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VOLUME IX      NO. 3                                          March 1994                                        Page forty-four


compiled by Edwin C. Dunn

Most of you will hardly be surprised when I say that I have always had a special interest in the Preslar family in Anson Co., North Carolina. The reasons, of course, are that my own Preslar line was iti Aiison Co,, most of my personal research on the family was in that county, and many of my genealogical correspondents ultimately have their Presley/Preslar roots in old Anson Co. A recurrent feature in this newsletter has been material on branches of this family who lived in Union Co., which was formed from, and adjoins. Anson Co. It has been several years, however, since we have featured material on Anson Co. itself, and some additional material is in the files which needs to be shared. The compilation of this material has been interesting because Charles Preslar is the connecting link between all three parts of the article. '

Part I: The Children and Grandchildren of Joshua Preslar

Much of the information in part I of this article was supplied to the editor by the lets Dorothy Ocejo, with some additions .from the editor's personal files.

Joshua Preslar (son of John Preslar) was born 1780/82 (1850/60 censuses), and married Susannah Parker (dau. of Nicholas Parker of Anson Co.), who was born 1794 (1850 census), and died betw. 1850 & 1860. He wrote his will in Anson Co. on 19 June 1864, naming his sons Caleb, Joshua, Parker, John; the heirs of his son James; his daughters Huldah Jones, Judy Hornback, Mary Ilase, Susan Davis, Mouck Da vis, Purdy, and Amy; his executor, Arthur Davis; witnesses, P.J. Beeman and Wm. Men (Will Bk. D, p. 1).

A court case. dtd. 8 Jan. 1872, H.J. Howzeplt. vs. Arthur Davis, exec. of Joshua Preslar. with judgement against the deft., is found in Anson Co. court records (Loose Estate Papers, Anson Co., NC State Archives). Cllildi'd? of JcssiiU2 &-Susannah (Parker) Preslar were:
1) Caleb, b. 1808(1850-60-70 censuses)
2) Joshua, b. 1808/10 (1870/ 1850-60 censuses)
3) Judy, b. 1810(1870 census)
4) Ann (Amy), b. 1815/17/22 (1860/70/50 censuses)
5) Parker, b. 1817 (cemetery inscription)
6) Susan, b. 1820/22 (1870/60 censuses)
7) Prudy (Prudence, Purdy), b. 1825/29 (1860/50-70 censuses)
8) John, b. 1826(1850 census)
9) Huldah (Hulda), b. 1827 (1850 census)
10)Mary, b. 1827/29 (1860/70 censuses)

(continued on page forty-seven)

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This issue contains some articles on Elvis. I've tried to avoid making this newsletter an "Elvis Journal", but occasionally something amusing comes along, and it seems unrealistic to avoid mention of a family's most famous member, just because he is famous, so here's a little light reading in this issue for you.

Warm weather is just around the corner and for those of you who are planning trips to research facilities tliis spring and tliis summer, don't forget to share your Presley/Preslar/Pressly findings through this newsletter with others who have a similar interest.

In the meantime, I am beginning to explore the world of genealogy echoes on the electronic networks, or computer bulletin boards. I encourage those of you who are "into" computers to look into it if you haven't already. I know some of you have been doing it for some time.

As to the Presley database which we mentioned here earlier, we are still looking into how we might be able to share it with you beyond just using the database to try to answer your questions. There are logistical problems, besides the effort of Jim Anderson just trying to keep it updated, and it may not be practical at this time.

Look for a multi-part article beginning in the next issue on the Pressleys of Williams-burg County, South Carolina. Some interesting information has been accumulating in the Hies on this family, and for those of you with no particular interest in this family, you may find the information on life in antebellum South Carolina interesting to read

- Albuquerque Journal 17 May 1993

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Anson Co. Genealogical Notes

11)Mariah (Maria), b. 1830/32/33 (1860/70/50 censuses)
12) James, b. prob. 1830-1835 (est based on ages of siblings and date of his marriage)

Caleb Preslar (son of Joshua Preslar) married ca. 1837 to Penelope ___, who was born 1827 (1850 census) or 1841 (1860 Ilenderson Co., TN, census) (if either of these dates is correct, she would not have been mother of all of Caleb's children), and died betw, 1860 & 1870. Caleb moved liis family to Henderson Co., Tennessee, ca. 1852-53. His children were:
1) Laura J., b. 1838 NC (1850 census)
2) Wm., b. 1840 NC (1850 census), 1839(1860 TN census)
3) James, b. 1842 NC (1850 census), 1841 (I860 TN census)
4) Melissa, b. 1845 NC (1850 census), 1844(1860 TN census)
5) Parker, b, 1848 NC (1850 census, 1860& 1870 TN censuses)
6) Sarah, b. 1845 NC (1860 TN census)(not in 1850 census)
7) Frances, b. 1852 NC (1860 TN census), 1851 (1870 TN census)
8) George, b. 1853 TN (1860 TN census), 1852 (1870 TN census)
9) John, b. 1855 TN (1860 TN census)
10) Penelope, b. 1856 TN (1860 TN census), 1858(1870 TN census)
11) Mary, b. 1859 TN (i860 TN census), 1861, (1870 TN census)
12) Weney C, b. 1863 TN ; (1870 TN census)

Joshua Preslar (Jr.) (son of Joshua Preslar), married ca. 1839 to Margaret ___, who was born 1826 (1850 census) or 1822(1860 TN census). He moved his family to Henderson Co., Tennessee, ca. 1351-53. His children were:
1) Thomas P., b. 1840 NC (1850 census)
2) Sarah E., b. 1842 NC (1850 census, 1860 TN census)
3) James H., b. 1844 NC (1850 census, 1860 TN census)
4) Hugh Dfameft b. 1846 NC (1850 census), 1847 (1860 TN census)
5) Nancy A., b. 1849NC (1850 census, 1860 TN census)
6) S.E. (female), b. 1851 NC (1860 TN census)
7) W.M. (male), b. 1853 TN (1860 TN census)
8) Joshua, b. 1857 TN( 1860 TN census)
9) F.C. (male), b. 1859 TN (1860 census)

Judy Preslar (daughter of Joshua Presiar) married ___ Homback. She was living with a son, Alexander, in 1870. She had two sons, possibly other children(?):
1) Joshua Horn back, b. 1830/34(1860/50 censuses), was living with his grandfather, Joshua Preslar, in 1850. He married ca. 1852 to Sarah _____ (may have beenDavis), and before 1860 had moved to Henderson Co., Tennessee. During the Civil War he died at Anderson-ville, according to liis widow, Sarah, who in 1890 was living in the household of Miles Preslar in Chester Co., TN( 1890 Civil War Veterans Census, Tcnn.). Known children:
1)Mary, b. 1853 (1860 TN census)
2) M. J. (female), b. 1856(1860 TN census)
3) S.E. (female), b. 1859 (1860 TN census)

2) Alexander Horn back, b. 1830/38(1870/50 censuses), was also living with his grandfather, Joshua Preslar, in 1850. He was married on 1 May 1859 by John

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Broadaway Esq. to Mrs. Rosana Maness (North Carolina Argus, Wadesboro, 5 May 1859). She was born 1827 (1870 census). His mother, Judie Homback, was living in his household in Anson Co. in 1870. His children included:
1) Elizabeth, b. 1860 (1870 census)
2) James B., b. 1865 (1870 census)
3) Parker, b. 1868 (1870 census)

Hornbeck is an old Dutch name found very early in the Hudson River valley of New York, and one wonders if the Horabcck ancestor followed the same migration route from New York to Anson Co., NC, as did the Prcslars, A John Hombeck was in "Anson Co." as earfy as 1746, when he was granted 400 acres in Bladen Co. on the north side of the Great Pee Dee River, joining the mouth of Rocky River.

Ann (Amy) Preslar (daughter of Joshua Preslar) was unmarried in the 1870 census.

