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VOLUME IX      NO. 4                                          June 1994                                        Page sixty-six

Revolutionary War Soldiers
from South Carolina

compiled by Joseph Daniel Horned

A search for the parentage of John and Moses Presley has proved futile. Can one find a clue with a different spelling?

We know that both John and Moses fought in the Revolution since they can both be found in the pension application of John Presley. John applied for his pension on 18 December 1832 in Henry County, Georgia. John stated that he was born in Virginia but raised in South Carolina. He could not remember the year of his birth, and neither could his mother, stating that the record of his birth was lost in removing from fort to fort to escape the Indians. He also stated that he went into service as a mere boy. His father was dead at the time of his enlistment on 1 November 1775. He volunteered and entered the service in the County of Edgefield, South Carolina, under Captain Jno. Carter - (Lieut.) Thomas Carter.

Moses Presley filed an affidavit on behalf of his brother in John Presley's pension application. '"In person came Moses Presley into open court who being duly sworn says he is a brother of John Presley aforesaid _ was with him in South Carolina and knows he was in the Cherokee Expedition - was with him in the attack of 21 ____ on the Tories at the seige of Augusta and in scouting parties until the close of the war - he will give a detailed statement of his own services in which his said brother was with him - this is done for want of more time - now to state more fully -Sworn to and subscribed this 18 Dec. 1832. A pension application for Moses Presley cannot be found.

In searching for audited accounts, we find the following: Moses Pursley, AA-6166, frames 244-346, roll 121, South Carolina. Account of duty in the Militia as Private since the reduction of Charleston. Dated 30 June 1785. This audited account states that Moses Pursley impowered Hugh Middleton to receive his payment. In the pension of John Presley, he stated that he was a volunteer under Hugh Middleton. Although this record has the spelling of Pursley throughout, it is definitely signed Moses Presley.

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John & Moses Presley

In searching the census records of 1790 for South Carolina, we find: Edgefield County, Ninety-Six District
Pusley, Moses
Pursley, William
Pursley, John
Pursley, Andrew
Is this our John and Moses Presley, and are William and Andrew their brothers?

In the Last Will and Testament of John Clackler, Sr. we find a clue. This will is dated 15 March 1790, and in it is listed: his wife,
Sarah Clackler his children,
John Pursley Jr. ex.
William Pursley
Moses Pursley
Andrew Pursley
John Clackler
Jacob Clackler
Amy Havler
Elizabeth Devore
Nancy Alinbaker
It is apparent that the Pursley children are the step children of John Clackler, Sr., and he would have been a second husband of Sarah, possibly she a second wife of him. Does the Jr. after John Pursley's name give us a clue as to the name of his father?

A search for land deeds under the spelling of Presley for John and Moses was not fruitful. However, in Deed Book 12: 1794-1796 Edgefield S.C., pages 431-434, dated 3 August 1794, we find the following: John Pursley & Elizabeth his wife to Zachariah Martin, for 100 pounds, 114 acres on the north side of Dry Creek adj. Willis Whatiey, Robert Melton, Jacob Haverlin (a name mentioned in John Presley's pension app.), and Moses Pursley. One of the witnesses who signed this record was William Pursley.

Another interesting record: Lease & Release, 2 Oct. 179L John Clackler to John Pursell. In this record we find the spelling of Pursell and Pursley for John throughout. According to this record, this is the son of John Clackler, Sr., who is selling twenty acres of land to John Pursley, which he inherited on Dry Creek.

We find John and Moses Presley living in Putnam County, Georgia, according to the 1820 census. Moses was in Putnam County as early as 1818, since he married Nancy Leonard on 10 Jan. 1818 in Putnam County.

Since we do not find earlier records of John and Moses Presley in South Carolina or in Virginia, can we find any clues in Georgia records? In 1950 Leonardo Andrea (a professional genealogist) compiled some interesting data on the Cleckler family in Georgia. John Clackler took a land grant in St. Paul Parish in Georgia in what is now Richmond County in 1768, and in 1769 he sold it to Nathaniel Parsley. Nathaniel and Jane Parsley deeded to Humphrey Wells M.D. on 12 September 1773 in St. Paul Parish, Richmond County, Georgia, a tract of land which was an original grant to John Clackler.

John Prussery drew land in Jackson County, Georgia, in the 1805 Lottery, and John Presley, Sr., drew land in Putnam County, Georgia, in 1821 and in Henry County, Georgia, in 1827. When John Presley died, he owned land in Henry and Butts County, Georgia, according to his will.

Moses Presley received a land grant on 24 March 1824 in Stanford's District 11, Hall County, Georgia. This grant was drawn by Moses Presley Senior. Moses drew a land grant in Lee County, Georgia, on 31 Oct. 1834, as did John on 7 Nov. 1835.

Orphans of Andrew Pusseley tried to draw land in the 1805 Lottery in Lincoln Co., Georgia, indicating that it is possible that Andrew, the brother of John and Moses

Page 69

Pursley, also moved on to Georgia. Moses Presley died by the time of the 1840 census, as he is not found on that record, and Nancy moved to Arkansas with her son, James (according to family tradition). She is listed on the 1850 census of Conway County, Arkansas, with her son, Wiley Clark Presley. John Presley died on 27 August 1837 in Henry County, Georgia. Although John was listed as John Pursley on the 1800 Edgefield County, S.C., census, we find that he was in Georgia in 1792, as his son, Charles, was born there. Although the parentage of John and Moses Presley has yet to be proven, surety more clues are to be found somewhere under the spelling of Presley, Pursley, Purcell, Pusley or Pusselfy.

