The Cowsills In Books

Blue Bored People Love You
by Todd Van Buskirk
CreateSpace - May 23, 2012


on Page 136-137:
Thursday night was the best Beach Boys concert I've ever seen (excluding Brian's solo tours). 3 hours of soaring harmonies that replicated and even embellished the studio recordings. The sound was BIG! Jeff and the Wondermints were stellar. I'm so glad they used them on this tour - high energy and no false notes. Plus Scott Totten and John Cowsill from Mike's band. Scott plays sweet guitar both electric and acoustic and Cowsill comes as close to Denny's style as I've ever seen - he really bs them!

Page 188:
To me the sound check was particularly illuminating. Brian often was calling the shots about which songs the band would rehearse, and when he was ready to roll he'd yell back to the drummer. "Hey, Cowsill -- let's go!"

Page 257:
John Cowsill was excellent on drums.

Page 288:
The crowd was a bit on the tame side, so I had to dance. John Cowsill and Gregg Bragg, you ROCK!!!!

Page 292:
...'Girl I Once Knew, Add Some Music, amazed by John Cowsill's ability to sing Carl's part while doing some awesome drumming.

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