Cowsill Discography - Compilations
Dates Unknown

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#TitleYear / LabelSong(s)Reference
1Hipsville 29 BC (this was an lp)UNK / UNKAll I Really Want To Be Is Me
2KILT Double Gold (this was an lp)UNK / UNKHair
3KISN Radio-22 Golden Classics - The Good Guys(this was a lp)UNK / UNKHair
4Your Navy Presents The Cowsills
(Dick Clark M.C. this was 2 lps)
UNK / UNKInterview and music
5 Oldies But Goodies (Japan lp)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
6 20 Dynamic Hits (Japan lp)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
7WFIL Is Together (this was an lp)UNK / Lost-Nite RecordsHair
8WMID/The Jersey Giant Vol 2(this was an lp)UNK / UNKHair
9KFRC: 610Solid Gold(this was an lp)Hair / UNKHair
10Solid Gold Summer Hits (this was a 3 lp set)UNK / UNKIndian Lake
1120 Dynamic Hits(this was a lp)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
12Traces Of Love (this was an lp)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
13WOKY AM 920 (from Milwaukee, WI) Solid Gold Vol 1
(this was a lp)
UNK / Post RecordsHair
14Golden Oldies - From Japan
(this was a lp)
15Golden Hits Pop - From Japan
(this was a lp)
16Sunday Night Sock Hop (this was a 4 lp set)UNK / UNKHair
17Summertime Gold (this was a 5 lp set)UNK / UNKIndian Lake
1899 WBIG All The Hits All The Time (this was a lp)UNK / AlleretTRTP&OT
1930 Years of Gold(this was a 2 lp set)UNK / SearsTRTP&OT
20KKDJ (this is a 2 lp set) UNK / UNKHair
21American Top 40 - Japan (this is a lp)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
22The Classic Psychedelic Collection (this was a cassette)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
23Rock N Roll Memories 1969 (this is a cassette)UNK / UNKHair
24This Magic Moment Group Harmony Classics of the 60s #1
(this was a cassette)
25Spirit of The 60s (this was a cassette)UNK / UNKHair
26Snap On Calander Girls (this was a cassette)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
27 Rhythm (an exercise tape)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
28 Loved Ones Volume 3UNK / UNKLove American Style
29Whole Lotta Rock 1966 1967UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
30Summers Of LoveUNK / UNKTRTP&OT
31Top 100 Hits of the 60sUNK / UNKHair
32 Fading Yellow Vol 7
from Sweden
UNK / UNKThe Mystery Of Life
33 Greatest Hits 1969UNK / UNKHair
34 I Dig Pig Cool Music From A Groovier Time!UNK / UNKHair
35 60's FlashbackUNK / UNKHair
36 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 25UNK / UNKParty Girl
37 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 33UNK / UNKWhat's It Going To Be Like
37 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 46UNK / UNKMost Of All
39 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 52UNK / UNKYou In My Mind
40 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 60UNK / UNKAll I Really Want To Be Is Me
41 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 66UNK / UNKThe Fun Song
42 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 73UNK / UNKSiamese Cat
43 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 75UNK / UNKAnd The Next Day Too
44 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 82UNK / UNKThe Milk Song
45 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 82UNK / UNKAll My Days
46 Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 114UNK / UNKNothing To Do
47 Best Of The Lost Jukebox Hits Vol 1UNK / UNKWhat's It Going To Be Like
48 50 Golden Milestones Volume 2UNK / UNKHair
49As Seen On TV - Easy 60's UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
50Rock 'n' Roll Hits of 1967 UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
51Rock 'n' Roll Hits of 1969 UNK / UNKHair
52Afternoon Tea Music Orange Iced TeaUNK / UNKWe Can Fly
53Prime Time Bubble GumUNK / UNKTRTP&OT
54Rock N' Roll Year 1969UNK / UNKHair
55Rock n' Roll Hits Golden 69UNK / UNKHair
56Rock and Rolls Years 1968UNK / UNKIndian Lake
57Tube Tunes Volume 1 UNK / UNKLove American Style
