Thanks To Everyone Who Has Helped !!


I've really been blessed with having great friends to help out with this little site. Here's a list of those who have helped. If you have also, and I have forgotten, please remember I'm getting old (hee hee). Let me know and I'll add it in here. Thanks again to everyone!

I appreciate all the help from:

Allen J. - Allen gave us clarification on a date for the timeline.

Aimee P. - Aimee was the source of a setlist.

Andrea P.- Andrea found HTT dates.

Andrew F. - Andrew shared a ton of info from the early days and timeline info.

Ann Marie R - Ann Marie shared a newspaper article and helped with timeline info. AM also found Barry's "Jingle Bell Rock" for us.

Barb M. - Barb has helped with lyrics, finding broken links, tested pages and with Barry info.

Barry F. - Barry took concert photos.

Bert G. - Bert share some timeline items he found.

Bob C. - Bob has helped with lyrics and songwriter info.

Bobby C. - Bobby found some great shots from Soundblast '66

Brian C. - Brian shared info about A Family Thing. He also shared magazine and newspaper articles along with a concert ad. Brian also shared the Gimble's ad with us and a Record World magazine article.

Brian H. - Brian found the WHB milk ad.

Bruce O. - Bruce shared Claire's obituary with me. He also shared his radio interview from July 2006 and one from October 2007 and the setlist from the Bridgeport, CT show.

Caren O. - Caren shared pinups, video links and John info. Caren was first to find out about The Dreamers. Caren also found the obituary for Donna S. for us to add to her tribute page. Caren also found newspaper articles and HTT 2016, 2018, 2021 and 2023 dates. Caren's latest contributon is a set list from the Princess Bash in 2011. And she found video of John on Today In Nashville, John photos and posters for shows John is doing post-BB's.

Carol F. - Carol shared a picture of Bob from Taste Of Rhode Island 2007. Carol also shared a photo and info for the Rhode Island Hall of Fame page.

Carly T-D - Caryl did some great Cowsill art

Carrie S. - Carrie added discography info.

Charles S. - Charles found links for some Cowsill videos.

Christine S-L - Christine was first to point out the article with the 2020 HTT dates. Christina found the Omaha date of the HTT 2023 tour.

Cindy H. - Cindy share the liner notes from the Action Skulls CD

Cindy K. - Cindy share dates to add to the timeline.

Claire B. - Claire shared some of her Cowsill collection with great amounts of information.

Clif S. - Clif added a location of a show in Connecticut for the timeline.

Colleen L. - Colleen has shared Barry gigs info and links. Colleen also shared pictures from Richard's Memorial Tour. Colleen found Cowsill tour dates in 2015.

Colleen V. - Colleen found a tour date for 2017.

Connie C. - Connie has helped with lyrics and also shared a picture sporting a Steel Pier poster!

Courtney M. - Courtney found John's "Gold Diggin Man" for us to hear and also a couple of John videos.

Cynthia S. - Well you and I know what hee

Dan F. - Dan shared the story of Billy and Bob's Canton, Ohio TV show.

Dan P. - Dan found an magazine article about Susan.

Darlena B. - Dar found the Tim Leacock tribute song for Billy

Daryl N. - Daryl found a show date for 2023.

Dave C. - Dave corrected some lyrics for us.

David B. - David contributed photos from the Richard Cowsill Tour

David Z. - David found the youtube video with the Cowsills in opening credits of The Impossible Years.

Debbie H. - Debbie found the documentary on the TMC channel. Debbie also shared photos from the Richard Cowsill Memorial Tour.

Debbie J. D. - Debbie found tour dates.

Debbie S. - Debbie shared timeline info. Debbie also shared info for the Rhode Island Hall of Fame page. Later Debbie added in memorabilia for the Rhode Island Hall of Fame page along with sharing her photos. Also, Debbie took pictures at the Woodstock museum that included the C's.

Debra H. - Debra found a poster to share.

Debra L. S. - Debra found the photos of Bob and Paul with Vicki Lawrence and Kathy Garver.

Denise H. - The photos of Richard's bench belong to Denise H.

Dennis C. - Dennis helped with info about the Cocaine Drains sessions.

Dick S. - Dick contributed a promo ad.

Don S. - Don added an observation to the Did You Notice page from A Family Thing.

