amanda Presley, b. May 1879, m. Henry R. Davis
Jesse Presley, b. 1873
Ninnie Presley
Wilkie Collins Presley, b. 24 June 1881 AL, d. 26 Mar. 1952Lut?, FL, m. A. Meadie Hay
Alice Bethenia Presley. b. Dec. 1886 Tailapoosa Co., AL, d. 10 Mar. 1962, m. James Thomas
Dora Lee Presley, b. 18 Jan. 1884 AL, d. 29 Aug. 1960, m. Robert Lee Guy
Lydie Lavinia Presley, b. 30 Oct. 1888 Tallapoosa Co., AL, d. 16 June 1983, m. Marion Harvey Guy
Lilia Bell Presley, b. 27 Dec. 1892 Tailapoosa Co., AL, d. 18 Dec. 1980, m. Thomas David Spates

Gail comments that: "Several years ago my father

Page 29

and I visited an elderly lady by the name of Clara Hardy somewhere in Alabama. [She was a daughter of'Lydia Lavirtia (Presley) Guy.] These are the notes I took from our interview with her."

"Benajah's father married twice. Benajah did not get along with his stepmother, so he left home at age 13. His parents were living in Jackson Gap (Tallapoosa County) then. (If the Benajah Presley listed on the 1860 Alabama census is my line |ie. lather of the above Benajah], then maybe I misunderstood and it was his mother that married twice, and he did not get along with his stepfather. Also since on thai census Mary Presley and her two boys were living with Elizabeth Ridgeway, I'm wondering if Mary's maiden name might have been Ridgeway. I figure Ben left home in 1863 or 1864.)"

"Benajah went by the name of Ben. When he died on Jan. 11. 1923. the whole town was sick with the flu. He was buried the next day. (Apparently his death was not reported to the state, because my father had a records search done from 1920 to 1927(?) and no record of his death was found)."

"A neighbor kid accidentally hit Ben in the head with an axe and from that time on Ben couldn't hear very well. Ben's son, Jessie (Clara Hardy's uncle) used to call his younger sister "Minnie1 because he was too young to say her name correctly. (That's now the only name we have for her.) She died as a young child at age 3 or 4."

"Jessie was about 16 years old and was returning from a hunting trip when a mad dog come up and bit him. He got rabies and had to be tied up at times. When he wasn't having an attack, he told the family to always stay away from him when he started foaming at the mouth. Jessie and Minnie are buried side by side at Jackson Gap and markers are up now. (My father and I looked for the graves of Jessie and Minnie bul were unable to locate them.)"

"Ben Presley did not attend any church. Betty lived to be 94 years old and was living with Bob when she died of cancer. (I don't know who Bob is, but in 1983 my father and I found the graves of Ben and Betty Presley. along with that of their daughter, Alice, at Harpersville Cemetery, Shelby County, AL. I have a copy of Betty Ann (Moran) Presley's death certificate, but the person supplying the information did not know her maiden name, or where or when she was bom. The tombstone says her death date was Oct. 8, 1939, but the death certificate savs Oct. 6, 1939.)"

[Ed. Note: It seems likely that this family line is descended from John Presley, the Revolutionary War Pension applicant (1832)(b. 1755 in VA), who according to The Presley Saga by Richard Carlton Fulcher (Vol. H 1978) had a brother, Moses, who was also a Revolutionary War soldier, and seven children, one of whom was also named Moses. The latter Moses was born in 1784 in Edgefield Dist, SC. served in the War of 1812 (abstract of pension application in Mar. 1987 issue, p. 39), and married three times, the last time to Malinda Fuller. They lived in Putnam and Walton Cos., GA.

The 1850 Walton Co., GA census shows Moses Presley (age 61), with Malinda Presley (age 40). and with Benajah H. Presly (age 21) in the household. Was this Benajah the father of Gail's ancestor1? He would have been the right age to be a son of Moses by his third wife, Malinda, and also to have been the father of the Benajah who married Betty Ann Moran in AL.

In the 1860 census of Tallapoosa Co., AL (June 1990 issue), Benajah Presley (age 11) is living in the household of Elizabeth N. Ridgway (age 54) with Mary A. Presley (age 28) and

Page 30

Jackson Preslcy (age 5). Benajah is an unusual given name and is probably contused with Benjamin in some of the records.

A search of the Civil War sendee records and Alabama pension records does not reveal that Ben ran away from home and joined the army. A B,D, Presley (Alabama records arc notorious for using initials) served in the 23rd AL Intantry.

A Book on Parker

Another new book has just arrived in my mailbox that will interest some of you. It is Parkers of Anson County, North Carolina, with Burnses and Curlees, by Helen Parker Kelman (softcover, spiral bound. 283 pages). Susannah Parker (b. 1794), daughter of Nicholas Parker, married Joshua Presiar of Anson Co. Nicholas Parker was the progenitor of the Parkers in Anson Co. Copies of this book may be ordered from the author, 615 Yarmouth Rd,, Raleigh, NC 27607-6650, and cost is $26.00 postage paid.

Notes from New York State

by Kathryn P. Campbell

In Ulster County in New York State in the 1700's. New Marlborough Township bordered the northern edge of Newburgh Township and was roughly ten miles wide east to west and six miles deep. When New Marlborough Township was divided in 1800, the inland "half' (ie. away from the river) became Plattekill and Marlboro was the "half" by the Hudson River.

Similar to New Marlborough in original size, and just to the north of it, lay New Pallid, Ihe stated birthplace of Jonathan and Abraham Presler, brothers and Revolutionary War soldiers. The "ha'lf" of New Paltz by the Hudson River was not divided off until 1845. becoming Lloyd.

In C.M. Woolsey's History of Marlborough. Albany (J.B. Lyon Co., Printers), 1908, which I located in Marlboro Public Library's Historical Section, the author stated in liis chapter on the early settlers that Denis Relje (Relyea), sometimes called Old Denis, or the Old Man, was the first settler, his name appearing on tax rolls from 1714 to 1725. The Kill, or Creek, at Marlborough Landing was named after him. Hence, the "Old Man's Kill" (Oudman's Kil) where Anthony Preslers daughter. Rebecca, was born (as per her marriage record) refers to this place (see "Notes from New York State" in the Vol. 8, No. 2. Dec. 1992 issue). The 1830's New York State gazetteer I had earlier used had misdirected me to Long Island, in that the Old Man's Kill in (New) Marlborough Township had not been listed.