581967 On The Radio Vol 2UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
59Sixties Oldies Party Vol 2UNK / Century RecordsHair
60Superhits Late 60's ClassicsUNK / UNKIndian Lake
61The 60's Funny Days (US and Germany)UNK / UNKHair
62Top Tunes CDG TT091 - Pop/Rock 70's Vol.2UNK / UNKHair
63Best Hits PopsUNK / UNKHair
6460s Sound ExplosionUNK / KtelTRTP&OT
65The Sounds Of SummerUNK / UNKIndian Lake
66Class Reunion 1969 - Greatest Hits of 1969UNK / UNKHair
67Las 100 Mejores Canciones De Nuestra Vida 1963-1973UNK / UNKHair
6820 Great Oldies I'll Always Remember
From Germany
69WQXI Solid Gold (this was an lp)UNK / UNKHair
70 The Rock Box 120 Original Hits Vol 6(this is a 6 CD set)UNK / UNKIndian Lake
71 The Rock Box 120 Original Hits Vol 2 (this is a 6 CD set)UNK / UNKHair
72200 Jukebox Hits (10 CD set)UNK / UNKIndian Lake
73The Best of the 60's (4 CD box set)UNK / UNKHair
74The Best Of The 60s and 70s (10 CD set)UNK / UNKHair
75 60s Happy Days (5 CD set)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
76 Top 100 Hits of The 60's(this is a 6 CD set)UNK / UNKHair
77 Best Of The 1960s (3 CD set)UNK / UNK???
7860's Flower Power (this is a 2 CD set)UNK / UNKHair
79The Sixties Collection No. 1 Hits of the Sixties (this is a 3 CD set)UNK / UNKHair
80Legends Series:60's Classics Volume 148 (this is from Britian) UNK / UNKHair
81Top Hits of The 60s (this is a 4 CD set) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
82Summer of Love
Deutschland (this is a 4 CD set)
831960's Psychadelic Era
The Summer of Peace Love & Music(this is a 6 CD set)
84TV Themes of the 70s UNK / UNKLove American Style
8560s Classics UNK / UNKHair
86WCAU FM 98 The Solid Gold Sixties UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
87Official Hall Of Fame Radio Show - Coast To Coast
88100 Hits of The 60's (this is an 8 CD set from England)
89Top Hits of the 60's
90Rockin' Sixties (this was an lp)
UNK / PolydorHair
91WROD 1340 Daytona,FL (this was a 2 lp set)
92Mexico Box Set (this was a 3 lp set)
93Hits of '67 Vol.2 (Mexico or Spain - print in Spanish)
94Wape Solid Gold Volume One UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
95The Songs of Blue Bird No. 2 (from China or Taiwan)UNK / UNKSilver Threads
9520 Great Oldies I'll Always Remember (this is a cassette) UNK / UNKHair
97Golden Treasures 50's & 60's: 50 Hits By Original Artists (this is a 3 lp set) UNK / Ruby RecordsTRTP&OT
98For The Record - 25 years of Australia Radio Hits 69-73 (from Australia this is a 2 CD set)UNK / UNKHair
99Surf PartyUNK / UNKIndian Lake
100Top Tunes of the 1960s (this is 7 CD's)UNK / UNKHair
101Sounds Of The Sixties - Hard To Find Hits (this is from England)UNK / UNKHair
102/Marine Corp - Golden Oldies (this is a 7 lp set)UNK / UNKIndian Lake
103The Great Pop SixtiesUNK / UNKIndian Lake
104Ultimate Rock & Roll Classics (Box Set) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
10550 Juke Box Hits(2 CD set from Australia) UNK / UNKIndian Lake
106Juke Box Giants(2 CD set from Australia) UNK / UNKIndian Lake
107The 50 Greatest Hits(this was an lp) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
108The Greatest Hits of '69(this was an 8-track) UNK / UNKHair
109Dreamy 60s (Japan) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
110We Act, We Sing (Mexico) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
111The Ultimate Party - 3 (3 CD set from Australia) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
112Sounds of Solid Gold
Going Back In Time (7 lp)
113Ultimate 16 Spirt of the 60's UNK / UNKHair
114Just Oldies Unchained Melody:Holidays And Sweet Memories (from Japan) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
115Hip 60's UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
116Hits of the 60's Volume 4 (this is from the UK) UNK / UNKHair
117Supertracks with Gary Owens Program # 97 (this was 3 lp's) UNK / UNKUNK
118Supertracks with Gary Owens Program # 006 (this was 3 lp's) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
