Who Said It?

The following are some comments made my members of The Cowsills from shows, interviews, etc. See if you can pick out Who Said It

1. "They're my babies"

2. "I am NOT a baby!"

3. “Man, I am the kid brother of the baby boom generation.”

4. "We're a classic rags to riches to rags story. We made millions of dollars almost overnight, then lost it nearly as quickly. But we've got a lot of music left in us."

5. "Well the point is we didn’t know what it was, but we knew we were doing it."

6. "Hey let's not waste this valuable air time. I'll give you the key to my hotel room later"

7. "She was the 8th kid."

8. "OK, (singing) Ahh gog gog gog gog Ah gog gog gog gog"

9. "Yeah, I grew up singing. It helped me to grow up – to sing. Yeah, I’ve been singing since I was knee-high to a grasshopper."

10. "Nancy Hussey, you used to give me free Pixy Sticks and bubblegum. Man, I love you forever."

11. "I remember being on that stage and wanting to stand where John Lennon stood, to see what he saw."

12. "My 30-year-old son ______ saw it in ________. He called and said, 'Dad! It's you! It's you!' It was so cool."

13. "It's really hard working together and living together and speaking amongst one another."

14. Speaking of Bud, this Cowsill said Bud was "in charge of production and reproduction"

15. "To start with they took a perfectly unbothered talented family, who was into folk and rock and roll. They put them in various undersized ridiculous suits, which was OK cuz it was the 60's."

16. "I'd love you to put your hands around my neck."

17. "He's rather cranky when he's had a bad drive anywhere so it's probably for the best (a certain Cowsill) isn't at this interview."

18. "Oh, it's a long story. They just all had this in them and it had to come out."

19. "I am the bad guy who calls rehearsals, makes Barry practice his bass, makes John drum till he's blue in the face, and tells Mom that this is more important than washing dishes."

20. "Ever since I hopped my first train, I've never been the same."

21. "... this might be a fun place to perform for the summer."

22. "Oh my god. You guys are like Spinal Tap."

23. "Barry has a terrific sense of humor and is full of adventure. He learned to scuba dive in our kitchen sink! The sink is quite large, so he put on his snorkel and John held his head under water until he learned how to breath properly."

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