Cowsill Trivia

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262. What was the apartment number of the C's first apartment at 888 8th Ave? (Note: This was the ground floor apartment)

263. Name two other performers who lived at 888 8th Ave at the same time the Cowsills did.


1. How old was Barbara and Bud when they got married?

2. The record name JODA stand for two people's names. Who are they?

3. What Cowsill producer went on to be a promoter at the first Woodstock?

4. What name did Bud and Barbara like so well that they used for two of their sons?

5. What is the name of the amusement park in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that the Cowsills would often play in the olden days?

6. How many different cities were the seven siblings born in?

7. Bill took what was left of his Cowsill money and bought what in a converted railway station in Austin?

8. What was Bud's rank when he retired from the Navy?

9. How many childen do the seven siblings have?

10. How many of the six brothers are grandfathers? and who was the first to become one?

11. Who worked in a perfume factory in his post Cowsill days?

12. Who has 2 dogs named Lucy and Red?

13. Who has a turtle named Tommy?

14. What was the name of the studio that Global was recorded at and who owns that studio?

15. Which Cowsill does a comedy(?) routine about Sector Nine?

16. Which Cowsill was caught taking a toy cannon and trying to shoot Christmas bulbs off the tree?

17. What song is credited to David Ray but was actually written by Bill? This song was recorded how many times by a Cowsill?

18. At what major league ballpark did the Cowsills perform at in "Soundblast 66" with the Byrds, The McCoys, and the Beach Boys?

19. How many years did the Cowsill song "Love American Style" play on the TV show?

20. Who is Richard's Godmother?

21. What college did Bob attend in New York?

22. Bob's first guitar (well I assume after the one Bud brought home) was what kind? (Hint: It came from Sears)

23. Who was the producer that left the Cowsill during the Cocaine Drain years to go produce Bruce Springstein?

24. What company bought the rights to the Cowsills older music in 2000?

25. Are Bob and Rich faternal or paternal twins and which is the oldest?

26. What song did a form of the Cowsills record under the name Bridey Murphy?

27. What was the name of the group that Robby "Cowsill" Scharf played in during the 70's with Shawn Cassidy?

28. In what city did a DJ get fired for playing Hair? (Until the phone lines lit up and it became a hit.)

29. What is the name of the tank that John is driving in the Harvey Pop Comic?

30. Which Cowsill has a child who is credited as recording at a YOUNGER age then they themselves did?

31. Which Cowsill says they have never written a song (totally)?

32. Which two Cowsill's have strong Beach Boy connections?

33. What Canadian city did Bill live in for a long time before moving to Calgery?

34. What was the name of the character that Bill played on the Canadian TV show Lonesome Dove?

35. What kind of guitar did Barry have stolen only to find it up for bid on eBay?

36. What was Barry's wife's maiden name, what was her occupation when they were married, and where were they married at?

37. What is the meaning behind Barry's psedo-name Elvis Franklin?

38. What was the name of the fictional group that Barry was playing with when he moved back to New Orleans in 1999?

39. How many record labels have the Cowsill (as a unit - not individually) recorded under?

40. How many takes did it take to record Hair?

41. Which Cowill was on the show "To Tell The Truth"?

42. Which Cowsill once drove a truck for United Van Lines?

43. Name two groups that Robby and John have played in, excluding The Cowsills.

44. What was Paul's draft number?

45. Name two non-Cowsills who have played bass with the group?

46. What was Bob's draft number?

47. In 2001, The Cowsills were the answer to a 'Who Wants To Be A Million' question? To what Celebrity was this ask? And who was her celebrity husband who Moooo as a clue to her?