Two Alabama Letters

Submitted by Susan Hale Copeland Kelley

Rockford, Alabama
Jan. the 7th 1862

Dear Sister,
I take my seat this morning to inform you that my health is very bad, hardly able to be up, taking medicine all the time. I have been very sick but thank God I am improving some. Tomorrow morning I expect to start to Wetumpka and from ther eI will go to Mongomery. I do not know how long I shall remain there and I do not know where I shall do my next teaching. It is uncertain but when I get my next School I will write to you when and where. I can ot come to see you all as early asd I expected but as soon as my business will admit. I saw Cousin Nancy Presley the other day. She says it is high time she was receiving a letter from you. I hope you will write to her soon. Write to me at Nicksburg, Coosa, Ala. as soon as you receive this. Le me know whether Pa received a letter from me while I was at Wetumpka. I passed off the Christmas week there very pleasant but have been sick every since. Give my respects to Ma, Pa, and Mattie and all the children and to all the inquiring friends. This letter is written in the course long hand. I remain your affectionate brother.

Hartwell Marable

Cousin Nancy Presley's brother is trhe war since [illegible] $180 the frist of Jan.

I am in Wetumpka today. Cousin William Cooper is dead. He died last Sunday night. I am off for Montgomery so good bye.
H. Marable

Page 70

Montgomery, Alabama
Oct. 29, 1862

Dear Sister,
I take my seat this morning to inform you that I received your letter this morning with great pleasure. Sorry to hear Thos was sick. I shall remain uneasy until I hear from him again, so you must write soon without fail. My health is only tolerable. I hope you are all well by this time. I am sorry to inform you of Uncle Newton Presley's death. Yes, he died last Friday night. He came home on sick furlough. I suppose he lived one week after he came home. Gone to rest. I think he was a very study pious young man. There was a sick soldier died here last Sunday night, very sudden. His poor old mother was here when he died. It was a considerable shock to me to see how he died. From this time on I am going to try to see if I can not be posted up in regard to this matter. This thing you call death is not to be triffled with. Sure, we do not know when it is coming. No man or any person can tell when they must bid earthly cares farewell and try an unknown world to them. So it stands us all in hand to prepared for death and be prepared to meet it. I hope and pray I may keep up this resolution firmly like a man and a Christian. God help me to do so is my humble and daily prayer. Tell Ma I will see Uncle Evan Presley soon and forward then to Lochapoka. I will write to you all about the time I send them, etc.

I learn this morning from a reliable source that my Company, I mean the company I belong to, Cpt. Ashley's Cav. Company, was taken prisoner. I was very sorry to hear it. Indeed there was some of them killed. I understand I have not the particulars of it yet. They were led by their pilot, I suppose into a reg. of Yankee Cav intentionally. Dr. Buzbee and several others of my friends were in the Company. I am anxious to hear the particulars about who was killed and taken.

I guess I have escaped a scouring this load of poles. Pink buzbee is here nursing the sick. He is now sitting at the same take with me writing his mother a letter. He is looking very well. He is quite lively. He says give all your people my respects, jsut then, sic. Our sick number is 51 today. I received a letter from Cousin Nancy Presley on last evening. She is well and doing well considering those hard times. She has one brother at home, one at Tupelo, Mississippi, one at Mobile, Ala. Tell Ma and Pa that Cousin Nancy Presley writes to me stating Jack Jones died about the 19th of this month Dickerson Jones' brother, a good man gone to rest. She said she attended his burial.

I remain your
affectionate friend and brother
Hartwell Marable

[Ed. Note: Susan Kelley writes that these letters were written to her great grandmother Sophronia Caroline Marable, by her grother Hartwell Marable, an itnerant penmanship teacher. Susan found about thrity family letters in her grandmother's trunk. Sophronia

Page 71

Caroline Marable (1841-1917) married George Gardner Hale (1837-1889) and was a daughter of Emily Tazzi Presley (1814-1894) and Champion Marable (1811-1877). Susan encloses brief family group data for this family, but asks for help in establishing the identity of "Cousin Nancy Presley", as well as the parentage of John Presley. The following information shows the identity of "Uncle Newton Presley" and "Uncle Evan Presley" as his mother's brothers:

John Presley (1775-1869), ml Sarah Lester (1776-1833), m2 Margaret J. __ (1796-1874) Children:
1) Calvin Presley (1806-1892), m. Jane Anderson (1805-1874)
2) Evan Presley (1809-1875), m. Isabella (?) (1832-1860?)
3) Vincent Presley (1812-1872), ml Anne J. Lewis (1812-bef 1853), m2 Aseath Pearce
4) Emily Tazzi Presley (1814-1894), m. Champion Marable (1811-1877)
5) John Presley m (b. 1813)
6) Sarah Presley (b. 1816), ml John James Adams
7) Augustus Presley (b. 1820), m. Catherine Adeline Reese
8) Juliette Presley (1827-aft. 1887)
9) William Taylor Presley (1835-1896), m. Henrietta __ (1831-1891)
10) George Whitt Presley (1836-1900), m. Delena Jackson (1829-1897)
11) Charlotte R. Presley (1839-1891), m. James F. Wilkinson (1835-1891)
12) Newton A. Presley (1842-1862)

Census data published in earlier issues of this Newsletter reveal that Calvin Presley was in Chambers Co., AL in 1860, 1850, and 1840, while Evan Presley was enumerated in Autauga Co., AL in each of those censuses. Vincent Presley was a head of household in Upson Co. GA in 1840 and 1860. John Presley was living in Montgomery Co., AL in 1860 with his wife, Margaret, and his youngest son, Newton L. Presley; in 1850 he was in Tallaposa Co., AL with wife, son William, son George W., dau. Charlotte, and son [Newton]. Since all these men were born in SC, and since Newton had been born in 1842 in SC, we should probably conclude that John Presley was in SC in the 1840 census, his older sons having already moved to GA and AL. Indeed, in the 1840 census of SC the only John Presley who fits the age/family criteria is living in Edgefield Co..SC.

