The Cowsills In Books

A Bunny Screaming
by Jerry Ford
Null November 25, 2009


Page 210 :
Aunt Diane, however, was a diligent and capable watchdog and as I grew older, she would take me to Biggies, the hamburger shack where she worked as a teenager and feed me burgers and milkshakes. We would walk downtown together and shop at Woolworth's and have lunch at the diner downtown that had little jukeboxes at each booth, so patrons could pick their favorite songs to listen to while they enjoyed their plates of hash and eggs. It was here that I first heard "Penny Lane" by the Beatles and "The Rain, the Park and Other Things" by the Cowsills. I still remember hearing "I love the flower girl . . ." piped through the diner and the songs somehow made the little place brighter. That was the summer of 1967. Across the country there were hippies taking acid and practicing free love, but here in Fairmont, West Virginia, it was a matter of their songs brightening a ten year-old's meal of grilled cheese and potato chips.

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