Parker Preslar (son of Joshua Preslar) is believed by Ids descendants to liave gone with his two brothers, Caleb and Joshua, to Ilenderson Co., Tennessee, later moving on to Alabama or Mississippi, before finally settling in Texas. No census record or other record in TN, AL, or MS has been located which documents his presence there. His family history, submitted by Dorothy Ocejo, appeared in the June 1988 issue, p. 59. The birth dates of those of his children supposedly born in AL or MS would indicate that he was in those states considerably earlier than Caleb and Joshua's move to TN. Indeed, he may have arrived in Texas by the time his brothers moved to TN. The time of the move of Caleb and Joshua Preslar to Tennessee agrees closely with the time when their uncle, Stephen Picsiai, and all of his sons and daughters and their families, also moved from Anson Co. to Henderson Co., TN. As listed in the June 1988 issue, his children were:
1) Susan Catherine, b. 5 Nov. 1841 NC
2) Nancy R., b. 15 Nov. 1843
3) Mary (Mollie) Txmisa, b. 3 Apr. 1848 MS or AL
4) William Joshua, b. 26 Jan. 1848 MS or AL
5) Sarah Ann Matilda (Mattie), b. 27 Aug. 1850 TX
6) Ophelia Elizabeth, b. 25 July 1853 Lockhart, Caldwell Co., TX
7) Frances Cumelia, b. 25 Nov. 1855 TX
8) Samuel Parker, b. 5 Apr. 1857 Llano Co., TX
9) Florida Texanna, b. 24 Nov. 1860 Llano Co., TX
10) Alice Gray, b. 11 July 1863

Susan Preslar (daughter of Joshua Preslar) married prob. ca. 1841 lo Arthur Davis. He was executor of the estate of Joshua Preslar in 1864. Her children were:
1) Joseph, b, 1842 (1860 census)
2) Albert b. 1844 (1860 census)
3) Christopher, b. 1850 (1860 census), 1851 (1870 census)
4) Calvin, b. 1853 (1860 & 1870 censuses)
5) Job (Jobe), b. 1854 (1860 & 1870 censuses)
6) Richmond, b. 1856 (1860 census), 1855 (1870 census)
7) Huldah,b. 1859(1860 census)
8) Catherine, b. 1860 (1870 census)
9) Sarah, b. 1866 (1870 census)

Prudy (Prudence, Purdy) Preslar (daughter of Joshua Preslar) was unmarried in 1870.

John Preslar (son of Joshua Preslar) married ca. 1838 to Sarah ___. who was born 1820/21/27 (1870/60/50 censuses). He died in 1858, and the inventory and sale of his estate help to identify his

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siblings, llie inventory, dtd. 13 Apr. 1858. was signed by Alexand. Jones, administrator (Loose Estate Records, Anson Co., NC State Archives). The estate sale, did. 25 Feb. 1858 (Loose Estate Records), included the following buyers:
Sarah Preslar
E.M. Davis
Jas. Davis
W. Hays
Isaac Davis
Joshua Preslar
Jno(?) Davis
P.J. Beeman

Children of John & Sarah were:
1) Elizabeth, b. 1839(1850 census), 1841 (1860 census)
2) Margaret, b. 1841(1850 census)
3) Mary, b. 1844(1850 census). 1846(1860 census), 1850(1870 census)
4) Susan, b. 1846 (1850 census), 1848(1860 census)
5) [Calvin, b. 1848(1850 census)(???)]
5) Colin,b. 1850 (1860 census), 1851 (1870 census), 24 Apr. 1848 (death certificate) [This is this editor's great grandmother; I believe she is the "Calvin" noted in the 1850 census.]
7) Charles, b. 1851 (1860 & 1870 censuses) [See Part II of this article]
8) Sarah, b. 1855(1860 census), 1854(1870 census)

Huidah Preslar (daughter of Joshua Preslar) married ca. 1849 to Alexander Jones, who was born 1826 (1850 census). He was administrator of the John Preslar estate in 1858 (see above). Known child:
1) Catherine, b. 1848(1850 census)

[I have not searched for this family in 1860 census.]

Mary Preslar (daughter of Joshua Preslar) married ca. 1849 to Woodbury Hayes. W. Hays was a buyer at the John Preslar estate sale in 1858 (see above). Known children:
1) Stephen, b. 1850 (1860 census)
2)Lucinda,b. 1853 (1860 census)
3) Henry, b. 1856 (1860 census)
4) Susan, b. 1856 (1860 census), 1855 (1870 census)

Maria (Marian) Preslar (daughter of Joshua Preslar) was called "Mouck" in her father's will of 1864. She married ca. 1852 to Edmond M. Davis. E.M. Davis was a buyer at the John Preslar estate sale, 1858. He was born 183133 (1870/60 censuses). Known children:
1) Wiley, b. 1853(1860 census)
2) Elizabeth, b. 1854(1860& 1870 censuses)
3) Susan, b. 1857 (1860 & 1870 censuses)
4) Mary, b. 1860 (1860 & 1870 censuses)
5) Louisa,b. 1863(1870 census)
6) Prudence, b. 1866 (1870 census)

James Preslar (son of Joshua Preslar) died before his father (see the latter's 1864 will above). He was married on 26 July 1856 near Lanesboro by H.M. Hubbard to Laura Ann Griffin, at which time he was referred to as Capt James Preslar (NC Argus, Wadesboro, 16 Aug. 1856). Notliing farther is known about him.

Part II: The Children and Grandchildren of Charles Preslar.

Information in Part II has been mostly provided by H. Donald Preslar, again with additions from the editor's files.

Charles (Charlie) Preslar was born 11 Nov. 1850 and died 27 June 1931. He married as his first wife, Martha (Mattie) Preslar [See Part III of this article], who was bom 1858/9 and died 1883. As his second wife, Charles married Mary

Page 49

(Mollie) Edwards who was bom 7 July 1855 and died 17 Sept. 1925. All three individuals are buried in the Preslar Graveyard, two miles north of Polkton. A newspaper obituary dtd. 28 June 1931 reads as follows: "Mr. Charlie Preslar died Sunday at the home of his son, Mr. Tommy Preslar, who lives near here, alter a long period of declining health. Mr. Preslar was 80 years old. His wife, who was Miss Mary Edwards, died about four years ago. Surviving are two sons, Mr. Sandy Preslar of Carthage and Mr. Tommy Preslar, three daughters. Mrs. Woodbury Kflcer of the HopeweU neighborhood. Mrs. Alice Sides of Brown Creek, and Mrs. Frank Dabbs of Garland, also several grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Burial services were conducted Monday morning by Rev. J.C. Meigs and Rev. W.S. Smiih and interment was at the Preslar family cemetery."
Children by first wife:
1) William Alexander Preslar (This son was listed in the article "The Descendants of Jolm Salatliiel & Martha Ann (Griffin) Preslar of Anson Co., North Carolina" by Joanne W. Walters in the June 1987 issue, p. 52.) No further information is available; Donald Preslar believes he may have died young.
2) Henry Darling Preslar was born 10 Feb. 1880 in Anson Co., died 1 Dec. 1906 Anson Co., and is buried in Deep Springs Bapt. Church Cemetery near Peach-land. He married on 26 Feb. 1903 to Tabitha Ann Wright (dau. Jessie James & Rilla (Pbifer) Wiiglit), who was born 20 Sept. 1881 Anson Co., died 31 Aug. 1957 Union Co., NC. buried Deep Springs Bapt. Church Cem. Henry was reared by Charlie's second wife. Children of Henry Darling Preslar were:
a) Reuben Alva Preslar, bom 15 Mar. 1904 near Peachland, Anson Co., NC, and died 19 Mar. 1961 in Winston Salem, Forsyth Co., NC, but. Richmond Mem. Park, Rocking-ham/Hamlet, NC; married 12 May 1929 to Elizabeth Pearl Martin (Donald Preslar's parents.
b) Charles Wilkie Preslar, born 24 May 1906 near Peachland, Anson Co., NC, and died 2 June 1960 Union Co., NC, buried Mill Creek Bapt. Church. Cem.. Union Co.; married 23 Dec. 1933 to Earcil Virginia Nash (1910-1983).
3) Tommy Preslar (twin) was born 8 May 1895 and married Bessie Preslar, born 9 Sept. 1897. She was the sister of Walter Preslar, the father of Lois. Luke, William R. and Dorothy. Tommy had several children; no other information available at present.
4) Nancy Preslar (twin) was bom 8 May 1895, No other information.
5) Susie Preslar, No olher information.
6) Sandy Preslar married Sallie, lived in Moore Co., NC, and had:
a) J.B.
b) Ruth
c) Joe
d) Ella
e) Will
f) Conley
g) Gertrude
h) Brady
No other information is now available.
7) Alice Preslar married ___ Sides.
The information on the siblings of Henry Darling was written down about 1957 by Tabitlia (Wright) Preslar, but did not include Alice or state which of the other daughters married as given in the obiturary (above) of Charles Preslar. Any additional information appreciated.

Part III: The Descendants of John Salathie! & Martha Ann (Griffin) Preslar

As stated above, Charlie Preslar married as his first wife, Mattie Preslar, the daughter of Jolm Salatliiel & Martha Ann (Griffin) Preslar. Information on this family was given in Ihe June 1987 issue (pp. 46-53). In Part ITT of this article 1 will share some additional bits of information that arc in the files concerning her side of the family. Page numbers in brackets refer to that article.

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Levi Preslar [p. 48]. Loose Estate Records, Anson Co., NC State Archives, abstract: Levi Preslar, died Anson Co. Nov. 1882, intestate, left no widow. Children were, Sarah Ann, Franklin, Fulton Alien, Lev! Darlin, Wm, Martha E., Norfleet Hattie M.F., all minors. John S, Preslar, admr.