The Confederate "pension" records in the Dec. 1987 issue for Alabama reveal that Newton L. Presley is among those for whom a claim was filed, and in which it is stated that John Presley was his father. Other Civil War records in the Alabama State Archives include those which name W. T. Presley, Evan Presley, and a number of apparently younger Presleys of the next generation of this family.

As to the identity of "Cousin Nancy Presley", it should be noticed that Hartwell Marable states in the letter written in Montgomery that he "received" a letter from her, while in the earlier letter from Rockford (Coosa Co.), AL, he stated that he "saw" her. The 1860 Coosa Co., AL census lists:

 p. 347.    860/860    Elizabeth Presley      56 F W	           SC
                       James "                21 M W Farm Laborer  GA
                       Nancy A. "             17 F W               GA
                       Rebecca D.S. "         14 F W               GA

Page 72

If this is the "Cousin Nancy Presley" mentioned in the letters, then it would appear, indeed, that she had one brother "at home", as well as a sister and a mother (who was born in SC, incidentally). What the relationship to John Presley and his family was, is unknown at present. It should be further noted that a Dickenson Jones is listed in the 1860 census index of Tallaposa Co., AL, which adjoins Coosa Co., so it would not be unexpected if Nancy Presley were acquainted with him.

Susan adds the following comments about this family: "I believe John & Sarah Presley

(continued on page 87)


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David R. Lee
address withheld

My grandfather was Arthur Ewin Presley. He was born in 1890 in Putnam Co., TN, and died in 1979. His father was Silas Benjamin Presley, born 1863 in, I believe, Jackson County; he died in 1931. Silas married Mary Isabel Farmer (1869-1904), daughter of William J. Farmer and Sara Matheny Anderson. Silas' father was James Presley, born around 1832; he married Nora Lee Biggs (1833-1930). James' mother's name was Elizabeth _. We don't know his father's name; he had at least one brother, Larkin Presley, who lived in Jackson County, TN, in the late 1850s. I would appreciate any information or help you could give me.

Frances Molsberry
address withheld

Need information on how my ancestor, Presley Thornton, is related to the Presley family of Virginia. He died in the 1810s in Pittsylvania Co., VA, but probably in Orange Co., VA. prior to that time. He may have been the son of a Luke Thornton, who was bom in 1706 and married Millicent Ransdell/Ramsdell in Richmond Co., VA. Presley Thornton's daughter, Sarah, married Ambrose Barnett in Orange Co., VA.

... and Replies

by James Anderson

To David R. Lee

I have the following census information which may be of help. In the 1850 census of Jackson Co.. TN, we have on page 102:

           22/22    Larken Prestley	 21 M   Farmer    TN 
                    Sally        "	 23 F             TN
                    Lucy Collins	 48 F             NC
                    John F.   "	          1 M             TN

In the 1860 census of Putnam Co., TN, page 58, we have:
         1075/1075 Larkin Pressley	 32 M   Farmer    TN
                   Sarah "               33 F             TN
                   John F. "             11 M             TN
                   Thos. B. "             9 M             TN

In the 1860 census of Jackson Co., TN, page 260:
         844/844   Jane Presley	         32 F             NC
                   Lucinda"              13 F             NC
                       This family living with Asa & Sarah Denson


Page 74

To David R. Lee

and on page 322:
       194/194   James Presley	  35 M Day Lab.           TN
                 Sarah     "      20 F                    TN
                 Martha   "	5/12 F                    TN

In the 1870 census of Jackson Co., TN, page 231:
        25/25   Burrel Presley	  49 M Farmer             TN
                Jane "            48 F                    TN
                Lucinda "         25 F                    TN
                Mary E. "          6 F                    TN

                Cary F. Presley	   4 F                    TN
                Sarah J.     "	   3 F                    TN
                William R.   "	   6 M	                  TN
                Elizabeth J.    "  3 F                    TN

Note: There is a Burrell born in 1864 in Henderson Co., TN, 
who is the son of Joel,  who is the son of Hosea. On page 234:
        55/55   James Presley     58 M Farmer             TN 
                Leonory "         28 F                    TN
                Mary Jane "        8 F                    TN
                Silas "            6 M                    TN
                Woody "            3 M                    TN
                Henry "        11/12 M                    TN
On Page 240:
      140/140   Larkin Presley    52 M Farmer             TN
                Sally "           44 F                    TN
                John F. "         21 M                    TN
                Thomas B. "       18 M                    TN

To Doris Welsh

I found the following possibilities for the parents of William: William F., the son of Jacob and Sarah Presley in Blount Co., TN; William C., the son of Andrew and Judah Presley in DeKalb Co., TN; and William H., the so of Jeff and Mary Presley in Hawkins Co., TN. All these Williams were age one in the 1860 census, but none had a middle initial of "T." It must be kept in mind, however, that there could easily be an error in copying, either by the census taker or myself. If I had more information as to dates and places, I could look further. All of our members should be encouraged to give as much information as possible when placing a query.

To Walter Parham

I have nothing more to add to what was previously given, except that William Culpepper Preslar was a son of Elias Preslar and Mary Webster.

Page 75

1860 Census

(Ed. Note: Data from the 1860 census is given as follows: page, dwelling number/family number, name, age, sex, color, occupation, value of real estate/Value of personal property, birthplace.)