Donald W. - Donald shared a photo of Dorian's in the 60's.

Donna S. - Donna shared info and photos from the 1972 Stamford, CT concert. She also shared a Beach Boys flyer and the Eddy Arnold/Cowsills show newpaper ad. Donna also shared an email from Leon Portelance with a Billy story, as well as a couple studio musicians.

Ella C. - Ella found a cancelled HTT 2020 date.

Edward S. - Edward shared his experiences opening for the C's, along with a poster and newspaper articles.

Eric P. - Eric shared info on Billy's group Medicine.

Gene - Gene helped with timeline info and shared links.

Gerard L. - Gerard found the Jeopardy! reference

Ginny A. - Ginny shared a book with a great Billy story in it, photos of Billy,the Warren Zevon book. Ginny also found some great videos from Billy's Memorial in Vancouver, her photos of the Stuart, Florida show, the Offbeat Magazine with Susan on the cover,some Billy videos and the Birmingham, AL show poster.

Gloria P. - Gloria found HTT dates.

Grant N. - Grant shared info on Billy's years in NWT.

Hal S. - Hal share info about the 45 Most Of All / A Most Perculiar Man.

Happy Together Photos 2015 - Thanks to the following for pictures on the Happy Together page: Susan C.(sister), Lori S., Nanci L., Debbie B-N., Kim U., Mark D., Sarah K., Donald M., Dorothy T-G., John D., Mallory H., Ddavid C., Helen V. Joseph R, Lesley C., Darcy P., Penni B., Vicki P., Colleen V., Mary P., Jack H., Chris M., James D., Mimi K., Nina S., Chuck F., Laurie F., Cindy B., Becky P., Maryln B., Chuck F., Susan C., Tom J., James C., Connie Y., Chris C., Mary J., Lori S., Tammy K., Nanci L., Nathan V., Mary Jane F., Tammy K., Michael P., Kim U., Lorraine M., Lois R, Connie C. Becky H., Sarah K., Butch D., Jonathan and Allison R., Avalon G., Stuart H., Richie S and Steve ?., Annette ?., LuAnn C., Kim F., Mark W., Caren O., Penni B., Jennifer B., Michael P., Debbee D., Gene C., Trina M., Kurt F., Maggie C., Gina P., Carly T-D., Teresa P., James D., Brad C., Darlene B., Sharon N, Karen R., Nina S., Denny P., Laurie F., Cindy B., Jim M., Becky P., Christine S-L., Shelly and Steve R., Pat S., David C., Jean Ann A., Tom and Suzy J., Joe C., Keith O., Steve and Jackie R., Conor M., Chris C., Barb M, Lisa K., and Lyndon R.

Happy Together Photos 2016 - Thanks to the following for pictures on the Happy Together 2016 page: Susan C.(sister), Mark D., Barry F., Miranda H., David S., Lisa, K., David B., Dan O., Bob B., Vicki H., Laurel M., May P., LaRee V., Chuck F., Ula H., Karen R., Nina S., Michael S., Karen B., Rob K., Lucien V., Susan A., Lois S., Jennifer B., Neicy M., Lili S., Christine S., Robby S., Cindy H., Amanda H.P., Marla R., Kirsten A., Carl K., Shawn W., Michelle T-R., Debbie H., Carol F., Cathy S., Michael P., Kim U., Kathleen G., Fran S., Dorothy T-G., Darlene B., Deb V., Bill L., James D., Michael S., Tammy B-S., Greg S., Debbie B-N., Lee K., Avalon G., Sharon N., Vonda O., Nancy P., Laurie F., Pat S., Andrea P., Daryl P., Chuck F., Becky P., Louise P., Mike P., Jennifer B., Caren O., Shawn W., Kathleen G., Diane S.and Mark R.