James Norfleet Preslar [p. 48]. Newspaper obituary (dtd. Mar. 11, 1937): "The funeral service for Mr. J.N. Preslar. who passed away at his home in L'nion County early last Saturday morning, was held from the Peachland Methodist church, Sunday afternoon. Rev. G.N. Dulin was in charge of the service, assisted by Rev. Snyder and Rev. Smith of Wingate. The deceased was 58 years of age and was a faithful member for many years of the Fountain HQfl Methodist church. Survivors are his wife, one son Clyde Preslar, a sister Mrs. Sarah High and two brothers Will and Fulton Preslar."
Cemetery inscription, Pcachland: Catherine Houscr Preslar, wife of J.N. Preslar, born 9 Apr. 1880. died 27 June 1912.
Parkers of Anson Co., NC, with Burnses and Curlees, by Helen Parker Kelman, 1993, p. 45-46: "J. Norfleet Preslar of Union Co. m. first Lizzie Houscr of Lincolnton, NC. His second marriage in 1912 was to Mae Moore. Clyde Preslar, son of J. Norfleet Preslar and Lizzie Houser, lives near Olive Branch, Union Co. J. Norfleet Preslar is reported to be a son of Levi Preslar, 30, and Lucy Haney, 22, in the 1870 census."

Fulton Alien Preslar [p. 48] Anson Co. in the World War. 1917-1919, by Craighead-Dunlap Chapter, DAR, Raleigh, 1929: George W. Preslar, Sergeant, Batten' A, 1st Battalion, 1st Provisional Development Brigade, US Army. Son of Caroline Ponds and Fulton Preslar. Born in Anson County, NC. Age, 21 years. Served with Company F, 322nd Infantry, from September 19, to November 20, 1917; Utilities Division, Quartermaster Corps, until December 3, 1918; Battery A, 1st Battalion, 1st Provisional Development Brigade. Appointed Sergeant, September 2, 191 S. Honorably discharged December 20, 1918. Waller A. Preslar, Private, Company L, 321 st Infantry, to discharge. Born in Anson County, NC. Son of Caroline Ponds and Fulton Prcslar. Inducted into service May 25, 1918, at Wadesboro, NC. Age 26 years. Served overseas from Jury 32, 1918, to June 20, 1919. Honorably discharged June 28, 1919.

Louise Preslar [p. 48]. Cemetry inscription, Preslar Graveyard, north of Poikton: Louise Baucom, wife of James Baucom, bom 25 Feb. 1832, died 22 Jury 1891; J.W. Baucom, born 14 Feb. 1861, died 17 Nov. 1882.

Winfield Scott Preslar [p. 51]. Information about his children provided by Donald Preslar:
1) Layton Preslar( 1915-1955)
2) Bob Preslar(1917-1986)
3) Charles W. Preslar( Buddy)
4) Evangeline (Van) Preslar married Alien Renolds
5) Richard Alters Presler (1937-1993) married Linda Rachels

Frank Preslar [p. 51]. Anson Co. in (he World War, 1917-1919, by Craighead-Dunlap Chapter, DAR, Raleigh, 1929: Frank Freslar, Mechanic. Company L. 321st Infantry, to discharge. Bom at Steel, Ala. Son of Flora Little and John Preslar. Inducted into service May 25, 1918, at Wadesboro, NC. Age 24 years. Served overseas from July 31, 1918, to June 20, 1919. Honorably discharged June 28, 1919.

Elias Darling Preslar [p. 52]. Newspaper obituary (dtd. Nov. 30, 1930): "Mr. E.D.

Page 51

Preslar died on November 30th at his home in Burnsville township, after a painful illness. The funeral was held by Rev. E.M. Brooks and Rev. Fred Kiker, and interment was in Hopewell cemetery by the side of his wife. Mr. Preslar, who was 70 years old, is survived by the following sons and daughters: M.M. Preslar, who lived with him; Jesse, John and Paul Preslar, of Burnsville township; Charlie Preslar, of Wadesboro; Mrs. T.W. Taylor, of Lanesboro township; Mrs. S.A. Farmer, Mrs. S.W. Burgess, of Union county; Mrs. H.D. Kiker, of Burnsville township; Mrs. C. A. Hill, of Norwood. Surviving also are a brother, Mr. John Preslar, of Wadesboro, 35 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Mr. Preslar was a good citizen, and had many friends."

Cemetery inscription, Hopewell M.E. Church, Burnsville, Anson Co.: E.D. Preslar, bom 19 Apr. 1860, died 30 Nov. 1930; wife Mittie, born 12 Mar. 1863, died 19 Jan. 1908.

John Culpepper Preslar [p. 53]. Anson Co, in the World War, 1917-1919, by Craighead-Dunlap Chapter, DAR, Raleigh, 1929: John C. Prcslcy. Private, Battry B, 4th Regiment, Field Artillery Replacement Draft, Camp Jackson, SC. Born at Polkton, NC. Son of Miliie Newton and E.D. Presley. Inducted into service May 25, 1918, at Wadesboro, NC. Age 26 years. Assigned to 156th Depot Brigade to September 12, 1918; Field Artillery Replacement Department Camp Jackson, SC, to October 31, 1918; 25th Battery, Camp Jackson, Automatic Replacement Draft, to December 1, 1918. Honorably discliarged

A Pressley Mine

Last fall when this editor was visiting in the Carolinas, I came across a flyer at the Visitor Center on 1-40, advertising the Old Pressley Sapphire Mine. It was described as the "Birthplace of the World's Largest Blue Star Sapphires": The Star of the Carolinas, 1445 carats, featured in the Guiness Book of World Records, and The Southern Star, 1035 carats, featured on Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" and the USA Today television show.

The mine is open seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and visitors may pan for stones themselves. The map on the flyer indicates that one should exit 1-40 at Exit 31 to reach the mine, which is located near Canton, NC, in Haywood County.

Address queries to: J.R.B. Mines, Inc.. Route 1, Box 263, Canton, NC 28716

Along with specialized television comes the opportunity to have the requisite professionals whip up. like an omelet, a designer child. The most unsettling technology is that which would allow doctors to harvest eggs from aborted fetuses, fertilize them in vitro, then incubate them within the womb of a client. We should wonder if the child, once apprised of his provenance, might not feel like some sort of Frankenstein monster.

Consider the opening lines with which one of these creations might begin an autobiography: "My bio logical mother was exterminated long before she would have been bom. She was exterminated on the demand of my grandmother, name unknown. I was conceived in a dish with sperm from a donor, name unknown to me, and Then transferred into my caretaker's womb. I am the virgin birth." A strange genesis, to be sure. . v

Most of us, it is safe to say, appreciate knowing that our existence, however rocky, came about as a result of passion and the desire to produce a being to nurture and love. [Comment by Dave Shiflett, Scripps Howard News Service, l-28-94The Electronic Trib BBS] (f.d. Note: Oh, the problems which genealogists of the future may face!)

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Scripps Howard News Service

JERUSALEM - Flaming Star of David! The international icon of pop culture is hanging out in the mountains outside of Jerusalem, greeting visitors to Israel wearing a cowboy hat and sitting atop a 15-foot fiberglass statue. If s The Elvis Inn, a cafe and souvenir shop off the Jcrusalcm-Tcl Aviv highway that1 s more like a shrine.

Mixed in with the menorahs and Hebrew T-shirts are 728 pictures of Elvis Presley that cover every wall, the ceiling and four brick pillars supporting the roof. Young Elvis, old Elvis, fat Elvis, slim Elvis, white jumpsuit Elvis, Army Elvis, and Elvis and Priscilla, Elvis wearing a cowboy hat in the middle of a framed Confederate flag. Even the napkins say Elvis.

Outside in the parking lot stands what owner Uri Yoeli proudly calls the "world's largest Elvis statue" Designed by an Israeli sculptor, it depicts a white-suited Elvis standing and pointing froward in a typical concert pose, a large black guitar leaning against his leg. Youli, 47, a second generation Israeli, smiles shyly when talking about the man he admits loving since age 16.

In my imagination, Elvis is something more than life something bigger. If you love Elvis, if s something very, very deep," Yoeli says to the strains of "It's NOw or Never," his favorite Elvis tune and one of dozens the restaurant plays endlessly. " If it was 2,000 years ago, he would have been like Jesus for me."

But nothing is quite so simple in Israel, where deeply religious Jews wield tremendous clout. American culture is despised as much as admired and Jesus is definitely not hip. Rebekah Jackson, for one, was not impressed. the University of Haifa student grimaced as she surveyed the cafe's birght lights, metal chairs and ceiling fans that are arrayed in a modified '50s look. "Why is this in Israel? Elvis wasn't Jewish," she snapped.' This is annoying. If s like showing that U.S. culture is everywhere."