   619       1102/120       Isaac Pressey        44  M  RR Agent      2000/      ME
   620                      Mary "               35  F                           CT
                            Martin "             12  M                           CT
                            Elizabeth Elliot     75  F                           -

   386                      Elizabeth E. Prestley  [unable to read]

                                    NEW HAMPSHIRE
    48       324/371        Christian Presler    35  M  Stonecutter     /50   Sascony
                            Catheren "           36  F                        Sascony

  623       210/210         Lorenzo D. Pressy    48  M               2000/450    NH
                            Mary "               38  F                           NH
                            Eugene "             14  M                           NH

  1085     1048/1080        John L. Pressey      50  M  Farmer       2500/1200   NH
                            Lydia M. "           33  F                           NH
                            Daniel "             16  M  Farm Laborer             NH
                            John "               14  M                           NH
                            George H "            3  M                           NH

  257       278/279         Sarah Pressey        82  F                200/100    NH

  272       416/423         Sallie Pressy        84  F                           NH
                               living wiht Caleb Perry family

  485       369/361         John Pressey         25  M  Farmer       2500/1554   NH
                            Hannah Pressey       53  M                           NH
                            Betsey "             22  F                           NH

  492       428/418         Betsey Pressey       67  F                           NH
                               living with Chase Putney family

  495       460/446         Martha Presley       61  F                           NH
                               living with Samuel Davis family
  496       470/454         Sarah Pressey        66  F                           NH
                               living with Simeon Stevens family

  497       475/459         William Pressey      57  M  Farmer        1000/487   NH
                            Jesamiah M. "        58  F                           NH
                            John M. "            19  M                           NH

  504          /525         Carlos G. Pressey    44  M  Merchant      4500/3000  NH
                            Mary N. "            43  F                           -
                            George H. "          18  M                           -

Page 76

  1059    495/502          George Pressey       27  M  Sawman           /1300    NH

  1081    698/704          Colvin Pressey       63  M  Shopkeeper       /200     -
                           Hannah "             59  F                            -

  1081    700/706          Albert Pressey       27  M  Peddler          /1000    NH
                           Alvira "             40  F                            NH  
                           Mary E. "            10  F                            NH 
                           Hiram A. "            7  M                            NH 
                           Elizabeth Kurt       86  F                   /600     MA

  545     691/674          John L. Pressey      57  M  Farmer      1000/454      NH
                           Sarah "              54  F                            NH 
                           Sarah B. "           20  F                            NH 

  273     442/455          Henry Pressy         21  M  Laborer                   NH

  1041    400/409          Hiram Pressey        49  M  Farmer      1200/200      NH
                           Nancy G. "           45  F                            NH 
                           Gelia H. "           16  F                            NH 

   492    250/253          Harrison G. Pressey  39  M  Farmer          /3029     NH
                           Harriet "            33  F                            NH 
                           Ella M. "             8  F                            NH 
                           Orin T. "             6  M                            NH 

   504    342/349          Thomas Pressey       45  M  Master Tin Plateworker    NH
                           Susan F. "           43  F               1000/1000    -
                           Warren M. "          21  M  Tin Plateworker           -
                           Julia A. "           16  F                            -
                           Myron T. "         4/12  M                            -

   504   344/351           James Pressey        31  M  Grocer        100/600     NH

Page 77

   614    911/1141        Jonathan Pressy       56  M  Milliner      1400/1000   NH
                          Sorila "              42  F                            -
                          Tridelia "            18  F                            -
                          Georgia A. "          15  F                            - 

  1196     28/31          Nancy Pressey         50  F  Seamstress                NH

  1207    124/129         Hiram Pressey         57  M  Carpenter       350/150   NH
                          Hannah "              48  F                            NH
                          Eliza A. "            18  F  Sewing machine operatory  NH
                          Charles "             15  F                            NH

   578      /631          John Pressy           32  M  Shoemaker                 MA
                          Mary "                30  F                            VT
                          Lemuel H. "            1  M                            NH

  914   433/488           Sylvester Pressey     48  M  Carpenter        500/50   NH
                          Betsey "              46  F                            VT
                          Edwin "               10  M                            NH
                          Frank "                8  M                            NH
                          Willie "               6  M                            NH

  611   811/899           Betsy Pressy          95  F                            -
                             living with Joseph G. Wood family

  618   928/951           Charles W. Pressey    24  M  Milling          650/750  NH
                             living with Timothy Wells family

  618   930/953           Albert A. Pressey     16  M                            NH
                             living with Samuel & Betty Ingalls family  

  619   941/963           David Pressey         58  M  Farmer          2500/400  NH
                          Betsy "               62  F                            NH
                          George W. "           34  M                            NH
                          Clarsette "           17  F                            NH

Page 78

  940     1177/1164      Thomas Priestly       45  M  Painter    1000/236  England
                         Betsey "              44  F                            NH
                         Sarah "               13  F                            NH
                         Matilda "             19  F                            NH
                         Alfred "              12  M                            NH
                         Frank "                3  M                            MA


   113     757/721      Christopher Bresler   28  M  W  Farmer       /100  Germany

BARRY COUNTY, Thornapple Twp.
   593     795/699      Rogena Presley        18  F  W                          OH
                           living with Isaac K. & Harriet Keeler family

BAY COUNTY, Hampton Twp.
   908     337/342      Solamon Presley       29  M  W  Laborer      1000/500   NY
                        Matilda "             25  F  W                    Scotland
                        Susannah "             9  F  W                          MI
                        Elizabeth "            2  F  W                          MI
                        Caroline McKensie     22  F W Servant              Germany
                        Fred "                17  M  W                     Germany

BAY COUNTY, Banger Twp.
   940     590/582      John Presley          22  M  W              /100        MI

   415    1301/1280     Susan Bressler        17  F  W                          PA

   415    1304/1283     David Bressler        17  M  W  Farm Hand          Germany
                        Caleb                 25  M  W  Farm Hand          Germany

