The Cowsills In Books

AARP New Orleans
by Fromers


on Page 10-11:
A Night On The Town:

. . . while the well-established Treme Brass Band gained much deserved, wider recognition from their appearances on HBO's Treme. Big Sam's Funky Nation: Descended from Buddy Bolden, so he claims, trombonist Sam Williams ain't lying about the "funky" part. Formerly of popular party band Cowboy Mouth, Paul Sanchez may be the top singer-songwriter in town. Catch him solo, with his Rolling Road Show,l or doubled-billed with breakout trumpeter Shamarr Allen or Susan Cowsill - yes, that Cowsill! Susan, now a superb singer-songwriter, covers a lot of ground in her terrific solo shows, especially her "Covered in Vinyl" nights when she and friends re-create entire classic albums by Sptringsteen, the Rolling Stones, U2, Fleetwood mac, and others.

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