Her friend, Jason Coppola, had the opposite reaction.' "This doesn't bother me at all," the New York City resident said.'' If s the funniest thing IVe ever seen."

Yoeli's gimmick is working Business is good and getting better. Dozens of packed tour buses stop by daily, which is saying a lot in a country that offers tourists some of the holiest sites in the world. Yoeli says he never intended all this when he opened what was supposed to be a simple Middle Eastern restaurant in 1975.

"I heard about Elvis Presley for the first time when I was 16," the Jerusalem native recalls.'' My girlfriend gave me a record of the song' One Night.' The voice was fantastic, and he was so handsome and beautiful. I'd never heard anything like it."

Within six months, Yoeli started collecting everything Elvis he could find - records, pictures, articles, souvenirs. His school friends went abroad before beginning the military service thaf s compulsory for nearly all Israeli males, and they sent him even more Elvis paraphernalia from overseas.

By the time Yoeli had done his own army service and gotten married, his room had become a virtual Elvis hbrary. When he opened the restaurant, his wife threatened to throw out everything Elvis unless he got it all out of the house. "So I put two pictures in the restaurant and left the rest in storage," he says. "Then I put another one and another one in the restaurant, and it became known as the place with Elvis pictures."

By 1982, Yoeli realized the marketing potential of Elvis and he began selling Presley souvenirs he bought in London. As the international network of Elvis fans heard about his place, people sent him pictures, concert ticket stubs, Elvis stamp collections, license plates and dozens of trinkets that now line his walls and shelves.

The Elvis theme only goes so far: Yoeli's menu is pure Middle East. No fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches here.

(Jerry Markon is a reporter for the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tenn.)
(Taken from The Electronic Trib BBS, 10 Sept. 1993.)

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The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO—— Robin Rosaaen is a regular gal with a regular job and a regular life. Except for those 40,000 pieces of Elvis memorabilia. Her fascination with Elvis has led to appearances on TV talk shows. She's consulted on books about. Flvis. Other fans and collectors call her at all hours of the night to settle bets, or just to ask a question about the "King."

In short Rosaaen knows just about all there is to know about Elvis. Now. she's sharing some of her vast collection of Elvis stuff in a new book, "All the King's Things."

Rosaaen was only 8 years old when she had her first F.1vis experience. She was staying at her grandmother's house on the historic evening in 1956 when Presley first gyrated on "The Ed Sullivan Show." "My grandmother thought it was bizarre and risque, as did a lot of people,'' she said. From Presley's memorable performance, she was inspired to save her baby-sitting wages and buy her first Elvis recording- "Jailhouse Rock."

She followed Elvis as a teen-ager, along with Fabian and other teen idols. But she left Elvis for The Beatles when "the Elvis movies got to the point where it was almost embarrassing to watch." It wasn't until 1970, after Rosaaen caught the King in concert in Las Vegas, that she began to get serious about Elvisology. She was entranced, she says, partly because "he was just gorgeous to look at." And, of course, there was that voice.

The next day she went over to pick up a few souvenirs. And she solemnly promised, "Elvis, I'll be back." Back she went, catching a total of 72 shows in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Oakland, Calif, San Francisco and anywhere else she could get to. Elvis himself began to notice Rosaaen, and kissed her about half a dozen times at the many shows she saw. He even gave her a nickname. Appropriately, the King called her "Rockin' Robin."

In the mid-70s, she began to get serious about her collection After Presiey s death, it became her life's work. Now, Rosaaen has almost every album Elvis ever released. And the international pressings. And the reissues. She has Elvis mugs, plates, baseball cards, posters from his movies. There are over 500 books on Elvis. Elvis playing cards. The complete bubble gum card collections, years 1956 through 1978. There is Elvis jewlry. There are Elvis busts. She even has a few bottles of Elvis wine.

She has a lock of Elvis' hair on her wall and a rose from his casket. She once dated an Elvis impersonator. Her interest in Elvis borders on a religion, complete with bodily relics. She has photographs of Elvis—80.000 of them at last count she says, all in chronological order. She has so much memorabilia crammed in her apartment, she hasn't eaten off her table in six years.

She is now ready to take her part-time obsession and rum it into a career. She is searching for funding to create an Elvis museum in San Francisco. At the moment it is only a dream, but one that Rosaaen cherishes.

The new book is designed to encourage the reader to search out particular pieces in each jam-packed picture. In the dizzying array of Elvis lore, there are photos, dolls, bedspreads, buttons, crockery and even an autographed blue suede jacket that once belonged to the King. The captions give the reader hints about a few of the articles in each photo and dare one to find certain items. Rosaaen says she wanted the book to be unusual, not another run-of-the-mill Elvis memorabilia book.

Does Rosaaen put any faith in the many "Elvis is alive" theories? If he is alive, hell be 59 today. "Elvis once said music and entertaining was his life," she says. "There's no way this man could ever stay away from what made him happy."

(Published in The Albuquerque Journal, 9 Jan. 1994)

Page 54

Asi Es Nuevo Mexico -
by Candelora Versace

They come. In their Airstream trailers and their rented vans, the true believers and the newly converted pay their respect and bask for a moment in the glory that emanates from every likeness of their hero, the King, Elvis Presley.

Persistent pilgrims from all walks of life who iuld the memory of "Elvis the Pelvis" near to their hearts make the trek to Embudo, a small community on the banks of the Rio Grande between Santa Fe and Taos on N.M. 68. They come to La Iguana, a small unobtrusive Southwestern gift shop just off the cottonwood-studdeA two-lane highway. There they find their King.

"Two me, Elvis was one of us," says Margaret Martinet, owner of La Iguana and loving curator of the largest collection of Elvis memorabilia this side of Graceland. The collection is located in a large room in her home adjacent to the store. "His home is not fancy, he could only seat eight in his dining room. He was real down-to-earth. It was just his public self that was so showy."

Martinez, who lias been collecting Elvis memorabilia in earnest since the day the singer died, sold one of Elvis' Sun Label recordings for $1,000 to a persistent collector and has regretted it ever since. Although she does sell a variety of souvenir items (including $12.95 portraits on black velvet) that she orders from Graceland. nothing else in her permanent shrine-like collection, which includes dolls, albums, fan magazines, an.autograph and programs from ius shows among dozens of oilier items, is for sale.

Martinez kept her collection to herself until the day a customer in the gift shop spied a lighted glass case filled with Elvis items in Martinets living room and begged to see it. So many requests followed that she finally opened up a larger space off the store, moved in counters and shelves, and hung her 150-album collection (carefully wrapped in plastic sleeves) up on the wall, along with a string of Cliristmas lights.

La Iguana and the Elvis Memorial are ; oen daily from April 1 to Nov. 1, turd in the oil-season by appointment. (505-TLC-4540). Pilgrims who knock on her door at odd hours asking to see the collection never are turned away. Martinez will be opening a small cafe in the backyard called The Legend's Hideaway this summer.

(Taken from New Mexico Magazine, Vol. 72, No. 2 (Feb. 1994))


Fidonet the oldest and largest free electronic network with over 25,000 nodes, or participating Bulletin Boards, around the world carries an echo, or conference, called ST_ELVIS. It is devoted exclusively to a. discussion of the King of Rock and iloli, dead or alive, by his admirers.

For those of you who are not into computers and BBSs, an emoticon, a word created from the two words, emotion aild icon, is the typographic shorthand used hi E-mail to express an emotion. For example, :-) is a happy face (just tilt your head to the left to see it). :-(' is a sad face.:-! is "foot in mouth", and &:-\ is—you guessed it— Elvis with his trademark pompadour and sneer. I kid you not; I did not make it up!

A VISIT TO GRACELAIND (excerpt) by Rheia Grimste} Johnson Scnpp? Howard News Service

Capsuled at Graceland is everything this country has invented or perfected, exported or held dear: wax fruit, televisions, silk flowers, platinum records, fancy automobiles, life-size portraits, sequined jumpsuits, record collections and guns. Actually, as conspicuous consumption goes, I think Elvis used considerable restraint. Here was a smalltown Mississippi boy who struck musical gold first rattle out of the box. If he wanted to buy out a Cadillac dealership now and again, that was his business. Elvis is one of our most successful exports. The first graffiti I spotted in London a few years ago was tt big "Elvis Lives" spray-painted oil an overpass.

Page 55


Doris J. Welsh
address withheld

I'm looking for information on W.T. (William Thomas) PO Pressley, who was bom in Tennessee in 1859 and married to Mary Ellen Hargaves, bom Term. 1858. Children born to them between 1 860 and 1884 (not in order) were John C , Rufus 8., Thomas, Josepli, Hassie (in. a Greenwood), Nole (m. a West), Nancy (m. a Manskin). As far as I know, there were no sons born to any of these children; all were daughters. I would like to know of any other children or descendants of this couple.