   415    1305/1284     Henry Bressler        23  M  W  Farm Hand      /250     PA
                        Sarah O. "            22  F  W                          PA
                        Elvira "               1  F  W                          MI
                        Levi "      Bro.      21  M  W  Farm hand               PA

   1035   1298/1314     John Bresley          59  M  W  Farmer                  NY
                        Anna "                49  F  W                          NY
                        Alvira "              10  F  W                          MI
                          living with Leonard Man family     

Page 79

    92     708/697     William Presley        47  M  W  Cordwainer    900/300  England
                       Margaretta "           37  F  W                              NY
                       Frances D. "           18  F  W                              MI
                       Julius "               13  M  W                              MI
                       Ida "                2/12  F  W                              MI

  115      127/127     Timothy Presley        36  M  W  Farmer        1000/150 England
                       Sarah "                30  F  W                              OH
                       Emma "                  6  F  W                              OH
                       Chas "                  4  M  W                              OH
                       Clarrisa "              2  F  W                              OH
                       Walter "             2/12  M  W                              MI

INGHAM COUNTY, Stockbridge Twp.
   19      142/150     Wm. Presley            72  M  W  Farmer        2000/510 England
                       M. "                   54  F  W                              NY
                       R. "                   20  M  W  Farm Hand                   MI
                       M.J. "                 18  F  W  Teacher                     MI
                       J. "                   15  M  W  Farm Hand                   MI
                       J. "                   12  M  W                              MI

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Kenochkee Twp.
  385     2006/1918    Enos Presley           30  M  W  Farmer         600/25       NY
                       Charlotte "            18  F  W                              NY
                       Marvin W. "          4/12  M  W                              MI

  385     2007/1919    Louisa Presley         28  F  W                              NY
                       Cath "                 24  F  W                          Canada
                       Richard "               6  M  W                          Canada
                       Harry "                 4  M  W                          Canada
                       Melvina "               2  F  W                              MI
                       Louis M. "           5/12  M  W                              MI

  457     1235/1226    Thomas Presly          42  M  W               1000/500  England
                       Martha "               36  F  W                         England
                       George "               13  M  W                              MI
                       Oscar "                10  M  W                              MI
                       William "               8  M  W                              MI
                       Frank "                 6  M  W                              MI
                       Ada "                   1  F  W                              MI

Page 80

WAYNE COUNTY, Van Buren Twp.
  838       55/55    Daniel(?) Presler       33  M  W  Hotel             /300       NY
                     Esther "                26  F  W                               NY
                     John "                  24  M  W  Laborer           /75        NY
                     Abram Spann             14  M  W                               MI
                     Henry "                 12  M  W                               MI 

  848    156/146     Abram Presler           63  M  W  Farmer           600/100     NY

WAYNE COUNTY, Detroit, 7th Ward
  698    160/186     Silas Presley           44  M  W Engineer         2500/500     OH
                     Mahala "                38  F  W                               MI
                     Mandi(?) "              15  F  W                               MI
                     Charles "               11  M  W                               MI
                     Emily "                  9  F  W                               MI

  818    1075/1189   Maria(?) Pressler        8  F  W                               MI
                     Frank "                  6  M  W                               MI
                         living with Maria Little family

Current Family News

Jane and Titus Presler [are a] husband and wife clergy team St. Peter's Episcopal Church Cambridge, Mass..... Since the arrival of the six Preslers — the priests have four teenage children—St. Peter's has doubled in size to 130 Sunday worshipers and "ministry is booming," according to junior warden Caroline Banks." We were in a tough spot a few years ago," says Banks. "Now we are experiencing trememdous growth. We really have gotten 100 percent from two people in a parish that was sinking." Such reactions affirm the Preslers' belief that shared, mutual ministry can be a powerful motivator.

The Preslers, both 43, decided to attempt ministry together four years ago, one year after Jane's ordination. [They have been] married 20 years. Ordained 15 years ago, Titus had intermittent parish experience before accepting the St. Peter's position. Jane [was] originally trained as a marine biologist.... The whole family spent three years in the 1980s as missionaries in Zimbabwe.

The church is set an urban, working middle-class parish across the Charles River from Boston ...a fast-paced neighborhood where immigrant families of all races and dozens of nationalities share space with Harvard University professors and grad students.

Jane and Titus admit the ministry has put their marriage to the test. [Jane says], "We cannot afford to let conflicts go unresolved ... ignore tensions. Our marriage has been constantly held up to the light. That has been arduous and enormously rewarding."

She is convinced that 'the iconography" of a husband and wife as clergy "is healing" especially in the context of the liturgy. "One of us will celebrate and the other will preach and that kind of sharing back and forth brought a graciousness to worship that [the parishioners] found soothing and healing."

Nan Cobbey, Episcopal Life, June 1994

Page 81

Obituaries from
The New York Times

Complied by Edwin C. Dunn

(continued from March 1994 issue, page 60)

December 11, 1963, p. 47.
Presley, Fred Y.,
formerly of Wellesley Hills, Mass., and Boothbay Harbor, Me., son of the late Mrs. Maude Presley Williams and brother of the late Mrs. Lillian Presley Perkins, died on Nov. 27, 1963, in New York City. His body was cremated and his ashes, together with those of his mother and sister, will be scattered alor-g tbe waters of the Maine Coast.

The Marine Midland Trust Company of New York, Executor.

July 4, 1964, p. 13.
Mrs. Isadore Bressler
Special to the New York Times.

Bayonne, N. J., July 3 —Mrs. Annie Friedman Bressler, mother of Hudson County Assemblyman J. Arnold Bressler, died today in Bayonne Hospital. She was 82 years old and lived at 77 West 33d Street.

Mrs. Bressler, who was born in New York City, had operated with her husband, the late Isadore Bressler, a men's clothing factory for more than 40 years until her husband retired in 1944.

