John Cowsill and The Beach Boys
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I've been to more than a couple shows to see John. I am always so excited that at nearly every show I go to, I hear someone comment on what a wonderful entertainer John is, even when most don't know who he is. I've also read so many nice things on message boards (wish I had kept those). So, I decided to start a page and put in those comments as I see them posted (or hear them) about . . .


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Geneal Comment
May 11, 2021

In my opinion, John had carried Mike Love for years; he's an amazing drummer very much in the mold of a young Dennis Wilson
Jim C. - youtube

Geneal Comment
May 6, 2021

best drummer of all time great artist great guy
Darek F. - youtube

Flower Bar

And Here's What The World Has To Say
About Beach Boy John !! . . .

Geneal Comment
May 11, 2021

In my opinion, John had carried Mike Love for years; he's an amazing drummer very much in the mold of a young Dennis Wilson
Jim C. - youtube

Geneal Comment
May 6, 2021

best drummer of all time great artist great guy
Darek F. - youtube

Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee
February 8, 2020

I had the extreme pleasure of watching John perform with The Beach Boys tonight at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and he rocked the house. As reported by others from other concerts on this tour, he sang lead on California Dreaming. Phenomenal! I was in the balcony and I passed the soundboard on the way out and overheard a conversation as one was asking about that gifted drummer (you know, the guy we all admire) and the sound technician was explaining to him that the drummer in question was John Cowsills, from The Cowsills.

Nancy P.

The Sage
Gateshead, United Kingdom
May 25, 2017

They were backed by an incredibly tight band, under the direction of the inestimable Scott Totten and featuring, among others, Jeff Foskett, formerly of the Beach Boys’ touring band and latterly of Brian Wilson’s band, and a long-time Love-associate, the energetic John Cowsill, on drums, whose singing and playing on Wild Honey were beyond belief.

Frank B.

Trinity Wharf
Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand
November 24, 2015

Drummer extraordinaire John Cowsill brought the house down with every lead with Cottonfields (a hit here) being especially well received. Sail on Sailor impressed even those who were unfamiliar with the song.

Kiwi Surfer on BBB

General Comment

Even back then John was the most kick ass drummer I have ever seen. At 11, what he is now is absolutely ... and I kid you not ... I've seen Ginger Baker ... I've seen all my heroes play drums and I have to say ... I stand here with God as my witness, he's my favorite drummer. He's extraordinary and everybody I"ve spoken to - musicians alike - I booked Bleecker Street back in the day & John played around there and every musician I've spoken to - John Fenon (Feron??) included said, "John is the best f***ing drummer on the planet."

Vicki A. on Youtube

Honeywell Center
Wabash, Indiana
September 5, 2014

Met John Cowsill for the first time last friday, Very nice guy, hilarious and an unbelievable musician,,

John E. on Facebook

Newpart Yachting Center
Newport, Rhode Island
August 17, 2014

John is the most talented drummer we've had. And he is a great singer. Part of the backbone of the group. He really cares about the music. You can't fake that.

Mike Love in Newport Daily News

Hampton Beach Casino
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
August 16, 2014

Wild Honey - very slightly slowed, (I think) giving the song a swagger, while maintaining its powerhouse effect. Cowsill on lead, of course! The crowd loved it!

filledeplage on BBB

Hampton Beach Casino
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
August 16, 2014

(Only specific song mentioned in this review) Wild Honey...WOW! Wonderful show!

Brian on BBB

General Comment
August 16, 2014

I have to say that I think John Cowsill is the best drummer I've ever heard. He keeps it going...there's no is always there

Mary S on Facebook

Newport Yachting Center
Newport, Rhode Island
August 16, 2014

Bruce Johnston referred to as the "heartbeat" of the band. Yup. Heartbeat. Rockbeat, Soulbeat.

filledeplage on BBB

General Comment
August 14, 2014

John adds so much to this already legendary group!!! With his superb drumming and vocals they should count themselves lucky to have him!!

Joe C on Facebook

York, England
July 25, 2014

I only know of John Cowsill through his Beach Boys association, but he sure stole the show at York, England, last month. . . . This second time I saw them however, he sang leads on 'Help Me Ronda', 'Cotton Fields', 'Wild Honey' (which he nailed), 'Darlin' and 'California Dreamin', and since then I've been hooked on JC, both as a drummer and vocalist.

Jack S on Facebook

Newmarket, England
July 19, 2014

John stole the show at York Racecourse last Friday! What a voice that fella has and I've never even realised til then. 'Help Me, Rhonda' and 'Wild Honey' were set highlights and he nailed them both. Cheers John!

Jack Spencer on Facebook

Boston Pops
Boston, Massachusetts
July 3, 2014

They sounded great - our All American band with the best drummer in the land!!

Jean Ann on Facebook

General Comment
May 30, 2014

John C. is a hard pounding drummer in the D.W. style more than any other who has played with the band....And he can sing his a$$ off!

Mitch T. on BBB

General comment
May 21, 2014

John Cowsill is a ROCK AND ROLL drummer. He hits HARD, and drives the live show so it sounds like a ROCK AND ROLL band, not strictly an oldies act. Enough said.

Bill E. on BBB

General Comment
May 25, 2014

Cowsill has been drumming since he was about 12 or so, and that he was one of two members of Mike's band to be chosen for the C50 tour is instructive. Brian's said he's the best drummer The Beach Boys have had, and if Brian says so, then it must be true.


General Comment
May 21, 2014

John is a showman, has personality, a bloody good singer and a great drummer.

Alyn on BBB

Neal S. Blaisdell Arena
Honolulu, Hawaii
January 12, 2014

Cowsill stole the show.

John P. on Facebook

General Comment
October, 2013

as talented as john cowsill is this isnt the real beach boys

Kevin H. on youtube

Port Theatre
Nanaimo, British Columbia
August 22, 2013

One of the highlights for me, was the drummer, John Cowsill and his renditions of Darlin and Wild Honey as lead soloist and drummer.

Sharon J. on Daily News

General Comment
August 22, 2013

He is an exceptional drummer, an exceptional drummer, and a great singer as well. He adds a lot to our show

Mike Love

Meijer Gardens Amphitheater
Grand Rapids, Michigan
June 5, 2012

John Cowsill belted out amazing vocals on "Darlin'" and "Help Me Rhonda"

Todd C. on mlive

General Comment
June 5, 2012

The amazing John Cowsill handles some of the drumming chores - - he's the closet thing I've heard to Dennis Wilson, on record and on stage, since 1980.