48. What song kept The Rain, The Park and Other Things out of the Billbards's #1 slot?

49. What song kept Hair out of the Billbards's #1 slot?

50. Name three singers/groups that Paul worked for in the post-Cowsill years?

51. On which album did Paul record and yet he is not pictured on the cover?

52. What four colors of vinyl can you find the single Christmastime recorded on?

53. Name one of the first colleges that the Cowsills began playing at back in those early days.

54. What TV show did Bob and Bill perform on during those early years when they lived in Canton, Ohio?

55. Who was on the cover of the TV Guide the week that A Family Thing aired?

56. What TV show gave The Cowsills their first big break?

57. On which Cowsill picture sleeve can you find the mistake where Barry's name is under John's picture and vice versa?

58. Which Bachelor was Bob on his Dating Game appearance?

59. A Family Thing aired of what date, day of the week, time slot, and what shows did it go head to head with?

60. Where can you find Alligator Rock?

61. What club did the very young Cowsills play in that is now a candy store on Banister's Wharf?

62. Where was Barbara and Bud living at the time of their deaths?

63. What was the name of Susan's dog that often made the pages of 16 magazine?

64. Which three Cowsills were part of the band Bridey Murphy?

65. Where was the video for The Rain, The Park and Other Things shot?

66. Name two other names the Cowsills considered playing under during the comeback years.

67. In 1992, The Cowsills were awarded "Best Unsigned Local Band" at the LA Music Awards. Who presented the award to them?

68. What song is the only Cowsill song they ever recorded in a language other than English? What language did they record in?

69. In which city was the In Concert recorded in?

70. Who was the clown on the cover of the Captain Sad album?

71. With what jazz great did The Cowsills star with at Steel Pier?

72. Which Cowsill had a son who played semi-pro baseball and what position did that son play?

73. What was the name of the book/movie Paul wrote that was a biography of The Cowsills?

74. What song was written by a Cowsill and recorded by Hootie & The Blowfish?

75. What was the address of The Cowsills apartment in New York City back in the late 60's?

76. In his post-Cowsill years, John made TV appearances as part of which two TV character's bands?

77. Which Cowsill song can be heard as Musac in elevators?

78. What company was the corporate sponsor of TORI 2000 when all seven Cowsills performed together?

79. Which song was released overseas as a single, but never released in the US?

80. Which country released an EP with TRTP&OT, A Time for Remembrance, We Can Fly and River Blue?

81. Name 3 other groups Susan has been a part of besides The Cowsills?

82. Which Cowsill song is subtitled "Song For Marissa"?

83. Where can you find Cowsill Lane?

84. On which TV show can you find John twirling his drum sticks?

85. When was the only time The Cowsills worked with a choreographer?

86. Which two Cowsill children have art careers?

87. For which TV show does Tiffany Cowsill-Sheu work as a lead person?

88. Name two bands that Cowsill children play/have played in?

89. Name two Cowsills and the jobs they have held in the TV/movie industry?

90. What is the shortest recorded song on the 7 major Cowsill albums (Lincoln Park, The Cowsills, We Can Fly, Captain Sad, In Concert, II x II, On My Side)?

91. What is the longest recorded song on the 7 major Cowsill albums?

92. What book inspired Bob when he wrote Contact Mae?

93 How much did the Cowsill drum set cost in the 1969 Sears Christmas Catalog?

94. What was the first album that Bill and Bob produced?

95. Who was the host of the VH-1's "My Generation" featuring The Cowsills back in 1992?

96. On which Burt Reynolds sitcom was there a referece to The Cowsills made?

97. Who was given a copy of The Cowsills album as a birthday present on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1990?

98. Which Cowsill was married barefoot in the garden of a close friend?

99. What song did Susan sing with Dean Martin on his show back in 1969?

100. What 1994 Jim Carrey movie featured a Cowsill song?

101. Name two Cowsill connections with Bob Dylan.

102. What was John's pet monkey's name and what was his fate?

103. What is the Cowsill conncection to a former pro bike racer?

104. What lead singer of the song "Build Me Up Buttercup" once lived with The Cowsills?

105. What other two famous drummers share a birthday with John?

106. What was the first album Susan recorded on?

107. Rehearsals not withstanding, what was the first performance including Barbara and Susan?

108. What other groups did Lenny Stogel manage?

109. What medical emergency did Bob have while on his honeymoon with Nanci?

110. Can you name at least five types of pets the Cowsills have/had?

111. Name at least six schools at least one of the Cowsills attended.

112. For what soap opera and for which character did John once audition? Who beat him out for the part?

113. What is the name of the play and what was the characters name that John performed in? This play was in 1998 in Ojai.