In addition to Assemblyman Bressler, she was survived by 2 other sons, Leon L. and George: 3 daughters, Mrs. Ruth Marcus, Mrs. Phoebe Schneiderman and Mrs. Joan Kliman; 11 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Oct. 11, 1965, p. 61.
Louis (Babe) Pressley,
47, Cleveland, Sept. 15. Mr. Pressley was a guard on the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team from 1937, when Abe Saperstein, the team's owner, signed him out of Cleveland's Central High School, until 1954, when he became a coach. He retired in 1958.

Feb. 17, 1966, p. 34.
Max Bressler, 64, A Key Zionist, Dies.
Led Jewish National Fund, Aided Israel Bond Drive.

Max Bressler, president of the Jewish National Fund of America since 1963, died Tuesday in Miami Beach of a heart attack. He was 64 years old and lived in Chicago.

Long associated with aiding the development of Israel, Mr. Bressler was president of the Zionist Organization of America from 1960 to 1962. He was also a leader in the Bonds for Israel campaign.

He was a strong advocate for Hebrew education for Jewish children in America through the establishment of day schools. He urged a strengthening of the world Zionist movement to achieve a closer spiritual and cultural relationship of Jews everywhere.

Addressing a Zionist Organization of America convention at the Waldorf-Astoria in 1961, he called the members to assume "the role of therapists" in keeping alive Jewish values.

He appealed to Jewish youth in the United States to enlist in the Peace Corps and request assignment to the underdeveloped area of Israel.

Soviet Situation Assessed

Page 82

Mr. Bressler disagreed with some colleagues who charged that the arrest and imprisonment of Jewish leaders in the Soviet Union was the result of the Government's "open policy of anti-Semitism."

"If there is anti-Jewish discrimination,'' Mr. Bressler told the National Executive Council of the S.O.A. in 1962, "it stems from other sources, most probably a misconception of what constitutes Jewish nationality or Judaism combined with a political aversion for Israel."

In opening the Zionist Organization of America convention in Washington in June, 1962, he declared that the "great danger" confronting the American Jewish community ws not anti-Semitism but 'Voluntary assimilation." He opposed the unification of all Zionist groups in this country on the ground that this would "preempt the tasks that rightfully belong to each of Hie Zionist organizations."

Last month he was named national chairman of Guardians of Israel, composed of persons who had purchased more than $1,000 of Israel bonds. At a meeting of the Z.O.A. executive council in New York last Jan. 31, he said Zionists still constitute "the largest Jewish force in the world today."

In July 1964, he proposed that a memorial to President Kennedy be established in Israel on a hill overlooking Jerusalem. The memorial, nearing completion, is to be dedicated next July 4. Mr. Bressler had planned to head a delegation at the ceremony.

A settlement near Jerusalem was named for Mr. Bressler nine years ago. Its Hebrew name is Kiryat Menachem.

He leaves his wife, Ruth; a son, Dr. Leonard Bressler, and a daughter, Dr. Anita Robbins, all of Chicago.

A funeral service will be held tomorrow in Chicago at the Congregation Shaare Tikvah, 5800 North Kimball.

Jan. 12, 1968, p. 34.
Prof. R.G. Bressler of Berkeley Dead.
Special to the New York Times.

Oakland, Calif., Jan. 11 — Dr. Raymond G. Bressler Jr., a professor of agricultural economics and former senior vice chancellor at the University of California at Berkeley, died of cancer at Kaiser Foundation Hospital here Monday. He was 56 years old.

Dr. Bressler, a member of the Berkeley faculty for 20 years, served as vice chancellor from 1962 to 1964. He had previously headed the university's Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics and its department of agricultural economics.

The educator was born in New Braunfels, Tex., on Sept. 16, 1911, and was awarded a Ph.D. in economics at Harvard in 1947. He taught agricultural economics at the University of Connecticut from 1939 to 1948, before joining the faculty at Berkeley.

He leaves his wife, Dorothy; a daughter, Mrs. Donald Hupp; two sons, Raymond and David, and his mother, Mrs. Sara L. Bressler.

Apr. 9, 1970, p. 41.
Abe Bressler.
Special to the New York Times.

Bayonne, N.J., April 8 —Abe Bressler, a former fight manager who also managed the casino of the Sand Hotel in Las Vegas, died Monday at a hospital in Trenton. He was 66 years old and lived here at 49 East 33d Street.

Mr. Bressler, manager of heavyweight contenders Ernie Durando and Charlie Nurkus, was born in Austria. He lived in Bayonne and Las Vegas most of his life.

He is survived by 3 sons, Lawrence, Edmund and Bruce; a sister, Mrs. Sadie Baer; a brother, Sam, and 10 grandchildren.

Page 83

Feb. 18, 1971, p. 61.
Daniel Pressley, 53, Dead.
Self-Taught Artist in Wood.

Daniel Pressley of 458 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, an artist who expressed himself through what he called "the lost art of woodcarving," died yesterday in St. Rose's Home, He was 53 years old.

Mr. Pressley was represented in an exhibition of new black artists that has been touring the country under the auspices of the American Federation of Artists.

When his work was shown in a 1969 exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, John Canady, art critic of the New York Times, called him one of the three strongest artists in the show and noted that all three were self-taught.

Mr. Pressley is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Charlotte Cothran and Mrs. Sylvia C. Hill; three sisters and nine grandchildren.



Abstracted by Lilla Licht

File C2-452-405; Co. G, 3rd TN Inf.
Died April 17, 1937, 937 Dorothy St., Kingsport, TN. Karri son Funeral Home, Rogersvilie, TN, Deceased served in Spanish War, enlisted 5-8-1898 and discharged 1-31-1899. Former address: Rt 4, Rogersville, TN. File shows Clay Presley also of 937 Dorothy St., Kingsport, TN at time of death.