Robin C. on blog

General Comment

John Cowsill is absolutely brilliant

Rick P. on Facebook

Pier Six Pavilion
Baltimore, Maryland
July 20, 2013

... Wild Honey ROCKED!!! Probably my favorite song the whole night..

Jarrett on Facebook

Paris, France
July 8, 2013

Show highlight: Wild Honey!

Henrik on BBB

Henley Festival
July 10, 2013

Saw John with the Beach Boys last night in Norfolk, NE. Very very talented--drumming AND singing!

David S. on BBB

River Cree Casino
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
May 3, 2013

(Speaking of "Wild Honey") Cowsill just shredding his vocal cords wailing and nailing it. ... I can only guess it is placed where it is in the set as it is such a vocal shredder that putting it earlier would make it harder for John to sing parts afterwards. Regardless it was a moment and a performance I won't soon forget. Thanks Scott for getting it in there and John for knocking it out of the park.

John Cowsill is just a monster on the drums and elevates everything the band does.

Rich on BBB

DeVent Center
Norfolk, Nebaraska
May 24, 2013

Saw John with the Beach Boys last night in Norfolk, NE. Very very talented--drumming AND singing!

Melinda on Facebook

General Comment
Key Notes
October 2012

. . . backing musicians were outstanding, and drummer John Cowsill (of the 1960's pop group The Cowsills) must be commended for his attention to precision and detail, playing with unbelievable drive and enthusiasm.

Eddie C. in Key Notes

Singapore Indoor Stadium
August 22, 2012

OMG!!!! John Cowsill you brought the house DOWN!!!! fav drummer ever!!!!!

Tish on Facebook

Rock on, John. You ARE Animal! I love it.

Kasey on Facebook

General Comment
August 18, 2012

John is "poetry in motion". Not only is he a very tasty drummer but every movement appears choreographed. Flawless.


Absolutely awesome drummer - boundless energy, great personality, talented performer - perfection!

Jean Ann

Gothenburg, Sweden
July 29, 2012

John Cowsill started the concert with the drumbeat for "Do it again"and man that guy can drum!! Woow I'm an old drummer myself and I was so impressed by John who nailed all the songs with the same energy as Dennis Wilson once did IMHO. Good job John's really good job!

Robert F on BBB

Pine Knob Music Center
Clarkstone, Michigan
July 2, 2012

John Cowsill was worth the effort it took to get to my seat. He rocked and drove the band into the stratosphere. Like a "secret weapon."

Bill H.

Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Toronto, Canada
June 19, 2012

Their backing band's drummer was John Cowsill, from the original, real life Partridge Family, and he was very talented.

Blogs n Roses

Facebook posts
June 25, 2012

In response to a statement about our John vs John Stamos, the Beach Boys Reunion board lit up. Here are a sample of the responses:

No way!! John Cowsill is awesome!!!!! - Linda R.
Sorry....that's not very likely. Cowsii had two #1 singles under his belt, as a drummer, before he was 16. His experience alone is what makes him one of the greats. - Mike P.
NEVER!!! John Cowsill is the better drummer. The best the Beach Boys have had in years he plays the classic songs live on stage just like it was played on the record. - Jeremy H.
Stamos better not play at the Seattle show. - Matt S.
John Cowsill is the best they've had in a long time!. Stamos can't come close. - John D.
Cowsill was amazing at Bethlehem. I had no idea he was that good. There is some serious power and drive when he plays. - Michael E.
Oh comparison. - Colleen L.
Stamos beats the crap out of the drums! Cowsill is more skilled. Hey I'm a drummer myself who better to judge these things than me! The difference between Stamos amd Cowsill is kinda like the difference between Dennis John Cowsill is the best drummer to play with The Beach Boys since Hal Blaine !! Period !! - Dave K.
John Cowsill has been playing drums for 47 years! He doesn't show boat! - Claudia G.
My opinion? JOHN COWSILL ROCKS!!!!! - Nanci N.
But John Cowsill is a fantastic drummer. He has been for as long as I can remember, literally. - Kathy M.
Although I understand JS's draw, he doesn't begin to compare musically to John Cowsill IMHO. - Becky P.
Well, I was looking forward to seeing J Stamos in Houston & he wasn't there. Didn't miss him at all, love John Cowsill forever. - Susan T.
Where Cowsill really shines is as singing drummer. His version of "Darlin'" with Mike and Bruce is worthy of being released! - Brian D.
Saw the BB last night at Jones Beach , NY. John Cowsill was awesome.... Stamos was way off on some songs, just goes to prove who is the best... JC - Jacquelyn J.

General Comments
Brian Wilson Community
June 27, 2012

Great drummer in my book. I wonder how many skins he'll go through during this tour. ... Bash on Mr. Cowsill! - D-squared

Great percussionist (Nelson Bragg)....he adds to the great John Cowsill - Chris S.

Starz Center
Tampa, Florida
May 5, 2012

The drummer, John Cowsill, was perfect. He played with power and finesse. He would have made Dennis proud.

Rick A on imwan

Jimmy Fallon Show
New York, New York
May 7, 2012

They have John Cowsill on drums, what a powerhouse mutha; he's awesome.

Claire M. on iorr

Jazzfest - New Orleans
April 27, 2012

However, John Cowsill is, as I suspected, a wonderful addition to the band. His rapport here with Nelson Bragg is quite stunning - Cowsill does some lovely cymbal work, and of all the drummer-plus-percussionist combinations Brian has worked with (at various times his drummers have been Todd Sucherman, Jim Hines and Mike DeAmico, with DeAmico, Bragg and Andy Paley on percussion) this is the best. Cowsill gave the band an energy they've sometimes lacked.

Andrew H.

General Comment
January 12, 2012

The back line is the best one they ever had. The combination of Cowsill and Totten with Brian's guys gives them more than they need. It's a wealth of riches. Just Bennet and Darian alone are so talented, and to have them, and Jeff etc - as back line talent is ridiculous - in a good way. Special props to Cowsill and Nelson Bragg for the awesome energy they brought to the show. I nearly passed out watching them it was so high voltage, or maybe it was the daiquiris I was drinking. Either way they were on freaking fire!

John S. BB message board

General Comment
January 12, 2012

John Cowsill is a far more proficient drummer and a great vocalist and I hope he will be there for the UK concerts.

David S. on BBB

General Comment
January 12, 2012

John is playig drums on the huge Beach Boys reunion tour. He is an incredible drummer!