Captain William Bond, Deputy Surveyor for the Province of New York, came with his family and slaves from previously settled homes in Long Island and Westchester (as did many others), bringing family, goods, and cattle in sloops or scows, ready immediately to clear land and put up homes of log or stone. His grant was in the part of the Township known as Milton. His

Page 31

daughter, Sukie (Susannah), resided with him. and tradition has it that the family members and slaves were buried on a strip of land which was dug up in 1850 for a factor)', at which time bone fragments and hair were found.

On the 1714-15 tax roll, besides Capt. Bond and twenty other people, also appears a Michael Wygant, not the husband of Rebecca, mentioned above, but apparently her husband's grandfather (again see the Dec. 1992 issue).

In the 1724-25 tax list appears Thos. Ellison, who was mentioned by Jones regarding a court matter involving Anthony Presler. Burger Myndertse(n) is taxed in 1714-15 and appears in Woolsey's tax lists through 1726-29, which is as far as Woolsey includes in his book. This Burger Mynders apparently had the barn where Anthony's son Johan Matthias was baptised, aged about one year on June 18, 1729 (sec Hciuy Z. Jones, Jr., The Palatine Families of New York. 1985). Incidentally, I believe this Johan is the "John" whose will was probated in 1798 at Kingston, and that he was the father of Jonathan, Abraham, and several others.

In 1724 a Dr. Golden is taxed, and in 1726-29 a Cad. Golden is listed. Cadwallader Golden is referred to as one of His Majesty's Council in Woolsey's book (p. 48). I looked in the World Book and came up with the following: "Golden, Cadwallacier, 1688-1776, was a prominent official in colonial New York and a writer. He served as lieutenant governor of New-York Colony from 1761 until his death. He was a close friend of Benjamin Franklin and wrote to scientists in several colonies. Besides books on physics and medicine, he published a history of the Iroquois Indians. Bom in Scotland, Golden received a medical degree from the Univ. of Edinburgh. He practised medicine in Philadelphia for 10 years." There is no mention of his residence in New Mariborough!

Also on the tax roll of 1724-25 is George Waggont (Wygant), and next to Tobias Wygant is Valentyne Breasure, surely "our" Valentine. In 1726-29 the name, John Vantine, appears next to Geo. Wagagont (Weigand), and because that particular clerk listed some other men by their given names only, we may reason that this was, again, John Valentine Presler. I hope that in time subsequent tax lists will show more, perhaps Valentine's sons assuming ownership of the land.

In 1754 Sukie/ Susannah Bond, a spinster, conveyed a tract of land along the Hudson from Capt. Bond's patent to Jurian Mackey, presumably the husband of Catrina Peslaar (Presler) (see earlier reference to her in Dec. 1992 issue). With the land she also conveyed two negro men named Shadwel and (Jrendata Orendetes and a wench named Saterea Orendetes (the three having been brought from Africa and purchased by Wm. Bond), Saterea's child Thomas, and the Bond horses, cattle, and moveable things.

In 1763 Susannah conveyed a tract to James Hunter, a free mulatto and yeoman, which was the remaining Bond land of 600 acres, reserving to a nephew, Wm. Weynant/Weygant, and his heirs 100 acres previously conveyed to him. In 1765 Susannah died.

Susannah Bond's sister, Jane, was married to Jurey Wygant, whom I believe to be the George Waggont on the tax list. Susannah had earlier conveyed to this sister a tract of land which had originally belonged to Capt. Bond in what is now Plattekill,

Page 32

and which in 1764 was conveyed by Jane and Jurey Wygant to their son, Michael Wygant. I gather the latter was the husband of Rebecca Presler.

I have no information as to how John Valentine Presler apparently came into the possession of taxable land. What I have found is that a group of Palatine refugees led by Rev. Joshua de Kockerthal arrived in the severe winter of 1708-09 at Quassaick Creek, just south of the new city of Newburgh. They had fled to England, where they were supplied with funds, and seeking both political and religious freedom, were given a tract of land consisting of 2,200 acres lying on the west side of the Hudson River and north of Quassaick Creek.

This settlement took the name of "The Palatine Paiish of Quassaick." The grant included 500 acres set apart as a glebe for the support of a minister. The minister, the Rev. Kockerthal, had been pastor of the Lutheran church which they had founded in the Palatinate, but he did not locate at Quassaick, since a larger group needed him in northern Ulster County. Hence, the former were served by itinerant preachers. On the glebe a small building was erected for their use, which later served as the glebe school until it decayed and was removed about 1845. To mark the site of the original church the Quassaick (Newburgh) Chapter of the D. A.R. unveiled a handsome bronze tablet on a boulder within the Old Town Burying Ground on Memorial Day 1899.

I question whether John Valentine Presler, and earlier, the Weigants, may not have received a share of the Palatines' grant. I found the history and the information about the memorial in the Historical Papers of Newburgh in the Rare Reference Section of the Newburgh Public Library (This special room has about six great double shelved moving sections on a track— a vast resource for both sides of the Hudson, I am informed!),

Newburgh was originally within what was the northern part of the Highland Precinct, but by 1770 a separate district called Newburgh Precinct had been formed.

[Ed. Note: A more complete history of the Palatine patent at Quassaick may be found in Saml Eager's An Outline History of Orange County..., Newburgh (J.J. Callanhan). 1846-7, and includes the following comments (pp. 82-83 & p. 108):

"The first persons we trace there were the nine Palatines, to whom the Patent was granted. The patent is dated in 1719, but the probabilities are, these individuals were there before that date.... From this we conclude the Palatines were here as early as 1708, and that the true date of settlement was about this time.... These men were called Palatines in the patent, and we think they came from the Palatinate of Newburgh in Germany. There are several places in Germany called Newburgh; one in the Palatinate of Newburgh on the Danube...another on the East bank of the Rhine in Swabia, from which some are of the opinion they came.

