Most of All

The Cowsills
Most Of All
B/W Siamese Cat

There is an error on this picturesleeve, front and back. They get Barry and John reversed.

The following is the text from the back cover.

So, what's a Cowsill, you may be asking?

Well, The Cowsills are four brothers (to each other, that is!).

And Cowsill is their real name --- not merely some kooky term thought up as a "clever" name for a new rock group.

Recently, The Cowsills have been tearing up the East Coast audiences with their appearances at college concerts, frat parties. The group performed for an audience of about 6,500 persons in New York's Central Park a few weeks back and have been seen (and heard, we might add) on the NBC "TODAY" show.

Specifically, The Cowsills are lead singer and rhythm guitarist Bill who's 19; lead guitarist Bob, 16; Fender bassman John 11; and 10-year-old Barry, their drummer.

The Cowsills are clean-cut, neat, well-scrubbed and dressed well. They are not pseudo-hip, scruffy, artificially 'beat,' nor do they say outrageous things just to attract attention.

If you like pseudo-hip, scruffy, attention-getters, you won't dig the Cowsills. But if you like rock groups that are musicians-who play and sing and write well--- then run, don't walk, to the clerk and GET THIS RECORD.

It's that simple. The Cowsills are GOOD GUYS. Why help the BAD GUYS?

--Jere Real

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