Happy Together Photos 2017 - Thanks to the following for pictures on the Happy Together 2017 page: Susan C.(sister), Helen P., Michael S., Joan W., Chyrisse, Mary P., Barry F., Gary N., Kim U., Sarah K., Brian H., Luck V., Jon H., David K., David B., Louise P., Caren O., Christina G., Thomas B., Kirsten A., Pat S., Nora S., James D., Kevin W., Nancy P., Steve S., Tanya A., John D., Claudia U., Ken O., Billy A., Kathie D., John L., Angela S., Bev W., Butch D., Joseph R., Mary D., Kevin M., John K., Lorraine M., Deb V., Nancy B., Janet H., Natalie H., Sharon N., Dannie W., and Debra S. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Happy Together Photos 2018 - Thanks to the following for pictures on the Happy Together 2018 page: Al B., Andrea P., Angela D., Barry F., Bebe B., Brian B., Christine S., Christina G., Colleen V., Conor M., Dan O., Dorothy T-B., Dorothy T-G., Emily M., Gloria K., James D., Jeana M., Jim B., Judi C., Karen W.S., Kate L., Kathleen G., Kathy V., Kenn R., Kristin A., Lisa U., Lynne M., Marsha K., Marsha S., Mary S., Mary Lou D., Maurita G., Michael S., Mike H., Nancy B., Natalie H., Nick G., Nora S., Patty C., Penni B., Rob K., Rich C., Richard F., Rose B., Rose H., Susan A., Susan B., Susan C.

Happy Together Photos 2019 - Thanks to the following for pictures on the Happy Together 2019 page: Abbey B., Ami A., Cathy S. A., Carol P., Chuck N., Dana P. W., Darlene R., Dionne F., Catherine M., Christine S-L., Fred K., Gloria K., James D., Jim T., Joni Y. N., Judy K., Kate H., Keith O., Kip B., Kris K., Kristen A., Lisa U., Lori Ann C., LuAnn S., LuAnne C., Marsue, Maurita G., Michael S., Missy L. K., Pongy C., Ray F., Richard D., Richard R., Richrd, Sally L., Salvatore C., Sam F., Steven T., Susan C., Teddy B., Warren L.

Happy Together Photos 2021 - Thanks to the following for pictures on the Happy Together 2021 page: Barry F., Bill H., Christine S-L., Debbie S., Dionne F., Donna T., Felix C., James D., Jenny C.H., Joel H., Joni Y.N., Kris K., Mike K., Mike S., Mike P., Mike W., Nancy P., Pat S., Robert B., Scott P., Susan A., Susan C. and Susan T.

Happy Together Photos 2022 - Thanks to the following for pictures on the Happy Together 2022 page: Barry J., Bundykdiane, Chuck F., David B., Debbie H., Effingham PAC, Gary P., Ginger R., Glen R., Godfrey T., Jeff L., Karen R., Keith O., Kim. U., Kris K., Lisa P., Marinda J., Marie L., Marilyn E., Mark D., Marla V.L., Paroo S., Pat S., Rick G., Rob K., Robert B., Robin B., Rock At Night, Shaun V. W., Sue G., Susan A., Susan H.S., Susan S., Suzanne O., Tony T., and Warren L.

Happy Together Photos 2023 - Thanks to the following for pictures on the Happy Together 2023 page: Barry F., Bob C., Caren O., Charlie D., Chuck W., Dayton Daily News, Diana A., Dominick P., Don J., Debra B., Gina G.B., Helen P., Jim B., Joe W., Josh B., Karen M. F., Karen F.K., Kathy R.W., Keith O., Kenley R., Kim L.U., Kim U., Kimberly R., Kris K., Louise P., Mark D., Melanie G.S., Michael P., Monica B., Patti S.R., Paul S., Phil B., Susan A., Susan H., Susan McV., Suzanne O., Talking Stick, and Terry C.

James C. - James found a Saturday Night Live skit including the Cowsills

James D. - James found a HTT date

Jana S. - Jana shared Barbara's obit.

Jane N. - Jane shared an opening act

Jason O. - Jason shared info on Billy's band Medicine and also info on the recording sessions where Billy played John Lennon's guitar.

Jay J. - Jay shared videos from this Blue Shadows days with Billy.

Jennifer S. - Jennifer has helped with lyrics and shared pictures, fan club newsletters, newspaper and magazine articles, Kerry Irish Pub coaster and fan club info. Jen also shared an online interview with Susan. She also get me a lead to find HTT dates and the set list from the Lighthouse CD release party.

Jess B. - Jess took pictures of the Cowsill bench in Kings Park

Jo M. - Jo has helped me with many, many, many graphics, correcting photos for magazine articles and making the movie files. Jo has also shared her photos, made video capture pictures, helped with lyrics, and shared her knowledge from years of Cowsill watching.

