Barry Steven Cowsill
September 14, 1954 - 2005
Bits and Pieces

This is just some odds and ends I have saved regarding Barry over the years.
I think they often show his playful side.

From Barry's old website in 1999:

July 4 lit a firecracker and wished for more gigs
July 5 enrolled in firework safety class and changed dressing
July 6 spent night in hospital, 2 third-degree burns (kneecaps)
July 7 checked into ice cream vending service
July 8 (sleep)

The Plywood Guys who were booked to back Barry up in his New Orleans gig, who were renamed the Stiffs, went behind his back and joined a union; Thus, demanding higher wages. As to how Cowsill reacted: m his moral, capitalistic, sense of survival he fired them then swept the ashes under the carpet.

Later that night while sleeping, the P-Guys (a,k.a, the Stiffs) appeared during the R.E.M. Section of his Dream State and apologized and complied with the new regime... they informed Cowsill that they would be willing to back him up as the 'Ghost Band1. You may not see them but you surely will hear them as he plays his songs for the O'flaherty's Irish Pub gig. And they even agreed to play for free.

Barry will be playing in New Orleans the last week of April, up until May 26 in various assorted musical bordellos with his "Plywood Guy" bandô or "The Mannequin Guys"... or the "Blowup Babes" if he can't afford the plywood.

Translated: He's going to have a back up band on a tape machine and makeshift players performing with him. Barry will be heavily armed with the deadliest array of paint-pellet guns and (God forbid, though it's destined to happen at least several times a night) if any of these plywood, mannequin, or blowup band members screw up you will be witness to the most colorful execution you've ever had the honor of attending.

Barry Posts from Message Boards


Subject: Rocky Mountain High
Date: Jul 26, 1997 - 02:51
Posted by: Elvis Franklin
Somebody must be smokin' some damn good herb cuz I don't think I been in Colorado fer a good long time. Right now I'm in Frisco visitin, but I can't hang out with this bastard Michael Zivick any longer so'z I'm goin home as soon as i can to see my two 'dorable chillens and my hoochy-mama. Course now, iffen ya'll're ever in the neighborhood, drop on in and bring a sixxer. Or even a 12er. God bless ya'll fer this site and... hey, what the f*** are we listening to, Zivick? Ain't you got no Stones or nothin? Anyhooz, ya'll take good care and remember, Elvis loves ya! Elvis Franklin, that is. Piece.


Posted by Elvis Franklin on April 25, 1999 at 02:59:08
(Response to Kathy)
Yes, I am and I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king. I've been up and down and over and out and I know one thing, each time I find myself flat on my face, I jus' pick myself up and get back in the race - that's life.
Thank God for marriage.

Posted by Barry Cowsill on April 25, 1999 at 11:56:40
Topic - Say hey ya'll (not a response)
Tm hanging here in Mythopoeia, on my way to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. It's Sunday and we're jus' hanging here with coffee, anyone got any questions well be here for a couple of hours - we have about 6 hours to check in and out to answer. I'd also like to say good morning to my brothers... hey Bob, hey John, hey Pablo, hey Richard. Look at me now, I'm in the new universe and it's a pleasure to be here. Space - the final frontier, ya'll.

Posted by Barry Cowsill aka Elvis Franklin on April 25, 1999 at 12:04:04
Topic - Sayin' hey (not a response)
It's Sunday morning - 10:00 pacific time. Will be here till tonight - go to the "ask the Cowsills" page if you have any questions. I'll be checking in and out throughout the day. Also will be updating the performance schedule on my site ( and leaving ya'll a letter over in my neck of cyberspace - not till later though.