"What is now called Chambers' Creek was then called Quassaick Creek...,all the land covered by the patent was called Quassaick.... There is no certainty how long the Palatines remained on the Patent; but they had sold out their grant and departed in 1752, the date of the Patent renewal by Gov. Clinton."

"According to the recitation in the new patent... in 1752...the following was the division among the nine [original] Palatines.... The lots were long and narrow, running west from the river,

Page 33

through the patent, numbered from south to north.
To George Lockstcad & children No. 1 250 acres
Michael Weigand & children No. 2 250 do
Herman Shoreman No. 3 100 do
Christian Henniche No. 4 100 do
The Widow Cockertal No. 5 250 do
Burgher Mynders No. 6 100 do
Jacob Webber No. 7 200 do
Johannes Fisher No. 8 100 do
Andries Valch No. 9 300 do
Andries Valch & Jacob Webber, as Trustees for the Church, for a Glebe, between lots 5 & 6 500 do
For Highways 40 do"

Some of the subsequent owners of lots 1 thru 5 and of the Glebe are given in this book.]

[Ed. Note: For more details on the life of Cadwollader Golden, see lusiones of Orange County.]

Union County, North Carolina, Kin

Part 7 - Obituaries

(Ed. Note: Joy Burkholder, has shared the following information from a book. Obituaries, Vol. 1 ("Actual copies of obituaries as they appeared in local newspapers."), 1983, compiled & printed by NOW and THEN, 103 W. Franklin SL, Monroe, N.C. 28110. She comments that "the book is rather poor copies of old newspaper clippings and for the most part the year is not included. As far as I know the 'Now & Then' book store no longer exists. I bought the book in 1985 and tried to order other items a year or so later and it was returned 'Addressee unknown.'" Some interesting relationships arc given here, and the editor would like to hear from anyone who can date these obituaries or identify any of these individuals with known family lines.)

Mrs. Ollie Jane Honeycutt Helms, 82, Indian Trail, widow of J. Frank Helms, died in Union Memorial hospital Thursday at 2:30 a.m., after a three years' illness. She was a daughter of Epliraim and Morriah Honeycutt of Stanry County but had made her home in Stephenson community for the past 47 years. Her husband died in 1944. Funeral sen-ices... [and] burial was in [Sardis Baptist] church cemetery. Surviving are three sisters, Mrs. C.W. Kimbrell and Mrs. Walter Pressley of Indian Trail and Mrs. Henry F. Austin of R3 Monroe; two brothers, T.C. Honeycutt of Charlotte and G.T. Honeycutt of Union county; five [clipping cutoff]

Mrs. Ida Pressley Helms. 81. [die]d in Union Memorial Hospital Wednesday at 4:15 a.m. af[ter] a lingering illness. She was [the] daughter of the late Eli and [MJartha Pressley of the county. [H]er husband, John Helms, died [Ju]ne 28, 1939. Funeral services were held...[at] Sardis Baptist Church...[and] burial was in Salem church cemetery. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Oscar Byrum and Mrs. Beulah Helms of the county; 7 grandchildren, 18 greatgrandchildren and one great-grcat-grand-ehild.

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Oscar Lee Manguni, 68. died Tuesday. July 10th. at his home on East Franklin Street. The funeral was held at... the First Baptist Church. Attending from out ol town were: Mrs. S.W. Prcslar, Concord....

MRS. D.W. PRESSLEY. Mrs. Mattie Reid Pressley, 66, died at her home in Indian Trail Tuesday morning after a long illness. She was the daughter of the late William W. and Sarah Martin Reid and had made her home in the Indian Trail community all her life. Funeral services were held Stephenson Presbyterian Church ... [and] burial was in the Indian Trail cemetery. Surviving are: her husband; seven step-daughters, Mrs. R.K. Keziah of Charlotte, Mrs. Reuben Strawn, Mrs. Elliott Starnes, Mrs. Meh/in Rowdl, all of Indian Trail, Mrs. C.T. Byrum of Waxhaw, Mrs. Zeb Tucker of Monroe, Mrs. George E. Golden of St. Petersburg, Fla.; two step-sons, Edward Pressley of Indian Trail, Bernard Pressley of Detroit, Mich.; two sisters, Mrs. Ola Helms of Lilesville, Mrs. Ellie Helms of Haines City, Fla.; one brother, James Reid of Charlotte.

Mrs Maggie Lona Honeycutt Presley, 73, wife of D. Walter Presley of Indian Trail, died in Union Memorial hospital Saturday at 5:55 p.m. after an illness of six months. She was a daughter of E.S. and Maria Honeycutt. Funeral services were held ... at High Hill Primitive Baptist church... [and] burial was in the church cemetery. Survrviing are her husband; a stepson, Edward Presley of Rl Indian Trail; four stepdaughters, Mrs. Grace Keziah of Charlotte, Mrs. Lean Starnes, Mrs. Aleen Strawn, Mrs. Carroll Tucker and Mrs. Frances Rowell of Route one Indian Trail, and Mrs. Lois Byrum of Florida; two brothers, T.C. Honeycutt of Charlotte, George P. Honeycutt of LTnion county; and two sisters, Mrs. C.W. Kimbrel of R1 Indian Trail. Mrs. Henry F. Austin of R3 Monroe.

After a long period of declining health, the last six weeks of which confined him to his bed, Rev. M.D.L. Prcslar died at his home in Wingate on Sunday. He was sixty-four years of age. Mr. Preslar was a well known Baptist minister and had been pastor of many of the churches in the county during a long ministry and up till the time his health gave away, lie was a man of education, pleasing address and a strong preacher.

The funeral was held in the Wingate Baptist church Monday afternoon after the body had lain in state in the church for some time. Rev. E.C. Kolb, the new pastor at Wingate, conducted the service, assisted by Rev. D.F. Helms, pastor of Macedonia church and a long time friend of the deceased. Mr. Helms spoke fittingly of his associate and recounted his excellent work as man and minister. The attendance at the funeral was very large. The burial J was at Macedonia, four miles * south of Monroe, where Rev. M. Preslar was reared.

