The Cowsills In Books

American Datelines: Major News Stories from Colonial Times to the Present
by Ed Cray, Jonathan Kotler, Miles Beller
University of Illinois Press February, 2003


Page 340:
Woodstock? It's an hour and a half away in light traffic, but then listen to the testimony of Artie Kornfeld, who is one of the promoters of the fair and who now feels absolved of all guilt because he stands to lose a fortune.

"From now on," he says, "when people hear the name Woodstock they won't think of the town, they'll think of our festival." Has Kornfeld found a new religion? "This weekend turned me around so much," he says, his eyes burning with the passion of some unknown fuel, "that I could never go back to what I was doing." Artie Kornfeld was a commercial record producer whose greatest credit was the Cowsills, but now he's going to spend more time with his wife and daughter.

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