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 12:16:11
(Response to Salia)
I've always appreciated Spock Skywalkers theologies. I'm still having trouble getting the fingers in the right position for the high Vulcan five.
I'll be doing a few tunes from the CD and a couple of Country things IVe written - and one particular favorite pirate song of mine that I've written... "Arnrr Me Bucko".
No, Susan won't be joining me on stage, but I definately will be joining her on stage, along with my illustrious brother-in-law, Peter Holsapple; And looking very much forward to it

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 12:20:22
(Response to Salia)
No Chat - I've got a lot I'm trying to accomplish here and don't want to get tied down - but I would love to kibbitz in the chat room when I have time to watch Jerry Springer and the Donnie and Marie Show.
Oh, It's a realistic paraody of a pirate situation which is usually comical in the end.

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 12:22:07
(Response to Guido)
I had a cat named Guido who could scare the livin' daylights out of the racoons in Monterey when I was livin' there. Man you should have seen the scars on taht feline! Sincerely, Barry Sarducchi

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 12:44:10
(Response to Jo)
all my songs are written tomorrow. Remember, time is a trick - it's as pliable as a small ball of Silly Putty if you really think about it. Ask Albert.

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 12:48:16
(Response to Connie)
I got my first root canal two weeks ago, and I brought my Clockwork Orange tape. That tended to sooth me ... but then when I got the bill and realized I could have bought a car for the same price I gave my best Chris Rock impersination to the secretary at the front desk upon leaving. Said I, "good lord, a thousand dollars for a half hour work!?!?"
I'll be playing around there when the time is right. Thank you for the question - It's a fun thing to do on a Sunday, isn't it?

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 18:33:24
(Response to a question asking if he had a computer and "So you can put the Bucko song on your NEXT CD, eh?")
Song might be a single with another tune "roofer man" for the flip side. No computer yet.

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 18:43:57
(Response to a question from Guido about recording)
And OF COURSE I'm interested. What do you think I play with David Cassidy for millions of dollars a show?!

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 19:27:05
(Response to Becky)
Give me a leg with nair!
Thanks very much - I'll keep my page updated with dates and locations. Whenever I come to Mythopoeia I'll touch in like today.

Posted by Weezer on April 25, 1999 at 19:34:02
(Reply to his brother Bob who posted: "Mornin' Beezer ... travelin' man today huh? Have a blast in New Orleans ... good to see you're getting out more ... let me know how it goes down in old N.O.)
Yeah, I'll be down there - I end you an e-mail, you should be getting that soon. Thanks for the Tally ho mate. Say hey to Mary, Ryan, Courtney and Marrissa. Special note to Ryan: YO! Budda-bing!! Knock one outta the ballpark man. Love ya all

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 19:40:02
Gloria Stavers who headed 16 magazine would question John and Myself about our favorite things, give the answers to the staff, who would do the writing with some knowledge of our personalities - and the only thing that's changed with me personally is that Red is no longer my favorite color. Now I like Blue, Green, and Brown thank you. For the past 30 years, speaking just for me, the Enquierer would've have had a hey-day with my antics. Check out my site at and enjoy the CD when you decide to buy it Thank you for the input I hope church went fine that day. Later.

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 19:40:02
(Response to JoAnn who wanted a personal note)
Depends on if I'm in a silly mood in the morning, you will. If I had a make lunch for the kids that day, you may not.
Okay, Okay, I'll send you a note - but it'll cost you a thousand dollars extra. But for you, just send me a penny a day for a thousand years and we'll call it even.
Thanks for sayin' hey. B.C.

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 20:15:002
(Response to Carol)
Hey Carol,
If I'd known one of my CD's would end up in a bid for $7.991 would have personally gotten in touch with an Irish mafia friend of mine in Boston. To go break the legs of the owner for down-pricing my CD in it's infancy sales. However, I'm a retired Cathlic so I voted against that option. Send your money and I'll send a picture with it.
Thanks for your support. B.C.