Walter Parham
address withheld

Desires information on William Culpepper Preslar.b. ca. 1827 in NC, and married Elizabeth Ann Hightower, b. ca. 1835 in MS. Their children were: Thomas J., b. 1856, Willie (f), b. 1858, Charles^) B.. b. 1860. William, b. 1862, Charlie, b. 1864, and Carry (f), b. 1866 (1S70 census of Bienville Par, LA).

[Ed. Note: A recheck of the 1870 Bienville Parish census reveals that this family was living near or next door to Elizabeth Ann's relatives; Ch. Hightower, age 54, and G. J. (or T. J.) Hightower, age 38. were heads of household. Additional research reveals that these were brothers of Elizabeth, namely Charnel and Thomas J. Cemetery records also reveal that the child of William Culpepper and Elizabeth Ann Preslar born in 1860 was named Charnel Benton.

The 1860 census of Bienville Parish is not extant but the 1850 census reveals that Elizabeth (then age 15) was living in the household of her presumed father

      p. 249       Thomas Hightower           56  M  Farmer        SC
                   Eliza "                    35  F                GA
                   Chamel(?) "                33  M  Farmer        GA
                   John B. "                  25  M  Laborer       AL
                   Thos. J. "                 18  M  Laborer       AL
                   Elizabeth "                15  F                MS

Also in the 1850 census was:

     p.  254      Elias Presly                50  M  Farmer        NC
                  Mary "                      50  F                NC
                  Nancy "                     19  F                NC
                  Bryant R. "                 17  M  Laborer       NC
                  Mary E. "                   15  F                NC
                  Frances C. "                13  F                NC
                  James Caudle                20  M                NC


Data from the IGI (which may or may not be proven) suggests thatWilliam C. & Elizabeth Ann Preslar had other children bom after the 1870 census: Frank Elias, b. 10 Nov. 1870 Bienville Par., and Elizabeth, b 14 July 1875 Red River Par.

Published cemetery records (Lest We Forget, A Record of Tombstone Inscriptions, Red River

Page 56

Parish, Louisiana, by Gwen Bradford Sealy, Shreveporl, LA, 1983) include: Springville Cemetery, Coushatta. LA—

Annie Elizabeth Hightower wife of W.C. Preslar, 22 June 1836 - 1 Feb. 1914
W.C. Preslar, husband of Annie Elizabeth Hightower, 7 Apr. 1827 - 7 Oct. 1915

I suggest that a search for death certificates, wills, estate records, etc. be made for this couple in Red River Parish, LA In addition, it seems likely that William Culpepper may have been a son of Elias Presley (or Preslar). who was still alive in 1865 when, along with W.C Preslar. he paid a tax (The Civil War Tax in Louisiana: 1865, Based on Direct Tax Assessments ofLouisianians, New Orleans, 1975).

The 1840 census reveals an Elias Preslar as head of household in Scott County. MS. Several individuals of that name arc found in the records of Anson Co. and Mecklenburg Co., N C, from the late 1700's. ]

David T. Bradford
address withheld

In the research of my family I have come across a William R. Presley in Alabama in about 1840. They had thirteen children in St. Clair Co., AL, including, among others, Mary : - (b. 181 7Y John (b. 1844), James \f (b. 1846Y and William (b. 1855). Can you be of assistance? Also, can you answer THE question about whether or not — and if so how — any of those Presleys are related to Elvis Aaron Presley? [Ed. Note: The only way to answer THE question with regard to any Presley family is to establish the line of descent and determine if there .is a connection to iflvis1 line, m so far as the latter is known. Census records for 1840 reveal that a Wm Presley, a John Pressly, and a Lydia Pressiy were heads of household in St. Clair Co.. AL (pp. 236 & 245). The ages suggest that your William R. Presley could have been a son of either William Preslcy or of Lydia Presley. in 1850 your family is found in the census ot Jefferson Co., AL:

   p. 188.       William Presley        32  M  Farmer             GA
                 Mary "                 33  F                     SC
                 John "                  5  M                     AL
                 James M. "              4  M                     AL
                 Margaret E. "           2  F                     AL
                 James Byers            16  M                     AL

                 Lydia Presley          60  F                     NC
                 Elisabeth "            12  F                     NC

   In 1860 Lydia Presley remained in Jefferson Co:
   p.  819       Lydia Presley          60  F  W  Farmer          SC
                 Elizabeth "            45  F  W                  SC
                 Ellen "                 6  F  W                  SC
   However William R. Presley is back in St. Clair Co:
                 William R. Presley     37  M  W                  GA
                 James "                14  M  W                  AL         
                 Margaret "             12  F  W                  AL
                 Mary "                 10  F  W                  AL
                 Sarah "                 7  F  W                  AL
                 William "               5  M  W                  AL


Marriage records in Jefferson Co. reveal that William remaried shortly thereafter William R. Pressley married R.C. Gorden, 25 Apr. 1861 by Thos Gore, J.P, at the residence of Thomas Presley. M.G.]

Page 57

Union Co., North Carolina, Kin

Part 7 - Obituaries (continued)

James Anderson has offered the following identifications for the individuals who were named in the obituaries reprinted in the last issue, pp. 33-35:

Mrs. Ida Pressley Helms (p. 33), 81, was the daughter of John Eli Presley and Martha Ann Griffin. John was the son of Evan & Rebecca Presley; Evan the son of Eli Presiey & Ann Hargett; Eli the son of Richard Presley & Mary Helms.

Mrs. Maggie Lona Honeycutt Presley (p. 34), 73, was the wife of David Walter Pressley, whose obituary was on p. 35. [She is also mentioned on p. 33 as sister of Ollie Jane Honeycutt Helms.]

David Walter Pressley (p. 35), 76, was a son of Thomas Pressley & Frances Griffin. Thomas was a son of Eli Presley & Mary Braswell; Eli a son of John & Mary. See Dec. 1988 issue, pp. 35-36.

Rev. MD.L. Preslar (p. 34), Marquis de Lafayette Preslar, 64, was the son of Gilbert Preslar & Molly Irby. Gilbert was a son of John Preslar & Lavinia Helms; John ihe son of Levi Preslar & Anna Helms; Levi the son of Elias &. Nancy. See Mar. 1988 issue, p. 34-35.

Sanford O. Pressley (p. 35), 29. was a son of George Culpepper Presley. who was a son of Eli Presley & Mary Drasweli. See Dec. 1998 issue, pp. 35-36.

Mrs. R.E. Pressly (p. 35), who was mentioned as a daughter of J. Harley Thomas, was Ester Thomas, the wife of Richmond Eli Presley, the son of George Culpepper Presley. Mrs. J. W. Pressly, her sister, was Cathline Thomas, the wife of Joel Wriston Presley, son of George Culpepper Presley. See Dec. 1988 issue, pp. 35-36.

Old Mr. Preslar had a farm. EIEIO
And on this farm he had a son. EIEIO
And he named him Elias. and he had a son.
And he named him Elias, and he had a son,
And he named him Elias, and he had a son.....

Attempts to simplify" and regularize English spelling almost always hav a sumwiit stranj and ineskapubly arbitrary luk abowt them, and ov cors they kawz most readsxz to stumbl.

Bill Bryson. The Mother Tongue. English & How it Got That Way, New York. 1990.

Page 58

Georgia Marriage Records

James Anderson comments that he is able to add the following information about the marriage records which appeared in the Dec. 1993 issue, p. 37-38: Wiley Presley (Fayelte Co.) was the son of Moses Presley & Nancy Leonard. Aimedia Presley (Fayelte Co.) was a daughter of Moses, as was Marinda Presley, Emeiine M. Prestley (Fayetle Co.) was a daughter of Thomas Presley & Elizabeth Sanders. I have information on the family of Harvy Presley (Franklin Co,) & Elizabeth White, but I do nol know his parents. The same holds true for Thomas Presley (Jackson Co.) & Elizabeth Sanders.

Matilda, Moses and William Presley (Putnam Co.) were all children of John Presley & Elizabeth Frye. Vincent Presley (Upson Co.) was a son of John T. Presley & Sarah Lester.

Obituaries from
The New York Times

Compiled by Edwin C. Dunn

(continued from June 1993 issue, page 70)

April 13, 1948, p. 29.
Martin M. Bressler.
Special to The New York Times.
Glens Falls, N.Y., April 12-Martin M. Bressler, managing director of the Hotel Rockwell and three hotels in Maine and New Hampshire, died last, night in Glens Falls Hospital of a heart

May 10, 1948, p. 21.
Dr. R. G. Bressler, Rhode Island Aide. Director of Agriculture and Conservation Dies--Headed State College
Ten Years.
Special to The New York Times. [photo]
Providence, R.I.. May 9~Dr. Raymond G. Bressler of Potowomut, State Director of Agriculture and Conservation for the last seven years, and president of Rhode Island State College from 1930 to 1940, died today at South County Hospital in Wakefield. His age was 61.

