The Cowsills In Books

All Music Guide to Rock: The Definitive Guide to Rock, Pop, and Soul (3rd Edition)
by Vladimir Bogdanov
Backbeat Books; 3rd edition April 16, 2002


on Page 185:
"... well covered by the Manhattan Transfer. Their version of "Get Together" is about as convincing as a version by the Cowsills would have been, but it's balanced by Richard Carpenter's slow ballad arrangement of "Ticket to Ride," an unexpected and be- ..."

on Page 260:
"... their cathartic best. The recording is psycho-grunge with punk rock horn that reaches to psy- chological depths. -Thomas Schulte The Cowsills .... ....... ........... . . ... f.1966, Newport, RI, db.1971 Bubblegum, Power Pop, Pop The real-life inspiration behind the hit ..."

on Page 433:
"... the group's records were on par with the work of superstar contemporaries like the Beach Boys, the Association, and the Cowsills, yet none of their singles even cracked the Hot 100. The Free Design originally comprised siblings Chris, Bruce, and Sandy ..."

on Page 536:
"... the release of Mavericks, Stamey returned to his solo career and Holsapple formed the Continental Drifters with his wife Susan Cowsill. In 1994, Holsapple re-formed the dB's and the group released Paris Avenue later in the year. -Stephen Thomas Erlewme Mavericks ..."

on Page 846:
"... Shirley Jones and then up-and-coming actor David Cassidy, The Partridge Family was loosely based on real-life family pop/rock band the Cowsills. The only members of the cast heard on the records are lead vocalist Cassidy and Shirley Jones on background vocals. ..."

on Page 1248:
"... Wynn's granddad. John Wesley Harding's harmonica was left uncredited on the over-the-top "Tuesday," on which Flo & Eddie and Susan Cowsill also sing while violins, cello and Buck's 12-string ring out like the bells of Rhymney. Johnette Napolitano, Russ Tolman and ..."

on Page 1331:
"... to some degree by Bobby Sherman, a pre-teen idol. The Partridge Family themselves were picking up a fumble by the Cowsills, a clean-cut pop/rock family act that the Partridges were loosely based upon (although the Cowsills' arrangements were somewhat more sophisticated ..."

from Index:
"... 787, 986 Currie, Jim 329 Copland, Aaron 23, 364 Cows 259,260 Crombie, Noel 606,981 Currie, Justin 295 Copping, Chris 893 Cowsill, Barbara 260 Cronin, Kevin 933 Currie, Nick 752, 753 Corbiln, Anton 31 Cowsill, Bill 260 Cronk, Charles 1090 Curry, Mickey ..."

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