Third Fan Club - Cowsills Fan Club memorabilia

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Fan Club Certificate


Fan Club Card


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9255 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif 90069
(213) 273-3754

Hi !

We just want to say thanks to each of you who have written us, and let you know about our brand new Fan Club now operating from our West Coast home base.

We've been travelling all over the United States this last year. It's been a groove - 'specially getting to see some of your in person.

But while we're on the road, there's a great grup in L.A. keeping us posted. At last report, they were absolutely avalanched with cards and letters. Thanks and we love ya!

First of all, we're putting together a new Fan Club. But if you belonged to our other one, natuarally you're top priority members in our book.

It works like this. If you're already a card-holding member and would like to renew your membership, please send us back your old card to our new president, Diane Waner.

9255 Sunset Boulvard
Suite 108
Los Angeles, California 90069

as well as $1.00 for your 1969-1970 dues. We'll issue you a new card, and make sure you get our all-new super-grove Cowsills brouchure which we've just had made up for our fans. After that, you'll be hearing from us regularly, we promise!

However, if you've never officially joined, that's cool too. Now you can! Just send us $1.00 for initiation and $1.00 for this year's dues, and we're on!

Please don't forget, whether you're an old or new member, to make sure to include your name and address with your 1969-70 dues or initiation fee and dues. We wouldn't want anybody else to get your card.

We're really seeing a lot of the U.S. this summer, and each part is different. We're always being asked where our favorite place is - and the funny thing that happens is that each turns out to be a 'favorite'. Some of the different 'faves' where we'll soon be are:

August 1 Chattanooga, Tennessee
August 2
August 3 Virginia Beach, Virginia
August 23 Chicago, Illinois
August 24 DuQuoin, Illinois
August 27 Essex Junction, Vermont
August 30 Ashbury Park, New Jersey
August 31
Sept 1 Detroit Michigan
       7 University of Iowa State, Ames
       8 Spencer, Iowa
       9 York, Pennsylvania
       14 Springfield, Massachusetts
       21 Salt Lake City, Utah
       28 Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

Which will just about wrap it up for the summer! If we're in your area, you know we'd have to see you.

In the meantime, even though we try to really hit just about everywhere we can during the summer, we still love hearing about you whether we actually see you or not. Diane is sitting back at 9255 Sunset ready to fall out the membership cards. She's just waiting to hear from you.

Love and thanks,





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