114. Which of the teen magazines of the day, and what date, first featured The Cowsills?

115. Which Cowsill album was released in mono as well as stereo?

116. Which Cowsill 45 was released with two different center labels?

117. How was the Cowsill flower logo designed and who designed it orginally?

118. What is the difference in this logo and the one you see on Global (beside the color)?

119. Where was that first Cowsill - MGM audition held?

120. What songs did the Cowsills play at this MGM audition?

121. Who played bass in the Cocaine Drain sessions?

122. Who was the song Crystal Claps written for?

Questions 123-133 come from clipping belonging to Claire Burbage from Newport. Thanks for sharing !!

123. Who was the first Cowsill Fan Club President?

124. At Soundblast 66 the Cowsills performed with 6 other individuals/groups. Can you name three?

125. What are some of the VERY early TV shows the Cowsills were on?

126. What was the date of the bankruptcy filing?

127. What were the debt and assets claimed in this filing?

128. At what address were the Cowsills living when they signed their first contract?

129. What was the ghost's name who lived in Halidon Hall?

130. What was Bud's title and rank when he retired from the Navy?

131. On what date did the Cowsills perform on the Today show?

132. What price did Bud pay for the guitar he bought for Bill and Bob?

133. Before The Cowsills, Barb once sat in with Bill and Bob if a group called what? What kind of music did they perform?

134. Which of the Cowsills LPs was highest on the Billboard charts?

135. What major showcase did The Cowsills play where they were attributed the name of 'America's First Family of Music'?

136. List three Cowsill fan club Presidents.

137. From January 1968 to March 1971, which Cowsill's picture was on the front of 16 Magazine most?

138. What company was the sponsor of A Family Thing?

139. What date did Love American Style, featuring the Cowsills singing the theme, debut?

140. Which Cowsill was hospitalized from a motocycle wreck in 1970 while riding on a cycle with Nanci Roberts Cowsill's brother, Kenny?

141. When, and it which teen magazine, were the Cowsill's first mentioned?

142. Without looking, can you name the B-side of the following records?
          All I Really Want To Be Is Me
          The Rain, The Park, and Other Things
          We Can Fly
          Indian Lake
          The Impossible Years
          Silver Threads and Golden Needles
          Covered Wagon

143. On which day of the week were most of the 9 Cowsills born?

144. On the II x II album, which Cowsill's picture is in the centerfold?

145. On the inside of the II x II album, which performing Cowsill can we NOT clearly see their picture?

146. Where were the photo's for the II x II album taken?

147. Can you name all the Cowsill albums that are gatefolds?

148. On Billy's Nervous Breakthrough album, what one word is written on the inside artwork? (This does not include credits)

149. In December 2004, Billy released a CD recorded in 1985 titled 'Billy Cowsill Live at the Crystal Ballroom 1985' Billy did this as an opening set for which other artist?

150. Mattel included 2 Cowsill LP's as accessories in Barbie Houses in the 1960's. Can you name which two albums covers were used?

151. Other than being where a Cowsill held regular gigs, what does The Mecca Cafe and Pickwicks Pub have in common?

152. Who was pictured in the first ever publicity photo?

153. Why were the Cowsills kicked out of a London restaurant in 1969?

154. What does Paul Cowsill and Todd Rundgren have in common except music?

155. What does A Family Thing and Full House have in common besides John being in both?

156. What 45 did versions of The Cowsills record twice between 1971 and 1974?

157. What was the name of the Dick Clark 'oldies' tour in 1990 the the Cowsills almost joined?

158. Which two other groups were going to be part of this tour?

159. Who was the man who taught Billy and Bob those first chords on guitar?

160. How did Billy, Bob and Barry learn what a bass guitar was?

161. What was the name of the A&R guy who got fired in 1991 for trying to sign The Cowsills?

162. In 1998 a compilation was sold by Avon Cometics that included what Cowsill song?

163. In what section of Disneyland did the Cowsills perform in 1968?

164. What two stars were also on the marquee at the Flamingo Hotel while the Cowsills performed there?

165. What song was recorded on an LP by both The Cowsills and The Partidge Family?

166. Which song was the last recorded performance by Billy before his death?

167. Which Cowsill song was performed in 2007 during an IKEA commecial?

168. What color was the suit that Bob wore on both The Dating Game and The Generation Gap?

169. Name 3 Vancouver bands that Billy's son, Del, has played in?

170. What TV show did The Cowsills appear on that was shown on the Retirement Living Channel?

171. What was Billy's last recording?

172. What was the street address of the Cowsill home on Indian Ave.?

173. What nickname did his brothers call John back in 1965?

174. What month and year was the single "All I Really Want To Be Is Me" released?

175. We all know in those early days that The Cowsills played college/clubs etc. in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, but name two other states they would travel to on weekends to play.