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 20:21:18
(Response to Jim)
I wrote Don't Look Back when I was 15-1 Didn't know Dylan had a movie out under the same name. However, I wrote it basically about friends and family cause I felt I had move forward in life eventually - but, hell, I was 15 and stuck put for a while.
Anthem - recorded on a four-track -1 started with drums, rythum guitarm then base, not knowing what the hell this song was going to be till I started mumbling words into a microphone listened back to the mumble and decyphered the words from there and I sware to this day the wind was wippin' through my creative brain at that time. I tried to re-do it on a 24 track but it didn't have the same soul as the 4 track version - so I said keep the 4 track version - that is Anthem

Posted by Barry on April 25, 1999 at 20:31:54
(Response to Michelle)
number 1, your not a dork
number 2, you probably are weird, but remember so was Ron Howard, Albert Einstein, Jhonny Depp, Winona Rider, Paul Rubens, and me as well. Not to mention the original Hollywood nerd, Steven Speilberg just to mention a few. You probably have some great contribution up the road ahead, because amidst all the norm it's the dorks and nerds that really change the world, once they find their creative nitch.
Courage dear girl. And keep searching. You could make a great contribution to the world one day. Have faith, and quit feeling so damn dorky - it's a waste of your great energies.
Ben Presley and and Elvis Franklin (also dorks in their youth) resulted in the name.
Special song - legends of love. "...Cause nothin' ever breaks apart the souring zenith, zenith of the heart".
Round the bend, B. C.


Posted by Max Head room December 15, 2000 at 14:51:16
(Response to normaK) j**** c***** almighty, don't you know that george jr is in office now? i'm sure the white shirt, tie and cologne business just went up on wall street. all us democrats say ...kaplueeeeeeee! however, there is some reasoning behind the act of getting along some how some way some day......which, by the way is one of my new songs... .so shut up and work for the common cause until! we can assasinate litte kenny starr, so i can rest in my grave, by the way, ifs nice to be swimmin' with ya in the big soap, love, bubbles... aka; bazil D... ta ta...fn


Posted by Barry Cowsill April 26, 2001 at 20:43:45
Topic - Hey Guy's (not a response)
Reading it all tonight ... uh ... well what the ****, carry on ... on second thought, Im glad it might have made a difference.
Thanks Bazil

Posted by Barry Cowsill October 28, 2001 at 23:26:42
Topic - Gossiping (not a response)
With all due respect, thanks for not soapin' out ... and by the way ... thanks Bob, for interjecting ... and whoever else interjected. My openness as a person has been misconstrued, still I trust ya ... so behave!!! Ya'all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good times ahead ...

Posted by Barry Cowsill December 14, 2001 at 23:23:00
Topic - Happy Holidays (not a response)
Deb has promised to clean this up, I hope that what I do next is worthy of our situations on this planet, dang, think about it....we're getting closer to our 1000 years of peace... maybe, maybe not,,, but ya gotta think like that ,or else John Hancock, Ben Franklin, John Aadams, Tom Jefferson etc. don't amount to a hill of beans..... be proud and glad and determined that we want to get the Enterprise out of the ocean and into space with as many cross cultured mofos as we can git on board to continue the on goingness of continue-um... Merry Christmas
Happy Solstice/Yule Deb


Posted by Barry and Debbie Cowsill April 12, 2002 at 23:47:42
eh.....this is Barry....ya see ...I've had this beautiful kid for 24 years, her name is Carrie Lynn Rebecca Heartsaw. She just had a baby in December a little boy named Brayden Cole....happens to be my grandkid....who's gonna need a mom for the rest of his life....point is, Carrie has 3 pieces of huge cancer having a tour through her body right now...can you say fist sized? Well that's one of them if possible condolences for a get well would really be cool. (Besides she would flip out on it) God and Godess bless you all for it. She is at the MD Andersen Cancer Center in Houston Texas. Now it me, Debbie, and we only got this news two days ago and did not know what to do or who to tell, and who should we tell first, but that became an overwhelming thing to think about as we are most concerned with getting to we took off work and are driving to Houston this we decided it best to put it on the board cuz most of the family and friends can get the news quicker. Plus, on a personal level, we think It would be so cool for Carrie to have some of the attention and love you all have shown all these years for the Cowsills, and send some of that to her. Thank you for all of it. Barry and I will be in Houston tomorrow but Carrie is in the Cancer center right now! It is Parkinsons Lymphoma, if I got it right. I know you guys, you are great at showing your love! Love can heal. We Love You...Thanks