119Supertracks with Gary Owens Program # 109 (this was 3 lp's) UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
120The Swinging Sixties (this had 7 lp's) UNK / UNKHair
121Million Sellers (from Japan) UNK / PolydorTRTP&OT
122Flower Power Generation 1969 (from Australia)UNK / UNKHair
123Hits From The Year 1968UNK / UNKHair
125The Love & Peace Generation (this is from The Netherlands)UNK / UNKHair
126Las 100 mejores canciones 1963-1973 Vol. 6 (this is from The Netherlands)UNK / UNKHair
12760s Classic Rock (this is from The Netherlands)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
128Oh Happy Day (this is from The Netherlands)UNK / UNKHair
129The Best Music From The Vietnam WarUNK / UNKHair/Indian Lake/TRTP&OT
130Songs That Shaped A Decade Vol 5 (from Hong Kong)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
131Ocean Spray Sounds of Summer (this was a cassette)UNK / UNKIndian Lake
132One Hit WondersUNK / UNKHair
133Superstars of the 70's (this lp from Japan)UNK / Polydor/K-TelTRTP&OT
134The Best Of Jukebox Rock 1967 Vol 1UNK / PilzTRTP&OT
135The Best Of Jukebox Rock 1968 Vol 1UNK / PilzHair &
Indian Lake
136Super Oldies of the 60's Vol 10 (this was a 2 lp set)UNK / TRIPTRTP&OT, Indian Lake
137Super Oldies of the 60's Vol 12 (this was a 2 lp)UNK / TRIPHair
138 American Gold Christmas ShowUNK / ABC NetworkHair
139Super Hits of the Late 60'sUNK / DominionHair
140Generation 60sUNK / BlueOcean RecordsTRTP&OT / Hair
141Sensational 60s Vol 4UNK / DominionHair
142 Super Hits AM Gold 1967 UNK / Time - LifeTRTP&OT
143 Super Hits AM Gold 1969 UNK / Time - LifeHair
144Let's Go To San FranciscoUNK / Time - LifeHair
145Las Vegas NightsUNK / Time - LifeTRTP&OT
146The Summer of Peace, Love & MusicUNK / Time - LifeHair
147Sounds Of Seventies TV Themes UNK / Time - LifeLove American Style
14845s on CD Vol 4UNK / PolygramTRTP&OT
149Flower Power Best Of The 60's 5 CDs - AustraliaUNK / PolygramTRTP&OT
150Billboard Rock n Roll Hits 1969UNK / RhinoHair
151Psychedelic Promos and Radio Spots Volume 3UNK / U-SpacesMilk Commercial
15240 Lost Pop Hits Of the 1960's Treasury (2 CD set)UNK / EchoIndian Lake
153KCPX 24 Greatest Hits (this was a 2 lp set)UNK / Custom Fidelity Special ProductsHair
15426 Golden Hits (this was an 8 track)UNK / SessionsTRTP&OT
155Mellow Moments (this was an 8 track)UNK / SessionsTRTP&OT
156Golden Gum (this was an 8 track)UNK / Tee Vee ProductionsIndian Lake
157Solid Gold (this was an 8 track)UNK / SessionsIndian Lake
158Splash Of Sunshine (UK 18 track)UNK / Polyphonic SpreeWe Can Fly
159WCFL Double Gold (this was a 2 lp set)UNK / Post RecordsHair
16024 Solid Hits (this was an lp set)UNK / CrystalHair or Thinking Of You (different sources)
161Golden Oldies JukeboxUNK / CDI PhilipsTRTP&OT
162KNIE Summertime Hits(this was a 2 lp set)UNK / Custom Fidelty Special ProductsHair
163CKLW Solid Gold. (this was a 2 lp set)UNK / Post Records TRTP&OT
164WSAI Command PerformanceUNK / Post RecordsHair
165Armed Forces Radio & Television Service Station LibraryUNK / Armed ForcesWe Can Fly
6 other songs
166The 'In' Sound (this was an lp)UNK / Army Armed ForcesSegment on The Cowsills
167Fading Yellow Vol 7
(this was an lp)
from Switzerland
UNK / Flower Machine RecordsMystery Of Life
1684 LP Box - 72 0riginal Hits (this was a 4 lp set)UNK / CBSThinking About the Other Side
169The Kimn Goldmine (this was an lp)Hair / Post RecordsHair
170Golden Sixties Volume 6UNK / PolygramHair
171Super Star Super Hits Volume 2UNK / CBS DirectPennies
172Rockin' Jukebox (1969)UNK / MadacyHair
173The Get Easy Sunshine Pop Collection (this is a 2 CD set)UNK / Boutique/UniversalWe Can Fly
174Collectables 60's Vol. 1UNK / BR MusicTRTP&OT
17520 Years of Solid Gold Groups (4 CD set)UNK / Readers's DigestHair
17636 Smash Hits, Top 40 Treasures (3 CD set)UNK / Time LifeHair
177Golden Memories Vol 3 (this is from Hong Kong)UNK / UNKHair
178Best of Summer of Love (this is from France) UNK / UNKHair
179Exitos Serie Oro (this is from Mexico) UNK / UNK???