Scott S. on Facebook

General Comment
October 16, 2011

Having seen John performances with the band in the UK I couldn't agree more, if a 50th reunion tour or recording took place his input is a must, he has a presence on stage.

Richardo on BBB

Mandalay Bay Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 9, 2011

The highlight of the show this time was John Cowsill performing on "Darlin'"....he is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! His voice is just the best and his drumming is excellent. He brings an electrifying energy to the group.

normaKK on Ticketmaster

Count Basie Theatre
Red Bank, New Jersey
August 23, 2011

All the musicians sing - we are very fortunate to have with us John Cowsill, who you might remember as the youngest member of The Cowsills family band. He's a great drummer, and he takes the lead vocal on "Help Me Rhonda" "Heroes and Villains" and on our version of "California Dreaming".

Mike Love

NYCB Theater
Westbury, New York
August 11, 2011

Help Me, Rhonda Rockin' John Cowsill blew down the doors with this live fave!


London, England
July 7, 2011

One of my favourites is John C- his performance was one of the highlights of that show. I recently saw John's You Tube promo for Vater Percussion. I thought it was great!

mmjd on BBB

London, England
July 7, 2011

The vocal highlight's for me were the numbers sung by John Cowsill (not stuck behind a perspex screen for once). "Darlin'", "Cottonfields" etc

David Slater on BBB

Fallsview Casino
Niagara Falls, Ontario
April 8, 2011

Help Me, Rhonda (The best aspect of John Stamos on the drums, for me, is that Cowsill "gets out with the people" to show his inborn "Cowsillian" talent to spike the already high enthusiasm of the audience.)


Centennial Hall
London, Ontario
March 11, 2011

saw the Beachboys london, ontario june 3/11..and john is a monster on drums for full 100 minutes.. while singling up a storm as well

jctoronto via email

Mike Love Chats To I Like Music
March 2011

There was a group called The Cowsills back in the late sixties, early seventies. They did fairly well, they're a family group like The Beach Boys and John Cowsill is now our drummer. He's a strong singer, he plays great drums!

Mike Love

Seminole Hard Rock casino
Hollywood, Florida
December 31, 2010

wow just flat awesome Cowsill is just wickedly awesome behind the kit

Ian M.

Seminole Hard Rock casino
Hollywood, Florida
December 31, 2010

wow just flat awesome Cowsill is just wickedly awesome behind the kit

Ian M.

Pechanga, Temecula, California
August 23, 2010

John Cowsill - you are one talented drummer- you rock man- even after a tambourine is tossed at the cage...

Eric S. on BBB

South Shore Music Circus - Cohasset, Massachusetts
August 8, 2010

Help Me, Rhonda (Yeah!) Rockin'John Cowsill
Fun, Fun, Fun - closed out the show but not without a spectacular drum solo from Mr. Cowsill.

filledeplage on BBB

Foxwoods Casino, Ledyard, Connecticut
August 10, 2010

letter perfect percussion from Mr. Cowsill . . . Help Me, Rhonda (Yeah!) John Cowsill

filledeplage on BBB

Pier Six Concert Pavilion - Baltimore, MD
July 24, 2010

Darlin (John Cowsill sang this one, and NAILED it) . . . Help Me Rhonda (John Cowsill on vocals again...phenomenal!)

MaccaFan on forumsunlimited

Beach Boys Redux
July 5, 2010

John Cowsill, who had been playing keyboards and singing some of Carl's leads moved back to drums, a job he's held since the 60s (with the Cowsills, Jan & Dean, etc.). John is a phenomenal drummer; the best they've had since Rikki Fataar. He plays with furious energy, plays like Dennis did in the 1960s and is responsible for putting the group logo back on the bass drum (ala The Beatles). He still sings his share and does triple duty on WOULDN'T IT BE NICE, singing, playing drums and tympany. He's there best drummer in years; it's worth the price just to see him work. And I've seen audiences awestruck. I was sitting in the show next to Billy Hinsche's mom (Billy was going to guest on some songs that night) and SHE was amazed with Cowsill. And she'd been Dennis Wilson's "other" Mom.

Tim Cain

Waterfront Hall Auditorium - Belfast, Northern Ireland
June 25, 2010

You left out one thing that the Great Rockin' Multi-taskin' John Cowsill does...He "dances" in that seat!


Waterfront Hall Auditorium - Belfast, Northern Ireland
June 25, 2010

Help Me Rhonda - of course. It never ceases to amaze me how he can drum and sing so well at the same time.

David Slater

Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall - Fort Myers, Florida
April 2, 2010

The regular drummer, John Cowsill, is a consummate pro and is great vocalist as well, singing Carl's and Al's parts. ... I thought he was outstanding on "Darlin"

catmando on Invision

Dancing With The Stars - Los Angeles, California
March 30, 2010

(Note: The following comments are in regards to Mike's voice being a little off due to illness.)
A great singer, but last night was one of his tougher performances, he just didn't have it. Why couldn't John Cowsill or one of the other band members done the lead vocals if Mike was under the weather?

Californian on BBB

Hamer Hall with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Melbourne Australia
January 29, 2010

I have no idea who the other band members were . . . the drummer by the way was amazing.

Wendy - Invision

Hamer Hall with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Melbourne Australia
January 29, 2010

The best singer by far in the current lineup is drummer John Cowsill. The moment he began belting out Darlin' was the first time in the show when things came alive and the audience heard the music for real instead of subconsciously replacing it in their head with a copy of the original radio edit. Cowsill also sang Help Me Rhonda, Cotton Fields and Heroes and Villains, the latter especially a fantastic song, sadly hampered considerably by a muffled and muted middle section.

Danu P. from Australian Stage

Hamer Hall with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Melbourne Australia
January 29, 2010

Yep you are right, Here today was a hidden gem. I like how they pull out Cottonfields for the Australian/NZ audience - John does it with such passion. Did you notice that he did not beat the bejusus out of the drum kit because of the orchestra backing... I suppose when you have timpani's and bass drums behind you you can slack off!!!!

Trader on BBB

To which John answered:

I tried to get a Hammock back there but I couldn't reach the bass drum pedal while downing a beer. Actually I didn't want to drown out the other players on stage. At rehearsal I played normal/abnormal and it was just crushing everyone. In that hall it would have been the John Cowsill show. Sorry if the drumming was a disappoint
But glad you liked the show anyway...It was a blast and the orchestra was balls to the wall.