Letter dated 12 April 1939 to District Welfare Board, 418^5 Cleveland St., Clearwater, FL in response to a previous letter. Letter says, "...relative to the case of Mrs. Willa Kensinger, divorced wife of the above named veteran, sic Andrew J. Presley," file of veteran does not disclose any evidence to the age of Mrs. Kensinger other than her own statement made before a field examiner...14 Feb 1914 that she was then 44 years of age."

Letter from Board in Clearwater, FL dated 25 March 1939 provides additional family information: Andrew Jackson Presley married 1-6-1887 to Mrs. Kensinger and she divorced him in 1899. Her maiden name was restored."

Form filed at time of death shows that Clay Presley was a nephew by marriage and foster son.

Date & place of burial: April 19, 1937, Rogersville, TN.

DEATH CERTIFICATE: Cert. #38511, County Sullivan, Civil Dist.ll, Reg. Dist 835, Primary Reg. Dist $28311. Personal & statistical particulars: married; b. Jan 3, 1867; age at death: 70 yrs, 3 mos. 14 days. Retired farmer; b. Hawkins Co.; parents: no information. Informant: Clay Presley; death due to: Belliowy obstruction fevor carcinoma of gall bladder and liver. Doctor started treatment 6 weeks before death. Dr. W.H. Rud, Kingsport, TN.

Page 84

Form filled out 7 Sept 1934 by Andrew J. Presley states his wife is Minnie Presley and they live at Rt 4, Rogersville, TN.

27 June 1933 he states he is single.

25 Jan 1930 cert, of medical exam: Rt 7, Rogersville, TN. birthplace: Hawkins Co., TN; age 67; hgt 5-8; wgt: 172 pounds; complexion dark; eyes blue; hair light; blood pressure 140/90. Physican noted that he has vericose veins of both legs and teeth very bad.

In list of people to provide evidence is the name: Rachel Pressley, Rogersville, TN 27 March 1915. Another page says, " Sept 14, 1920, was married to Rachel, July 14, 1901 at Rogersville, TN., was previously married to Willie Ann Kingsinger from whom he was divorced in 1898; no prior marriage of claimant."

In application 1 Sept 1920 states born January 3, 1862, Hawkins Co., TN. Post-Office at enlistment: Rogersville, TN. Wife's full name: Racheal Presley Presley. Married July 14, 1901, Rogersville, TN by Rev. G.B. Linkous. Record in County Clerk's office, Rogersville, TN. Previously married to Willie Ann Kinsinger, January 9, 1887. Divorced Bosie City, IL about 1898.

He was honorably discharged 31st Jan 1899 at Anderson, ALA.

After first Claim rejected, he appealed. Names providing affidavits this tise include: James, C., Rachel^ Tilda, and Barbara Ann Presley.

Deposition of Andrew J Pressley 25 Nov 1904: 52 yrs old, a farmer, P.O. RFD#7, Rogersville, TN. States he has always lived in this part of Hawkins Co. "I was raised over in 'Caney Valley1, about a mile and three-quarters from here by horseback, and lived there until I enlisted, and also after my discharge until eight years ago when I moved across Pine Mountain into "Poor Hollow1 here. I have lived here ever since." (Goes on to tell how he became sick with typhoid fever and his treatment). Mentions he went on furlough to his uncle's home in Hawkings Co. which was 25 miles from Bull's Gap. [concerning his drinking] "Ten or eleven years ago I went to Oregon and was out there about 11 months. "Grounghog" Jim Pressley went there with me. We were at Baker City, and worked on the building a mountain railroad. First I worked at a sheep ranch near Fayette, Idaho. "Groundhog" was with me there too.

Affidavit of his doctor mentions name of uncle: Jim Ferrell. 27 Nov 1904, Affidavit of James C. Pressley, age 53, a farmer, P.O. RFD #7, Rogersville, TN. States he served as a private in Co. G., 3rd TN Inf. "After my service I looked up my age in my father's bible, and I will be 54 yrs next month (December)...We (Andrew & he) were raised in the same neighborhood and have been well acquainted all the time. We are some related, about fourth cousins."

Page 85

27 Nov 1904 Affidavit of Rachel Presley, wife of Andrew. "I am about 43 years old...I was married to him in July, 1901, but I had known him all my life...My sister married his uncle Jim Ferrell over 30 yrs ago. She is dead. After Andy came out of the army, he made his home with his uncle until he married me....My sister died in 1900..."

27 Nov 1904, Affidavit of Tilda Presley. States she is about 50 yrs old and is the sister of Mrs. Andrew Presley. She has been living with Andrew & Rachel for past years.

27 Nov 1904, Affidavit of Barbara Ann Presley age about 47 yrs. Sister to Tilda and Mrs. Andrew Presley and lives with them. States she has lived with her sister since her marriage in 1901 except a short time, "I lived in the next house here with my mother. We were raised in this neighborhood, and so was Andy...".

Special Examination (27 pp.) letter 24 1914 from Dept of Interior states former wife in Evanston, IL and Joseph Kensinger at Westerford, Custer Co., OK.

15 Jan 1914 affidavit of James M Presley, Lexington, McLean Co., IL. Age about 65. "Andrew J Presley is about a 2nd cousin of mine. He boarded with me during one winter and Slimmer about 14 yrs ago. He was section boss and I worked for him...Andy and his wife parted in Tenn. and she came back up here to my house and then got with the Wilsons and the last I heard of her she was with Billy Wilson near Chicago. .. I hs-ird she was married again but don't know who she married." Elsie & S.E. Presley witnessed his signature. 15 Jan 1914 Affidavit of J.C. Presley, near Lexington, McLean Co., IL. Age 58. Caretaker for cemetery near Lexington, IL. "Andrew J Presley is a 2nd cousin of mine. We were practically raised together down in TN. I have been out here 12 yrs. (when Andrew worked in IL) We both boarded for awhile with my Uncle James Presley..."