A prominent Democrat, Dr. Bressler often had served as state party spokesman. He was well known nationally for his conservation ettbrts, most recently in the field of marine fisheries, and was Ihe author of many books on English literature, vocational agriculture, athletics and recreation.

In March, 1940, Dr. Bressler was ousted as president of Rhode Island State College by the board of trustees that had been set up the previous year.

Named to State Office
United States Senator J. Howard McGrath, than a candidate for governor, promised if elected to reinstate Dr. Bressler. In February, 1941, however, he named him to the state post of director of agriculture.

Page 59

Born in Halifax, Pa., on March 9, 1887, Dr. Brcsslcr was graduated from Shippenburg Normal School in 1904, taught school for two years and was graduated in 1908 from Valparaiso (Ind.) University with the decree of Bachelor of Arts. He received a master's degree from Wofford College, Spaitanburg, S.C., in 1910.

Seven years later a Bachelor of Science was conferred on him by Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College and the next year he received a \iaster of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin.

From 1910 to 1913 he was Professor of English and Public Speaking ai Texas A. and M. and from 1915 to 1917 he was director of interscholastic athletics arid head of the Department of Rural Education Extension at the University of Texas. Held Pennsylvania Post

In 1918 he became Professor of Rural Economics and Sociology at Pennsylvania State College, serving until 1927. when he was named Deputy Secretary of Agriculture for Pennsylvania. In 1930 he was named president of Rhode Island State, where he received a degree of Doctor of Education in 1932.

Dr. Bressler leaves his mother, Mrs. Ellen Etzweiler Bressler of Halifax, Pa.; his wife, Mrs. Sara Lebo Bressler of Potowomut; two sons, Dr. Raymond G. Jr., Professor of Economics at the University of Connecticut, and Cpl. Ryan A. Bressler of Fort Knox, Ky.; three daughters, Mrs. Angelin Beck of Kingston, R.I.; Mrs. Elainc Cotter of Nanagansctt Pier, and Mrs. Sara Hope Benson of Detroit, and seven grandchildren.

Wakefield R.I., May 9 (AP)--Dr Bressler left school for a time at the age of 13 to work as general utility boy and mail carrier on the Pennsylvania Railroad for $10 a month. lie had served as vice dean aud head of the education department at Pennsylvania State College.

May 26, 1949, p. 29.
Benjamin K. Preslie.
Special to The New York Times.

North Windham, Me., May 25~Benjamin K. Preslie of Portland, Me., Railway News Agent died here today at the home of his nephew, Kenneth P. Goodell, owing to injuries caused by a fall. He was 79 years old.

He retired as a "newsboy" in 1943, after having traveled nearly 4,000,000 miles on trains leaving Union station.

Nov. 26, 1952, p. 23.
Frank Pressler.
Special to The New York Times.

Newburgh, N.Y., Nov. 25—Frank Pressler of nearby Savilton, for many years a cemetery superintendent and manager, died Sunday night at the age of 79. He was a trustee of the Rossville Methodist Church. A son, Ervin C. Pressler, two brothers and a sister survive.

July 15, 1953, p. 25.
Charles E. Pressler.
Special to The New York Times.

Santa Barbara, Calif., July 14 - Charles Eugene Pressley, widely known pageant impresario, died last night of cancer at his home here. He was 62 years old.

Mr. Pressley had toured for several years in his own act on the Orpheum vaudeville circuit. He produced the "Cotton Palace" pageant at Waco, lex., and directed the Pan-American extravaganza at the Los Angeles Coliseum and several Spanish fiesta pageants. At his death he was writing a ; pageant-play of the West 1 based on the Txmisiana Purchase.

A son. Charles W.; a daughter, Mary, and his mother, Mrs. Delia Pressley, survive.

Page 60

May 14, 1954, p. 23.
Dr. Bressler-Pettis, Lions 'Ambassador'.

Kissimmee, Fla., May 13 (AP)-Dr. Charles W. Bressler-Pettis, known throughout the world for his work and travels in behalf of Lions International, which gave him the special title "Ambassador of Goodwill," died yesterday. His age was 65.

Osceola hospital officials said death apparently was the result of a heart attack. He had gone to the Hospital earlier in the day after his elbow was dislocated in a fall from a scaffold wliile he was working on a giant statue of a dog for the blind.

The sculpture was lo have been presented to S.A. Dodge, president of Lions International and co-founder of the Detroit Leaders-Dog School lor the Blind, at the Lions convention in New York in Jury.

Dr. Bressler-Peltis, a native of Grant City. Mo., maintained homes in Kissimmee and MacFarland. Wis. He was a graduate of the University of Missouri and Harvard Medical School. He served in the British Army Medical Corps until the United States entered World War I, when he was commissioned in the United States Army.

For ten years after the war he lived in Nice, France. He returned to the United States and married Laura Mead, a Chicago physical education teacher. Dr. Bressler-Pettis designed and built a 400-foot "Monument of Slates" here with 23,000 stones collected during his travels.

Surviving, besides his widow, is a sister, Mrs. R.H. Lowry of Grant City, Mo.

Sept. 28, 1954, p. 29.
"Family Doctor" of 1948. Dr. William L, Pressly, A.M.A. Award Winner, Dies at 66.
Special to The New York Times.

Due West, S.C., Sept. 27-Dr. William L. Presshy, who was honored as "Family Doctor of the Year" in 1948 by the American Medical Association, died here today at the age off 66.

"Dr. Buck," as he was familiarly known, declined offers of high medical positions in metropolitan centers to devote his life to his small town and country practice.

As a young man he played professional baseball to earn money to study medicine at Emory University, Atlanta. For a time he was manager of the Norfolk, Va.. team.

He wore out twenty-two Model T Fords on his early rounds, and delivered nearly 5,000 babies. He sought constantly to interest other physicians in rural practice.

Survivors include two daughters and three grandchildren.

May 7, 1957, p. 35.
Rabbi M. Bressler.

Rabbi Mordecai Bressler, spiritual leader of Temple Emanuel of East Meadow, L.I.. collapsed and died of a heart attack yesterday at 168th Street and Broadway. His age was 43. Rabbi Bressler had resided at 1563 Wilson Road, East Meadow. Survivors include his wife Sybil; a son, Jonathan, and a daughter. Bonnie.

June 1, 1959, p. 27.
Samuel Bressler.

Charleston. S.C., May 31 (AP)--Samuel Bressler, onetime president of the American Federation of T abor in Pennsylvania, died here last night. He had lived in Charleston since his retirement in 1948. He was 81 years old.

Mr. Bressler. an early leader in organized labor in Pennsylvania, was active in attempts to outlaw child labor in the Philadelphia area. He had been a weaver of upholstery fabrics.

(to be continued)

Page 61

Persons Named Bressler, Presler, Presley, (Etc.)
Who Were Employed by the Federal Government

Submitted by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens

(continued from page 41. Dec. 1993 issue)