To which I say:
This is one thing a admire about John's playing. I've always said John plays drums musically as well as rhythmically. I've been in the Pub where John has done the same, he blends and adds to a song. He doesn't take it over.

Hamer Hall with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Melbourne Australia
January 29, 2010

There would be nothing wrong with having it be the John Cowsill Show. I'd pay extra to see that. In the U.S. we can't even get the John Cowsill Show on "Help Me Rhonda" anymore, not the way it used to be, not for any amount of money. And John, you know I tried!

Rowie on BBB

Mohegan Sun Arena - Uncasville, Connecticut
November 29, 2009

and last but not least (and a mea culpa for omitting him from the setlist from Friday,) the multi-tasking dancin' drummer - percussionist John Cowsill who always whips the crowd into a frenzy with "Help Me, Rhonda" - John is "faithful" to the original music with his own drumming style and wonderful voice on many of the leads that Carl sang. I think he has much of that "soulful" passion that Carl sang with...

filledeplage on BBB

Los Angeles County Fair - Pomona, California
September 27, 2009

Just saw the Beach Boys at the Los Angeles County Fair this evening. John ws fantastic on drums and vocals!

Jayne F. on facebook

Wells Fargo - Santa Rosa, CA
September 20, 2009

John Cowsill was the hit of the show. He was really, really, good -- Brian should hire him.

Leslie on google groups

General Comment
September 19, 2009

John Cowsill is simply one of the best live drummers you will ever see and a lovely guy as well.

Bri D. on google groups

Fair - Springfield, Missouri
July 31, 2009

John Cowsill plays with a combination of Dennis' firepower and Hal Blaine's chops. He puts the rock and roll back into the BB's sound.

RobMac on smileysmile

Nice. I've seen them twice in recent years. They were better the second time but Cowsill was the highlight both times. He's really a great drummer

AndyCummingsMusic on youtube

Performing Arts Center - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
July 27, 2009

And what a difference having John Cowsill behind the kit is awesome his style is the perfect mixture of power and pain staking accuracy to the original recordings.

Ian from BBB

Dewey Field - Newport, Rhode Island
July 26, 2009

Another drummer (another named "John") took over for John Cowsill for him to "get out" on stage to "rock the house" for Help Me, Rhonda! This homeboy "ruled the stage" for that number.

I gotta tell you that among a group of us who saw no fewer than five shows this past week, the "big" chatter and question was whether "he" (John Cowsill) would get "out" to do (what I call) the "Rhonda Swagger" last night, if the "timing" of the show would permit.

But, we got what we wanted last night! "Rhonda," in John Cowsill "swagger" style!

filledeplage from BBB

Cape Cod Melody Tent - Hyannis / Cape Cod, Mass
July 19, 2009

Big treat for show #2 - the "Rhonda Swagger" (as I call it) with rockin' John Cowsill coming out from behind his percussion "section" with a powerful stage presence and reminiscent of Dennis Wilson coming out to do a "lead" - two thumbs up for Rhonda and Sail on Sailor...

filledeplage from BBB

Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater - Peachtree, Georgia
June 27, 2009

After going to a Beach Boys concert last night in Peachtree City, GA.....I was pleasantly surprised by the high energy drummer that kept the beat going all night....seemingly tirelessly. And, what a clear, strong voice! Wow.....Now I really like the Beach Boys.


Amphitheater - Peachtree Georgia
June 27, 2009

I recently saw the BB in Peachtree City Georgia and was lucky enough to meet and talk to John...What a nice man!!!!! .

Kevin C. on facebook

Heartland Events Center - Grand Island, Nebraska
June 5, 2009

(at sound check) they also played the rarely-performed "Sail On Sailor" in its entirety, with a fine John Cowsill lead vocal

John Cowsill brings a solid power-pop sensibility to the drums, and throws his whole being into not only playing the kit and singing, but also adding all the little extras (tambourine, temple blocks, tympani) that make the percussion arrangements on Beach Boys records so memorable. In his new role, he is like Dennis Wilson, Hal Blaine, and Frankie Capp rolled into one. The visual energy and excitement he projects while playing the drums is very much like that of Dennis in the mid-'60s, with his whole body moving like a locomotive through the entire performance.

Craig S. - BBB

Powell Symphony Hall - St. Louis, Missouri
May 14, 2009

Cowsill's strong performance drove the evening's most ambitious number, "Heroes and Villains."

David D. - St. Louis

Holland Performing Arts Center - Omaha, Nebraska
March 28, 2009

Let there be no mistake in anyone's mind: this current incarnation of the band is every bit as devoted to delivering an authentic representation of the music that is true . . . John Cowsill, in particular, are passionately committed to getting things RIGHT in the live presentation of the BBs' music. To that end, John sits in a drummer's booth surrounded not only by the standard drum kit, but also tympani, tambourines, and temple blocks, all of which he plays with skill & ease while also singing in a strong, passionate voice.

c-man on smileysmile

Penn's Peak - Jim Thorpe, NJ
December 7, 2008

John Cowsill nailed California Dreamin. After the song Mike said, "John Cowsill is multi tasking on the drums." ... John Cowsill did an outstanding job drumming. He was drumming so hard I think it was during Surfin USA he broke one of his drum sticks which we were lucky enough to procure after the concert! We had fun, fun, fun!!!

Moon - BBB

Hanover Theatre - Worcester, Massachusetts
December 6, 2008

Watching John Cowsill tonight was amazing. What sets him apart is that he almost dances as he drums... and plays with every fiber in him, precisely but passionately!

filledeplage - BBB

Beverly, Massachusetts
December 5, 2008

John Cowsill was really amazing on drums - you really could see him in action on the circular stage.

brian - BBB

Ashland, Kentucky
October 25, 2008 played your ass off...looked really cool up there.......and singing those great vocals without missng a beat....

Donald - Smiley Smile

August 24, 2008

John Cowsill absolutely whipped that crowd in Hyannis into a frenzy with Rhonda!

filledeplage on BBB

Stanislaus County Fair --- Turlock, California
August 1, 2008

Just got back from the show...Lots of fun...Good performances all around. That Cowsill fellow on drums was tearing it up.

cwalter on smileysmile

Hammersmith Apollo
July 4, 2008

... extravagantly gifted drummer John Cowsill

John A. - Evening Standard

June 30, 2008

Cowsill is the reason I look forward to seeing them, and now that he's drumming full time I know it will be good.