14 Feb 1914 Affidavit of Willa A Kensinger, Evanston, Cook Co., IL, age 44, occupation: dressmaker. Address: P.O. 520 Davis St., Evanston. "I have known Andrew J Presley from the time I knew anybody. He worked on my grandfather's place. I married him in 1887 and parted from him in 1897...I was divorced from him in Octoer 1899, in Grundy Co., IL...Along in the winter of 1900 when I was visiting my Uncle Joseph Kensinger, then Weatherford, OK....states when Andy came back (from trip to IL) he stayed at a coxisin of mine, J.F. Steffey, now Master Gunner in the U.S. Army. Steffey's father, W.A. Steffey lives at Concord, TN."

Deposition of Andrew J Presley, 8 Sept 1913 (NOTE: I am only adding new information). "...I was at Lexington and Ocoy, IL for 7 yrs and returned to Caney Valley 2 yrs before enlistment...". States that after becoming ill, and furloughed, going to his uncle Jim Ferrell's, he stayed there about a year and never returned to his regiment. His discharge was sent to him. "While in 111, before my service,

Page 86

I worked as section hand as foreman of a section on the Chicago & Alien RR. I boarded with James Presley, an uncle of my present wife...My father and mother are dead. I have no brother. I have only one sister Sarah wife of Henry Thomas, but she left here 30 years ago and is up about Big Stone Gap., VA...James Presley was my main Lieutenant William Presley lieuted with me some too but I don't know where he is. They are only very distantly related to me... I have no child by either of my wives."

(9 Sept 1913) Deposition of James C. Presley, Alvis Stone Hawkins Co., TN, age 47, farmer, address: RFC #7, Rogersville, TN. enlisted with Andy Presley in Co. G, 3rd TN Inf. a 4th cousin.

9 Sept 1913 Deposition of James R. Ferrell, 54 yrs old, farmer, Alvin Stone, Hawkins Co., TN. "Claimant is my nephew".

Andrew J Thomas gives testimony same day, age 73 of Alvin Stone, says he is distantly related to Andy but does not know just how.

Medical exam Andy Presley shows him age 57, hgt 5-11; wgt 158 pounds, complexion fair, eyes blue, hair black.

Application 15 Aug 1911 shows Andrew was born January 3, 1862. Wife maiden name Rachel Presley. married by preacher Gains Linkores.

Letter of Andrew to Bureau of Pensions 12 Nov 1929 states, " regard to my age the Bible record give me 67 the 3 day of Jan 1929."

Andrew Presley's claim for pension was rejected Dec 17, 1914. the case was appealed and the appeal turned down March 25, 1916. He applied again in 1929, and again was rejected.


Current Family News

Carol Hicks is publishing a new Presley Family History, which she has been researching for several years. It will include EKis Presley's line up to the present, along with branch families: Toy, Wesson, Smith, Mansell, Palmer, and Tackett. The book will be published in hardback with dust cover, pictures, documentation and sources for each chapter. Pre-publication price is $30.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling; after July 1st the cost will be $40.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Order from the author.

Lisa Marie Presley's marriage is ending in Heartbreak Hotel. EMs' daughter and her husband, musician Danny Keough, have separated and are getting a divorce.

"Danny and I will always love each other. However, friendship was more suitable for us than marriage," Presley, 26, said in a statement Thursday.

Presley and Keough, 30, were married in 1988. They plan to seek joint custody of their children, ages 1 and 5.
- Albuquerque Tribune, 2 May 1994.

Page 87

(continued from page 72):
had all their children (except Juliette) in Edgcfield — moved to Upson Co.,Ga., where Juliette was born in 1827. Then, Sarah died in 1833, and John Presley went back to Edgefield where Margaret and John had W.T. (Billy), George Whitfield (Whit), Charlotte (Lottie), and Newton. The first set of children, except Vincent who stayed in Upson Co., Ga., all settled in Alabama. Calvin Presley's boys went on to Texas (I have contacted their descendants all over Texas.

"John died in Wetumpke, and Margaret went on to Mt. Pleasant, [Titus Co.], Texas, and lived with her daughter, Charlotte, until she died (I have seen the graves of her and her children in Mt. Pleasant; W.T., Whit, and Charlotte all settled in the NE corner of Texas.).

"Charlotte's letters to Sophronia were quite confusing at first until I learned that John had two wives and two sets of children. You see, Sophronia was born in 1841 and her 'Aunt Charlotte'was bom in 1839."

Anyone with additional information on this family should contact Susan Kelley or the editor. It would seem entirely possible that John Presley, bom 1775, was a son of one of the Presley brothers (likely William or Andrew) identified in the article on page 66 of this issue.]

TEXAN DICTIONARY Ah: the person speaking or writing, as in "Ah am a Texan, aNd Ah speak Ainglish."
Ainglish: the language spoken in the U.S., as in "It's easy to git around Dallas, everbody speaks Ainglish down here."
kayab; taxi, as in "Where kin ah keitch a kayab to go out Market CenterBoulevard?"
kayant: not able to, is in "Ah just kayant wait for the next convention they have in Dallas."
mah: an exclamation of surprise or dismay, as in "Mah! How you Northerners speak Ainglish."
fate: plural of foot, as in "Mah fate kayant take all this concrete."
doll: to call on the telephone, as in "Jes doll room service"
cheer: at or in this place, as in "Ah'll wait right cheer, if'n you won't be long"
cards: those who lack courage, as in "Texas chili idn't fer cards."