Keira Posts from Message Boards


Posted by KeiraKeeka August 13, 2001 at 22:43:24
Topic - Hi, it's my bday, the 14th, and im 13, yeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!(not a response)
Hello frendz!! !Its me keira, and ive never written messages on here b4, but just wanted 2 say hi, and let u know its my 13th birthday, yahooooooooooooooooo!!!! Well, ummmmmm, i luv all u guys and will be leaving more messages!!! iHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Cooooooooooooooooooonnnnieeeeeee and Daaaaaaaaaaarrrleene and noooooorrmaaa, anddddd.......well i could go rambling on for hours with names, but i luuv u guys,all the ones who have always been great Cowsill fans, THANKS HAudios Amigos!!;-)

Posted by KeiraKeeka August 14, 2001 at 21:35:43
Topic - U guys r halarious!! ;-)(not a response)
Hey u guys! HI luvved the replies......GURLS ARE PRINCESSES AND PRINCESSES RULE, BOYS R OUR SUBJECTS,LOLOLOLOLOLOL,ur all awsome!!!! Well my bday plans r to hav a big swim party at the bienville house hotel, really expensive place!, w/cake ice cream,etc.etc.etc., and then hav a sleepover in the hotel room, i hav da best parents!!! Well thanx yall, 4 just replying w/the great bday greetings, and presents on da way, but ofcourse ill b thanking u guys 4ever afterwards 4 everthing!!!!!!!!

Posted by KeiraKeeka August 17, 2001 at 20:01:18
Topic - ALOHA (not a response)
Hey everyone,did you always have complete access to the cowsills, like did you guys get to meet them like, whenever? My dad told me you guys used to bring him and the rest of the family like brownies and stuff!! Ands that ya'll got to sit in his hotel room w/him!! God I wish we would get to do that w/Aaron Carter or somethin'!!!!! KeiraKeeka ;-)

Debbie Cowsill Posts from Message Boards


Posted by debcowsill December 11, 2000 at 14:20:17
. . . Barry went to see and old friend at the House of Blues tonight, Warren Zevon, yea some nice guy came into the Kerry while I was working today and offered me a ticket cuz his date couldn't make it and all he wanted was a free Guiness..hey no problem.

Posted by Deborah Cowsill December 16, 2000 at 23:16:36
(Response to aj) and 1 am very glad, no matter what, that you introduced me and Barry. You did something that,and I think now 13 years later you Know about, but only acted on instinct then, was something that would change the course of many lives, and it has, so many great things have happend and it has been really a tough road, but it's not over....quote from Bud Cowsitl when I first met him in Mexico..."Girl, your in for a Really Big Roller Coaste Ride"! Thanks Bud,for all the insight, same to you AJ...any way shut you shut up., you shut up and go to you and a Merry Solstice!!!


Posted by Debbie Cowsill August 21, 2001 at 00:00:27
Topic - Barry (Not a response)
... I now really know why barry always want to change his name to ... bazil drake or malfoy or elvis franklin or the flying Freakin fish ...
Deb C. xo