David C on shutdown

Wellesley , England
May, 2008

I Can Hear Music [REALLY nice lead from John Cowsill!]
Help Me Rhonda [thank GOD for John Cowsill! This guy adds so much! It's just too bad he's stuck behind the drums, even tho it's where he belongs.]

Susan on BBB

Edinburgh, Scotland
May 15, 2008

Most bands reckon their drummer is the "hardest working" in the business. John Cowsill was definitely a serious contender for the title from his performance on Cotton Fields alone. Singing with a powerful tenor voice while pounding away on his kit, he added extra oomph to every song he tackled.

Martin L on

Manchester, England
April 12, 2008

Cowsill is the best drummer I've ever seen, bar none. I already knew he was decent, and he's been a real asset to the band at every gig I've seen, but switching him to drums has given the band a power and confidence they've not had since the early 70s. ... the redistribution of vocal parts has meant that Cowsill got more leads (a very good thing) ... Cowsill's drumming on some of the surf songs is more complex than the parts on the record ... Don't Back Down - Cowsill's playing on this was *astounding*, sounding almost like Alban 'Snoopy' Pfisterer's playing on 7 & 7 Is by Love. Cowsill plays like a man with at least seven limbs, putting in little tom rolls all over the place and still keeping the beat rock-solid. ... He's far and away the best singer in the band, strong and soulful, and the fact that he manages to sing so well while playing the drums as hard as he does amazes me ... (Sail On Sailor) But John Cowsill's rendition of this was literally the best I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot of versions of this song. ... Here Today was astonishing, just listening to the rhythm section. Randell Kirsch playing those incredibly fast bass notes along with John Cowsill's broken drum pattern was quite incredible. ... Cottonfields, on the other hand, was just an exhilirating *rush*. This one was a huge hit here in the UK, and the band did a superb job on it, with Cowsill's lead vocals being a big part of that.

Andrew on blog

Manchester, England
April 12, 2008

John Cowsill in particular stood out. The decision to move him to the drums must be one of the best that the band has made as he brought so much energy to the songs and sang amazingly as well.

Nick on BBB

National Indoor Arena
Birmingham, England
April 11, 2008

Mr Cowsill, I think you are just amazing.

Val on BBB

City Hall
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
April 9, 2008

What a great performance on drums and vocals by John Cowsill, the best of which a rip-roaring Sail on Sailor

Derek on BBB

City Hall
Newcastle, England
April 9, 2008

John Cowsill is a brilliant lead vocalist on some of the songs, and just a fabulous drummer as well. He drives them when he needs to and adds some incredibly subtle parts as well.

Richard H. on blog

City Hall
Newcastle, England
April 9, 2008

But the star of the show was drummer John Cowsill, who shocked the audience when he took lead vocals midway through the show.

Without a doubt, Cowsill had the best voice on the stage, and was able to bash the drums while holding the song together with amazing flare and charisma.

Zoe Burn Newcastle Evening Chronicle

Hammersmith Apollo
London, England
April 4, 2008

extravagantly gifted drummer John Cowsill

John Aizlewood - Evening Standard

Hammersmith Apollo
London, England
April 4, 2008

John Cowsill (sadly "trapped" behind that clear barrier!) on drums and stunning vocals

Val on message board

Brighton Centre
Brighton, England
April 3, 2008

John Cowsill, the drummer, who had a particularly pleasing timbre

David Sinclair - The Times

March 2008

(Note: Although not specifically about John himself, I thought this was a great post I wanted to save.)

There's another more recent-vintage Cowsills tune called "Some Good Years," which I always thought should have been recorded by The Beach Boys.... it's an incredibly positive number, one of my favorite songs by anybody, anywhere, anytime. It's on their "Global" CD, and it's available on iTunes. Check it out!!

Alan Boyd (Alan is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and historical footage archivist and all around authority on all things Beach Boys)

February 2007

Who is John Cowsill? He brought the crowd down (in Delaware) when he moved to the front of the stage and sang "Help Me Rhonda". He is sooo full of energy and appears to really love what he does.. He made the show for me!

gebogia on message board

March 2008

you rock dude- great voice and great attitude

calvertdeforest on message board

March 2008

Hello Mr Cowsill. I still think you have the perfect hair for a drummer. Love Jardine (age 9).

J. from BBB

March 2008

John Cowsill is light years ahead of Mike Kowalksi when it comes to playing the kit. . . . . Cowsill is far and ahead the better drummer.

I think John Cowsill, reminded me a h*** of a lot like Dennis Wilson, i know that may not be a popular statement in these parts of the woods, but just the sheer energy that he played with was amazing. I meant to say he kicked butt when he played. John can just rock it out and rock it well.

Ian M. on BBB

Shawnee, Oklahoma
October 21, 2007

I think John is probably the best performer in the current Beach Boys lineup. ... I was hoping to hear John Cowsill sing "Indian Lake" with the Beach Boys but it didn't happen. Too bad, but he did real well with the Beach Boys' (& Mamas & Papas') numbers. It always amazes me when someones drums (well) and sings at the same time.

dumangl on stevehoffman

Vector Arena
Auckland, New Zealand
November 18, 2007

Certainly the most energetic of all was John Cowsill, who must be well into his fifties. Taking the trouble to reproduce percussive subtleties in a way Dennis rarely did live, at times he looked a lot like Dennis, flailing as he did in his youth, long hair flopping on his face.


Vector Arena
Auckland, New Zealand
November 18, 2007

John Cowsill was tremendously skilful on the drums too, faithful to the original recordings -- and showing so much energy for a guy in his fifties, looking something like Denny with his hair flopping in his face (and sang 'Darlin' well). The support act Christopher Cross was roped in to sing 'I Can Hear Music' and other parts very true to Carl's spirit.


Sydney, Australia
November 14, 2007

John. Now here is one top bloke. He is bloody amazing, maybe that's why we got on so well.

John thanks for a great rendition of Darlin mate.

Alyn on BBB

Adelaide, Australia
November 8, 2007

John C really bashes those pig skins hard - and works overtime!! This rythem section is amazing.

The Trader on BBB

Interview with Bruce Owens
October 2007

"He's a great singer and musician and a great guy too"

David Marks - The Beach Boys since 1962

Show Unknown
August 2007

John Cowsill has as much talent as any other great rock star that you'll ever see. The drumming can only improve now that he's it. And his vocals are amazing.

David C. on Shut Down

Palmdale Ampetheater
Palmdale, California
July 15, 2007

John Cowsill has a great voice and did a knock out job on "Darlin" and "Help Me Rhonda".