176. The Cowsills were the first rock and roll group to be seen on what TV show?

177. What did Bud carry around with him in the early days to prove his kids were smart?

178. What did John and what did Richard get in trouble with their folks for stealing from hotels?

179. In the early days, John was compared to what famous and influential American jazz and big band drummer, known for his highly energetic and flamboyant style?

180. What is the name of the first recording company to own the master of Cowsills music during the MGM years?

181. When and for how long was the contract signed for the American Dairy Association promotional deal?

182. Besides James Burton, what other famous (also Partridge Family related) studio musician did The Cowsills work with?

183. Who did the Donald Duck talk on the song "Down On The Farm"?

184. "Indian Lake" is a favorite song of what original Beach Boy?

185. How many Ed Sullivan shows were The Cowsills signed up to do? How many did they do? What happen to the others?

186. In an interview what did Ed Sullivan say about The Cowsills?

187. We had heard rumors of a Susan doll being talked about, but name two other merchandise items that were considered.

188. Who was the Cowsill's tutor on that very first bus tour after joining MGM? (Hint: It was not Dotty Crown)

189. What was the name of the bus driver on that tour?

190. Who missed the bus twice during that tour?

191. What German starlet once threw the Cowsills a party costing $18,000?

192. Were The Cowsills ever on The Smothers Brothers Show?

193. For what show was the Griffith Park video of TRTPOT filmed?

194. What was "Biggy" Korn's first name?

195. The milk ad with the Cowsills sitting in a garden (click here to refresh your memory) was taken in what person's garden?

196. Name at least five places that the milk ad/commercials were filmed.

197. What was the name of the bar Billy owned in Austin?

198. What name did Billy first suggest for The Blue Shadows and why?

199. The Blue Shadows had tour t-shirts in 1994. What slogan was written on these?

200. What was the first set of drums that John played, what kind did he REALLY want, and did he get that brand?

201. What is the name of the Tech who sets up John's drums for his Beach Boys gigs?

202. Which Beatles album and which Beach Boys album did John list as part of his Top 10 all-time albums?

203. What gothic soap opera actress was a neighbor of the Cowsills when they lived in Santa Monica/Brentwood, California in 1969?

204. What Three Dog Night song has an intro which sounds a great deal like The Cowsills 1st hit intro?

205. We know the C's first professional show was at Kings Park, but what was the occasion?

206. _______ (<--- name of an artist) often jammed as a "principal creative respite, increasingly formed his entire approach to composing and recording new material." Part of these jam sessions was Bill Cowsill.

207. In the 1969-1970 school year, Susan was ______ (president, vice-president, secretery) of the 5th grade and John was the _______ of the 8th grade.

208. The masks that the Cowsills wore on the Captain Sad album cover, represented what?

209. Who did the dog in A Family Thing belong to and where did he come from?

210. Which two Cowsills worked on the road with Three Dog Night?

211. On April 10, 2012, John joined the Beach Boys singing the "National Anthem" at the Dodgers game. He wore a special made Dodgers shirt. What was his number on the shirt?

212. In what year and with whom was Paul with when his plane nearly crashed in Moline Illinois?

213. On July 26, 2012, Susan joined Jackson Browne on-stage at Floyd Fest in Virginia. What song did they sing together?

214. When the Beach Boys played the half time show at the Liberty Bowl on December 31, 2005, what instrument did John Cowsill play?

215. Where was A Family Thing filmed?

216. The bar that Billy owned in Austin - McNeil Depot (now called Donn's Depot) - was also famous for what historical event?

217. Who was one of the imposters on the episode of To Tell The Truth that Barbara was on?

218. According to newspaper interviews, where was Suebar's ('Suba') favorite places to sleep?

219. At ToRI 2000, Bill told a joke to Susan. Bill:"Hey Sue, how do you know there's a chick singer at your door?" What was the punch line to this joke?