Posted by Deborah Cowsill April 21, 2001 at 00:41:19
(Response to Barb about Barry's stolen Gretch)
I just thought that because you were talking about old guitars that I might bring up an intesting subject, and you may or may not have heard about it. well, anyway, It's a long story I will try to keep short. Barry was given his all time favorite guitar by a friend, a long time ago, I think in southern California, it was always precious to him and it was his girl, his "Gretchen" he had it way before I met him and has always had it all the years we have been married, and he even loved her more than the Les Paul I gave him for a wedding present. So, any way, the Gretch was stolen from our house when we lived in New Orleans back in '94' or so, and one of our friends saw a musician using it, and obviously he bought it from the thief in a round about way and we proved Grechen was Barrys guitar and we got it absoult miracle! The same kind of thing happend about three years ago in a different situation, which I will gladly expain later, and if you reqest, but as we speak Barry's Gretch is in jail in the Santa Rosa Police Detectives department, and they are taking alot of Detective time to decide whether Barry should have Grethin back again....and it's his, never was not his and was stolen from him again.. So, If you want to know the details and be advocates to get Barry's Gretch back to him, contact Detective Greg Ayre at the Santa Rosa Police Department.,...and I am asking you to please be very respectfull and sincere. This Detective has gone out of his way for us, but the system is making it hard....duh fucking duh. I am asking for you support in letting the police and the DA to let them "give" Barry's guitar, "Gretchen" back to him. By the way, most of the songs you hear on Barry's CD...he's paying Gretchen!
Love you
Deb Cowsill xxxooo

Click here for more info on this infamous guitar.

Posted by Deborah Cowsill April 22, 2001 at 00:19:13
(Response to Barb about Barry's stolen Gretch)
OK, well it's a really stupid thing, and the reason I did't go into it before is because It is long and stessfull and I have to type alot, and it brings back very angry memories so I just hate going into it. I have had to go into it with the Detective a number of times, and whats funny is that everytime I talk to him I remember something else to help him. Barry remembers everything all the time but he hates to deal with it, but he has. OOOOOO Ok here it is. You wanted a bedtime story....Once upon a time there was a Gretch guitar who was given to Barry by Jeff Fosket...he was in the Love Foundation and he said it belonged to Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys. This part is not know as true but who knows in those days. So Barry has had it since then and I have to tell you he has had many and lost many but never lost this one. So after the New Orleans incedent, we moved to Seattle, Milwaukee, and back to California. Barrys old friend from the days when he got the guitar and who was also a friend of the Beach Boys, Arnie Gehler, called us in Sonora and was all excited about this guy he met who was a Cowsill/Beach Boy fan, and he wrote songs and would love for Barry to come and help him produce his songs. So Barry talked to him then I did and he talked you blue in the face and made all these promises... which by the way we were very leary of, but he seemed sincere and he had his wife talk to me. well it this guy, Brian Stark had just married this woman and she was an ivalid and all the money she had went to his dream recording studio and he wanted Barry, they promised to pay train fair and room and board if Barry would come and do some preliminary producing, and it was all just a fun thing and someone had a benefit concert comming up they asked Barry to play,, and you all know Barry is all up for that not the money. So anyway...this is a little embarassing, but, we have never had a big income and it was Christmas and Barry Pawned Gretchen for some money for presents for the kids. K no biggie. But Barry told this guy that his guitar was at the pawn shop so he really couldn't record with him cuz there was no guitar, so this guy says I'll give you the $100 or $150, (don't remember) if you will come and play on my songs and Barry said fine I'll pay you when our tax money comes back. I mean that little money, no problem. So Barry went to Santa Rosa and they did some recording and then they had not finished and the and Barry decided they would start again in a month or two when winter was over. So, for all of you that know Barry, he is so caring and concious, he told the guy, here keep my Gretch in good faith. Ill be back and finish the project. So what happend is all the promises of the menial train fair back home didn't happen, from his friend Arnie, and then the clincher. Barry left the guitar in good faith and when it was time Barry called Brian Stark to arrange the next level of the recording sesseion. Well the guy didn't answer the phone for two weeks, obviousley we were worried about Gretchen and why he didn't answer, finally he answered, and after a stupid and defensive conversation said he sold Barry's Guitar.. (By the way the last time we had it appraised about 5 years ago was worth 2,500,) for three hundred because his wife left him and he had no more money. So I called the son of a bitch and told him I was sueing him... he quickly ran away and by the time I had the Santa Rosa Sheriffs at his door he was gone...he also told Barry that the guitar had been dismantled and sold for any way the guy was a theiving lying drug addict and totally took advantage...but the guitar was not dismantled because our friend Lance who found her the first time she was stolen, and our beautiful nephew Jason Cowsill found her for sale on eBay and thats how we found Grechen again. Gretchen is Barrys and we need her back, Barry writes so well with campaign and thank you. Any more questions, Just ask. Thank you and lets hope for "Happily ever after)