Mr. Preslar was the son of the late Gilbert Preslar of Buford township and a grandson of Johnnie Preslar, who was one of the most distinguished citizens of the county in his day. He married Miss Effie Broom, and she, with the following children, survives him: Messrs. C.M. Preslar, Carroll Preslar, Alien Preslar of Wingate, Dwight Presiar of Charlotte, Mrs. T.S. Lawrence of Gary and Miss Vera Preslar of Raleigh. His brothers and sisters are Mi. S.W. Preslar of Concord, .I.E. Preslar of Durham, Mis. Jack Mangum, Mrs. Davis Helms. Mrs. Gary Parker and Mrs. L.C. Polk, all of this county.

Rev. M.D.L. Preslar died at his home in Wingate early Sunday morning, September 5, 1937, about one o'clock after an illness of three years. He had been confined to his bed for the last six weeks..... Marquis de

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Lafayette Preslar was born in Buford township, Union county near Macedonia church on October 8, 1872 and therefore would have been 65 years old next month. He was a son of Gilbert and Mullie Irby Preslar. Mr. Preslar joined Macedonia church in early boyhood. He began his ministry in 1901 and a year later attended the Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. On November 26, 1903 he was married to Miss Effie Broome, and they established a happy, Christian home. She with the following children survive, Carter M. Preslar of Wingale, Mrs. T.S. Lawrence of Cary, Miss Velma Preslar of Raleigli, Carroll Preslar, recently of the U.S. Navy and stationed in San Francisco, Calf, Dwight Preslar of Charlotte and Alien Preslar ofWingate. One child. Gladys, died in early childhood. The deceased is also survived by the following brothers and sisters, S.W. Preslar of Concord, I.E. Preslar, Durham, Mrs. Jack Mangum, Mrs. J. Davis Helms of Union county, Mrs. Gary Parker of Monroe and Mrs. L.C. Polk ofWingate. [more tribute follows]

David Walter Pressley, 76, of Indian Trail, died in Union Memorial hospital Wednesday at 9:10 p.m. after a week's illness. He was a son of Thomas and Frances Griffin Pressley. His wife, the former Minnie Moscr, died in 1942. Surviving are six daughters, Mrs. Grace Keziah of Charlotte, Mrs. Aiken Strawn, Mrs. Elliott Strawn and Mrs. Mervin Rowell of Indian Trail, Mrs. Carl Byrum of Daytona Beach, Fla., and Mrs. Zed Tucker of Fairview community; a son, Edward Walter Pressley of Indian Trail; 15 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Funeral services were held at Sardis Baptist church...and burial was in [cut off]

Mr. Sanford O. Pressley, son of Mr. George C. Pressley, died suddenly Wednesday night, December 30, at his home on Benton Heights. It is not known what caused his death for he was up and at his work on the day before and did not complain before going to bed mat night About three o'clock in the morning he awoke his wife and complained of suffering and died in a few minutes, before the doctor, who had been summoned, could arrive. He would have been 29 years old the following Friday and was a large, robust man apparently in perfect health. He moved to Monroe two months ago and was employed by Mr. J.H. Benton. He is survived by his wife and one child, his parents and several brothers and sisters. He was a faithful member of Mill Creek Baptist church. The funeral was held at Midway Baptist church and was attended by a very large congregation....

J. Harley Thomas died at his home in east Monroe township about 11 o'clock last Saturday morning after two weeks illness. A short lime before Mr. Thomas had a number of teeth extracted and this together with other complications hastened his end. Harley Thomas was a good citizen and an excellent farmer, and a man who had much civic pride. He was a prime mover in the erection of the Midway Baptist church building near his home. He had reached his 63rd year. Mr. Thomas is survived by his wife (nee Doris Hinson). and the following sons and daughters: Pemay, Hoyle, and J.D. Thomas, of Wingate; Glen Thomas, of Monroe; Bruce Thomas, of Kannapolis; four daughters, Mrs. R.E. Pressly, Mrs. J.W. Pressly, Mrs. Furman Phifer, of Wingate, and Mrs. John Davis of Monroe. Also by a brother, Callie Thomas, of Chester, S.C.; a half-brother, Ellis Godwin, and sisters, Mrs. T.L. Hinson of this county, Mrs. John Perry of Concord, and Mrs. W.B. Trene of Hammond, Okla. Funeral was held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 from Midway Baptist church, of which the deceased was a member....

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Current Family News

The funeral for Miss Lula Estelle Pressley of Orangeburg [SC], formerly of Chester, was conducted Saturday, Sept. 25, at the graveside in New Hope United Methodist Church of Chester Co. with the Rev. Chris Snelgrove, pastor of the church, officiating. Miss Pressley, 85, died Thursday, Sept. 23, 1993, at the Orangeburg Methodist Home where she resided. Bom in Chester Co., she was a daughter of the late Mr. Augustus Frazter Pressley and the late Mrs. Margaret Minerva Wise Pressley. Miss Pressley was retired from Buyck-Coward Clothing Store in Hartsvflle and, before her relocation to Orangeburg, was an active member of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Hartsville. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Irma R. Hicldin of Richburg and Mrs. Lucille M. Myrick of Columbia; and nieces and nephews.

The funeral for Mrs. Anne Pressley Hayes of Route 3, Chester, a community news correspondent for the News and Reporter, will be conducted Saturday, May 8, with the Rev. Robert Craven, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, officiating, assisted by the Rev. Joey Beasley, pastor of West Chester Baptist Church. Interment will be in New Hope United Methodist Church Cemetery. Mrs. Hayes, 89, died May 5, 1993, at Chester County Hospital after a period of declining health. Born in Chester Co. on Dec. 12, 1903, she was a daughter of the late Mr. Adam S. Pressley and the late Mrs. Delia Kirkpatrick Pressley, and the widow of Mr. R. Frank Hayes Sr. Mrs. Hayes was graduated from Linwood College in Gastonia, NC, and was a retired employee of Springs Industries and a homemaker. She was well-known for her work as a news correspondent from the West Chester community for The News and Reporter... since 1981. She is survived by two sons, R Frank Hayes Jr. and Fields K. Hayes, both of Chester, two grandchildren, a great-grandchild, and two step-granddaughters.