220. When the Cowsills sang the national anthem at the Red Sox game in 2004, four family members wore personalized Sox shirts. Who wore Cowsill 1? Cowsill 2? Cowsill 3? and Cowsill 4?

221. How many tours in Vietnam did Richard serve?

222. When ask in about 2013 what he thought he would have been if there had never been a band, what did Richard answer and did that happen?

223. When ask in about 2013 what he thought he would have been if there had never been a band, what did John answer?

224. When ask in about 2013 what she thought she would have been if there had never been a band, what did Susan answer?

225. We all know that Cowsill family members tend to talk over each other, so what did Louise P use when interviewing the family to signal it was that person's turn to speak?

226. What musical group ask John to play drums (temporary) for them that led to his permanent hiring with the Beach Boys?

227. What comedian did John take Vicki to see on their first official date hoping to impress her? Was she impressed?

228. Which famous (long retired) basketball player used to come over and play tennis at the Cowsills house when they lived in Santa Monica?

229. What fraternity house did the C's stay at while performing at Eastern Illinois State?

230. What was the name of the musical that Barry and Susan were working on at the time of his death?

231. What was Richard's military unit name while he was in Vietnam?

232. What was the name of the tour that John (with Jan and Dean) was a part of in China?

233. Who was the artist who drew the Cowsills Comic Book?

234. The siblings each have a necklace that is of wings and a heart. Who gave these necklaces to them?

235. What famous musician once said of Bill, "Billy left the middle of the road and headed for the ditch"?

236. Why did The Cowsills miss an autograph session at the Tempo Store in Twin Falls, Idaho in July 1970?

237. How much were The Cowsills paid for that first professional gigs at the Redman Carnival in King's Park?

238. How much was Bill and Bob paid to play that first professional duo show for the Professional Women's Club of Newport?

239. How much did Bud and Barbara pay for the Halidon Hall house in Newport? How much is it worth in 2018?

240. According to Bob, what was the first place the whole family sang together?

241. On what TV show was it said, "The high ratings of the miniseries "The Jacksons" on ABC, and "Sinatra" on CBS, have prompted third-place NBC to announce plans for its own miniseries "The Cowsills" in 1995?

242. Where was the first show done after Bill was kicked out of the group?

243. The song "Some Good Years" was orginally written as a tribute to whom?

244. What is the real occupation of the Executive Producer of Rhythm Of The World?

245. What was Paul's job while in the Navy?

246. In a Flower Power Cruise interview, Susan, Paul and Bob were ask what their first jobs were. What did Paul say? Susan? Bob?

247. What TV show did the Cowsills appear on most in the 1967-1971 time frame?

248. What item did John steal from Angela Cartright's house as a souvenir from the infamous Christmas party?

249. When living in NYC during those mid-60s years, we know the Cowsill kids attended the Professional Children's School. How far did they have to go to school?

250. Name at least two of Barry's nicknames/pseudo names.

251. We all know Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) has known the Cowsills for a long time. Yet during the 50th Anniversary Beach Boys Tour, Brian chose this to be the name he called John. What was the name?

252. We all know that Bill Cowsill was really the writer of the song II x II which is credited to David Ray. This is because the rights were sold to David for how much?

253. When ask which celebrity they were most in awe of getting to perform with, Paul, Bob and Susan said who?

254. When ask what life lesson they learned from those famous years that they still hold today, Paul, Bob and Susan said what?

255. When ask what piece of memorabilia did Bob, Paul and Susan still have that they cherish the most, what did they say?

256. When ask which song they thought should have been a hit, that wasn't, Bob, Paul and Susan said what?

257. When ask which song Bob, Paul and Susan liked best from Global, what did they say?

258. What is John's favorite chinese resturant in New York City?

259. What was the first song John sang with the group?

260. What was the first song John played with the group? (Hint: A Beatles song)

261. What is the only song on Global that Susan played guitar on?

262. What was the apartment number of the C's first apartment at 888 8th Ave? (Note: This was the ground floor apartment)

263. Name two other performers who lived at 888 8th Ave at the same time the Cowsills did.

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