Posted by Debbie Cowsill September 03, 2001 at 02:33:56
Topic - Barry fest in Minn. (Not a response)
Well just a fun update ... not really unusual for Barry, he missed his flight to the Twin Cities. But for usch a fun reason. The people who drove Barry from the way up north were on their way to Milwaukee to see John and the Beach Boys. When they got near St. Paul Barry had to go see my aundt and uncle Judy and Gerry to bring them a big jar of way up north pickles. So it figures when he and my family get together you are going to miss your flight. I am so glad he is vistitmg them, they are getting on, but still so much fun... I bet he has eaten a but load of White Castles...! pity the people on the plane tomorrow, (white castles ,, .monster burgers., gut bombs. ..sliders....) they are the best.. .hope he brings me some..xo dc

Barry Stories in Posts by aj from Message Boards


Posted by aj November 03, 2000 at 09:18:18
(Response to Toni-Ann)
just a little more trivia about debbie for you. i introduced debbie and barry to each other at our fave boston hangout, Bunratty's (a nightclub now defunct) and they were married at halidon hall in newport on MY birthday, June 21. Don't ask me about the wedding because all i remember is hanging out with susan and bill and munz and rolling down the huge front lawn with Peter Giftos' two little kids. I'm not saying i drank alot, folks but the only reason i remember yesterday is because it's the day before today! Speaking of Yesterdays, i think i probably spent time with Bigger also. I also recall how i introduced the two. In my (at the time) usual state of intoxication i said to them; nipsey russell (russell is a cowsill family name) meet agnes moorehead. and the rest, as they say, is history, currently, i am exclusively involved in introductions and am available to introduce you to anyone you'd like to meet.

Posted by aj November 08, 2000 at 08:57:56
(Response to Marilynn)
i just got off the phone with barry in n.o (our conversation was cut short because on his day off he had to pick up colin from school) and believe it or not he had such a blast he 'dont mind doing it once a year' drop some hints to the people in charge and if you stop into yesterday's tell bigger what i told you barry said! till next time, LOL!


Posted by aj February 15, 2001 at 09:17:33
i remind debbie every chance i get her meeting her future husband was as much an instance of chance as it was a covert effort on my part to hook them up together, as i recall, i got tired of making sure barry didnt fall off the barstool onto the floor and she was the nearest person to take over my "watch-dog" duties, as i recall, it was more in the "hey beautiful can you make sure this log doesnt fall on the dirty floor" vein.

Barry's Urn

Barry's urn was designed by a New Orleans artist. It was decorated by the Cowsill family as follow:

(from bottom to top)

Barry's glasses - found in his pocket
Rock - found in his pocket
Eagle/Navy symbol - found in his pocket
Piece of Wood - found in his pocket
Small white bird - this was part of an angel Susan place on Barry's cremation box
Concert ticket from 1968
Piece of paper with the name Cowsill, phone #, and address (??) - found in Barry's pocket
Prayer Card - Susan said she and Barry had fought over this.


Barry Found

In the Oxford Magazine article, it says that according to the coroners' office, Barry's body was found at St. Philip Street and the Riverwalk. Below are some photos that will help us, who are rare visitors to New Orleans, put that in prospective.
Barry Found
Where Barry was vs. The Kerry where he spent so much time.
Barry Found
Highlighted area would be where Barry was found.

Barry Found
Farther out view.

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