PRESLEY, WILLIAM H., v. 2, p. 1283, Mail Carrier - Rural Free Delivery, $648, employed at Ladonia, TX, born in GA, appointed from Fannin Cty., TX, 5th Cong. Dist.
PRESLEY, WILLIAM, 1903, v. 2,p. 65, PM, Verde, PuebloCty.,CO, $5.42.
PRESLEY, WILLIAM, 1905, v. 2, p. 60, PM, Verde, Pueblo Cty., CO, $34.88.
PRESLEY, WM. A., 1893, V. 2, p. 835, PM, Pipkin, Henderson Cty., TN, $29.07.
PRESLEY, WM. L, 1891, V. 2, p. 479, PM.Solgohachia.Conway Cty.,Arkansas, $147.42.
PRESLEY, WM. R, 1901, v. 2, p. 365, PM, Presley, Titus Cty., TX, $3.62.
PRESLEY, WM. R., 1903, v. 2, p. 361, PM, Presley, Titus Cty., TX, $26.95.
PRESLEY. ZEB. A., 1905, v. 2, p. 1202, Mail Carrier, Rural Free Delivery, employed at Indiantrail, NC, $666, born in NC, appointed from Union Cty., NC, 7th Cong. Dist.
PRESSBY, P. I., 1885.V. 2,p. 631, PM, Hickory Flat, Anderson Cty., SC, $36.18.
PRESSL. JOHN A., 1893, v. 1, p. 179, Opener and packer, Customs Service, $840, employed at New York City, NY, born in Austria, appointed from NY.
PRESSLER. ALBERT, 1901, v. 2, p. 241 ,PM, 1ngkside,SteubenCty.,NY,$171.93.
PRESSLER, F. E, 1887,v. 1, p. 275, Clerk, Dept. of the Columbia, Dept. of the Columbia, QM's Dept. at Large, War Dept., $ 1400, employed at Vancouver B'ks, WA Terr., born in NJ, appt. from WA Terr.
PRESSLER, F. E., 1889, v. 1, p. 284, Clerk, Dept. of the Columbia, QM's Dept. at Large, War Dept., $ 1400, employed at Vancouver B'ks, WA Terr., born in NJ, appointed from WA Terr.
PRESSLER. F. E., 1891, v. 1, p. 295, Clerk, Dept. of the Columbia, Division of the Pacific, QM's Dept. at Large, War Dept., $ 1800, employed at Vancouver B'ks, WA, born in NJ, appointed from WA.
PRESSLER, F. E., 1893, v. 1, p. 326, Chief Clerk, Dept. of the Columbia, QM's Dept. at Large, War Dept., $ 1800, employed at Vancouver B'ks, WA, born in NJ, appointed from WA.
PRESSLER, F. E., 1895, v. 1,p. 311 .Chief Clerk, Jeffersonvilie, IN Depot, Office of Depot QMs, QM's Dept. at Large, War Dept., $ 1800, employed at Jeffersonvi lie, IN, born in NJ, appointed from Clark Cty., IN, 3rd Cong. Dist.
PRESSLER. F. E., 1899, v. 1, p. 366, Clerk, New York Depot, QM's Dept at Large, War Dept., $ 1800, employed at New York City, born in NJ, appointed from Kings Cty., NY, 3rd Cong. Dist. Note: Surname spelled "Pressier" in index.
PRESSLER, FREDERICK E.f 1901, v. 1, p. 390, Clerk, New York Depot, QM's Dept. at Large, War Dept., employed at New York City, $ 1800, born in NJ, appointed from "Army."
PRESSLER, JOHN, 1903, v. 1, p. 767, Ship Fitter, Construction and Repair [Branch], New York Navy Yard, Navy Dept., $3.36 per day, employed at New York City, born in PA, appointed from Kings Cty., NY, 4thCong. Dist.
PRESSLER. LOUIS, 1893, v. 1, p. 875, Dishwasher, Central Branch, Nat'1 Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, $7 per month, employed at Davton. OH. born in 6ER, appointed from OH.
PRESSLER. LOUIS, 1897, v. 1, p. 903, Painter, Central Branch, Nat'1 Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, $ 12.50 per month, employed at Dayton, OH, born in 6ER, appointed from Montgomery Cty., OH, 3rd Cong. Dist.
PRESSLER, LOUIS, 1899, v. 1, p. 1127, Painter, Central Branch, Nat'1 Home for Disabled Volunteers, $ 15 per onth, employed at Dayton, OH, born in 6ER, appt from Montgomery Cty., OH, 3rd Cong. Dist

Page 62

PRESSLER. LOUIS, 1901, v. 1, p. 1201, Painter, Central Branch, Nat'1 Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, $20 per month, employed at Dayton, OH, born in GER, appointed from Montgomery Cty., OH, 3rd Cong. Dist.
PRESSLER, LOUIS, 1903, v. 1. p. 1301, Painter, Central Branch, Nat'1 Home for Disabled Volunteer Soliders, $20 per month, employed at Dayton, OH, born in GER, appointed from Montgomery Cty., OH, 3rd Cong. Dist.
PRESSLER, VALENTINE, 1899, v. 1, p. 375, Watchman, QM's Dept. at Large, War Dept., $1.75 per day. employed at St. Louis, MO, born in GER, appointed from St. Louis, MO, 10th Cong. Dist. Note: Surname spelled "Pressier" in index.
PRESSLEY, ALLSTON, 1905, v. 2, p. 1884, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 20382, SC. Total allowed for fiscal year ending 30 June 1904--$ 10.20.
PRESSLEY, CORNELIUS B.. 1895, v. 1, p. 146, Receiving Teller, Subtreasury of the U.S., Treasury Dept., $2000, employed at San Francisco, CA, born in SC, appt. from Sonoma Cty., CA, 1st Cong. Dist.
PRESSLEY, CORNELIUS B., 1897, v. 1, p. 146, Receiving Teller, Subtreasury of the U.S., Treasury Dept., $2000, employed at San Francisco, CA, born in SC, appt. from Sonoma Cty., CA, 1st Cong. Dist.
PRESSLEY, CORNELIUS B., 1899, v. 1, p. 159, Receiving Teller, Subtreasury of the U.S., Treasury Dept., $2000, employed at San Francisco, CA, born in SC, appt. from Somona Cty., CA, 1 st Cong. Dist.
PRESSLEY, CORNELIUS B.. 1901, v. 1, p. 179, Receiving Teller, Subtreasury of the U.S., Treasury Dept., $2000, employed at San Francisco, CA, born in SC, appt. from Sonoma Cty., CA, 1st Cong. Dist.
PRESSLEY, CORNELIUS B., 1903, v. I, p. 134, Teller, Subtreasury of the U.S., Treasury Dept., $2000, employed at San Francisco, CA, born in SC, appointed from Somona Cty., CA, 1st Cong. Dist.
PRESSLEY. DAVID S., 1893, V. 2, p. 748, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC. $ 19.09.
PRESSLEY, DAVID S., 1901, v. 2, p. 263, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty.., NC, $5.94.
PRESSLEY, DAVID S., 1903, v. 2, p. 264, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC, $4.57.
PRESSLEY, E. D., 1885, v. 2, p. 439, PM, Elvaston, Hancock Cty., IL, $322.40.
PRESSLEY, H. C., 1903, v. 1, p. 522, Foreman, Engineers Dept. at Large, War Dept, $900, employed at Yellowstone Park under command of Capt. H. M. Chittencten, WY, born in YA, appointed-frorn Park Cty., MT, 2nd Cong. Dist.
PRESSLEY, J. L., 1883, v. 2, p. 592, PM, Lulah,AbbevilleCty., SC, $30.28.
PRESSLEY, J. L., 1887, V. 2. p. 669, PM, Lulah,AbbevilleCty.,SC, $25.34.
PRESSLEY, J. N., 1883, v. 2., p. 434, PM, Grimes, Polk Cty., IA, $133.79.
PRESSLEY, J. N.. 1885, v. 2. p. 463, PM, Grimes, Polk Cty., IA, $213.44.
PRESSLEY, MRS. E. D., 1883, v. 2, p. 411, PM, Elvaston, Hancock Cty., IL, $276.96.
PRESSLEY, MRS. P. I., 1883, v. 2, p. 591. PM. Hickory Flat, Anderson Cty., SC. No return filed.
PRESSLEY, R. J., 1905, v. 2, p. 43, PM.Hon, Scott Cty., Arkansas, $161.99.
PRESSLEY, ROBERT E., 1901, v. 2, p. 333, PM, Septus. Anderson Cty.. SC. $65.20.
PRESSLEY, S. M., 1903, v. 2. p. 1621, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 1251, Maine. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 June 1901--$247. Total allowed for two fiscal years ending 30 June 1903—$494.
PRESSLEY, STEWART, 1905, v. 2, p. 1826, Mail Contractor, Star Service, Route 1251, Maine. Annual pay for fiscal year beginning 1 July 1903—$247, Total allowed for two fiscal years ending 30 June 1905—$494.
PRESSLY, A. T., 1899, v. 2, p. 333, PM, Septus, Anderson Cty., SC,$52.74.
PRESSLY, B. W.. 1899,v.2,p. 255. PM, Coddle, Cabarrus Cty. ,NC, $37.00.
PRESSLY, CALVIN. 1905. v. 2. p. 305, PM. Hoyte, Milam Cty., TX. $27.82.
PRESSLY, CHARLES P.. 1895, v. I, p. 33, Vice and Deputy Consul at Marseilles, France for State Dept., compensation--"none", born in SC, appointed from France.
PRESSLY. CHARLES P., 1897, v. I, p. 33, Vice and Deputy Consul at Marseilles, France for State Dept.,$2500, born in SC, appointed from GA.
PRESSLY, DAVIDS.. 1903. v. 2, p. 264, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC, $4.57.
PRESSLY, DAVID S., 1905, v. 2, p. 231, PM, Oscar, Jackson Cty., NC, $12.42.
PRESSLY. E. E., 1881, v. 2, p. 562, PM, Sincerity, Lancaster Cty., SC, $7.56.
PRESSLY, ELLEN D., 1881, v. 2, p. 391, PM, Elvaston, Hancock Cty., IL $243.73.