180Golden Sixties Vol 4 (this is from Hong Kong)UNK / DeramTRTP&OT
181The Entertainment Company Catalog (this is a 2 CD set)UNK / EMIIndian Lake
182Golden Oldies(this is from England)UNK / MercuryTRTP&OT
183Spirit of the '60s - Happy Together Collection UNK / Time-LifeHair
184Party Time (this is a 3 lp set
in a tin can from Canada
with green, black and orange vinyl)
UNK / PolydorUNK
185The Oldies Golden Pops Hits (from Japan, this was orange vinyl)UNK / PolydorTRTP&OT
18699 WIBG All Hits All The Time Super SixtiesUNK / Allert RecordsTRTP&OT
187WOKY Solid Gold Vol 2UNK / Post RecordsHair
188Golden Treasures Special 50th Edition UNK / Ruby RecordsTRTP&OT
189Looney Tunes The Ultimate Fun Pack (2 CD set from Austrailia)Hair / Fair Dinkum TunesHair
190MGM Verve Hit (from Japan)UNK / MGM_VerveIn Need &
Mister Flynn
191The Sound Of SummerUNK / K-TelIndian Lake
192Golden Oldies JukeboxUNK / PhilipsTRTP&OT
193Love modart en la nocheUNK / PolydorDevil With A Blue Dress
19430 Years Of Gold (2 Lps)UNK / PolygramTRTP&OT
195Hit kyoku Sougou Sample ban (from Japan)UNK / MGMLe Opere Di Bartoromeo & Gray Sunny Day
196Japanese Compilation(from Japan)UNK / MGMOn My Side & There Is A Child
197U.S. Greats(from The Netherlands)UNK / PolydorTRTP&OT
198GRQ FM97 Superhits Vol 1UNK / Custom Fidelity Special Products Hair
199No. 1 Hits of the 60's (this is an LP from Australia)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
20060's Gold(this is from the Philippines)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
201KSLQ St. Louis Stereo 98 2ND Anniversary Album (this is a 2 lp set)UNK / Fidelity Special Products Hair
202They Sold A Million (from South Africa)UNK / Polydor All I Really Want To Be Is Me
2032 UP Presents The Hits Volume 14UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
204Armed Forces Radio & TelevisionUNK / UNK In Need Of A Friend
20560s Classics (this is a cassette)UNK / UNK Hair
207Guard SceneUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
Bill intro
208Summer In The Sixties (these CD's are from Australia)UNK / UNK Hair
209Bubblegum GoldUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
210Super BubbleUNK / Lake Shore Music Indian Giver (??)
