The Cowsills In Books

Blurry And Disconnected: Tales of Sink-or-swim Nihilism
by Dave Riley
Lulu Press May 4, 2005


on Page 46:

Two unplugged turntables sat on the road case in front the Dee Jay Whoop-Te-Do. “The Tulip Crew” has been spray painted in fluorescent purple, organized-grab-assed urban graffiti script on a black banner draped the case. The tone arms of the turntables were positioned in the middle grooves of the two motionless record albums to con the audience into thinking that Dee Jay Whoop-Te-Do served a purpose. Music from a digital audiotape blasted out the PA, and Dee Jay Whoop-Te-Do only went through the motions of manipulating flat, circular pieces of vinyl. He maintained the illusion of his necessity by using exaggerated motions to switch albums on the turntable to his left after each rap. He alternated between an album of Burl Ives covering songs written by Holland/Dozier/Holland and a collection of ditties recorded by The Cowsills. A Nancy Sinatra record collected dust on the turntable to his right.

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