William Joseph "Billy" Cowsill, Jr.
January 9, 1948 - February 18, 2006

Billy may have gone home, but he leaves behind many sad to see him go. These are just a few I've heard from:

this is terrible. i don't know what to say. i have to agree with you about the voice. the cowsills were more than excellent on a number of levels but the vocals were what really set them apart from the rest of the field
Mike A.

I have just heard(ckua.com) that Dear Billy passed away yesterday. My deepest sympathies go out to the cowsill family and all those that knew him.He will sorely missed by all whom have enjoyed his music and talent.RIP BILLY
Terry D.

I saw the Blue Shadows once, in Toronto in 1994 or '95, and thought they were really great. I still have the cassette I bought too. RIP Bill, and condolences to the rest of the family.
Tycho M.

First Barry, now Billy - heaven couldn't be sweeter right now.

I grew up with the Cowsills and still remember their music and sound. They will be missed very much by family, friends and fans, both old and young alike. Billy and Barry are giving the angels music lessons.

i've loved the cowsill family music since i was little my condolences to the whole cowsill family
tim f.

Billy is now up there 'on the floor of Heaven', with the other past stars of our life. But he's out of pain now, and 'coming on strong' ! May he Rest in Peace.
Terry R

Dear Cowsill family,
I can only imagine the depth of your grief at the untimely loss of Bill and Barry. It always poignant when the talented leave us. The world is never quite as bright or everlasting. My prayers go to you all.
James A.

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