The above two newspaper clippings were forwarded by member, Jean Nichols, of Richburg, SC, who reports that Lula Pressley and Anne Hayes were first cousins, and that Lula was a sister to her mother. Another first cousin, Jim Pressley, became Sheriff of Chester Co., SC, in January 1993. He has had 22 years in law enforcement, having served 7 years as Deputy Sheriff of Chester Co.


Delia Mae Biggs, an aunt of Elvis Presley and housekeeper at his Graceland residence, died July 29. She was 74. Biggs lived at Graceland for about 30 years and was there when Presley died in 1977.
[The Hollywood Reporter, August 2, 1993]

Elvis Presley's cousin has been elected sheriff in Mississippi's Lee County. Harold Ray Presley won a runoff Tuesday to fin the remaining two years in Sheriff Jack Shirley's term. Shuiey died of cancer a year ago.
[The Hollywood Reporter, November 18, 1993]

The above two clippings were shared by Patricia Achramowicz, member, who fives in Hollywood, CA.

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Georgia Marriage Records

Compiled by LaGroon Redman

Presley, Rebecca - Bishop, John 28 July 1838

Presly, Maty A. - Bryan, Jason 3 March 1844

Presly, Elizabeth - McGimiis, Cluistopher 26 August 1839

Presley. Absolom - Langley. Dennann 5 February 1844
Presley, William - Langley, Abbaline 7 January 1841
Presley, William - Ray, Mahaley 25 December 1847

Presley, Charles - Kerlin, Mildred 21 December 1819
Presley, Martha Ann - Thornton, Richard 8 February 1849

Presley. T.J. - Bentley, Caroline 13 July 1843
Presley, Wiley - Carson, Martha 8 April 1848
Prestley, Richard E. - Right, Elizabeth 25 February 1824
Presley, Almcdia - Mercer, James 2 December 1839
Presley, Nancy - Boyd, James 27 December 1841
Prestley, Emeline M. - Giles, Leander 15 August 1850
Prestley, Marinda - Stringfellow, Benj. F. 29 March 1849

Presley, Elizabeth - Nettles, Solomon 3 January 1869
Presley, James Floyd - North, Marg. A. 16 December 1858
Presley, James H. - Gibbons, Louisa W. 19 May 1870

Presley, Harvy - White, Elizabeth 2 April 1848
Presly, Daniel - Armstrong, Matilda 1 February 1837

Presley, Jordan - Roper, Harriet 28 November 1850

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Presley, Andrew - Strickland. Mary 13 January 1830

Presley, John H. - Kendrick, Margaret 25 February 1843
Presley, Mary Matilda - Bridges, James 17 August 1833
Presley, Matilda - Williams, Shepard 25 January 1827

Presley, Thomas - Sanders, Elizabeth ? May 1823

Presley. Elijah - Brown, Lucy 24 September 1816
Presly, John P. - Ferryman, Mary W. 12 December 1861

Presley, James M. - Wynn, Nancy 19 December 1833
Pressley, Moses - Fuller, Malinda 4 January 1830
Pressley, Moses - Leonard, Nancy 10 January 1818
Pressley, William - Goldsmith, Elizabeth 28 February 1808

Presley, John - Daniel, Margarel J. 24 October 1833

Presley. Vincent - Lewis. Ann 28 September 1834
Presley, Vincent - Pearce, Aseneth 21 Jury 1853

Presley, Benjamin H. - Edwards, Eliz. Ann 1 January 1851
Presthy, Robert - James, Pearsey 7 July 1825
Presley, Emeline - Boswell, Joseph 14 January 1845
Presley, Frances C. - Stroud, Thomas M. 25 April 1859

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Persons Named Bressler, Presler, Presley, (Etc.)
Who Were Employed by the Federal Government

Submitted by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens

(continued from page 6. Sept. 1993 issue)