Joe M. - Joe helped with Blue Shadows lyrics.

Joe S. - Joe shared the set list from the C's show in Bethelem, PA on Aug 30, 2014. Joe also shared a couple Happy Together dates for 2016.

John B. - John shared timeline info from shows he attended at the Indiana State Fair.

John C. - John gave us the scoop on Bridey Murphy and info for the Buddy Saltzman tribute. Also John took some great photos.

John K. - John found tour dates for The Cowsills and Susan and Russ

John M. - John share articles he had written about Billy

Jonathan M. - Jonathan took the photo with Peter Criss

Joseph M. - Joseph share the photo of the band Unloved and info regarding their show with The Cowsills.

Jimmy L. - Jimmy helped with lyrics, newspaper articles, found videos and provided some picture sleeves.

Kate L. - Kate found the video of "Girls" with Paul doing a cameo.

Kathy Mc - Kathy helped out with lyrics. Kathy also found the Happy Hippy Show puzzle and took photos at the Branson show.

Keith O. - Keith found the exact episodes of Treme Susan and Russ are in.

Kevin P. - Kevin took the photo of John and Eric Singer.

Kevin Z. - Kevin shared info on Billy's 1963 show The Singing Freshman. He also shared the audio of this show!

Kim U. - Kim found tour dates. Kim also shared her photos from the Atlantic City 2019 show.

Kirsten C. A. - Kirsten found a HTT 2019 date

Kris K. - Kris found numerous shows and show date changes. Kris also found the RIMHOF show for Oct 2022. And add the Lakeland FL show in 2023. Kris also found specifics on the Wheeling, WV and Westerly, RI shows. Kris also share photos from the Flower Power 2023 cruise. Kris found the 2024 cruise date for the Rock 'n Romance cruise.

Kristen & Diana - Kristen & Diana shared John links.

Larry L. - Larry shared pictures of the early days of Dorian's.

Larry S. - Larry share info on Cowsill songs done by other groups.

Lindsay M. - The publicity picture of Trainwreck came from Lindsay.

Lisa C. - Lisa helped out with lyrics, finding links and shared photos. Lisa also found family tree info.

Lois - Lois share some of her Cowsill memoribilia (milk memorabilia).

Louann C. - Louann took photos of the Branson show.

Louise P. - Louise took the picture of Bob and Peter Tork.

Lyndy C. - Lyndy shared article she found and a great pic of Billy and Jeffrey.

Lynn M. - Lynn has helped with lyrics, proof read for me, found links, shared pictures and ideas, made license plates, helped with trivia questions, newspaper articles, John info, and help test pages.

Lynne M. - Lynne contributed timeline info and shared pictures from "the suitcase." Lynne also found the Candy Store poster and HTT dates. Lynne also found the Tommy James/Cowsill date. Lynne also found the 2018 Arcada Theatre concert.

Mark D. - Mark has photo credit from Flower Power Cruise 2023.

Mark J. - Mark helped with the chords for "We Can Fly."

Mark M. - Mark shared timeline info.

Marsha J. - Marsha helped with lyrics, tapes for transcripts, contributed chart listings, found links, shared memorabilia and video of Undiscovered Country, CD covers, pictures, family tree info, Cowsill Chronicle, info on the Queen picture, magazine and newspaper articles.

Martha J. - Martha helped with lyrics, proofread, shared knowledge, and given tons of support.

Matt J. - Matt found a new Happy Together Tour 2020 date.

Matthew D. - Matthew found the video of Barry from To Tell The Truth.

Mcc Twins - The MMC Twins made an amazing pop art portrait of John.

Meredith C. - Meredith shared family tree info on several occasions and yearbook pics.

Merv P. - Merv helped correct some lyrics.

Michelle L. - Michelle helped out with lyrics and taught me a great deal about html coding (even when she was 16!).

Michael F. - Michael found a show date.

Michael S. - Michael found a glaring mistake on my part and helped me correct it. Also he found news of the 2017 HTT! Michael also shared concert dates.

Michael S. - Michael did the work to determine where each bedroom photo from the 2021 Halidon Hall photos belonged.

Mike A. - Mike shared his Painting The Day project.

Mike P. - Mike shared news of a Billy involved project.