211American Gold Official Radio Show #12-15 (4 CD set)UNK / UNK Hair
212Little Steven's Under-Ground Garage 1961-2005(2 CD set)UNK / UNK Hair
213Fabulous Pop Radio HitsUNK / Century Records Indian Lake
215Spirit of the 60'sUNK / UNK Hair
216Hits of the 60'sUNK / Madacy TRTP&OT & Indian Lake
217Sounds Of Solid Gold Volume 2 (a Marine Crop promo)UNK / UNK 1968 recording
21820 Great Oldies Vol. 2 (a cassette from the Netherlands)UNK / UNK Hair
219CMJ Magazine Music SamplerUNK / UNK Get Over It
220Summer of Love The Sound of 1967UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
221I Love Rock & RollUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
222Rock On 1967 Vol 2UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
223Lo Mejor Del Pop UNK / UNK Hair
224Chartbreaker Vol 2 (from The Netherlands) UNK / UNK Hair
225Las Clasicas De Universal Vol 1 (from The Netherlands) UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
226Oldies Golden Hits Vol 3 (from Singapore) UNK / Spectrum Hair
227Rock n' Roll GraffitiUNK / UNKHair & TRTP&OT
228City Folks Live IIIUNK / UNKContinental Drifters
do "Drifters"
229Promotional Copy ForUNK / UNKIndian Lake
230MGM Verce KamasutraUNK / UNKWe Can Fly / A Time For Rememberance
231U-Spaces: Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 3UNK / UNKMilk Spot
232U-Spaces: Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Vol. 6UNK / UNKBoss City Promo
233Fab GearUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
234U.S. Marine Corp Sounds Off UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
235Blue Rose Collection Volume 8UNK / Blue Rose Snow
236Those Classic Golden Years UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
237Summer Party TimeUNK / EMIIndian Lake
238WIXY 1260 Super Oldies 2 Record Set-Cleveland OHUNK / UNKHair
239Armed Forces Radio And Television Service (AFRTS)UNK / UNK6 songs from OMS album
239The Swingin' Sixties (cassette from Australia)UNK / Reader's DigestHair
240Oldies Original Stars (from the Netherlands)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
241Oldies Golden Hits Vol.2 (from the Japan)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
242The Golden Groups (from the Australia - cassette)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
243Rock 'n Roll Classic CollectionUNK / UNKIndian Lake
244Funbusters Vol. 1UNK / UNKHair
245O Happy Day (from the Netherlands)UNK / UNKHair
24640 Jahre Flower Power (from the Netherlands)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
247Fitness Forever (from Polynesia)UNK / UNK Unk
24820 Great Oldies - Vol 5(a cassette)UNK / UNKIndian Lake
249Musical Annual (4 lps)UNK / Polydor TRTP&OT
250The Flower AlbumUNK / UNKTRTP&OT
251Splash! 5UNK / UNKChristmastime
252Revolution RockUNK / UNKHair
253THE ULTIMATE A - Z OF POP (from Australia)UNK / Flamingo RecordsTRTP&OT
254Blue Rose Collection Vol. 8UNK / Blue Rose RecordsSnow
255Hot FMUNK / Blue Rose RecordsI Want To Learn To Waltz With You
Don't Do What I Did
256Time Machine (from Brazil)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
257Summer Party TimeUNK / EMIIndian Lake
258America SingsUNK / UNKWe Can Fly
259Golden Memories Vol. 2UNK / UNKTRTP&OT & Indian Lake
260Regaine (from Germany)UNK / UNKHair
261200 Great OldiesUNK / UNKTRTP&OT & Indian Lake
262Rock 'n' Roll - The Definitive CollectionUNK / UNKIndian Lake
263Solid Gold FunUNK / UNKTRTP&OT
264Smash Hits Vol. 19UNK / UNKHair
265The Flower Power Collection (from Germany)UNK / UNKHair
266Top Hits of the 60's (4 CD set)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
267Pure Love (from Spain)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
268WBBFUNK / Post RecordsHair
269The Golden Groups: The Best Of The BalladsUNK / UNKTRTP&OT
270The Great Sixties Collection (3 CD set)UNK / UNKIndian Lake
271Armed Forces Radio & Television Service Station LibraryUNK / UNKMost of All, Siamese Cat
272KLWW KlassicsUNK / PHOENIX 107???