PRESLER, CHARLES, 1887, v. 2, p. 878, Letter Carrier, $600, employed at New York City, NY, born in NY, appointed from NY.
PRESLER, CHARLES, 1889, v. 2, p. 978, Letter Carrier, Free Delivery System, $800, employed at New York City, NY, born in NY, appointed from NY.
PRESLER. CHARLES, 1891, v. 2, p. 1076, Letter Carrier, $1000, employed at New York City, NY, born in NY, appointed from NY.
PRESLER. CHARLES, 1893, v. 2, p. 1167, Letter Carrier, $1000, employed at New York City, NY, born in NY, appointed from NY.
PRESLER. CHARLES, 1895, v. 2, p. 721, Letter Carrier, $ 1000, employed at New York City, NY, born in NY, appointed from New York Cty., NY, 14th Cong. Dist.
PRESLER, CHARLES, 1897,v. 2, p. 728, Letter Carrier, Free Delivery System, $1000, employed at New York City, born in NY, appointed from New York City, NY, 14th Cong. Dist.
PRESLER, CHARLES, 1899, v. 2, p. 777, Letter Carrier, Free Delivery System, $1000, employed at New York City, NY, born in NY, appointed from New York Cty., NY, 14th Cong. Dist.
PRESLER. F. E., 1897, v. 1, p. 336, Chief Clerk, Jeffersonville, IN Depot, Office of Depot QNs, QM's Dept. at Large, War Dept., $ 1800, employed at Jeffersonville, IN, born in NJ, appointed from Clark Cty., IN,3rd Cong. Dist.
PRESLER. FORD A., 1905, v. 2, p. 1495, Substitute Mail Carrier, em ployed at Adrian, OH, born in OH, appointed from Seneca Cty., OH, 13th Cong. Dist.
PRESLER. J. M., 1893, V. 2, p. 850, PM, Plainview, HaleCty., TX, $527.37.
PRESLER. JAMES M, 1889, v. 2, p. 913, Clerk in P.O., $250, employed at Wichita Falls, TX, born in LA, appointed from TX.
PRESLER. JAMES M., 1887, v. 2, p. 831, Clerk in P.O., $250, employed at Wichita Falls, TX, born in LA, appointed from TX.
PRESLER, JAS. M., 1895, v. 2, p. 364, PM, Plainview, HaleCty., TX, $434.28.
PRESLER. MARY 6., 1893.V. 2, p. 1059, Clerk in P.O., $100, employed at Plainview, TX, born in MS, appointed from TX.
PRESLER. MARY 6., 1895.V. 2, p. 602, Clerk in P.O., $150, employed at Plainview, TX, born in MS, appointed from Hale Cty., TX, 13th Cong. Dist.
PRESLER. OLIVER P., 1905, v. 2, p. 1209, Mail Carrier, Rural Free Delivery, $720, employed at Adrian, OH, born in OH, appointed from Seneca Cty., OH, 13th Cong. Dist.
PRESLER, W. A., 1889, v. 1, p. 194, Deputy Collector, Customs Service, Treasury Dept, $750, employed at Newburgh, NY, born in NY, appointed from NY.
PRESLER. WILLIAM, 1879, v. 2, p. 97, Mail Contractor, Route 6467, NY. Annual Pay--$78, Total Pay for fiscal year ended 30 June 1879--$78.
PRESLEY. A. E., 1905, v. 2, p. 1923, Special Mail Service, $8.33, employed at Big Ax, Russell Cty., VA.
PRESLEY. A. J., 1895, v. 2, p. 109, PM, Ravia, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Terr., $112.04.
PRESLEY, ALBERT C., 1889, v. 2, p. 34, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 17594, AL. Original contract pay--$70, Total allowed fiscal year ended 30 June 1889--$23.53, employed from 1 March 1889 to end of fiscal year.

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PRESLEY. ALBERT C., 1901, v. 2, p. 25, PM, Pineflat, Butler Cty., AL, $46.43.
PRESLEY. ALBERT C., 1903, v. 2, p. 36, PM, Pineflat, Butler Cty., AL, $78.31.
PRESLEY, ALBERT C., 1905, v. 2, p. 34, PM, Pineflat, Butler Cty., AL. $90.95.
PRESLEY, CICERO 6., 1905, v. 2, p. 1800, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 21272, GA. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1904--$ 104, Total allowed for fiscal year ending 30 June 1905—$98.96.
PRESLEY. CLARENCE C., 1903, v. 2, p. 1678, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 73365, Oregon. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1902--$420, Total allowed for fiscal year ending 30 June 1903—$420.
PRESLEY, DANIEL, 1895, v. 2, p. 27, PM, Lotus, Butler Cty., AL, $2.98. Lotus P.O. began operations 1 December 1894.
PRESLEY, DAVID S., 1887,v. 2, p. 617, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC, $2.88.
PRESLEY, DAVID S., 1889, v. 2, p. 680, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty,, NC, $8.55.
PRESLEY, DAVID S., 1891, V. 2, p. 700, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC, $9.11
PRESLEY, DAVID S., 1895, v. 2, p. 262, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC, $10.94.
PRESLEY, DAVID S., 1897.V. 2. p. 250, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC,$ 16.17.
PRESLEY, DAVID S., 1899, v. 2, p. 263, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC, $ 10.54.
PRESLEY, DONNIE L., 1901, v.2, p. 197, PM.Strayhorn.Tate Cty., MS, $173.08.
PRESLEY, E. A., 1901, v. 2, p. 1347, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 28122, TN, Served from 20 November 1900 to end of fiscal year (30 June 1901). Total allowed--$491.30.
PRESLEY, E. A., 1903,v.2,p. 1695, Mail Contractor,Star Service,Route 28122,TN. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1 90 1 --$800, Total allowed for two fiscal years ending 30 June 1903--$1600.
PRESLEY. E. A., 1905,v. 2, p. 1890, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 28 122, TN. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1903--$800, Total allowed for fiscal year ending 30 June 1904—$800.
PRESLEY, E. T., 1893, V, 2, p. 518, PM, Lamp, Van Buren Cty., Arkansas, $13,58.
PRESLEY. FRANK, 1897, v. 2, p. 504, Laborer, Engineers Dept. at Large, War Oept., $1.50 per day, employed at Upper White River near Batesville, Arkansas, born in Arkansas, appointed from Independence Cty. , Arkansas, 2nd Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY. GEORGE, 1897, v. 1 , p. 494, Laborer, Fort M on roe Arsenal , Ordnance Dept. at Large, War Dept. , $ 1 .25 per day, employed at Fort Monroe, VA, appointed from Elizabeth City, VA, 2nd Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, GEORGE, 1899, v. 1 , p. 604, Laborer, Fort Monroe Arsenal, Ordnance Dept. at Large, War Dept, $1.25 per day, employed at Fort Monroe, VA, born in VA, appointed from Elizabeth City, VA, 2nd Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, GEORGE, 1901 , v. 1 , p. 568, Laborer, Ordnance Dept at Large, War Dept, $1.25 per day, employed at Fort Monroe, VA, born in VA, appointed from Elizabeth City, VA, 2nd Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY. GEORGE A., 1899, v.2, p. 19, PM, Gem, Conecuh Cty., AL, $13.35.
PRESLEY, H. M., 1887, v. 2, p. 38, Mail Contractor, Route 29467, Arkansas. Original contract pay-- $ 1 00, Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1 885--$ 1 00, Total allowed fiscal year ended 30 June 1886--$98.08.
PRESLEY, H. M., 1895, v. 1 , p. 897, Compositor, Public Printing, Government Printing Office, 40 cents per hour, employed at Washington, DC, born in LA, appt. from Sabine Cty. , LA, 4th Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, H. M., 1897, v. 1 , p. 935, Compositor, Public Printing, Government Printing Office, 40 cents per hour, employed at Washington, DC, born in LA, appt. from Sabine Cty. , LA, 4th Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, HENRY M., 1901,v. 1 , p. 1 140, Compositor, Public Printing, Government Printing Office, 50 cents per hour, employed at Washington, DC, born in LA, appt. from Sabine Cty. , LA, 4th Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, HENRY M., 1905,v. 1 , p. 1 167, Composer, Government Printing Office, 50 cents per hour, employed at Washington, DC, born in LA, appointed from Sabine Cty. , LA, 4th Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, J. B., 1889,v. 2, p. 466, PM.Alabam, Madison Cty., Arkansas, $31.06.
PRESLEY, J. L., 1879,v. 2, p. 335, PM, Frazierville.Abbeville Cty., SC, $14.20.
PRESLEY, J. L., 1881,v. 2, p. 560, PM, Fraziersville.Abbevllle Cty., SC, $28.89.
PRESLEY. J. L., 1891, V.2, p. 765, PM,Lulah,AbbevilleCty.,SC, $9.87.