CTS33FAN on thebeachboys forum

Ventura Fairgrounds
Ventura, California August 7, 2007

Hey John, I finally got to see you with the Beach Boys in Ventura. Frankly I was blown away with your vocals especially the first piece you sang. I knew you could sing, but had no idea that your vocals were so amazing. You are by far the best singer in the band ...

Mary on

Wolf Trap
Vienna, Virginia August 19, 2007

I'm going to tell you that John sounded great and stole the show--like everyone on this site, I'm somewhat biased. What I really love every year though is overhearing others after the show who didn't have childhood crushes talking about how good he was.

Carol on

BBB Message Board
July 17, 2007

(in response to traders question of "Quick question - I have never seen the BB's do "Duke Of Earl" but I have heard recordings where it sounds so soulful - so who sings lead?"
Yeah Chris Farmer does the leads for the verses but the "soulful" section at least to me is "I know I'm gonna love you, yes I 'm gonna love you Cause I'm the duke... " and that part is sung by John Cowsill. (and PRotella's response "To be honest, one of the times I saw it performed, I thought it was the best song of the whole concert!")


The Shiawassee Queen - Showboat Park
Chesaning, MI
July 9, 2007

the strong, soaring tenor of singer-keyboardist John Cowsill (of the Cowsills fame) carried the group until the final third of the set, when the 10 of them unleashed a string of hits from the original band's early days.

Doug P.

Comments posted on BBB after the September 15, 2007 announcement of John becoming the new Beach Boy full time drummer.

John Now Full Time Drummer

I agree that Cowsill is one hell of a drummer and that he will bring alot of spunk to the band and the songs will be a little more engergized now . . . Ian M.

When Mike introduces John C. I've seen people in the crowd look at each other and say "really?" There's just more buzz there with him. . . . Dave

I would think Cowsill doesn't come cheap. I've seen them twice and have to say he's a good reason to watch the show. Total energy and great singer. . . . Daniel

FINALLY Cowsill is seated in the rightful position. Having him play keyboards was wasting his talent. It was like having a brilliant brain surgeon working in a deli making sandwiches. It didn't make sense. Now we'll finally hear some awesome drumming and the band is going to be sounding tight and so much better than before. . . . Zoltar

John Cowsill is a hot rocker who brings energy, talent, in much the same way that Stamos does, and has cultivated his own following. He had his own identity outside of the Beach Boys. He is cute and he knows it. But brings a very stong vocal for "Rhonda." . . . filledeplage

i doubt it highly that it could become embarrassing for Love, I have seen cowsill on drums before he is very very good . . . smile3320

But John Cowsill is a much better drummer. On that set of songs they played for Imus in the morning, the songs where John Cowsill played where much much better. . . Aegir

Makes sense, in that Cowsill's a pretty good drummer- he played the drums on 'Hair' when he was about 14 or 15. . . Conspiracy Jim

I still enjoying seing Mike and Bruce's Beach Boys concerts (They do put on a great show with a fantastic band). John is a wonderful singer and drummer. I feel sad about Mike Kowalski but John will impress with his skills on the skins for sure. I remember seeing the Beach Boys in 2001 and Billy Cowsill was right behind me I looked back a few times and watched Billy look on with pride as his brother delivered great leads on Darlin' and I Can Hear Music etc. . . . Rich P.

It is sad about veteran Mike Kowalski departing, but I think the band will only benefit with Cowsill behind the kit. Drums (and vocals) are where he belongs and truly shines anyway. . . . richep

American Music Theater
Lancaster, PA
February 15, 2007

. . . but I have to tell you the hi-light of both shows for us, was John Cowsill. He is sooo full of energy and enthusiam. You can tell he really enjoys what he does. Dancing and jumping all over the place!! Last summer, in Delaware, he brough the crowd to a roar when he came to the front of the stage and performed Help Me Rhonda. He was a bit more reserved in Lancaster, Pa last week ( as was Mike Love) but he still brings the crowd alive. They need to move him up front so that his energy can be better viewed and enjoyed.


Luxlor Theater
Las Vegas, Nevada
March 2-3, 2007

... current Beach Boys band looks a little different from the old days but includes world-class musicians such as John Cowsill of The Cowsills fame who now sings Carl Wilson's and Al Jardine's parts. Next to Beach Boys legend Mike Love, Cowsill seems to have captured his own fair share of the female audience's hearts. His powerful rendition of "Rhonda" provoked many whistles, hoots, and hollers both nights.


Mohegan Sun
Uncasville, Connecticut
February 19, 2007

The band members were great. I especially enjoyed JC on I Can Hear Music ...

Brian on BBB

Luxlor Theater
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 31, 2006

The Doo Wop set was tight and jaw dropping for a live set. Duke of Earl with J. Cowsill should be recorded and released!

Matty on BBB

Riverwind Casino
Norman, Oklahoma
November 3, 2006

Highlight of the night? John Cowsill. He destroyed the place (in a good way). He sang lead on "Darlin'," "Duke of Earl," and "Help Me Rhonda." He definitely should be featured more. I could listen to him all night and the crowd went absolutely freaking crazy every time he sang because he was so fantastic. I would pay money to see him do a show by himself.


Reaves Arena
Perry, Georgia
October 13, 2006

And John Cowsill (yes, from the Cowsills) did an excellent job on vocals.

Basil on Archive for the 'Music' Category

Mike Love Interview
Your Entertainment Guide for Sandusky and Lake Eric Islands

Beach Boy Mike Love has 'Fun, Fun, Fun' answering the Six Questions

(This doesn't comment on John's performances as a Beach Boy, but it's an amazing testament of his talent!)

2. Build your dream band.
I'd like to have Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire, Paul McCartney, Marvin Gaye. It would kind of be a different group. David Marks, original guitar player with Beach Boys. John Cowsill as drummer and Brian Wilson on keys banding out the rhythm piano.