273Sound Singles 1967 Vol.2 (this was an 8-track)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
274Crusin 1971 (this was an LP)UNK / UNKTRTP&OT
275Golden Memories from Australia (this was an LP)UNK / KarussellUNK
276Mellow SixtiesUNK / UNKTRTP&OT
277Orange SummerUNK / Japanese Polydor/Kinki Nippon Tourist TRTP&OT
278Honey Home JukeboxUNK / Phoenix Hair
279KLIF-21 Klassics Vol 4UNK / Phoenix Hair
280Jambalaya II, The Music of LouisianaUNK / Louisiana Film Commission Drifters
Get Over It
281Sounds of the Sixties (from Australia) UNK / Time Life TRTP&OT
282Universal Compilation (from Japan) UNK / Universal TRTP&OT
283It's A Family Thing (from Australia) UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
284Best Hit Pops (from Japan) UNK / UNK Hair
285Ultimate Rock 'N' Roll ClassicsUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
286Those Classic Years Vol 12 (from Croatia)UNK / UNK Indian Lake
287Those Classic Years Vol 19 (from Croatia)UNK / UNK Hair
288Those Classic Years Vol 29 (from Croatia)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
289Pure 60s (from Spain)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
290Bob Pegg's Jukebox Vol 5UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
291Disco de Ouro Difusora (from Spain)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
292 Forgotten Oldies! #16 Family Member Acts!May 10, ???? / UNK Indian Lake
293One More Time AroundUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
294Feeling Groovy (from Australia)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
295Dream Box Of Popular Music (from Japan)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
296Psychedelia - 1966 - 1969UNK / UNK TRTP&OT & Hair
297WWID from New JerseyUNK / UNK Hair
298The All-Time Popular Hit Parade (from Japan)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
299Hits Para EnamoradosUNK / MELODY MITV TRTP&OT
300Jabbedabbedoe (from The Netherlands)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
301And The Beat Goes On Vol 3-4 (from The Netherlands)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
302Juke Box Revival Vol 1 (from The Netherlands)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
303Indian FeverUNK / UNK Indian Lake
304Dream A Little Dream Of MeUNK / Reader's Digest Hair
305Silence Is GoldenUNK / UNK Hair
306Sixties Oldies Party Vol OneUNK / UNK Hair
307Rock On ! 1968UNK / UNK Indian Lake
308The Best Hits 100 (from Japan)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
309The Millennium AgainUNK / UNK UNK
310The Golden Hits of 1969 (from China)UNK / UNK Hair
311Rock and Roll Time Capsule Vol 2UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
312June Sample (This is from England)UNK / MGM/VERVE What Is Happy?
313Golden Hit Pops 186UNK / Toshiba EMI Family Club TRTP&OT
314When Rock & Roll Was YoungUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
315The Swinging Sixties (box set)UNK / UNK Hair
316US No 1 HitsUNK / UNK Hair
317TV Themes from EnglandUNK / UNK Love American Style
318Dickie GoodmanUNK / UNK Hair
319Swinging 60'sUNK / UNK Hair
320Celebration - The Best of the 70'sUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
321Sounds of Solid GoldUNK / UNK Indian Lake
322Century Radio GolddiscUNK / UNK Indian Lake
323Original Tops Of The Pops (from Italy)UNK / Polydor Hair
324USMC Sounds of Solid GoldUNK / UNK We Can Fly
32627 Stop n Go Super-Charger HitsUNK / UNK Hair
327British Invasion Vol 7 America Strikes BackUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
328100 Hits of the Swingin' SixtiesUNK / UNK Hair
329Good Vibrations: The Beach Boys SongbookUNK / UNK Good Vibrations
330Larry Carlton CollectionUNK / UNK Hair
331Japan PromoUNK / UNK We Can Fly
332Gold Disc 604UNK / UNK Hair
333Gold Disc 450-3UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
334Rock & Roll - The Legendary Years UNK / Time Life Love American Style