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PRESLEY, JAMES F., 1905, v. 2, p. 1824, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 49644, LA. Total pay a!lowed to 30 June 1905--$ 132.53.
PRESLEY. JOHN F., 1905, v. 2,p. 1489, Substitute Mall Carrier, employed at Indiantrai), NC, born in NC, appointed from Union Cty., NC, 7th Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, JOHN L., 1905, v. 2, p. 1845, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 45205, MO. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1903--$474, Total allowed for fiscal year ending 30 June 1905—$948.
PRESLEY. JOHN, 1901, v. 2, p. 72, PM, Narrows, Banks Cty., GA, $ 11.08.
PRESLEY, JOS. T., 1905, v. 2, p. 1865, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 18930, NC. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1904--$312, Total allowed for fiscal year ending 30 June 1905— $302.03.
PRESLEY. JOSHUA H., 1895, v 2, p. 405, PM, Virga, RoaneCty., WV, $5.70.
PRESLEY. JOSHUA H., 1897, v. 2, p. 386, PM, Virga, RooneCty., WV, 40cents.
PRESLEY. JULIOUS W., 1901, v. 2, p. 74, PM, Presley, Towns Cty., GA, $37.68.
PRESLEY. JULIUS W., 1903, v. 2, p. 84, PM, Presley, Towns Cty., GA, $25.39,
PRESLEY, L. C., 1897, v. 1, p. 408, Laborer, Engineer's Dept. at Large, War Dept., $1.50 per day, employed at Newport, Arkansas-Riverside, born in MS, appointed from White Cty., Arkansas, 6th Cong. Dist. Employed under the command of Capt. William L. Sibert, who was in charge of improvement of the Arkansas River, including removing obstructions and operating snag boats, Arkansas and Indian Territory; and of White River, including removing obstruction in Cache River; and of River St. Francis, Arkansas and MO.
PRESLEY. LIZZIE H., 1887, v. 2, p. 618, PM.Scott'sCrossRoads, Iredell Cty., NC, $8.60. Note: Pay from 18 March 1887 to end of fiscal year (30 June 1887).
PRESLEY, M. H., 1879, v. 2, p. 177, PM, Castle Creek, Owyhee Cty., ID Terr, $12.91.
PRESLEY, M. H., 1881 ,v. 2, p. 387, PM, Castle Creek, Owyhee Cty., ID, $46.14.
PRESLEY.M. H., 1885, v. 2, p. 434, PM, Castle Creek, Owyhee Cty., ID, $173.69.
PRESLEY, MELL. B., 1889, v, 2, p. 44, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 29268, Arkansas. Original contract pay--$!75, Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1887--$356.72, Total allowed fiscal year ended 30 June 1888--$356.72, Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1888—$356.72, Total allowed for fiscal year ended 30 June 1889—$217.72.
PRESLEY, MELLENIUM B., 1887, v. 2, p. 38, Mail Contractor, Route 29268, Arkansas. Original contract pay—$175, Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1886--$ 175, Additional pay for fiscal year ended 30 June 1887--$ 127.90, Total allowed for fiscal year ended 30 June 1887— $301.64.
PRESLEY, R. L., 1897, v. 2, p. 19, PM, Gem, Conecuh Cty., AL, $7.09. Gem P.O. established 3 September 1896.
PRESLEY, RILEY P., 1897, v. 2, p. 26, PM, Wade, St. Clair Cty.,AL, $8.98. Wade P.O. established 11 February 1897.
PRESLEY. RILEY P., 1899, v. 2, p. 27, PM, Wade, St. Clair Cty., AL, $31.53. Note: Surname spelled "Preslay" in index.
PRESLEY. ROBT. J., 1903. v. 2, p. 50, PM, Poteau, Scott Cty., Arkansas, $113.09.
PRESLEY, S. C., 1893, v. 1, p. 909, Compositor, Specification Room, Public Printing, Government Printing Office, 40 cents per hour, employed at Washington, DC, born in LA, appointed from LA.
PRESLEY. S. C., 1901, v. 1, p. 1140, Compositor, Public Printing, Government Printing Office, 50 cents per hour, employed at Washington, DC, born in LA, appt. from Suffolk Cty., MA, 8th Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, SAMUEL, 1905. v. 2, p. 1831, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 37201, Michigan. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1903--$ 160, Total allowed for fiscal year ending 30 June 1905--$13.33.
PRESLEY. WILLIAM B., 1891, v. 2, p. 83, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 29268, Arkansas. Original contract pay—$175, Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1889—$356.72, Total allowed for fiscal year ended 30 June 1890--$326.77.

(to be continued)

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Thomas Edward Presley, MD

Age 27 Hamilton County, Texas

He was born 7 January 1870 in Coldwater. Tate County, Mississippi, married on 8 June 1891 to Elizabeth P. Peters, and died 6 January 1944 in Roswell, Chaves Co., New Mexico. He was a son of John Madison Presley & Sarah Jane Cain, and he had four children: Kelsey, born in 1893; Palmer (Cute), born in 1894; Eunice, bom in 1902; and John Thomas, born in 1906. See family details in December 1987 issue.

Shared by E. L. Singleton.