Mike Love on

North Shore Music Theater
Beverly, Massachusetts
August 10, 2006

The biggest bright spot was John Cowsill - I thought he was tremendous! He added so much energy and enthusiasm. His rendition of Oh Darlin' was a blast! What a great treat.

posted by Anonymous on Pet (Sounds) Blog

Boston / Detroit baseball game
Boston, Massachusetts
August 14, 2006

Beach boy John Cowsill sang national anthem. He was great!

posted by David P. on Baseball Musings on BBB

Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
August 13, 2006

A couple of fans in my vacinity commented on how good the vocals were last night. Many commented that John Cowsill (whose vocals were superb) should be moved to the front of the stage. John also played drums for in My Room, Good Timin, and Cool head. Chris Farmer's vocals were right on, truely awesome. To the band, thanks for a GREAT SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by John J. on BBB

North Shore Music Theater
Beverly, Massachusetts
August 10, 2006

John Cowsill really sounded great last night too! He's very talented!

posted by Brian on BBB

American Music Festival
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
July 4, 2006

Attended the July 4th show in PA. Just wanted you to know it was way cool that you do your leads front and center of the stage. You give the show momentom.

posted by Sloop John ZZZZ in response to a post by John on BBB

Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevade
July 2, 2006

I have to say the only shining light all night was John Cowsills vocal

posted by Disappointed on BBB

Place Unknown
Summer 2006

I saw "the Beach Boy" over the summer and loved the show .... Thank god for John Cowsill. That guy is amazing.

mafru2 on

Konocti Field Outdoor Amphitheatre - Konocti Resort & Spa
Kelseyville, California
June 23, 2006

Went to BB concert the other night...first time I have seen or even heard of John Cowsill. WOW!!!!! What an awesome performer. As far as this audience was concerned....John stole the show.

posted by Lynn on guestbook

Konocti Field Outdoor Amphitheatre - Konocti Resort & Spa
Kelseyville, California
June 23, 2006

Crowd was kinda quiet and sat in their sits until 3/4 in the show. I think Rhonda brought them to their feet

posted by Lee on BBB message board

The Stockton County Fair
Stockton, California
June 22, 2006

One last thing, was John Cowsill's singing on "Help Me Rhonda". He, along with the others in the band, do sound great, and as I said above, the vocals were strong throughout the performance.

posted by Panayiotis on BBB message board

Scottish Rite Auditorium
Collingswood, New Jersey
April 21, 2006

Friday night, we went to see the Beach Boys in concert. Well, there's only one Beach Boy left touring in the "official" band (Mike Love), but they put on a great show. John Cowsill (yes, of those Cowsills) was even part of the lineup. I never realized what a great voice he had.

posted on Stress Less's Blog

The Rhode Island Philharmonic
Providence, Rhode Island
December 12, 2005

....Rhode Island's own John Cowsill sang strongly on "Help Me Rhonda."

posted by Rick Massimo

Chevrolet/Oakdale Theater
Wallingford, Connecticut
December 8, 2005

....He was his usual fabulous self ...He's a wonderful and gracious guy...Oh and you sang great too...LOL

posted by Patty on

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching you perform. (He loves his music and it shows. John gets so into music!! Sigh! Still the very most wonderful musician and singer I might add.) .... Your voice is still the very best. Listening to you sing was the best part of the entire show. I can not help but feel so darn proud of you. Like a fine wine John Patrick, you have indeed improved with age. Ah the best is yet to come!!!

posted by Ann Marie on

IMUS In The Morning
New York City, New York
November 29, 2005

That guy who sang lead on Help Me Rhonda wasn't too bad, ...

posted on Male Ego by carly2lazy

Forum Auditorium
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
November 25, 2005

I had the pleasure of seeing John performing with the Beach Boys last Fri. night. I was so excitied to see John as I was a huge fan of the Cowsills when I was a teenager and I just adored John.

We had great seats for the show. After one of the songs ended I gave a shout out to him. He saw me and waved. A little while later John was off stage for a song and I felt this tap on my shoulder and heard a whisper. I turned around and it was John. I was in shock I think becasue I fumbled for words to say. It was so gracious of him to actually come down and chat with me. It's something I'll never forget. It was like meeting your teenage hearthrob 35 years later.

John, you are a wonderful performer with a fantastic voice and Ooooooo that smile! Thank you soooooo much.

posted on by Pamela C.

Effingham, Illinois
September 17, 2005

John, we heard ya tonite at Effingham, Il. w/ The B.Boys, you are a heck of a musician and you sing your ass off!! The band was tight, made our day,

posted by Jesse

Lisbon, Portugal
posted September 1, 2005

John Cowsill you were FANTASTIC to me,thank you very much,like I told you are one of the best persons that I ever met.

posted on Male Ego board by Filipe

posted August 16, 2005

FYI: I think John's a very talented musician, an great drummer and good guy.

posted on Male Ego board by Friend of Carl's

posted August 9, 2005

John Cowsill is an AMAZING singer -- sure, he's not Carl, but who the frig is?? His lead was the best lead the night I saw 'em -- and don't be dissing the Cowsills songs, either. They were great songwriters and singers.

posted on Male Ego board by anon

Mystic Lake
Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 24, 2005

Saw the current Beach Boys last night, and wow -- hell of a show. Mike is in top form and the band is terrific. The harmonies were spot-on. Bruce did some tremendous vocals, especially "God Only Knows," and the backing band were great, too. John Cowsill especially sports quite a set of pipes.

posted on Male Ego board by anon

L'Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino
Lake Charles, Louisiana
July 1 and 2, 2005

Well as a mostly retired critic and renewed fan, I have to take my hat off to this company: . . . and John Cowsill (of the real '60s family pop band who inspired the Partridge Family TV series, on keyboards, tympanum, congas, vocals and a hip-shagging, collar-raising Elvis wink).

by Leslie Berman on

Orpheum Theater
Sioux City, Iowa
June 26, 2005

Best of the second string? John Cowsill, a member of the family group The Cowsills, who now sings backup and got to solo with "Help Me Rhonda." He had a bluesier sound than you might expect from the Beach Boys, but he gave his songs the kind of subtext you'd hope is there.

by Bruce Miller in the Sioux City Journal

San Diego, California
June 5, 2005

There are many other standout vocals and favorites of mine in the setlist. . . .John Cowsill on Darlin'.

posted by Eric S. on Calsaga

San Diego, California
June 5, 2005

. . . There are many other standout vocals and favorites of mine in the setlist. I like hearing Bruce sing "God Only Knows", and "I Write the Songs", Chris Farmer on "Then I Kissed Her"and John Cowsill on "Darlin" . . .
posted by Eric on BBB