Mimi LB - Mimi shared the dates of the NY State Fair concert for the timeline.

Miranda H. - Photos from the Richard Cowsill Tour were from Miranda.

Misty B. - Misty found a picture of Beach Boy John from her local show.

Nancy B. - Nancy found a cancelation for the 2020 HTT.

Nancy Joe - Nancy took the photo of John playing with Herman's Hermits.

Nancy L. - Nancy took photos at the Branson 2002 show.

Nancy L. F. - Nancy took the photo of the Cowsills Vegas poster

Nancy P. - Nancy helped with timeline info and proof reading.

Nancy R. (Moss-E) - Moss-E found some great video and a slide show of Billy's Memorial. Moss-E also found the photo of the Cowsill magazine in the Mad Men Show

Nina S. - Nina shared photos and videos of Beach Boy John. Nina also share much info and photos for the Rhode Island Hall of Fame page and HTT dates.

Norma K. - Norma shared Billy's Memorial Service phamphlet.

Pat Z. - Pat shared a Cowsill show date.

Patrick D. - Patrick shared inside info about a project with John.

Paul B. - Paul helped correct lyrics for Ask The Children. Paul also found the 2022 JazzFest recording.

Paul B. - Paul found that Miranda Lambert was doing the song Covered Wagon.

Paul S. - Paul shared a newspaper article with us.

Paula B. - Paula shared some info on John.

Peggy B. - Peggy shared timeline info and photos.

Peter N. - Peter was the source of photos of John playing with Herman's Hermits.

Peter S. - Peter added his memories from Soundblast 66!

Rebecca B. - Rebecca found the thesis by Lindsay Mitchell about Billy. She also found the Billy band Hair Trigger Cowboys and a newspaper article. She also found a 2020 HTT date.

Rich C. - Rich shared a Happy Together Tour 2020 date.

Rob F. - Ron found numerous Billy/Blue Northern/Blue Shadows items.

Ron F. - Ron shared a magazine article.

Russ B. - Russ added Susan info.

Sandy C.. - Sandy shared newspaper articles she kept all these years.

Sandy R. - Sandy has helped with lyrics, has done a ton of proof reading for me, helped with trivia pages, helped with my horrible spelling, help test pages, shared pictures and links. Also the 2006 ToRI brochure and some grandkids birthdates. Sandy has also shared a book. After her death, Sandy shared her memoribilia with all of us and a set list from a Pub show.

Sharon S. - Sharon for a tour date for 2021.

Shawn N. - Shawn shared Billy info and his work with The Shakeshakers.

Sly R. - Sly caught The Cowsills being mentioned by Greg Gumble on a NCAA half time show 2021.

Snake - Snake shared his poster artwork and Cowsill photos. Snake also shared a song he recorded with The Cowsills.

Susan C. (sister) - Susan helped with family tree info. Also photos from the Richard Cowsill Tour and info about Halidon Hall.

Susan C. (wife) - Susan helped with history info. Also wrote a poem for her beloved husband upon his death.

Susan P. - A photo from the Branson show was taken by Susan.

Suzanne P. - Suzanne shared Barry's obituary.Suzanne also shared info and photos for Rhode Island Hall of Fame page.

Terry T. - Terry offered info on a project dedicated to Billy.

Tim B. - Tim took pictures of the Cowsill bench in Kings Park

Todd R. - Todd shared info about "Love American Style" and the Emmys.

Tom H. - Tom shared the chords to Blue Shadows songs.

Tracy P. - Tracy helped with lyrics and also answered programming questions for me back in the early days. Tracy also shared the artwork for three Continental Drifter bootlegs, audio from the Houston game, things for the disography, and the set list from Lake Elsinore.

Travis C. - Travis offered family tree info.

Uncle Jeff and Mr. Woo - Thanks guys for sharing the 2004 interview with Bob.

Valerie A. - Valerie share with us photos from 'back in the day' along with timeline info.

Valerie P. - Valerie pointed out a newpaper article.

Vicky S. - Vicky helped answer questions back in my early days of learning coding and a set list. Vicky also corrected a show date for 2024.

Wes C. - Wes found Barbara's clip from The Generation Gap on youtube.

William L. - William did the glass art of Billy.

William N. - William was the source a Blue Shadows.

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