Page 63

PRESSLY. J. L., 1879, v. 2, p. 181, PM, Elvaston, Hancock Cty., IL. $205.26.
PRESSLY.J. L., 1885, v.2, p. 632, PM, Lulah.Abbeville Cty., SC, $31.24.
PRESSLY. J. L., 1889, v. 2, p. 736, PM, Lulah.Abbeville Cty., SC, $21.96.
PRESSLY, J. L., 5893, v. 2, p. 817, PM, Lulah.Abbeville Cty., SC, $5.89.
PRESSLY. LIZZIE H., 1889, v. 2, p. 682, PM, Scott's Cross Roads, Iredell Cty., NC, $44.70.
PRESSLY, MISS GLADYS M., 1901, v. 2, p. 497, Clerk in P.O., $50, employed at Lacona, IA, born in IA, appointed from Warren Cty., I A, 7th Cong. Dist.
PRESSLY, MISS GLADYS, 1899, v. 2, p. 479, Clerk in P.O., $50, employed at Lacona, IA. born in IA, appointed from Warren Cty., IA, 7th Cong. Dist.
PRESSLY, MRS. P. I., 1887, v. 2,p. 668,PM,Hickory Flat.AndersonCty.,SC,$93.64.
PRESSLY. NEILL E.. 1893, v. 1, p. 42, Vice Consul at Tampico, Mexico for State Dept., compensation-fees.
PRESSLY, NEILL E., 1895,v. 1, p. 42, Vice Consul for State Dept. at Tampico, Mexico, compensation—-"none", born in NC, appointed from Mexico.
PRESSLY. NEILL E., 1897, v. 1, p. 42, Vice Consul at Tampico, Mexico for State Dept., compensation-- "none", born in NC, appointed from Mexico.
PRESSLY, NEILL E., 1899, v. 1, p. 46, Vice Consul at Tampico, Mexico for State Dept., compensation--"none," born in NC, appointed from Mexico.
PRESSLY. NEILL E., 1901, v. 1, p. 49, Vice Consul at Tampico, Mexico for State Dept, compensation--"none," born in SC, appointed from NC.
PRESSLY, NEILL E., 1903, v. 1, p. 39, Vice Consul at Tampico, Mexico for Dept. of State, compensation--"none," born in SC, appointed from NC.
PRESSLY, ROBERT C., 1895, v. 2, p. 332, PM.Septus.Anderson Cty., SC, $45.61.
PRESSLY. ROBERT C., 1897, v. 2, p. 317, PM, Septus, AndersonCty.,SC, $54.87.
PRESSLY. THOMAS C.. 1901, v. 2, p. 113, PM, Lacona, Warren Cty.. IA, $529.05.
PRESSLY. THOMPSON A.. 1905. v. 2. p. 1562, Substitute Mail Carrier, employed at Sweet Home, TX, appointed from Lavaca Cty , TX, 9th Cong. Dist.
PRESSLY, THOS. C., 1899, v. 2, p. 112, PM, Lacona, Warren Cty., IA, $489.41.
PRESTELE. W. H., 1889, v. 1, p. 676, Artist, Division of Pomology, Dept. of Agriculture, $1000, employed at Washington DC, born in GER, appointed from IA.
PRESTELE. W. H., 1891, v. 1, p. 801 .Assistant Artist. Division of Illustrations, Dept. of Agriculture, $1200, employed at Washington, DC, born in GER, appointed from IA.
PRESTELE. W. H., 1893, v. 1, p. 820, Assistant Artist, Illustrations Division, Dept. of Agriculture, $ 1200, employed at Washington, DC, born in GER, appointed from IA.
PRESTELE. WILLIAM H., 1895. v. 1, p. 814, Artist, Division of II lustrations and Engravings, Dept. of Agriculture, $1000, employed at Washington, DC, born in GER, appointed from Johnson Cty., IA, 2nd Cong. Dist.
PRESTLEY, W. L.. 1889, v. 2, p. 473. PM.Solgohachia.Conway Cty., Arkansas, $89.98.
PRIESLER, CATHARINE, 1895, v. 1. p. 120. Charwoman, Custom House. Treasury Dept, $270, employed at Detroit, Ml, born in GER, appointed from Wayne Cty., Ml, 1st Cong. Dist.

The Great Vowel Shift in English pronunciation which occurred around the time of Chaucer resulted in the Domesday Book being pronounced as Doomsday. Il has nothing to do with the modem word doom, but it is related to the domes- in domestic.

In the Oxford English. Dictionary the word set has 58 uses as a noun, 126 as a verb, and 10 as a participial adjective, and the dictionary requires 60,000 words to discuss them all.

Bill Bryson, The Mother Tongue. English & How It Got That Way, New York., 1 990

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Framily Group Data

(Ed. Note: The following information on his family was submitted by Kenneth L. Willey, 3 Pumam Road, North Reading, MA 01864. He requests help from anyone who might have infomation on Pressley families in New Brunswick, Canada.)

James Pressley, b. Winsor, New Brunswick, Canada, m. Lucy A. Campbell, who was b. 1792 Winsor, New Brunswick, Canada, and d. 1871 Eastport, Washington Co., ME. bur. Hillside Ccm., Eastport, ME. Children:
1) James Pressley, b. 1818, see below.
2) Angeline Pressley, b. 15 June 1828 St. John, New Brunswick
3) John William Pressley, b. 18 Mar. 1833, see below.
4) Mary Ann Pressley, m. George Higgins in Eastport, ME

James Pressley, b. 1818 Winsor. NB, Canada, d. 15 Aug. 1900 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, bur. Hillside Cem., Eastport, ME, m. in Eastport, Washington Co., ME to Isabella Spear, who was b. St. John, NB, Canada. Children:
1) Julia Pressley, b. Sept. 1865 Eastport, Washington Co.. ME. d. 21 Dec. 1892 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, bur. 25 Dec. 1892 Hillside Cem.? Westport ME
2) George R. Pressley. b. 1870 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, d. 13 July 1879 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, bur. Hillside Cem., Eastport, ME

John William Pressley, b. 18 Mar. 1833 St. Andrew. NB, Canada, d. 7 May 1911 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, bur. 9 May 1911 Hillside Cem., Eastport, ME, m. 22 Nov. 1857 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, to Sarah Maria Morse, who was b. 1836 St. George, NB, Canada, d, 20 Jan. 1882 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, bur. 21 Jan. 1882 Hillside Cem., Eastport, ME. Children:
1) Julia Pressley, b. 4 Aug. 1858 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, d. 28 Jan. 1938 Maiden, Middlesex Co., MA, bur. 31 Jan. 1938 Forest Dale Cem., Maiden, MA, m. 29 Apr. 1888 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, to William Corey Presley. No children.
2) James Hale Pressley, b. 22 Dec. 1860 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, d. 28 Mar. 1890 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, bur. Hillside Ccm., Eastport, ME
3) Virginia Paine (Jennie) Pressley. b. 2 Dec. 1862 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, d. abt. 1896 Eastport, Washington Co., ME. Husband unknown. (Great grandmother of Kenneth L. Willey)
4) John W. Pressley Jr., b. 2 Apr. 1867 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, d. 28 Aug. 1893 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, bur. Hillside Cem., Eastport, ME, m. 2 Jan. 1890 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, to Louisana Pressley(?)

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1) Sarah Isabella, b. June 1890 Eastport, Washington Co., ME. d. 3 Mar. 1892 Eastport Washington Co.. ME, bur. 5 Mar. 1892 Hillside Ccm., Eastport, ME.
5) George B. McLellan Pressley, b. 16 June 1873 Eastport, Washington Co.. ME, d. 16 Sept. 1893 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, bur. 28 Sept. 1893 Hillside Cem., Eastport, ME
6) Edwin G. Pressley, b. 16 Aug. 1877 Eastport, Washington Co., ME, d. 27 June 1921, Maiden, Middlsex Co., MA, bur. 30 June 1921 Hillside Cem., Eastport, ME. Never married.

On 2/27/94 Carole Palmer tapped away to "AIT: "Yesterday ... I found the estate settlement of my 3rd great-grandfather, Fielding Bridwell, in 1847 Bullitt Co., KY. Fielding was the son of Presley Bridwell, who came to Kentucky about 1806 from Fauquier Co., VA. Fielding married Patsy Briscoe in 1824 Spencer Co., KY. Patsy was the daughter of John Briscoe of Nelson Co.,KY. After the death of Fielding Bridwell, Patsy married Presley Jewell in 1850. Patsy and most of her children later moved to Henderson/Webster Co. area of western Ky. Children of Fielding and Patsy Bridwell were [seven in number]."

In a second message she added, "Presley Jewell had been married at least once before marrying Patsy—to a Nancy Skinner in 1823. He is in the 1850 Bullitt Co. census with about 8 children still at home. Presley Jewell died 19 Aug. 1865 and is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Poole. Patsy died in 1868 and is also buried there."

(Ed. Note: lliis is another example of Presley as a given name and of its originating in the northern neck of Virginia.