Family Group Data

Harvey Sanford Presley, b. 11 Mar 1830 Franklin Co., GA, d. 19 Jury 1899 Hall Co., GA, m. 2 Apr. 1848 Hall Co.. GA, to Elizabeth Jane White, b. 19 Mar. 1830 Hall Co.. GA, d. 1903 Hall Co., GA. Children:
a) Sanford Vandiver Presley, b. 1848 (see below)
b) MeKina E. Presley, b. 1851 Hall Co., GA
c) Michael Jackson Presley, b. 1855 (see below)
d) Mary J. Presley, b. 1856 Hall Co., GA
e) Sarah J. Presley, b. 1860 Hall Co., GA
f) William David Presley, b. 1862 (see below)
g) John T. Presley, b. 1865 Hall Co., GA
h) Jasper I. Presley, b. 1870 Hall Co., GA

Sanford Vandiver Presley, b. 1848 Jackson Co., GA d 22 Dec. 1915 Hall Co., GA, bur. Eastonalee Ch.. Eastonalee. GA, m. 18 Aug. 1870 Hall Co.. GA., to Arminda Baugh. b. 1847. Children:
a) Harriet Presley. b. abt. 1876
b) Tillman V. Presley, b. 22 Aug. 1873 Hall Co., GA, m. May A. ___
c) John Anderson Presley, b. 14 Nov. 1877 Hall Co., GA, m. 9 Aug. 1903 to Ella Irvin
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Orlando Fish Mead
& wife
Lydia Aby Presley
with sons George and Oriando (standing)

Lydia Aby Presley was a daughter of William Hawkins Presley. She was born 20 Feb. 1835 in Sheridan, Lawrence County, Ohio, died 19 Jan. 1919 in Price, Carbon County, Utah, and married 27 Jan. 1853 in Salt Lake (Siry. Utah, to Orlando Fish Mead, born 10 Jan. 1823 in Wilton, Fairrield County, Connecticut, died 26 Feb. 1897 in Price, Carbon County, Utah. See Sept. 1992 issue for more iamiry details.

Shared by Rebecca Tollefson.

d) James Presley, b. 1879 Hall Co., GA
e) Ida Mae Presley, b. 15 June 1880 Jackson Co., GA, d. 1972 Jackson Co., GA
f) Noah Presley, b. 6 Dec. 1880 Hall Co., GA
g) Emalinc Presley, b. 9 Aug. 1871 Hall Co., GA, m. 31 Jan. 1892 Hall Co., GA, to Benjamin Beauregard Barrett
h) Ella Presley, b. 16 May 1884 Jackson Co., GA

Michael Jackson Presley, b. 1855 Hall Co., GA, m. 26 Dec. 1876 Hall Co., GA, to Sarah M. Pilgrim, b. 1861 SC. Children:
a) Harvey S. Presley, b. Mar. 1883 Jackson Co., GA, d. 11 Dec. 1947 Jackson Co., GA
b) Sallie Presley, b. 1894 Jackson Co., GA
c) Barker Presley, b. May 1897 Jackson Co., GA
d) Sanford Vandiver Presley, b. June 1885 Jackson Co., GA
e) Janey Presley, b. Apr. 1887 Jackson Co., GA
f) Daisy Presley, b. Mar. 1888 Jackson Co., GA

William David Presley, b. 6 Aug. 1862 Jackson Co., GA, d. 11 Apr. 1945 Jackson Co., GA, bur. White Plains Bapt. Ch., m. 5 Sept. 1882 Jackson Co., GA, to Rachel D. Barrett, b. Jan. 1866 Pickens Co., SC, d. 10 Jury 1953 Jackson Co., GA, bur. White Plains Bapt. Ch.
a) Winbom "Wilburn" Presley, b. 20 Dec. 1898 Jackson Co., GA, d. 3 Jury 1974 Hall Co., GA, m. 10 Mar. 1918 Hall Co., GA, to Ruth Evelyn McDonald
b) Wiley Vandiver Presley, b. Jan. 1888 Jackson Co., GA, d. Jackson Co., GA, m. Emma _____
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c) Charlie Presley, b. June 1890 Jackson Co.. GA. d. 1911 Jackson Co., GA, m. Jackson Co., GA, to Annie ______
d) Edd Presley, b. 3 Sept. 1894 Jackson Co., GA, d. 14 Nov. 1948 Jackson Co., GA
e) Howard Spencer Presley, b. Jan. 1895 Jackson Co., GA
f) William David Presley, b. 4 Aug. 1903 Jackson Co., GA, d. 1973 Jackson Co., GA
g) Norma Presley, b. abt. 1905 Jackson Co. GA
h) Leon Grady Presley, b. 25 Sept. 1908 Jackson Co., GA, d. 17 Aug. 1971 Jackson Co., GA.

Submitted by Bob Presley.
Bob is a great grandson of William D. Presley. He believes that Israel Presley, who was the only Presley in the 1830 census of Franklin Co., GA, with a son between 0 and 5 years of age. was the father of Harvey Sanford Presley. In Franklin Co. in 1822 "Ezeal Preslar" sold 202 acres to Samuel Headen (DB 13, p. 100), described as land drawn in the late land lottery, and believed to be in present day Banks Co.. He was also listed in poll tax lists from 1825 to 1837, and the given name variants included Isel, Ezel, Ezeal, and Ezekel, while the surname variants included Presler, Preslar, Presley. Israel was in Franklin Co. in 1830 and 1840, and in Hall Co., in 1850, and in Habersham Co. in 1860. The 1860 census shows Israel was born in NC

Bob is seeking proof that Israel is the father of Harvey, and believes that this family is ultimately descended from the Anson Co., NC, Preslar family. Any help with this family would be appreciated.

Jules Feiffer once drew a strip cartoon in which the down-at-heel character observed that first he was called poor, then needy, then deprived, then underpriviledged, and then disadvantaged, and concluded that although he still didn't have a dime, he sure had acquired a fine vocabulary.

[Bill Brysoa The. Mother Tangue. English & How ft Got That Way, New York, 1990]