3352-UP Presents The Hits (from Australia)UNK / UNK Indian Lake
336Songs That Shaped A Decade (from Australia)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
337Best Hit PopsUNK / UNK Hair
338Columbia Special PackUNK / UNK Thinking About The Other Side
339And The Beat Goes On Vol 3 (from Spain)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
3402 UP Presents The Hits(from Australia)UNK / UNK Hair & IL
341Sold Gold Group of the 60s and 70s(from Australia)UNK / Readers's Digest TRTP&OT
342The Woodstock CollectionUNK / Time Life TRTP&OT and Hair
343Rock-n- Roll Giants Collection(from Australia)UNK / K-Tel Indian Lake
344Summer of 1967UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
345The Radio & TV Hit Songs
Cashbox Hits of the 1972 and 1973
From Hong Kong
UNK / UNK Please, Mr. Postman
346Gold-discUNK / Century Hair
347Here's To Veteran 3 Volume BUNK / UNK Interview with Eddie Jason
348120 Super Oldies
from Italy
349TM Century - Series 17
from Hong Kong
UNK / UNK Indian Lake
350Armed Forces Radio & TelevisionUNK / UNK Most Of All
Siamese Cat
351Hard To Find 45s Vol 11
from France
UNK / Eric Indian Lake
352Top of the Pops
from Germany
UNK / Polydor Hair
353The Golden Years II
from Australia
UNK / Polydor TRTP&OT
354Japan Promo
from Japan
UNK / MGM Prophecy/Gotta Get Away
355Live At WMSE Volume 9UNK / UNK Just Believe It
356Back To The Sixities (cassette from Spain)UNK / DIVUCSA Hair
357Red Ronnie's 60s Peace and LoveUNK / Decibel Trading TRTP&OT
358San Remo '68 Enrico Intra (from Italy)UNK / UNK Le Opere Di Bartolomeo
359Sugar Pop - Sweet Hits from the '60s & '70sUNK / Universal TRTP&OT
360Music Factory UNK / MGM TRTP&OT
361Closico De Los 60's UNK / Universal TRTP&OT
362Pop Explosion (Cassette from Italy)UNK / Perfil Hair
363Hit Come Back (Cassette from Netherlands)UNK / Polyphon Hair
364Golden Hit Pops of the good old daysUNK / RCA TRTP&OT and Hair
365MGM Promo (from Japan)UNK / MGM Poor Baby
366Summer Hits Solid GoldUNK / UNK UNK
367The 60s - My Music Original MastersUNK / UNK TRTP&OT and Hair
368Las Clasicas de Universal Stereo 82.1 FM (from Mexico)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT and Hair
369One Stops For Summer!UNK / UNK Indian Lake
37018 Classic Hits (This is a cassette)UNK / UNK Hair
371Golden Memory (from The Netherlands)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
372Hit ComeBack (from The Germany)UNK / PolyPhon Hair
37320 Super Oldies of the SixtiesUNK / A-R-C Records Indian Lake
374Old Time Radio CommercialsUNK / UNK Commercial for Boss City TV show
375Big Buck Gold (this was a cassette)UNK / UNK UNK
376Geld / Udell SamplerUNK / UNK Most Of All
377Decades of Solid Gold ArtistsUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
37850th Anniversary Summer of Love (from the Netherlands)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
379Feten Hits Flower Power(from the Netherlands)UNK / UNK TRTP&OT
380Greatest Hits of 1969 (this was an 8-track)UNK / MVC Distribution Hair
381KCBQ Vol 2UNK / Post Records Hair
382Decades of Solid Gold ArtistsUNK / PBS TRTP&OT
383Here's to Veterans (this is a mp3 recording)UNK / Veterans Administration Guests along with Eddie Jasom
384PBS Arts Festival - 60s Pop, Rock & SoulUNK / PBS TRTP&OT
385Banana Curtain Monkey MichoacanUNK / UNK Anything Changes
386 The First Bring 'Em Back Alive UNK / UNK Hair
387 20 Super Oldies of the Sixties Vol. 2 (from the Netherlands) UNK / Arc TRTP&OT and IL
388 The Great Hits Record 2UNK /Special Products Hair
389 PeacenikUNK /A Records TRTP&OT
390 Canciones de Siempre, 1963-1973UNK / UNK Hair
391 Child's Rock 'N' Roll AlbumUNK / UNK TRTP&OT
392 GoldDisc UNK / CenturyHair
393 1955 Old & Heavy Gold 1971 UNK / UNKHair
394 New Songs by Tony Romeo (from Greece) UNK / Wes Farrell OrganizationIndian Lake
395 The Ultimate Rock 'N' Roll Box (from Australia) UNK / UNKIL & Hair
396 1300/WMAK Solid Gold UNK / UNKHair

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