The Cowsills In Books

Rock & Roll And The Beat Goes On
by "Cousin Brucie" Morrow
Imagine - October 1, 2009



Pages 214:
The Cowsills

The wholesome Cowsill family from Rhode Island - six siblings and their mom - sang intricate four- and five-part harmonies on million-selling hits like "Indian Lake" in 1968 and a recording of the title song from Hair in 1969. They were the real-life models for the Partridge Family.


Pages 257:
The Partridge Family

A fictional family band with a laundry list of real-life hits, the Partridge Family was the subject of a '70s TV series featuring heartthrob David Cassidy as singer Keith Partridge. The Partridge Family show, based loosely on the Cowsills family of the '60s, documented the ups and downs of stardom. Supported on recordings by session musicians, the Partridge Family's singsles included "I Think I Love You" and "I'll Meet You Halfway"

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