Mandalay Boy
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 3, 2005

Well courtesy of Billy Hinsche(thankyou),Tripsitters,Jeff Celentano and I were met in the bar at the Mandalay Bay Hotel by John Cowsill who couldn't have been nicer....he took us through to the bands hospitality room where we met up with everyone prior to the show ...Chris,Randall and Scott were exceptionally kind and Mike and Bruce also,Bruce smiled widely when I passed on Vals regards as did Harriet and asked how Tony Rivers was in Spain.... We followed the band out to the stageing area and let me tell you this place is GREAT.....The BEACH at Mandalay Bay is just that...a stage set in an artificial beach surrounded by swimming pools...The perfect setting for a Beach Boys Concert!!!!We took off our flipflops (we came prepared)stood in the water and watched a show that although wasn't as long as the 2 1/2 hour extravaganza we had in the UK was wonderful....Highlights for me were a 12 song medley which included "It's OK" and later a sublime,"When I Grow Up.John Cowsill did a great Help Me Rhonda and I have to say for entertainment this show left everyone happy....Huey Lewis(on next night)jumped up for the encore Fun Fun Fun then it was over.....Back in hospitality everyone was great ...Mike Kowalski (my new best friend)and I had a great chat(his wife is English)and eventually we took our leave. I have to say this, Mike and Bruce are with the help of Mike,John,Randall,Scott,Chris and Tim keeping this music alive and playing it as great as they ever did,this is the second time I've seen this lineup and they did not disappoint...thankyou gentlemen for a great night especially John Cowsill for being a standup guy and again thanks Billy for arranging the whole thing...I had a blast.

posted by JK on BBB

Kansas City, Missouri
May 21, 2005

After the show we were waiting on the crowd to leave (since we were up front), when this man walks to the stage and turns to another man and ask if he knew who "that guy" was. The other guy said, "No." I approached the man and ask if he was talking this guy and pointed to where John had played. He said, "Yeah, that one." So I proceeded to tell him about 'that guy.' Other people came around to listen. The orginal man's final comment? "Well, he's sure awesome." I just smiled. We've known that for a long time, huh?

Beach Boys 2

Gran Rex Theater
Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 22, 2005

Beach Boys
The concert was very, very good, they sang for more than 2 hours! They were so good with the public, they possed for pictures and talked in spanish We were amazed by the good quality of the musitians, especially the guitar guyand the drummer that also plays the piano and has an amazing voice, I made a search and he is John Cowsill, a member of a group called "The Cowsills" I dont know them but as for the info I saw they were famous in USA back in the '70s and '80s Too bad that John Stamos dont play with the beach boys anymore ;)

posted by and photo by anabelle

This is another comment from this show posted on Eric's Set List page.

. . . The harmonies were very good, so were the members who sang the Wilsons' leads. . . .
posted by Alejandro B.

Vicki Peterson Interview
June 30, 2004

He's such a good singer - I get shy!

by Vicki

Ravinia Festival
Highland Park, Illinois
June 14, 2004

The other night I was invited to see the Beach Boys play at the outdoor amphitheater Ravinia in the Chicago area. I was unaware (or spaced it off) that John Cowsill was part of the touring band. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled to see his name in the program, even thought my younger friends had no idea who he or the Cowsills, were. John was fantastic! I cannot believe how great his voice is, plus the many instruments he played throughout the show. He had a great stage presence that picked up the show, and it was obvious that Mike Love thinks very highly of him.

posted by Lorraine on guestbook

quoting Mike Love
May 1, 2003

The trick was finding the right person to fill the void left by Carl's death. His name was John Cowsill. And, yes, he is one of those Cowsills, the youngest member of the family band from the 1960s that inspired the TV show The Partridge Family.

"John is a phenomenal drummer, but he is playing keyboards with us," said Love. "He does a lot of Carl's parts - for example, the lead on "Help Me, Rhonda" and he's a great singer."

Gulfstream Park
Hallendale Beach, Florida
February 1, 2003

Again leaving the show, Lynn and I overhear two twentyish men talking about how good John was.

Chastain Park
Atlanta, Gerogia
June 27, 2003

. . . The rest of the band, including John Cowsill, were absolutely stellar and performed these classics with a refreshing liveliness.

King Center
Melbourne, Florida
January 30, 2003

We were walking to the car after the show when from behind we heard a man talking to his early-teenage son. The father was saying, "Wow did you see how good that guy who played all those instruments was?" Of course, we turned and I said, "You bet. He's the best!"

Crystal Grand Theater
Lake Delton (Wisconsin Dells), Wisconsin
April 20, 2002

I attended both concerts on that Saturday. Sunday morning I was sitting in the hotel lobby reading, letting my niece sleep in. Two men were standing in line for the breakfast and one said, "Did you go to that Beach Boys show last night?" The second man said he had attended the afternoon concert. The first man continues, "Did that guitar guy (John had played guitar for these two shows) play drums on Back In The USSR?" The second man said that song hadn't been in the set list for the afternoon show. The first man said, "That's too bad. Man, he blew the house down!"

Civic Center of Greater Des Moines
Des Moines, Iowa
April 17, 2002

Of particular note was guitarist John Cowsill, the only backing band member who displayed any energy at all early in the show. Cowsill sang the high bits of "Kokomo," and then nailed a perfect lead vocal on "Help Me, Rhonda." During the encore, Cowsill switched to drums - which he played in his family's group, the Cowsills, in the late "60s - for a rousing "Back in the U.S.S.R."

posted by Charles A. in Des Moines Register

Sun Theater
Anaheim, California
September 22, 2001

John does an incredible job and is a great addition to the band. Of course we miss both Philip and Mike Meros tremendously, but in their absence, I can't imagine having anyone other than John on the stage. I don't know when I have been as impressed with anyone as I have been with John. He's a heck of a nice guy, brings energy to the stage...and the switch on Rhonda is the best thing that has happened to that song in a long time! I Can Hear Music is very, very nicely done, but John's lead on "Darlin'" is something that you have to hear for yourself. He nails it!

posted by kathie on Al Jardine's message board

Warick, England
July 21, 2001

. . . and Sally was quite taken with sexy John Cowsill who did a decent job on keeping Carl's flag flying, as well as a storming rendition of Sailor which saw him leave his keyboard to take Bruce's place at the front. He was nice eye candy and the "new Dennis"!

posted by Seany on Print Medias

Dates's Unknown

I very much like John Cowsill's energetic voice.
posted on BBB by Ingemar

Date and Place of show unknown.

I remember Mike Love introducing their drummer as a member of the Cowsill family.

He stepped down & did a solo song. I can't remember what it was but at the time I just said "Wow".
posted by Ernie_Boy

Date and Place Unknown

Go and catch them if you can. The band that they play with is incredible too(including John Cowsill on keyboards). You will not be disapointed.

posted by DunkieKong on INTERCOT message board

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